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Librarian and Guardian, and… (1/?)

#that time the diffusion spell didn’t work on eve

  • when woozi has a baby: akkindad
  • when woozi flips a bottle: akkindab
  • when woozi fails a test: akkindumb
  • when woozi falls in love: akkindate
  • when woozi finds a good meme: akkindank
  • when woozi buys a pet: akkindog
  • when woozi has to write svt's debut song so he has to come up with a funky pop song that has fun and fresh lyrics that match seventeen's age on top of an addicting melody: akkinda
Ass Rankings

1. Yoosung-10/10 would slap again
2. Seven-Rlly nice v grabable 9.4/10
3. Jaehee-The baehee has herself a perfect booty to match the perfect everything else about her 9/10
4. Saeran-Not as nice as his brother’s but definitely still great 8/10
5. Jumin-He’s got something at least, not great 6/10
6. V-It’s like a cupcake, pretty flat but there’s a little curve, a little baby booty 4/10
7. Zen-Have you ever seen a pancake? Yeah his ass is flatter 0/10

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Hey people are saying that dnp has matching shibe shirts i know Dan has one and i remember seeing Phil's too but i just can't find it do you have a photo of Phil wearing it?


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Hey a ship would be pretty cool haha I'm 5'11, I have bright yellow, green and blue hair, I enjoy playing video games (let's all cheer for clementine over here, also really love Nathan Drake from uncharted). My friends and I are often mocking each other, I'm addicted to the internet, music is the key to my soul, I'm always wearing some kind of merch (Harry Potter, youtubers, hobbit, hunger games etc), and if you give me food I'll love you forever. I'm an Aussie too, if that makes a difference.

i match u with ethan!

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(ha would u look at that. also like… lets be best friends pls and thank)

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In fnaf the silver eyes. It said William used to be overweight and scars from a previous springlock accident. How did William loose weight or was it his father in your au?

Since the book is noncanon to the game lore, I’m not able to use a lot of info from it for the AU. Here, William lost weight from illness and has scars from medical testing for marrow and blood matching. Michael has some scarring from testing a prototype springlock suit but not anything on the level of the Fredbear’s springlocks.


yuri!!! on ice instagram: yuuri katsuki, viktor nikiforov, & yuri plisetsky

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Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)


I drew this as a print for SLO in Beijing (although I can’t be there *SADFACE*). Merry Christmas!

When you ship a rare ship so much but know that there is no way it could get any cute canon moments but then suddenly the creator magically listens to your cries and your rare pair suddenly becomes one if the most canon ones and you never expected it and are so happy it hurts and you just sit there like in the middle of main fandom shippers like:

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