it has more silent hill than resident evil

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oooh I have a request! The boys and how they play video games, what kind of games they enjoy most and if they have any guilty pleasure games that they hide from the others 😘

Thank you so much @cupnoodle-queen for that request, I really enjoyed it, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Noctis :

Of course, Noctis loves RPGs, his favourite at the moment is King’s Knight. He loves games like Skyrim, the Witcher, games in which he can lose himself and forget about who he is. When he goes to the arcade he likes to play FPS, and often end up beating Prompto, who’s a better shooter IRL. Noctis comes out of his reserve when he plays, and he becomes so much more vocal and cheerful, he just looks like a normal guy of his age when he starts playing. He’s a sore loser, and will often not talk to his friends for hours at a time when he loses. He’s not used to it, because most of the time thanks to his position people let him win. At first Prompto did that too, but Noctis once demanded he gave all he had instead of letting him win, or he would stop playing with him altogether. He may have regretted that afterwards, because he was never able to beat Prompto at Mario Kart after that.

Prompto :

Prompto, like Noctis, loves RPGs, he was the one to discover King’s Knight in the first place, and he’s the one who spends the most time playing it. He’s just like his true self when he plays, kind, cheerful, over enthusiastic. He also loves cute games like Mario, Crash Bandicoot or Zelda. He’s also a sucker for Pokemon. When he’s alone at home he sometimes plays horror games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, although he doesn’t play more than a few minutes at a time because he’s way too scared and has to stop to look at pictures of kittens. If he doesn’t stop he squeals like a little girl, to the point that once one of his neighbours asked him how was his little sister when meeting them in the stairs.

He won’t admit it to his friends, but Prompto loves life simulation games in which he takes care of a pet who becomes his best friend. He absolutely loves Nintendogs, and has a whole bunch of pet dogs whom he never forgets to feed and take care of.

Gladio :

Gladio is good at King’s Knight, but he plays it more to beat Noctis than anything else. Beating Noctis and boasting about it afterwards to infuriate him is one of his main motivations for playing. At home he likes to play survival games, any kind of action game that involves using physical strength. When he gets to chose his character, Gladio will always go for the strong type: Tank in Overwatch, Warrior in World of Warcraft, any big and dangerous character is his to play. He sometimes tries to remember their moves to redo them at training, and one or two of his most dangerous techniques originally came from a game and were adapted to his style.

When he really wants to relax though, he forgets about action games and choses to play logic games instead. He doesn’t look like it, but Gladio just loves to solve riddles and use his brains to complete a complex game. He’ll love it even more if the story and graphics are worth it.

Ignis :

Ignis doesn’t usually play video games. He sure downloaded King’s Knight on his phone, but that was solely so that Noct would leave him be with that, and he almost never plays, except when the guys convince him to join them at camp. Like in everything he does, he’s very calm while playing with his friends, even when he loses. He will only put his phone away, saying it’s “nothing special” and that he has more important things to do anyway.

But at home, when there is nobody to watch him, Ignis loves to play games in which he doesn’t have to abide by the rules. Depending on how his day went, he will either chose to play Tekken (when Noct was particularly trying for example; he will imagine he’s beating the shit out of the prince just to soothe his nerves), or GTA, just to be able to let it go and do all the things he will never do in real life. If you could see him then, you might be a little frightened when hysteric laughter escapes his lips after accomplishing a particularly vicious deed :D

Also, he plays the Sims, and he built a house in which there are four characters, named Sleepyhead, Chocobutt, Big Noodle and The Boss. He absolutely loves to have The Boss repay the others for everything they make him put up with.

While I’m bitching about horror games, how much of a sadness is it that Silent Hill seems dead in the water?

Regardless of whether people have played them or not, Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 & 4 are pretty much classics. We don’t talk about the others.

Silent Hill probably gave me more nightmares than anything else. The music alone is nightmare fuel let alone the imagery used within. Those games, along with the classic Resident Evil’s laid a blueprint for horror gaming that can be seen even in the most modern of titles.

Midwich Elementary, Brookhaven Hospital and anywhere in the ‘nowhere’ world are just as frightening - if not more so than anything Raccoon City has to offer.

It’s truly a shame that there is no true Silent Hill now.

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Tena, do you have any good horror video games recommendations? I'm looking for games that rely more on ambiance and the feeling of dread rather than jumpscares or mere gore.

Oh, gosh.  Well, I’d absolutely have to recommend the Silent Hill franchise as a whole (well…maybe not some of the later games).  The first four are highly recommended.  The Resident Evil franchise has had its share of rough patches, but RE4 is good, and the original will always be a classic (terrible dialogue included). 

I’ve personally been enjoying The Evil Within, as there are a lot of interesting mechanics to keep you on your toes–plus, it’s challenging.  You definitely cannot go wrong with Dead Space, though if you want something even more nerve-wracking, I’d suggest Alien Isolation (haven’t played it myself, but I’ve seen and heard enough to know that it really puts you on edge, especially with its fantastic AI).  I also haven’t played Alan Wake or Until Dawn, but I’ve heard a lot of good things.  Layers of Fear has some amazing visuals–I think they wanted to fill the void left behind by P.T., but they managed to make it unique in its own right.  Ooh–one I think is pretty great that’s relatively new is Dead End Road.  It’s definitely something different (maybe not comparable to the others I’ve listed so far), but I think it’s well worth giving a try.  It really tries to mess with you.  Neverending Nightmares is pretty much nothing but atmosphere and dread, and it has a very endearing 2D art style that’s hard not to love.

For older games, I LOVE Parasite Eve.  It’s a PS1 title with pre-rendered backgrounds, but it’s really great, and really interesting.  Rule of Rose is a damn creepy game, mainly because you’re at the mercy of a pack of deranged children.  Unfortunately, that game tends to be a bit on the pricey side when you can find it, since it was rather controversial when it first came out, and thus wasn’t as widely distributed as it should have been.   Dino Crisis is a lot like Resident Evil, except with dinosaurs (not necessarily a bad thing, though, if you can ignore the goofy explanation behind the dinos).   BioShock is admittedly filled with a lot of old music and an Art Deco style, but there are absolutely times when it can creep you out, particularly when you get to Fort Frolic.  It’s also just gorgeous to look at.   System Shock 2 is the spiritual predecessor of the BioShock franchise, and definitely more on the sci-fi/horror side (as long as you can be patient with the outdated graphics).  If you wanna go even farther back, I’m a diehard fan of the Splatterhouse games (arcade, Turbografix 16, and Sega, though easily found for emulators), though those play like a standard beat-’em-up (still, the backgrounds and sprites are so gloppy and gross, I just love them).

If you’re lacking in funds, I compiled a list a while ago of freeware indie horror games:

The top six games are pretty nice for being freeware.  There are some rpg-maker games that have surprisingly nice atmosphere and storytelling, like Ib, The Crooked Man, Dreaming Mary, and Misao.

“Super Best Friends Play” go through a bunch of horror games every year in October–they call it the “Shitstorm of Scariness”, and it just had its fifth year.  You can get a feel for a lot of different games, and you might find some that look interesting to you (plus the guys are really funny).  Here are the playlists:

I’m sure I’ve missed so many (I haven’t played as many horror games as I would have liked to), but hopefully this list will give you a good start. :D

Evil Within Stuffs

Hi guys!

I just wanted to say I’m sorry if i seem down in the Evil Within parts lately, but I can’t force myself to be enthusiastic for what I think is the most disappointing game I’ve played in a long time. Now, the key word here is “disappointing” and not “bad”. There’s a big difference.

But let’s back up, I loved the demo I played at PAX because it was the mansion setting and that’s one of the few great chunks from the entirety of the game. But now after having experienced the full game (the final episode will be public in about 5 mins) I can’t lie to myself and just say, “Yeah, it was alright!”

It is such a pale imitation of everything before it; it’s not as scary as a Silent Hill, it doesn’t have as nearly interesting or memorable characters as a Resident Evil, it’s just…there. It exists, it does nothing more than that.

Even now, I struggle to even remember a whole lot about the game. It just has so little of it’s own visual or conceptually identity when I think back on the entire thing. Around the 3rd or 4th hour of the game though, it was doing some interesting things with the save rooms, and making you feel like anything could happen at any time, but as it dragged on, it started doing those things less and less, and the story was just going nowhere interesting.

This is stuff completely independent from the technical and gameplay flaws, that while not game breaking or anything, didn’t do any favors when you factor in that the narrative, characterization, and concept were not amazing enough to salvage the whole thing.

Since we just re-played RE4 only a few short months ago, I was going into the game with a good level of hype, but soon enough, after I had played the first 2 hours while Pat was gone on vacation, I was having doubts. Then we started the LP, and while I was a bit down on it, I was still giving it a chance to get hard after it’s limp beginning. :P And while it did exhibit flashes of greatness here and there, the last 4 hours of the game, REALLY sapped my energy, and I knew the whole thing was not going to magically repair itself….and sadly, it did not.

So I hope that explains where I’m coming from. If any of you liked the game, or at least enjoyed the LP, then I’m glad! You don’t have to agree with me, but I felt I should just throw in my two cents.

Then again…it did give us green goo/bioslime…

So there is that!