it has great designs and music


I would like 2 make a public statement haha

Myself and some allies have started a strange organization called Eerie org.  We are honored to be releasing Nicole Dollanganger’s newest album, Natural Born Losers, this fall.  We are not a label and not taking submissions, this is just a really special situation because Nicole’s music is a particularly great contribution to imagination.  (Future Eerie Activities must remain a mystery for now)

If you haven’t heard of Nicole, I implore you to take a chance on this masterpiece or any of her other masterpieces.  she has 6 other albums or something and they are all excellent and available on her bandcamp.  Her music is scary/ beautiful and there aren’t any bad songs, which is the mark of a true artist.  I cannot adequately describe it succinctly, but something like Hurt NIN sound design/ pain w Dolly Parton-esque witty profundity that sometimes gets super dark and contrasty to fluttery expressive cherub vocals. theres a smattering of Daniel Johnston vibes if that makes sense. but it also does lots of other things I’m not good at describing music. i hate comparing music to other music, you should just really listen to it.

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Janette Beckman: Youth Culture - UK

Janette Beckman has spent decades photographing the great and good of London and New York.  A Self-Described documentary photographer her incredible work has been brought together in ‘The Janette Beckman Newspaper’, a limited edition, 24 page collection.

  • Mods, The Islington Twins in London, 1979
  • Mods on scooter, Streatham, London 1976
  • Ska girls, Coventry 1980
  • Rude Boys, Chuka and Dubem. Islington, London 1981
  • Ska fans at Loch Lomond Festival, Scotland 1981
  • Mod boy, Loch Lomond Festival, 1981
  • Record shoppers, Brick Lane London 1981
  • Mods, Loch Lomond Festival, 1980
  • Skinheads with flag at Loch Lomond Festival, 1980

photos:©janette beckman.all rights reserved

Almost every song used in a Wes Anderson film in a 166-track playlist

Wes Anderson films are always notable for a number of reasons: his impeccable set and production design, the dialogue, quirky but human characters, and of course his meticulous taste in music. While he has leaned more on scores by Alexandre Desplat and older music to fit the times of Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, his earlier works also used some great pop songs, mostly from the British invasion, but also tunes from Elliot Smith, Nico, and David Bowie. Now Anderson fanatics and completists can listen to (almost) every single track ever used in one of his films in a massive playlist hosted on Spotify.

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I just need to take a moment to appreciate that the obviously Wicked-inspired NPC in Pumpkin Online (farming/dating sim still being developed) is named Gelfie

Some answer to my Phantom’s depiction.

I’ve got some people asking me why Phantom is depicted like a villain (or at least more evil than the novel and musical version). I do need to admit that my version of “The Phantom of the Opera” is slightly different from the musical and the book (although the main plot and everything is pretty much the same) since this one has went through my interpretation of the story and the character. Phantom’s complexity made it very difficult for me to define him as a design, which is also the reason why I couldn’t use the book as my storyline: there is just too much I need to touch to successfully deliver all the back stories. Instead I had to simplify Phantom’s character and mold him into my own version of him. So extra line underneath his ‘sinister’ side of characteristics. A little more obsessive and ‘the one that controls’ all in the opera…he has built his own world inside the opera because the outside world has never treated him well, which I thought he is more of a villain with a reason. And..well he kills two people and crashes the chandelier on people..that’s not nice right? >:)

Someone please watch Blood Blockade Battlefront/Kekkai Sensen so I have people to talk about this show with.

It’s high-energy high-quality shonen which is more influenced by American comics and cinema than other manga/anime, so it’s really accessible to audiences who don’t follow much Japanese media. All the characters have ridiculous names (for example: Dog Hummer) and fun designs, there’s a blatant Venom rip-off so far and an even more blatant Abe Sapien rip-off who’s apparently going to show up soon.


It’s like if the BPRD and the Men in Black got mushed together to fight alien/demon/monster things with less secrecy in was-once-New-York. And they fight with flammable blood and cross-shaped fisticuffs. And they’re accompanied by jazz a lot of the time.

I’ve rewatched it twice in as many days. I’m head over heels. Join me. ;_; 


Clay Lipsky born 1974 is a fine art photographer and Emmy Award winning graphic designer based in LA. Hi has applied his unique visual style across variety of mediums, from print and multimedia, to tv, music videos and film. Despite his varied interests, photography has always been a part of Clay’s life.

In his project Atomic Overlook, for which he’s photographed a series of these vistas and superimposed a nuclear explosion so the subjects have a compelling reason to be there. 

Tourists will line up for anything and I always found humor in vacation destinations that are nothing but a bunch of people looking into a great abyss, he says.

I understand the allure of a beautiful landscape, but as the world’s population grows so do the lines to view the ‘nothingness. Atomic Overlook flips the script on that and gives new purpose to those suntanned masses via


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The LPFC Project by James Taylor

Every player has a different style, and graphic designer James Taylor decided to draw up those styles in the context of music.

LP stands for Long Play (i.e. vinyl records), and these album covers capture the greats in all their glory, from the Roger Milla Dance Party to Pelé. Find the full collection here. [Posted by Eric. Spotted at NTMG]

FvF Recommends: Roamers, A New Coffee Bar in Berlin

Chris and Flore quit their day job and opened up a new coffee bar called Roamers in Berlin on Pannierstrasse 64. Our new favorite hang out spot.

A timber counter and little succulents growing the tables, they carefully selected and designed the interior which has a true Portland charm to it.

With country music playing in the background and a menu with freshly prepared organic food, this is the perfect spot to read your book, while enjoying a cup of their great tasting coffee along with homemade Bircher muesli. Find more info here.

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Great Is Thy Faithfulness - original print from The Worship Project.

This hymn has seen me through more of life’s hard times than any other song I know.

I remember when I first started this Worship Project, I worked at a department store in New Zealand with my call time at 5.30am. Depending on my schedule I often didn’t have access to a car, so I would walk - in the middle of winter, freezing cold, pitch black, and foggy.

I felt like my life was going nowhere, and that my life had no impact.

However, amidst one of the most depressing and mundane times in my life, there was nothing like spending time in worship. I would spend my hour-long walk to work, singing a song of victory - a hymn of thankfulness for His faithfulness to me - even when I didn’t understand His process or timing.

I pray that just as these lyrics have warmed my heart - over and over again - that you would find your heart touched, inspired, and turned toward Jesus.

Even when it feels hopeless and mundane, sing a song of thankfulness for His faithfulness, and let everything that’s within you give praise to the Lord!

“Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father; There is no shadow of turning with Thee, Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not, As Thou hast been, Thou forever wilt be.

Great is Thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed Thy hand hath provided, Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!

Summer and winter and springtime and harvest, Sun, moon, and stars in their courses above; Join with all nature in manifold witness, To Thy great faithfulness, mercy, and love.

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth, Thine own great presence to cheer and to guide; Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow. Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!”

The Visual Hymnal #4

* * *

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Introducing! Based entirely on alligator-jigglin-fever‘s crystal grumps designs! The pun and dick-joke musical machine! The Ultimate Grump! The giggly, loud-ass mess of a fusion between Jon, Arin and Dan! Who has REALLY great hair. 

I call him Donatharin and I love him :3c I also imagine that he sounds like Dylan Saunders of StarKid fame (X X X

Shadowhunters Toronto Easter Eggs: Episodes 1 and 2

Toronto is no stranger to playing the big apple on film and television. In fact Toronto is the third largest film and television production centre in North America behind Los Angeles and New York.

And while we were ecstatic to play host to the wonderful cast of Shadowhunters, @shadowhuntersseries during filming, we were also excited to see familiar streets and settings in our new favourite show. 

Here are a few Toronto spots we found while watching episodes 1 and 2 of Shadowhunters

Opening scene: The Distillery District

The Distillery District is a national Historic Site, once a derelict collection of Victorian Industrial buildings is now home to many of Toronto’s hottest designer boutiques, cafes, artisan shops, art galleries, and performance venues. It’s no wonder they chose the distillery district for the site of PANDEMONIUM.

The Brooklyn Academy of Art: The Great Hall 

The Great Hall was an ideal choice for The Brooklyn Academy of Art. A historic landmark, The Great Hall has played host to experimental music and avante-garde art since the 1980s. The Toronto School of Arts also helped cement this Queen Street West establishment as a cornerstone in Toronto’s art community.  

Luke’s crime scene: Lakeshore Blvd E parking lot

You’ll recognize these cement cylinders if you’re a regular Toronto commuter - sitting on Lakeshore Boulevard, beneath the Gardiner Expressway and between Parliament Street and Cherry street, is this parking lot turned crime scene.  

Jocelyn’s Antique store: The Auction House

Arguably our favourite scene in the show thus far is when Clary returns home to their hip antique store. This gallery space is just down the street from Simon & Schuster Canada’s office and we had the pleasure of meeting a number of the cast and crew while they were filming. 

The Institute: Metropolitan United Church

Metropolitan United Church, the largest church in downtown Toronto, was looking a bit run down as The Institute (with glamour), but we promise you it is well maintained and looks beautiful when you see it in real life.

City of Bones: O’Connor Drive Woodbine Bridge

Most of episode 2 (The Descent into Hell is Easy) takes place inside The Institute, which is filmed in studio, but if you pay attention there was still one easter egg to be found: the City of Bones. It was a tough one to identify, but you can’t mistake that Toronto architecture! This large concrete arch bridge c. 1931 is the O’Connor Drive Woodbine bridge that sits over Taylor Creek. 

Toronto, you are full of hidden architectural jems! 

UNLOCKED: Listen toNew Empire’s “Tale of Jonah

“7 Things You Didn’t Know About New Empire”

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External image

The band checks in approximately 19 bags every time they board a plane.

External image

Kyle is a highly skilled barista when he’s not on the guitar.

External image

Jeremy learned to play the piano before any other instrument at age 6.

External image

Jeremy has an audio production degree and when not touring or recording, he spends some of his time helping other artists produce great music.

External image

In 2012, the band drove 10 000 miles across the United States of America in an RV.

External image

Nate is a very talented graphic designer and video director.

External image

Kale has an education degree, and while not touring, sometimes teaches the next generation how to read and write.


Brian Epstein

September 19, 1934 - August 27, 1967

The man who revolutionised pop music in our time - The New York Times

The news of Brian’s death is so awful that I scarcely know what to say. That any great man, so young and talented, should lose his life is tragic. But it means more when the man is someone so close. He was a close friend and adviser who has guided every step of my career - Cilla Black

He was the man who picked up the first lose threads and wove them into a design for living…. and so created a country of new ideas, where the young were as important as the middle aged, finding, their own identity, changing it from month to month, wearing an army uniform one day, a flowered shirt the next - Alix Palmer and Judith Simons, Daily Express

Brian has died only in body and his spirit will always be working with us. His power and force were everything and his power and his force linger on. When we were on the right track, he knew it, and when we were on the wrong track he told us so and he was usually right. - John Lennon

If my faves had tumblr:
  • Kate Mulgrew:*posts mainly Throwbacks of cast members, red carpet selfies and gets into the occasional pro-lgbtq debate*
  • Meryl Streep:*posts thoughtful quotes and follows all musical blogs she can find. Also compulsively reblogs designer shoes *
  • Emma Thompson:*doesn't post often but when she does it's sassy comebacks and quotes and images of great leaders.*
  • Mary McDonnell:*her blog should have a selfie or two somewhere but first you have to dig through the hundreds of cute animal photos and the occaisional hair tutorial video reblogs (what is unicorn hair and why do people keep talking about it??)*
  • Helen Mirren:*stunning nature photography and dirty jokes, has been threatened with blocking for getting into violent disagreements about Shakespeare and Feminism*
T.O.P Wins Visual Culture Award at 2015 Prudential Eye Award

BIGBANG member T.O.P has won the Visual Culture Award at the 2015 Prudential Eye Award held on January 20 in Singapore.

The Prudential Eye Awards, a partnership between Parallel Contemporary Art, Saatchi Gallery and Prudential, celebrate emerging artists across Asia in a variety of fields, including painting, digital/video, and photography, among others.

T.O.P won the Visual Culture Award at the event for his contributions and interactions with the fine art world. He has shown great interest in fine arts, even incorporating many modern art pieces in his music videos. He has even contributed to the “2015 Prudential Singapore Eye” exhibition as a curator.

T.O.P is also planning on collaborating with world-renowned furniture company Vitra to design a special collection of furniture.

source: soompi