it has great designs and music

Got7 as types of princes

Mark: the hidden away prince. Had a curse placed on him when he was born. Sneaks out of the palace and uses a fake name to adventure around. Sounds really good when announcing royal proclamations.

JB: the cool prince. Appears to be scary and there’s rumors that he slayed a dragon when he was three. Is actually a sweetheart that bows to palace staff.

Jackson: the travelling prince. Speaks more languages than all their diplomats combined. Very involved in politics and often goes out to visit his citizens. Everyone has a crush on him.

Jinyoung: the scholarly prince. Has read everything in the royal library twice. Funny at royal balls and has the best manners. Doesn’t return babies he’s handed to kiss.

Youngjae: the soft prince. Really awkward about royal duties. Prefers to be in the gardens or music hall. Attracts woodland creatures.

BamBam: the pretty prince. Designers would kill to dress him. Has at least four closets. Throws great parties. If he pierces his ears, so does everyone else.

Yugyeom: the nice prince. Choreographed the latest ballroom dance. Sipped champagne once and got found in the dungeons. Cares a lot for his citizens and is honest in nation reports.


Philharmonie in Luxembourg  

The Philharmonie is located on the Kirchberg plateau, at the center of a triangular square surrounded by EU administrative offices. Christian de Portzamparc wanted to plant a ring of trees which it would be necessary to cross in order to enter the complex devoted to music, encouraging visitors to forget their surroundings. There was not enough room to plant trees, so he rapidly came up with the idea of a vast peristyle composed of 827 vertical lines constituting a foyer around the Grand Auditorium. It filters the light, enabling the public to either see or forget their surroundings. This façade-filter envelopes the lobby, which forms a long peristyle surrounding the concert hall and boxes.

The section around the great hall resembles “cliffs” punctuated by strips of light through which the public enters the concert hall balconies at different levels via a long footbridge. The Grand Auditorium has eight balcony-towers placed vertically around the orchestra and orchestra pit. Thus, the audience is gathered around the musicians. The Chamber Music Hall is a volume forming an asymmetrical curved petal winding around the main building. Both innovative halls have been praised for their acoustic qualities by leading musicians and conductors, including Ricardo Mutti, Claudio Abbado and Jean-Claude Casadesus.

Follow the Source Link for image sources and more information.

Disney films that are *actually* underrated

Treasure Plant

If you already know me, you could probably guess that this would be on the list considering I never shut up about it.

This film flopped at the box office, but I’m honestly not sure why? It has absolutely gorgeous animation. Like, they could have gone with a palette of grays and blues like most scifi films do, but Treasure Planet actually has a large color palette, especially when it comes to the scenery. It shows off all the beautiful colors of space instead of making everything chrome against a dark backdrop. There are likable characters, including a an anti-hero, disabled pirate, a female Naval Captain that’s a total no-nonsense badass, and a sulky teenager. Arguably one of the darkest films Disney has done in the last twenty years. Disabled main character with only one eye, one arm, and one leg. Literally all of the character designs are gorgeous. The plot is a little boring at times, but it’s fairly easy to get lost in the world that’s been created.

Plus, we get visuals like this!

Brother Bear

Brother Bear was another box office flop but this one also had rather negative reviews. The early 2000′s was not kind to Disney animation. 

Yes, it does have a transformation plot, which I know is kind of iffy depending on the person, but overall it’s a great film. The music is amazing, bless Phil Collins signing onto another Disney project. The characters are great, I don’t think there were any I didn’t like except maybe the moose (because as an adult I don’t find them as funny as I did as a child, but I don’t really dislike them either). The relationship between the brothers was amazingly done. Usually when people want to talk about animated sibling relationships, they mention Lilo and Stitch, which is also great, but I really like how the brothers interact in Brother bear. They’re all closer in age (which is like my sister and me, so I can connect with it more), and I think that worked well when they added in the anger and grief and self-blame in the story.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

There’s not really much I can say about this one, because truthfully I’ve only seen it a handful of times. Something about it kind of freaked me out as a child (I think it was that giant leviathan creature that attacked their submarine thing????), and I only recently found my old VHS player and haven’t had the time to watch it again.

Atlantis has it all. A beautiful world. Well-rounded, interesting characters. A romance that didn’t feel ridiculously forced. The voice talents of Michael J. Fox, Cree Summer, and Leonard Nimoy. A balances of a more adult plotline, while still retaining a kid friendly atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it does lack some coherency in the plot, and because of it’s fast-paced nature, there isn’t a lot of time for character development. The creators also borrowed a lot of elements from the Ghibli film castle in the Sky, but ultimately it’s still a great film visually speaking.

(PS: it was hard to pick a screencap that shows how visually stunning this film is. So much blue.)

The Black Cauldron

Honestly, The Black Cauldron is one of my favorite Disney films, but I can recognize that it has a lot of problems story wise. As in, they tried to stick the contents of two full length novels into an 80 minute film. Yeah, it didn’t work. The characters are interesting, albeit under-developed, visually it’s very beautiful, and it has just the right amount of creepy to give 5 year old me nightmares as a child (the Horned King was a brilliant concept). The author of the book series the Chronicles of Prydain, which the film is based on, found the film enjoyable on its own, but admitted it didn’t follow the books well. It was also another box office flop, making $21.3 million in revenue, which was less than half of the budget to make the film. This is the film that Disney pretends they didn’t make and is frequently referred to as the “worst Disney film” however we all know that that right belongs to films like Home on the Range, Chicken Little, and Mars Needs Moms.

There is speculation that Disney has plans to make a live action series based on the original books, so fingers crossed!

Robin Hood

It’s underrated, but I can kind of tell why. Everyone already knows the story of Robin Hood, because there’s at least ten different films and TV series about the guy. He’s been on OUaT, and there was a parody movie with Cary Elwes!

The animation is, decent, but not great, but the budged was only 5 million, so??? Meaning that a lot of the characters action were redrawn from previous films such as The Jungle Book and Aristocats. However, this was pretty common in old Disney films because the animators were paid for shit and it’s not plagiarism if you’re ripping off yourself. It is a little sloppy though.

Either way, it’s still a decent film. The songs were fun and had a delightfully folk sound to them, if you’re into that! The characters are pretty cute, the story is straight forward, and there’s not actually anything to really dislike about the film. It’s just a silly comedy that has it’s ups and downs.


I don’t even know what to say about this film other than it’s gorgeous and no one ever talks about it. Like, this is the first true Disney film that relies entirely on CGI. No Pixar involvement. Just Disney and CGI. This is the most successful film of 2000 and I’ve never heard people talk about it even though it has great characters, an interesting story, and great visuals.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While I personally don’t believe Hunchback is all that underrated (I usually see it in just about every top 10 or 20 list), it’s still a great film that deserves more praise than it gets.

Hunchback is beautiful, inspiring, dark, has excellent morals, amazing characters amazing music.It’s basically the complete package of everything you could want in a Disney film and it’s enjoyable for all ages.

The only thing I didn’t like about this film was the gargoyles and it’s kind of implied that they’re more like imaginary friends instead of real creatures, so they get a pass.

Nocturne op.48 No.1
Frédéric Chopin
Nocturne op.48 No.1

The Nocturne in C minor, Op. 48, No. 1 is initially marked lento and is in 4/4 meter. The piece becomes poco più lento at measure 25 and enters its middle section, which is a chorale. Later, it moves to doppio movimento agitato at measure 49. The piece is a total of 77 measures long. In general, the scheme of the music is ternary form and follows A-B-A’.

The Nocturne in C minor has been categorized as one of Chopin’s greatest emotional achievements. Theodor Kullak said of the piece, “the design and poetic contents of this nocturne make it the most important one that Chopin created; the chief subject is a masterly expression of a great powerful grief.”Jan Kleczyński, Sr. calls the nocturne “broad and most imposing with its powerful intermediate movement, a thorough departure from the nocturne style." Some musical critics, including Charles Willeby and Frederick Niecks, do not think the piece deserves its fame and position; though James Huneker agrees with this assessment, he notes that the nocturne is still "the noblest nocturne of them all." James Friskin found the music to have "the most imposing instrumental effect of any of the nocturnes,” calling the crescendo and octaves “almost Lisztian.”

Jim Samson notes that the nocturne intensifies “not through ornamentation, but through a new textural background." Kleczyński commented that the middle section "is the tale of a still greater grief told in an agitated recitando; celestial harps come to bring one ray of hope, which is powerless in its endeavor to calm the wounded soul, which…sends forth to heaven a cry of deepest anguish."The ending, according to Samson, is "in the nature of an elaborated ’feminine ending’, articulating the reactive final beat of an amphibrach grouping.”

One of Chopin’s most beautiful pieces. People like to call this one of Chopin’s mini ballades… This ever evolving piece evokes the strongest of emotions in me.

Performer:Arthur Rubinstein. There is no better version of this piece by anyone else. He didn’t want to show his technic but his sensibility.Definitely  he was an awesome pianist !

Top 25 Favorite Composers

No.2: Johann Sebastian Bach (31 March 1685 - 28 July 1750)

The funny thing about Bach is that, even though he is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time, if not THE greatest composer of all time, he really wasn’t well known during his life outside of east Germany, and he wasn’t performed or played by anyone for a good century after his death, save a few small music groups dedicated to older music. And he wasn’t super “influential” in his life either, towards the end he was constantly heckled by his contemporaries for being too old fashioned, writing dense Baroque/Rococo polyphony during the shift into early homophonic and clearer/lighter Classical aesthetics. But even so, Bach has written some of the greatest music ever. His mind was able to put together several lines of varying melodies into one great polyphonic web, like the planets orbiting around the sun. A semi-religious and philosophical idea from the Renaissance and prior was “Musica universalis”, referring to the harmony of the universe, the laws of science, the religious idea of intentional design, the beauty of order and math. Even though that is an archaic idea, way before Bach’s time, I feel that his music follows this idea. And because all of the adoration we give Bach, at his deeply spiritual, at his most complicated and mathematic, it’s easy for his fans [and critics] to think of him as super highbrow, as some kind of polished pedestal demi-god who we can’t touch. As if he didn’t write a cantata about coffee addiction and a girl who has to play a battle of whits against her father so she can keep drinking coffee. As if he didn’t write several keyboard dance suites and concertos that are full of life and joy, influence from French decorations and Italian vivacity. All of these traits make Bach one of the most universal composers in history. My favorite works by him are his Goldberg Variations, his Keyboard and Violin Concertos, his Partitas and French Suites, various great organ works, the Well-Tempered-Klavier, and his Art of Fugue.


greatcometbway: Mimi Lien has won the Tony Award for Best Scenic Design of a Musical for transforming the Imperial Theatre into 19th century Russia! #TheGreatTonys

The types as people I know(as an INTP)

INTP: (not myself) Super smart, very good at video games, loves to take things apart and put them back together. Loves to troll. Musically talented, mechanically talented.

ENTP: Me but extroverted, likes science, more trolly then INTP, ignores their problems.

INTJ: Literally my best friend, extremely smart, good at designing things, great at art, musically talented, laughs like Palpatine. Evil.

ENTJ: Good at taking charge, also very smart, feisty, loves sports, natural leader, morbid sense of humor, fun to be around, a little scary.

INFP: Cries a lot, super sweet, openly loving, has a lot of friends even though they’re an introvert. Loves to wear black, went through an emo phase, will have lots of tattoos. Literally also my best friend.

ENFP: Loving, has ADD, can be too cuddly, ignores science, drives INTP crazy, cares a lot about personal interest, sweet, doesn’t like to make long term goals, very much an “in the moment” kind of person, intelligent but does stupid things.

ISTP: Great at math, trouble with emotions, not a great cook but they try anyway & sometimes it turns out great, tends to start projects but never finishes them, tries very hard, always tries to improve.

ESTP: I’ve yet to meet a known ESTP.

ISTJ: I’ve yet to meet a known ISTJ.

ESTJ: loves to talk, stresses INTP out, INTP does best to avoid ESTJ.

ISFJ: Plans out their life and sticks to it, always making plans, has to have something to keep them occupied, physically active, without a doubt a judging type, wants to improve and does.

ESFJ: Judgemental but sweet, if you’re intelligent, they’ll likely talk to you, works with numbers, very passionate.

INFJ: Sweet but thinks they’re badass, good taste in music, good taste in fashion, goes out of their way for their friends, a really great friend. Find yourself an INFJ. Absolutely adorable.

ENFJ: Type “A” personality, very assertive, always gets their way, tends to talk to people like they’re stupid, judgmental, really nice once they deem you worthy.

ISFP: I’ve yet to meet a known ISFP.

ESFP: I’ve yet to meet a known ESFP.

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Setz, I am one of your admirers from the Philippines. :D Love your Touhou and other works. As an aspiring cartoonist also, may I politely ask where you get your inspiration from? Hehehe, and also where you got your training from, from school? I am mostly self taught and still trying to improve my work, and I noticed that most of your art is somewhat also self taught. Hope for a reply, and keep up the good work :D

Inspiration comes from all kinds of artwork, everything from manga to classic art. Listening to new music is great too.

As for training, I studied graphic design in school. There was basic drawing lessons, color theory, composition and such.

I don’t carry much of that knowledge into my current drawings. I consider myself “self taught” because there’s no way a person who has studied drawing should draw like me.

Podcasts with Great Sound Design?

Podcast fandoms, I’m wondering if there’s a list of podcasts, or a review of podcasts, that have great sound design? or in general are really pleasant to hear. I’m talking The orbiting human circus sound design, Night vale calming yet dark atmosphere, Alice isn’t dead music and tone. 

I’ve found Night vale presents podcasts have a rhythm of the sound design and unity of music/voice/effects. are there any others you can recall that have that same unity?

not just ‘it has sounds other than voice?’. I’m talking about sound design/music that just is good to listen to. Like the whole episode is a lil composition.

Why Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 Deserves to Win the Tony for Best Musical

There are few times in any artistic medium that the genre is truly innovated in a new way that works. Classical music underwent three major changes through the works of Bach, Mozart, and then Beethoven before fracturing into hundreds of micro stages. Visual art went through realism, to impressionism, to expressionism, to various iterations of those three, each one distinct in its own way. In musical theatre, innovation is rare, because while it is an art, Broadway is a business and it’s hard to get an audience for something that’s too strange or out of the ordinary. This led to the development of off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway to try new things in order to advance the theatrical arts. Every now and then though, a show makes it to Broadway, and Great Comet is that show. Below you’ll find why I think it deserves to win the Tony for Best Musical.

Let’s just start with the visuals, this show is a show. The lighting and scenic design work seamlessly to bring the audience into the world of the musical. Augmented theatre has always been challenging technically and emotionally, as it’s hard to integrate an audience into an actor’s space and still allow the actor’s the space to really get into their worlds, but from the beginning Great Comet has been dedicated to making it happen with wonderful results. This show isn’t just in the round, it’s theatre amidst. That alone leads to a show that is magical simply because you feel like you’re a fly on the wall of these Russian aristocrats far more than a proscenium theatre could create (when Denee Benton is a foot away from your face it’s pretty easy to make a connection).

And then we have the music. I don’t even know how to describe this beautiful score. From the electro-pop The Opera or The Duel, to the rollicking Balaga or Letters, the heart-breaking ballads of No One Else, Dust and Ashes, and Sonya Alone this show just keeps changing while you sit there. It transcends time with it’s musical style that borrow from Russian folk music to Americana to electronica, spanning literal centuries of musical history. Every actor takes this incredibly difficult music and sings beautifully (Lucas Steele anyone? or Grace Mclean?? DENEE BENTON). Not to mention the band that sits there, in the middle of the “stage” for the entire show busting out jams. It’s lit.

And of course the book and the acting, both of which complement the other. Dave Malloy so cleverly adapted the splice of the novel that he uses for the show into the dialogue that we see in Great Comet. He sums up two hundred pages in the novel that build Pierre’s character into like three songs in Great Comet that give us just enough backstory to understand who he is, and the tormented state he lives in. We get all of Natasha’s complexity in loving Andrey and Anatole, Sonya’s struggle regarding how to be a good friend and cousin, Mary trying to be supportive of Andrey while also hating his new fiancee. Anatole is more than just a hot guy, Dolokhov is more than just a background character, even Old Bolkonsky is well fleshed out (and brilliantly portrayed I’ll add, he should have gotten a featured actor nom).

Also, I just really love that Pierre sits in his little hole for like the entire show. Iconic.

Overall, Great Comet is a show that I really do think will shape the future of Broadway musicals in the same spirit as Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!, Sondheim’s Company or Sweeney Todd, or Lin’s Hamilton. It’s the most clever, inventive show I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m so excited that it was nominated for Best Musical.

Groundhog Day          Come From Away           Dear Evan Hansen

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You mentioned Monster Hunter in a previous ask, how did you enjoy those games? I love the series and it would be interesting to hear another opinion from someone who probably has more experience than me.









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Asian Americans make more money on average than white Americans, and are even more overrepresented in tech. Medical sector employs ~8x as many people as tech. ~80% are women. Women now graduate from college more. The only reason it's permissible to write an "ugh, white men" article is because white men are your designated punching bag. Stop doing this. You're fueling the alt-right and creating a bitter culture war in the industry most responsible for building the future. Dystopia here we come.

Choose 10 industries randomly, and most will have big gender/racial disparities. Many US hotel owners are from India. Yemenis run smoke shops. The Swiss are great watchmakers. Black people make great music. The Japanese make great cars. Terrible, right? Ethnicity-specific expertise goes all the way back to ancient times. It’s a natural part of a cosmopolitan world. Everyone has different ways to contribute and that’s OK. Stop tilting at windmills, stirring things up & creating hate.

I think you’re really, really overinterpreting here, in a couple ways. 

Firstly, I disagree with you about ‘ethnicity-specific expertise’ being the explanation for any of those things; I think it’s much likelier to be social ties and easy access to successful people in the industry to learn from, and I do think it’d be better if more people had access to the expertise they need to become a great watchmaker or hotel owner. I don’t really want to get into this but I do want to register my strong disagreement.

Secondly, ‘ugh, white men’ was not at all the tone or the content of the article I linked to talk about the relationship between professional expectations and diversity. 

My first boss was an African immigrant, second boss was a forty-something mom. Our team measured high on nearly every dimension of diversity — gender, race, religion, age, parental status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status. They were a talented and hardworking bunch. I hadn’t known any other kind of team, so it didn’t seem exceptional to me.

Still, I just couldn’t get over that damned tie. The internet boom was happening all around me, and I was stuck with a bunch of (incredibly nice and generous) non-hip people. On Fridays, they maybe snuck a Coors Light behind their monitor at 4:00, knocking off an hour later, driving from the office park to their suburban homes, their exasperating teenagers, their televisions.

I finally got out in 2000. I was giddy. I found a job at a hip software company. Their offices were downtown. My new coworkers were so cool. They wore ironic T-shirts. They showed up at 10 or later, worked crazy hours. On Fridays, and on many other days, they went to drink microbrews together after work, went home to cool lofts, or went straight to indie rock shows.

The thing he’s talking about here is way more nuanced than race and gender. Lots of it is class, actually - microbrews and lofts and indie rock shows are a distinct young urban childless upper-middle-class thing. The question he is asking is whether changes in workplace culture end up selecting for this young urban childless upper-middle-class set of tastes precisely by virtue of discarding the more staid formulaic signals of upper middle class professionalism which used to be common. 

If you read that and read ‘ugh tech is full of white men and everything is their fault we have to make them stop to get more women because women are better’ then, frankly, you misread it and should read it again.

I know there are a lot of shitty articles written about tech culture and diversity. I call them out and complain about them. I think it’s appropriate to call them out and complain about them! I think they have destructive effects and reflect dishonest and thoughtless reporting.

And I care about the people who make up the tech culture we’re talking about.  In a lot of ways - I went to school with them, I know a bunch of them, that bunch includes almost all my closest friends, I tend to think the way they do and feel comfortable in their company and enjoy hearing them talk about their work. I like my colleagues and I admire them. My interest in discussing tech culture does not come from an interest in destroying tech culture. 

But I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to conclude that, because some people say misleading and ridiculous things about diversity and tech, therefore no decent person will ever talk about the subject at all, and whenever anybody does they should immediately be accused of ‘creating hate’ and ‘stirring things up’ and ‘tilting at windmills’ and ‘fueling the alt-right’. 


For any topic, it is possible to discuss it thoughtfully and with nuance. It is reasonable to criticize people for failing to discuss it thoughtfully and with nuance. If you’d like to reblog my posts contesting where you think I’ve failed to be thoughtful or nuanced enough, I’d be delighted to see what you think. I want to encourage you to do that instead of sending messages like these, which are a tiny bit hyperbolic and frustrating to engage with.

I don’t have a designated punching bag. I don’t think anyone deserves to be harmed. I criticize lots of people who are unacceptable targets, and I try to be way more careful when criticizing people who are acceptable targets - which is why nothing in this entire conversation has actually contained any criticism at all, except of your reading comprehension skills. When I say ‘hmm, I wonder if this cultural thing has costs’, it’s not a first step in a effort to coercively dismantle institutions that are important to people, it’s exactly what it looks like on the surface. When I say ‘I would like to see statistics on this but I find it plausible’, I don’t mean ‘and if it’s true then we can ruin all the nasty tech men’s lives’, I mean what I said. If you don’t trust me on that, and you don’t see anything other than ‘I never discuss this topic at all’ which would convince you of that, then I think you should disengage from this conversation. 

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Louis is literally wearing thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing and people are still complaining about how "chavvy" he looks

He will literally never win fashion-wise in this fandom. I often feel like people will never be satisfied unless he’s dressing like Harry, but guess what….that’s probably never going to happen AND THAT’S FINE because Louis has his own distinct style and his own favorite brands. Louis has great style and a great sense for what looks good on him and he shows it in so many ways that people blatantly ignore. The stuff he’s been wearing lately makes perfect sense considering the type of music he’s put out, not to mention that it’s generally thousands of dollars worth of clothes and is by no means cheap. The bitching I see from anons all the time about what he’s wearing is so frustrating.

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i absolutely adore your worldbuilding, so, this is a question i've been wondering for a while, but is there a specific meaning attached to the dragon tattoo? or is it just a very impressive denotation of rank, or..? thank you!!

Thank you so much for answering this question, I am actually gonna use this to post a meta about Yuuri’s tattoos, because I put a lot of thought into them. 

This is what I went off for the dragon, I already knew beforehand what they represented, but this one fit exactly for my purposes. 

“In the west, it is a greedy, fire-breathing, cave-dwelling, and fear-inspiring creature that jealously guards its hoard.  in the Japanese dragon tattoo, however, it symbolizes something very different.  Oriental dragons are equally at home in the air or in the water. Usually embodying wisdom, strength and manipulating the forces of the universe for the benefit of people.

The face of the oriental dragon is generally not the face of one creature but many and can be different from dragon to dragon. The dragon can take on characteristics of animals it encounters through its life. The eyes can be of a demon, or rabbit, while the ears are those of a cow, the neck and belly of a snake, the horns of a stag and the scales of a koi. Its hands or talons are from the hawk or eagle and it has saliva and breath like perfume, a voice like the musical ringing of a copper bell or basin.  The Asian dragon is usually the bearer of profound blessings. Like other Oriental tattoo designs, the choice of a dragon is generally an aspiration to the qualities of great goodness, wisdom, and power.

All those bolded bits sung to me, the faces of many (masquerade) different personas in the eyes, hands like talons(his knives) and great goodness, wisdom and power, these all make me think of Yuuri. 

I also put my own meaning/feelings into it, to me dragons are the ultimate being, to me they’re associated with royalty and high standing, like not just anyone can have a full back piece dragon tattoo and Yuuri, being the son of the Katsuki; is someone strong enough and worthy enough by blood and personality to have one on his skin. 

For the peonies I gave him, (it should also be noted that in traditional irezumi that you can only have one type of flower on your body if you get a sleeve or bodysuit done) I went by this, peonies are special to me, I have a huge one on my forearm. 

“The Peony is considered the best of flowers and is known as the King of flowers.  In short it means elegance and wealth. With it’s large and spreading petals, which are delicately curled at the edges, the peony has been called “the rose without thorns”.  Although often depicted in tattoo imagery in deep red, it is today also cultivated in many other colours.

In the ornate, complex, and extensive body coverage that is typically involved in Japanese tattoos, it may seem as though entire gardens appear, but the floral repertoire of traditional Japanese tattoo is not as extensive as it might first appear, among the select flowers that are used is the peony,  it is regarded as a symbol of wealth, good fortune and prosperity.  In addition though,  it also suggests a sort of gambling, daring and even a masculine devil-may-care attitude, quite unlike its character in the west”.

I’m pretty sure the bolded parts speak for themselves in that one haha, but that’s why I gave Yuuri peonies out of all the flowers. 

Fujin and Raijin I have explained a tiny bit in the fic (I think).

The gods of wind (Fujin) and thunder (Raijin) that loom ominously atop a summit of clouds are usually depicted as oni, showing that oni are not evil, but carry out duties and deeds given them by powerful deities and forces.  Although fujin and raijin can be depicted using other than typical oni forms.

They’re both depicted as evil and ferocious, “but both the Wind God and the Thunder God are originally subordinates to the Senju Kannon, and worshipped together with Kannon’s 28 attendants.” (link) so all in all Yuuri is a powerful creature that works for a power higher than him, long story short anyway XD 

There are a few more things I could add, about the spacing in windbars in traditional irezumi in regards to how wide or thin they are represents where in Japan you might be from, but that’s pretty much the basics of all Yuuri’s tattoo for now. 

Most information taken from here.

Holy crap fusions can fuse the weapons as well! That makes sense. I’m in love with the design of her bow.

I forgot to mention but i love this freaking music. It’s absolutely fantastic. I think the fusion dance music had Pearl and Amethyst’s themes as well, that was a really great detail, Opal’s theme is also excellent. The music composers are really talented people.

I also like how they didn’t just put Amethyst and Pearl’s voice recordings over each other and got a whole new VA for Opal.

Opal is officially fighting Garnet for most badass character.

Also… now that i am putting these two together, they have lots of similarities. Garnet has two gems as well, they’re from the same color scheme, she has incredible strength and fast reflexes, and so does Opal, Garnet has three eyes, Opal has four arms. That might be some typical crazy theory, but what if Garnet is a fusion as well? That would explain most of the things around her, including her having more abilities than the other gems, her extra eye, super strength, two gems, etc. But i might be just overlooking at things, it’s pretty hard to tell whether that’s true or not right now as we’ve just been introduced to the concept of fusion.

“Graffiti has inspired high fashion, it’s inspired music, it’s inspired graphic design. We’re all out there contributing. We’re all part of a great movement… So to everyone out there: go out, do your art, try to be respectful of other people’s art, and just try to push it forward. Be honest with it and try to learn a little bit about the history… If we don’t document it, tell the story or the history, this movement, which is the only art that’s been invented by youth in America, is gonna die.” —graffiti artist Wane One

Read Wane One’s conversation with The Creative Independent here

Bunny High School AU
  • Bonbon: In the swimming club. Can this girl eat chocolate or what?! Bonbon is constantly chewing down bars of chocolate at super-speed after swimming class. (I'm actually not surprised. Swimming at her speed takes a lot of energy!)
  • Bunnie: In the gymnastic club. Bunnie loves eating apples, and staying positive. Everyone seems to be quite fond of her.
  • Carmen: One of the directors of the Drama Club. Carmen mostly directs romantic comedies. Fun fact: she loves chocolate sweets, especially ones with nuts in them!
  • Chrissy: Her full name (according to her doting big sister Francine) is Christine. She models for the fashion club, and everyone agrees she looks great in polka-dots. She's great at staying awake.
  • Claude: In the Comics Club. Due to his love of video games and comic books, some say he's pretty geeky. He truly admires Mira.
  • Coco: In the writing club. Coco's fond of writing stories backwards, though no one knows why. Shes pretty enigmatic, though two things are sure: She's into ancient artifacts, and she's one of sweetest rabbits, despite being a little strange.
  • Cole: In the art club. Cole loves painting round fruit and tropical resorts!
  • Doc: In the book club. Doc really is a book worm! Not only does he spend most of his time in the library, he also types out his own short stories on his laptop. (Or maybe it's fan fiction. Who knows?)
  • Dotty: In the tennis club. Dotty is a always talking, usually about herself. She really is an interesting subject though. Out of all of the whacky animals in school, she's the craziest. (Her eyes turn red when she's shocked!) She's also pretty into interior-designing, but she has some weird ides...
  • Francine: Her full name (according to her cute little sister Chrissy) is Francois. She designs for the fashion club, and everyone knows she always has her sister model polka-dots. She's great at pretending to sleep.
  • Gabi: In the music piano. She likes playing the piano, and wants to sing to, but she's so bad at it, she isn't allowed to. So, her desire to use her voice is spent on talking. Day and night, she'll always find something to talk about! It's usually about her new hair cut.
  • Gaston: In the science club. Gaston is a rich rabbit from France, and Marcel's childhood friend. This bunny is very grumpy, and always cursing in French. In his downtime, he watches lots of horror films, it seems.
  • Genji: An otaku in the comic club. Genji seems to like anime and manga, especially horror ones! His poetry is pretty popular in school.
  • Hopkins: In the cooking club. Hopkins is very kiddy and childish at heart. He loves video games, and always brings 3DS to school. All his friends agree that his bedroom resembles a toy room.
  • Mira: In the makeup club. Mira is pretty famous at school for being a hero. She once got invited to join the super hero club, but she turned them down, since there are boys in that club. (She wants it to be a magical girl group like in the manga she reads.)
  • O'Hare: In the music club. O'Hare likes to play the ukulele, but he's also gotten so used to the acoustic guitar, he air-guitars in class! He's also pretty self-centered. He doesn't talk much, but he's all-ears for people who'll talk about him. He even got Cole to paint him into his tropical resort paintings!
  • Pippy: In the debate club. She's in the ACTION FOOD SQUAD! Her phrase is "HOPPING HOTCAKES!!!" The squad doesn't do much. They're just all bffs who hang out and have their own 'action food' phrases to say. Other members include Freckles, Pate, Pinky, Truffles, and Victoria. She's also Mira's manager, since they're best friends.
  • Ruby: In the photography club. Ruby enjoys taking photos of the night sky. Especially on nights with full moons. Animals who meet her might think she's sick, but she's just albino.
  • Snake: On the soccer team. Snake is very quick and silent, neither seen nor heard. Sometimes he hides in cardboard boxes! Other than being ninja-like, he enjoys playing video games.
  • Tiffany: Tiffany's nickname is 'The Drama Club's Audrey Hepburn'. She's rich and always catching up on her beauty sleep (even in class!) As a result, she's a gorgeous celebrity.
  • Toby: In the gardening club. Toby loves rainy days and swimming. He has feminine hobbies and transferred here because he was bullied about it at his last school. This bunny was very surprised to find how welcoming everyone at his new school is! (They're all pretty whacky, so it's fine.)