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Starting this morning by hitting the pool when it opened at 6am.  Needed to get 1250 yards to hit that Go The Distance 50 Mile milestone so I figured I would double that to 2500 yards just for fun.  (I did my usual warm up and then just flipped those FitDeck swim cards.  I like the variety they provide.  And I also love swimming with my music on - which I dont get to do during swim team practice - so that is fun to!)

Then after my swim I headed over to the Theresa Lang Memorial 5k which I am a sponsor of and designed the logo for a few years ago.  I wanted to cheer on some friends who were running and catch up with folks I knew were going to be out there, that I have not seen in a while.

So this day has started out really great!

Hey! I’m pretty new to the studyblr community. My name is Shelby and I’m a freshman at the university of Missouri, Kansas City (Classes start tomorrow! AHH!!). I joined because I’d like to connect with others (make friends!) and be inspired to keep growing. The TOP 10 inspirations to me are @studywithinspo @studypetals @thecoffeedesk @juniorincollege @steudious @get-studying @thegrangersapprentice @hexaneandheels @absolutewank and one of my closest friends, @skyler-studies

Please feel free to start a conversation with me! I love art (the above picture is a tattoo design I’m working on) and music and cats and meeting new people :) I hope everyone has a great day

Very similar 80′s-style big gated reverb snares on Keita Hoshi/Makiko Tanifuji’s phenom soundtrack for Soldier Blade. I suspect Ms. Tanifuji may have been the one to bring that to the table, as Mr. Hoshi’s other work on the PC Engine uses Famicom-ish synthesized noise sounding snares.

Because of the way limited polyphony in chip music can often result in drums being truncated by other drum sounds triggering, though, pretty much any snare sample with long enough sustain will sound like it has gated reverb on it. Happens with synth drums, too. There’s a lot of that going on in Thunder Force IV (e.g. “Stand Up Against Myself”, “War Like Requiem”), but to be fair the drums are designed to sound a little 80′s punchy like that in the first place.

There’s this great part in Art & Science Of Sound Recording where Alan Parsons refers to gated reverb as “dated reverb” and he clearly thinks it’s the sickest burn every recorded on film but it’s really just kind of a lame dad joke.

Hello¡! Bonjour!

Super excited to présente the next instalment of our Cosies! residency. It’s with great pleasure we invite Nick Araguay, the killer producer and deejay behind one of our favourite records of 2015 to go b2b with the mysterious Gohan. Rumour has it that the “SE15 Tales” 12" now actually lives inside the respective record bags of the Rough Draft collective - and comes hotly recommended! Just like the rest of our bookings - we highly advise coming down to check out an excellent selecta with a penchant for heavy vibes and atmosphere.

Get all the info here by clicking here.

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