it has great designs and music

Got7 as types of princes

Mark: the hidden away prince. Had a curse placed on him when he was born. Sneaks out of the palace and uses a fake name to adventure around. Sounds really good when announcing royal proclamations.

JB: the cool prince. Appears to be scary and there’s rumors that he slayed a dragon when he was three. Is actually a sweetheart that bows to palace staff.

Jackson: the travelling prince. Speaks more languages than all their diplomats combined. Very involved in politics and often goes out to visit his citizens. Everyone has a crush on him.

Jinyoung: the scholarly prince. Has read everything in the royal library twice. Funny at royal balls and has the best manners. Doesn’t return babies he’s handed to kiss.

Youngjae: the soft prince. Really awkward about royal duties. Prefers to be in the gardens or music hall. Attracts woodland creatures.

BamBam: the pretty prince. Designers would kill to dress him. Has at least four closets. Throws great parties. If he pierces his ears, so does everyone else.

Yugyeom: the nice prince. Choreographed the latest ballroom dance. Sipped champagne once and got found in the dungeons. Cares a lot for his citizens and is honest in nation reports.

Why you should give Rock Dog a chance:
  • Rather lovely visuals, fantastic lighting effects and expressive animation.
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • The campy, hilarious anti-hero that is Angus Scattergood. 
  • Really good music like REALLY good and not just the main theme the whole score is hella good and the guitar oh my god the guitar.
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • Honestly the whole world design is really fun and simple, very reminiscent of a level in an old video game in a good way. And everything works and has reasoning and makes sense it was obviously well thought out.
  • Charming characters?? Bodi is a sweetheart and deserves nothing but good things??? I loved Darma she is so nice and jaded but she never lets it make her mean??? And the ‘evil’ wolves were genuinely funny I loved them almost as much as the heroes. 
  • The running gag of Sheep being forgetful is pretty funny and never gets old. 
  • You cannot convince me that the two wolves(Skozz and Riff) who are tasked with capturing Bodi are not boyfriends ok they are cute and dating and I love them.
  • Same director as Surf’s Up and that movie is a blessing so???
  • The actual mean characters gets what’s comin’ to them.
  • No potty humor?? Or problematic jokes??? Just all around good humor that isn’t at the expense of anyone and puns? DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS????
  • Character Redemption.
  • Dumpster Pizza.
  • Bodi has some tough lessons to learn but it never makes him like mean or anything and in the end the world was just as good as he always believe it to be and I love that?????
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • There is a sheep who just walks around in a towel the whole movie. 
  • A sick end guitar battle with fucking fantastic visual effects and music.
  • A good message about not letting where you come from define you but ALSO never forgetting your roots and the people who made you who you are?? Which was surprisingly deep???
  • “Can we get a RED cord for the RED phone, please?” 
  • Really sweet and surprisingly down-to-earth father-son relationship. 
  • A goat character has a spiritual experience while staring at a french fry.
  • Lewis Black and J. K. Simmons and Mae Whitman like hot damn good voice talent? And it really shows.
  • Fucking Fleetwood Yak.
  • Did I mention the music because holy hell the MUSIC.
  • I was smiling the whole time the whole thing was so charming ugh bless.
  • Honestly it was just a good movie and it really shows that the people who worked on it really cared about it and loved it and made it the best they could and that alone should be enough to convince you to see it so SEE IT.
If my faves had tumblr:
  • Kate Mulgrew: *posts mainly Throwbacks of cast members, red carpet selfies and gets into the occasional pro-lgbtq debate*
  • Meryl Streep: *posts thoughtful quotes and follows all musical blogs she can find. Also compulsively reblogs designer shoes *
  • Emma Thompson: *doesn't post often but when she does it's sassy comebacks and quotes and images of great leaders.*
  • Mary McDonnell: *her blog should have a selfie or two somewhere but first you have to dig through the hundreds of cute animal photos and the occaisional hair tutorial video reblogs (what is unicorn hair and why do people keep talking about it??)*
  • Helen Mirren: *stunning nature photography and dirty jokes, has been threatened with blocking for getting into violent disagreements about Shakespeare and Feminism*

When I first saw the trailer for Trollhunters on Netflix, I didn’t expect it to be that great. I ended up watching it anyway, and  I discovered that I was totally wrong! Trollhunters is actually an awesome show with an interesting plot and lovable characters, and by the time I was a few episodes in I was hooked. The show has plenty of humour and heartwarming moments, which are balanced with darker themes. On top of that, the animation and music are fantastic, and I love the designs of all the trolls!

If you’re a Dreamworks fan, or looking for something to watch on Netflix while waiting for season 2 of Voltron, I’d definitely recommend checking out Trollhunters!

Nocturne op.48 No.1
Frédéric Chopin
Nocturne op.48 No.1

The Nocturne in C minor, Op. 48, No. 1 is initially marked lento and is in 4/4 meter. The piece becomes poco più lento at measure 25 and enters its middle section, which is a chorale. Later, it moves to doppio movimento agitato at measure 49. The piece is a total of 77 measures long. In general, the scheme of the music is ternary form and follows A-B-A’.

The Nocturne in C minor has been categorized as one of Chopin’s greatest emotional achievements. Theodor Kullak said of the piece, “the design and poetic contents of this nocturne make it the most important one that Chopin created; the chief subject is a masterly expression of a great powerful grief.”Jan Kleczyński, Sr. calls the nocturne “broad and most imposing with its powerful intermediate movement, a thorough departure from the nocturne style." Some musical critics, including Charles Willeby and Frederick Niecks, do not think the piece deserves its fame and position; though James Huneker agrees with this assessment, he notes that the nocturne is still "the noblest nocturne of them all." James Friskin found the music to have "the most imposing instrumental effect of any of the nocturnes,” calling the crescendo and octaves “almost Lisztian.”

Jim Samson notes that the nocturne intensifies “not through ornamentation, but through a new textural background." Kleczyński commented that the middle section "is the tale of a still greater grief told in an agitated recitando; celestial harps come to bring one ray of hope, which is powerless in its endeavor to calm the wounded soul, which…sends forth to heaven a cry of deepest anguish."The ending, according to Samson, is "in the nature of an elaborated ’feminine ending’, articulating the reactive final beat of an amphibrach grouping.”

One of Chopin’s most beautiful pieces. People like to call this one of Chopin’s mini ballades… This ever evolving piece evokes the strongest of emotions in me.

Performer:Arthur Rubinstein. There is no better version of this piece by anyone else. He didn’t want to show his technic but his sensibility.Definitely  he was an awesome pianist !


I would like 2 make a public statement haha

Myself and some allies have started a strange organization called Eerie org.  We are honored to be releasing Nicole Dollanganger’s newest album, Natural Born Losers, this fall.  We are not a label and not taking submissions, this is just a really special situation because Nicole’s music is a particularly great contribution to imagination.  (Future Eerie Activities must remain a mystery for now)

If you haven’t heard of Nicole, I implore you to take a chance on this masterpiece or any of her other masterpieces.  she has 6 other albums or something and they are all excellent and available on her bandcamp.  Her music is scary/ beautiful and there aren’t any bad songs, which is the mark of a true artist.  I cannot adequately describe it succinctly, but something like Hurt NIN sound design/ pain w Dolly Parton-esque witty profundity that sometimes gets super dark and contrasty to fluttery expressive cherub vocals. theres a smattering of Daniel Johnston vibes if that makes sense. but it also does lots of other things I’m not good at describing music. i hate comparing music to other music, you should just really listen to it.

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but what do you love about Night In The Woods!

1) Overall story - except last part. Feels kinda rushed.
2) Design - simple but charming
3) Characters - they all great, even side characters
4) Replayability
5) Music - i listen music from game every day, since release of OST
6) Story speaks to me -  because i’m too are dropout, I live in a small town and i still don’t know what to do with my life. 

Prince was one of the most consistently referenced musicians in the history of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, with only The Beatles having more references. Avdol has a chicken named Prince. He’s the favorite musician of Josuke in Part 4, and some of his outfits influenced Josuke’s character design. Giorno has Golden Experience. Both of the main duo of Part 8 protagonists have stands that reference Prince, with Soft & Wet and Paisley Park. Along with his musical genius, he had a great impact on Jojo as well.

Some answer to my Phantom’s depiction.

I’ve got some people asking me why Phantom is depicted like a villain (or at least more evil than the novel and musical version). I do need to admit that my version of “The Phantom of the Opera” is slightly different from the musical and the book (although the main plot and everything is pretty much the same) since this one has went through my interpretation of the story and the character. Phantom’s complexity made it very difficult for me to define him as a design, which is also the reason why I couldn’t use the book as my storyline: there is just too much I need to touch to successfully deliver all the back stories. Instead I had to simplify Phantom’s character and mold him into my own version of him. So extra line underneath his ‘sinister’ side of characteristics. A little more obsessive and ‘the one that controls’ all in the opera…he has built his own world inside the opera because the outside world has never treated him well, which I thought he is more of a villain with a reason. And..well he kills two people and crashes the chandelier on people..that’s not nice right? >:)

(the jojo’s anime)

The jojo’s anime adaption is just a trite retelling of what happens in the manga. The only thing it has to boast about is its great soundtrack, but in terms of the rest of its sound design, it fails on every level. The sound effects are unimaginative, the vocal delivery is too bombastic, and even the musical cues are poorly devised. The artwork is incredibly bland, retaining only nominal aspects of the manga’s fantastic character designs, and the show’s production quality takes a dive even further starting from the first episode of stardust crusaders. There is truly no reason to watch the anime unless you absolutely hate reading manga.

But why would you, even then? There are so many other shows that use animation inventively, as a medium to convey ideas that can’t be conveyed any other way. Araki, the author of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, even wrote that he tries his best to experiment with manga as a medium; to use imagery that only makes sense in comics. The jojo’s anime adaption is a meme that needs to die, I hate it, and thanks for reading.

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psst I know you were looking at passive solar houses but check out the youtube channel "solarcabin". the man runs his house on solar panels and propane and while not entirely self-sufficient (food-wise mostly), he has good homestead development ideas, is very knowledgeable about off-grid utilities, and makes nice music

Thank you! I actually really dig his work and value his perspective. Im feeling more of an earthbuild but his cabins are great and I like his design. It would be good to have a nice cabin like that away from the hiuse for guests or fun. And on top of that I really like what he has to say ehen it comes to development and operations, very accessible. Thanks anon!

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My crush is in my art class (I'm in college) and so we go to the art room at night to do our homework and he was in there the last time I went and we talked so much and we never ran out of things to say. He has a great taste in music, which is very important to me, lol. I just want someone to jam with. He's so charismatic and funny and he's studying graphic design and he's super cool and even if I don't end up dating him I still love our friendship.

this is  so sweet you are both cute and i hope the relationship works out if there is one both romantic or platonic! <3

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

This film is a visual masterpiece that gives me hope for the future of the Kaiju expanded universe they’re trying to build with it. After 2014′s Godzilla I was expecting the worst for any future movies in the franchise but this one has me excited for the 2019 King of Monsters. It’s compelling, exciting and incredibly enjoyable. It makes up for it’s cliche characters and weak plotting by being absolutely beautiful. It’s action is sharp, visceral and brutal and the general look is stylised and gorgeous at times. 

The colouring of the film is incredible to look at in certain scenes, the reds are pulled up and it works perfectly. The directing and cinematography are both wonderful, the shot composition is on point and a lot of scenes have excellent motion and flow with great snappy focus pulling. The sound design and music are also perfectly done, supplementing the whole piece excellently. 

As I mentioned earlier, the characters are walking cliches yet the stellar casting sells it well enough. Tom Hiddleston is perfect in the role of dashing Englishman, Samuel L Jackson fits the crazed military role and Brie Larson while wasted in this film sells the token female role. The standout in the cast is John C Reilly who plays an eccentric castaway brilliantly, with both perfect comedic timing and some excellent more serious moments.  

This one hits a solid 8/10 for me, it’s definitely something worth going to see while it’s still on the big screen because i’m not sure it’d be quite as good without the cinema experience. 

Ok I’ve been talking about things I hate about KH but let’s be real here, I don’t play the game cause I hate it. So here are a few things I love about KH

  • Traverse Town - it has a nice atmosphere to it due to the warm colors, idk that just relaxes me. It’s also a good place when you need to level
  • THE MUSIC!!!
  • drive forms
  • despite what everyone says, the combat system in CoM is a refreshing playing style once you get used to it and CoM’s story was really good
  • the level design of The World That Never Was, The End Of The World, Twilight Town - basically the 3 great Ts
  • it’s super satisfying when you finally beat that boss you hate (VANITAS IN NEVERLAND COUGH)
  • that blurry thing the screen does when you deal the final blow
  • melding commands
  • basically all of BBS except some annoying minigames
  • Aqua - honestly have you seen this blue angel?!
  • a super old fart kicks everyone’s ass
  • possession, how cool is that (NORTS FOR EVERYONE)
  • summons yo
  • fucking Cloud Strife and the God of the Underworld interacting
  • finishing Monstro’s world (seriously, getting out of that stupid whale caused me so much joy I could’ve kissed someone)
  • winning at Command Board
  • finally defeating Captain Justice at fruit ball
  • MIRAGE ARENA ( I loved it, ok?)
  • TWEWY in DDD
  • dream eaters as your pals!
  • flowmotion
  • you also get a good laugh from The Grid and Port Royal, like have you seen this shit, a cartoon style character in realistic worlds? what
  • basically all enemies, I love their design! the Heartless are my personal favorite
  • you can play it over and over again! There’s always something new for you to discover (like did you know you could freeze those bubbles in Hollow Bastion -> I never did that on my first playthrough mind you)
  • Organisation XIII
  • the library in Hollow Bastion

and those are just some of the things I enjoy 


Paul Simonon’s art career has always been a great source of joy for me. His father was a “Sunday painter” who taught Paul very traditional, representational oil painting methods that proved unpopular with the faculty once he finally entered school. Frustrated with his professors’ lack of support for his chosen modes of expression, Paul turned his artistic talents towards punk, painting backdrops and clothing for the Clash’s early gigs as well as designing posters and record sleeves for the Clash and other groups. Following his departure from the music world, he returned to painting full time, adapting the traditional oil painting techniques of his youth to more modern subject matter: blighted industrial landscapes, the full English breakfast, and motorbike paraphernalia.