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*cracks knuckles* okay, let me lay this out for ya


- If y'all have seen The Birth of Evil then you know that Aku is a tiny fragment of an eldritch abomination that fell to Earth and was accidentally given a consciousness through a failed magic spell. fucking none of that has to do with humans or even organic life. that black thing at the beginning of Birth of Evil didn’t have a gender, so stop assuming Aku MUST be a dude just because he has a beard and a male voice actor.

- I’m assuming that you’re the same anon because you made the same mistake both times: unless someone has a habit of referring to themselves in the third person, which Aku does not, you will never use gendered pronouns to refer to yourself. You will use I/me/my, which remains the same no matter what gender you are. and that’s all Aku ever uses. as for calling himself a king, it’s quite possible that he just figured that’s what the supreme high rulers among humans are called and thus it would be appropriate to call himself that. there are also non-men throughout history who have called themselves kings for that very reason.

- yes, Aku knows what gender IS, but that doesn’t mean he has one or understands what it works. I know what the Theory of Relativity is, but don’t fuckin ask me to explain it to you. he’s a trickster and he’s not above using human weaknesses and shapeshifting against them, which includes turning into Ikra, showing him very comfortably transforming into a woman doesn’t exactly help your argument that he’s cis.

- consider the fact that in Aku’s Fairy Tales, he cast himself as Little Red Riding Hood, and later tried to cast Jack as Cinderella’s evil stepmother and stepsisters only to have one of the children point out to him that Jack is a man. almost like he wasn’t quite sure how that worked and the comedy came from his ignorance!!

- where the fuck do you get Aku being straight from, he has literally never shown even the slightest sexual attraction to anyone or anything??

in conclusion: Aku isn’t cis so git gud

kinda tired of neurotypical fans getting mad when fictional characters show realistic symptoms of mental illness that totally make sense given their situation. tired of hearing fans scream “lazy writing” every time a fan favorite character has a flashback or panic attack, or less “obvious” symptoms like emotional detachment or reckless impulsiveness. tired of people with absolutely no knowledge of psychology getting upset with creators for daring to portray mental illness as a normal part of life and as something that can happen to anyone rather than as something evil or scary. tired. 

So many ppl are in my inbox telling me Puu changed their life n guess what?? It changed mine too ;;;;
The story honestly writes itself; I just go with wherever it takes me. It’s also helped me find so many kind and caring people, has given me the courage to come out as trans despite living in a homophobic/transphobic/casteist family (yes, casteism plays into anti-LGBTQ opinion in South Asia), and strengthened my bond with my faith, so yeah…this story is kind of My Whole Life and I’m so glad y'all enjoy it too ;;u;;

MacCready Headcannon

When Sole romances MacCready, they both connect very easily due to their similar situations. Both of them are single parents because their spouses died.

However, once Sole deals with the whole Institute thing, realizing what really happened to their son, Sole is just glad that MacCready still has Duncan.

So one day, MacCready offers to take Sole to visit Duncan. Sole gladly accepts, but once they make it there they break down in tears. The second Sole lays their eyes on Duncan, they can’t contain both their sadness from the loss of their own child, but also the happiness from the thought of having a life with MacCready and Duncan.

Sole will finally get to live a happy life with a loving family that they always wanted. And MacCready and Duncan just comforts Sole and really just make everything better for them.

MacCready always talks about how much Sole has given to him and Duncan, but what he doesn’t realize is that the two of them basically are saving Sole from despair. They’re the ones making Sole whole again.

I dunno… just thought of this kinda sad kinda sweet headcannon and wanted to share it with y'all!

Let me know your thoughts!!

Little Jacob Headcanons

AWWW! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME @muffin-princess! Just to think of it makes me all giddy on the inside though sad too. Jacob was most likely the kid that needed love yet very little was given to him. How can you make me write this? But, I will focus on the happy little side of our cute little Assassin C: Enjoy y'all!
-He loved to smile.
-His face of discovering something new has not change from his grown one; it’s so full of adorable wonder.
-His eyes always shone with life.
-He got picked up by Evie often…my poor baby.
-He had a big laugh, unlike the more reserved laugh he has now.
-He wouldn’t let himself get picked by anyone.
-He had a melodic high pitched voice, nothing at all like the…uff…manly voice we all get goosebumps from.
-Pouty lips? All the way through.
-His fists were always ready to put up a fight.
-He was a quiet child, silent but learning, until he realized he had a way with words.
-He was always dirty.
-And never to be found in the house.
-He would munch quickly to go outside and play.
-A lot of kids would be scared of him because he would make them cry.
-He would want to play with Evie, but her being so busy studying, he had to play with others.
-He was a lonely child.
-He would often yearn the company of a loving parent, but grew strong to his need and instead focused on other matters.
-Jacob here, Jacob there.
-He was clumsy…ALOT.
-Jacob was a whiny.
-Had a short temper.
-Was bubbly.
-Didn’t own many toys.
-Was a bad listener (how surprising!).
-Would end up sleeping early because he was always so full of energy.
-He would cry of anger if his father yelled at him.
-Swallowed his own anger.
-Jacob never quite understood the concept of communication since no one had chats with him about anything.
-Meaning he was a streets kid.
-And it would frustrate him at times, which made him want to fight and look angry.
-But he was easy to entertain.
-At the end of the day, Jacob was a complicated baby who grew up angry at how his life turned out to be but did his best to enjoy what others could give him and remaining so full of life and with that smile that many would fall for. He was an energetic boy and a cutie that learned well how to receive the hard blows in life yet never lose his good aura which made him an adult of high morals and values…though still clumsy…ALOT.

I have run out of suggestions for headcanons so do feel free to leave me more ideas in the replies! C:

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Y'all are probably wondering why I’ve been posting my boyfriend a lot lately.. well here’s the reason. I met this guy January 19th 2016. We made eye contact in the cafe and I was for sure he was a transfer student because I never seen him before. I was so confused because I never seen someone so beautiful in my life. I had to know who he was. I went straight to twitter and asked did anyone know who he was. I was successful. I found out he was indeed a transfer student, here on scholarship for football (Alabama State University). I also found out what his twitter was and I immediately followed him. After following him, he DM’d me and said “Hello gorgeous”. I was shook. After talking and talking I found out he was from Florida and was a year younger than me. I didn’t care though because I just knew it was something about this guy that I liked. After more talking we exchanged numbers and we decided to meet up in the cafe at 8 in the morning. Shook. Who does that? Me. But yeah after that day my life changed. He put me through helllllll and back but I couldn’t help myself. I fell in love with him. I changed. I knew I had to convince him that he was the one for me and that I was the one for him. People laughed at us, people were confused but I didn’t give a fuck and I still don’t. This guy.. finally asked me to be his girlfriend 2 weeks ago and I never been happier in my life. My family loves him, my friends love him, hell y'all probably do too. There’s just something I haven’t mentioned yet, he’s leaving me Wednesday.. transferring and I’m torn. It took me everything and I mean EVERYTHING to get this guy to be mine and as soon as I get him he has to transfer? The bond we have for each other is unbreakable. No one can stop us. We have given each other promise rings and actually think long distance won’t tear us apart. We are each other’s best friends and if y'all could see us together y'all would see that. Anyways.. I love this guy and I can’t wait to marry him and start a life together.


Oh, yeah, I’ve NEVER experienced poverty.

I only spent a few Christmases and birthdays without gifts. I only got sick to death of eating only ramen and hamburger helper without the meat for a few months in a row when I was 4 and 7. I just watched my parents struggle with my disabled older sister’s medical bills for my first 8 years of life. I only experienced homelessness for the first time in my life at 3 years old, and then again at 19. The longest I went without being able to afford food, and having to rely on the kindness of strangers was a few weeks. After that I could afford to eat every other day on my own until I moved back in with my parents and swallowed my pride because I was FUCKING hungry, and tired of sleeping in a truck.

Suicide is for the weak; believe me, because I’ve been there. I’ve had the barrel of a gun resting in my ear; but it wasn’t because of poverty. And I realized it was the weakest moment of my life. It was pathetic, and I had forgotten for a moment the worth of my life, and was careless about the friends and family I’d be harming forever with my selfishness if I had pulled the trigger.

And I wouldn’t trade a moment of my life for more comfort, or less tragedy.

Do you know why?

Because those events made me who I am. Because I have a purpose. Everyone on this earth has a purpose. Everyone ever conceived is worth something, whether for their whole life or two seconds of their life.

You don’t know me. None of you on this website know me. You know my opinions. You know snippets of my life story.

You don’t know about the children I have cared for for friends and acquaintances when they were struggling to get by, and would have lost their job over one more missed day to watch their kids.

You don’t know about the woman who, with my help, and my friendship to her, gave her the confidence and the strength to take her child and leave her abusive husband. A man who may have followed through with his multiple threats to stab her.

Because of me, there are others in this world who didn’t pull the trigger to their own gun, against their own heads.

Because of me, a young man whose mother refused to take him to the hospital is alive, because I drove him there and they were able to stop the massive bleeding in his brain.

Because of me, a young woman who was being discriminated against by her boss and thought she had no way out, was able to leave without a two week’s notice, and without being denied her severance pay; she finally found a job where she didn’t have to be belittled unfairly every day by someone with more power than her.

I am pro-life. I am for every conceived human being to have the chance to fulfill their purpose in life; whatever it may be. And I am by no means bragging about what I have done for others, because I’m not an amazing person. I am flawed, and imperfect, and I have not always been the best friend. But I have, and had, a purpose in this world. I have been a shoulder to cry on for friends, family, and total strangers alike who may not have been comforted by anyone else. Who could have known that when I was in the womb? None of you. Not one of you could have known that in spite of the poverty I grew up in I would change lives.

If it were not for the pain, the loss, the hunger, the physical and emotional violence done to me, from being beaten to being raped, and verbally humiliated, to feeling the fear of homelessness: I would not have the empathy that I do in order to have helped the people who came into my life. And I am grateful for every tragedy, because it has given me the heart I have to sacrifice my time, my health, and my very heart itself, for people who just need someone who cares.

Thank God for the hell in my life so I could bring a little heaven to someone else’s. And I will continue to fight to be strengthened by suffering, rather than let it turn me into a whining, self-centered leech on humanity and society.

I’m done with y'all.

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Lol I just noticed that the morning after clexa had sex, Clarke's smile was more than "ok, i'm gonna stop talking abt sad things". It's also "I'm glad that I made you feel good & I know you want to savour this moment for a little while." We got robbed, Clarke cuddle with ber fuck buddy, never cuddle with Lexa. Belarks are fuming! This is too funny

Absolutely. The Klork of S4 looks more dead than Lexa actually lol. She looks empty and void of life and even tho Nylon has been nothing but a great support and being the person to offer Klork what she needs, we all know that’s not who she wants. Still, it is heartbreaking to even imagine if Lexa was there, because we all know none of the shit that has happened would have. Also, she would have given her support and comfort Klork as well, making her feel loved and cared for. Those two deserved a happy life together, they both learned so much from each other. It is a shame that we are here, w incapable writers and a worse plot.

And the blorkes baited themselves, no one has ever established any romantic vibe between Beachball and Klork, they are comrades y'all. So they got what they deserve.

The more I see of the promo for tomorrow night, the giddier I get. Oliver is going to be faced with the life he could have had and it is, in theory, what he should want. What he thinks he wants. He said it to Barry tonight - he would do anything to go back and make different choices. He’s going to get his chance! He won’t have gone through the pain and the loss and the heartache and grief and horror that he has over the last several years. 

It’s what he wants, right? 

Ha, no

Because it’s missing a very key element, something that has made everything he’s ever gone through worth it times infinity.


Every single tiny bit of hell that Oliver Queen went through was worth it because it brought Felicity Smoak into his life. It brought love and warmth and happiness and joy into his life. Was it perfect? No. Did they both fuck up? Yes, because they’re human. But the fact that he got those few months with her, that he was so, so happy with the love of his life?

It made all of worth it.

He remembers Felicity tomorrow. He remembers Felicity Smoak and his love for her and y’all if that doesn’t tell you that they’re heading towards Olicity reconciliation, I don’t know what will.

It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen soon (maybe not even for a while), but ffs he is supposed to be living his ideal life except it’s not ideal. 

Because it’s missing Felicity Smoak.

(This reminds me of the S2 episode of Supernatural “What Is and What Should Never Be” where Dean is given the life where he, in theory, has everything. Except for the most important thing: Sam. AND THAT MESSES EVERYTHING UP.)

I’m just drowning in my Olicity feels, don’t mind me.

Given announcement of the sudden addition to the Familia Pentecost in the esteemed personage of John Boyega, it behooves me to just leave this here and ask y’all:



Good morning!

It’s October. Wow.

Two years ago I started writing about two things: love and running. (And sometimes coffee) It became my therapy. I’d post the pic, put down my thoughts and dreams; then I’d go out there and live them. My blog and running saved me from falling apart during time when I could have easily crumbled. I’m still dealing with life, but somehow coming here and working it out has given me the ability to take those crazy things life throws at me with a little more grace. Grateful for that. Thank you for being a part of it.

Happy Fall Festivus, y'all🎃

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i really admire your love for your mom. You know she's not a perfect being and y'all fight quite often, yet through that you still love and appreciate her

bc i don’t think anyone else in the world has done so much for me??? nor has anyone ever given me the amount of unconditional love and support since the day i was born…

my mom’s been through a lot and knows how it feels to be mistreated, compared, misunderstood, taken for granted, told she’s not good enough… pretty much everything i’ve gone through and felt plus so much more tenfold. my personal struggles are nothing compared to what she had to deal with all her life and it breaks my heart that someone as genuine, kindhearted, and hardworking as my mom had to deal with all of that alone. i think that’s why as i’ve grown older, the bond between my mom and i have only strengthened bc i want her to know that i’ll always listen to what she has to say, regardless of whether i agree or disagree. i think dismissing someone solely based on difference of opinion and perspective is extremely narrow-minded (which is also something i learned from my mom), and doing that only puts up barriers. my mom was—and still is—the “ugly duckling” of the family bc she’s much more liberal, open-minded, and very well read compared to the rest of my aunts and grandma. plus her heart and mind are very young in age so she understands my generation’s way of thinking. she’s all of this + humble, diligent, and responsible, which are all qualities i strive to have as well.

my mom has been there for me 24/7, even if it’s half an hour after we’ve had a huge argument… like she still offers to help me get something done or asks what i want for dinner despite me having been a brat a while ago??? i don’t think i could ever do that bc of my pride, but my mom rarely holds grudges on me. my mom’s also the reason why i had the courage and confidence to pursue art and design bc she’s the first person who told me i was good enough to make something that was seen as “unstable” and “just a hobby” into an actual career.

she’s the one that constantly reminds me that life really isn’t all that much and the most important thing is to simply be happy. she understands what others are going through, respects what they have to say, puts everyone before herself (even if she isn’t particularly fond of them), and continuously sacrifices herself if doing so will make things just a bit easier for others. and she does all of this without ever asking for a single thing in return. i think that is the most selfless thing anyone could ever do for another human being.

whatever, i had some hot as fuck client this afternoon who literally told me i was gorgeous the entire time, paid my phone bill and i’m on the way to having my rent for the month despite being broke when i got here 2 days ago. sex work has very literally saved my life and given me the opportunity to support myself and the people i love. i don’t know where i’d be without it. fuck any radical feminist bitch who has never and will never be in the game. you don’t know shit about what our lives look like and you don’t actually care to. y'all fraudulent as hell.


Nashville Season 2 Meme + Scenes

Sobriety is not a one day fight. It goes on one day at a time, as we say, for your entire life. If you’re gonna do a fight that long you better have yourself a support system. For me that happens to be my family. I got my niece Scarlet who keeps me honest. I also got my daughter Maddie who’s helped me see the world through brand new eyes. And both of them have showed me what it means to love somebody more than I love myself, which has given my life meaning. That’s what this centres about, that’s what this night is about, it’s about not being defined by your past, it’s about finding a way to move forward and we thank y'all for your help…