it has gay written all over their faces

We all learned that POV is important in Skam. Thats why a character seems so different every season. We se them through the eyes of the main. And that doesnt let us see all of them. Only the stuff our main is focusing on. Like Eva being a partygirl and kind of hurt by her ex when the main was Noora who chose to stay collected and was afraid of hurting Vilde or getting hurt herself.

Well I got to thinking. What does the characters look like through the eyes of the rest of the school? All the gossip and hate accounts made me think. What does some of the characters look like when you only know them through school yard gossip or soscial media?

Eva: stole the man of her best friend. The only girl taking care of her when she transfered from a different city. And then proceeded to cheat on him only a little over a year later. And now shes always drunk and hooking up with the same boy or strangers.

Noora: defends feministic views but ends up going for the fuckbuy the whole school knows her best friend has a crush on. As far as some people knows she even got drunk and spent the night naked in bed with his brother. Then she leaves this boyfriend in another country. And now shes hooking up with the friend of her best friends brother at parties.

Isak: snitches out his friend on a public gossip account on Instagram. Arranges street fights. Hookes up with girls at parties but never gets serious. Forgets one of his best friends birthday. Is suddenly gay. Brakes up a four year long relationship. Fights his other good friend, most likely because his homophobic. Gets into a fight with four arab dudes. Hes propably rascist. Made a hate account to get revenge after a brakeup to a girl even though his gay.

Sana: snaps and throws water in other girls faces at parties. Has Sharmuta written on her locker because shes so opressed. Is rude to everybody even though they just made one little comment. Just takes over the russebuss without anyone getting to wote for her or anything. And then she just leaves because shes to good for the whole russefeiring. And did you know she took a choke hold on someone at her last school?

Even: hes totally psycho. He wrote all this crazy shit on the facebook wall of his last school. He cant be trusted. He left his girlfriend because he cheated on her and aperantly he did it once before. Also hes away from school for long periods of a time and doesnt get in troubble because of the 10 percent. Hes cheating or theres something wrong with him

Elias: calls her sister slave and sends messages asking for nudes and fights people just because theyre gay

Vilde: shes a total slut. She threw herself at William. And shes always working out and watching her food, like what does she think she is. And shes always gossiping. And shes so stupid thinking brun og blid is a good sponsor. And did you notice her clothes still have the tags on. Does she return them to hide how poor she is, or does she steal them? And did you know her mom is propably alcoholic or homeless or something? And she sents messages with this guy about nudes and is probably cheating on Magnus. Because everybody knows hes more into her than shes into him.

Conclusion: pov changes how you see things (shocking revalation nr 1) and gossip is really dangerous (shocking revalation nr 2).

So what can we take from this in regards to season 4? Sana needs to talk to people! And she needs to hear the stories from the people in the stories. Not from third parties! And she cant always trust her pov. Sometimes there is more to it than what you saw or felt or thought in a situation.


2. Hell on Heels

Between his constant insistence that an “alpha male” needs to win this cycle and unnecessary fixation with Matthew agreeing to a same-sex kiss, Denzel’s underlying homophobia has been harder to miss than that unsettling beard weave glued to his face. 

Before this episode’s big confrontation, Denzel gives us one last such hint during the acting challenge when he derides a “very feminine, homosexual” Will for even attempting to play “a very assertive, powerful, militaristic type character” in a skit. Uh, it’s called acting; I don’t recall Denzel being an outer space gladiator either.

Still, Denzel’s comments have never been quite as glaringly offensive as when he has a chat with Keith about the competition. “I swear to God, I want a dude to win, but I don’t want it to be Will,” he says. “I don’t!”

Denzel’s indicates that he would be embarrassed to lose to someone wearing heels. It’s a problematic comment that becomes a full-fledged problem when Will overhears it from another room. Will’s experienced bigotry all his life so hearing yet another person put him down for who he is triggers some tears. 

Denzel immediately gets defensive comment and blames the house’s sucky “acoustics” for causing the issue. I’d argue the acoustics are great considering that Will seemed to hear Denzel’s condescending attitude quite clearly from a distance. It ain’t the acoustics’ fault that Denzel got caught for being a jerk.

Even more amazingly, Denzel dares to try to paint himself as some sort of social justice warrior. He bemoans the fact that men in the fashion industry are stereotyped as gay. “I’d like to actually see a man break that stigma and I don’t feel that if Will were to win he would break that stigma.” Boy, straight men have it rough, huh? I won’t disagree that some male models are prone to having their sexualities questioned but I guarantee that this “stigma” Denzel feels is not even one-tenth of the discrimination that Will is made to feel on a regular basis for being gay… you know, comments like those about someone being an unworthy competitor because he’s more effeminate than the average guy. 

Oh, and if you’re overly worried about other people thinking you’re gay, maybe try not to inadvertently reveal how much you know about women’s shoes. 

Amidst this drama, Adam has a seemingly tender moment with Will where he confesses to having bullied a gay student at a frat party. Adam says this conversation with Will is his apology to the gay community, but the scene is way too chopped on to get a real read on it… we don’t even hear the actual apology portion. BUT, and this may surprise some of you, I am willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt here because Will seems to genuinely think Adam is a good and changed man, so it’s not like he brought a homophobic attitude to the house with him.  

Allow me to share for a moment two comments that came in around the same time:

This is a tough issue. He’s done a 180 from frat douche to a guy who’s pretty likable as of late. He’s only been on the show a few weeks in real time, so it’s not like his personality completely changed or anything, but his edit has definitely shifted. If I had to guess, they showed all the worst bits of him really early to make us hate him, and are now showing us exclusively his nicer side to intentionally change our opinions. There were probably nice aspects of his personality that they left out of his auditions and they’re probably omitting his awful traits at this point so they can fully redeem his character. Because he’s more rounded out, I can’t hate him like I once did, yet I will never forget his early horrible moments. His pictures still suck, though!

One thing’s for certain: Adam entered the competition as the perceived resident homophobe, and in the past couple of episodes he’s managed to fall off the radar almost completely thanks to Denzel’s ignorance. He really owes Denzel an Edible Arrangement or something as a thank you.

Denzel could take some pointers from Adam because his attempt to smooth things over with Will is abysmal.  He brings that obnoxious macho attitude when talking to Will rather than apologizing. “If Will wants to be a man and talk about it, then we can talk about it, but if he wants to be a female about it, and not talk about it, then that’s his prerogative,” he says. He also blames Will for being unable to have a “man-to-man” conversation and compares it to “talking to a girlfriend.”  

Leave it to Tyra to force the conversation. When Tyra inquires why Will is wearing heels at panel, she encourages them to hash it out in front of them. Denzel may have just won an acting challenge, but he does an awful job of looking like he wants to say anything to Will:

Credit to Tyra for handling this moment like a boss. Denzel tries to weasel his way out of admitting he was being homophobic with lame excuses but she doesn’t take his nonsense. She also drops the N-word to make a point about how, in one point of time, someone might be embarrassed to lose to a black man. Denzel immediately says he understands, but his tweets during the episode suggest otherwise:

Denzel clearly still has some backwards logic - if Will just acted like the straight alpha male like Denzel wants him to be, people would accept him!  But here’s the thing - Denzel doesn’t have the right to expect Will to not wear high heels anymore than Will would have the right to make Denzel try on heels. Although, if we’re being honest, Denzel should probably trade in his current makeover for some heels instead. He’s so worried about how his male friends will react to a guy in heels, but I guarantee they’ll give him less shit for that than that fucking ridiculous beard weave on his face. That stupid piece of fur has “beta male” written all over it. 

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 7

#NewtoClassicWho: Recommendations

So I’m late, but lemme lay out some classic Who episode recs, keeping in mind we all have totally different tastes. I tend to have high tolerance for bad special effects and camp if the characters and story are fun and/or the dialogue is snarky or eloquent.

My suggestion is to watch two serials each of the first seven Doctors, selecting from those with companions who have piqued your interest, and The Five Doctors after you’ve watched two or three different classic Doctors. Here’s my picks.

First Doctor:

Unearthly Child all by itself, the first half hour episode, sets the stage and feels like time travel all on its own because 1963 was a long time ago. Meet Barbara and her sensible shoes and sweater, Ian the skeptic, the Doctor at his most enigmatic and maddening before the show’s producers had even worked out who or what he was, and Susan, a fascinating mix of younger-audience stand-in and Mary Sue and otherworldly person. If you’re struggling with the rest of the serial, which develops the TARDIS team’s characters but is more than usually dated, I hereby give you permission to skip ahead.

For a full serial, I feel that The Aztecs is a good historical, even though Barbara is White Savior. The side characters are surprisingly complex, apart from the villain (see: Susan’s tutor, the Doctor’s would-be fiancée).

Or try The Romans, which is just plain fun, a lighthearted historical with everybody spoofing I, Claudius. It’s goofy, it’s great, it’s got dear Vicki, and you’ll see how much the Doctor has learned and mellowed after a year or so with Barbara and Ian teaching him compassion. 

Second Doctor:

Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with Second Doctor episodes, most of which were lost and have been rediscovered since I was watching reruns on PBS in the 80s. My favorite of the extant episodes was The Mind Robber, with Jamie & Zoe (I love Zoe; she’s so smart) and the Doctor in a rather Alice in Wonderland surreal episode. Nowadays we’d call it a virtual reality story, but it was decades before the concept existed.

Alternatively, now that The Web of Fear has been rediscovered, I’d suggest that one, although I still need to watch it myself. It introduces Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, one of the most beloved Who characters ever, back when he was a Colonel (soldier, pompous ass, misogynist, yet after a while one comes to love him and his eye-rolling 500% Done With the Doctor moments). Be charmed by the bad special effects and the “monsters stomping around London” plot which was a staple of late 60s/early70s Who.

Third Doctor: My favorite Doctor growing up, it’s hard for me to choose. 

I suggest either Spearhead from Space, the first third Doctor episode, with some delightful character moments with the Brig and Liz Shaw, plus the introduction of the Autons, or Terror of the Autons, which is a good story that introduces the Master in his original, suave and charismatic incarnation. 

Despite its campiness, I have to put in a plug for my all-time favorite, the ridiculous The Time Monster. It features the original Master in his heyday, Jo Grant being adorably ditzy yet standing up to the Master in her own plucky way, Atlantis, the Brigadier and UNIT, the Doctor’s famous “when I was a little boy” speech, Sergeant Benton and some early well-intentioned attempts at feminism. Laugh. Have fun. Enjoy the campy acting.

Or, for a much more powerful story (although it’s a seven-parter that’s slow in places), I suggest Inferno, which features Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, the third Doctor’s PhD scientist sidekick, and a dystopian mirror-universe. Evil!Brigadier is worth seeing.

Fourth Doctor:  I suggest trying two of the following. 

-The Masque of Mandragora has great costumes, great setting, the Italian Renaissance, classic Sarah Jane Smith, and hilarious elocution. Plus the cutest damn gay couple in all of classic Who. 

- The Pirate Planet is written by Douglas Adams, and is just fun over-the-top 70s SF romp (Romana, but alas, not Lalla Ward’s regeneration. 

-Watch City of Death for Lalla Ward; everyone does. Bonus: John Cleese sighting).

-  Face of Evil is an interesting alien dystopia, one of the first times a Doctor Screws Up Royally and has to admit it, but more importantly, it introduces Leela the warrior— think a young Xena, about 20 years before Xena— who is another of my favorite companions. 

-And for personal reasons, I have to put in a plug for The Keeper of Traken, which is a good late Fourth Doctor story, a fun Shakespearean costume drama / fantasy story that brings back a villain we’ve been missing for far too long (I say, avoiding spoilers).

Fifth Doctor: Best regeneration episode ever, IMO, Castrovalva is still a charming introduction to the Doctor and one of my favorite TARDIS teams, plus Ainley!Master is having a ball being an uncured ham. Kinda is marred by the infamous monster scene at the end— try to find the CGI version— but it’s an interestingly psychological drama dealing with various kinds of madness, sneaking in Hindu symbolism in a very SF setting. It also has Tegan/Janet Fielding being sexy and terrifying. But if you watch just one Fifth Doctor episode, watch Enlightenment — yes, I know, there’s a villain with a dead bird hat, but the basic story concept is fantastic. I won’t spoil it.

Sixth Doctor: Uh. I need to rewatch this period; I really didn’t like it as a teenager. I do recall Vengeance on Varos being awesome, anticipating reality TV by about two decades. The Two Doctors, come to think of it, was also fairly good, if a bit macabre. (Jamie & Two return, and Jacqueline Pierce, Servalan of Blake’s 7 fame, makes a fun sub-villain).

Seventh Doctor: Actually one of my favorite Doctors when he was on the air, I loved most of his episodes (in which I seem to be the minority), but anyway, Battlefield. WATCH BATTLEFIELD. Ace McShane being awesome, ridiculous King Arthur stuff, Jean Marsh coming back in a great role, and the Brig coming out of retirement to be his usual endearing crusty self. If you want more Seven, my next suggestion is the uber-meta Remembrance of the Daleks, one of many times when the Doctor is impressive in his rhetoric, Ace is dangerous, and Coal Hill School makes its first appearance since Unearthly Child. This was the first time in 26 years that the Daleks finally conquered the stairs, which resulted in a hilariously meta cliffhanger.

Eighth Doctor: The movie, of course. And then we get into Big Finish. I would really recommend starting at the beginning, Storm Warning. But you could also jump straight to Seasons of Fear, which I think is one of the better early Charley & Eight stories.

Last but not least, after you’ve seen a little bit of classic Who (a few episodes, not necessarily every Doctor), I suggest watching The Five Doctors as a fanservice introduction to a lot of classic Doctors and companions, plus Ainley!Master being his charming self. Bonus: Gallifrey and the High Council of Time Lords as they really were during classic Who.


I thought that watching Clarke mourn Lexa would help me get over it, but it’s just breaking my little gay heart even more.

Clarke “I did it for my people” Griffin had always kept the depth of her love for Lexa hidden, hence Lexa’s disbelief when Clarke finally kissed her. It wasn’t until Lexa was on her deathbed that Clarke verbalised her feelings with a tragic declaration, “I want you”. And now, after Lexa’s death, I feel like she can’t hide it anymore. She can deny it all she wants (”This has nothing to do with me”) but it’s written all over her face. It’s non-verbal, but her love for Lexa is expressed through her desperate devotion to the chip. And it just makes me so sad that she wasn’t able to express it more fully when Lexa was alive. Lexa deserved to know how much Clarke loved her.

Clarke was so in love and it hurts like hell oh god please make it stop

you know what's really beautiful?

How unashamed Dan has become regarding his (obvious) relationship. Phil has never tried to hide it so much as Dan used to. No “wow that seemed so gay lmao” comments anymore.. no trying to hide they way they look at each other, especially Dan. Love is written all over his face whenever Phil does something precious.. which is almost constantly. Nor does he refrain from the occasional complement bc he simply cannot help it anymore. It is the single most beautiful relationship of all time to me. I’m so grateful for what we get to see of it.

He's Jealous
Louis: “Oh my god that’s too funny!” You laughed at another one of Justin’s jokes. Justin was your friend for a really long time, even before you started dating Louis. “Wasn’t that the funniest story?” You asked and turned to Louis. To your surprise, he was glaring at Justin while his back was facing the two of you. You knew something was wrong so you said,“ Justin, we’re leaving now. I forgot that we have to go to dinner with my parents tonight.” Justin waved good bye and the two of you left. Once Justin was out of sight, you turned to Louis. “What was that about?” You asked in disappointement. “You should’ve seen the way he was looking at you! I swear he has feelings for you (y/n)!” He panicked and you sighed, running your hands in your hair. “Louis, Justin has a girlfriend. Plus, I wouldn’t go out with him anyways. You’re the only one Lou, relax.” You reassured and immediately felt him relax. Zayn: “Zayn! Why are you acting like this?!” You screamed and fast walked to catch up with a storming Zayn. He has been frustrated ever since you started talking to Chris at the bar. Chris was your gay friend, but didn’t really show his sexuality in public. You finally caught up to Zayn who had his back facing you and breathing heavily. “You just don’t understand…” He muttered. “If you’re jealous of Chris, you’re ridiculous.” You said and he twitched at the sound of his name. “Chris. Is. Gay.” You said and he finally turned around, worry written all over his face. “It’s fine. I’m here.” You whispered as you embraced him in a tight hug, causing him to sigh in relief and kiss the top of your head.   Liam: Bad timing. Liam walked in right when you were giving your guy best friend a friendly kiss on his cheek. As soon as he saw the two of you, Liam rushed out of the room, you following him immediately. “LIAM!” You yell and he turned around with tears streaming down his face. “Liam stop being ridiculous. You KNOW that we’re nothing more than friends. He already has a fiancé and I just gave him a friendly kiss.” You explained and Liam wiped his tears away with his sleeve. “I can’t lose you (y/n).” He whispered, causing your heart to shatter to pieces. “Come here.” You said and held him in a long, comfortable hug as he started to calm down. “I’m all yours. I love you and only you. Do you promise not to be ridiculous again?” You asked and he nodded his head. “I promise. I love you.” He breathed. Niall: “That’s it!” He said and stood up from the table. You and Niall were supposed to have a lovely dinner at a restaurant. One of the waiter kept on talking to you, Niall tensing each time he came over. The waiter slipped a paper with his phone number in between the menu, and Niall saw it. “You! Get the f*ck away from my girlfriend!” He said and grabbed your arm, leaving the restaurant in disgust. “Niall.” You said and he turned around, breathing heavily ad you held up the piece of paper with the waiter’s number on it. You tore the paper to pieces in front of his eyes and watched the wind blow it away. “Don’t let that idiot bother you too much. I’m all yours.” You said and Niall gave you a weak smile as he planted a kiss on your cheek. Harry: “(y/n)…” Harry whined as you continued to talk to the store manager. “Please…” He continued, causing you to excuse yourself from manager. Harry pulled you to a more private area before speaking to you. “I don’t like him. He keeps on looking at you like you’re his.” He pouted and you stifled a laugh. “But he’s 50!” You said and started laughing. “It’s not funny!!!” Harry protested ad you laughed harder when you realized that you forgot to tell him about your relationship with him. “Haz, he’s my best friend’s dad!” You said in between breaths as Harry’s face turned red. “I just can’t afford to lose you. Sorry for being paranoid.” He chuckled and kissed you.