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rfa + v and saeran's reactions to mc being an animal foster parent ( someone who cares for animals until they get adopted ) and having at least five dogs and cats at any given time?


  • heaven
  • literal actual heaven
  • he loves going over to MC’s just to see the animals
  • and mc too but. the animals oh my god
  • he gets super attached to them and cries whenever one has to leave?
  • like every single time MC tells him not to do that but. they are animals what can he do
  • helps MC take care of them whenever he can


  • hhhhhhhhhh
  • hhhhhhhhhhhh
  • she can do this. she has been through worse
  • oh god the fur is everywhere
  • MC how do you live like this?
  • she always brings a lint roller to MC’s house and just cleans herself and MC often
  • ok she does. love the animals. somewhat. they grew on her
  • but she knows better than to get attached so remains a lil bit distant but still shows interest


  • he’ll do anything for love
  • but this is really on the border of no can do
  • like he loves the animals! they’re cute and MC loves them plus it’s their job
  • but damn
  • his allergies are going batshit
  • has to wear a medical mask to MC’s place because he would probably just drop dead right then and there otherwise
  • still he’s sure that somehow everything will work out in the future


  • he’s more than glad to accommodate his penthouse to MC’s job right away
  • he just requests to make sure of two things:
    • all cats neutered (for the sake of Ellizabeth 3rd) which is also something important so y'know
    • to make sure nothing will harm Ellizabeth 3rd
  • at first it seems like it will be difficult but for a house cat, Ellizabeth sure is social
  • all the animals adore her and she gets sad when they go?
  • Jumin is glad to see that both MC and Ellizabeth are happy so he’s glad too


  • he just walks into MC’s place like
  • this is it The Best Place on Earth
  • lowkey wants to drag Vanderwood into the place to see them have a heart attack or something
  • every single time he walks in all the animals tackle him and lick him all over the face
  • finds it super hard not to get attached but? He’s also a master at not getting attached to people so he manages not to cry when the animals get adopted


  • it’s nice. he really likes MC’s place
  • most animals really help him feel at ease
  • the animals seem to calm down with him around too?
  • also the whole thing helps him a bit with the idea of letting go of people
  • because he knows from a start that the animals will go one day so he sorta has to just enjoy the time he has y'know
  • it just helps him in general and it makes MC super happy


  • he thinks animals are neat but he’s not a super fan
  • so he just tends to chill around the house and pets whatever sits on his lap
  • at first he was super careful walking because what if he stepped on something he didn’t see?
  • but he noticed that for some reason the animals always clear a path for him
  • he likes it when small dogs come in because they fit perfectly in his lap and they make cute little puppy noises

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How would you direct cats?

ok so the house lights stay on for the start of jellicle songs for jellicle cats and slowly go down as cats crawl out from behind the rubbish saying “are you blind when you’re born?” “can you see in the dark?” etc, and just as they’re building up to “jellicle song for jellicle cats” there’s a muffled gunshot and a blood curdling scream. suddenly the orchestra stops, the house lights come back on, and a detective bursts into the auditorium, flashing his badge and saying that everyone must stay where they are, for there has been a grisly murder. jennyanydots has been shot in her dressing room with a gun set on an automatic timer. to make matters worse, fur has been found on the gun, meaning one of the cats is responsible. and so begins an intense and heated debate among the cats as they try to find the murderer among them. each cat comes under suspicion at some point, and as they are scrutinised, dramatic secrets are revealed. grizabella is having an affair old deuteronomy. the run tum tugger sexually manipulates audience regulars for online attention. family man mister mistoffelees is gay. none of this is a performance. eventually, the cats figure out that the real murderer is the detective. the detective is me. but as soon as they realise this, they see that I am long gone. in fact, I was in cahoots with jennyanydots, who is the best cat and was never actually murdered, and who was played in this production by jane houdyshell, the whole time. by now, me and jane are probably at the airport on our way to cuba, with the cats investment money bursting out of our two suitcases. it’s only a matter of time before the cast of cats find jennyanydots’ empty cat suit in her dressing room, and realise they’ve been had. but with the distrust and suspicion sewn among the cats cast, there will surely never be a production of cats again. and that’s it. I’ll have defeated cats.

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Send me a ship MarcoAce~!

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Marco is the werewolf and Ace is the hunter!!! I mean like, the concept of ASL as werewolves and Ace as an angry lone wolf is Great TM but also like?? The WBs are totally a pack and they adopt like everyone. Also Marco’s like, huge in wolf form and probably has fur a bit like a russian blue?? So he totally Looks sleek and deadly and then omfg he’s the Biggest worried mama around the smoll weres or the newly turned weres etc. 

I can also imagine being a werewolf is a pretty rare trait, it might be recessive rather than dominant (my friend and I the other day were laughing over the thought of people only being werewolves if they were born on a full moon and werewolf moms just being like NO. IM NOT HAVING MY BABY YET “m’am please the baby is coming now” GOTTA WAIT TILL THE FULL MOON “ma’m thAT’S LIKE 3 WEEKS AWAY”). So like !!! ace knowing a werewolf killed his mom and knowing his dad was a werewolf, so…………………..  

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Ace likes to work w/ his hands a lot!!! And depending on where you fish etc. it can be Lonely. So I can totally see him being a fisherman. But also like I can imagine deep-sea trawler marco + his brothers and just What the Fuck did they just catch. So Mer!ace and fisherman!marco

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Marco’s totes the familiar but Ace is a really really bad witch. Like?? He never practices, he barely does spells for people, he kinda just punches his enemies instead of cursing them….So like Marco just sighs in Perpetual aggravation and most of ace’s magic is!! run through his familair, and when he does spells they do them together. It means Ace is pretty powerful tho!!! and Marco’s really smart. Also probably why he can turn into a human w/ such ease too sniggers. Just. Was like. “Look gods, my human’s useless. I’m gonna use this magic and learn how to shapeshift okay??”  

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Ace is the barista and Marco is Exhausted 24/7 he’s totally the coffee addict. Like!! Usually he’s Amazing at balancing things and he’s totally a morning person and good at wrangling his fam but

When it’s bad??? It’s Baaaaad. He orders six coffees and drains two of them and then comes back an hour later for 4 more and Ace is like uhhhh I’m….Concerned,,,,,

Also Ace probably laughs Forever when people ask for recommendations bc caffeine messes w/ his narcolepsy medication so he can’t have it. His friends laugh bc his job is literally him being around caffeine all day, but the bosses like it bc he doesn’t drink coffee while he’s on the job lol. 

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

For all his faults and difficulty interacting w/ people, I can see Ace as a really really good tutor. But not a professor. He isn’t that interested in learning just one thing. He has to know everything. Anything he’s interested in, he just goes out and learns. It makes him Weirdly knowledgeable about the most random of things, but Bad for excessive amounts of study. So he’d totally be the TA, but he’d be even more scatterbrained than Professor Marco, who is on top of everything until One Thing in his schedule gets kicked out of place. Then he needs like 14 coffees to stay alive and walks in looking like he slept on a bench outside the lecture hall and Ace is actually the surprisingly organised one, and bounces in all cheerful and peppy.    

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

they’re both so good to imagine as princes tho 

Honestly most of the time I lean towards !!! Prince!Ace because, well, his dad is a King (of sorts). But like, if it’s prince vs knight then??? Abt 95% of the time it’s Totally knight!ace. Like??? Loyal to a self-sacrificial fault, would guard the prince w/ his life/dedicate his life to protecting Marco…Be ridiculously stubborn whenever marco’s like “hey here’s this….dangerous thing i want to do” / “DON’T YOU DARE MARCO” / “Ace I have a healing ability and aLSO I SAW YOU DOING THIS JUST LAST WEEK”

Also Marco’s better suited to diplomacy lol

my favourite thing abt royalty!aus is that,,,,they usually come w/ arranged marriage and then whoever is the knight/servant Pines to a depressing degree. Ugh, I love!!!! it!!!

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Marco’s the “”single”” (in the dating sense) of like………so many siblings, but also like?? these siblings are taken care of by so many other people, so like??? One week Haruta picks up the kids, the next it’s thatch and izo and namur all switching off, so like, dropping them off and then someone picks them up and then by the time it gets to marco ace is like right you are NOT taking these kids, how many parents do they have?????!!!???

“Communal living” Marco says, shrugging. Also I’m imaging at the beginning of the year just. Ace ccalling out names and like it’s basically a whole list of “newgate” and he’s like wtf

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

It depends on what’s being written!! Marco would write short kid’s books and creative nonfiction, whereas Ace might publish the weirdest, most eclectic collection of fantasy novels. Honestly they’d Totally be rivals, in a weird way, because they’ve read the others’ stuff and Enjoyed it but been like CAN’T ADMIT THAT. If not tho, Marco’s totally the editor and ace is the writer. Marco’s too Pedantic, and ace just. Grammer and spelling are too finicky for him to know Everything

L the Ghost Cat

L is a maine coone ghost cat. She has crème colored fur with white markings on most of her belly, legs, and face. She’s average sized, at about 33 inches from head to tail. She likes to wear pink bows behind her ears because they make her look cute.

L is looking for someone to be best friends with. L wants someone to have tea parties with, play dress up with, and watch bad comedy movies with. She wants someone who is fun, lighthearted, and kind. She needs someone who doesn’t get mad very often, as she is easily hurt. L asks that her future companion be willing to gossip with her and have deep conversations. Also, L is a feminist, and asks that her companion be open to the cause.

L is a really sweet being. She is soft spoken very caring. L is the kind of being to come comfort you if she senses you are sad. She tends to put others before herself, which is both a good and bad thing. While she may seem really passive, she is a fighter. But she only fights for those who can’t defend themselves, like kids, the elderly, or the ill. She is knowledgeable in love magic and glamor, but is also good with plants and green magic. She is very positive and uplifting and a pleasure to have around. She lights up a room with her really positive energy. L is all about female rights, for all beings and creatures. L loves chick flicks and comedy movies, and her favorite band is The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. She really likes their song “Your Guardian Angel”.

Her chosen companion will be messaged and given her name and preferred offerings. Please read the rules and follow the outline before submitting an application (you can find it easily through the browser rather than the app)


Agent: So, Katie, there’s a role you might be interested in….

Katie:  Is she tragic? Is she suffering? Is she pining? Is she gay? Could she be gayer? Does she need a huge hug? Does she deserve the world but no one seems to be giving it to her? Is she a little shady? Does she have a dark side? Is she too fabulous despite all of that? Does she die? Bitch sign me up. When’s the audition? (x


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warmups for today ^^ I drew Mystic Messenger characters as Animal Crossing villagers lol…..

Yoosung would originally be a brown doggy but he dyed his fur to look like Rika. He still has some brown patches. I couldn’t find a good one for 707, so I did the squirrel (like a squirrel stashing honey buddha chips). Jaehee is a mouse because Jumin the cat bosses her around… and Zen is obviously a wolf lol. I didn’t know about V so I chose something that suited him. and Rika isn’t Yoosung’s blood cousin, but I still made her a dog because she’s a betch


Northern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat

The northern Luzon giant cloud rat (Phloeomys pallidus) is a large species of rodent that is endemic to the Luzon Island of the Philippines. Cloud rats (genus Phloeomys) are distinguished from all other murid rodents by their densely furred tails. P. pallidus has long, dense coat that is highly variable in color and pattern. The coat is usually white with a black mask and collar, but can also be entirely white.

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Arabian Red Fox

The Arabian red fox (Vulpes vulpes arabica) is a subspecies of the red fox native to Arabia. The Arabian red fox is similar to the common red fox. However, it is more adapted to desert life than its parent species. As they lack the long dense fur of the European fox they appear to have thin bodies and long legs, but proportionally they are the same, with the exception of their ears. These are larger and have thousands of tiny blood vessels that help the fox to maintain its body temperature. Reddish to sandy-brown, their color has adapted to the environment in which they are living. The Arabian red fox also has fur between its toes, to prevent burning of the feet. 

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The other day I had some watermelon and though, man, it must be a bitch to eat sticky stuff like that when you have fur

Logan is cranky for a while and refuses any kind of physical contact until Kurt has scrubbed himself clean of any watermelon juices. Kurt is not too happy