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tbh Lotor's design is so boring and underwhelming to me cuz the other Galra are all so much more interesting in comparison?? Sendak has huge bat ears, Thace and Haxus have weird hair-ears, Ulaz and Kolivan have unique markings, Zarkon has fangs. Lotor is just... a purple anime elf

A purple anime elf shehshsjjsja

This anon’s second request for the expression challenge!


Hear me out….. Danny… with fangs… and has braces.

I’m trying to play around with Instagram more and I started to post these doodles that I manage to do in my free time. Keeps me sane at least.  

My spelling isn’t the best, but I did TRY…. I failed but I tried. Hope the context was clear enough 


So let’s clear up a couple things about Fire Emblem Warriors, talking as someone who’s actually played the game.

  • You can switch between multiple characters on the fly.
  • Xander, Ryoma and Lianna are boss characters (at least in the demo).
  • Pairing Up from Awakening/Fates makes a return.
  • When paired up, allies can defend you from an attack when the Guard Gauge is maxed out.
  • Paired up allies can also follow-up on command to extend combos (best against bosses to juggle them).
  • Team Critical Hit/Special Attacks are possible. (AND THEY LOOK DOPE AS HELL.)
  • There is an experience system in place that extends beyond the typical Level 20 cap for all characters.
  • Every character has a taunt. (Because lol?)
  • Cavalier units are much larger than foot soldiers. (Xander in particular is a FUCKING GIANT.)
  • Attacks appear to borrow inspiration from their respective titles. (Marth has Dancing Blade and Corrin has Dragon Fang + Shot combos)
  • And finally, it appears that the game comes with Dual Audio. (My playable characters spoke English while Ryoma and Xander distinctively had Japanese voice-overs during introductions).

Spread this around so people know what they’re in for. Are ya’ll excited? I personally would’ve liked to see other fan favorites ala Ike, Roy, Lyn, Hector, Micaiah, Ephraim, etc. but I get why they’re not included and let’s try not to bash it on that reason alone.

Now to wait for word about FE15 on Switch~.

The Ouroboros

I’ve been pondering what Feyre saw in the Ouroboros Mirror. What parts of herself did the Mirror drag up from the darkest depths of her soul and make her face? What was Feyre forced to come to terms with in order to save Prythian, her friends, her family, and court? What did she learn to love? And what does the beast have to do with anything? 

I think Feyre had more to come to terms with than anyone else in Prythian. Yet she overcame it. She decided not to let her own soul destroy her. 

I believe she had to watch her younger self wring the neck of a tiny rabbit as it screamed in pain—her first kill. Feyre watched from the snow-shrouded trees as an ash arrow imbedded itself in the side of large wolf, an unprovoked shot of pure hatred. The Ouroboros would have shown in graphic detail everything that occurred UtM—the dancing and drinking that made her feel filthy, the unsolved riddled that made her relive her shortcomings, and the unbearable murder of two innocent fae. The families of those two innocent souls as they raged and mourned and crumpled in weary misery. They had come so close to freedom, but the price to pay had been their loved one. Feyre had taken it from them. 

The Mirror would have swirled with images and flashes of Tamlin, Lucien, Elain, Nesta…all those Feyre felt she had betrayed or let down in some way, whether it was deserved or not. Her conversations with Ianthe as she ignorantly shared every detail about her human family and their estate, then the moment her sisters stumbled through the door in Hybern, and were shoved into the Cauldron, Made into the very thing they hate. And somehow, after all this and so so much more, Feyre came to acceptance. But I think, more than all the ways she hurt those around her, or they hurt her in turn, all the blood and vomit and nightmares…more than any of that, Feyre had to learn to love the beast that stared back

I was not alone.

Crawling down the snow-kissed wall, a massive beast of claws and scales and fur and shredding teeth inched toward the floor. Toward me.

Its enormous paws were near-silent on the floor, the fur on them a blend of black and gold. Not a beast designed to hunt in these mountains. Certainly not with the ridge of dark scales down its back. And the large, shining eyes—.

I didn’t have time to remark on those blue-grey eyes as the beast pounced. 

Where I had been standing … the beast now sat, scaled tail idly swishing through the snow.

Watching me.

Not—not watching.

Gazing back at me. My reflection.

Of what lurked beneath my skin.

My knife clattered to the stones and snow. And I looked into the mirror. (pg. 605-6) 

“What did you see?”

“Myself. I saw myself.” (pg. 617-18) 

Maas gives us a short, but very revealing description of the beast—Feyre’s beast

The significance of gold and black fur? Throughout ACOTAR and MAF, Feyre religiously rejected any power that related to Tamlin, namely the ability to shift into animal form. She feared the claws that poked against her skin. She hated them. Until she realized they weren’t Tamlin’s claws, they were her own. They were talons. And if she could make talons, she could make wings. Feyre’s beast form having a mixture of black and golden fur signifies that Tamlin is a part of her, and always will be. She once loved him, so much so that she killed for him, died for him. A love like that leaves a permanent imprint on a soul, even if the love itself doesn’t last forever. Feyre had to learn to love the part of her soul that had been touched and permanently changed by Tamlin. 

The scales could signify several things. Of course Summer comes to mind. Feyre obviously has an affinity for the Summer magic that flows through her veins. It came easily to her—more easily than any other High Lord’s power. The scales might represent the bond formed between Tarquin and Feyre while she visited Summer. Regardless of the blood rubies, now rescinded, the High Lord of Summer and High Lady of Night shared a unique understanding of one another, and a common passion to spread equality between the High Fae and lesser faeries (and even humans) to all courts and territories. 

The scales might also be equivalent to the thorns Feyre feels she has and once used to describe herself to Tamlin—the spiny ridge running down the beasts’ back and tail representing her prickly side. This is an annoying feature most of us have, and a part we all hate, but must accept responsibility for. 

But perhaps the mostly likely possibility is that the scales and ridges represent Feyre’s armor (Illyrian armor is scaled). We know it to be thick. In ACOMAF, Rhysand worked for months to attempt to delve through the layers and layers of Feyre’s armor in the form of depression, anger, bitterness, and solitude. It is likely that Feyre had to learn to love that armor, even if she wished it had been stronger, or less harmful to those around her, the way it hurt Rhys after the Court of Nightmares scene in ACOMAF, and Mor at the camp in ACOWAR. While gazing at herself in the Mirror, Feyre had to learn to bear her armor proudly and honorably, to use it to strategically protect herself, and not harm or keep out those who love her, fight for her. 

The massive, flesh-shredding teeth—Feyre’s ability and willingness to kill and murder. Whether for food to avoid starvation, killing for no other reason than pure, undiluted hatred, or the murder of innocents to save the one she loved, Feyre has a lot of blood on her hands. And as we learned through her nightmares and admittance to Cassian…Feyre feels that blood should be her own. She has fangs, and she’s used them—over and over again. Feyre suffered soul-deep from the pain she felt she brought upon others. But when the Mirror showed her those glistening teeth and impressive maw, Feyre had to accept that pain and torment—and then turn it against her enemies. Not fangs to harm the innocent, but rather to protect them, to fight for them. To fight against Hybern and the injustices of the world. To protect her sisters and those like them. To care for the weak and weary and afraid. 

I have been struck each time I’ve read these scenes—on a personal level. To think about facing my own beast…what would it look like? How would I react as it sat and laid my very soul bare? Could I even look into my own eyes as they gazed back in judgement? Could I learn to love every part of myself as Feyre did? Would I be able to face my inner most demons? Honestly, I don’t know. But I think we could all benefit from pondering this passage a bit more.

Penny for your thoughts.


I’ve updated my RedBubble!! I decided to do another TSoA sticker/transparent, which I am sooo buying once I save up xD. I also did a fun little print for cups and mugs for my fellow bookworms~ Lets see if we’ve read all the same books~ (mind you… some books on that pattern I haven’t finished yet… still working on my massive to-be-read pile).

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  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: angel
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: iggy
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: nudge
  • looks like they could kill you and can actually kill you: max

I want to run a Chronicles of Darkness game where the PCs and major antagonists are a bunch of vampires, beasts, sin eaters, etc who join an over-the-top pro wrestling league, and act 100% upfront about all their supernatural stuff as if it’s part of the wrestling storyline. 

“Yeah, this in an important match for me, because Bloodfist was sired by the same vampire that killed MY sire, and I feel like I gotta, y’know, avenge that. I just hope that The Fightin’ Nephandus, our mutual rival, doesn’t use this as an opportunity to try and steal the Sacred Moonstone of Immortality that’s currently set in the championship belt, ‘cause then whoever wins here is gonna have to take her on to end the Eon of Darkness Unrelenting.”

The producers are confused, and then concerned, and eventually terrified, but nothing they say can convince anyone that this isn’t part of the show. Of course, ratings are waaay up, so they end up just working around it the best they can. I imagine one of the match commentators would just lose his wits every time, while the other somehow takes everything in stride, like:

“Wow, Rob, it looks like Bloodfist is already using his signature technique! He must really want the Fanged Avenger to feel the hurt!”

“Those are real fucking claws, Jeremy! He just sliced that guy’s arm right off, but I guess it’s growing back now because our lives no longer make sense, right?”

“You’re right, Rob, a move like that might have worked against the Menacing Mastigos, but it’s not gonna fly in a vampire grudge match! Bloodfist is trying to call a time-out, but it looks like the Fanged Avenger has used his powers of mental domination on the ref! There’s blood everywhere! What a match!”

Every single fusion with Pearl, despite how twisted Pearl’s motives may be (Sardonyx) (rainbow Quartz) or how much she didn’t didn’t get along with the other gem initially (Opal) all her fusions ended up being…..really nice and pretty. Sardonyx may of had her problems and we didn’t get to see rainbow Quartz, but I don’t recall there being an episode where they tried to wreck beach city or anything.

Garnet is a calm, cool, and collected leader, she can be risky sometimes and direct, but never to the point where she endangers anyone. And yet all of that is “”“missing”“” when she fuses with Amethyst who IS reckless, but from what I’ve seen in Opal, that reckless behavior is shut down. Not to mention Sugilite looks monstrous, like she has all these fangs and shit, but where were the fangs in Opal, again? For some reason, Sugilite is a cultivation of both Garnet’s and Amethyst worst traits, why they came to the forefront when their worst traits did NOT come up in other fusions, I don’t fucking know.

Honestly, I don’t even understand the concept of fusions at this point lmao.

Context: After completing our first main quest, our party began renovating an abandoned manor we previously cleared enemies out of. Our two dragonborns talked about how one was afraid of spiders. Some time later, the other went to clean the attic.

DM: You see a small tuft of fur run across the floor and into a crack in the wall.

Yaarou(ooc): Is it a rat?

Me(ooc): A spider rat?

DM: Yes. It has eight legs and fangs and it is hissing at you.

Yaarou calls out

Yaarou: Hey Rhiannon (Ranger), do Spider Rats exist?

Rhinnon (not paying attention): ‘kay.