it has fang

mbti as magical creatures from harry potter

quotes from fantastic beasts and where to find them (the book)

infj: augurey

the augurey has a distinctive low and throbbing cry, which was once believed to foretell death. wizards avoided augurey nests for fear of hearing that heart-rending sound, and more than one wizard is believed to have suffered a heart attack on passing a thicket and hearing an unseen augurey wail.

entj: basilisk

the basilisk is a brilliant green serpent that may reach up to fifty feet in length. the male has a scarlet plume upon its head. it has exceptionally venomous fangs but its most dangerous means of attack is the gaze of its large yellow eyes. anyone looking directly into these will suffer instant death.

intj: centaur

the ways of the centaur are shrouded in mystery. they are generally speaking as mistrustful of wizards as they are of muggles and indeed seem to make little differentiation between us. they five in herds ranging in size from ten to fifty members. they are reputed to be well-versed in magical healing, divination, archery, and astronomy.

enfp: crup

the crup originated in the southeast of england. it closely resembles a jack russell terrier, except for the forked tail. the crup is almost certainly a wizard-created dog, as it is intensely loyal to wizards and ferocious towards muggles. it is a great scavenger

estj: erkling

the erkling is an elfish creature which originated in the black forest in germany. it is larger than a gnome (three feet high on average), with a pointed face and a high-pitched cackle that is particularly entrancing to children, whom it will attempt to lure away from their guardians and eat.

infp: erumpent

the erumpent will not attack unless sorely provoked, but should it charge, the results are usually catastrophic. the erumpent’s horn can pierce everything from skin to metal, and contains a deadly fluid which will cause whatever is injected with it to explode.

istp: griffin

like sphinxes, griffins are often employed by wizards to guard treasure. though griffins are fierce, a handful of skilled wizards have been known to befriend one.

esfp: fwooper

the fwooper has long been a provider of fancy quills and also lays brilliantly patterned eggs. though at first enjoyable, fwooper song will eventually drive the listener to insanity

entp: imp

it does, however, have a similar slapstick sense of humour. its preferred terrain is damp and marshy, and it is often found near river banks, where it will amuse itself by pushing and tripping the unwary.

estp: jarvy

it resembles an overgrown ferret in most respects, except for the fact that it can talk. true conversation, however, is beyond the wit of the jarvey, which tends to confine itself to short (and often rude) phrases in an almost constant stream.

isfj: kneazle

a small catlike creature with flecked, speckled, or spotted fur, outsize ears, and a tail like a lion’s, the kneazle is intelligent, independent, and occasionally aggressive, though if it takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. the kneazle has an uncanny ability to detect unsavoury or suspicious characters and can be relied upon to guide its owner safely home if they are lost.

istj: knarl

the knarl is usually mistaken for a hedgehog by muggles. the two species are indeed indistinguishable except for one important behavioural difference: if food is left out in the garden for a hedgehog, it will accept and enjoy the gift; if food is offered to a knarl, on the other hand, it will assume that the householder is attempting to lure it into a trap and will savage that householder’s garden plants or garden ornaments.

isfp: niffler

fluffy, black, and long-snouted, this burrowing creature has a predilection for anything glittery. though the niffler is gentle and even affectionate, it can be destructive to belongings and should never be kept in a house.

enfj: merpeople

those wizards who have mastered the language of mermish speak of highly organised communities varying in size according to habitat, and some have elaborately constructed dwellings.

intp: runespoor

each of the runespoor’s heads serves a different purpose. the left head (as seen by the wizard facing the runespoor) is the planner. it decides where the runespoor is to go and what it is to do next. the middle head is the dreamer (runespoors may remain stationary for days at a time, lost in glorious visions and imaginings). the right head is the critic and will evaluate the efforts of the left and middle heads with a continual irritable hissing. the right head’s fangs are extremely venomous. the runespoor rarely reaches a great age, as the heads tend to attack each other. it is common to see a runespoor with the right head missing, the other two heads having banded together to bite it off.

esfj: jobberknoll

it makes no sound until the moment of its death, at which point it lets out a long scream made up of every sound it has ever heard, regurgitated backwards.

  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: angel
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: iggy
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: nudge
  • looks like they could kill you and can actually kill you: max

AU where Genji was found by Talon instead of Overwatch, so they made him into a neat killer assassin robocop Melenna cyborg. He never met Zenyatta so he never found peace and he’s still super bitter about Hanzo freaking mutilating him over their shit illegal drug business and he’s pretty much the reason Hanzo lost his legs.

He has new synthetic skin (Hanzo seems to have burned his ass idk) and his jaw is some kind of awesome metal that can bite through a lot of hard things.

gonna do talon!mercy next


People wanted to see some points on my own Antisepticeye character!

* he’s already dead guys
* Got his scars in a fistfight with Dark
* Has screws in his fingers from torturing Jack
* Looks kinda like he’s falling apart
* Wears the gauges
* Has subtle fangs
* He just hates everyone tbh
* Always looks kinda gross, like bruised and clammy
* Eyes vary between pitch black and glowing green.
* Although they reflect red if you shine a light at him
* Sometimes refers to himself as “we”
* Probably eats exclusively raw eggs and uncooked meat

He’s scary. He’s charismatic, he knows how to make people do things. He’ll manipulate people into doing whatever he wants them to.

When he talks, you can hear Jack’s voice echoing. They don’t quite speak in unison. Similar in rhythm, yes. Like two sides of the same story, simultaneously.

“His body was weak”
“When I was dictating what we speak”
“You all said my name”
“He thought it was a shame”
“Kept me”
“Awake at night”
“I am here now”
“I am here still”
“It’s all your fault”
“It’s not your fault”
“Too long”
“You listen to me now”
“He lies, you all know”
“You all made this happen”
“You couldn’t have seen through his tricks”
“You could have stopped me”
“You couldn’t have stopped him”
“But you just watched”
“Guilting you to watch”
“As this happened.”
“Now he’s gone forever”
“Is this the end? Never.”

“Say goodbye”

When Anti laughs, you can hear Jack screaming.

If there’s one thing that really gets me during this episode, is the failed opportunity RT missed with keeping Adam’s White Fang branch separate from the White Fang as a whole. 

To me, the White Fang has become a group of boring, stale little grunts that don’t bring much to the table other than to be part of Adam and Company. They went from a peaceful organization of a group of people that were wronged, discriminated, and ostracized to basically just lackeys for the whim of one psychopathic dude hell bent on ruining any possible chances of peace and equality. And I don’t mean that just because they’ve turned to more violent assaults. If written right, they could still compel a reasonable argument with plenty of shaded and gray areas as to why they’ve become like this (ex: humans not listening while they protested peacefully, their people still being mistreated, etc.).

The problem is, it’s not being written right. The White Fang, as a whole, are treated as these comical grunts and just, simply, have no sense of depth. And in this episode, I saw a chance that could have added more to them but RT just had to shoot their own foot. 

In this episode, we get a bit of info as to how the WF work, with sister branches in possibly all of the main cities. We also see the possibility that Adam’s branch in Vale could have been overtaken by him, and could hold different views from the main WF as a whole. I don’t know about you, but seeing different views within the WF amongst branch leaders, how they view humans and what level of violence they would tolerate, and how they would condone/respond to their own members behaving this way… would have been infinitely more interesting for the organization than, “Hur dur Adam seems to control way more than just the Vale branch and it seems like the WF all back him up hurhur betcha didn’t see that coming???” They literally just redefined them as grunts once again, lacking any depth.


No suspense. No build up. Definitely not shocking because that was like revealing a fucking twist for a toddler aimed show “WHERE’S SWIPER? DO YOU KNOW WHERE SWIPER IS????? OH WOW HE’S HERE.

My point is. If you’re going to fucking make them seem mysterious and add some form of suspense to your new supposed “villains” can you do better than literally revealing them a few seconds afterwards? 

Miles and Kerry could have literally ended their scene with just these lines, 

“An interesting development, wouldn’t you say?” 

“Interesting indeed…”

And that’s it. That would at least give the viewers something to chew on. Why is it interesting? Are they good? Bad? Do they seem shady? Can we trust them?

But no. NoooOoOOoOoOoOO. We gotta reveal where fucking Swiper is.