it has dinosaurs

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Ever since I was a kid, ankylosaurus has been my favorite dinosaur, but I (still) don't know much about them. What kind of things do palaeo artists mess up for them, and what should they look like?

Frankly, there aren’t a lot of super common mistakes with Ankylosaurus, besides getting the armour completely wrong. 

One thing I am sceptical about is the body; other derived ankylosaurids are pancake-shaped whereas Ankylosaurus seems to be more of a corn dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got a makeover with new material, much like Stegosaurus has gotten.


d i n o s a you are a dinosaur!

so we had a christmas party and four families including mine were at my house, making for like 17 people, and we were ALL gifted onesies from my aunt 😂 we changed into them and the pics were great aha

anyways, after this whole onesie thing, of course i couldn’t help but draw the ot4 in cute onesies, taking a selfie!

hope you guys had a great christmas 💕

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Is Jughead's sexuality present enough in the Archive comics to make it worth reading?

In the first trade (which cover issues 1-6) it’s not the plot focus (or does it have pun ace usage). I picked it up from the library, but don’t own a copy. But Jughead #4 where they use the word asexual and a later issue is the panel with not wanting to be touched. They are very AU like? Jughead is a spy, then a pirate.

#7-8 are about Jughead’s summer vacation and it’s more about being annoyed because Archie is consumed with his love of girls. I enjoy these more then 1-6 because I enjoy seeing aces side eying straight people tbh

#9-10-11 are with him and Sabrina. They are the most /about/ him being aro ace because he accidentally ends up on a date then just wants to nope out.

Issue 12 is fun and has dinosaurs but not about aro ace-ness. I think in #13 they are going to start a band, it’s out in Feb.

TLDR: If you are reading /for/ aro ace Jughead start at Jughead #9. If you enjoy the arc, you can decided to read on in either direction.

So many folks tagging me in selfie request posts on social media….

Me sitting here like…I have no selfies. Because my phone is a dinosaur and has no frontfacing camera and I rarely get my picture taken and the ones I do take are either professionally enhanced or horribly distorted.

I think I ALMOST qualify as a cryptid in that respect.