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And just like that, it’s over. Well, almost- there’s still Christmas to get through. And leading up to the deadline to submit your video or picture to the Thank You, Peter Capaldi project (more information here!) it’s time to celebrate everything that the 12th Doctor has brought to the show during the Twelve Days of Twelve.

For 12 days from July 16-27, post something- an edit, gifset, meta, whatever- that follows the prompt for the day. For easier reading (and more detail) here’s the list:

July 16: The moment you fell in love with the 12th Doctor. Everyone has that moment that the new Doctor suddenly becomes the Doctor. What was yours
July 17: Favorite Series. What series that the 12th Doctor featured in has been your favorite?
July 18: Team TARDIS. The 12th Doctor has had some amazing team TARDISs- from just himself and Clara to being River’s companion, and then with Bill, Nardole, and even Missy! This is a day to celebrate the companions in 12’s time on the show.
July 19: Favorite episode. What 12th Doctor episode has been your favorite?
July 20: Twelve’s Style. From “minimalism, but I think I came up with magician” to Space Hobo, a day for 12’s unique style. A perfect day to post your cosplays of the 12th Doctor!
July 21: Twelve’s Hair. Enough said, tbh.
July 22: Favorite Scene. What scene that the 12th Doctor featured in has been your favorite?
July 23: Character Development. “Am I a good man?” From the uncertain, cue-card needing 12 that we started with to the man he is now, this is a day to appreciate the character development that 12’s had during his run.
July 24: Time Lord Rock Star. Possibly the best thing (in my opinion) that 12 has brought to the show. Rock on, 12.
July 25: Scene that made you the most emotional. For a Doctor that pretends to be very reserved and detached, he’s gone through a lot. Barring the mess that you might be at Christmas, what scene with the 12th Doctor has made you the most emotional?
July 26: Favorite Quote(s). From inspiring (though occasionally self-depreciating at the same time) speeches to classics like “Don’t be lasagna,” what are some of your favorite 12th Doctor quotes?
July 27: Peter Capaldi Appreciation Day. Peter Capaldi has brought so much of himself and his fan-boy glee to this role. The guy honestly needs an entire week for himself, but here’s at least one day to celebrate this Scottish fan-boy having the time of his life.

BONUS July 28: Teaser of your entry to the Thank You Peter Capaldi Video Project. July 28 is the deadline to submit your pictures and videos to be included in a thank you video for Peter Capaldi from the fans. If you’ve submitted your video/photo to, post a teaser! If you haven’t submitted one yet, then get on it!

Tag any and all submissions with the tag #thankyou12 (or ‘#thank you 12’ with the spaces- both will be checked but the one without spaces is preferred) and they’ll be reblogged to this tumblr (thankyoupetercapaldi). And if you want to help get the word out about the video project, feel free to reblog this post or share this video as well.

True, that he's no Prince Charming -
but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

dedicated to Mar

Happy 2000 days with our angels ♥ I cannot believe exactly 5 years ago I saw the No Mercy teaser and instantly fell in love. Daehyun’s high note in that teaser had absolutely nothing to do with it, I’m sure. Nope, not at all. I wish them all the happiness in the world, and I hope they can continue smiling this for another 2000, 4000, 8000 days, ForeverWithBAP. As we all know Daehyun has been kind of down lately, so I took this opportunity to let my biasness show and because I love Bangdae, I couldn’t help it. I don’t deny I cried. Enjoy my lovelies ♥

           When it was announced, the first thing Yongguk did was to look at Daehyun’s reaction. The younger man’s face fell instantly; he always wore his heart on his sleeve. The lights in his eyes dimmed a little, despite the joke he had been making earlier and Yongguk felt a surge of anger at the company, at the scheduling that caused his dongsaeng’s excitement to diminish even just a little.

           “I understand,” Daehyun whispered quietly. Even Youngjae had stopped laughing at the joke. There was an uncomfortable silence and that night Yongguk held a pow wow in his room, minus Daehyun.

           “Daehyun-Hyung is asleep,” Junhong whispered as he folded his long limbs and sat on the ground. “I think he cried himself to sleep.”

           Yongguk would be lying if he said his heart didn’t ache just then. “Our 2,000 days anniversary is coming up. We should do something special.”

           They tossed out suggestions: food! Lots of food. But that was too simple. “What about a whole day at the spa, or playing outside?” That was Jongup. Himchan refuted. “No, silly. We have to interact with the fans too.”

           “We need to compile the Dae-care with the Baby care,” Youngjae said.

           It took a lot of thought when Yongguk smiled and laughed. “This will be so bizarre, but remember when we made chocolates?”

           “Are we cooking again? Because that was a disaster. You guys can’t even turn on the damn oven without having to inspect it ten times over.”

           Yongguk allowed his eyes to roll upwards at his best friend. “Of course not. Why don’t we make something just as romantic? Like candles.”

           The idea was out of the blue and there was a beat of silence. “I like it,” Junhong said, always the first one to support Yongguk. Jongup nodded and Youngjae gave his assent as well. It took Himchan a little longer but he eventually smiled. “Wow, Bbang, I didn’t know you had this inner romantic.”

           And it was decided. They were going to hold a candle making contest, and Daehyun would be the winner, no matter what. “After all, it’s important for him to smile again.”

           The next day, all of the members acted surprised when they received their mission for the live recording. “Candles? That will be interesting. Does this mean we get to light things on fire?”

           “Junhong!” Himchan scolded. Daehyun didn’t even comment. He just sat there and turned the glass over in his hands. Himchan felt himself deflate a little. Usually their antics would get him to join in. Usually, he would be the one at the center of such fooling around.

           They respected Daehyun’s decision to sit at the very end although Youngjae felt like something was amiss without the loud accompaniment next to him. But he knew that with Daehyun’s voice not feeling well, and his emotions not high, it was better to let him stay out of the limelight. Instead, he made a promise to himself to get at least one smile out of him today.

           The materials were presented to them and immediately the room exploded into noise as they started discussing their ideas. It was a very off-kilter noise level, however. The front of the room louder than the back.

           Yongguk kept an eye on his decorating but another on Daehyun. The main vocal had his head lowered as he concentrated. He decided to let his dongsaengs make the live stream chatter-filled, and he’ll do what he does best: look on and protect Daehyun quietly. Even as his own fingers twisted the petals off the flowers, he saw that Daehyun had only chosen a select few materials. The colors he chose were a beautiful pink and rose red theme, and he had white sand.

           Once in a while, Yongguk would lean forward and talk to Daehyun, anything to prompt him out of his concentrated daze. Each answer he received back was short and low. The worry permeated through even though everyone else, himself included, laughed brightly. When one of them was down, they all felt it.

           “Daehyun, please explain what theme you’re going with.” Youngjae couldn’t help it. It has been too long without hearing his best friend talk more than three words at length. He hadn’t realized how much he missed the voice until it was gone.

           “Ah, I decided to go for a more calm theme. I wanted a calming candle.” Daehyun smiled at the camera and Jongup felt the brightness next to him. Even when Daehyun was down, he couldn’t hide the sunny personality.

           Yongguk couldn’t help but feel a little pained. Daehyun wasn’t one for calm. He was one for romance and happiness. He “accidentally” reached out his foot and rubbed his leg against Daehyun’s since arm stroking for comfort wasn’t possible. At the movement, Daehyun glanced up, startled and a shy smile tugged at the corner of his lips.       Yongguk winked, enjoying the blush that dusted the younger’s cheeks.

           Junhong glanced over at the interactions and sent Yongguk a questioning look which he ignored. It was okay if that moment could be kept private between him and Daehyun. Yongguk knew that during his own hiatus, Daehyun may have been less vocal about his concern, but he had felt it. It was time for him to return the favor.

           This little bit of encouragement seemed to work in Yongguk’s favor. Daehyun picked up a plastic cup and lamented, “Ah, I started to do my decorations in this cup. And I realized that if I lit it up, I would start a fire.”

           “Like the one you started in the dorm?” Himchan muttered not so quietly and everyone chuckled at the memory. Daehyun was starting to perk up more.

           When it came to deciding which candle was the winner, everyone fought hard for the honor. “Mine is clearly superior,” Jongup announced. “When do you think of candles but winter? And a pair of lovers celebrating Christmas is the most romantic scene. It has to be mine.”

           Even Yongguk joined in the haggle. “Mine is a quiet beauty. I wanted to convey happiness and a joy that’s more muted. Just like how a candle can be a subtle source of light.”

           But ultimately, it was Daehyun who won. When the winner was announced, the smile that lit up on Daehyun’s face made losing worth it. Yongguk picked up a few stems of flowers and absentmindedly began twisting them together.

           “Oh, what is Yongguk doing? Everyone, he’s making a bouquet for Babyz!”

           Yongguk laughed shyly. “These things will be thrown out anyway.”

           He made the perfect blend of six different flowers and twirled it in his hands. When everyone was turned away and talking, he reached over and placed it in front of Daehyun. It took him a second but when the surprise turned to happiness, Yongguk couldn’t help but feel that sometimes this affection thing was fun.

           “Love you, Daehyunnie.”

           Next to them, the maknaes’ ears turned pink at the deep-voiced confession. But Yongguk was unapologetic because watching Daehyun turn bright red and laugh nervously made his heart warmer than all the candles in the world could.

It’s my kind of show when ...
  1. It has an episode that begins with a scene with no dialogue. “Feeling Good” is being played instead (got to love how it’s been done on multiple shows).
  2. There are literally glaring references to an obvious recasting.
  3. There’s diverse unification against terms intended to be derogatory spoken in unison.
  4. There’s a slammin’ Summer party in the Christmas Special.
  5. There’s a visually explicit mental orgy in the Christmas Special.
  6. There’s a romantic moment interrupted with a snow fight.
  7. There’s inferences to would-be terrible plotting.
  8. There’s a prolonged costume reveal.
  9. There’s an ‘… Of course you’re coming with!’ scene.
  10. There’s a grand-schemed “Hallelujah” montage (though, it’s not like this episode was ever not going to have one, let’s be real).
  11. There are multiple intricate fight scenes in the Christmas Special.
  12. It has so many lovable characters and shippable ships that the tags for some will be cut off.

… My/your birth day party < a sensate’s birth day party and happy fuckin’ new year!


“Whatever happens, you w i l l come back.” - “Is that an order, Commander?” - “No. But as one of your advisors, I’d strongly r e c o m m e n d it.”
- merry christmas @spacegrounder and @bloodyhawke

~Vandead Carnival Dengeki Informationals~

٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ Heyya sinners~! Here’s some new informationals on Vandead Carnival. So yep. Enjoy~. Scans (x)


Main Scenario I “Adventure Part”:

Basically, date the guy of your choice in the demon world~!

4 chapters in each character’s adventure part. The story proceeds while moving across the map with selected character.

There’s 2 parts to the main scenario: Adventure Part and Mini Games (to deepen your relationship with brothers). Clearance will bring in a reward event.


Main Scenario II “Mini Games”:

Cute chibi mini-games. 10 different kinds to play and you get something special if you clear them. What do you get!? An event scenario plus a CG. WAIT. You can only play the mini games once during the route. However, the mini games can be played at any time when you go to the special section of the main menu~. Difficulty can be set to your liking.


Sub Scenario I “Presents Scenario” ♥:

Wonderful Presents From The Brothers.

2 different types of the Presents Scenario can be enjoyed separate from the Main Scenario ♪.


Present From Sakamaki’s Story:

The Sakamaki brothers knew that the Heroine’s birthday was drawing close, so they throw a surprise birthday party for her. However, they didn’t think stuff through in advance, so one thing keeps on happening after another… …!?


Present From Mukami’s Story:

The Mukami brothers celebrate Christmas Eve with the Heroine. The brothers learned how to spend Christmas Eve from the Heroine and they decide to throw a small party with her.


Sub Scenario II “Special Contents”:

Doki Doki (heart-throbbing) Sleeping Together Scenario ♥.

The sleeping together situation with the character is received by reaching the ending of the main scenario. The event CG for this is touchable too!! (PS Vita has touchscreen capabilities).


Limited Edition Bonuses:

  • ドラマCD 「ドキッ★ヴァンパイアだらけの混浴物語〜男たちの戦場〜」

Drama CD “Heart-Throbbing ★ Mixed Bathing Stories with Vampires ~Battlefield of Men~”

※ A part uses Dummy Head Mic

  • Carnival Invitation

  • Special Booklet


Preorder Bonus:


Drama CD “Queen of the Carnival ★ King Decided By Game (King Game)!”


~Off to Scenario Time~

アヤトと楽しくおしゃべり♪ (Happily Chatting With Ayato ♪):

Ayato: Mnn… …*munch*… …

Yui: (Haha, Ayato-kun’s eating like crazy… …)

(Though, this takoyaki’s really delicious)

(By no means, did I ever think I’d be able to eat anything from the demon world)

Ayato: Do you want anymore? ‘Cause if you don’t, can I eat the rest?

Yui: No can do! I’m not done eating yet!

(Still… …Every once in a while,)

(It’s nice to do things with Ayato-kun like this)


ルキと過ごす優雅なティータイム (Elegant Tea Time Spent With Ruki ♥):

Ruki: Oi, keep it down. I suppose you can call this special seating. So, mind your manners.

Yui: Oh… …I’m sorry.

Ruki: And when you eat, eat in a composed manner. Unlike Kou and Yuma.

Yui: Okay… …Well, Itadakimasu.

Mm… …It’s delicious!

Ruki: I see.

Yui: You’re not going to eat anything, Ruki-kun?

Ruki: Correct. Things, such as sweets, aren’t needed when watching you eat is fulfilling enough for me.

Anyone who says Sherlolly doesn't deserve to be canon because Sherlock treats Molly badly and he'll only push her around if they finally got together must not have seen - or must have completely ignored - Series 3 and the Christmas scene from A Scandal in Belgravia.

Molly has grown so much since this moment:


She called him out on his appalling behaviour and got him to apologise without yelling at or getting nasty with him. This is also the first time he apologised to anyone in the show.


She got him to apologise with just one look. One. Look.


She could tease him and mess around with him. Seriously. He was about to apologise when he saw her smile!

She stood up to him on behalf of the people who love and care about him.


She demanded him to apologise.


She didn’t back down even when he tried to deflect her anger by commenting on her failed engagement.


While it’s not actually Molly, he still retained the memory of her slaps in his mind palace and used it to force himself to focus, which helped him make good choices that kept him alive.


Now tell me: Is Molly Hooper the kind of woman who’d let Sherlock Holmes treat her badly and push her around?

Also, have you all forgotten these?







In Series 3, Sherlock treated Molly a little more kindly than he did in the first two series. He made sure that she would never think she didn’t count to him again. After everything they’ve been through, do you really think he’ll try to push her around and treat her badly in Series 4 or ever again? 

New Christmas Fics:

Advent Calendar by DracoLover14 - T, WIP - Hermione and Draco are at school for their Seventh year and ae heads. Hermione got the idea of doing a type of advent calendar with Draco. AU! No Voldemort! No Horcruxes! Good but stuck up!Older Malfoys! Good Draco!

Christmas Collection By: cleotheo - M, WIP - A collection of Dramione pieces all set around the festive period. A light, fluffy and fun festive collection.

Not Alone by IrishPrincess1987 - M, WIP - With Christmas being only a couple weeks away, Hermione finds that she doesn’t want to spend another Christmas alone or any other day for that matter. Working for the Ministry of Magic has only suppressed the loneliness she feels;but recent events at work cause her to see a blonde haired Auror differently than she ever thought possible, despite all the history they share.

And the clock struck twelve by LeanaM - T, WIP - Professor Draco Malfoy doesn’t like Christmas. At all. It doesn’t help that he’s spending the holidays at the most Christmassy place on earth - Hogwarts. But twelve conversations and a stubborn, bushy-haired and irritatingly pretty know-it-all may well change his mind… Fluff. Drabble-style. WIP. Updates every other day.

Christmas Traditions by starrnobella - G, one-shot - Draco finds a favorite Christmas Tradition while he’s complaining about another one.

The Reunion by JuweWright - not rated, one-shot - Pre-Christmassy Dramione Fluff…

Mistletoe Mishap by fromtheashes248 - T, one-shot - Draco isn’t enjoying the Christmas season this year. Damn mistletoe, damn Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, but most of all, damn Granger with her hair and her mouth and her skin…

Mistletoe by ILoveHarryPotterForever - K+, one-shot - “People always said Draco Malfoy was an awful man, but Hermione Granger knew better. She had seen something in him in small glimpses, when it was just the two of them, and usually around Christmas time.” Hope this helps everyone get into the holiday spirit. Happy Christmaseveryone!

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Part of a message from @tl-yarr. I’m here to help.

I won’t go into, say, how irritating it is that people never thought this with 11, but I will say something like “she’s a grown ass woman and saying she needs a father figure despite having been clearly shown as a capable adult is extremely demeaning and rather gross and sexist and is probably a good indicator that some fans would rather think that than face a deeper narrative that makes them uncomfortable because, idk, wrinkles or something”. However, that doesn’t quite answer your conundrum.

How To Father-Daughter with 12 and Clara

Address your daughterly-relationship-person with a reference to mouth kissing.

(x) Make bedroom eyes/flirtatious grins at your daughter-figure when she says something that makes you happy.

(x) Use flirtatious body language with your father-relationship-type-person often.

If you haven’t seen your daughter-relationship person in a while, it is perfectly acceptable to tell her that she stands out in a crowd and greeting her with “Pretty Woman” is appropriate.

….People I see who are (still) trying to argue the “father-daughter” thing are usually pretty against any sort of Doctor/companion relationship and would rather remain blind to a rather obvious narrative. You’re not going to win with them. However you may be able to make them very uncomfortable which is at least some kind of victory.

Okay but listen;

Adam has never had a proper Christmas. His traditions included a small Christmas tree in the corner with shoddy baubles and those terrible old colored Christmas lights with half the paint chipped off, the smell of stale beer and if he’s lucky, not getting a shiner as his Christmas gift.

So he’s not really doing anything for Christmas his first year away from home.

Until he gets woken up at quarter to midnight by a bang at the door.

When he opens it he’s greeted by a dressed up Ronan - impeccable suit and tie and a facade of a scowl on his face ( because Ronan loves Christmas let’s be real)

“Come on Parrish, you’re coming to mass. ”

And Adam groans but doesn’t even argue - just gets dressed and follows Ronan down the stairs to the church.

St Agnes is completely decked out, tinsel and lights, candles lit and incense burning. Adam watches in wonder as the pastor speaks with ceremony, the complexity and tradition welling in his throat.

Afterwards, Ronan follows him back up to the apartment and falls asleep on the floor, as per usual. Adam tries to ignore the feeling in his chest at the sight of the white button down hanging open and sleeves rolled up.

When he wakes up the next morning though, Adam finds he’s covered in tinsel.

Bewildered he sits up, brushing the small strings off him and is struck by the scene - his bedroom has exploded in Christmas decorations. A perfectly decorated tree dressed in red and gold sits in the corner, with no missing branches or stale smell. The lights are bright and twinkle periodically, and there’s a few small gifts places underneath.

But what gets him the most is how the ceiling has exploded as well, with mistletoe.

Adam knows Ronan has to really /want/ something to pull it from a dream, and his ears go pink with the knowledge. Still, Ronan sits against the wall opposite Adam’s bed, decidedly staring at the floor.

Without a word, Adam scoots off the bed and kneels in front of Ronan, hands grasping the other boys knees as he leans in before Ronan can mutter “Merry fucking Christmas, Parrish.”

anonymous asked:

Lau I feel like there hasn't been much new bottom Zayn fic posted, or maybe I've missed them. I'm really in the mood for it, could you rec me any recent fics with it?

Hey nonny! I feel that too B!Z is my fav and there’s been a really lack of them or maybe i’ve been reading waaay to much angst lol :P I found these i hope you like them!!

  • Do Me Wrong by harrietelizabeth
    [23.1k+ | Angst | Pining]

Andddd i’m currently reading/about t read these so idk if they are B!Z or B!L but check them out yeah?

  • Talk Me Down by bad1ands
    [9.7k+ | Dom/sub | light Daddy kink | Feminization | Age difference]
  • Lowkey by zipplekink
    [12.5k+ | Cis!Girl Ziam | I think it’s B!L]


moonwasours  asked:

<3 You're the best! How about the pack doing Secret Santa for a week and Derek draws Stiles' name.

The first day, Stiles finds a card stuck under his windshield wipers. It has a woodland scene with foxes and wolves standing around a Christmas tree and small fire. Stiles snorts. “Real cute, guys,” he mutters to himself. When he opens it, there’s no signature, nothing to let Stiles figure out the identity of his secret santa.

It’s okay; he still has 6 days to figure it out.


Day two was a $10 gift card for the local coffee shop, and day three was mix CD of a lot of Stiles’ favorite bands.

On day four, Stiles finds his favorite candy bar waiting on the doorstep. Between that and the mix CD, Stiles is beginning to narrow the pool.

Jackson, Boyd, and Lydia wouldn’t know his favorite bands or his taste in chocolate bars. Scott would know both, so he was definitely a suspect, and Allison would know because of Scott. Erica and Isaac had gone to concerts of half the bands on the CD with Stiles, so they were still on the list. Danny wouldn’t be thoughtful where he was concerned, and the thought of Derek making him a mix CD just makes him laugh.

Stiles knows that he lucked up with whichever Pack member got him. Each gift was thoughtful and perfect for him, and better than Allison’s secret santa. They’ve just gotten her what looked like the first thing they got off the shelf at Wal-Mart, including a can of shaving crème and a quart of oil. But of course, Allison was too nice to say anything.

If Stiles is honest, he thinks Derek probably got Allison’s name. No one else would buy motor oil for Christmas.


On the fifth day, there’s a new pair of gloves hanging from the door of his Jeep. Stiles looks down at his own ratty gloves with the holes in them that he’s had since he was fifteen. He hadn’t even thought of replacing them, but he smiles when he takes them off the handle and slips them on. And wow, they’re warm.

The gift for the sixth day makes Stiles feel like a bad secret santa himself. He’s been priding himself on the different gifts he’s gotten for Isaac, put a lot of time into each comic book, Pop figure, and Pez dispenser he’s picked out. The best thing about Isaac was that he understood the awesomeness of geek gifts.

But this morning, a wrapped box with a red bow on top is waiting for Stiles. Inside is his favorite graphic tee, brand new, just like the one he lost in a fight a few months ago. It had been ripped to shreds and covered in blood, and in all ways unsalvageable. Stiles pulls it out and hugs it to himself. God, he loved that shirt, and here it is again.

Whoever his secret santa was, they were his new favorite person.


Stiles waits anxiously all day the seventh day of secret santa week. Every other day, the gift had been on the doorstep or Jeep when Stiles woke up, but today, nothing. And this was the day. The day of the reveal, and the day of the biggest gift. Stiles just doesn’t know how his secret santa could top everything else.

Around midday, a knock sounds on the door, and Stiles is surprised to find Derek on the other side.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, sticking his head out of the door and looking around. Derek doesn’t respond, just pushes past Stiles and inside the house. “Sure, come on in.”

When Stiles closes the door and turns around, Derek is holding out a small wrapped gift with a bow on top. “What is that?” Stiles asks.

An expression of hurt flickers briefly across Derek’s face, but it’s soon replaced by his usual scowl. He shoves it at Stiles and then heads for the door.

It’s at that moment Stiles’ brain starts working. “You’re my secret santa.” Derek turns around, the tips of his ears pink. “You bought me my favorite chocolate, and new gloves, and replaced my favorite t-shirt, and made me a CD…” Stiles is shaking his head. “Did you ask Scott?”

Somehow, Derek scowls harder. “No.”

“You just…Derek…I don’t  know what to say.” Derek nods his head towards the gift Stiles is holding, and Stiles rips the paper. It’s the new video game Stiles has been talking about for weeks. “I didn’t know you listened when I talked. I just thought you tuned me out.”

“I do, most of the time.”

Stiles chuckles, and Derek cracks a smile. “Want to stick around, play the game with me? I can order pizza, as a thank you for my gifts.”

“As long as it’s pepperoni.”

“Like there’s any other kind of pizza.”


Why John’s reconciliation with Mary was not a lie

I’ve seen a lot of meta about the infamous “Is Mrs Watson good enough for you?” scene. A lot of people seem to think John has faked his forgiveness and is in fact lying to Mary; and that this is part of a large long-term plan to bring her down quietly behind her back.

There’s certainly some ambiguity in that scene: how Mary doesn’t outright ask for forgiveness; how John still looks angry and sullen; how he says “these are prepared words”.

However, I’ve always thought that scene was more about showing how difficult it is for John to speak out about his feelings. That’s why he explains that his words were “prepared”: he’s not usually able to come up with a confident, nicely worded speech like he did.

However, it’s these two scenes that clinch it for me:

“Did you just drug my pregnant wife?”

He doesn’t call her Mary. He calls her his pregnant wife. Despite the seperation, and despite the awkward forgiveness scene, John still considers Mary to be his wife and mother of his unborn child. Furthermore, he’s angry that Sherlock has apparently done something to her to make her faint.

“Do you want your wife to be safe?”

“Yeah of course I do.”

This time it’s Sherlock referring to Mary as John’s wife. Why would he keep calling her that if he secretly planned on taking her down?

Also John’s response. “Of course I do.” John has said he’s still pissed off at Mary. He’s still hurt and betrayed. But does he want her to be safe? Of course. He says it instantly. Not even a second thought about it.

If Sherlock and John really had been scheming to remove Mary all this time, why would they keep up the pretence once she’s drugged and unconscious? Why would both of them keep calling her John’s wife? Why would John so obviously still care about her?

You can speculate a million things about this episode. And who the hell knows about Sherlock and Mycroft who are capable of extreme subterfuge and deception. But I think it’s clear that the showmakers and script writers intended for John and Mary to have honestly reconciled. We can take it at face value. John has been away from home, sulking, but the forgiveness scene at Christmas is intended to be interpreted as what it is: an awkward, but honest, forgiveness scene.