it has captions


Okay so my friend found this account that tagged Briana and Tammi on this new picture of a kid that looks exactly like Freddie( not gonna put the picture of the kid cause privacy)
And then the second picture they posted has this shady caption about having to drop off their baby???
Like shady enough, the account’s posts are all so recent as if it was created recently.
Is this how they are ending it??
I’m just 👀👀👀


There has been a breakthrough in the world genetics and engineering, scientists have made the first successful mutants or super humans, MONSTER. MONSTER consists of nine men whose purposes had been specifically schemed since long before their births. However, nine of them started to rebel and had escape to different countries.


my mom and i are having a good time in nyc, which is her childhood Big City – we have eaten a FUCKTON of seafood, went to tavern on the green & through central park today, which thank god she bought a portable wheelchair so i can push her easily instead of shuffling along on her walker, got a drink with one of my dear friends of 12 yrs she’d never met before, hung out in the swanky hotel eating and drinking complimentary wine and cheese, chatting and gazing out the window.

it is lovely and also so, so heartbreaking when she turns to me, just hanging out in our hotel in the evening while she has tv on muted/captioned because i can’t handle her political shows, and i’m just doing my internet thing, and the sounds of new york echo from park and madison, and she’s like, wonderingly – i’m happy right now – i forget what this feels like, i’m actually happy. my husband isn’t screaming at me and then asking for lunch in the next breath; i’m in the city i love; and i’m with you, with my daughter, and you’re nice to me. i don’t want to go home, i don’t want to go back to him. 

and i don’t know what to do.


if you post art or writing on tumblr and are trying to get it seen don’t swear in the tags

tumblr will usually automatically flag the post as adult so that it won’t show up in filtered tags/searches and now with tumblr’s new nonfunctional “"safe mode”“ it’ll hide the post completely

i don’t know yet if swearing in the caption has the same effect but don’t swear in the tags

also and i’m not completely sure about this one but it seems like tumblr flags posts with too many tags because they look like spam; remember that only the first five tags actually make a post appear in that tag so limit it to that and whatever personal tags you need

thanks bye

((OOC: DID SOMEONE SAY EAGLES?!?!?!?! Here’s Rowena Ravenclaw with her white tailed eagle that may or may not be magical and golden and slightly inspired by marahute *cough cough* I have a thing for witches with affinities for birds. Birds to do bidding, birds to be friends with, birds that nip your fingers lovingly, birds that are completely terrified of your newest sleeping death potion. Caw caw mother cluckers))