it has been wonderful watching this show with you all

Fannibal Thanks

As shitty as things are in the world right now and as weird as 2016 has been, it was the year I watched Hannibal, this weird, beautiful gay show that changed my life and continually blows my mind that it’s even real, and found this lovely fandom I call home.

There are too many people to thank individually and I don’t want to leave anyone out, so just know I love you all and your support, humor, creativity, talent, and passion. I have found so much here to inspire me creatively as well as a great place to come when things are hard in my own life. Hoping you all have a wonderful 2017 and that we all can find love and strength here through this shitty parts. I look forward to what the next year brings in this fandom!!!

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This episode has been amazing in so many ways for so many reasons:

  • “I’m just happy”
  • Aaron and Robert eating breaky together and Aaron wanting to engrave the coin
  • Aaron talking to Finn and being all lovely and just a wonderful human
  • Aaron looking all cute in that jumper and the HAIR OH MY
  • Aarons ‘surprise motherfucker’ thing making a show 
  • “Look how far I’ve come” Okay… but this was so important
  • Taking off the wedding ring broke me
  • Seeing Aaron drinking to deal with the pain on the pub wall and acting like his old self really hit me hard 
  • Robert and Aaron talking things out
  • Robert still wanting to marry Aaron and as soon as possible

Okay here’s the thing. You introduce a character element like a tattoo that the actress always has painted on or whatever, you have a whole story for it, you SHOW it, you mention it… FOLLOW THROUGH ON THAT. Or at least explain why you didn’t. Or even say what you were planning to do but that you changed your mind.

But this “keep watching” only to arrive at “actually nah you’ll never see it” makes people feel fooled. Like, that’s annoying. I understand that things change and get rewritten, I think everyone understands that. But it’d be nice to have “well we were gonna do a whole thing where… blah blah but it just didn’t fit or work out or whatever” rather than just “nah, never mind”.

I mean I don’t even care that much about the tattoo, certainly not as much as some, but I totally understand that people get annoyed about it. It feels disrespectful. It’s like the OQ thing all over again - “keep watching, keep watching, aaaaand nope.” It’s lazy and it’s really annoying for anyone who’s actually invested in the story and the character(s).

Don’t Wander Too Far (Newt Scamander x Reader)

“This way please, watch your step,” Newt led the way walking in front and I get only a view of his back. Although it’s not him I was paying attention to right now. The sight before me filled me with awe, different plants and creatures as far as you could see.

“Come, I must show you the Occamys. The little one has been quite restless lately,” Newt turned around slightly while he spoke, with a gentle smile on his lips before turning and walking away. Numbly I nod my head, my eyes briefly making contact with his before I gaze around the giant insects rolling mud balls up.  

I hope it’s mud.

I stop watching them work, and move onto the next moving creature I see.

Spinning on the spot I stare out at all the different wonders around you, my feet wandering around while my mind is in a daze. Massive arrays of colours fill my vision, and my eyes dart around trying to take in everything I’m seeing.

I always knew he took care of magical creatures, but never in my wildest dreams did imagine this.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, releasing it with a deep exhale.

“[Y/N], where have you gone? You mustn’t wander off too far.” Newt’s faint voice came from behind me,

A loud roar startled me and I spun around, my feet stumbling as I found myself in front of a…actually I’m not sure what it was. It wasn’t one of Newt’s typical creatures, like the Niffler or the Bowtruckle.

It was a huge lion like creature with spikes. It roared again, and its neck expanded, similar to that of a frog.

“Don’t move a muscle, Nundus are very easily spooked.” His voice seemed closer this time, but hushed and quiet.

I could feel Newt’s warmth as he stood behind me, moving slowly as to not startle the Nundu. I took a step back into Newt, as my flight response kicked in.

However this only activated it’s predatory instincts and its claws slashed towards me. I braced myself for the pain, my leg frozen in fear and my arms protecting my face. However the pain never came.

I opened my eyes to find Newt standing in front of me.

He protected me.

Oh no, he might have got hurt and it was all my fault.

“Shh, calm down Nundu. Mummy’s here.” Newt stood between me and this lion-like creature. His hands raised and his head down in a submissive pose. The Nundu slowly calmed down at the non-aggressive posture coming from Newt, “that’s a good girl.”

Neither of us moved before the Nundu had turned and left, disappearing into the trees.  

“I’m going to need to keep an eye on this one, almost as bad as my Niffler.” Newt mumbled quietly to himself. “Please be careful, muggles have very fragile bodies.” He spoke, making eye contact before quickly looking away. He turned his back on me.

“Wait Newt, you’re hurt.” I grabbed his hand and turned him back to me. My eyes raked over his cheek inspecting the cut. Thankfully it didn’t seem too deep, but it would still need to be cleaned and bandaged.

He looked away, “All is okay, it’s only a flesh wound and I can clean it back at the house.”

His hand slips into mine, leading me back to the house.

I guess the Occamys will have to wait until next time.

  • Someone: *ships something I don't ship*
  • Me: That's awesome, man. Good for you.
  • Someone: *proceeds to bash and ridicule other ships*
  • Me: What the heck, man! Not effing cool!

First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to Kubo-sensei and the whole team of Yuri on Ice. For me, this show has been a sort of saving grace because it just always managed to brighten up my day with its incredible storyline and wonderful characters. It has been such a long time since I’ve found an anime, in fact, ANYTHING that has captured my interest like this and Yuri on Ice had done that within the first episode. I had never even thought about watching the show but seeing all over Tumblr, I decided to give it a try and I’m so freaking glad that I took the chance.

This anime tells a beautiful story about a man who had lost all hope within himself and didn’t believe that he could achieve or soar high. But someone comes into his life and proves him wrong, showing him that he can soar higher than ever and he can reach his goals with the right support and people around you. It’s a journey that we go on and we fall in love with every single character, with their flaws and quirks. It’s also a love story between two men who find each other and along the way, slowly develop their relationship into something strong and good. It’s a whole combination of glorious things, a story filled with diversity and just so much that it’s just so amazing.

Episode twelve did a whole lot for me and it was an incredible finale. I actually had to work around for a few minutes in my living room because I was so overwhelmed. I was jumping around, fist pumping and restraining my shouts of joy because yes, I was that happy. I still am very happy.

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I'm new to Infinite and was wondering what shows to watch to get to know them. Like have they done any reality shows before that have english subtitles?

First of all, Welcome!! 🎈🎉🎆🎇

(this was done last week but my computer restarted and nothing was saved :/)

Yes Infinite has done reality shows. There’s You Are My Oppa (predebut, with Lovelyz’ Jiae), Birth of a Family (with Apink), Sesamer Player, Ranking King, and Showtime. (there’s also This Is Infinte but I heard that it’s really scripted so wouldn’t recommend that one). They’ve been on After School Club before, as well as weekly idol a lot (they were the first guests)(there’s probably more than what’s in this link but …). Appearance at A Song For You. Okay so I don’t know how long this link will last before it’s taken down but here’s Grow, their movie which documents them on their first world tour (here’s their commentary). There’s also individual stuff like Sunggyu on Exciting India (along with Suju’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, CNBlue’s Jonghyun, and EXO’s Suho), Sungjong on Super Idol Chart Show (with Suju’s Ryeowook), and other things… This is such a mess,, I’m sorry

So I have found the anti johnlock tag

I didn’t realise that a thing like this exist. I also haven’t realise how many people have been johnlockers at one point (me included) and for reasons deciding they don’t want to be part of that anymore (mine being Irene Adler showin up, mind you I have been a fan since 2010. I know right?).

I just want to say on Sunday there is potential for a massive breakdown im the fandom in general. I have friends who are johnlockers, sherlolly, adlockers, sheriarty, or just watch the show because they like it (aren’t we all). For the last time people chill.

This is not the ship games, nobody life depends on what ship wins, because in the end we have been bless with great television, extraordinary performances, a brilliant fandom.

It has been a wonderful seven years, and to my friend who introduced me to Sherlock I say thank you, sir and go to hell ;) I introduced him to Game of thrones so we are even.

I really want to know guys how did you get introduced to Sherlock?

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I've been scrolling through your blog for fun and I've hit a bunch of Clara gifs and I was just laughing because she is just SO aggressive and irritated in all of them and I'd forgotten that even though Clara Oswald looks super cute and innocent, she's really just angry all the time and probably cuts people off in grocery store parking lots just because she can. I'm gonna miss Clara Oswald.

at least you won’t forget her, unlike some people

I’m going to miss her, too. She’s been absolutely wonderful and a compelling joy to watch. One of the most complicated and enthralling characters this show has ever offered.

But the nice thing is, Doctor Who changes, but it very rarely fails to give us someone exciting and new to follow. In my eyes the new series has yet to have a wrong step with companions, and I think all signs suggest Bill will be glorious. I can’t wait to see her, and I hope she helps make up for seeing Clara go.

And if it helps, no character is ever really gone in Doctor Who. Sooner or later, someone will tell a new story for them, particularly with a character as influential and iconic as Clara. Might be books, might be audios, might be a spinoff or a fanfic or a televised appearence, or even just another echo somewhere, who can say? But she’ll never leave, not completely.


“But the true secret to continued success resides in the cast: you need two leads like Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz who keep finding ways to bounce off each other, who are fun to watch, and have the type of charisma that carries through 22 episodes a year for ten years. It’s the casting. Always the casting.” - Hart Hanson

2016 Bones Challenge

Day 7: Favorite Cast Moment(s): ALL (how shocking that I could not choose)

This cast. Has there ever been a more dedicated, beautiful, brilliant, hilarious, loving, talented, devoted, wonderful, and goofy group of people assembled for a TV show ensemble? I’m going to presume the answer is no. Because simply put, It just can not and does not get better than these people. This cast (and crew) gets absolutely no network praise, promotion, or even attention. However, they love Bones with a passion. They take such pride in their work. They have only ever tried to make it the best show it can be. And they do it for them- for their personal fulfillment. And they do it for us- the devoted fans.  It’s a labor of love. But boy, do they love it. 11+ years of such quality. Other actors would have started phoning in their performances years ago, ready to move on to the next thing. Not our cast. They have delivered some of the most magnificent and compelling performances just this season alone. In season 11, we are still seeing these exciting and outstanding stories. Any other cast would not put up with what the Bones cast has endured over the years. But these amazing people, they just keep working. Because like us, they too know that Bones is lightning in a bottle. It’s a shooting star. It’s special. And I could not be more thankful or grateful to these people for their perseverance. I don’t know where I’d be without them or this show. Our cast deserves the world. I truly hope they know that. We sure as hell know that. We knew from the beginning. 

Namjoon Scenario: Age Issues.

Namjoon has a crush on you, what happen’s when he founds out you are his noona?

Genre: Romance.

Gazing through the windowpane Namjoon took a deep breath. He was standing outside the shop where you worked at, wondering if he should go or not inside. He looked at his watch, checking if he was there too early; this idea had been on his mind for several days by now and today he finally gathered confidence and decided to take a chance and visit you at your workplace to ask you out.
Namjoon considered all of his options and thought that maybe showing up there was a little bit overboard, but he liked you quite a lot, so he didn’t want to wait anymore. He’d thought about it for a while now, he’d met you through common friends and until know only got the chance to see you at parties and social reunions, always with people around but he wanted a more intimate approach with you, like a proper date.
So it was now or never

He walked inside the store, his head and expectations high, and moved towards the center knowing that your shift was about to start, so it was time for him to show himself up there. Namjoon looked around and his eyes were searching for you, trying to catch a glimpse of your silhouette among the people inside.

Namjoon didn’t see you, so he thought about asking someone where you were. He walked towards the shop’s counter, calling for the attention of one of your coworkers.

-Hello, do you know where Y/N is?-

Your coworker looked at him with curiosity, it was the first time seeing him asking for you and he didn’t know if he should tell him your whereabouts. –She’s not here- he said, and it was actually true, you were out for lunch at the moment.

-And do you know by any means where she is? -

The guy denied with his head answering Namjoon’s question. –I think she might be here in half an hour or so-

-Ok, I’ll wait for her here, just let her know when you see her, please-

He moved a little bit to the side, examining the surroundings until something caught his eyes. There was a photo of you on the wall to his left; so he walked closer thinking that maybe it was a funny picture from one of your IDs.

When he was mere inches apart from it, he found out that it was a framed best month employee award, and you were the one on it. He laughed under his breath, suddenly feeling curious about the personal information of your work card; so he started to read it through-fully, first there was your full name and the charge you occupied on the store, but then his eyes focused on the numbers written below.

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Happy New Year guys!

it has been a truly incredible year for me, so many wonderful things have happened. I got married and moved in to my first home with my husband and I’m going in to 2015 expecting our first child, I could not be happier.

I had big plans to go out for dinner at a posh london hotel followed by watching the fireworks but unfortunately I’m not feeling up to that now (I’m missing queen doing a live show! boooo!) but it’s okay, going out for a nice dinner locally instead and having a quiet night in with the hubby.

I hope you all have a great night, and stay safe!

  • Snowflake hair clip: Handmade
  • Fur coat: eBay. I bought this for my wedding but never wore it.
  • Dress: eBay
  • Shoes: eBay
RWBY Vol. 4 episode 12 review

Here’s the last one! And it’s gonna be looong cause there were TOO MANY FEELINS LET ME TELL YOU WHAT. Also a lot of pictures because this show is pretty and I can.

The battle with the Nope Grimm was EPIC, and a wonderful conclusion to Ren and Nora’s character arc that has been building all season.

I really liked the idea of a boss-level Grimm; something that comes across as more than a mindless beast, something where you can really feel the sinister intentions. I still think it has some connection to Raven’s tribe, since both were apparently present at Shion village at some point.




Ok but this moment…

I Actually Died cause I have really missed the humor in RWBY, how they come up with the wackiest things you can imagine to throw in at the most unexpected moments possible. CAUSE I LITERALLY THOUGHT NORA WAS DEAD BUT THEN THE WORST THAT HAPPENED WAS THIS.

I did seriously spend the entire fight going “He’s gonna die she’s gonna die he’s gonna die” It was super tense. After season 3 no one is freaking safe.

Can I say I really loved how Ren and Nora’s story came full circle? He found her, saved her life and gave her a family. Now she’s saved his life and helped him avenge his family. And he’s finally able to reciprocate her feelings.

Then the whole ending sequence from the time they were picked up was just beautiful. There was a great feeling of relief that everyone had made it safely to Mistral (felt by the characters AND audience). I hope all the babies can get in a decent rest before things get crappy again.

Ruby’s letter writing was a beautiful sequence, and a great chance to get a feel for what’s been going on in her head this whole time, since she tends to put a brave face on everything.

True to this quality, she chooses to be optimistic, and focus on what she has rather than what she’s lost. 

THEY DONE KILLED ME WITH THE JNPR FEELS HERE. They just HAD to start playing “Cold.”

Jaune is understandably still taking his loss hard, but it’s like he said; Ruby gave him the strength to get up and keep moving forward (the Monty reference did not escape me either ;n;) I hope he can continue to heal.

Weiss’s character arc has been one of my favorites this season. 

This shot sums it up perfectly really. She’s in the CARGO HOLD. Weiss Schnee, former heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, whose family probably owns multiple private luxury airships, is sitting on her suitcase in the cargo hold of an airship so that she can get to Mistral and get back to helping the world. I love how this shot brings to mind the shot of her leaving with her father at the end of volume 3.

But look at the contrast…look how happy she is. She’s free:

Then there’s Cinder. I’m telling you she is at a crossroads. She has to choose to embrace or reject what she is becoming: the powerful Fall Maiden, but who is in reality only a slave to Salem (please read “in reality” in Cinder’s voice thank you. RIP Cinder’s voice tbh). 

Let’s see what else to say?

Sleepy Qrow was v adorable, v smol.

Digging Yang’s new outfit. And it sounds like she’s chosen to go after Ruby instead of her mom. Good choice Yang…Ruby deserves you. Raven can wait. 



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GOT7 just dropped their "Never Ever" mv and I've watched it a solid 60 times. Ugh sorry, I just needed to vent to someone. Youngjae looks really good... Like really, really, really good. ugh. Now I'm going to screenprint his stupid beautiful face for a serious class project. It's happening and it's all his fault. Um, anyway, sorry drop by and ramble for no real reason... Have a wonderful evening!

Listen, Youngjae has been serious bias wrecker material for a long damn time now, but Never Ever has started getting me super worried.

You go and screenprint that boy’s beautiful face, you do it and then you show it to me bc I want to see that shit.

Also, Mark’s “Let’s Sign It”, I want that on repeat at my funeral and engraved on my tombstone.

And before I go, I’d like to talk about this for a hot sec:

There isn’t really anything I want to add, I just wanted to bring it to people’s attention.

Feel free to vent to me ANY TIME, ANON.

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hi hi so i'm fairly new to the emmerdale fandom and i really just love the ed ladies and all their dynamics, and i was just wondering what their history with wlw rep has been like? i mean i know there have been wlw on the show in the past but i was wondering if it was any good, and if you can recommend some storylines and where i can watch them?? sorry for asking for so much ahah i love ur blog so much :))

helloooooooo anon!!!!

so yes!! there actually has been some decent wlw rep on the show over the years (not to say emmerdale hasn’t also… done some shitty things…. with wlw like treating bisexuality as a phase but..)

So it depends on how far back you want to go and how hard you’re willing to look for stuff but:

  • Zoe Tate was Emmerdale’s first major gay character. I don’t know that there’s any centralized place where you can watch her storyline but if you type in her name on youtube you can find bits and pieces. She also had a relationship with Charity Dingle, and so Zoe/Charity stuff is up on the internet in various scattered locations. 
  • Debbie Dingle and Jasmine Thomas had a relationship spanning several years. #Jebbie’s entire storyline can be watched on youtube here.
  • Ali Spencer and Ruby Haswell were a lesbian couple that moved to the village in late 2011. They were very soft and in love and domestic and were on the show for several years. You can watch a lot of their storyline here.
  • And finally, Vanessa Woodfield and Rhona Goskirk had an affair in 2013 during a time when Rhona was addicted to painkillers. There is some room for debate about whether or not Rhona’s feelings were authentic (she was essentially using Vanessa for drugs), but Vanessa was canonically in love with Rhona. I actually don’t know of a playlist for them, but if you dig around on youtube you can find bits and pieces. 

Thanks for this ask nonnie, and welcome to the fandom <3 <3 <3

Keep talking about it, keep being kind, keep being grateful for the wonderful show that this has been and will be hailed as for years to come.

The petition is here, and remember- even if we can’t get Disney to give us the third season this show deserves yet, demonstrating how much this show means to all of us and how much we disagree with their decision to cut it short only increases the chance that the future could hold something different. This cartoon has created wonderful memories for all of those who watched it, and deserves all the praise in the world for coming this far! Whatever happens, the world of animation has been forever improved by the existence of this show!

Disney, if you see this, remember what you are famous and beloved for- shows, films, and characters that speak to us and that show us the real magic that can happen if we cherish and encourage the best parts of ourselves- and then consider what message you send every time you prematurely end a show that upholds those principles.

Thank you, TVD, for six wonderful years

I’ve been watching since January 2011. I’ve been happy. I’ve been sad. I’ve been through it all, and the one constant in my life was this show.

Even when it was at its worst, I still looked forward to new episodes.

I can’t imagine there no longer being any. No episodes, no promos, no interviews, Nothing.

It feels empty, in a way.

This show has been with me through everything.

I will never forget it. I will never forget what it taught me, all the joy it brought me, all the tears it made me cry. That’s forever.

Every generation has a piece of media they will remember their young days by. TVD is that for me.

Always in my heart. Never to be forgotten.

Goodbye, TVD. Thank you for everything! I will miss you forever. I will miss all the bad and all the good and all the in-between. Everything.

Thank you for giving me so much inspiration for my original books.

Thank you for giving me comfort when I needed it.

Thank you for existing.


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I should never have touched those Suits DVDs on my brother's shelf ...


Ohhhhhh your brother too? Because #same fam. My brother tells me one day that he has this awesome show called Suits on Netflix that he’s watching, and I should watch it.

And then once I’ve caught up fully, I start looking online, thinking, you know, I wonder if anyone sees the relationship between Mike and Harvey differently, because I did but my brother didn’t, and then I found y’all.

My life hasn’t been the same since but I am #blessed.


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Can you do the one where "we keep showing up at all the same places separately because we’ve always had similar interests", pretty please? Big fan of your work!

“Are you doing this on purpose?” she huffs and Castle glances up to find Kate Beckett standing at the head of his table, her arms crossed and an eyebrow arched.

“Detective Beckett, what a wonderful surprise,” he replies with a grin, watching her irritation bubble. “Running into you so often these past few weeks has been fun, but no, I’m simply here for a milkshake.”

“During my lunch hour,” she points out, but Rick merely shrugs. He really hasn’t meant to keep running into her here at the diner, inside a multitude of coffee shops they once frequented together, during morning jogs he’s taken to enduring in parks they both apparently favor.

But he can’t say he’s not glad to see her every time their paths inadvertently cross, can’t stop the stumble of his heart, the mixture of yearning and relief just to see her still alive and breathing.

There was no one protecting her now, no insurance between Smith and Montgomery to cover her, and without him to lead her away from her mother’s case, not since she had learned of that truth two weeks ago, stormed out of his apartment with tears and betrayal in her eyes, streaming down her cheeks.

He doesn’t just miss her; he’s afraid for her.

“Used to be my lunch hour too. “

“Rick, I’m meeting someone here and I need you to-”

“Meeting someone?” he echoes, staring up at her with both a twist of jealousy and a knot of dread forming in his stomach, because a meeting can only mean one of two things.

She’s either found someone new in the short time they’ve separated or – the more likely scenario – she’s consulting with a connection to the main reason they broke up, someone involved in her mother’s case, ready to lead her even closer to the slaughter.

“I don’t have a lot of time,” she answers instead, glancing to his half finished chocolate shake that suddenly tastes like dust on his tongue.

“Do you remember what happened the last time you met an informant like this, Beckett?” he inquires, the scowl on her lips deepening.

“I know what I’m doing,” she states, but her eyes roam the inside of Remy’s, lingering on the windows.

Castle purses his lips, because no, she doesn’t. She has no idea what she’s doing because she’s got those damn blinders on that keep her from seeing how careless she’s being in her desperate pursuit of a new lead.

“Then let me wait with you,” Castle tries, gesturing to the empty space of the booth across from him.

“You’re not a part of this anymore,” she reminds him quietly and it stings, burns to be cut out of her life like this all over again, but especially after he had become such an intimate part of it. After he had loved her so deeply, completely. 

When he still does.

Castle slips from the booth to rise to his feet, but Beckett is already shaking her head and holding her hand out to stop him.


“No, I can’t - don’t start, okay?” she whispers, her throat rippling with a thick swallow that disappears beneath the black fabric of her turtleneck.

“Beckett, this isn’t safe,” he growls, stepping in closer when she fails to back away any further.

“I can take care of myself,” she mutters, her fingers twitching at her sides now, itching to rub at the healing wound in her chest, the bullet wound embedded between her breasts that had completely turned her world upside down, broke her. Broke them.

“I never said-”

“Detective Beckett?”

Kate’s head turns to the entryway, to the man walking towards them, and no, something is already wrong, his gut flaring hot with warning.

“Matt Johnson?” she answers in return and the approaching guy nods.

“Glad you could make our meeting,” Johnson states before he pulls the gun from his side, quicker than Kate can reach for hers, and Rick reacts.

“Castle, no!”

But he already has the man who called himself Matt Johnson on the ground, the gun knocked away, a shot echoing through Rick’s ears, drowning out the screams of the diner’s patrons already ducking for cover.

Castle,” Kate gasps at his back, her voice close at his ear, familiar hands tugging him off of the man who is surprisingly limp beneath him and – and a tackle to the floor couldn’t have killed him, could it? Not a trained murderer like this man. “Rick, baby, can you hear me?”

Castle blinks, realizes Kate has managed to maneuver him to his knees beside the dead man and she’s calling him baby-


“Esposito,” she breathes at his side, her palm draping at his cheek, and there’s so much worry in her eyes, fear, but he doesn’t understand why. The man who raised a gun on her is dead, she’s safe now, for now, it’s fine- “I had Esposito watching from the other building. He shot him.”

“Oh,” Castle murmurs, blinking again, trying to dispel the blurriness at the edges of his vision, ruining the sight of Kate beside him. “That’s – that’s good. Didn’t want him to hurt you, Kate.”

“Fuck, why did you have to be here?” she chokes out, the hand on his cheek drifting to his neck and pressing down hard, causing him to yelp-

“Ouch, oww, what-”

“Johnson got a shot off before Esposito took him down,” she explains quickly, her other hand rising to cradle the opposite side of his face, steadying him, but oh, his neck is burning. “You jumped in front of me and lunged for him and his bullet grazed your neck, but it’s okay, it’s okay. I promise it’ll be okay.”

She’s crying. Even with his vision going blurry and the pain marring his concentration, he can see the tears filling and falling from her eyes, the tremble of her bottom lip and the crack in her voice, and it makes his heart hurt worse than it has been for the last two weeks.

“I missed you, Kate,” he mumbles, tilting into her touch, feeling his body threatening to sway a little too far, collapse to his side. But Kate keeps him upright, moves in closer on her knees and touches her forehead to his even as sirens blare in the near distance.

“I’m so sorry, Castle,” she gets out and Rick closes his eyes, blindly winds his arm around her waist and hooks his fingers in the hem of her turtleneck. “It wasn’t worth it. Wasn’t worth this.”

“S’okay,” he sighs out, his neck crackling with searing bursts of pain, but the rest of his body has gone numb, the blackness closing in. “Love you, Kate. It’s okay.”

“No, Castle,” she whispers, the stroke of her thumb to his cheek the last sensation he feels before he finally lets go. “It’s not okay.”


When he wakes the first time in the back of an ambulance, Kate is sitting beside his head, her fingers combing through his hair, lulling him back to sleep, away from the tugging agony in his neck.

“Beck,” he breathes out, unable to conjure up the second syllable of her name, and Kate leans in, the tips of her hair grazing his cheek while her lips form words against his temple. Words he just can’t stay awake long enough to untangle from the cobwebs consuming his brain.

The second time, he opens his eyes to see her curled up in the chair next to his hospital bed, the bleed of nightfall leaking through the blinds of the window, shedding starlight on her sleeping frame, coaxing him back into a medically induced slumber. But third time is the charm and when Castle awakens that same morning, Kate is awake too, watching him, clinging to his hand.

“Hey,” she rasps, mustering a sad smile for him, and Rick squeezes her hand.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this, Beckett,” he croaks, humming appreciatively when she rises to retrieve a cup of water from the bedside table, offer him the straw and a few sips of the cold liquid to soothe his throat. “It’s looking kinda impossible for us to stay away from each other.”

Kate sighs, tired but managing an amused quirk of her lips for him. “Mm, makes me think it was a bad idea to separate in the first place.”

“I concur to this,” he mumbles without missing a beat and she chuckles, a pitiful little sound that tugs at his heart, has him forgetting all about the flares of pain in his neck. “Too hard being away from you, Beckett. You’re not easy to miss.”

“Wish you could have missed me yesterday,” she murmurs, stroking her thumb along the path of his knuckles. “Wasn’t diving in front of a bullet for me once enough for you?”

Castle sighs softly, careful not to feed the dull roar of pain along the side of his throat where a bullet had apparently grazed a kiss to his flesh.

“I’d do it again.”

“Castle,” she rasps, her eyes a reproachful shade of dulled amber, but he squeezes her fingers.

“I love you,” he states, knowing it’s all he needs to say, the only explanation necessary, but never enough. It’d never be enough for her, would it? 

Kate bows her head to their tangled hands, inhales a deep, shuddering breath, and he had made his decision, stood firm in it for an entire 17 days, but he just… he loved her. Loves her too much. And if following her down the rabbit hole is the only way to have her- 

“Your lead was a dead end, I know, but we’ll look at this from another angle, dig into a different area of-”

“What?” she startles, lifting her head to stare at him with wide, bewildered eyes.

“We broke up because I tried to stop you from investigating your mother’s case, tried to figure it out on my own so you wouldn’t have to,” Castle mumbles, the shame still heavy like a stone in his stomach over it all. She could be obsessive, a danger to herself, but he had lied to her, with good intentions, but still a lie nonetheless. “But we’re always better together, Kate. So we’ll do it together if you’ll let me-”

“No, no, we’re not going to - God, Rick, you just got shot. The last thing I care about is the case right now,” she informs him with incredulity flaring gold in her eyes.


“No, shh, I’m not-” Beckett scrapes a hand through her hair, her fingers trembling and catching in the strands, but she’s rising from her chair, transferring onto the edge of the hospital bed to sit beside his hip and hold his eyes. “I just want you. More than anything else.”

“Kate,” he sighs, but her mouth forms a firm line as she withdraws her hand from his to graze her fingers to his jawline. “It’s not an ultimatum.”

“No, it’s a choice,” she murmurs, the tips of her fingers trickling to dust along the bandage consuming the left side of his neck. “We’ll figure out the rest, the case, but I’m tired, Castle. I’m tired of going home every night and staring at old case files and index cards and trying to find a connection that just isn’t there yet. I’m tired of this consuming everything when I know it isn’t what my mom would want. And I’m tired of not - not having you,” she confesses on an exhale, her eyes falling to his chin, lashes shielding her gaze. “Only seeing you when I catch you stalking me.”

“I was not stalking you,” he protests, but her lips quirk and her eyes cut to his slyly with a glimmer illuminating her irises.

“Mm, not the point,” she hums, chuckling softly at his exasperated huff of a response.

“Tell me the point,” he sighs, catching her fingers at the collar of his hospital gown and dragging them to his chest, watching her own hitch ever so slightly at the rest of their digits over the thrum of his heartbeat.

But Kate splays her palm flat beneath his, sealing her hand to his sternum. “The point is that I thought I lost you in the diner. There was so much blood, so much…” Beckett shakes her head and swallows, presses her palm down a little harder over his heart. “And I hated myself for being the reason, hated you for not leaving me alone-”

“That’s nothing new,” Castle states with a smirk, injecting a touch of levity to the moment that has her eyes rolling, but still failing to meet his.

“I can’t lose you, Rick. I know I said that we were done, but-” He watches her bite her bottom lip, the words climbing her throat thicker now, heavier as they crawl past her lips, and for once, he stays silent, brushes his thumb back and forth over one of her knuckles, but doesn’t speak. “I knew we weren’t.”

“Course not,” he replies, quiet so not to disturb the solemn tone of her admission, the weight of her truth. “We don’t end, Kate. Mostly because you can’t get rid of me.”

The corner of her mouth quirks and she shifts forward in his bed, maneuvers herself to fit into the space between his body and the slim railing and oh, it feels so wonderful to have Kate Beckett curled up in bed with him again.

“I’ve noticed,” she mutters, her cheek at his shoulder, her hand still holding at his heart. “Accepted it.”

“Good,” he murmurs with a pleased grin that he presses to the top of her head, hiding the wince the slight turn of his face evokes in her hair. “Otherwise I would have just had to keep stalking you.”

She chokes out a laugh, but her eyes are serious when she lifts her head, finally meets his gaze with hers narrowed, shimmers of gold dancing through the pools of amber and green even as she tries her best to glare at him.

“You’re lucky I love you.”


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