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Imagine Dating Clark Kent

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“Hi, Y/N.”

You looked up from your work to see your boyfriend, Clark, standing over your desk with his dorky (and fake, as you knew them to be) glasses and a smile.

“Clark!” you grinned, giving him a kiss on the cheek, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m on lunch break,” he held up a bag of take-out from your favorite restaurant in Metropolis. “I thought we could share?”

“You’re too sweet,” you smiled, walking with him to the break room. You didn’t care if he was a Daily Planet reporter or a farmboy from Smallville, if he was a human or from outer space.

He would always be your Clark.

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So Greg Lestrade.

Lestrade has always been one of my favourite supporting characters in Sherlock. He’s just decent, I guess? And totally, totally real. Lestrade has been awesome from the first time I watched Sherlock, there’s no doubt about it, from his stress to his manner of speaking to his incredible relationships with EVERYONE. He’s brilliant.

But tonight I watched the pilot episode for the first time, and something happened that made me love him so much more. And that something was the moment he looked at his notebook, and ripped out his page.

In ASIP, there’s nothing to suggest Lestrade ever guessed the identity of the shooter. And in the pilot, it is still ambiguous. The way I see it personally, Lestrade is an intelligent man, his job is to inspect, the cogs in his mind go to work as he watches Sherlock and John, and the answer comes. It’s as simple as that. Other people can interpret that Lestrade never guesses or realises it is John that pulled the trigger. And that’s okay, because actually, neither explanation detracts from the power and importance of that moment.

Because that moment is the moment where Lestrade places all his trust in Sherlock Holmes. Whether it’s by taking Sherlock’s words at face value, and having enough trust not to really consider John, or by realising John’s guilt and trusting the two of them enough to forget it, it doesn’t matter. Lestrade trusts Sherlock enough to follow his words, no matter how strangely he is acting, and that’s an incredible thing. Just imagine, for a moment. Imagine that you are a detective inspector, that an unknown shooter is out there somewhere, and that a genius labelled as either a psychopath or a sociopath changes tack from his evidence the moment he sees his flatmate. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’d all decide to go along dismissing the cut-off evidence just because the sociopath says so. Right?

The thing is, there’s a lot of discussion of the relationship between Sherlock and John, and rightly so, because it’s an incredible one. But I also don’t think we should ever forget D.I. Greg Lestrade, because of the sheer trust and acceptance he offered. Sherlock Holmes is a difficult man, God knows. Yet still, despite the pressure from Anderson and Donovan, despite what anyone else would have him do or think, despite his role and his job and the stress he was under, Lestrade refused to see him as anything other than human, to not place in Sherlock the trust he deserved, or to fail to simply CARE. At the end of the day, it was not only John that had a gun aimed at him before Sherlock jumped from the rooftop, and that is important to remember, because Lestrade has offered support, care and absolute love to Sherlock Holmes from the start, and that is truly, wonderfully amazing.


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i combined his costumes with some of my favorite things from each because i love the space print, but that tattered cape is one of my favorite things ever. also this is my first gif, so that’s cool i guess aha

DEATH ROCKS, a Brain Scoop episode all about deadly rocks! Well, there isn’t one yet but there has been talk of one. And although the new synapsid trilogy is totally awesome so far I feel I neeeeeeed DEATH ROCKS!

Emily please tell me you’re planning for it.

Also: I miss having time to do the Brain Scoop fan art. Today I just had to take a break from the archaeological illustrations I’m doing and look :)