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Naruto’s Fatherhood

Okay, I’ve been seeing this whole idea going around for a while and felt the need to address it. A main point in the Boruto movie/series is that Boruto is frustrated with Naruto for not being around due to his Hokage duties. This leads to many fans assuming that Naruto is a bad father by choice. Let’s begin.

Naruto was inaugurated as Hokage after his kids were born. They were both young when this happened, so why is this relevant? Because Naruto had more time on his hands to spend with them, being a father, as he continued chasing his dream. What does this mean? Boruto and Himawari have experienced Naruto’s fatherhood before and after him taking the title of Hokage. 

For children who have consistently been ignored by a parent, it’s safe to assume that by the time they are 11 or 12, they’ve become accustomed to it. Why then, would a child who is accustomed to being ignored and neglected, be so upset about that fact when it’s all they know? Let me remind you all of this scene here at the end of The Last: 

Does this look like a bad father to you? They both attack him, and he receives them with open arms. He suggests a snowball fight, giving in immediately to their request. Children who’ve been ignored wouldn’t feel so carefree as to run into their parent’s arms, demanding that the parent play with them. Is it really that difficult then to make the connection that Naruto, who wanted nothing more than a bond, a family, someone who would receive his love and reciprocate it, gave his kids all of the free time that he had? This brings me to conclude this:

When all of that changes after Naruto becomes increasingly busy in his new position as Hokage, Boruto doesn’t understand how to cope with these feelings because he’s never felt that way before. This is the best explanation for his behavior then. He’s openly upset because he feels as though Naruto suddenly forgot about them, because he’s not getting the same attention he once was. Let me point you to this scene here, in Boruto the Movie where Boruto is looking at all of the photographs in Naruto’s study. 

In all of the photographs leading up to the one farthest right, appearing to be the most recent, Naruto is present and they all appear incredibly joyful. This only solidifies the idea that Naruto had been a wonderful father up until his Hokage inauguration. 

Naruto, on the other hand, has finally achieved his lifelong dream, and being someone who puts everything they have into everything they do, he works hard at his job because it was he who worked so hard to create the peace that he now has the task of maintaining. Is he perfect? No. Naruto has never had to balance family life and work life. He’s always been alone, never having to consider others in his decisions. It’s not difficult to understand then, that Naruto genuinely wouldn’t have understood the implications this would have for his family.

Naruto has never learned how to be any type father, good or bad. He has no example to follow or deviate from. When you’ve never experienced something for yourself, how are you to act upon the situation when it arises? At some point, Boruto brought up his feelings to Naruto in some way, probably through an angry outburst. So how does Naruto handle it? He over-exhausts himself, trying to make everyone happy by maintaining his shadow clones all day in order to get the maximal amount of work done possible and keep his kids from totally hating him. For someone who has desired nothing more than the acknowledgment of those around him since day 1, this behavior makes sense. 

I mean, the disappointment he feels when he’s messed up again? He’s trying his best with nothing to guide him. He sends Boruto congratulatory e-mails, he gives him a pep talk, he wants Boruto to feel acknowledged. Is this the best way to go about it? Maybe not, especially compared to the attention he must’ve given his kids before his new position. But, I sincerely doubt that Naruto is a bad father, nor does he want to be one. It’s a difficult situation for them. The new Boruto series is currently set before the Boruto movie during their academy days, so this must be during the onset of Naruto’s run as a Hokage. Therefore, that scene in today’s episode where he goes straight to bed after coming home is probably before Boruto brings his frustration to his father’s attention, so Naruto is probably unaware of the way his kids are feeling. 

However, Boruto quickly comes to understand Naruto and his struggles when he witnesses him fight the Otsusukis during the movie. Faced with the prospect of losing his father completely, his eyes have been opened to some of the difficulties Naruto faced in his youth. He decides that Naruto shouldn’t have to face more difficulties from the people he loves the most. He comes to terms with the situation by the end of Boruto the Movie, eventually accepting that this is the situation that they are in, and that he’s going to have to make the best of it. 

And if his own son can accept that this is Naruto’s new fatherhood, I don’t see why you guys can’t. 

TL;DR, Naruto’s fatherhood definitely has some bumps in the road, there’s no denying that. However, his intentions as a father are clear, and those are that he loves his kids and wants them to be happy, like a GOOD father would.

GM: You have arrived at the beach and see a large statue with a plaque

Player: I’d like to go up and inspect it

GM: Ok, roll for perception

Player: *rolls a 20* Ok what does the plaque say

GM: Well hell, you weren’t supposed to roll a 20. What DOES the plaque say? Your family has been making these statues for generations and you get to decide

Player: It says the 20 foot statue is my new companion

The Dinner Party

just a random idea that came to me in a fever dream earlier this week. rated E for explicit smutty smut smut. enjoy!

“You want me to do what?”

Peeta frowned at her foot, wielding the nail polish brush threateningly. “First, I want you to hold still.” Katniss wriggled her toes defiantly but then obliged, hardly daring to breathe when he swiped the coral nail polish onto her big toe in nice, even strokes. It looked perfect, of course. He could always paint better than she could, even nails.

“Seriously, though. You want me to go to a dinner party with you?” she asked. He glanced up at her with a crooked smile before he started painting her next toenail.

“You make it sound like I’ve asked you to strip naked and run around the block or something,” he said, focusing on her toes. She snorted, then clamped her lips shut when he shot her a warning look. Snorting made her foot jiggle, apparently. “It’s just a dinner party. Delly asked everyone to bring a guest–someone, and I quote, ‘interesting.’ So I’m asking you.”

Katniss stared at the top of his head, his blond curls falling across his forehead as he worked. “But I don’t really know her. And what a weird stipulation,” she said with a laugh.

Peeta shrugged. “Delly likes her theme parties,” he muttered, tongue poking out the corner of his mouth as he delicately painted her pinky toe. Satisfied with his work, he shot her a triumphant smile. “And you’re the most interesting person I know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Says the guy who paints nails better than any girl I know.”

He gave her a look of mock offense. “Are you questioning my masculinity? You know how I feel about rigid gender roles.” Then he held up his hand, palm flat, fingers spread. “And who’s got a steadier hand than me?” She kicked playfully at his hand, and he made a noise of protest, grabbing her ankle to place her foot down on the coffee table. “Don’t mess up my hard work.”

Katniss slumped down into the couch, chewing on her lip. “You know I don’t like people. How am I supposed to be interesting around a bunch of strangers?”

Screwing the nail polish bottle shut, Peeta sat back on his hands. “Just think of it as a challenge. See how often you can work into the conversation that dry wit and razor-sharp sarcasm of yours without them realizing you’re insulting them.”

“Do you want people to hate me?” she asked wryly, folding her arms over her chest. He grinned.

“Delly said interesting. She didn’t say anything about likable.” He laughed when she flipped him off, then pushed off the floor to stand up. “I should head home. But I swear, if you just be yourself, people will love you.” She didn’t think it was that simple. Peeta never had to worry about getting people to like him; it just came naturally to him. But she didn’t argue the point, letting him pull her up from the couch. With cotton balls stuffed between her toes, she wobbled after him to the front door. Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, he turned to her. “So you’ll come?”

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Jon Snow

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Jon x Reader

Your father sighed when he turned and caught you dawdling behind, watching Jon with a smile slowly forming on your face.

“Hurry child, it would do you no good to be caught staring at him, his is a son of our Lord… bastered or not.” He chided and hurried you along.

“You know most of the girls talk about Lord Robb but I think Jon is far more handsome.” You mumbled which made him scoff.

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The Carstairs family ring is a silver ring with a careful etching of the crenelations of a castle tower around it.

Cortana is a shortsword that has been passed down through many generations of the Carstairs family, having been in the family for many centuries.

Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 3]

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Chapter 3 of Yours, Unfaithfully

Chapter 1  Chapter 2

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut/Fluff

Jaebum grabbed the keys from your trembling hand, letting go of you as he let the both of you into your apartment.

You followed closely behind, hand firmly grasping his as he led you.

“Arms out,” he requested, helping you out of your gown.

He let the gorgeous material pool at your feet, lifting out of it and into his arms. He carried you, as he had done many a time to your bedroom, cradling you against his chest.

As you crossed the threshold of your door, he gently set you down, still keeping you in his grasp.

You returned his gesture, helping him out of his jacket and tie before unbuttoning his shirt and discarding of it on the floor. Next came his pants, then your bra, his briefs, your panties.

With each item of clothing shed, a kiss was given, a touch was exchanged, all without a word. You both understood what the other wanted in that moment and that was to feel loved, to be desired by each other.

There had been many times you and Jaebum admired each other’s naked forms in this bedroom. He had thrown you up against almost every surface in here, made you cry from absolute pleasure, heard you scream his name as he did the most sinful things that made you crave more. But tonight was different. Tonight was slower, softer. Tonight, he wanted to make love.

You found yourself face up on your mattress, legs wrapped around your lover’s waist as he soft lips trailed across your jawline and down your neck.

You whimpered each time they found purchase on your skin, loving the feel of being his.

He groaned as he pushed into you with ease. Your wet walls around him felt like heaven and he never wanted to retreat.

Soft pants and heavy breathing filled the room as he continually thrust into you, kissing you deeper each time his name escaped your lips.

Your hands clung to his perfectly defined back, egging him on as your nails dug into it, begging for your climax.

“I love you,” he groaned. The feeling of your wetness pulsating drove him right to the brink.

“I love you!” you moaned, letting the sweet euphoria he always delivered take hold of you.

Your vision went blurry as he continued his movements until the both of you had endured every possible second of sweet release.

He breathed deeply, trying to pull himself towards recovery as he slid out of you.

Resting on his back, he brought you to him, kissing you over and over until he was satisfied you knew just how special you were to him.

You clung desperately to him, never wanting to be without this. You needed him. You loved him. And he felt the same.

Minutes passed as the silence remained between you. Nothing else needed to be said and honestly, neither of you wanted to ruin the serenity you had built in your own little hideaway.

In here, the outside didn’t exist. It was just you and him.

You stirred awake, restless from the nightmares that plagued you throughout the night. In each of them, Jaebum slipped away from you just as you were about to reach him. The thought alone shook you to your core.

You turned, needing him to hold you and tell you that would never happen, somehow you two would find a way to be together. But when you did, you found the space beside you void of the man you loved. Where had he gone?

His clothes were nowhere to be found and his phone wasn’t on the nightstand where he usually left it.

You rolled out of bed, searching the rest of your apartment for him. Still nothing.

Your heart sank. It wasn’t like him to leave, especially not without kissing you goodbye first.

Your focus was quickly diverted as your phone dinged. Maybe it was him telling you he grabbed coffee or breakfast.

Sadly, you were mistaken and it was just your mother telling you she was having a dress delivered for your engagement lunch. You had 3 hours to get ready.

Engagement. The word still made you sick even today. The only person you wanted to ever be engaged to fell asleep as he held you close to him last night. He was your one and only.

You sighed, typing back a quick text of understanding as your fingers moved to find his contact.

“Where did you go, my love? I hate waking up without you,” you typed.

Your driver dropped you off promptly just minutes before the party and still you hadn’t heard from Jaebum. This really was out of the ordinary. The two of you talked constantly when you were apart.

You could only think the worst as your nightmares came swimming back. Is this what they meant?

You entered your parents home, wide-eyed as you looked at how quickly they threw together such an elaborate gathering.

The decorations were stunning as to be expected and the countless pictures of you and Jackson throughout the years displayed all around only made your heart swell with an indescribable emotion.

Your life was splayed out for all to see and there he was, each step of the way. The two of you seemed like a perfect match.

“Hello, gorgeous” you heard.

You swiftly turned towards the sound, smiling for his sake as you saw your betrothed, adorned in a handsome suit that complimented your dress.

“Hi Jacks. You look nice”.

He moved towards you, linking your arms as he led you towards the party.

“I see our mothers coordinated our outfits,” he chuckled.

“Did you expect anything less from them?”

He smiled and pinched your cheek. Your sassy quips always made him light up.

“She’s here! Welcome future Mrs. Wang!” your mother squealed.

Although the gathering was intimate, the 20 pairs of eyes on you felt like a million. Future Mrs. Wang, you shuddered at the phrase.

You wanted to look away, feeling completely exposed, afraid your iron-clad resolve not to cry would evaporate if they looked at you much longer but something grabbed your attention immediately.

There he was, staring right back at you, looking just as solemn as you felt.

“I’d like to have everyone’s attention… That is if you can manage to tear your eyes away from my truly radiant bride to be,” Jackson said, garnishing ‘aww’s’ and chuckles from the room.

Everyone except Jaebum.

“I’d like to thank you all for putting this together so quickly. I hope I can speak for Y/N and I both when I say how thankful we are for your love and support. All my life, this woman has been there, growing and learning with me. My only hope is that we continue to do that for the rest of our time here on this earth. I feel very fortunate to get to stand beside someone so special”.

Your eyes watered as Jackson squeezed your hand. The fact that he was perfect in just about every way imaginable only made this living hell all the worse. He only lacked one crucial component. And that was, he wasn’t Jaebum.

“I know last night was kind of a blur for me with all the excitement and when I got home, I thought, I know there’s something missing from this scenario. Something just didn’t seem right”.

He paused, pulling something from his pocket.

“Y/N, this has been passed along through the women in my family for generations. As my wife, it would give me no greater pleasure than to see it on your finger”.

You immediately started crying the moment he slipped that engagement ring on your finger. You knew it well. Mrs. Wang had worn it for as long as you could remember and now it was yours.

“I promise to keep you safe and do my best to always make you feel loved,” he smiled.

He pulled you in for a tight hug as your tears flowed, heart beat sporadically as you tried to stop it all from hurting so bad. He kissed your cheek, wiping away the tears as he turned to show you off to the room.

An applause broke out, your mothers hugging you both as they too cried. They must have thought you were just as happy as them. For them, and for Jackson, you were going to keep it together today, even if it killed you.

You shifted your swelling face to search for him once more, needing to find some sort of solace in this emptiness you felt, but just like this morning, he had disappeared.


9,100 - 10,000 Follower Prompt Batch Special
  • “I was trying to keep it a secret.”
  • “I don’t know how you managed to throw a party in my own house without me noticing, but props to you.”
  • “Stop getting us kicked out of grocery stores.”
  • “Look, I can’t even touch my toes.”
  • “Something tells me that you’ve been keeping information from me.”
  • “We’re wearing matching outfits. Don’t make this any more embarrassing than it already is.”
  • “You picked me to do mission impossible. This is all your fault.”
  • “I know my limits, but everyone keeps pressuring me to do better.”
  • “I have exactly three coins and two lint balls in my pocket, I assure you.”
  • “So long as I get to my goal, it doesn’t matter what I have to do.”
  • “It’s not that I won’t, it’s that I can’t.”
  • “We could care less.”
  • “How inconvenient. I guess I have to deal with you.”
  • “Messing with you is always a little bit fun.”
  • “Stick to the plan and we’ll be fine.”
  • “I don’t want to admit that I wasn’t listening to any of it.”
  • “Don’t look now, but they took our ride." 
  • "Maybe wearing bright colors on a stealth mission isn’t a good idea." 
  • "You are in no position to argue with me right now.”
  • “You stress me out. One bad choice at a time, please.”
  • “How’d we lose? I thought we had that!”
  • “I can help, but it’ll cost you.”
  • “What was I supposed to do?”
  • “I’ve been wanting to dance with you all night.”
  • “Can you give me a chance to prove my innocence?”
  • “I worked really hard on that and you’re just going to throw it away?”
  • “I stopped listening after you said you needed my help.”
  • “What am I to you? I want you to be clear about this.”
  • “Your agony is music to my ears.”
  • “I have no idea where I’m going. I can only hope it’s the right way.”
  • “If I have to suffer watching your favorite movie ten million times, you can watch mine at least once.”
  • “I always feel dread in my stomach when I see you plotting.”
  • “At this point, I ask myself why I even hang out with you.”
  • “One of these days, you’re gonna light my house on fire.”
  • “If there’s one thing you’re not allowed to do, it’s crawl on my ceiling like a spider.”
  • “I’ve practically mastered this piece of machinery.”
  • “There’s no easy way to say what I’m about to tell you." 
  • "You make it so hard to care about you.”
  • “I’d be done with all of this by now if I weren’t so tired.”
  • “Unless you have a crown on your head, I’m not listening to you.”
  • “It’s been a couple hundred years since I’ve had a friend.”
  • “Reckless and careless are just two of the many words that can be used to describe me.”
  • “I thought, if anyone, you’d be happy for me.”
  • “There’s always a problem according to you.”
  • “I saved my last dance just for you. Come on.”
  • “Don’t eat the snow. You don’t know what’s touched it.”
  • “I’ve been saving my love for the right person.”
  • “There’s no stopping me now.”
  • “Watch these smooth moves. I’ve been working on them for months.”
  • “Shapeshifting is not an easy ability to master, okay? I’m trying.”
  • “Are you ready to fail? I’ve got this in the bag.”
  • “Look at me, darling, and start taking notes.”
  • “I started looking for aliens as a joke and then this happens.”
  • “It was always you and I together, but I need to grow independently.”
  • “I don’t want people to associate me with you.”
  • “It’s a shame that you won’t be able to go.”
  • “Don’t think you can get away with that kind of behavior here.”
  • “What went from me trying to get money out of the bank turned into some sort of robbery that I hadn’t been planning on doing.”
  • “Stop worrying about what will go wrong. It doesn’t help you in any way.”
  • “Do you wanna explain to me why pasta sauce is all over my kitchen?”
  • “Yeah, like I haven’t heard that joke before. ‘Need a hand’? Ha, so funny. My sides hurt from laughing so hard.”
  • “Your looks are attractive. Maybe not to them, but certainly to me.”
  • “This just goes to show why you shouldn’t press large red buttons.”
  • “I don’t remember ordering an AI. Do you think they got the wrong house?”
  • “You have no business exploring my floating castle.”
  • “I got lost in the clouds. Literally.”
  • “Sometimes I can see them in the mist or the snow. Sometimes the rain, too.”
  • “I’ve been trying really hard to be patient with you.”
  • “I can count on all ten of my fingers on why I can’t stand you.”
  • “Magic has been a part of your family for many generations and I was sent to help you.”
  • “So, what, you have the ability to make dolls come to life? That’s creepy.”
  • “You had an eyelash on your cheek. Sorry.”
  • “I started to piece together that I was more like your bodyguard than your friend to you.”
  • “I’ve never seen you look so blue. What’s got you down?”
  • “I’m not the kind of person who can comfort others, but I can try.”
  • “I can’t believe you decided on that name for your dragon.”
  • “You should be offended. I’m offended on your behalf.”
  • “I can see you staring at me.”
  • “I thought I had let that fire die out ages ago.”
  • “If I’m the tree, you’re the sun and the water.”
  • “Waxing poetic is about the only thing I do for you in your time of need, sadly.”
  • “I think you enjoy mixing up quotes, because you know it irritates me.”
  • “Sometimes I hope that I can find you when I look up at the stars.”
  • “All I need you to do is cover me while I sneak out.”
  • “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to hang around here? You might run into creatures like me.”
  • “I don’t recall asking for your opinion and yet here you are.”
  • “It’s nice to look back on all the progress I’ve made.”
  • “If you don’t think you could support your child no matter the possibility of who they become or what they are, you shouldn’t have one. No ifs, no buts, no ands." 
  • "It’s so cold, I can’t feel my hand. Can you feel it for me? You know, to make sure it’s still there?”
  • “I’m tired of trying to make you laugh at the expense of my own feelings.”
  • “Don’t ask me how I got stuck. Help me get out of here.”
  • “I’m knitting wing covers for you. What color do you like?”
  • “I’m starting to think you aren’t worth the time and devotion I’ve given you.”
  • “You don’t have to smile if you’re not happy.”
  • “It’s unfair to ask me such a question.”
  • “I knew you cared! This blanket didn’t make its way around my shoulders by itself when I was sleeping.”
  • “When I said I wanted a roommate, I meant a living one, with a job." 
  • "All you need, my friend, is a little spark to help you.”
  • “I feel like you all have your lives figured out.”
  • “Just where would I be able to hide the world’s biggest gem on my person? These pockets can barely fit chapstick.”

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Will there be more of the parallel universe one where Claire is pregnant?

Note from WTT: So this isn’t a continuation of the parallel universe fic, I’m not sure when I’ll get to that one so please enjoy this different parallel universe fic!

“…and that’s how this particular set of mountains got their names, at least if you believe the story of an old woman passed down from the generations.” The old woman smiled, the creases of her skin wrinkling in happiness.

“Thank you! You’ve been such a help to us. Do you know of anywhere where the artifacts you mention might be? I’d love to be able to provide a sketch for my books,” Uncle Lamb asked, intriguing the old woman again. Their talk was animated and I wandered about the room, the odd carvings and paintings leading to knick-knacks and heirlooms. It’s a wonder that these things were made, let alone still existed in the twentieth century.

A shine caught my eye as I paced by the small, but ornate hearth. Tucked behind a carving of the Virgin Mary was something metallic. Groping behind the statue, I could just feel the object with my fingertips.

“Aha!” I gasped in triumph when the object was secured in my fist. “A knife?”

The small knife had a shiny, well worn handle with the perfect finger holds, it felt warm and fit perfectly in my hand. I turned it over inspecting the craftsmanship. The silver was finely polished but there were nicks and scratches all along the edge proving that this had been used, and maybe not just for household needs. If there was a design on the handle it had long since been rubbed into smoothness. The only flaw was closer to the blade where a small chunk of wood was missing, exposing the metal beneath.

“So ye found my ancestors wee knife, hmm?”

I jumped and let out a squeal the knife flying from my hand and landing tip first into the wood near my foot.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to pry, I just—well it was that the blade—I—”

The old woman held up her hand shook her head. “Och, dinna fash yerself one bit. This blade is tough and old. I doubt you could do any harm to it. The way you were holding it showed more that you’d be the one to get hurt. Never point the blade at yourself. You nearly took out a toe when you dropped it.”

To emphasize her point, the old woman stooped down and pulled the blade from the floor, giving her left big toe a thump with the flat part of the blade.

“This knife has been in my family for generations. The story is said that it was owned by a witch and she used it to make her brews here in this very cabin. But that’s just to scare off the locals children. The truth of the blade is that it was owned by a healer who lived on this mountain, nearly two hundred years ago. She helped raise my great-great-great grandmother as well as her own family. My great-great grandfather always had it on the mantle. I never understood why as a child that my great grandparents and grandparents continued to do so. ‘It brings luck!’ Uncle Thomas would say, or ‘It’s magic and it’ll keep folk from messing with us!’ my Grandda Beardsley would murmur before doing the sign of the cross.” The woman twirled the knife between her fingers until the underneath was shown. Scratches that weren’t scratches at all shone in the firelight.

“T C L J?” I murmured, “What does TCLJ mean?”

The woman shrugged. “No one knows. I assume it’s the initials of the crafter, but I can’t be certain. Anyone who would know is already dead.”

I reached out and gently stroked the initials. “Maybe it’s To someone Love someone else?”

“Hmm… Perhaps. Here.” The woman handed me the knife. “You keep it. It may come in handy where you and your Uncle are headed.”

“No! I couldn’t possibly! It’s a family heirloom. You should pass it on to your children, I don’t deserve it,” I protested, trying to hand back the knife.

“I won’t hear of it. My children are grown and my grandchildren uninterested in a bit o’ family magic. You, though, would appreciate it and use it as it’s meant. It’s not meant to be tucked away, but used!”

“Thank you. I’ll take care of it,” I promised, as I gingerly held the knife closer to me.

“Just remember things always have a way of making themselves back to their rightful owners. And I think you were meant to have this knife. Do you have any roots at all leading to North Carolina or the States?”

I shook my head, still transfixed by the initials on the handle. “No ma’am. Not that I know of. Uncle Lamb might know.”

“Claire?” Peeling my eyes away from the knife I looked at Uncle Lamb, who looked like a kid in a candy store. “Come. We need to get going if we want to make it up the mountain and back before dark.”

Following obediently, I said one last thank you to the old woman and pocketed the knife.

Celebrating Girl’s Day, Then and Now

Contributed by Debbi Michiko Florence, Author

For generations, March 3 has been a special day in Japan, when families pray for good health and happiness for their daughters. It’s called Girl’s Day or Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival). The dolls, handed down from mother to eldest daughter, represent the imperial court and are thought to bring good luck.

As a child, born and raised in California, Girl’s Day meant special time with my mom and little sister. Following tradition, our mother would set up the ceramic dolls dressed in silk with miniature accessories on a platform. We’d eat mochi (sweet rice cakes) and take pictures with the doll display. Sometimes Mom would dress us in kimonos. When I grew older, we expanded the tradition: I invited my girlfriends from elementary school to celebrate with us. We ate cake and played games, much like a birthday party. When I got married, Mom gave me her dolls.

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Puppy Love

Growing up, I always had everything I wanted. The prettiest clothes. The nicest dolls. The greatest toys. Servants who fulfilled my ever need. Every weekend I had a party where I was the princess, and danced in our great ballroom while sipping ‘champagne’, which was really just sparkling apple juice.

But I didn’t have one thing, and that was friends.

Papa says that albinism has run in the family for many generations, giving us fair skin, fine hair, and either icy blue or rose pink eyes. I have the rose pink. My hair has always been so thin that I began wearing wigs when I realized why people looked at me differently. I always had nice wigs, of course, but the other kids always stared and kept their distance. Papa said they were jealous of how pretty I was. After a while I learned that was a lie. They thought I was a freak.

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What's the Bakery AU?

Riddler and Ivy are twins that own Ginger Snaps Bakery, a bakery that’s been passed down through the family for generations, within the bustling city of Gotham. Riddler is taking classes at Gotham Universe on the side while Ivy has recently graduated and is looking for work elsewhere. They agree that someone should stay behind to care for the bakery but they both want out and refuse to be that person.

In comes Harley. A undergrad who’s looking for a way to pay off her student debts. Her interview goes something like this:

Ivy: Why do you want a job at my bakery?
Harley: I don’t know. i just really Knead the dough
Ivy: Wow. Ok. Listen, I’m only hiring you just so i can fire you [x]

Ivy actually follows through on her threat but Riddler stops her from firing Harley bc Ivy’s laid off too many people and they can’t afford to run this joint under staff.

Most of the AU is just about the ~crazy~ things Harley does like mistaking baking powder for baking soda, giving out free pastries to all the cute customers, bringing in her weird dogs that make a mess in the kitchen.

Riddler and Ivy ought to fire her but she’s so endearing and they both kind of like her… it helps she’s sleeping with Ivy.


- Riddler’s living with Query, Echo, and Kristen. Ivy and Harley make a lot of excuses to come over and flirt with the girls

- They used to car pool to get to the bakery but somehow Riddler got booted out of the carpool

- Riddler’s constantly getting on to Harley and Ivy for ADP during work hours to which they say “Go into the freezer and chill out”

- Harley ends up taking over the family shop bc she becomes family when she and Ivy gets married


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You looked around the large mansion in awe of the beauty. It reminded you of a large castle. On your right was the Professor. He rolled next to you, enjoying how you looked at the place.

“This estate has been in my family for generations,” he told you.
“Any of them happen to be royal?” you asked, “This place is amazing!”
Charles chuckled. “Unfortunately no. Though, we’ve always seemed well off.”
“That’s an understatement,” you paused, “So, where are the other students?”
“Well, currently, most are outside. Classes have finished for the day and weather seems to be just right.” His eyes brightened. “There are a few now.”

You looked up to see a group of four walking your way. You immediately noticed one of them had blue skin and a tail. The girl next to him wore a yellow jacket. The remaining two seemed to have stopped in their tracks. One had silver hair while the other wore red glasses. You smiled as the Professor called them over.

“Y/N, these are my students Kurt, Jubilee, Peter, and Scott. They are all in your class.”
“It’s nice to meet you guys,” you greeted.

Charles smirked to himself, hearing two lines of very loud thoughts coming from the two tailless boys. He smiled knowingly.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” he paused, rolling away, “Oh! And if one of you could show her to her room-”
“I can!” both Peter and Scott yelled.
“It’s the room next to Jean’s.”

You smirked while Charles chuckled. The pair gave each other a side glare. Jubilee latched onto your arm. You smiled.

“Once you’re settled, did you want to go to the mall with me and Kurt?”
“I’ve never been to a mall,” the tailed boy exclaimed, “I’m told it is amusing.”
You chuckled again. “That sounds like fun. I’ll find you guys once I’m settled in.”
“Awesome,” Jubilee replied.
“I’ll show you to your room, Y/N,” Peter suddenly offered.
You nodded. “Alright.”
“Or I could,” Scott suggested.
“She already said I was showing her.”
“Fine. I’ll help her with her bags then,” he shot back indignantly.
“…You both can help,” you told them.

The pair stopped glaring to turn toward you. Their faces were immediately covered in a red hue. You held back a chuckle. Who would’ve thought two handsome guys would be fighting to show you your room? You started heading toward the staircase.

“Come on, then. I do want to head to the mall before the sun sets,” you teased.
“Maybe I can buy you a smoothie when we’re there,” Scott casually called.
“Or you could visit the arcade with me,” Peter contested.

You bit your lip. This was going to be too much fun.

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And While We Live (Chapter 4)



I - 3 days after arriving

Claire was lying in bed. Not one ounce of motivation to leave it, everyday just staying in an oblivious cocoon for ten minutes more, then twenty minutes more. She felt herself drowning in the pounding unforgiving sounds of her rocky heartbeat. It wasn’t like her, but her inner anchor to the world was disappearing. She opened the letter Gillian had given her the night before and reread it.

My darling niece,

I know. I am deeply sorry for this voyage you endured. There is no easy way to explain this to you, my darling, but know that what you just experienced is unique to each individual, but has been part of our family for many generations. For your own safety I can’t tell you anything more, but I promise I will, in due time.

My darling bee, you have the exquisite ability to survive. Survive by living. Like you dear papa, my brother whom I miss so much. Like your beautiful, strong mama. I can assure you with all certainty, with all the facts and notes and observations that you, my little curly wonder, will thrive. Please, don’t be afraid, trust my friends Raymond and Gillian, and LIVE.

All my love,

Uncle Lamb

II - 10 days after arriving

Dearest bee,

I wish I could give you this in person. By now Raymond already explained what exactly happened and Geillis has filled you in on the mechanisms of the process. I must confide in you I took many of these trips in my youth. Too many, in fact, and that’s why I have to wait a little while longer to be sure I can do it again…  For the most important reason of all: being able to see you again.

For practical reasons, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, born in 1918, died in service of her country. Pardon my bluntness, but please realize that this was no accident. Your destiny has been written for a long time. I know you’re hurting for Franklin. I can assure you he is hurting for you as well, this is not his fault. I promise you I will look after him for as long as I can and for as long as he needs me to. You may be asking: who are you to talk to you about matters of the heart? It will always hurt a little bit my darling… You were meant to be on this journey, as Frank was meant to be in your life for as long as he did. Both your war experiences had different challenges and this is one of them.  Trust that feeling you always had in the pit of your stomach, you think I forgot you letters to me during the war? Your concerns?

You will have more answers, but promise me you will live your life first before looking for them.

With love,

Uncle Lamb

Claire folded the yellow paper and saved it inside the envelope. She would place it inside a shoe box, next to the clothes she was wearing when she arrived. And then, she would wipe her tears and head to the library. I am sorry Uncle Lamb, but I have to know

III - 40 days after arriving

She found out Frank had gone off to America one year after her disappearance. She found a few books under his name, Scottish history of course, but didn’t dare look for more that afternoon. Would she ever know more? Had he let her go? Was he still alive?

Claire wasn’t sure she wanted to look for him, she only wanted a way to go back to her life. But she knew Uncle Lamb wouldn’t ask for her promise if he didn’t mean it. Truth is… She missed her uncle most of all. In the Beauchamp practical manner of thinking, Claire assumed that time moved in parallel on both sides of the stones. It bothered her that Frank was still looking for her and that she had no way of letting him know she was alright. If she were honest with herself, that was what she was worried about, more so than going back to her impending marriage. These days she was starting to take out her feelings from the drawers she was used to put them in. Compartmentalize was a mechanism of survival, but now that the dust was settling and she felt more calmer (Gillian was proving to be a good friend aside from Uncle Lamb’s requests, as was the mysterious Raymond), she was able to think about what she had left behind.

She felt relief in not having to please someone. In not feeling forced to arrange excuses for her desires, in not justifying her likes and dislikes, in not dealing with suspicious vibrations. Claire and Frank had a wall between them that she had hoped to tear down… But that was before.

My darling niece,

If you are not furious at the simple thought of your old uncle, know that I don’t have all the answers. I barely have any at all because my darling girl, what is meant to be is stronger than the will of men. I simply wish to make it easier for you, to cushion the anxiety and worry. I know you, your incredible ability to adapt to any circumstance. This time it won’t be different… The people you left might suffer, but the wisdom of the universe will help them too. Please remember I just wished to make things easier for you…

As I write these, you are on your way to Scotland. And I know it’s just the beginning.


Uncle Lambert

PS: Darling bee, you need someone who believes (in) you without wanting to prove anything.

Olicity: Heirlooms

Dialogue prompt from @its-all-write-my-friends : “It’s a relic!” “I think you mean ‘it’s a piece of junk’!”

“It’s a relic!”

“I think you mean ‘it’s a piece of junk’!”

“No, it’s an heirloom.”

“Why would you want to pass that through the generations?”

“Because it’s what my family do.”

“Oliver, do you even know what that is?”

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so because I haven’t been able to get the bbc merlin au out of my head, and because NO ONE WILL WRITE THIS FOR ME APPARENTLY, here have some more thoughts:

  • the emperor as the ailing and increasingly paranoid king who has all but snuffed out magic in the kingdom
  • any use of magic is banned and all suspected witches/warlocks branded as traitors and summarily executed
  • the house of lin has served the emperor for generations as magicians, until the betrayal
  • Jingyu was the only one in the royal family who had magic, and thus was already under suspicion
  • the emperor hating JY in this universe bc he defended the lin family and jingyu, and bc he continues to express the opinion that not all magicians are bad
  • NH as morgana!! But a morgana who’s fully in control of her powers and determined to hide it as well as the burgeoning powers of mu qing from the emperor
  • jinghuan and jingxuan strategically accusing ministers of using magic to get rid of political opposition/gain power and property
  • MZ as a secret magician? Except it’s easier for him to hide because his magic mostly lies in martial arts and isn’t flashy (guess whose magic IS)
  • the complete change from LS to MCS is easy to explain due to ~magic cure~
  • except now MCS not only has to hide his identity from JY but also his magic
  • he finally tells JY about the magic at some point, or JY finds out, except it only makes him more suspicious because now it’s not only the little gestures/habits that remind him of LS but also the way his magic FEELS
  • xianjing bureau carrying out a magical inquisition
  • except xia dong is starting to question if it really was magic/lin xie who killed her husband
  • xia jiang as the emperor’s pet wizard, who only escaped persecution because he uses his magic to hunt down others, and has throughout the years built back up the emperor’s trust via his thoroughness and ruthlessness
  • GONG YU AS A MAGICAL ASSASSIN just think about it ok
  • YJ’s mom died in childbirth and magic couldn’t save her, and yan dad doesn’t hate all magic but he’s heartbroken and bitter and can’t bear to look at YJ
  • no one’s really sure if jingmom is magic but her pastries are always perfect and never burns, and somehow her medicinal tonics and poultices are better than that of any other doctor
  • imagine now LS making fun of JY because he’s “as stubborn as a buffalo and just as magical”
  • MCS is still able to cast magic but the cost of being brought back from the verge of death is that it now takes a part of his life energy (and thus shortens his life), and he’s had to do more and more of it on his way to get JY on the throne and expose the truth of the massacre

I just have a lot of thoughts ok