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This is based on a dream that I had. But a blind Lance AU? Like they're on a mission and he gets hit in the face with a sort of alien electricity and loses his sight. And he has to learn to find his way around the castle and to see out of blue's eyes all of the time.


I wrote something like this! Don’t worry I’ll write another! 

You can read it by searching ‘Blind Lance’ on my blog.

The mission was going perfectly. However like most missions that the team has done, it was ruined. 

Instead of saving the village in their lions like planned, one of the paladins had to go down to the central house and stop the generator. 

The team wanted to send Pidge down but the team needed her vines and Lance was closer. 

Lance didn’t mind, he would be helpful, also what could go wrong. 


“Lance! make sure you cut the wires green, blue, and black. In that order. If you mess it up, it won’t work.” Pidges voice crackled over Lance helmet as he stared at the wires. 

“Got it Pidge!” Lance started to cut the wires. Green. It was located at the top of the wires, he snipped it. Blue, he had to dig a little deeper for that one. , but he eventually cut it. Finally, black. Lance couldn’t get a stronghold on the wire since it was buried by the other wires. Come on. Lance started to close the scissors around the wire, unfortunately this is where things went downhill. 

Before Lance could get a stable hold on the wire, there was an explosion somewhere in the building cause Lance so accidentally snip the red wire. 

“SHIT!” And Lance was consumed by a burning sensation and everything went dark. 


Lance felt a push of fresh air as he tumbled out of the healing pod into someone’s arms. He was surrounded by mostly warmth and a little bit of metal. Shiro. 

“Hey, Lance you okay?” Shiro asked, concern laying heavy on his voice. 

Lance moved his head slightly and attempted to stand up straighter. Lance moved his head around the room, black? 

“Where is everyone?” Lance asked as he reached up to rub his eyes.

“Asleep, you’ve been in the pod for almost 3 weeks now.” Shiro sat down and pulled Lance down with him so they were sitting side by side. 

“Wow, that long huh?” Lance rubbed his eyes harder. Come on, wake up eyes. 

Shiro noticed what Lance was doing, “Is everything okay Lance?” 

Lance stopped rubbing his eyes. “Shiro I can’t see anything.” 

“What?” Shiro’s eyes widened. 


It took a few examinations for Coran to conclude that Lance had gone blind due to the explosion. 

Lance was crushed, one mistake that he made cost him his sight. 

The team took it hard, but not as hard as Lance. It wasn’t uncommon for the team to find Lance silently crying wherever he was. 

It also wasn’t uncommon for Lance to apologize every time someone had to hold his hand around the castle. 

The team of course didn’t care, Lance needed support, and he would get it. 

Lance eventually learned how to walk from his room to the kitchen, training deck and the bridge. He was a bit rocky at first and crashed into walls or other people but he tried his best. 


Lance eventually learned how to make his way down to the hanger by following Blue’s presence. Lance started spending most of his time with her. Here he could vent his feelings and not feel like everyone was annoyed with him (The team wasn’t but Lance believe that they were).

“Blue what am I going to do? I won’t ever be able to see my family again, or my team or anything.” Lance stifled a sob.

Blue was devastated. Her paladin was hurting. My paladin. Her voice echoed throughout Lance’s mind. 

“Yes Blue?” Lance concentrated on her. 

What if you could see through my eyes all the time? 

“What?” Lance was confused, he knew that he could see through her eyes when flying, but not all the time. 

Our bond has gotten stronger over the past few weeks. We could easily share sight. I understand it won’t be perfect but it is better than nothing. Blue purred throughout Lance’s mind. 

Lance opened his mouth and shut it again. Could this work? “Let’s try it.” 


It took awhile to master but soon Lance would see silhouettes of object in the room. Eventually the silhouettes changed to blurred images, then into fuzzy images, like someone who needs glasses. 

Lance could only see things that were in a radius that Blue provided. 

Lance didn’t care, he still got to see his team, he still got to see himself, and he still got to see the picture that he had of his family. 

I hope you like it!!!!

Thank you!!!

Covering Up Mistakes

Hey, Lovelies, this has been in my computer files for awhile now, and since the blog is going through changes that have given me a bit more creative freedom I decided to post it, so please give it a chance. Hopefully, you all enjoy and thank you!

Word Count: 3073

The parlor was calm today as you sat in the back sketching yet another piece of art you would soon permanently ink onto someone’s skin. It was a simple enough design evolving a stormy sky with a single lighting bolt that would travel down the customer’s spine. The client, John you thought his name was but could not be sure sat impatiently beside you breathing over your shoulder as he awaited the final design.

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Your drabbles are my absolute fave! Since that clip this morning I've been trying to imagine Yousef/Sana in any capacity. Could you write a hc about them? Anything about them, really... The first time they met, them praying, when they were lil kids, even an overprotective-Elias-macho-older-bro-hurt-her-and-i-will-end-you type thing. These kids are getting under my skin, man.

Ya know…. I’ve been staring at this one for a bit, trying to choose one to do and then I realized- yo jill this is your blog, do whatever tf you want. So I”M DOING A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING. (also thanks to @imansmeskinis for the nickname help)

  • Sana can distinctly remember the first time Yousef was thrown into her life. 
  • She was ten and commanding a troupe of neighborhood girls on the playground- all of them laughing and playing chase, running fast and hard in order to catch each other. Sana was running them all down, tagging girls left and right, drunk on the knowledge that she was the fastest in the land. 
  • Then a scrawny boy barely starting his growth spurt, with strands of inky-dark hair windswept in all directions and wearing the football uniform, came into view. He was arm in arm with Elias, so Sana thought she had an excuse to stop in the middle of her race to tag-out the last girl. And she just kind of blinked for a few moments, lost in the unfamiliar pinch deep in her stomach.
  • But then Elias catches her eyes and is all what is this shaqiqa? You just going to give up in the middle of your game?
  • And the boy next to him kind of half-grins and his dark eyes meet her and she’s just-
  • She takes off after the last girl like a thunderbolt and has her tagged down within 30 seconds. And the girls are all cheering, but Sana hears none of them and instead looks to her brother and his friend.
  • Elias rolls his eyes, but comes over to sling an arm around her shoulder. And the boy (Yousef, according to her brother’s cheery explanation) smiles.
  • From then on, Yousef is everywhere.
  • He’s there when she gets home from school, playing video games with Elias; he’s there in the mornings when she’s woken up, bleary eyed and sat down at the breakfast table. He’s there when she’s done praying; when she’s relaxed and warm in her peace. He’s there.
  • He’s there when the girls Sana used to get along so perfectly with begin to taper off- startled now by the difference between Sana’s culture and their own. He’s there when Sana rebuilds and makes new friends, better and stronger, at Nissen.
  • He’s there everywhere; in her house, in her head, a constant stream of yousefyousefyousef
  • And he doesn’t seem to notice it. He just smiles at her when she walks into a room and delights in dragging her into the activities of his and Elias’s ever expanding friend group.
  • (truthfully, as clearly as Sana can remember him coming into her life, she can’t really remember a time when he wasn’t in it. It’s like her life is divided into Pre-Yousef and Post-Yousef and everything Pre is just static.)
  • One day, when Yousef comes over, Sana is doing homework in the living room and he just- plops down beside her. and she’s all Elias is in his room and Yousef shrugs and says, yeah and he’ll still be there in ten minutes. I have a bit of time. and then don’t you want to talk to me Sana? I’m hurt.
  • And Sana will roll her eyes and maybe flick her pencil at him or something and he’ll lean down and eye her notes and mention that something or other is wrong. And she’ll just lay her shrewd gaze on him and wait.
  • Then, after a good fifteen minutes, Elias will come down stairs and stop at the entrance of the living room because Yousef and Sana are huddled together- not, like, indecently, but still close- discussing Math. And Elias just bites his lip a bit because he has an idea where this is going.
  • (maybe he’s had an idea for awhile now)
  • So he intercepts Yousef and drags him off to his room, but can’t quite bring himself to warn him off Sana. Not yet. He will, because Yousef isn’t good enough for his baby sister- it’s not personal, no one is good enough for Sana. But not yet.
  • (but he does subtly insist that Yousef get to know Sana’s hot blonde friend a tad better. Noora? That could work.)
  • Only it doesn’t and Sana is suddenly not smiling as much and she can’t meet his or Yousef’s eyes anymore and there is far more here than Elias anticipated.
  • And it’s not like Sana is angry that Yousef likes Noora- everyone does. She’d blonde and beautiful and smart and mostly kind. But it’s Yousef and whether she knew it or not, Sana set her heart on Yousef a long time ago. So Sana right now is struggling to reconcile that with the current situation.
  • (If only Sana knew that Yousef had his heart set on her for just as long.)
OK, list of positive events in the Reylo Fandom...(in chronological order)

So we’ve been through a lot of bad shit. We’ve had some major divisions, too. And just imaging all of the friends many of us old cane-wielders have lost along the way genuinely makes me very depressed and I hope somehow things change some day…

So frankly I’m done reading that sad shit- let’s get started with the good!!

1. Those first two weeks after the film came out and people, still on their main blogs, started posting voraciously about TFA and started tentatively asking each other about a possible Kylo and Rey dynamic only to discover it wasn’t just them- others felt it, too.

2. The discussion in the tiny fandom over what to call the ship. There were multiple candidates, some simple, some other mishmashes of words, but eventually posts began to emerge saying “Well it’s settled then- Reylo it is.” Yep, the ship name was decided on Tumblr. And actually at the time I remember posting saying I preferred one of the other candidates (can’t remember what it is now, though- maybe kyrey?), but it wasn’t long until #Reylo became the main name and tag for the ship and, hey, you can’t fight progress. 

3. The first amazing fan art started to appear! Many of our very first artists are still with us! I remember the first original piece of fan art I ever saw for this ship came from @solarfugue(arriku) and I was instantly in love.

4. Fics were steadily being written! Through everyone’s early stories, certain patterns began to emerge- ‘force bonds’ being the primary one. These would be things that would be included in nearly every single fic as a prerequisite after February 2016.

5. Just around the very, very end of 2015, the dedicated side blogs began to emerge and the fandom began to really solidify.

6. The first big exchange (to my knowledge) was the Valentine’s Day fic exchange Feb. 2016! Tons of people got in on it, and it started rumblings for possibly more writing projects.

7. SMUT WEEK was the last few days of february going into March 2016. Basically, after a stream of people happily chatting and giggling along here on tumblr, a whoooole lotta risqué art emerged at once, and as a consequence, I declared the second or third day of this trend to be Smut Week. Everyone really grasped onto the idea with both hands and the smutty art, and even stories, POURED in for 5 solid days more. There’s not been much of a need to call another smut week, because, well, we never actually dropped back down to any innocent level since. So, anyone who’s ever tried to avoid smut in fics in this fandom, it’s my fault. I’m sorry (sort of). ^^;

8. Art Fridays! For awhile in spring, going into early summer 2016, Art Fridays, organized amongst some of the artists in the fandom, became a thing to look forward to. There’d be a secret theme and on Fridays around 8pm or so, suddenly tons of new art would emerge. It was something I always looked forward to. Later the concept morphed into ‘Shenanigans’ and is held sometimes on days other than Friday.

9. Art Fridays eventually morphed into the Reylo Anthology, a collection of artists who would still occasionally do art fridays stuff, but also worked to focus more on big themed reylo art projects.

10. The Reylo Fanfic Anthology was a concept tossed around quite a bit during Spring 2016 before being taken up by a group of writers and is still going strong to this day. There’s one large project a year, dotted with side events often centered on holidays.

11. The Reylo Sin Anthology came to be! A fanfic anthology for all the smuttiest smut fics, written to various themes throughout the year- many of them very much on the risqué side which is how they liked it. (It later became the Reylo Book of Sins and still going strong.)

12. From Spring to Summer 2016, due to new revelations from cast and crew, the fandom contracted a bit, but ultimately became more concentrated and ‘regulars’ began to emerge. Summer was also about the time that ‘metas’ pretty much got exhausted (everything had pretty much been hashed out by then), so it got a little quiet…

13. In October the Reylo Short Story Collection was announced. Focusing on, obviously, short stories, the goal was to write within the word-count limits and then publish with each story having its own custom art. A new issue is published every four months.

14. In November, two of our own, @starwarsnonsense and @bastila-bae, began an analytical podcast, “Scavenger’s Hoard”, about the new films and also with the goal of being reylo-friendly in an increasingly aggressive fandom. They added women’s voices to the discussion and have since even won awards!

15. We lost Carrie in the winter of 2016, so that was pretty terrible. But just before that happened, we were abuzz knowing a title for 9 was coming, and also anxious for the latest new years’ fic exchange hosted by the fic anthology, something that a lot of us held onto as a positive distraction in the wake of tragedy.

16. Starting around the turn of the year, changes started to take place on the SW website, namely the Data Bank, and other places- talk of ‘intertwined destines’ and ‘fascination’ and ‘links’ with regards to Kylo and Rey…could it be? Did we finally have more reason to hope?

17. In January 2017, we got the title for 8!! “Space Bear” became “The Last Jedi”, and suddenly the meta writing was back in full swing!

18. In April 2017, we got the trailer for 8! And boy did we get our hope alright. Quickly we realized many of our ‘standards’ in fanfiction seemed to have fairly correct between the trailer and cast/production commentary at SWC: Luke the underwhelming teacher, Kylo suddenly maskless and with a much reduced scar than we ever anticipated…*cough* causing us to speculate even more strongly about his anti-hero role and desire to reach Rey. The new clues and speculation quickly began to filter into fic writing.

….and here we are today! Did I miss anything? This was sort of a greatest hits in the fandom. ^^; If I missed anything, let me know! It’s getting late and I’m a bit out of it, so forgive me if I have…gosh so much has happened!! We’ve done so much!! And I’m so proud to have been with all you guys, old and new, through it all. :,)

“To Antis, with love,

A good friend of mine recently had a meltdown because of ‘antis’ posting their hate in the ship tag. Mind you he has autism and it isn’t just bordering on moderate; he can do things like interact with people, but it can be difficult holding a conversation without him changing the subject and he will never be able to live without assistance of some sort, especially because he has been suicidal in the past and has trouble holding down jobs. We’re hoping to find him work since he’s been asking, but it might be hard for him to get one after what happened recently. Let me clarify:

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Return My Feelings.

Genre | Dance teacher | Idol AU.

Pairing | Jeon Jeongguk  / Reader.

Words |  3348 words.

Conspectus | Jeongguk couldn’t hold his feeling inside anymore, he wanted it badly knowing he was taking a huge risk on doing it. 

Warnings | This is some smutty as shit. 

A/N | I have posted this once before but change the name. It called ‘Dance Teacher’ and was posted on my deleted blog BTSSmutty. This was my first ever writing smut, so please be nice to it. I’m basically cringing to it. 

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T, students, and the games industry.

So I’ve been gone for awhile. I got a job, working at Weta Workshop as a Studio Coordinator and as a result moved to Wellington, NZ.

I’m a serious game developer now.

I’m still completing my diploma at AIE (albeit now by extreme distance), and I’ve been meaning to get back into this blog for awhile. I was waiting until I thought of something solid to write about, since I wanted to write a post that was more than just “I got a job and moved countries”. 

Thankfully, I recently thought of something that I felt like I needed to write about that also tied back in pretty well with my new job. Plus I’m currently using my partner’s mechanical keyboard and I like the noise it makes when I type so here we are.

I’d really like to talk about the way we behave around our fellow students, and why it’s important to show each other respect.

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Short Announcement and HC

How about the RFA reacting to a bitter MC since the RFA once remarked that they’re not trustworthy and MC took it to heart? And then the RFA attempts to win them over? I need the angst and fluff.

Hey everybody! Uh, sorry for the disappearance hehe… well, Admin Mazz and I had things to deal with in school, and I hope you can all understand that it can take a while to get back on track when it comes to grades! (The only reason why we were gone) We really didn’t plan on disappearing for so long… We really do mean it when we say sorry! And, I’m apologizing on Admin Mazz’s behalf, due to the fact that she felt too overwhelmed to continue writing for the blog, especially because she feels she can’t keep up with school and the blog simultaniously. She’s not gone forever, though! Don’t worry! She’ll be there to type the NSFW stuff, since I’m only here for the fluff ^w^ But! I hope you guys won’t mind me taking over the blog a little bit! It’s good to be back everybody! I’m planning on posting a HC or scenario once a day! Enjoy, Anon, and sorry it took so long! :D ~Admin Lily


  • Jaehee really didn’t mean any harm this angel is so precious and would never try to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose
  • But, she didn’t know MC at the time, so she said something that might have been unnecessary
  • MC just was trying to get to know Jaehee who wouldn’t want to get to know her?
  • “Hm, I don’t think I should tell you anymore about myself too much. You aren’t exactly trustworthy.”
  • Poor, sensitive MC untrustworthy?!
  • Well it’s not like she can trust you either, Jaehee! Don’t hate me for this angel it was requested
  • “Sorry for trying to be friendly.” She’d say coldly
  • First impressions are important people
  • Jaehee is so disappointed to see MC getting along with literally everyone else except her later
  • All because MC took her caution to heart
  • Jaehee tries to make amends
  • “Hey, MC! Been awhile since we talked, just us”
  • “There are reasons why” forgive her, MC she means well I promise
  • Jaehee would apologize for what she said, explaining how she “didn’t mean to hurt MC or offend her in any way”
  • She’s also explains that when they first met, she wanted to protect herself just in case
  • But, now she would like a second chance at being her friend because she sees how kind and genuine she truly is
  • Atta girl Jaehee how can she not love you
  • Well, Jaehee’s MC is easily moved by her persistence and kind words
  • And, after she’s been apologized to, MC forgives her pretty easily
  • Not best friends right away, but
  • Friends all the same


  • Yoosung is very trusting, so of course Mama Baehee Jaehee warned him of the dangers of a hacker, like MC, while MC tried to explain herself and he immediately became terrified
  • What evil plot could this girl be forming?!?!?!?
  • “Wat do yoy want!1??!” He’d ask, complete with spelling errors and all
  • MC continued to try and explain her situation, but Yoosung didn’t believe a word
  • Jaehee’s thinkin “this is what I get for trying”
  • Whenever someone would talk to MC, Yoosung would say “careful” or “watch out”
  • Of course, not being trusted and having things go against Yoosung’s MC would make her feel stressed, irritated, and frankly just hurt
  • She didn’t mean to get here, but here she was
  • Finally, things calmed down, but Yoosung, now paranoid, continuously called MC “untrustworthy” and told her “not to do anything bad becuz I got my eye on u”
  • my not-so macho man <3
  • MC shows her true self to everyone else, staying away from Yoosung to try and avoid conflict
  • He did think she was evil after all, and that hurt her a lot
  • Yoosung began to feel guilty when Jaehee started to tell Yoosung to tone things down
  • “She seems safe now. She seems nice and sweet, so go easy on her, okay?”
  • Maybe he overeacted
  • “maybe”, Yoosung?
  • He’d apologize for being so paranoid and ask if he could try again
  • MC, being understanding and sweet, she accepted his apology and agreed like how can she not forgive him he’s precious
  • But, she’d bring it up to tease him a lot
  • “Watch out, Yoosung! We both know I’m not trustworthy.”
  • “You’re still mad at me for that;;;;”


  • Well, of course, Zen’s a lonely little sinnamon roll
  • So, if he had known MC was a girl, maybe he wouldn’t have been as mean
  • When MC was trying to explain her situation, Zen wouldn’t have anything to do with her
  • “He must be a stalker or a hacker! He can’t be trusted! What do you really want?!? How did you get here???”
  • MC’s obviously an angel innocent and didn’t do anything wrong, so she immediately becomes frustrated, trying to defend herself
  • When Seven texts, “itsagirl” the tables turn
  • Nice goin there pal
  • “Oh… a girl?”
  • “Yes,” MC would send bitterly, “I am, and I’m no stalker or hacker!”
  • Of course, everything’s just a big misunderstanding, but Zen’s MC holds grudges
  • Once she joins the RFA, she literally ignores Zen’s messages all together and it lasts for a while
  • Everyone gets to know MC better except Zen
  • Especially Trust-Fund kid
  • Trust-Fund kid gets to talk to the cute girl, but he doesn’t
  • Like, no he won’t let that happen
  • He finally has had enough of it: “MC, you can’t ignore me forever! I’m apart of the RFA, just like you! Please, give me a chance;; I’m really sorry! I’ll make it up to you, princess! I promise!;;;”
  • MC tries so hard to stay mad but he sends a selfie of himself pouting
  • Of course, he’s too handsome to turn down
  • “Fine!” MC would say, “but, just because you’re handsome, doesn’t mean you can insult me willy-nilly! Don’t call me princess either”
  • “Yes, ma’am ;)”


  • Okay, for being raised in a rich family, Jumin has bad manners
  • I’m not talking about table manners
  • I mean he has no filter
  • Like not even joking
  • Of course, he’s literally the most suspicious out of all of them since MC really wasn’t supposed to be there
  • Zen and Yoosung being adorable: “IT’S A GIRL??”
  • “Stop it, you too. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s not here for malicious intend. She can’t be trusted.”
  • Um excuse me?
  • “But, I just saw this app in the App Store,” MC would try to defend herself, “and some guy led me to this apartment”
  • Jumin’s MC is literally afraid of almost nothing so she’s ready to fight if she has to
  • “You don’t even know me, I’m trying to tell you what happened!” MC would continue to say, “maybe I’ll just go”
  • The others Zen and Yoosung immediately went against her leaving because they needed to get things figured out like how she got there and what to do about it
  • She was in Rika’s apartment after all
  • Things eventually get sorted out, but when Jumin offered for her to join, she literally just replied, “not if you’re asking, trust-fund kid.”
  • MC ain’t scared of nothing you don’t openly insult someone like Jumin unless you aren’t afraid to die
  • Jumin’s shocked. No one has ever talked to him like that
  • “Well,” MC would continue, “I was told I was ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘malicious’. Maybe, I would make you feel unsafe if I joined
  • Goin straight for the ego
  • “Well, we don’t need you here. I know I’d be perfectly safe where I am because of my guards.”
  • “Aww, you need guard to protect you, Prince Charming? That’s cute”
  • Jumin’s talking to V like “I don’t think this is worth it”
  • V’s like “no, Jumin, she’s joining”
  • “…Look, I’m willing to apologize for my harsh words, but only for V because I trust his judgement.”
  • “Well,” MC would tease, “seems mostly genuine. Because I like your face, and I like everyone else here, I’ll forgive you and join.”
  • Um, okay? She’s strange Don’t lie Jumin you think she’s pretty cool
  • And, of course, he’ll have to admit later that she’s pretty amazing


  • Seven isn’t supposed to trust anyone like
  • He’s agent 707, Defender of Justice, after all, he has to always be on guard
  • He immediately becomes interested in MC, due to the fact that he had no idea how she was there in the first place
  • she must’ve been a really good hacker
  • “Hang on, I’ll track the IP…Huh? Rika’s house??”
  • Of course, MC was already suspicious for being in the chat, but to be in Rika’s apartment…
  • “Careful, guys, this person could be really bad!”
  • “Exsqueeze me?” MC would type, scoffing, “I’m not bad! It’s not like I wanted to be here tomato head! I’m just lost after this guy led me here”
  • Of course, Seven finds his way to your info and immediately he’s blushing MC is gorgeous how could he not
  • “youractuallycutelololol”
  • Finally, things get sorted out and Seven apologizes for jumping on her so fast, “guess you weren’t so bad, huh? Well, I’m 707, but you can call me Seven~! Guess we’re gonna be buddies now, right? ;D” he’d ask hopefully
  • Not gettin’ off the hook that easy bud
  • MC just responds, taking out her anger in her own unique way “hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I don’t like your emoji… more maybe?”
  • He thinks it’s cute “Lololol”
  • “Who types ‘lololol’? That’s literally “laughing out loudoutloudoutloud… that’s like me saying rolling over fastoverfastoverfast…”
  • “;;;; I like my lololol! Everyone likes my lololol” she insulted the Lolol?! He thought this was true love?!
  • “But I don’t like you so I don’t like your lololol”
  • But he loves her already he has to win her over
  • Seriously, though, MC doesn’t really care, she gets it, but she’s just stubborn so she teases him for a while before finally giving in
  • ten puns later
  • “You’re cute, so I’ll give you a second chance”
  • Seven’s just like O////O huh?? Okay…

This might be a bit unusual for this blog, but I am going to do an analysis…of an object. That staff is one of the most interesting tools/weapons in the entire show, and they didn’t even bother to give it a name. I’ll just call it “the staff,” since that’s all Freakshow calls it, but yeah.

Like I said, this is out of the ordinary, so it might get messy, but I’ll do my best.

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How to choose a new show

Ah, it’s been awhile since I’ve written an actual post. But here I am. With some new light to shed and TV experience to share.

We’re well into July by now and that means we’ve passed most of the season and series finales of this year. Don’t worry, most of your shows are coming back next September.

I can only talk for me, but I always experience a rollcoaster of emotions during the fifth and sixth month of the year. Finishing several seasons and series, it’s dramatic. This year it wasn’t any different. I finished The Good Wife (granted, it was already done before I even started that show) and PLL in two days. Two series finales of drama shows in two days. Not the best idea.

Plus, The Good Wife was my bingeshow. Read: bingeshows are shows you continuously watch, throughout the year until you finish it. I usually have one or two of those shows. It only gets a little complicated when that show is actually one you’re re-watching and the new season starts to air. Confusing af.

Anyway, The Good Wife was my constant. If I had nothing else, I’d watch Alicia Florrick and one of her lawful romances. 

But then it ended. And for anyone who wants to know, it wasn’t even a good ending.

So what then, right? I needed another bingeshow and about 5 more shows to replace all the other shows that ended as well.

So how do you even choose a show?

Sadly for some, this is not a typical life-hack, click-bait kind of blog. No 10 steps. Or 15 tricks. Just one.

Go with your fucking gutt, damn it! After finale season, it’s pilot season. So let’s get watching.

Yes, that’s how I do it. Actually, that is how I used to do it. Now, I still sort of do it, but I’ve weathered so many shows already, I’ve almost developped a sixth sense for this.

The first step in the process is obviously recognition. If you have a subscription to Netflix (haha, of course you do), you might see a new show you haven’t seen yet pass by. You’ll see ads, Facebook posts, etc. And the show will grab your attention. Or, and this is the most powerful form of any kind of recogntion, you heard a friend talk about it. He/she talked the show up to you. That moment right there, that is when I decide to watch a show or not. Okay, I’m usually thinking “I’ll give it a shot”, but I know that usually translates into “Where are my sweatpants? Is it on Netflix? How many seasons can I binge?”

Of course, this is only when recognition turns into interest. Honestly, to me, something just sparks.

The next step is to actually watch the damn thing. At least, the pilot. The pilot is important. Every storyteller knows this. If the storyteller doesn’t know this, that storyteller shouldn’t even teach English to 5th graders.

The pilot is your exploration. You get to know your characters, and the trouble they get in. So explore, it is your right. Check out as many shows as your heart desires. Why not?

Important note: Writers tend to give the pilot a little more shock value than other episodes (for drama shows) or a little more, let’s say, shazam than other episodes (for comedy shows). Of course, because, their baby is born and they need to go stand on a big rock and hold it up for all the animals to see.

A perfect example is the Dexter pilot, where Dexter laid out all the bodies his victim had buried. Very grim. But it drew me in. You quickly realize that isn’t part of his ritual in any other episodes.

So you’re at a point where you’ve seen five pilots? What now? That’s where your gutt comes in again. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you have to like, come on!

Here’s a personal example;

iZombie. I recently started watching a zombie show. I hate that because I’m not a zombie kinda gal. I know my friends are going to crucify me for choosing a CW show about zombies over, well, The Walking Dead. But the simple fact is that I don’t really like any zombie show. Sure, iZombie even has “Zombie” in the title, but isn’t it really more like Light Zombie? Diet Zombie.

I’ve always wanted to find out what Rob Thomas had done with this new show, but I was so against the idea to watch anything fantasy or horror or sci-fi related. And zombies? Ew, no.

That misconception? Worst mistake ever.

I am always the first person to tell anyone: don’t look at genre’s. You like whatever you like. Love (for tv) is love (for tv). So why did I look at the genre for iZombie in this case? It’s so stupid. I should’ve just followed my gutt.

And I eventually did. And so far, iZombie has been great.

So there you have it, kids.

Pick a show you are interested in. Or two. Or three. Polygamy is allowed in this game.

Watch the pilot. Like it? Watch it. Still not sure? Watch another episode. It might sound simple, but I needed three episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to know it wasn’t a show for me. And don’t forget:

if you like a show, share it.

Some SS Japanese artists to follow on Twitter

After my post about the Japanese special SS tag, I got several asks about how to find good SS doujinshis and artworks of Japanese artists on Twitter, so here’s the list of my 7 favorite JP artists and a few descriptions of them, you can easily find their pixiv account in their profiles:

1.  ひな 森 @m_nmy01

My favorite SS artist of all time, Hina Mori. Mostly rated from K+ to T with a slightly shoujo-ish plot, her SS doujins are original and very in-character, especially the subtle Sasuke, always teasing Sakura and suddenly taking her by surprise :) She focuses mainly on Sasusaku themselves and their travel, sometimes Sasusakusara.

Her most liked doujin on Twitter (65k likes and 30k retweets, just wow!) is about Sasuke saying goodnight to Sakura after making sure she was sound asleep.

Some Hina’s arts are published in her Pixiv account only.

2. すず❀ウスラトンカツ❀@szk_sssk

Suzu, another popular artist that focuses mainly on fluffy, humorous and sometimes ecchi Sasusaku. 

One of her most liked and retweeted doujins on Twitter is about Boruto observing his sensei’s sweet marriage: Briefly, Boruto saw Sakura blushing while looking at the ring on her necklace and asked her what that thing was, Sakura told him it was “a secret” ( ヒミツ). Later when eating ramen with his sensei, he found out that Sasuke kept the same “secret” as Sakura. When his sensei’s wife joined them and asked Sasuke if he could have dinner with her after eating a bowl of ramen, Sasuke replied that as long as Sakura cooked, he could eat her food anytime. Then Boruto teased the lovebirds, something like ‘oh please get a room you two’, then Sasuke was like ‘Ok lets go’, leaving Sakura like ‘Hey Sasuke-kun (>///

3. もーこ @m0_ko

Sasuke in Mōko’s arts is devilishly handsome and muscular, you have been warned!! You can find many cute SasuSakuSara arts in her twitter art collection.

One of my favorite SSS doujins is about how SSS say good morning (おはよう ohayō) to each other in a normal morning at the new Uchiha family, after Sasuke was back home forever. Sarada noticed how her mother flushed and unconsciouly bent the ladle when seeing her messy-haired Sasuke-kun in the morning lol, the little girl also noticed the happiness in her father’s face when replying to her mother and compare the before & after of her family when her papa was back. This doujin will warm your heart :D 

4. いづき@iduki_kaetiiii

Sasusaku of Iduki is mostly funny, but she also has some sexy and R18 doujins in pixiv only. 

My favorite SS smut of Iduki is when Sakura was assigned a seduction mission, and Sasuke was angry when he knew this. They made love passionately and when Sasuke was about to propose to her (because married kunoichis didnt have to do seduction mission), Tsunade interrupted the couple. When Sakura was off to her mission, it was revealed that Tsunade canceled that seduction mission and encouraged Sasuke to propose to Sakura but in another suitable time. 

In her Twitter, Iduki loves to draw a happy SSS family and has several T-rated doujinshis in as well :D

5. とば(さけとば)@saketoba_ss

It took me awhile to track down Saketoba’s Twitter account since she doesn’t usually tag サスサク in her works. She doesn’t do many doujinshis but her arts are hella cute, especially the SS chibi style! Check her pixiv account, there are some R18 kind of stuff for ya lol! 

6. 瑠璃@TRumi810

Sweet and sexy are what I think about Ruri’s doujinshis. She’s a very popular SS artists and I’m sure you all know her style. Dominant, rough Sasuke and passive, moaning Sakura are her favorite lol, just check her pixiv for more fun stuff  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7. 오스아@O_SEU_A

She is an exception in this list because @oseua is Korean. Her arts are unique and emotional, especially the sex scenes which can be found in her pixiv account, plus her SS animal version is super adorable. @Oseua is popular among tumblr community with her beautiful SS art blog  (can’t tag her, dont know why, i hate tumblr sometimes >”

That’s it. Please reblog if possible to encourage SS fans to follow good Japanese artists in other social network instead of reprinting or reposting their arts without permission :D 

Lastly thank you for all sweet thank-you messages in my inbox and sorry for not replying sooner (TT_TT). 

Now enjoy your SSS feel :D 

Sooooo…let’s get to one of the meatier posts I’ve been wanting to do! I was considering waiting for My Brother’s Keeper to do this one, but establishing it from the beginning seems like a better idea. Plus, I’ve been on a roll today.

I wanna talk about Danny’s powers.

Or, more specifically, how I see them.

Looong post so it’s going under a cut.

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Okay…this STARTED as a drabble. I wanted to play around with some ideas I had expressed in some text posts awhile back but since I’m incapable of writing anything short it mutated into this big thing. This takes place during phase four, starting in the weeks leading up to the live interview on April 20th and then goes beyond that. I also went with the assumption that they’re currently living in the Spirit House in Detroit.

Genre: Slice-of-life? Maybe fluff? Definitely kinda cheesy. No ships, though there *is* tentative 2Doc friendship which I’ll warn for to be safe.

Rating: PG for language

Summary/preview: After everything he’d been through, Murdoc had come to expect a certain level of unpredictability in his daily routine. What he didn’t count on, however, was that it would come in the form of 2D casually deciding to use his phone to record videos of him while he was rummaging through the refrigerator.

Word count: around 7700

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hello fellow tumblr people,

this is going to be one of the most personal things i’ve posted in awhile. So, today is #noshameday , which is a day to acknowledge those in the disabled community, because unfortunately, we go unheard and unnoticed a lot of the time. 

My  name’s Danyelle, I’m  currently 18 and I have irritable bowel syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, scoliosis, scheuermanns disease, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, hidradenitis suppurativia, asthma, + polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Quite a mouthful, huh? Not really sure how to go about this post so please bear with me!

visible disabilities :

We discovered all this lovely stuff around the time I was 8. it started with the discoloration you see in my armpit. We thought it was a rash, but it actually has to do with being insulin resistant. (ties in with my type 2 diabetes) the discoloration is in my groin, and around the back of my neck. It feels very odd to purposely be posting a picture of it because in all my other selfies I try SO hard to hide it. Summer is always full of anxiety because of it. When I was in elementary school, Kids used to think it was dirt and make fun of me. The other thing, if you haven’t noticed,  is there is a huge scar across my armpit (its on the other one too) I have a skin disease called HS and the flares you get from those almost resemble a boil but under the skin. I’ve been dealing with that since I was 11. At the age of 16 I had to have surgery on my armpits to remove all of them. I won’t go in to detail but the recovery process after the surgery was brutal. Let’s just say it had to heal with open stitches. I had literal hoes in my arm pits. Yeah, good times. 

The third picture is to show the disfigurement of my back. I have scoliosis and scheuermann’s. Scoliosis is curves of the spine. I have two, one is 39 degrees, and the one in the lower lumbar area is 20 degrees. Scheuermann’s is another form of disfigurement. Its really hard to explain, Here’s a quote from wikipedia. –  “ Scheuermann’s disease describes a condition where the vertebrae grow unevenly with respect to the sagittal plane; that is, the posterior angle is often greater than the anterior. This uneven growth results in the signature “wedging” shape of the vertebrae “ 
Living with these two things have caused me so many problems. I am in pain constantly. And trying to find clothes can be almost impossible. I can only where sports bras because I can not find a “regular” bra with a big enough band to accommodate my curve. Dress shopping for school dances or anything was hell. It’s little things like that which make me feel “not normal”. And once again, I can’t believe I’m posting a picture of my back on purpose, because I always try to hide my back and posture in photos. 

Invisible disabilities 

when I was around 13 I had a colonoscopy to try and determine why the hell my stomach was giving me so much trouble. I was diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome. IBS ruined my schooling. I missed half the year, EVERY YEAR in middle school. In high school I decided to just get my GED because It was too much for me, and the school did NOT accommodate me as they should have. They thought I was lying, exaggerating, just didnt feel like going to class. IBS is something you deal with every day. Granted, some days are better than others but its constantly in the back of your mind. 

Depression, and anxiety had also started to take over my life around the time I left school, which as most of you guys know from my blog, I still struggle with mental illness to this day. 

Around the time they found the discoloration of my skin, someone decided we should do blood work and check everything out. I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I had a liver biopsy to get more information. We then found out my liver enzymes were high enough that I was looking at a future liver transplant. Which luckily never happened because I managed to get it under control, but that took years. no one I knew my age had these “problems.” I couldn’t relate to other kids. We also found out from the results of that blood work that my thyroid was barely functioning, aka hypothyroidism.  and to top it off I had been officially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar was and is all over the place. My doctors want to put me on insulin but are actually giving me one more shot (no pun intended) to try and get my blood sugar down on my own. I am slightly terrified. 

at 14 I was told I had polycystic ovary syndrome. I hadn’t had a period before, and once again they did bloodwork, and found out I have a hormone imbalance- too many male hormones. Which causes facial hair (I’m very lucky that I don’t have this any worse than I do.) and that explains why I don’t have regular periods. When I do get a period, it feels like I’m being attacked from the inside. Almost like my body doesn’t understand what the hells going on. 

,After going to the emergency room 5 times for a nebulizer they diagnosed me with asthma decided to prescribe an inhaler- finally. 

and last but not least the reasoning behind the medicine picture

This was to put it into a visual. All of it. I take so many medicines every single day. It’s taken me years to accept that I need medicine to basically function, and thats okay. I am so proud of myself for coming this far. It has been anything but easy. I have to constantly remind myself that I am beautiful.That I can still be unproportioned, have discoloration, and multiple other things- and still be beautiful. My disabilities don’t make me any less. 

I don’t talk about them as often as I should. I have so many friends who don’t even know all of this about me. Without meaning to, I hide my disabilities as often as possible. That is what we are taught in society. Well, fuck that. 

Here’s to every single one of you that has been made to feel like a burden, who have been constantly told if you just lose weight everything will be fixed,, who has dealt with the school and been treated like shit. To those who can’t get out of bed most of the time, and to those who still try too. You’re all my fucking hero’s. 

Pulse Points Ch 11:  The Final Chapter

Many, many thanks to all of you who have supported this story and taken this journey with me. I cannot thank you enough, and know I read and cherish every review and appreciate every reblog and retweet so very much!  

This chapter is specifically dedicated to my precious friend and soul-sister @lillie-grey  as a belated birthday gift. Please forgive me for being a week late! And I’m leaving this verse open-ended so prompts and requests will be welcome. :)

With that, dear readers, I hope you enjoy! You can read it here or on 

Christ, her feet hurt.

Regina had followed Mary Margaret from Babies R Us to Buy Buy Baby, from Victoria’s Secret for some post-pregnancy lingerie, now that the new mom had been given the green light for having sex again, to Barnes and Noble for what supposedly was supposed to be an “in and out” errand. Said errand had morphed into a prolonged search for a children’s book that was ironically out of print, followed by coffee in the bookstore’s cafe and an impromptu nap for Baby Neal. Her friend had more energy than most new mothers, Regina mused, especially those who’d undergone an emergency C-Section only weeks prior, and she was glad to see Mary Margaret acting more like herself again. She just wished her feet weren’t paying the price for her friend’s unexpected burst of energy. She took another sip of her Flat White as she snuggled her godson to her chest and rubbed his back, relishing his soft weight and his sweet baby scent as his head rested on her shoulder.

“Alright,” Mary Margaret stated, checking her watch as she returned from the restroom and took a final sip of her Frappuccino. “I think we should probably head home now.”

“Thank God,” Regina muttered, kissing Neal’s downy head as she stood. Her knees popped as her lower back protested, making her curse the questionable logic of wearing heels this afternoon. Snazzing up a little on a Saturday after wearing sensible shoes to work all week had been an appealing option this morning.

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Hi everybody,

So for awhile now, I’d been planning on going on a hiatus after the recent season of KWK ended and all the podcasts were recorded. But since Cannes was right around the corner, I figured I’d stick around until all the girls walked. But that’s done now, and to be completely honest, the kind of messages I’ve received over the last few days have exhausted me and just reinforced the fact that I need a break from this blog.

I’ve kept this blog active for years now, through school, graduation, various jobs…from at least 7 different countries and three different continents. And as you know, @dollykadulha spent countless hours recording and editing the podcast, which took a lot of time and coordination on our parts. It’s a lot to deal with! We’ve said it before, but I give so much credit to people who are able to do it on a weekly basis on top of all their other responsibilities, because it truly is difficult to manage.

I have a lot of familial responsibilities that I have to devote more time to, and as fun as it is to spend time writing on this blog, I need to give myself time to channel that creative energy into other types of writing. So I’m taking a hiatus, it may be for a week, it may be for three months…but I promise, it won’t be forever! I will continue to post gifsets, but the ask box will be closed down until I return. If you want to reach me, I’ll still be active on my personal blog (@dolores-wyatt) and you can find me on Twitter (@brookeandyy).

Thank you to those of you who have been so encouraging the past couple of months as I tried something new and a little scary. And for those of you intent on coming here to spread vitriol and negativity, I truly hope you sort out whatever is frustrating you in your life. When I get back, I hope everyone has mellowed out in the fandom and we can get back to having fun again. Until then, don’t hesitate to come talk to me privately, and I hope you all keep up on your gossip while I’m gone so we’ll have lots to chat about when the ask box opens again!


It’s been awhile since I wrote (or drew…) something on this page…

For my new and old followers: Thank you for your constant reblogging of my (very) old Sherlolly fanart and sorry if I didn’t post anything new during the last 10 months.

These past months I wanted to concentrate on my projects and on deciding what I really do to my life;in order to do this I had to put aside for awhile all the fandom stuff (and my patreon too).
It was like the first time I did my first fanart 5 years ago: at that time I was just past a very difficult and depressing time, my life was a mess and I just could not draw anything from 2 years, because I decided that become an illustrator was useless for me, so I decided to quit my expectations and become everything that the society and my family wanted me to be.
The result was that I felt empty inside, and I couldn’t stand my reflection on the mirror. I hated myself and what I had become.
One day I saw a tv show on my computer and then I stumbled on @artishocks on Tumblr… and I discovered a new world.

Starting this blog has been an act of revenge against myself and what I had become, I chose to throw myself in this fandom and I started to draw again after 2 years of silence.

I want to thank every person who had believed in me during all these years and have watched me growing up.
Sometimes it was a veeery slow process (thanks to my constant companion: the anxiety) and sometimes I had to disappear for a while from the fandom because all the hate, the wars and all the stupid trolls make me want to throw away everything (it was very exhausting, seriously.).
All this long post is just to say thank you and that I am not disappearing; I am just preparing something to return at my fanart, maybe in another form or using other tools.
Stay tuned!

A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 17 -C*NT

A/N: This is the final chapter guys! I really can’t believe how much love this story has gotten so thank you so much. I’m going to be completley honest, I never pictured this story going on for so many chapters, but after awhile I became determined to finish it. So here we are at the end. I have gotten so much encouragment from the people of this community, and it’s really helped me out in real life as well so thank you. Thank you to trixies-padding for betaing, Splatt & Taurus for the kind words and encouragement, everyone who has messaged me on my side blog with praise and encouragment, and all of the others who have loved and enjoyed this story from begining to end. I dedicate this final chapter and epilogue to you ALL. I’m like getting emotional, this chapter has been done for a few days now and I’ve been holding off on posting because that means it’ll really be over. No real TW as far as I know, just fluff and a tiny bit of angst. Thank you so much again and please, without further aideu, enjoy the FINAL CHAPTER! ❤️ xoxo C*NT

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