it has been around forever

  • Spock: Captain, Doctor McCoy--what I have just given you are traditional Vulcan adornments, created through a process which dates back to pre-reform times. They are traditionally made by hand and given to those the constructor considers close companions, and are composed of polished metals, colored glass beads, and finely woven threads found only on Vulcan.
  • McCoy: So, Spock, what you're saying is you've basically given us the Vulvan equivalent of friendship bracelets?
  • Spock: Doctor. The hobbies of adolescent humans are hardly comparable to traditional Vulcan craftsmanship.
  • Kirk and McCoy: *examine bracelets and see multicolored beads and strings, the words "T'HY'LARA FOREVER" printed on strips of metal surrounded by little golden and pale blue heart shaped beads, respectively*
  • Spock: *flicker of emotion* Admittedly, there are a number of similarities...
  • Kirk:
  • McCoy:
  • Spock: *stares stoically ahead*
Stellazzio Pizzeria now open!

Wedged into every Ul’dah resident’s mog mailbox is this small flyer.

What: Stellazzio Pizzeria, Eorzea’s first hole-in-the-wall pizza joint

When: Every Wednesday, 6-9 EST. NPC staffed outside this time, but open for RP use.

Where: Goblet, Ward 11, Plot 27 (downstairs). This is the Of the Desert FC house. Use the southeast shard, house is right there.

Other info: Deliveries within Ul’dah can be requested outside our official tavern hours (until I hire more staff). Tin Man is the restaurant manager, but you can contact any one of my alts if they are online at the time: Valia Rosa, Brinn Rosa, Ralin Thalin, Chanar Himaa, Alberic Grimmeau, or Daire Hawke.

Why??: Who doesn’t love pizza? And there’s a strange lack of weekly Goblet events. And c’mon… pizza.

But… but, lore: Vegetable toppings baked onto flatbread has been around forever. What is the history of the dish in Eorzea? *vague hand wave* It’s a traditional dish from the Old World, of course! *coughGarlemaldrumorscough*

Sweden now has a mansplaining hotline for women in the workforce to call

There are myriad ways that women can experience mansplaining in their lives, but it’s perhaps most prevalent in the workplace. “Mansplaining” is what happens when a man explains to a women something she already knows, usually in a subtly (or not-so-subtly) condescending way. Fortunately or unfortunately, the line has been set up for a specific reason and may not be around forever.

Pillows are over-rated

A/N: This has been sitting around forever!

Words: 586

“How fast do you think the food would get here if I order room service?”

Glancing up from your phone, you find your nearly dressed husband standing in the doorway of the bathroom. He has his chin lifted slightly as he attempts to perfect the knot of his burgundy tie.

“We’re leaving in fifteen minutes, there is no way it’ll get here in that time. Besides, we just ate dinner two hours ago. How can you possibly be hungry?”

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"kids are just saying they're bisexual, as a trend it's not real"

I hear a lot of baby boomers say things like that, so here is a list of bisexual celebrities they idolized to prove bisexuality isn’t some new “trend,” but has been around forever.

Janis Joplin
Pete Townshend (of The Who)
Elton John
Mick Jagger (of The Rolling Stones)
Marianne Faithful
Freddie Mercury (of Queen)
David Bowie
Dave Davies (of The Kinks)
Little Richard
Lou Reed (of the Velvet Underground)
Dusty Springfield

(feel free to add more)

“That’s not even how it works. That means YOU go back to start oh my god Yugi you said he’d be better, you said it wouldn’t happen again”

AU where the gang has game night every week, but Yami takes it WAY too seriously and ruins it for everyone else.


okay so i really love dino hands. They are very important

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Write a meta about the Moat Cailin scene, i love that scene despite the joke that was season 5

this has been in my inbox FOREVER but I’m finally getting around to it because @michelangehoe was talking about meta and it put me in the mood.

This is the scene in 5x03 where he kisses her forehead, yeah? Here’s a link to follow along! (the actual scene starts at 2:47 so skip there if the link doesn’t automatically do it for you)

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why is you anti top dan memes and isg

because they are stale. isg has been around forever and it’s quite boring nowadays (there are eight wtf) and top dan memes……it’s just not realistic. i guess we will see tomorrow during the liveshow


This Sumner landmark on the corner of Main St and Valley Ave is going out of business. The Sumner Food Center has been around forever, and people my age who are from the area still call it Joe’s Market even though it never had a Joe’s Market sign. I believe Joe owned it at one time WAY WAY back in the day and the name just stuck. When someone mentioned the Sumner Food Center was closing I actually had to think for a minute even though I have driven or walked by that store one gazillion times in my lifetime (it’s across the street from the high school and the only supermarket in town–not to mention the “new” Starbucks). It’s a total eyesore, so hopefully something good will happen on this corner. But it was a historical eyesore, so it’s sad to see a bit of local history go. I mean, where will the stoners hang out now?

Also, everyone freaking out about the sister and I’m just here “Oh yeah. I totally saw that coming.” 

I envy those who didn’t. The revelation was a bit underwhelming to me because I anticipated it. I knew something was off about that therapist from the beginning, and that theory about the “other one” and them potentially being female has been around forever. 

“Sigil For Good Luck”

requested by anonymous

I used a different sort of technique than I usually do for this one, this is actually a bind rune (the concept has been around forever), using several members of the Elder Futhark, stylized a bit. The Runes involved are Wunjo, which means joy or good luck, and Dagaz, which means daylight, and being at peace. Together these also formed Mannaz, which (to me) is the form of the person before they start on their journey. I added handles to the bottom so that the good luck is “easy to hold onto”. 

PS- these rune interpretations are my own, after studying rune poems from norse mythology. Other people might have their own feelings on the matter, and that’s ok!

Good luck!


Sigil Requests are Currently Closed While We Catch Up On The Backlog

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I've always wondered how or when the unicorn joke with Mikey started. Although I gotta admit, it's pretty hilarious. Wonder if he knows about the fandom making jokes and memes about it... 😂😂

Oh gosh, that joke has been around FOREVER. It’s probably older than some of the people in the fandom!