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[TianShan Week]

Day 7: Freestyle

…Beach time!

Hurrah, I’ve finally done all the prompts, even though I was late for almost of them! XD It has been a blast, despite losing some sleep over this! It really did get me to think about different ideas and having to draw them out in such a limited time! :’D Cheers~

Lustrous (pt 4)

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Hybrid!Kook x Reader AU

Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 

(A/N): Ha ha… Hi guys.. it’s been a while. This week hasn’t been a good one for me, from my uti to me throwing up this morning, but laying around drowning myself in water made me want to be productive for once and had me writing (finally!). Although I really need to update Interference and Wonderwall, please accept this probably crappy update for Lustrous >~<

You sigh as you pick at your food when lunch time finally comes around. Thoughts flood your mind, just as it did the whole day so far, making it difficult to concentrate in class. So far you’ve gotten a few warnings in your classes for your dozing, but that’s the least of your concern. All you can think of is the night before and the events that had unfolded.

“I think it’s in your best interest that you stay away from me from now on,” Jungkook says with a stiff expression, unable to look you straight in the eye, “Yahiko-ssi is right, and your friend as well… I only danger you.”

A grimace makes its way to your face as you continue to reminisce your conversation with the wolf-boy as he walked you home.

“I don’t think you are-!” you attempt to protest but you freeze when the taller boy turns fully towards you, almost chest-to-chest with you - looming over your shorter form.

A shadow casts over his handsome face, but fails to hide the menacing gleam of his eyes sparking that brilliant blue you’ve come to admire. You should be afraid, a small part of you screams get away from him, but another part of you is enamored by this boy as you step back to increase distance between you both.

“I’m not like any other monster you see at school (Y/n), I find that it’s in your best interest to just stay away from someone like me,” he growls, voice low before he turns away sharply and you notice the flare of his fluorescent irises fading and returning to it’s normal mocha brown.

Upon arriving at your home, Jungkook politely declined joining you and Yahiko for dinner, all through out his bull shit explanation he gave you a condescending look before bidding you both farewell. To Yahiko it might’ve been a casual see you later, but to you it was a goodbye-please-don’t-ever-talk-to-me-or-even-look-at-me-after-this kind of farewell.

Hyejin watches you with concern, your chopsticks scraping and poking at your fried rice.

“(Y/n),” she calls, repeating your name once again, this time much louder in hopes of catching your attention, however you continue to stare down at your food. Sighing, she leans over the table and nudges your shoulder slightly, causing you to flinch and look up surprised.

“Wha, oh Hyejin, whats up?”

With furrowed eyebrows, she nods her head towards your food, “I should be asking that to you, lunch is almost over and you haven’t eaten one bite of it.”

Her eyes squint at you and her mouth further turns downward when she recognizes the weariness in your eyes and the dark swells beginning to appear underneath them. “You haven’t gotten any sleep last night either, have you?”

Pouting in defeat, you nod guiltily, “Yeah… not even a wink, there’s just too much on my mind at the moment.”

“Hey.. (Y/n), I’m not forcing you… but if there’s anything I could do to help - you can come to me, rant, anything… I’m here for you!” she smiles sweetly, warming your heart at her worry.


Once your last period comes around you’re officially exhausted and can’t wait to just head home and retire in bed. At this point your head is bobbing up and down as you slip in and out of sleep, unable to concentrate on your potions teacher’s lecture about various potions and their ingredients one could create from just the base mixture they’d made previously. You’d be so much more interested if you weren’t so sleepy and bothered by the ignorance of the boy sitting beside you.

He’s been giving you the cold shoulder the whole day, in the classes you both share, in the hallway, and even now. You caught him trying to persuade your teacher to change his seat, unluckily the proposition was inevitably rejected and he’d have to sit beside you. All day he hasn’t spared you one glance, and now you’re not in a mood to argue when you’re about ready to just slam your head onto the desk and sleep.

You don’t notice but Jungkook’s watching you from the corner of his eyes. Shifting to rest his chin on his palm, propped up on the desk, as he tilts his head slightly to better watch your tired self almost tip over when your elbow slides of the desk and your head, that was resting on your hand, follows its path. Immediately you awaken, blushing brightly as you glance around to see if anyone saw that. You catch Jungkook’s gaze, the minuscule smile - you presume - that had made its way across his lips disappearing as he snaps his head towards the front. You catch the light hue of pink dust across his cheeks, and you can’t help but find it adorable.

“You saw nothing,” you pout.

He shakes his head, not offering you one glance just as he has the whole day.

“Is this how it’s gonna be?” you further frown, crossing your arms over the desk and lay your head on them, “If I were to be honest, I don’t care if you’ve done that… I’ve felt nothing but safety around you, maybe that was then but this is now-”

“You don’t know anything,” he grits, eyes squinting down at you.

“That may be so, but I know that you’ve saved me from that wendigo - you having blue eyes shouldn’t change how I perceive you to be-”

Interrupting you, a book comes down upon your head lightly but strong enough to catch your attention. Your teacher wears a sarcastic smile, twitching in annoyance at the corners as she reprimands you for seemingly sleeping and having the audacity for talking during her lecture once again. The class laugh and giggle at your dilemma, the witches whispering amongst themselves rather loudly about your actions.

“Look at her, she’s just trying to catch Jeon’s attention.”

“What a hoe, with those looks?”

“It’s not even looks, she’s a mere human! Disgusting little beings, can’t believe we gotta go to school with them.”

“Nothing can sway the Jeon Jungkook, what makes her think she’s different?”

You ignore them as you receive yet another detention from your teacher. This time however, when you’re finished and she lets you free from the room, you’re not greeted by the wolf-boy standing outside the class. The wall is barren of his tall form leaning against it and you frown at this. It leaves you to walk home alone, having to face Yahiko’s questions of his whereabouts before you can finally collapse onto your bed.

For the next week, you’re losing hope in trying to catch Jungkook’s attention, finally giving in and doing as he wants you to: keep away from him. You pay him no heed, and decide to just do as he says.


You perk up beside Hyejin, both of you stopping when a familiar brunette calls out to you and catches you by your elbow. He freezes for moment, scrutinizing your friend before returning his attention to you.

“Jimin-ssi? Whats up?” you ask, glancing at Hyejin who is staring at the ground and waiting for you to finish whatever business you have with the wolf-boy.

He laughs lightly, waving his hand in dismissal at your formality, “Just Jimin is fine! But listen-” he steps closer to whisper for only you to hear “-I’m sorry about Jungkook’s behavior, but I assure you he’s a good boy! Just trust him please when he tells you to stay away from him - you’re a human, and like he said, he might endanger you so please keep that in mind!”

“Is it because I’m a human, you guys think I’m weak and could hurt me with a tap of your finger?” you retort back rather heatedly.

“Yes.. I-I mean no… we-well partly!” he stutters, scratching the back of his head, “I don’t mean to offend you, but our Jungkookie is a special one… we just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Well he’s got what he’s been asking for already,” you sigh, “We have to head to class now Jimin, I’ll see you around I guess.”

Before you and Hyejin can leave, he stops you once more, “Wait, please, there’s nothing wrong with you, he’s just trying to think about your safety - please try to understand.”

I don’t think I can, you think as you nod and continue to your next class with Hyejin.

She glances at you as you both enter your class, taking your seats beside one another before you decides to speak up, “How do you know bangtan’s Jimin? You two seemed pretty close there.”

“Not really,” you laugh, quickly trying to come up with an excuse when there’s no way you can tell her it’s because you were with Jungkook, “I might’ve ran into him the other day while I was dozing off so…”

“Ah… you should be more careful next time!” she giggles at your clumsiness, “I’m glad you’re much better now! I was really worried for you.”

“Haha yeah…”

You weren’t any better. Maybe you looked it, but you were still worrying about Jungkook and what it is that made him so dangerous. Curiosity would surely kill you one day. It was no use worrying your head over it to the point of insomnia and stress, but still you thought about it - especially when the guy sat next to you in your potions class.

Sighing, you stretch as you finally leave the school building. Unluckily, you were stopped by a desperate classmate with after school cleaning duty and you couldn’t find it in your heart to say no to her when she explained that she had a really important date with that cute guy on the soccer team. You’ve been trying to avoid leaving school so late when Jungkook is no longer there to walk you home, but it’s inevitable when you had to stay later than usual.

Fear has you locked in its grasps as you walk your usual route, the feeling the same as that day. That’s when you feel it. This aura, terrifyingly similar to that wendigo’s, but then it seems to multiply and it doubles. You suck in a breath, quickening your pace and lowering your head, hoping that it’s just your mind playing tricks due to the fear of what may lurk in the growing darkness as the sun begins to set.

Risking a peek back, you sigh in relief when there’s nothing to fear until you turn back towards your path and a little girl has appeared out of nowhere. You don’t remember hearing her footsteps approaching nor seeing her in the distance, but that is least of your concern when she’s sobbing and bawling. She notices you and latches to your leg immediately.

“Please miss! Please help me, they- they’re going to get me… my mommy… they already got her…” she sobs in between hiccups, her small fingers gripping onto the skirt of your uniform.

“They? Who are they?” you ask urgently, looking around for any signs of life until you’re propelled forward by your hand.

“Please,” she cries, tugging at your hand incessantly.

Rustling nearby startles you both, the girl cries “we must hurry!” before she leads the way in fleeing with you in tow. Your adrenaline rises as you whip in and out of neighborhoods, before she leads you both straight into an alley with a dead end.

Catching your breath, you sigh and turn back towards the opening of the alley. The hairs on your arms stand straight up when you recognize those glowing white eyes. Sucking in a breath you attempt to turn towards the little girl only to be stopped by claws digging painfully into your waist.

“My what a doll you are,” a female’s voice, different from the child’s, rang in your ear, “What a good taste you have brother.”

Curses, you thought, no wonder you felt the aura dividing, there was two of them.

“This time you won’t be getting away,” the one in front of you says, glaring menacingly as he bears his large and sharp teeth. You struggle against the both of them, but it’s no use when they’ve got supernatural strength over your puny non-existent abilities.

“Hurry up brother, I’d like to have a taste,” the girl behind you whines as she further digs her claws into your skin.

It hurts, it hurts, you chant as you squeeze your eyes closed, I’m going to die!

He snatches your wrist, sniffing your skin momentarily before his mouth parts and he’s sinking his teeth into your arm.

Fuck fuck, it hurts it hurts, your mind screams just as a shriek leaves your mouth, eyes tearing open to see the blood that’s rushing from where the wendigo’s mouth is latched onto. Black dots your vision at the amount of blood you’re losing, but you try to ignore it as you raise your leg and swing upwards into his crotch. Immediately, he growls and lets go of your arm to tend to his jewels. In an effort to catch the female behind you off guard, you swing your head backwards in hopes of butting her face. However, she expects it, grabbing your head and smashing it into the side of the wall beside you both.

Your senses go numb, ear ringing and losing all control as you knock out immediately upon impact.

Imagine Lagertha and Ragnar wanting you both

I’ve had a really bad day an don’t see the rest of my week looking up so can I ask for a oneshot to cheer me up. Oneshot includes teenage Lagertha, Ragnar, an reader. Ragnar and Lagertha are freshly married an celebrate by joining a raid, after geting to foreign land they go to gather fire wood or something but come across the reader who has been lost in the wilds for days after running from something of your choice. Also if it ended in a romantic or platonic relationship. Thank you.
Note: For my lovely @laynpop17, because she had a very crappy day and needs some cheering up! <3 Hope you like it girl.

Summary: When you can’t handle the man your mother is married with anymore you decide to run away after he tried to beat you again. You end days in the forest, alone until you stubble up on two riders, vikings. Just married, Ragnar and Lagertha take you in there camp, both having a hugh interest in you.
Words: 1714

‘Come her you.’ The man grinned. You felt his hand leaving scars on your arm while he tried to grabb. The rush of adrenaline didn’t care if you arm started bleeding or not, you needed to get away from the man that hitted you since you were little. He wasn’t your father but he was married to your mother and since he joined your life he treated you bad. But your mother wasn’t around and after all those years you decided that it was enough, you didn’t wanted this anymore and you rather ran away than to stay. So you jerked your arm loose, causing him to fall out of balance and smacking on the ground. He grabbed your ankle and you fell on the ground, you head kicked against the floor and you got dizzy while he climbed on to you. ‘I will show you how I treat disobedience.’ He hissed. Your hand looked for something, anything to hit him with on the head. And when you found a piece of wood you didn’t think about it, you just smached it against his head, causing him to loose concious on top of you. You pulled your body from underneath him, eyes wide open when you stared down on him before you started to run for your life. He could wake up, he could come after you, he was quite the tracker. The forest swallowed you, not trying to stay on the path you zigzagged between the trees, in the mud until you were sure you head a little headstart. Blood pounded in the little wound on your head, trees danced before your eyes and you told yourself to take it a little easier. For now you were safe, a heavy men like him you would hear coming so you slided down aside a tree and tried to get some control back in you body. You ran away … not planning to go back soon.

After days you noticed your mistake. Running of without any food or clothes was the worst you could do in that moment. Not that you were starving on that moment, you found some berry’s and a small creek with fresh water. But seeing a bunny hopping by wasn’t much of a solution to your problem if you had nothing to hunt with. So you wandered through the forest, hoping that you would find some shelter, a shed in the woods, another village to regain strenght maybe. But after a two hour walk again you felt hopeless. So sat aside a creeck looking down to your own reflexion when you heared something. You jerked your head up, looking for the sound that looked like some running throught the bushes. Would he have found you? After all those days? Your body stood up, like an automatic pilot you started to run again in the other direction. You really didn’t look before you, eyes got always back over your shoulder hoping it wouldn’t be him. But when you ran on the road you bumbed against something large. The horse startled and you stopped, looking around, panting in fear. There stood two horses on the road, with a woman and a man. A weird looking man and woman. You did nothing except for staring at them. The woman looked to the man before she got from her horse. ‘Why are you running?’ She asked you. Your eyes went back to the forest.
‘There is a man trying to get to me.’ Why you where honest you didn’t know, you just had to get away from here. But honestly, looking to them wasn’t quite that reassuring to. The man still sat on his horse, a very long braid laid over his shoulder, the rest of his head bald. They looked young, the way he looked to her told you that they were in love or something like that.
‘Does he want to hurt you?’
‘Who are you?’ You asked back before you gave them any more information.
‘I’m Lagertha, this is my husband,’ she shooted him a playfull smile.
‘Ragnar.’ He ended her senteces.
‘We are viking, raiding these lands.’ Vikings? Here? You looked around again through the forest, looking for the man or at least a sound of the man but there was nothing.
‘We should get her with us.’ Ragnar said. His eyes traveled over your body and she almost did the same. Talked about a stunning woman, she was that kind. Lagertha throwed her freshly husband a new look, changing words without saying anything.
‘Do you want to come? You look hungry, we could protect you.’ She suggested. You had an option here, staying starving in the woods with him hunting you down or going with two vikings who looked at each other like they could eat each other in parts. So, you nodded and Lagertha stroked a strain out of your face. ‘Come on.’ She said walking back to her horse. She got on it, pulling you after her. You looked to the man again, Ragnar, he smiled to you but oh what was that smile a promesing one.

They fed you, she even washed your clothes and after two days in their camp you started to relax a little. They weren’t always there and if they were they maked loudly sounds in their bed. It wasn’t that you heared that for the first time but it was a lot louder than you were just. When you sat the next day outside poking the fire Lagertha came to you. The men where raiding again and for once she didn’t joined them on the raid.  ‘Why where you running from that man? Was he your husband?’ She asked, crouching down aside you to warm her hands over the fire.
‘No, he was my mothers husband. He mistreated me, hit me a lot, tried other things.’ You answered without looking up. Ragnar and Lagertha where nice to you from the beginning. Althrought Ragnar always looked to you in a certain way, you got used to it.
‘Sorry to hear.’
‘I was just tired, so I ran,’ You felt silent, looking to the scar that runned from your lower arm to your hand. Lagertha stood up, standing behind you while her fingers runned through your hair. You noticed the woman and man all had braids, it was really a matter of time before she would do it with you, she looked at it to often.
‘Do you have a husband?’ She asked, starting to braid your hair carefull.
‘No.’ You never really had anybody.
‘Do you have a lover?’
‘Why are you asking?’ You asked uncertain. She worked your braid until the end before she crouched down aside you again.
‘You are a fine looking girl, I can’t imagine that nobody wants you.’ She smiled in a certain way playfull. Her finger rested under your chin and you looked in her eyes that got some desire. ‘I would want you.’ She bited her lip, like she just said something that she couldn’t say out loud. You supposed it was just that. But what could you say? Nothing really so you only looked in those eyes of her. And like she took is as an inventation she pressed a very soft kiss on your lips. Your eyes closed in a moment before you looked back at her, a smile in misschief surrounded her lips before she stood up and walked away. Did you just … ?

And when he came back earlier on the night he was watching your back while you where making some dinner on the fire. You just felt it, eyes gazing on your body. So you stood up and slowly turned around. ‘My wife wants you.’ He smiled. She wanted you? This was some weird kind of game, what else would it be?
‘You are just married?’ You reacted, trying not to wander your eyes over his chest. He looked down in his cup of ale before drinking it empty. He placed the cup on a wooden log and walked over to you. In reaction you backed down a little. ‘I don’t understand this.’ You pointed around on the situation.
‘She can’t have you.’ He said. Offcourse she couldn’t, she was just married. Meant betrayel nothing for them?  ‘Because I want you.’ That handsome smile creeped on his lips and you jaw dropped in disbelief. She was in the tent, hardly away from the both of you. But here he stood, so close you almost felt his breath. You almost could touch his bare chest.
‘Still don’t understand.’ You whispered a little tensed. He sneaked his arm around your waist and out of reflex you putted your hands against his chest before he could pull you any closer. But seeing those strong arms you knew you never could push him away.
‘It’s a little game.’ He whispered in your ear. You swallowed, not being able to move another inch. And just like she took advantage of you silence he did to. He pressed his lips on yours, pushing his tongue between your teeth you were forced to go in that kind of passion. But he could kiss. You took in a large breath through your noice, opening your lips, tasting him. You really forgot everything around you, even Lagertha.
‘Ragnar.’ She smiled. You felt something on your neck and you startled. She stood right behind you, lips traveling over the back of your neck, down your colorbone.
‘Can we have her both?’ Ragnar asked, like you weren’t even there. His lips were so demanding on you cheek, biting your ear until you felt weak in your knees. He kissed her, while her hand followed the curves of your body. In gods name, what was happening.
‘Come with us Y/n.’ She suggested. He pulled you closer, fingers sliping underneath your shirt and you gasped, feeling his cold fingers roaming your skin. It was a weird kind sensation, he wanted you, she wanted you and they wanted each other.
‘What do you think?’ He asked.You only nodded, not in the right mind to say a thing right now. He smiled to his wife and she smiled back before the both of them took you to there bedroom. This was not really happening.

First time something else than Ivar, liked it! Tasted for more.

Okay, so it has seriously been years since I had my last follow forever. I have been super busy with school and I really appreciate the people that have stayed by me with this blog through thick and thin, as well as the new people that I have followed and became friends with. So, in order to show my appreciation, I wanted to make a follow forever. PS: Im really sorry if the edit looks crappy! I threw something together because its finals week and I made this while taking a quick study break from physical chemistry. So, here is the blogs that I absolutely love and cherish. Thank you, everyone! 


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anonymous asked:

Ren I've been having the worst week of my life. I was outted by a close friend and have now lost the majority of my friend group and am being forced to move out of my home by the end of next week. My grandmother is ill and I'm not being allowed to visit her, even tho she practically raised me. And everything has just been really crappy. And yet your spirk comics and doodles have managed to make me smile and feel happy. Idk if this message is odd, but thank you so much for your artwork.

I can’t believe I have to personally beat up your close friend now. Thank you actually because knowing that my drawings make people happy also makes me happy. And if you wanna talk about this to me more you can go off anon and I’ll dm you or something. Best of luck to you 💕

anonymous asked:

So I've been feeling really crappy and down on myself lately. Going through the process of questioning my orientation has been making me feel very distant and incapable of talking with God. But today He showed me that He's listening and knows my heart even when I'm not talking with Him and it was so encouraging! I was reading Psalm 34 and verse 22 really stuck out to me and made me feel so much hope and I just wanted to share this bit encouragement I felt in an otherwise bad week. :D God Is <3

“The Holy One redeems the life of Their servants;
   none of those who take refuge in Them will be condemned.”

A beautiful verse indeed! 


Josh talking with his mother about her suicide attempts:

The third time, you tried to kill yourself, there was, like, a day where we didn’t know if your stomach had been pumped in time. If it had been pumped in time, they assured me you would be fine. But if it hadn’t, you were gonna die slowly over two weeks.

I have had a really bad like, just the past week has just been markedly worse than my crappy but manageable situation but yknow what. I’m not pretty, I can’t draw or be charming and people seem to just latch onto me and use me up then throw me out but like. I have jumped on a live bucking bull without a seconds hesitation, I will be there for someone if I met them this morning or ten years ago, and I have faced almost all of my major challenges in life alone and at the bottom of a hill.

I’ve realized I’m not okay, but I’m pretty alright as a person.

My 4th of July 2017 Thoughts and Feelings

I’ve been really thinking about what the 4th of July means to me. This has been on my mind for almost a week now, so please forgive me for the randomness of it all.
Warning: This was written at 3:30am and reads like a mix of slam poetry and a crappy essay. This is all my own personal thoughts. I’m sorry if you are offended by anything I have written, but I needed to get this little rant out of my system.


For the most part I am not really feeling the love of my country right now. I used to be so proud to call myself an American when I was younger, but now that I am older…. I’m not so sure.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. I am very blessed compared to so many others out there that it is ridiculous really.

But over the past couple of years (these last two hitting the hardest) I have grown weary of my country.

America is out of control.

How can we claim to be a country where “all men are created equal” but an innocent black teen gets shot almost every week just because he or she is of Color? How can we claim to have “religious freedom” but turn a blind eye when a Mosque is attacked?

America is broken. Yet no one seems to care enough to try to fix her.

Skin color, religion, race…. it shouldn’t matter. We are all Americans. Why isn’t that enough??

We were built on the backs of hard working slaves. We need to admit this. Loudly! We can never forget what they went through.

We need to be able to admit our mistakes of our past. Not sugar coat it and try to forget it ever happened.

The only way we can keep history from repeating itself is to admit our mistakes and learn from them.

We need to do more for the brave men and women who risk their lives for ours everyday. We gladly ship them off to war, but when they return with broken bodies and equally broken minds we turn our backs on them. Our military Vets deserve so much more than what we give them, what the bloody VA gives them.

The 1% doesn’t give two shots about the rest of us. We know this all too well by now.

So we need to stand together and fight for America.

Trump loves using the line “let’s make America great again” yet all he has truly done is secured the future for him, his family, and those rich enough to be his allies. He doesn’t have a clue how to fix our America. Hell he doesn’t care.

America has never been great. She has been riddled with hate, racism, violence, and bigotry.

But we, the American people, can make her great. We need to stand together. We can become One and build America up to greatness…..

But first we need to learn how to love not just ourselves but our fellow man. No matter what race, gender, sexuality, or background.

I know this dream of mine won’t ever happen in my life time, but I can dream.

Can’t I?

🐾 woof.  I’m sorry for the lack of writing lately guys. I know I still owe some starters and I still have shit in my inbox to answer. barely made much of a dent even though I was trying… but yesterday and the day before came with a huge emotional meltdown basically, though I’ve been feeling iffy for at least a week or two. today was a little better, so hopefully the rollercoaster that is my mood is finally on the upward track again.

normally I don’t have a problem writing even when I feel emotionally crappy, but with a muse like Inu, even though he’s far from happy-go-lucky or full of cheer, he’s fiery, upbeat and just really has a LOT of emotion, so it’s hard for me to channel him when I’m in the dumps. though I might try to use this opportunity to put more activity into Kohaku, and Shell, since their personalities are easier to adapt to during a down period. (this isn’t a hiatus or anything, just that writing and interactions will just be slower as I try to recover for the next couple of days / weeks.) just letting you guys know. and thanks for sticking around. <3


@theresbeenamistake (1)You’re welcome!! I love it when people are also screaming over animals so honestly I get really excited when I see you’ve replied to one of my posts!
Me too, lol. Awwww, no. :( That would have been so awesome! Next summer, it definitely has to happen next summer! And then you can share pictures of the fish/animals from where you work! Aww, man. I really hope that works out next summer!!

(2) THEY’RE GOOD FROGS YES! Ohhhh! That’s the best! (No appreciation, tsk tsk. XD) We went to a river up north the other week and there were tons on them all croaking it was so loud but cool. I have some (crappy cause it’s dark) pictures of them that I’ll share some time!

(3) It depends on the bird, little birds like finches and canaries will probably be fine if they’re re-homed. Parrots? Most likely not. It’s not a good idea to get a pet if you can’t take it when you move anyway.
But birds are really amazing. I just adore them. I’ve wanted a parrot for as long as I can remember (even just a little budgie would be great) but my mom has always said no. When I was 13-14 I asked my mom if I could get a bird again and she told me if I found one that doesn’t scream and live for 60+ years I could. So after reading books and books and spending hours researching online, I got my finches! They don’t like to be held and mostly just want space, but they still bring me a lot of joy. 😊Eventually when I move out I’ll get a parrot! They’re so amazing I could talk about them for hours. 💖

All the Things I Love About You (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request:  Hey, firstly I want to say your writing is wonderful and has cheered me up on many a bad day ❤️ I was wondering if maybe, if you want to of course, you could write something cute and fluffy where the reader has had a bad day so they and Patrick are cuddling and to cheer the reader up, Patrick tells the reader all the things he loves about them and is just generally loving and reassuring? Feel free to ignore if it doesn’t inspire you, but yeah :)

I collapse on the couch with a load groan, head and body aching from a day that never seemed to end. Rolling over onto my stomach I pull my phone out of my pocket, unlocking it and FaceTimeing Patrick. After a few seconds of the ringing, he accepts my call and I can’t help but smile as his image flickers onto the screen.

“Hey babe, what’s up” he says with a grin into the camera.

Despite my sour mood, I can’t help but smile back. “Nothing really, just lying on the couch in agony and wondering what would be worse- continuing to work at my horrid job or starving to death”

“Aw come on I wouldn’t let you starve. Probably” he responds cheekily.

“Oh jeez thanks, that makes me feel way better” I say sarcastically.

“Well I try” he says, setting the phone down as he brushes him hair in the mirror. “But what happened today? Was it bad?”

I practically flinch as I think back on my depressing day, but decide not to go into it. “Nah, I’m just being overdramatic” I say with a fake smile, “Are you still coming over?”

“Absolutely!” he says happily, picking the phone back up and smiling “But I have to drop by my mom’s first, so it’ll be another hour or two, is that okay?”

“Oh,” I say, trying not to sound disappointed, “Yea of course that’s fine, I’ll see you later then”

I hold back the urge to ask him to rush over immediately- something about Patrick being here always seems to take away even the worst feelings- but I worry about sounding too clingy and high maintenance, so I just keep the fake smile on my face.

“Alright, see you then,” he says back, “Love you”

“Love you too” I respond, before watching the screen cut out.

I let out a heavy sigh as I glance around the room, deciding what to do until Patrick gets here. I don’t feel like doing anything really. A nap would be heaven, but I’ve hardly slept at all in the last week so that most likely won’t happen. Pulling myself up off the couch, I decide to start by changing out of my uncomfortable work clothes. Walking into my bedroom, I pull out one of my favorite pairs of jeans, and begin to slide them on. When I go to button them however, they’re horribly tight.

“These fit last month what the heck!” I complain to myself loudly. I grudgingly slide them back off. I pull out the next pair and tug them on, only to discover they’re missing a button.

“All I want is a fucking pair of pants, my god!” I grumble, frustrated, though probably at something other than the jeans. I give up on jeans this time and grab leggings instead, pairing them with a tank top. Dressed, I head into the kitchen and grab a glass from the cabinet, heading to the fridge. I fill the glass with water, and turning back towards the living room, my elbow glances off of the fridge and I drop the glass straight down, where it explodes. I jump back in shock and let out a groan. Cursing myself, I bend down to pick up the glass chunks, and immediately slice the tip of my finger open.

“Shit!” I yell and back away. My eyes tear up automatically and suddenly all of the anger and frustration and exhaustion flood into me, and I break down. I drop down on my butt and lean my back against the cabinets, dropping my head into my hands and just crying. I stay that way for a ridiculous amount of time, before I finally calm down enough to clean everything up, and make it back to the couch, where I promptly collapse.

Ten minutes later, Patrick strolls in the door.

“Honey, I’m home” he calls into the room brightly.

I smile at him from the couch, and reach my hands out, beckoning him to come over. He walks over and sits down on the couch next to me, kissing my forehead.

“Miss me?” he asks jokingly.

“You have no idea” I respond seriously, squeezing his hand.

The smile falters on his face as he cocks his head to the side. “Everything okay?”

“I’m fine, just tired” I respond. I can tell he doesn’t really believe me, but he doesn’t say anything.

“Well, by your request, I brought Guardians of the Galaxy” he says, hopping back up from the couch. I let out a small cheer as he pops it into the dvd player. I adjust my position on the couch so he slides behind me and I rest against his chest.

The movie plays through but I can’t seem to concentrate on it. Instead, I just kind of zone out, absentmindedly tracing the back of Patrick’s hands.

About halfway through the movie, Patrick lets out a sigh and leans over to grab the remote, pausing the movie. I let out a noise of protest and he sits up, forcing me to move as well.

“What?” I ask as he just looks at me.

“Are you okay?” he asks, concerned.

“Yea, I’m fine, why?” I ask quietly.

“(Y/N), obviously you aren’t okay, and I can tell you were crying before I got here, what’s going on? You know you can tell me anything” he asks sadly, reaching out and squeezing my hands.

“I’m s-sorry Trick,” I begin shakily, “I just had a really crappy day at work, and this whole week has been endless, I haven’t slept more than four hours in the last week, and honestly I just feel shitty about my life and about myself and I don’t really know why” I let it all out in a rush, tears starting to run down my face. 

“I’m so sorry you feel like this babe” Patrick says sadly, pulling me back into his chest and wrapping his arms around me. I lean into his chest and once again just let it out and cry. Patrick whispers things into my ear as I cry, but it isn’t until calm down and finally stop crying that I can actually hear what he’s saying.

“I love the way your eyes look when the sun hits them, when they turn from your deep chocolate brown, to the golden brown that I could stare at forever. I love that splash of freckles cross your nose, the ones that you always cover up, but that I secretly love when they start to show.”

“Patrick what are you doing?” I ask him, looking up at his face. He just smiles and continues talking.

“I love the way you never test the water temperature before jumping in, even the time we went swimming in December, when it was so cold I thought you were going to freeze. I love the way you look when you wake up, from your bed head to the sleepy little smile you give me every time. I love that you still cut the crusts off of your sandwiches, just like a little kid.”

I let out a laugh and pull away from him, playfully pushing his chest, “Seriously, what are you doing?”

“I’m listing everything I love about you” He says as though it’s obvious. I open my eyes in shock, causing him to laugh.

“What? No stop that” I say with a laugh, but he continues anyway.

“I love the way you toss your hair over your shoulder when you talk. I love the way your eyes shine when you talk about something you love. I love the way you talk in a baby voice to any animal you see. I love the way you come to every one of my shows and cheer as though it’s your first. I love how strong you are. I love that you work hard every day to make your way through school. I love your dimples. I love- “

 “Okay, okay I get it!” I interrupt him, bursting into giggles. “You love me”

“I do love you” he says, leaning his forehead against mine. “I love you from head to toe, from now until the end of time. I hope you know that no matter how hard life gets sometimes, I’m always here, and I’ll always love you”

My eyes mist with tears as I lean forward and kiss him. “I love you too Patrick, so so much”

He smiles at me, kissing me lightly again and wiping the tears from my cheeks.

I lean back into his chest, ear placed so I can hear the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. Sitting there, next to the one person who has always been and will always be there to share my burdens, I drift into a perfect, peaceful sleep.

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Bellarke prompt: "Clarke, why are you wearing Bellamy's shirt?"

[AO3] [FFN]

“Clarke, why are you wearing Bellamy’s shirt?” 

Clarke pauses in the middle of organizing the books she’s using as sources for her art history term paper. For one panicked moment she wonders if she really managed to screw up that bad, but when she risks a glance at herself she sees the familiar concert t-shirt. 

“I’m not?” she replies slowly.

Octavia leans a hip against the kitchen table and raises a skeptical eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?”

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Request: See You Later

Request: Can I have a sam one where Y/N and him were friends in high school and he likes her but then moved away. Ten years later he saves her from a demon and asks her out. Thanks c:

Word Count: 1,323

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks<3

Pulling the gloves from your (nevertheless frigid) hands, you throw them haphazardly at the side table. You flick the light on, but no sooner have you walked down the hall, do they start flickering ominously. You shrug the snow-brushed coat from your shoulders, hanging it over the chair.

“Should probably change that bulb.” You mumble to yourself, flicking the coffee machine on. You only have a couple of hours before you’re on for a night shift at the diner – Mel’s on maternity, meaning the rest of you have to pick up the slack.

The kitchen, you realise, has a strangely unpleasant smell to it. Crinkling your nose, you push the window open and take a breath of the cool air.


“Evening, fellas,” You smile, untucking the pen from behind your ear, “What can I get you?”

It’s late – nearly one in the morning – and two guys just trudged through the squeaky door. You’re the only waitress working tonight, and it’s been slow to say the least. You totally didn’t take a nap behind the counter earlier.

You take their orders, scribbling them onto a little pad and passing them through to Don, the reclusive but talented cook.

“Hey, wait a second!” One of the guys catches your attention. You turn, one eyebrow raised.

“Can help you?” You ask, leaning on the bar.

“Your name isn’t Y/N by any chance?” He asks. You glance down at your short – you’re not wearing a nametag. You nod.

“It is. How’d you know that?”

“We went to high school together for a while. Just a couple months.” He says, “West High?”

You pause, eyes widening, “Sam?”

He grins, nodding, “Yeah!”

“Good lord, how long’s it been?” You ask, pulling a chair up to their booth, “Ten? Eleven?”

“Something like that.”

He’d joined your school in the January, after Christmas. You’d struck up a quick friendship – at fifteen, you’d been a slightly awkward, studious little thing, and sure, you had your little group of friends, but you weren’t really so good at reaching out of your little comfort zone. When Sam had decided to sit by you in History one morning… well, you hadn’t complained. Those two months, you’d still swear to the day, were your best in that school, and when one day, he didn’t turn up, you’d felt a little stranded. And the next. And the next after that – he just disappeared into thin air.

And here he is, actually here, grown up and… well, once again, you’re not complaining.

“It’s good to see you.” You smile, and so does he. He scratches the back of his neck, nodding.

“Yeah, it’s great to see you, too.”

“So, what brings you into town?”

“Me and my brother-“ He nods at the other guy at the table, who raises a hand in greeting, “We travel, it’s a family business thing. It’s why we had to leave so suddenly.”

You nod understandingly, “I get it, don’t worry.”

He smiles gratefully, “So, how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been good, yeah. Got a little apartment in town. It’s a little run down, but it does the job. Between you and me, I reckon there’s a sewage problem.”

“A sewage problem?”

You nod, “Past couple weeks, it’s been… smelly. Like… rotten eggs. Sulphur?”

“Really? That’s strange.” He leans in slightly, “Anything else weird?”

Slightly confused by his interest, you shrug, “I don’t know. The electrics are kinda crappy. Light flickering and stuff? And my next-door neighbour is kinda creepy.”

“Creepy? Do I need to have a word?” He asks casually, but his brother has sat up straighter and is actually paying attention.

“No, no. He never says anything. But I can hear him outside at night and sometimes, if I look out the window, he’s just sat there in the yard looking up at me. It’s freaking me out, especially with all those people going missing.”

Sam’s about to reply, when Don calls you over to deliver the food. You take it over and leave them to eat, sitting and doodling on your notepad. Before they leave, you scribble down your address and pass it to them.

“You need anything, come find me. We’re closed here on Sunday, so that’s where I’ll be all day.” You say with a smile, and Sam nods.

“Don’t be surprised if we show up, then.”

“Trust me, I won’t.”

He leaves just before two, and at three, the snow becomes so heavy that you and Don make the executive decision to give up and head home.


There’s a light on in your sitting room when you walk in. You frown – you definitely didn’t leave that on.

“Hello?” You call gingerly. Dammit, Y/N, that’s exactly what a white person in a horror movie would say! And you know what happens to them!

There’s no sound – maybe it’s just the shitty electrics, you consider. The door is open and you walk in. At first, you don’t see anything. Then-

“You’re finally here.” A gruff, grating voice purrs, and something large collides with your head.


“Wakey wakey, girly.”

“Come on, the fun’s barely begun!”

“Huh?” You mumble, a dull pain shooting through your head, “What the hell?”

You’re tied to your kitchen chair, bound at the ankles, waist, and hands behind the chair. You wince, trying to stretch and escape.

“Hey, there you are!” He grins, voice full of false cheer, “I thought you’d never wake up.”

“Screw off.” You mutter, blinking once, twice, three times. He chuckles.

“Oh, don’t be quite so stubborn! It’ll be fun!” He pulls a gleaming knife from apparently nowhere and you could swear for a second, his eyes flashed onyx black.

I’m concussed. This isn’t happening. Just concussion. I probably tripped because I am the epitome of horror movie first-to-die idiot!

“Oh, don’t close your eyes sweetheart!” The knife ghosts over your cheek, cold against your skin, “I want you to see every droplet of red!”

There’s a huge bang, and-

“Step away from the girl!” A familiar voice demands. The man pulls away.

“Winchesters.” He growls, baring his teeth. Your head aches and your heart is racing at a million miles an hour. When he moves away, you see that it’s Sam and his brother – you recognise them just in time to watch Sam slam a knife into the man. You cry out in terror, but freeze as the man… glows?

He collapses to the floor and Sam launches himself towards you, knife working at the rope that ties your hands.

When you’re finally free, you stand up, rubbing at your wrists. Sam watches you, as if you’re about to explode on him.

“So…” You look up at him, one eyebrow raised, “You gonna tell me what that was?”

“You won’t believe me.”

“Try me.”

“A demon.”

You laugh, “Alright.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

After a pause, you nod, “I know. So… like… agent of hell demon?”


“That’s nuts.” When he opens his mouth, you merely laugh again, “Doesn’t stop it being true.”


You end up spending the night with the guys – none of you really sleep, the adrenaline of the night far too much to allow that. You break out some beers, and pass the time by catching up with Sam and meeting his brother, Dean. They teach you about what’s out there – which, quite frankly, is both terrifying and humbling. They leave not long after dawn, but just before he leaves, Sam catches you by the door.

“Hey, I was…uh…” He clears his throat, “I was wondering if you’d want to get a drink sometime? You don’t have to, it’s just-“

“I’d like that.” You smile, reaching up on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek. He grins, and seems reluctant to leave until his brother yells down the corridor for him to, ‘get his ass here right now, or he’ll be left alone in this shithole town – no offence, Y/N.’

You laugh, “See you later?”


Hey everyone! It is finally the end of a crazy long year and the start of another ahhh I cannot believe that a whole damn year has passed and a brand new one is starting! This year has been one of the hardest year for me to deal with on so many levels and I’m really really glad that it is finally over. For all the bad times and servings of crappy days and weeks on end, the best thing I’ve gotten is the gift of tumblr and all the friends I’ve made and the amazing and talented people that fill my dash and make this my happy place; i can never thank you enough <3 So with everything ending, I thought hmmm why not do my first ever follow forever! Hover on the crown before your name for a short msg :>

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I've been trying to get over someone I was in a relationship with for 3+ years. He cheated twice that I know of with the same girl and weeks ago I've finally decided to cut him loose after the girl and I fought. He still messaged me after but I told him I needed some time and that I don't want him in my life anymore because I really don't. During this time your blog has given me enlightenment but he hasn't messaged me since and it's driving me crazy to think he doesn't care. Any wise advice?

Acknowledge that something crappy happened.

Yes, it totally sucks when someone we trust deceives us. And, it can be life-altering.

It’s important not to pretend. Sometimes we rush past the feelings that are present in an attempt to appear uncaring (unhurt, really), or like we have it handled. Getting back on the horse is great and all, but let’s first acknowledge that it hurt when we were knocked off!

Having feelings doesn’t make us less able to handle tough stuff, or to come up with great solutions. It just means we’re human.

Next Identify all the feelings you do have.

For more intense events, it can take a while to pinpoint all of them.

This is essential, because identification and recognition go hand-in-hand. In doing this, we’re accepting that we are feeling these emotions. This sort of self-acknowledgment is crucial.

By the way, we’re the only ones who get to decide what is major, or minor, for us. We’re all unique, and we’ve all had different experiences that have helped mold who we are. Something that is minor for one may be major for another, and vice versa. That’s okay.

The point is not to compare the experience we are having to how others would react; it’s to self-process and move forward.

This is not about forgiveness. It’s not about taking the high road, either. Those options both involve the other person. This is about us, and what we want.


Forrest Curran

Crappy Mirror Phone Pictures

Life has been really interesting as of late. A lot of change, some good in their necessity, some bad, but still just as necessary. Beforehand I had been very dedicated to carving out time to sew a little every day. It had been over three weeks since I last sewed until tonight.

It also occurred to me that I never actually posted a picture of the finished floral skirt.

One day I will invest in a decent camera, but for now, my phone will do. I adore this skirt and the invisible zipper is to die for. I’m never going back to a lapped zipper. Never.

This is the final finished product of my white dress, minus the chiffon because I am in desperate need of a rotary cutter and mat. Despite its many many flaws, I am extremely proud. Ignore the wrinkles, I literally just got done putting the zipper on it. Self drafted body and gored skirt. Invisible zipper, and all lined. I plan on putting lace around the waist once I find some lace that I like, but that’s for later.

As for my next project, it’s extremely ambitious and I may regret the very notion of undertaking it. However, I’ve already ordered about 600 feathers, so I’m already committed. I just need to find the fashion fabric and buy a ridiculous amount of plain black cotton, but we’ll speak more on that later. I have work tomorrow, so I’m off to bed.
Yay updates!