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I’m pretty sure the whole millennial-bashing attitude in these Cars 3 articles is the article writers’ own spin on what the movie’s creators are saying.  nowhere have I seen a direct quote from the people in charge of Cars 3 using the word “millennials”, so I would tend to assume it’s mainly a cheap attempt to garner attention through buzzwords.

the “old vs. new” conflict has been around for ages–I mean, heck, it was a central theme of the original Cars.  and it can be badly done, but I’d rather wait and see for myself then just…get pissed b/c some clickbait writer is trying to make it about my generation to get more hits.



Sex, Lies, Videotape (The Intro)

Hey Derhsa Fam!!!!! I’m back with another fanfic series after “The Romans”. I never thought I’d decide to do another series but when I got these ideas in my head I just had to. This is Sex, Lies, Videotape and I hope you guys enjoy this one as well. P.S. the drama builds up fast and everything described in the footage will be a actual scene at some point in the series. Please don’t forget to give me your thoughts, comment, like and reblog. May we all continue strong in our hiatus. ENJOY!

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters as they belong to James LaRosa 

A year and a half ago Mr. and Mrs. Roman made one of the biggest decisions they could make to have a fresh start in their marriage. Ahsha and Derek decided to bet it all and move to a new city; Miami Florida. With all the drama going on in L.A they didn’t see much good happening there. Even though they were having much success in their careers they both knew that Devil’s arena was no place for anyone’s marriage. There was no mistaking that L.A. and the Devils would always be apart of who they were but it was just time to go. They both understood that the Devil’s ultimately brought them together but sometimes, that world had a very destructive affect on their relationship and they didn’t want that for their marriage. Soon after the wedding Ahsha and Derek packed all of their things and board a private flight to their new city hand and hand. Derek never sold their home in L.A. knowing that from time to time they would go back to visit family. But from that moment on they would take Miami by storm. Derek and Ahsha had to move quick because the new season was soon approaching and they both had a lot to do to jump into a new world. When they arrived in Miami, Derek’s agent had already found them the perfect place to live and they immediately bought a 2000 spare feet two story luxury penthouse condo right in the heart of the city. The residence was called “The Kingdom”. It was a six story building with only three tenants each home having two floors with a four car garages for each tenant.The Kingdom was known for being highly expensive because of its great view over the entire city of Miami, and its high security. It was definitely a place were the wealthy lived if they wanted to enjoy the city and being that they were just married the couple wanted to start embarking on a journey together that would create new memories. When the Romans arrived it was just perfect. It had all the bells and whistles. Still big enough like living in a house but not all of the extra upkeep like living in one. Ahsha and Derek was loving the city life but once they lived it for a while they both missed living in a home away from all the busy distraction so they figured when the season was over they would go house shopping this summer. Once Derek and Ahsha arrived the entire city gave them a warm welcome. They got a tour of the arena and was personally introduced to the owners of the team and their teammates. Thing moved fast and both Derek and Ahsha jumped in head first. Now a year down the line they were both in their married routine of life…………………………………..

The basketball team started practice early so Derek headed off to the arena first. Their practice usually ended the same time the dancers did so Ahsha
and Derek usually went home together. But today would be different. Ahsha got dressed for practice and headed to the arena as she was ready to see how the girls had improved on the new choreography. She placed her member’s key badge on the key pad and entered into the arena ready for another exciting week of practice with her new family; the Miami Blaze girls.
Ahsha and the girls were in the studio practicing for the game on Thursday night and they were killing the choreography. Of course when Ahsha first arrived in Miami a lot of the girls had their reservations about her coming right in and taking over. Especially for the ones who thought they would have first grabs at being the new caption and director when they found out the old one was leaving, but once they got to know Ahsha they couldn’t help but love her immediately. Ahsha was super talented, great with fresh choreography and
also a team player. The girls liked that she was such a energetic spirit with a little sass. What the girls didn’t know is that being a Devil girl helped groom her for anything. She was still Carebear at heart but she could also be very stern when then girls weren’t performing at her standard thanks to Jelena but she was also really open with adding some sexy elements to the dance and making the girls feel comfortable which she took from Kyle. Ahsha was in a new city but L.A. was defiantly the starting grounds for her. Once the Blaze dancers saw the type of responses they were getting from the fans they knew that Ahsha Roman was a great fit. This team was on a new high and they were running with it. Along with the basketball team having much success for the season the dancers always danced like they knew they were taking home the win.
Derek had just finished his shower and got dress after a hyped practice. He was heading out to leave the locker room when his team mate Drew caught up with him. Derek and Drew were old friends in the league before he played for Miami. Drew was a well rounded guy. He was married for four years and had a two year old daughter. He had played with the team in Miami for five years.
“Yo whatup D you heading out?” Drew dapped Derek up
“Yea man I’m about to head out. Today was crazy”. Derek exhaled deeply.
“Yea you know we’re about to get in they asses come Thursday night”
“Oh most definitely!“Derek and Drew bantered.
“Aye man since you heading out lets go play some pool or something before you head in”. Drew suggested.
“Nah man Ima have to catch you later on that I’m headed home. Ahsha has already been on me about us both being too busy to spend time together. I gotta go do the husband thing”. Derek said.
“Damn and here I am tryna get away from my wife” Drew joked. Derek chuckled.
“Alright man I’ll catch you later Ima go holla at Ahs real quick before I head out.” Derek stated
“Nah man Ima go with you to make sure you don’t distract these dancers for too long. I mean they’re use to us but you’re still seen as fresh meat.” Drew added lying about his reasoning for going and Derek saw right through it.
“Man if you don’t stop tryna come look at these women practice. Bye "married man”, Ima call your wife”. Derek playfully bowed Drew in the chest
“What D they might get stuck in a split or something and may need me to help them up. Plus I’m married not blind”. Drew joked.
The two men approached the dance studio and Ahsha was standing in front of all the girls as she watched them and made notes in her head. Derek and Drew waited until the number was over before interrupting. As the dancers hit their last mark Derek made his presence aware.
“Well hello ladies.” Derek walked into the room with his tall sexy stature. Ahsha looked at him and playfully rolled her eyes as she thought about her young days as a Devil girl when Derek would walk into the studio with Terrence to come and hit on her. At the sound of Derek’s voice all the women in the room stopped, but it didn’t bother Ahsha one bit. She knew how women fawned over her man. Drew waved to Ahsha and walked further into the studio to harass the dancers.
“Okay ladies take a quick five” Ahsha announced as she walked towards Derek with her hands on her hips. “I see you’re still interrupting my practices after all this time.” Ahsha said folding her arms with a slight smile on her face. “You are never were you’re supposed to be”.
“Well Mrs. Roman not much has changed. Wherever you are that’s were I wanna be” Derek smirked.
“Here I am” Ahsha retorted as she wrapped her arms around Derek’s neck standing on her toes to give him a kiss. Derek placed his strong hands around her waist and their lips met in a soft sweet peck that was too quick in each of their books but they would just have to wait until they got home for any extra love.
“Is practice over for you guys?” Ahsha asked parting from her husband.
Yea that’s why I was stopping by to tell you that I’m headed home.”
“Without me? How are you leaving your wife?” Ahsha playfully scoffed pleading with her doe eyes.
“Yes without you! I would be leaving with my wife if she wasn’t such a perfectionist. Derek raised his brow."How long are you staying?” He asked in all seriousness knowing Ahsha could practice forever.
“We’re gonna go one more hour so not long. Babe I promise I’ll be home no later then six” Ahsha pleaded. Derek pulled Ahsha into his arms for a hug goodbye.
“Alright Mrs. Roman, I’ll see you when you get home.” Ahsha tilted her head back slightly to steal another kiss from her man before they parted.
“Okay! And I’ll stop and get that Mediterranean food you like on the way home. Deal?" Ahsha added
"Alright I love you. Practice hard”. Derek smiles and lightly smacked her on the butt.
“I love you too” Ahsha said before she went back into the studio. Derek and Drew then left and practice with the girls continued.

After an hour more of a great practice Ahsha took a shower in the locker room. She washed practice off of her body and couldn’t wait to get home to her loving husband. Even though she and Derek had a few recent marriage spats over them making sure quality time in their relationship was high priority, she could tell Derek was listening to her and he was making all the extra efforts to make his wife feel special. Ahsha understood that their relationship before marriage was sometimes tough so she knew that they would have to put just as much work into their marriage as well. Ahsha got dressed and grabbed all of her bags to head home. Before reaching home, Ahsha made sure to stop by an Mediterainan grill returant that she and Derek frequent to pick up dinner. The time was now five thirty and Ahsha was staying true to her word that
she would be home by six. Ahsha finally made it home and she was ready for a relaxing continuation of her day. She unlocked the door to her home and as she walked in she was surprised at the many house guest greeting her. The first thing she saw was Derek sitting on the couch across from both of his and her lawyers and their agents standing behind the couches with unpleasant looks on their faces. Derek heard the front door open and he immediately rose to his feet and walked towards his wife.
“Ahsha…baby I’ve been trying to call you. I promise everything will be fine. I’m gonna fix everything”. Derek said rushing out in a strange tone and his eyes etched with worry. Ahsha’s brow furrowed.
“Yea sorry my phone must be in my bag on silent from practice? Fix what? What’s going on? And why is everyone here Derek?” Ahsha asked confused Derek immediately stopped. Now he had realized that Ahsha didn’t know what was happening. Not only was she about to be blindsided but he was going to be the one that had to tell her. Ahsha looked around the room and she saw that everyone knew something terrible she didn’t know.
“Ahsha Im sorry I”…. Derek held out his hands walking towards her
“Derek?” Ahsha said stepping back in confusion as her heart began to beat out of her chest. Derek was apologizing but she knew well enough not to accuse him of anything because she trusted her husband so it couldn’t be the obvious.“Derek, you’re scaring me…….. What happened?” Ahsha looked into his eyes. Derek was always so calm and always kept his composure so the fact that he looked worried about something terrified Ahsha of this unknown.
“Ahsha someone broke into our home.” Derek said giving Ahsha information little by little. Ahsha eyes widened and she clasped her mouth.
“Oh my gosh! Today? When you came home? Are you okay?” She rushed to him then looked around for any damage.
“Ahsha I’m fine and no it wasn’t today”. Derek continued. “Babe someone broke into our home while we weren’t here.”
“Derek as long as we’re fine material things can be replaced”. Ahsha looked at her husband.
“That’s the thing Ahs they didn’t take anything, but….”.
“But what?” Ahsha interrupted.
Ahsha they left something behind. That something being multiple hidden cameras. Whoever broke into our home has been watching us. Our every move and recording us”. Ahsha looked towards the living and saw what looked to be about five cameras scattered on the table the with ripped cords
“WHAT?! Ahsha said as she was trying to process what Derek just said. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN RECORDING US?” Ahsha said in a frantic voice now catching up to everyone’s urgency.
“Babe listen, whoever this is that broke into our home has leaked footage of us on the internet”. Ahsha’s heart now began to beat faster and she couldn’t control her tone.
“FOOTAGE OF WHAT DEREK?” She said hysterical.
“Ahsha calm down” Derek tried to touch her reasoning with her. Ahsha swiped his hand away.
“DEREK! What footage do they have?” Ahsha said her mood being taken over by many emotions. Derek hesitated then he finally realized that she needed the full truth.
“Baby they have footage of……. Everything”. When those words left Derek’s mouth Ahsha immediately felt sick.
“Everything?” Ahsha’s voice cracked looking into Derek’s eyes for confirmation.
“Yes” Derek said in a defeated tone.
“Oh my god” She said placing her hand over her chest. Ahsha walked over to the bar stool that sat infront of the island over their kitchen. The rooms was very still. Ahsha ran her hands throuh her hair to process her thoughts. Inside she wanted to hold on to the little ounce of hope that the situation wasnt that bad. She wanted to believe that they left their hardships in LA but her
gut was telling her that her lawyer wouldn’t be present right now if this wasn’t the worst case scenario. She sprang from the chair as she needed to see the footage with her own eyes. She rushed to go get her purse and Derek grabbed it before she could.
“Ahsha wait” Derek protested
“Derek show me the video” Ahsha said frustrated.
“Ahsha I don’t think you should see this right now” Derek barked trying to protect her.
“NO DEREK I WANNA SEE IT!!!!” Ahsha screamed as her voice cracked revealing the pain she felt inside. Derek was always very honest with her so the fact that he was trying to prevent her from seeing told her how bad it was. "SHOW ME RIGHT NOW”. She said desperately as a single tear fell from her eyes. In this moment Derek realized he could no longer protect her from the situation she was about to face and that hurt him more then anything. Even though they were going through this situation together he knew it would affect Ahsha in the worst way but she needed to know. Derek grabbed his iPad to reveal the truth to Ahsha. As she looked down onto the iPad Derek searched a popular social media profile called PalmTreeSHADE where it always uploaded all the latest gossip about celebrities. The first thing Ahsha saw was a headline that read “Racy Leaked Footage of Derek and Ahsha Roman has broken the internet. Is There A Sex Tape Press Play for Preview”. Derek opened the
video and what Ahsha saw next took her breath away. The first scene to pop up was of Ahsha sitting on the couch with her laptop answering emails wearing her grey and neon green legging with her matching spots bra. She had on her matching jacket and left it unzipped. Ahsha could tell that this was from mouths ago when she and Derek were still settling into their lives in Miami. Derek placed his key on the kitchen counter as he entered the couples home.
“Ahsha!” Derek yelled letting her know he was home. Derek appears in the frame with his athletic wear on as he just came back in from his afternoon jog.
“There’s my fine ass wife.” Derek cooed.
“Hey babe you just get back from your jog?” Derek picks her up from the couch and she wraps her legs around his waist and he place his hand comfortably under her butt.
“Yea the weather feels good out there”. Ahsha place a kiss on his lips.
“Eww babe I love you but you stink” Ahsha said feeling his skin still sticky from sweat. Derek through Ahsha over his shoulder cave man style.
“Well come on Mrs. Roman lets go get me cleaned up” Ahsha slapped her ass “And while you clean me up you can do that little thing I like”. Ahsha let out her raspy laugh and they are seen going upstairs. The footage fades into the next scene were Ahsha was in the kitchen making a meal before Derek arrives home from an away game. She was cooking her steamed zucchini on the stove and she had just finish sauteing her steak as she placed her phone on speaker to speak to her best friend Kyle who she missed terribly. They were doing some well needed catching up so
they had beem talking for hours,but the footage diplayed a very interesting part of their conversation.
“Kyle, Derek and I had our first taste of harmless trouble this weekend” Ahsha said giggled.
“Look at my Carebear taking Miami like a pro, Spill it. And you know I want all the details so don’t cheat me.”
“Well you know how it is when you’re still in the honeymoon phase. Derek and I were off for the weekend and we decided to go out for dinner. In which we got a little drunk and….
“AND!!! Kyles said excited.
"After dinner the night definatly got wild. When we got home we both were feeling our drinks and lets just say we used our entire house to release some drunk passion. But get this, you know we only have two other residence to live in the building. Two Italian brothers live on the first floor, an wealthy elderly lady on the second floor and we live in the penthouse. Each condo has two stories. Kyle we actually got a knock on the door from the police”.
"WHAT?! The police? For what?” Kyle asked shocked.
“The officer said he got a disturbing call from a tenant that was afraid because they thought someone was being abused in a fight upstairs.”
Kyle burst into loud laughter on the phone. “Oh My Gosh, Ahsha I am dying. How the hell did the old bag hear the two of you? Kyle was all over the place. “That a girl. You better be giving it to D-Ro” both of the women fell out in laughter.
“Kyle you should have seen the look on the mans face when he realized what was really happening. Then he had the nerve to say "Alright you two enjoy your evening”.
“Well did you?” Kyle questioned already knowing the answer
“Hell yes!! I can barley wear shorts to practice. I’ve been putting makeup over Derek’s love bites all week and I’ll be the first to say that their in some really provocative places.” Ahsha admitted. She heard the front door opening and she told Kyle she would call her back and the scene jumped into the next scene. Derek walked into in the couples bedroom from the bathroom with his towel around his waist as he sat on the bed to briefly speak with his agent on speaker.
Hey Derek great news, you are now the face of Men’s Sportwear Illustrated. They just teamed up with Nike and they want you D”
Damn man are you kidding me. I thought they were trying to go with Deon Lee for the next two years”.
Oh they were but they dropped that son of a bitch when they heard you were interested.They’re not gonna drop the news until early summer so we have to keep it tight but we’ve already closed the deal so its official. They’re even thinking about adding a sexy little workout shoot with you and Ahsha in the article”. Derek finishes
his conversation.The screen faded into the next scene and the footage went on. Ahsha had just come home from shopping on her off day to fine her husband but to her surprise Derek isn’t home. At first Ahsha doesn’t make a big deal about it and she took her bags into the bedroom. She is seen leaving the cameras eye view to go take a shower. She returns and she is seen in her new lingerie that she bought earlier. She would wear it under her dress tonight in hopes of she and Derek having a wonderful night that would end
explosive. She began to get ready for a night out. As she sits in front of her vanity to do her makeup she placed her phone on the counter putting it on speaker to calls Derek to see if he’s close.
“Hey Derek, where are you?”. Ahsha asked looking at her clock.
“Hey Ahs I went to meet with my agent to finalize a couple of deals then I met Shamar and Keith at the bar. We’re just having a couple of beers so I shouldn't be late coming in”.
“At the bar? Really? Are you joking right now?” Ahsha said pissed and Derek definitely didn’t miss it.
“No I’m not joking”. Derek said in a nonchalant tone. Did I miss something?”
“Derek tonight we were suppose to go to dinner and Angela invited us over afterwards”. Angela was one of the Blaze girls who was married. Derek had totally let dinner slip his mind.
"Ohh shit that was tonight? Damn it slipped my mind Ahs. I’m so sorry, let me make it up to you” Derek immediately stood up getting his wallet ready to leave.
“No no its fine I’ll just tell Angela something came up. We can do something another time.”. Ahsha said as she put her makeup brush down. She couldn’t believe Derek forgot. He was usually really good with these things and Ahsha wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but lately Ahsha felt like he was being careless.
“Are you sure I can still make it home Ahsha.” Derek asked.
“Yea I’m sure” Ahsha said in a breathy voice clearly hurt.The screen now showed a very heated argument between Derek and Ahsha. The two are now standing in front of each other in their bedroom pissed off and hurt by each others words.
“Derek its not about this "one time”. You’re never home! All you do is practice, work out, have the guys over, attend meetings, go out with your teammates. I dont care that you’re out having a good time with them, I want that for you. But EVERY OTHER WEEKEND. What the hell? You act like you dont even have time for me. You spend more
time giving your focus to other things and you leave just a little for me. IM YOUR WIFE!!! Ive never been the women to run you down and blow you up but if you tell me you’re going to be home at a certain time then you need to be here or if something changes you need to tell me”
Ahsha yelled.
“Ahsha all I wanted to do is have some beers with the guys and I called you and told you I was on my way home. Just because I’m a little late now I gotta check in with you. Fuck That!” Ahsha pushed passed Derek.
“I never said you have to check in with me all I asked was that you let me know things if they change. Is that to much to ask for. Derek that’s what husbands do.”
“Oh so since I didn’t call you I’m not a good husband now?I told you! I was on my way home. I got here a hour later I already told you why I was late. What do you want me to do?” Derek said in a condescending tone. “You know what I’m going to bed I’m not arguing about this shit with you”!
“Derek lower your voice and you have one more time to curse at me before this turns all the way left.” Who the hell do I look like. I’m not your damn airhead basketball wife and you know that!“ Ahsha said now getting really heated.
“And I cant be told what to fucking do. You know that” Derek spat back. As he sat on the side of the bed taking his shoes off. At this point Ahsha had enough. She didn’t know what had gotten into her husband but she wasn’t having it. They never argued like this but when they did it was the worst because both of them could be a little headstrong. They were both strong individuals and it was hard when they both were at odds. Ahsha pointed to the door.
“YOU KNOW WHAT, GET THE HELL OUT!! I’m tired of hearing your rude ass mouth. Goodbye!” Derek needed to get away from this argument and quick because he knew both he and Ahsha had said things to both piss each other off. Right now it was not getting through to either of them. She felt her way he felt his. Derek got up from the bed and walked towards the door to leave.
“FINE! I HOPE IT FEELS GOOD SLEEPING IN THAT BED ALONE TONIGHT. YOU ASKED FOR THIS SHIT! Derek slams the door hard enough to break it but it doesn’t. Ahsha flinches at the niose and is obviously hurt.
All of a sudden the arguing stopped on the video and Ahsha heart was beating fast. She was on the verge of tears knowing that the world was seeing a very intimate moment between her and Derek that didn’t show them in the best light. She wanted to look away so badly but she couldn’t, she was stuck. The screen went black and all of a sudden Ahsha’s nightmare only got worst. No more footage came in but you could here her and Derek still talking. This time in a more calm manner. Now they both were
apologizing in a desperate way. Ahsha notice that this exchange was only two old and a recent one.
"Derek all I want is you. Nothing else. I married you, not this! None of this matters without you Im sorry”. Ahsha said breathing hard in tears.
"No….. Im sorry Ahsha. I should have came to you in a better way. You are the most important thing in my life, and I never want you to feel neglected.” Derek said in between pleading and kissing Ahsha’s lips.
“I know Derek and I sorry if you thought I was trying to tell you what to do” Ahsha said kissing him back desperately. Their breathing getting heavier.
“Ummm tell me what to do right now” Derek said in a tone laced with sex and desire.
“Never leave me in our bed alone. I didn’t mean to push you away” Ahsha pleaded.
You can never push me away, I’m not going anywhere. Remember For better or worst Mrs. Roman I’m sorry I love you” The sound of a rip was loud and clear and Ahsha didn’t need to see what was happening to realize that it was her panties
“UGHHAAA I love you toooo” Ahsha said letting out a moan. Now finally the audio was playing different scenes and sounds as if the footage was skipping around to different parts.
Sounds of kissing echoed in the couples home and the sounds of bodies crashing against the bed were heard.
“Ughhhh baby I love it when you use your tongue. YESSSS THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! came Ahsha’s erotic moan
"Tell me where you want it” Derek’s voice sounded.
“Ummmmm Everywhere Daddy” Ahsha purred.“ARGGGHHHH Derek!!!!!
Come Here Women” Derek demanded suductivley. Don’t run now!
“DEREK YOU’RE DICK IS SO DEEP BAYYBEEE” Ahsha pleaded moaning.
“You fuckin like it” Derek cooed
“YESSSS!!! Daddy I dooooo. I love it” Ahsha said as if she was out of breath. Scenes changed and the head bored was heard banging against the wall.
“Ugh Ugh Ugh” sounds of Ahsha’s moans fade in again. Then a sound of a loud slap against flesh was heard.
“Fuck Ahsha” Derek coxed in a deep voice that rumbled in his chest from pleasure.
“Derek you’re gonna make me cum”! Ahsha moaned in a desperate tone as the bed began to knock against the wall harder and faster. “Alright you two enjoy your evening” said the police officer. The last thing hear is Ahsha cry out in ecstasy and blood red words flashes before her eyes. “LOVE,….PASSION,….WAR. Sex in “The Kingdom” Featuring the Royal Couple. Coming Soon”.
Ahsha mood was shattered and she was shaking. She could here her heart beating in her ears. She looked around the room and everyone was carefully awaiting her reaction. Tears started to well in the corner of her eyes. Her breath hitched as her eyes finally made it back to Derek.
“Ahsha talk to me” Derek moved in closer to her.
“Um Excuse me everyone”! Ahsha said quickly as her voice cracked. Before she could catch it she let out a loud cry full of agony and she ran off upstairs towards their master bedroom. Derek’s whole world crumbled around the sounds of his wife’s hurting response. Inside he was furious at the thought that someone would violate their security. If its one thing he vowed his self on was protecting his wife and someone was trying to get in his way. Right now he and Ahsha needed a private moment as they had shared enough with the class. Derek was pissed.
“Alright Everybody leave!” Derek spoke in a harsh tone.
“But Derek we need to discuss this as a team”. We need to find this person”. Derek’s attorney said nervously.
“NOW”! Derek barked not paying attention to anything they were saying right now he needed to go pick up the peaces with the women he would die for. They needed to be alone right now as their privacy was already invaded enough. Everyone scattered getting there things as they saw the look on Derek’s face and he wouldn’t tell them again. Right before their lawyer got to the door Derek grabbed his arm.
"Give me and hour and I’ll see what I can do but if I don’t call you I don’t want any fucking body knocking on my door” Derek stated clearly before he let Jeff's arm go.
“Yes Derek I understand”. After everyone exit Derek hurried upstair to find the women that controled his heartbeat. As he got closer to the bedroom he could here Ahsha heaving in their bathroom. She was frantic and couldnt control herself. As Derek waled into their master bathroom Ahsha had her hands placed on the counter with her head down crying. She couldnt bring herself to look into the mirror. Derek walked up behind her a strongly wrapped his arms around her waist. Her body tensed at his touch but she allowed her husband to embrace her. His grip was so strong. Ahsha turns around and wrapped her arms around his neck for dear life and cries into
his chest wetting his shirt. He holds her and right now this is the only place she feels safe but she is still devastated. She finally collapse into his arms and Derek brings them to the floor. Ahsha laid in his lap and sob.
“Ahsha….I am so sorry” Derek says in a breathy tone as you can barley here is voice. He was fighting back tears himself for his wife but he knew that in this moment he had to still fight to protect her.
“Derek how……how did this happen? I don’t understand”. Ahsha says through her tears.
Ahsha I don’t know, but I promise you that I wont rest until I find out who it is and I hope you’re nowhere around because I might kill this guy”. Derek admitted to his true anger.
Derek this could ruin us. Our careers, our reputations, everything we’ve worked for. I can only imagine what my mom and dad are thinking right now.” Ahsha cried “I just…..cant believe this”. Derek grabbed his wife and sat her up. He needed to talk her off the edge and this wasn’t about talking smooth or being charming this would be honest. Derek understood why Ahsha was so shaken up though. In reality a man could get away with anything. The media would just glorify Derek for being successful, the alpha male in his home and women would through their panties at him left and right because it was confirmed by Ahsha’s screams that he was sexing his wife
properly putting their curiosity to bed and other men would just applaud him. But on the other hand they would see Ahsha as the nagging wife, who fights with her husband over nothing, the controlling one. Most women would probably accuse her of being a whore even though she is only heard making love to her husband and the media would make a mockery of their marriage thinking that Ahsha allows other partners in their bed or whatever else they wanted to make up, creating lies that Derek is aggressive and she is weak. They would turn their marriage into some sexed crazed affair knowing that they’ve had the police to show up to their home because of wild
sex. Even though their relationship was so much more then solid then that and their love was stronger then sex could ever be the truth is the media wouldnt pay attention to the truth.
“Ahsha look at me. Look me right in my eyes baby. You think I would ever let that happen. Baby nothing can ruin us. We have made it through so many things this wont stop us. Im sure the media is having a field day with us right now but you’re forgetting one thing. Baby I got you and I got us. Im not saying this wont be hard but if its one thing I know is that we’re fighters and as long as we’re fighting together nothing can beat us.
"I really thought Miami would be different Derek.”
“I did too Ahsha but now that we’re in this we gotta face it. I know that you probably wanna run and hide right now, and apart of me wants to shelter you but baby we cant. Everything on that footage was a hundred percent us and we have to live in it. We’re sucessful, we’re happy, sometimes we fight like cats and dogs, we make love and on occasion or two we fuck like animals. Derek chuckled earning a soft laugh from his wife as well. “But the biggest truth about that video is that we love each other. Babe I know that something that precious shouldnt be shared with the world because people can make it into something ugly. Derek wiped away Ahsha’s tear away from her face. "But that’ll never change
that what we have is something special.”
Derek pulled Ahsha into him even further. Ahsha looked into Derek’s warm eyes and for the first time she felt calm because he was right. Ahsha gave Derek a weak smile because she could always count on him in he toughest times. Derek wasnt lying one bit and everything he was saying made complete since.
“You always know what to say” Ahsha said sniffling. “I know Ill feel better once I talk to my mom but I just cant face anyone right now.” Ahsha took a deep breath.
“Ahsha it’ll be fine” Derek said confidently. “No matter what your parents love you but most of all they know you. Trust me when I say they probably know something isn’t right”.
“Well Derek what’s our next step?” Ahsha looked to her husband for clarity. Derek kissed her on the side of her temple.
“We pickup the pieces together, talk with our lawyer and the detectives and find this son of a bitch” Derek stated.
“Derek promise me through this whole thing we’ll make sure that we’re okay and that our marriage is protected.”
“ I promise”. Derek declared confidently.

After and hour of Derek helping Ahsha pull herself together everyone arrives back to their home. Ahsha and Derek took a seat on their couch very close together. Ahsha still visibly shaken curled herself into a ball and lays her head on Derek’s chest as he place a protecting arm around her. Before everyone entered Derek instructed that he and Ahsha speak with their lawyer first. As followed the first person to enter their home was their lawyer Jeffery Stokes. Jeff sat on the couch opposite of the couple.
“Hey Jeff” Derek said nodding his head towards their lawyer.
“Hey D, I know this inst easy and its about to get a lot tougher. The detectives we have here to help with your case are outside. Now being that the situation is sticky they’re gonna have to ask you guys some tough questions”.
"What kind of question Jeff?” Derek asked in a gaurded tone
Derek they can ask the two of you anything, I just want you to be ready and prepared. Although its for the better to get more information of building the case I’ll be here the entire interview and I’ll let you know whatever you dont want to answer you dont have to. I’ll also advise you both on what not to answer period. I just need to know that you both are ready for this”. Finished Jeff.
“You ready Mrs. Roman?“ Derek inquired rubbing the side of her shoulder. Ahsha instantly thought about those same words Derek asked her when they boarded the plane to Miami but this time she wasn’t so sure.
"Yeah” Ahsha responded looking upward trying not to cry again.
“Okay, we’re ready” confirmed Derek. Now the real questioning would begin.


anonymous asked:

Can I have maybe Noyas smol bean GF surprising him at a game? :D she's also an athlete and often travels for events?? I love the blog, it's my life💖💖💖

He had always been quite envious of athletes who had a significant other to cheer them on, but he knew well enough that you desired the same thing. You often traveled for events for your own sport which is why you were never able to watch the ‘Rolling Thunder’ in action. 

“Aye, Noya! Is your girlfriend coming this time?” Tanaka grinned, elbowing the smaller male in the side.

The libber shook his head, slight disappointment etched into his features. “No, she has a game of her own today so she won’t make it.”

“That’s too bad. Neither one of you have been to a game. You aren’t upset?” And he knows he shouldn’t be, but he can’t help button want to hear your voice standing out among the hundreds of fans in the audience.

“Not really, I’m sure she feels the same way.” He sighed, rolling his shoulders a few times over before moving out towards the court.

Nishinoya wouldn’t have believed it was you peeking out from the stands if it weren’t for your small form and shrill voice. He was confused for a moment seeing as how he had kissed you good luck for your own match a few hours ago. There’s no way you would leave your team to fend on their own.

“Noya! Can you see me?” You called out, waving your arms dramatically to catch your boyfriend’s attention. He jogged over to you with an expression akin to that of an excited puppy.

“What are you doing here? I though you had a game!” 

You laughed, leaning forward across the railing as if you were telling a secret that only his ears could know. “The other team happened to forfeit because of bad weather so what better way to spend my free time than cheering my boyfriend on?” The flirtatious wink sent his way was more than enough to send a fire burning in his loins.

“God, I love you so much. I’m going to play at my best so that I can win for you.” Nishinoya beamed, flashing you his signature thumbs up.

“You better, but I’ll be proud of you no matter what happens.” Your reassurance in him no matter what happens was a huge confidence booster. He could do it as long as you were cheering at his side.

Ground Zero

Author’s note: So, a comment on “It’s My…” on AO3 suggested that it was a great follow up to “Maybe.”  I decided to undertake some Mulder-Mental-State in Season 4.  It starts here.  We’ll see where it goes.


Post Leonard Betts
Rated: G

The car ride is ringing-of-the-ears, gun-shot silent.

“I wanna go home.”

Aye fucking aye, Captain Scully.

But that is the way it has been, since John Roche.  

I hugged her in front of a court of law, in front of Skinner and judge and jury, and she’d hugged me in front of the panel of truth I knew as the X-Files, and I thought maybe for two seconds things might be changing.

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zedrin-maybe said: Payload jokes though are funny. They’re a byproduct of a game mode that has an objective, and isn’t based solely around ‘kill the enemy more times than they kill you’ So I mean, I’d rather see more of them as it implies a slightly better direction for FPS gaming :V

Aye, same reason why I think it’s hilarious that some people in Splatoon seem devoted to PvP instead of… you know, inking turf. I’ve been in matches where the opposing team lost because they kept rushing in to kill us and left parts of their ‘exclusive area’ (The area in some stages where the opponents can’t reach) unpainted.

I’d be more interested in FPS’s if there were more objective based game modes and less PvP based ones.


           The dust finally seemed to begin settling, but —- perhaps the fact that a set of boxes now lies in front of the show stage is enough of a sign that something is going to change. Instead of Chica and Felix upon the stage, however, Lauren and Foxy stand, with Freddy having been moved back for the purpose of their announcement.

            …and what the hell is Foxy wearing? Is that a captain’s getup? Oh dear. He seems to be taking things a little too seriously now.

            “Aye, ye landlubbers have been doin’ fine work in yer investigations. The Circus We–Lass has been keepin’ you a mite busier than we’d expected.” A chuckle rises from the fox, before his hands move behind his back. One of his feet presses something on the stage, causing a board to emerge from the stage as well. “But that only means yer new cap’n has had a bit o’time to prepare fer the mutiny.”

             The fox removes his own hat, using it to gesture at the boxes in front of the show stage. “An’ as yer new actin’ cap’n, ye be the crew —— an’ that means ye scalliwags ought t’dress the part!”


  • Lauren and Foxy have upstaged Felix and Chica as wardens! Foxy’s implied that it’s a mutiny, but —- could he have really acted without Circus Baby’s permission or knowledge?
  • All bricks are removed! Bonnie Glade ( @blckstrbbt ), RWQ ( @doesnotabyde ), Uendo ( @fan-tasticfour ), and the Bonnie animatronic are now freed of their restraints by bricks.

New Warden Rules!

  • Everyone is now required to dress up as pirates with the garments in front of the show stage. There’s plenty to go around, so at least they finally have a change of clothes, right?
  • A ban on salt is implemented. Perhaps Foxy is worried about more than simply Lauren being out this time around.
  • There’s a plank protruding from the stage now. Those who break the rules will be required to cross it.
  • Quarrels between adult partygoers are to be taken to the show stage, where the warden will provide them each with a ( cardboard ) sword; whoever manages to strike the other’s body first will win the quarrel. ( Please contact the mods before initiating a fight in this manner! )
  • Male partygoers who harm female partygoers ( outside of a quarrel or murder ) will be subjected to 39 lashes with a cat-o’-nine-tails.

captain-narraboth  asked:

4, 10, 26 😜

4. do you have any preferences?

im down for whomever i feel connected to, but when it comes to noticing ppl and being attracted to them w/o knowing them well i’d have to say girls 

10. who has been your supportive idols in your self discovery?

 aye, no one really? i don’t remember anyone in particular

26. favorite lgbtq actor/actress?

ummm, my bi queen katie mcgrath

pride month questionnaire

blackether  asked:

#1, 2, 6, 10

➊ How many ships do you have on this blog?

I have 3 with you, 1 with @commandier, 1 with @whathecheeze, and 1 with @wxteriism, so that makes 6 ships! And I’m totally open for more as long as there has been some development between our muses! :D 

➋ Have you ever roleplayed with someone that just left an unforgettable impression on you?

Aye. There are several people I can name, in fact, but I’ll keep it to myself since…well…I think those people already know how special they are to me and my experience as a roleplayer.<3 

➏ What’s the one thing you especially love about roleplaying your muse?

Hrm. Honestly, there is no one specific thing I love about roleplaying Keith; I just think he as a character overall is a joy to roleplay. If I had to choose, though, I think writing out his inner monologues is really fun to do. He has an interesting thought process, I think, and it tends to come pretty naturally for me.

➓ What were some of the most frustrating moments you had with your muse’s interaction with another muse?

What frustrates me is when someone’s muse constantly assumes things about my muse, i.e. there’s that ridiculous headcanon in the main fandom where people believe Keith is unhygienic, and for some reason, people LOVE to spring that onto my Keith when he is in fact pretty clean. I’ve dealt with that in a lot of interactions in the past and it honestly made me really mad. If you’re not sure about something concerning my muse, please, just ask.

I would kill you. ✧ I would physically hurt you. ( aye, cause he has, in the past. y ike. )I would attack you unprovoked. ( been there, done that lmao )I would manipulate you.I dislike you.You annoy me. ✧ You scare me. ✧ You intimidate me. ✧ I hope I intimidate you. ✧ I pity you. ✧ You disgust me. ✧ I hate you. ✧ I’m indifferent toward you. ✧ I’d like to get to know you better. ✧   I’d like to spend more time with you. ✧ I’d like to be friends with you. ✧  I’m unsure what to think of you. ✧ I’m unsure how I feel about you. ✧ You are my friend. ✧ You are my best friend. ✧ You are my mentor. ✧ I look up to you. ✧ I respect you. ✧ You are my hero. ✧ You inspire me. ✧ You are my enemy. ✧ You make me happy. ✧ I want to protect you. ✧ I would fight by your side. ✧ I consider you an equal. ✧ I think you are beneath me. ✧ I think you are above me. ✧ I would lie for you. ✧ I would lie to you. ✧ I would sleep with you. ✧ I would sleep by your side. ✧ I would hug you. ✧ I would kiss you. ✧ You are family to me. ✧ I would die for you. ✧ I might kill for you. ✧ I would trust you with my life. ✧ I would trust you with my most precious belonging. ✧ I would trust you with a secret. ✧ I would trust you with my biggest / darkest secret. ✧ I love you (platonically). ✧ I love you (romantically).

Send me a and i’ll bold all that apply to your muse.

Tongue Tied- A Summary.

Tongue Tied is about the most talked about thing within the Red Dwarf Fandom, but if you still have yet to see the official music video, starring and directed by none other then the fabulous Mr Danny John-Jules, then here is a summary of my personal favourite scenes from the shoot and the behind the scenes footage!

First thing’s first, you bet your sweet ass Danny dance’s in this! 

but he also is a dramatic director; he needs to get physically involved in the shooting of the back-up dancers (I wish I could’ve put some glitter in for him to be throwing, he’s just a solid diva)

…some parts aren’t as graceful when the rest of the gang… and Elvis… gets involved as the back up crew

I swear Robert and Craig were just there to fuck shit up- Example A (that pelvic thrust doe)

“We’ve got to perform for the camera’s Bobby!” - Example B

“R: I love a good cigar! 

C: Would you like to see my big black cigar?!” - Example C 

(multiple times during this part, shit was lost xD)

Also whilst making these gifs, the boys made some hilarious faces midst frames that I couldn’t help but share to the world!

see. total dorks.

ahh.. the duke of dork makes a cameo too :D

20 YEARS LATER AND HE’S STILL ROCKING THAT SUIT! (side-note: “you spin me right round baby right…” ok I’ll stop)

Something that has been on my mind since watching this… WHY DID HE NEED SOMEONE DRESSING HIM?!- also should I tag my porn? hahahaha

“D: You now know the secret to The Cat’s voice… jock strap. A size too small.”

You gotta love ‘em aye! 

Ok, the reason behind the idea to make this summary was from this very last piece that is basically the piece de resistance of this whole production…

… Cat finally gets some.

You really don’t know how much I’ve always wanted Cat to find someone, because he was always the one character who never did. Kryten had Camille, Rimmer had… well multiple people (including Lister) and Lister had Kochanski. I was SO BLOODY HAPPY when Cat got his first kiss :3 it’s so cute!

I hope you all liked my first piece for the Red Dwarf Series Weeks, and my first attempts at making gifs too! (just as a side-note: I made all these gifs except the one from Series 10. You’re alright to use them as long as you don’t caption them as your own original creations)

there are secrets coded into our bones, along our ribs, down the vertebre of our spines; there are truths derived and passed onto us by every single human that has come before, from the beginning of time and even before that to the null of the stars that died for us to be here. there are memories in our genetic code and we learn to walk not because there are parents to teach us but because our minds and bodies know even if we don’t that we have walked before. and when we first looked up at the sky and dreamt of all that is beyond, it’s not because it has never been explored but because our minds and bodies know, before we do, that we have flown before, and that we were once the stuff of milleniums and stars.
—  who we are

I never did one of these. How do they work? People usually put another picy down with a HUGE list of names but that’s a pain in the butt! Too much work! Or maybe I’m just lazy. Well the doodle above is like half an hour my hand isn’t co-operating

Does anyone even read what’s written on the image where theres a shit ton of names? I’m sure people just read what’s bellow in this text message box thing button clicker maker happener or they don’t read at all.

There I go off again rambling,eh?

Anyway serious mode time. Thank you everyone so much for following me! This blog has been growing pretty fast! I abandoned it for the longest time since I lost interest. But then I decided to come back and join the FT fandom here. Thank you everyone for letting me in! Thank you everyone for your continued support and help! I forgot how fun tumblr was but thanks to you that fun is back! Thank you so much giving me a warm place to come to. I had more on my mind but I totally forgot! I should start writting things down *laughs*

Now for the list. You might be thinking ‘What does it mean that my name is here?’ well theres tons of possible reasons for each person it’s different!

It’s mostly things like I like your blog! Your posts make my day, I reblog a lot from you, you reblog a lot for me, I appreciate your support for always supporting my work, I like to talk to you, you’re a friend, you’re my senpai, I look up to your work, I love your art, music, writting and etc, I see you as a fun and nice person, you deserve all of the love in the world, you inspire me, make me feel better, brighten up my day and all other mushy crap.

What does it mean if you’re not on this list? It doesn’t really mean anything. Either I don’t follow you, you don’t post enough for me to notice or simply that I forgot to mention you here oops. Or you changed your url then double oops to you.

Should you look at these people’s blogs and/or follow them?

The hell you do!! I didn’t make this list just for show! All these people are great and deserve a follow or two! Give them all of your love!

afairystail | afairytailblog | alexworkshop | aniheartneelia | anotherfairytailblogwhoops | apinkhairedpyromaniac | arbokkk | berryjewel | blamedorange | blanania | bludy-chu | bonneyq |

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Thank you once again everyone for making my dash a warm place to come to! Thank you for the laughs, for all tears and for everything that’s yet to come! 

This has been Captain Shadoo! See you all next time! AYE SIR!




oh my fuck it is





Rain On Me Chapter 10

Thank you all for the all the love I’ve received on this series! It’s very much appreciated. This chapter will be the last and there will be an epilogue to tie up loose ends! Everything picks up 6 months after Ahsha breaks the baby news to Derek. Like, comment, reblog as much as you want, or not ;) @wicked-gamesofdersha Sis, prepare to be flustered! P.S. This is my first time writing out this subject so I really hope you guys enjoy how I did it. Happy reading Dersha Fam! 

6 Months Later

“Ahsha I said no”


“NO baby my ass you’re not going end of discussion”

Derek walked in circles around their bedroom while Ahsha followed behind trying to get him to change his mind. The couple had been going at each other like this for about an hour. Things started to look up for the couple now that Derek knows about the pregnancy. With their nuptials fastly approaching & a baby coming very soon, it was only right for their two best friends to guarantee them some single life fun before tying the knot. A bachelor & bachelorette party was set up tonight for the pair but Derek wasn’t in a party mood nor was he trying to share his pregnant fiancée with a bunch of male strippers & friends he knows Kyle arranged for her.


She sighs deeply.

“Ahsha No! I don’t want a whole bunch of shirtless niggas gawking at my woman and risking the life of our child.”

Ahsha’s eyes softened recognizing her fiancés real concern about this party. She walks over to him, places her palm on his face, caressing his cheek. She leans forward, pressing her lips onto his, letting her lips stay on his a long time. He closes his eyes letting the kiss calm the voices in his head. She parts from him, her hands on his shoulders.

“Derek I want you to listen to me. Nothing is going to happen to me or our baby. I know your worried cuz of the past but this is now, & this…”

She says grabbing his hand placing it on her belly.

“Is our blessing. We’ve been through so much & now that we have a chance to start over, I want us both to enjoy it. In two days I will be Mrs. Ahsha Hayes Roman & I will be yours, forever. We get to start our family. I have everything I’ve always wanted but more importantly I have you. We have each other and that’s the only thing that matters right here. I think we owe it to ourselves to have just a little fun. You think you can do that?”

Derek exhales loudly.

“What about the baby?”

“The baby will be fine, I’ll make sure of that”

She links her fingers with his.

“You promise?”

Pulling out his pinky.

“I promise”

She connects her pinky with his, kissing his thumb.

“Okay. Wait I have a request tho”

“What is it Roman?”

“I want to go to the doctor & get a second ultra sound to make sure the baby’s okay”

She rolls her eyes, sighing, becoming frustrated.

“Derek we already been to the doctor this morning. They’re just gonna tell us the same thing”

“Ahsha please, for my sanity I need this”

“Ugh, Fine but let’s make it quick, the party starts @ 8”

“It’ll be quick babe”

She moves away from him responding

“I’ll be the judge of that”

He follows her downstairs and out the front door. Derek grabs her hand, helping her down the steps, reaching the car. He opens the door to the truck and waits until she’s in before slipping into the driver’s seat. They drive in silence for about 20 minutes before reaching Memorial Medical. Ahsha glances from the window back to Derek. He reaches over, one hand on the steering wheel, the other rubbing her belly.

“I love you”

Turning his head, she faces him,

“We love you too”

Lacing their fingers together.    

They remain holding hands until Derek pulls into the parking garage of the hospital. He puts the car in park, getting out going to Ahsha’s side. Nine months pregnant now with her belly poking out, he helps her out of the car placing his hand on her backside protectively. They power walk into the entrance, running into their doctor.

“Derek! Ahsha! Well this I wasn’t expecting considering I seen you two hours ago, so what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Hi Doc, were sorry to just come here without an appointment, we were just hoping to get another ultra sound”

“Wait why everything’s okay right?”

The doctor speaks anxiously.

“Yes yes everything seems to be we just want to make sure a party won’t be hazardous to our child” Derek says.

Ahsha turns giving him the look of death.

“Hazardous? Really Derek?”

“What? There’s nothing wrong with me being a concerned father”

“Concerned? More like obsessed”

She scoffs.

“Okay concerned father and not so concerned mother why don’t we step into my office and check it out. I’m sure we can get this in before my next appointment. Follow me”

The doctor spoke leading them to the room. Ahsha struggles getting in position so Derek helps her lay on the operating chair. The doctor turns the machine on, giving Derek the jelly. She lifts up her dress and he pours the cold substance over her large belly. The doctor drags the monitor over her stomach spreading the jelly all over.

“Okay concerned father there’s your perfectly healthy baby. All hair, ears, legs, & feet are all in place the way they should be. Heart beat is pretty stable and it is moving around just fine in your fiancées womb”

Derek smiles proudly at Ahsha, grabbing her hand, kissing it.

“You were right babe”

“Well I told you about a billion times that everything was fine, worry ward”

Ahsha jokes.

“Derek this woman is marrying you in two days, and is carrying your child, you shouldn’t ever doubt her”

The doctor said to him.

“Your probably right doc”

“Probably? Boy I went to school for this, don’t come for me!”

Ahsha laughs loudly at the doctor’s comment.

The doctor and Derek join in the laughter as she turns off the machine to print out the picture.

“Are you sure you guys don’t want to know what you’re carrying? It’s never to late to change your mind?”

The doctor asks them.

The couple look at each other, once, twice, & say “No” In unison. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to know because they did. But losing a child their first time conceiving gave them an new perspective. They wanted to be married before the baby comes that way when their child comes into this world, the parents would be married and they’d be entered into a family. & they didn’t want to find out if it was a girl or boy until she gave birth because they wanted to make sure that, girl or boy, they’d feel loved unconditionally.

“Okay. Here’s that for ya.”

Handing over the picture to Ahsha.

She smiles, tears threatening to leave her eyes.

“Boy or girl, we can’t wait to meet our blessing


“ALRIGHT LADIES…Lets crank this thang up a little louder…DJ drop that beat”

Kyle Screams over the microphone at club Rome. All The devil girls and friends from college came together to celebrate Ahsha’s upcoming nuptials, hosted by her crazy bestie Kyle Hart. Drinks were flowing, music was jumping and everyone looked dressed to kill as Ahsha walked in the club. Her choice of outfit was a red and black dress with sparkles all over, her breasts perking out, her hair curled and pinned up in a pony tail and light makeup, giving her pregnancy glow a force to be reckoned with. As she walks in, the spotlight flashes on her and beneath her feet is a red carpet at her display.


Kyle announces, snapping her fingers giving the DJ the greenlight to cue the music. Everyone screams her name clapping and Dangerous Woman sounds through the club as an group of delicious, chocolate men lift her up off her feet, carrying her to her seat where she can sit like the queen she is. Once finally seated, she thanks the men by blowing them all a kiss and as a group they crowded her planting kisses on her cheeks. ‘We Love You Ahsha’ they sing together, her face turns red as a tomato, blushing very hard. Kyle hurriedly walks over, gifts in hand to hug her best friend. As her maid of honor, it was Kyle’s duty to make sure her big day goes perfect and that this party would be a night she’d never forget.

“Carebear You look stunning! Are you ready for some fun?”

“HELL YEAH I Am! Let’s Do It!!!”

“Well ya’ll heard the woman, let’s get this party starteeeedd!!!!”

Kyle booms.  

Meanwhile back at the mansion, Derek’s bachelor party was wild. Terrence as the host, he managed to get every guy on the team to come help celebrate His best friends last weekend as a free man and considering how much his best friend enjoyed the single life, who knows what kind of trouble he’d get Derek into. The men are talking among themselves, making jokes, talking about sports and more importantly…women as the bachelor and his host indulged in some drinks.

“One Two Three, Go!”

Terrence demands as he and Derek take 3 shots of tequila to the head. The last shot leaves an after taste in Derek’s mouth. Grabbing the bottle, he pours himself another shot.

“How You Feeling Man?”

“Pretty Damn Good T, The baby’s fine, Ahsha’s fine, the weddings in two days, I got my main man here with me. Life couldn’t get any better”

“Well I’m very happy to hear you say that D, it’s been one hell of a ride”

Terrence pursed his lips, pausing.

“Yes it has. Hey man I just want to thank you for the person you’ve continued to be in all this. We been through a lot together but like you said before, it’s you and me since the very beginning. You was here when I was a mess and when I wasn’t …well still a mess but decent”

Terrence bursts in laughter.

“Yeah a hot ass mess at that!”

Derek nudges his shoulder.

“Aye man!”

“Hey, hey I’m your bestfriend this is what I do so you should be used to this by now”

“Believe me I am, wit yo corny ass!”

They both roar in laughter before Terrence stops to get serious again.

“Can I ask you something?”

Derek shrugs his shoulders.

“Yea wats up?”

“Are you scared about…the baby not making it through…again?”

Derek looks up at his friend, worry etched on his face.

“It’s crossed my mind a few times. I didn’t think I’d recover after…last time. But you know what T After watching you become a father to my godson, almost losing Ahsha & losing my mom, I realized that I can’t be afraid of the unknown. Everything happens for a reason, even if we can’t figure out that exact reason and it’s important to cherish those moments I have with the people I love, never looking back. & that’s what I’m doing. Never looking back. So yeah, I am scared…to death but no matter what transpires, I know we’ll be ok”

“That’s deep D, but you know what I understand man. I just want you to know that…it’s okay for you to be scared about this. But we gone be alright. Aight man?”

Terrence questions shaking his shoulders.

Dereks turns his face to look at him.


“You know I’m not the type to get all emotional on you but, I love you man”

“I love you too T”

Derek chuckles.

“Alright enough of this sentimental stuff, I got a surprise for you my man that just arrived!”

Terrence responds jumping out of his seat. Derek turns his head to see the door open with a crowd of sexy female strippers walk in. Shaking his head he says

“Terrence Wall what did you do?”

Terrence comes back to their seats.

“Come on man it’s time for your lap dance!”

“Naw man I’m good on that, I’ll just wait for my woman to come home”

Derek rejects not wanting any parts of this foolishness.

“Oh, come on man don’t be a pussy! It’s only one dance, it’s not like Ahsha will know, it’s your bachelor party, I’m sure she’ll understand strippers come with the territory”

“One, I’m not an pussy, second tradition or not she isn’t gonna give an flip about that”

“Look man I know you’ve completely abandoned the old Derek cuz your in love and all right now but this is my moment to show you a great time on your last days being single. Live a little Roman, one last hurrah?”

Terrence says to him taking another shot of tequila, tugging at his arm.

“Alright, alright give me a minute”

Terrence smirks and dashes off to get the dance ready for him. Derek stands up, his hands on the table, taking three more straight shots of the quila.

“DEREK! The ladies are waiting let’s go!”

He hears Terrence calling his name as he thinks to himself

'Oh God…Ahsha’s gonna kill me for this’

A few more shots later, He was faded. He needed enough alcohol to sustain him during this dance.

Back at Rome, everybody gathered around Ahsha while she opened all her gifts, naughty by nature was the theme. Among the prizes were lingerie pieces, scented lotions & sprays, perfume, several pairs of sexy panties perfect for Derek to take off, handcuffs and lots of cash put towards the couples honeymoon, surprise location. The ladies were laughing and drinking their alcoholic Shirley temples while Ahsha enjoyed her virgin margaritas since she couldn’t drink. She sips as Kyle and the girls were reminiscing about Ahsha’s first time meeting Derek.

“I’m telling you, it was love at first sight. The world would’ve stopped and all he would’ve saw was her”  


The girls cooed.

Ahsha beams at the one moment in her life that changed everything.

“Ugh all this talk about love. I think I’m gonna be sick”

Kyle retorts.

“Oh Kyle don’t be such an hater”

Devil girl Arelly comments.

“Hater? Me? Never that, now you know I love me some care bear but you know what I want to talk about…& love has nothing to do with it”

She snickers.

“Ohhhh I know what you wanna talk about, you wanna know if D-Ro still can put it on me”

Ahsha chimes in.


All the girls laugh real hard. Ahsha was having such a good time she almost didn’t notice her phone buzzing in her purse besides her. She reaches for her phone, reading the recipient.

“Ladies I’ll be right back”

Ahsha excuses herself to answer her phone call.


D- Hey sexy lady!


D-You know it baby. He slurred his words.

A-Baby, what’s going on, is everything okay? Where’s Terrence?

D- Everything’s fine

A-Must not be if you’re calling me. She interrupts him.

D- Ahsha, everything is fine, I just…He pauses.

A-You just…what? She questions, he stays silent.

Derek! What’s wrong? Talk to me, she pleads.

D- You want me to be honest?

A-I always want you to be honest

D- I’m drunk. He confesses.

A-You are?

D- Completely faded

A-Ugh, is that what your ass called me for, really Derek, no go back to your party, I’ll talk to you tomorrow

D- That’s not the only reason

A-Then what is your excuse here?

D- I just don’t want you to leave me

A-Leave you? What are you talking about Derek, why would I leave you? She calmly asks him.

D- I don’t know I just don’t want you to. I am so in love with you I can’t even contain it and…you know I ramble when I’m nervous. Being an father and husband makes me nervous and this party is beyond crazy and I miss you and I got a lap dance from some strippers Terrence hired and…He’s interrupted again.

A-Come again?

D- I got a lap dace by some strippers but I swear to you Ahsha it was just a dance, yes they were pretty but I only have eyes for you and it didn’t mean anything. She begins to laugh loudly.

A-So that explains it.

D- Explains?

A-Why you told me not to leave you. You really think I’d leave you over an lap dance? Sweetheart, you’re definitely on a good one. I told you, I’m not going anywhere. You can’t get rid of me anyway, I’m carrying your child!

D- But, they were strippers

A-Yeah and? I look better than them all even on my worst day Derek. They laugh in unison. Phone call goes silent.

D- I’m scared Ahsha

A-Of what?

D- Being a terrible husband and father. I’ve never done this before, I don’t want to fail, either one of you.

A-You won’t fail us Derek, you just have to trust and believe in yourself, like I do. Sure you’ll make mistakes, but that’s part of life. I’ll be your guide through and you’ll always have me and your daughter or son, to fall back on when things go awry.

D- You promise?

A-I promise.

D- Okay. ‘Ahsha! Quit your honey dripping and get off the phone’ Kyle screams while she’s still on the phone.

A-Baby, I gotta go. You think you can stop your power trip and behave until I say I do?

D- Ohh, you hold a good bargain Ms. Hayes, perhaps it’s possible, no guarantees though.

A-It’s okay, I’m patient.

D- Patience is a virtue baby girl but I’ll let you get back to your madness while I tend to mine.

A-Lovely. Oh and before I forget, no more alcohol for you or strippers, you’re cut off. You got it? She warns him.

D- Yessss ma’am

She chuckles.

A-     Goodnight Mr. Roman, don’t get too lost

D- I won’t. I love you.

A-I love you too.

D- Laters baby.

A-Laters. She hangs up.

Her heart is filled with butterflies from that phone call. She loved hearing her man speak his mind with such conviction, one of many reasons why she wanted to marry him. She came back to reality as her best-friend yelled her name once more.

“Ahsha! Let’s go, we still got two more games left!”

“I’m coming Kyle!”

“Put a pep in your step!” Kyle urges.

The remainder of the night was consisted of laughter and smiles on both sides of town with the certainty of this match made in heaven. Terrence and Kyle made sure their besties had a grand time because they knew it would be their last before married life comes knocking. Two days from now, Ahsha and Derek will be starting their lifetime commitment to each other and little did they know, starting the family they’ve wanted for so long, sooner than they thought.


The Wedding Day

“Rise and shine cutie!”


“You have to, it’s your wedding day Carebear!”

“I know”

“Then what are you still doing laying in this bed, wakey wakey we got a big day ahead of us!!”

The maid of honor tried her best to get the bride up and moving around but after the weekend they both had, it wasn’t as easy getting up that morning. Ahsha’s bachelorette party was definitely a success that Saturday night. Sunday was a bit more relaxing as Kyle took Ahsha out on an spa day along with all the Devil girls and then dancing and had dinner at the Ivy. It had been an eventful weekend to say the least but now it was time to get down to business. Her special day has finally arrived and everything had to be perfect, Kyle would make sure of that.

“Kylee…” Ahsha groans, still half-asleep.

“Don’t make me have to use physical force because you know I will, get your ass up!”

Kyle tells her best-friend, hitting her with the pillow repeatedly. Ahsha laughs under the covers and finally gets up out of bed, heading for the shower. Kyle waits until she’s out of bed before slapping her bottom.

“That’s my girl!” Ahsha giggles as she turns the corner into the bathroom.

The mansion’s backyard was completely full of Derek and Ahsha’s family, near and far as well as all of their close friends. All guests had arrived including the parentals. The front of the mansion was covered in cars and the catering vans. Notice when you walk in, there’s a line of chandeliers spread all over the home, making a diamond. There are red curtains on every window and there’s two trails of white roses. The first trail started from the front door and ended at the backyard entrance, this trail was for the guests. The second trail started upstairs in the master bedroom, through the hallway, down the staircase, through the living room and kitchen, ending at the altar where the bride would meet her groom. In the backyard, there are red and cream drapes at the front entrance and the altar, more chandeliers standing tall above the walkway, white silk sheet on the ground to serve as their version of a red carpet and white chairs on each side of the altar. The altar was red, cream, and white as well and in the background, you can see the blue lake glistening. Looking to your right, you would see a pretty waterfall. The sight was a beautiful one to see and it communicated sophistication, elegance, and romance. The final touch was red and vanilla candles lit inside the home in corners, on the sides with a sequence of red and then a vanilla candle down the aisle by the end of each row and one single red, and single vanilla on the altar. Back upstairs, the bride was locked in her bathroom, fully dressed while the groom remained in the suite with the men. Ahsha was surrounded by her chosen bridesmaids, Jelena & Arelly, her maid of honor Kyle, and her mother Sloane.

“I can’t get married!”

“YES YOU CAN!” All the girls screamed at her together. Ahsha’s nerves started to kick in once she saw herself in her dress. This moment was too much for her to actually believe was happening. Today was the day she’d marry her soulmate, she’d be his forever but this didn’t keep her from being extremely nervous. She stares at herself in the mirror, getting lost in her train of thought. I’m really getting married today. She took a step back to admire her dress and the seed growing inside of her. She glanced down placing her hands on her very round belly, beaming. She swallowed the large lump in her throat, biting her lip. We have come a long way, love is evident, but are we meant to be? Is this destined? She thought to herself. Suddenly as she moved to smooth out the small wrinkles in her dress, she felt a thump inside. She rubbed her stomach in circles and another thump sounded, twice in a row. She smiled to herself saying “You heard mommy doubting daddy. You don’t agree do you?” Another kick came with one more thump against her chest. “I’ll take that as a no. Okay. You win this time”

“Ahsha! Sweetheart it’s almost time to start! Are you ready or…” Sloane speaks through the door, banging on it. The banging ceases and the door flies open and there her daughter appears. The room fell silent as they looked on the beautiful creature standing in front of them.

There she was, in her sparkly white dress, with small diamonds accessorizing the front. The top was cut into a ‘V’ as the dress was sleeveless. The dress flowed to the bottom, covering her black six inch heels making her tall as the statue of Liberty. Her hair were in free curls, touching beneath her shoulders and the light touch of makeup made her look like an angel. Everyone peered not saying a word, completely stunned. A tear falls from her mother’s eyes as she walks over to embrace her.

“You look beautiful baby”

“Thank you mom”

“Absolutely, ravishing”

Her father’s voice appears, signaling his entrance. He walks over, kissing her cheek grabbing her hand.

“Look at my baby girl”

“Daad please” She blushes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but you do look wonderful sweetie”

“Thanks! You clean up pretty well yourself old man” She taunts him.

“Let’s just say, I have good taste” He teases, winking at Sloane. She winks back blowing him a kiss.

“Yes! I have to agree with papa, Carebear your radiant!”

“Kyle’s right!” Jelena and Arelly agreed.

“Thank you ladies. Everybody ready to go out there?”

“You know it, let’s go girls” Kyle discloses moving the girls out of the room. Ahsha glances at the door before turning her attention back to her parents.

“Are you ready?” They ask.

“I’m ready”


The groomsmen make their way downstairs to the backyard as the best-man fixed up the groom’s tie on his black Armani suit, white t-shirt on the inside.

“Alright man, I got it. Looking good Roman!”

“Thanks T! You looking fresh to death to!”

“You ready to get your woman?” Terrence questions him.

“As ready as I was the moment I laid eyes on her” He says confidently.

“My man! That’s what I’m talking about!” Terrence and he give each other dabs to the fists before hugging.

“Come on, let’s get you married” Terrence voices following Derek out the suite. They pass the master bedroom walking through the hallway, out in the backyard to the altar. The music began to play as the orchestra saw Derek approaching the altar. Spend My Life with You by Eric Benet boomed in the background as the bridesmaids and the groomsmen started making their walk down the aisle.

I never knew such a day could come

And I never knew such a love

Could be inside of one


And I never knew what my life was for

But now that you’re here I know for sure


I never knew till I looked in your eyes

I was incomplete till the day you walked into my life

And I never knew that my heart could feel

So precious and pure

One love so real

After the last bridesmaid went to her respective side of the ceremony, the rest of the crowd stood up awaiting the bride’s appearance. Ahsha linked her arm with her dad’s as he led the way. They slowly walked down the hallway, down the staircase. Pete beams at her as they inched closer to the backyard. They reached the entrance and their slow strut continued down the aisle.

No touch has ever felt so wonderful

(You are incredible)

And a deeper love I’ve never known

(I’ll never let you go)

I swear this love is true

(Now and forever to you)

(only for you)

To you

Can I just see you every morning when


I open my eyes

Can I just feel your heart beating beside me

Every night

Can we just feel this way together

Till the end of all time

Can I just spend my life with you

Can you run to these open arms

She looked around happily at the guests smiling at her. She looked around until she found what she was looking for, her man gazing at her. She returned the look getting closer to him. Their eyes locked and she mouthed to him ‘I love you’. ‘I love you’ He mouthed back.

When no one else understands

Can we tell God and the whole world

You’re my woman, and you’re my man

Can’t you just feel how much I love you

With one touch of my hand

Can I just spend my life with you


Can I just spend my life with you

Can I just spend my life with you

(Forever here with you)

Can I just spend my life with you

Can I just see you every morning when I

Open my eyes

Finally there, Pete kissed her cheek once more before releasing his arm from hers, placing her hand in Dereks. He shakes his free hand before taking his seat next to Sloane. He laces their fingers as the pastor begins.

“You all may be seated in the presence of the Lord” Everyone sits.

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

“I do” Pete answers standing up quickly. The bride to be winks at her father.

“Family and friends near and far, we are gathered here today to witness the union between Derek Roman and Ahsha Hayes, solidified in marriage. Here standing before us is the definition of love. Love is an gift from God and can covet any sin. 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 Verses 4-5 reads: love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 1st John Chapter 4 Verse 19 also reads: We love because Jesus Christ first loved us. Remember these words as you continue the journey of life together which will bind you together forever. Let us pray” The pastor bows his head along with Derek, Ahsha and the rest of the crowd follows.

“Dear Lord, I come to you with a humble heart for Derek and Ahsha. I just ask that you give the encouragement and tools needed to make it through any storm that will come their way. Teach them to lean on each other as well as you when things go very wrong. Guide them Lord, guide them to never look back or give up and trust that you are always there, even when they don’t feel your presence. I ask all these things in your precious son’s name. Amen” He finishes his prayer.

“Amen” The crowd and couple recite.

“The couple have prepared their own vows that will keep them close and their hearts connected always. Derek” The pastor speaks giving the player his cue. Derek turns to look at his bride deeply in the eyes with admiration, taking both her hands in his.

“Ahsha, you are my rib. Without you I’m still whole but… with you I feel so complete. I never knew a love like this until you walked into my life. When we met, you changed my whole world, for the better. You taught me what love really looks and feels like. I told you, not too long ago that I’d be the mistake you’d make or I’d change your life. The truth is baby, you changed mine and flipped it upside down. You are my angel and my own piece of heaven…” He hesitated, trying to breathe as tears rolled down his face.

“Oh baby” Ahsha cooed wiping his tears away from his face, with tears threatening to escape her eyes.

“You give me butterflies every time I see you flash that perfect smile. I fall in love with you even more every time our lips touch. I am yours, mind, body and soul. You are mines. You are my wife. From this day forward, I promise to love you unconditionally, without hesitation or reservation, in sickness and health, I promise to give myself only to you, stay true and completely devote myself to you and our growing family. Rich or poor, for the better or worse, I promise to put you first. You are my forever. You are my once upon a time. Forever and day, my heart will always be yours.” He declares to her. Not a dry eye was inside after hearing those sweet, precious words being said. Even the best man and groomsmen shed a few tears. Terrence looked over to the left at his now fiancée and mother of his son, Jelena. She smiled back at him knowing how blessed and lucky she was to have him and their son Jaden, who was sitting with her parents, drooling.

“Ahsha” The pastor calls, giving Ahsha her cue now. Her words would come from the heart but she wrote it all down. Kyle reached over to give her the piece of paper, she opened it up and started.  

“Derek, you are my heart and soul. I thank the Lord for you every day. You’re my first thought when I wake up and my last thought when I go to bed. Whenever you’re not near me, I can’t sleep. I miss you when you’re away. Even if it’s for longer than an hour, I can’t stop thinking about you. We’ve had to deal with a lot of loss in our lives…” Her voice cracks.

“But somehow we made it through and gained so much more” She confesses mentioning Mary and the miscarriage discreetly, placing his hands on her stomach.

“With this blessing growing inside of me and with you by my side, I know I can conquer the world. Love has a behavior. And in that behavior, I promise to love you and forsake all others for you. I take this vow before God, our family and friends, to be sure that you will never, ever regret this choice” She promises, completing her monologue.

“The rings” The best man places the box inside of Derek’s palm.

“Derek repeat after me” The pastor tells him and he nods.

P- I, Derek Roman

D- I, Derek Roman

P- Take you Ahsha Hayes

D- Take you Ahsha Hayes

P- To be my lovely wedded wife

D- To be my lovely wedded wife

P- With this ring, I be-wed

D- With this ring, I be-wed

Derek completes his thought, sliding the ring on her finger. Ahsha turns to get her ring from Kyle.

“Ahsha repeat after me” She nods.

P- I, Ahsha Hayes

A – I, Ahsha Hayes

P- Take you Derek Roman

A – Take you Derek Roman

P- To be my lovely wedded husband

A – To be my lovely wedded husband

P- With this ring, I be-wed

A – With this ring, I be-wed

She places the ring on his finger, smiling back up at him, tears staining her cheeks. They hold hands again.

“Derek, do you promise to love and honor this woman, to have and to hold, for better or worse, rich or poor, sickness and in health, to love, to cherish, as long as you both shall live?”

“I do” He grins.

Ahsha, do you promise to love and honor this man, to have and to hold, for better or worse, rich or poor, sickness and in health, to love, to cherish, as long as you both shall live?”

“I do, oh yes I do” She giggles and the crowd laughs with her.

“Well than, with the power invested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. No more words need to be said, please kiss your bride”

“Come here woman” Derek croons to his wife, tilting her chin to kiss her. Their lips crashed together with so much passion. The crowd stood up from their seats, clapping and cheering them on. Ahsha’s hand caresses his cheek as their tongues intertwine. Derek tilts his head to the side, deepening the kiss. He bit her bottom lip, teasing it before entering back in her mouth. Their tongues danced so powerfully they forgot about all the eyes watching them. Right now, it was the two of them, not a care in the world, the universe at their feet. Bonded together for a lifetime now, the choices were endless and anything was possible. Their lips lingered a little longer, getting a few pecks out of the way before parting. The Devil looked his girl deeply in her eyes as he said

“I love you Mrs. Roman”

“I love you more, Mr. Roman”


The reception was beautiful, words spoken by the couple and speeches said by the maid of honor, the best man, and the parents. The bride danced with her father as the groom danced with his mother-in law, proudly and eagerly. The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife to I Was Made to Love You by Tori Kelly. The night came to a close after the guests chowed down on some great dishes and pictures were taken of the couple cutting and feeding their cake to each other. Ahsha spiced it up by smashing some in Derek’s face. He didn’t get her back, but he did steal a sweet, sugary kiss or two instead. The crowd were all outside saying their goodbyes, leaving the couple by their lonesome. Right now, they’d be hours away from Puerto Rico but they decided to delay their honeymoon getaway until after the baby was born. Once all sight of the guests were gone, Derek made his move swooping his pregnant wife up in his arms carrying her over the threshold, inside their home, upstairs to their room. She squealed as he opened the door. While she was distracted by all of her guests, he had time to sneak away to light up the room with candles and an trail of red roses on the floor, ending at the bed with two champagne glasses and a bottle of her favorite apple cider in tow. She covered her mouth.

“Derek, this is beautiful”

“Only the best for my wife” He cooed kissing her lips, then her hand.

“You’re already the best husband an woman can have. Thank you for this and today”

“Was it everything you imagined?”

“That and more, so much more” She kisses his lips softly, wrapping her arms around his neck. The urge her child always gave her came rushing through her uterus.  

“Let me go to the bathroom, and freshen up a little, and I’ll be back”

He kisses her forehead.

“Don’t take too long Mrs. Roman”

“Never” She winks at him closing the bathroom door behind her. She gets a towel wetting it with warm water, removing her make-up. As she wipes it off, the urge was replaced with something else. A warm red liquid came down her legs as she spread them trying to use the toilet. Blood. Suddenly a sharp pain in her back made her crumble to the floor, crying out in pain.

“DEREEEEEEKK!!!!!!!!!!” He came rushing through the door, seeing his wife laying on the floor helpless.

“BABY!” She was losing consciousness as she spoke to him,

“Derek, call the paramedics and get me to the hospital, its coming”

“I don’t have my phone on me, what do I do Ahsha, what do I do” He voices freaking out. He was about to lose it because before he hadn’t been around, but he was this time. She grabs his hand.

“It’s going to be okay baby, just calm down and go grab my phone on the nightstand” She says weakly.

“Ok” He says tearfully going to get the phone. He calls the paramedics nervously. Still holding her hand, he cradles Ahsha up in his arms carrying her to the truck and sped his way to the hospital. The baby was coming. As he drove on the freeway, he reached over telling her

“Just hold on baby” Her last words were

“Derek, I love you” before her eyes gave up on her. Her surroundings went blank, pitch black and heaven felt closer than before.


Ahsha blinked her eyes open twice, blinded by the bright lights above her. IV’s were hooked to her as she breathed out of her nose.

“You’re awake”

“I am”

“How you feeling?”

“Restless. Exhausted, feels like I’ve been sleep for days”

“Not for days, maybe a few hours. Don’t be ashamed of that, you just gave birth” He explained.

“Birth? Wait, where’s the baby? Is it okay?”

She asked him, scared out of her mind. He smiled hard.

“She’s more than okay”

“Wait, she?”

“Yes, she. & she’s beautiful, our baby girl is amazing Ahsha” He boasted.

“Let me see her! Where is she?!” She asks him excitedly.

“In the nursery, they’re just cleaning her up before they bring her back”

“Have you seen her yet?”

“Yes, she looks just like you” He says walking over to the bed grabbing a hold of her hand.

“My angel” He looks at his wife before grabbing her face in his hands.

“You did it” Stroking her face and hair.

“No, we did it” With that, she captured his lips with urgency. The doctor walks in on the pda.

“You two don’t stop. Save some room for the little one” The doctor exclaims walking in with the baby.

“Here she is. I’ll leave you two now” Doctor walks out and Derek cradles the tiny human being, wrapped in an pink blanket, seven pounds, two ounces in his arms. She coos as she connects her eyes with her father. She wraps her tiny finger around Derek’s pinky.

“My sweet, innocent, baby girl” Kissing her forehead. She hiccups sucking on her binky as he rocks her in his arms.

“Bring her here, let me see” Derek motions over and places their daughter in his wife’s arms. She cries while holding her tight and gently.

“She’s perfect”

“What should we name her Derek?”

“What she symbolizes, faith. Faith Angel Renee Roman” He announces.

“Yes, Faith Angel Renee Roman. Has a great ring to it”

“It sure does. My girls” He pillars.

The proud parents continued expressing their undying love for their daughter as she slept soundly in Ahsha’s arms. Ahsha laid her head on Derek’s shoulder and he went behind the pillows to wrap his arms around her waistline. The storm came and passed, they made it through. The rain fell hard on this unit but it ceased recognizing their strength. After everything that had been said and done, they finally got their happiness back and with the promise of forever, they knew they’d never let go. 

I know your brains scattered but…thanks for reading! Epilogue coming an an special announcement!