it has beautiful illustrations

Pre-orders are open for the @hqwriterzine! Here is a little preview of my DaiSuga piece, which has a beautiful accompanying illustration by @chellokoru that I am just overjoyed by ♡

It’s five and a half feet from Daichi’s desk to Suga’s. Precisely. Daichi measured it once, when he was supposed to be figuring out the size of the office’s air filters so they could order replacements. He wanted to know, because sometimes it seems like there’s something mystical about the distance.

Sometimes it seems so impossibly far, when Suga is busy—focused on the monitor in front of him, taking calls, helping people coming in for meetings. On particularly busy days, Daichi gets a little desperate and will send tiny airplanes fashioned out of colorful post-it notes soaring over to Suga’s desk, until the silver-haired receptionist’s lips quirk up, and he gives Daichi one of those smiles that makes his job as a temp seem like a dream career.

This beautiful and talented goddess has illustrated such a stunning logo for my shop, The Cosmic Grove. Not only is all her artwork GORGEOUS, but she is also such a lovely being to work with! If you’re on IG, go check out her work! @moondust.starlight -🌙💨⭐✨

I am @_indigo.moon_ 💜🌕💙

Like any self-respecting artist, we try new things, new opportunities, etc.

But, I must admit that doing this fanart of Medusa was not an easy task and I understood why there are few beautiful illustration on this character. She has a complex design and that take forever toget through to anyone who wants to take this challenge. However, I am very glad to have drawn her.



Check out the 1949 edition of the Disney Giant Golden Book, Uncle Remus Stories. It not only has a beautiful cover by the amazing Mary Blair, damned near every illustration by Al Dempster (background artist on Fantasia, Dumbo, Song of the South and The Jungle Book) and Bill Justice (animator on Fantasia, The Three Caballeros, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan) are frame-worthy, as well!

First editions of Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories can be purchased here.

A coloring book with hand drawn Golden Ratio illustrations under way

Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan architect and illustrator who has been drawing beautiful geometric illustrations of nature, entirely by hand, for over 40 years. He creates the designs at an old drafting table with a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor.

Rafael was a teenager when he first learned about the golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi (φ). It appears in nature as for example sea shells, plant leaves and branches grow in spirals where the ratio of the amount of turn from one branch to the next is precisely 1.618.

Rafael applies the golden ratio to his geometric formulas and leaves the construction lines intact to highlight this natural mathematical framework.

Blue morpho butterfly sequence

Chambered nautilus shell

Butterfly infinite sequence

Fibonacci sequence shell 

Araujo’s coloring book has a successful funding campaign under way and will hopefully be available sometime soon. In the meantime, the campaign is still running on Kickstarter with plenty of perks available to backers.

Monsterkind Guest Illustration #1: Lindsay Small-Butera

Looking for even more reasons to back the Monsterkind KickstarterHow about full-color guest illustrations from some extremely wonderful and talented people?

Lindsay is a super wonderful and superskilled friend of mine who has graced me with this beautiful illustration of Molly for my first book. She’s also one of the brilliant minds behind the Baman Piderman series that just recently Kickstarted a bunch of new episodes.

You can check out even more of her work HERE!

This is only one of SIX total guest illustrations that will be in the book! I’ll be previewing the other five before the Kickstarter is over, so be sure to check back, spread the word, and keep being awesome!

A FEW THINGS TO NOTE: 1/ my patronus is a swan because i’m the swan queen, duh 👑 2/ the ‘h’ on my sweater OBVIOUSLY stands for hogwarts. 3/ my sad wand is actually a long chopstick 😂 4/ i was going to wear my house colors but i took 5+ quizzes and got both slytherin and ravenclaw multiple times? i’m having an identity crisis. 🙈 

 HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE: THE ILLUSTRATED EDITION is in stores now!! be sure to pick up your copy because it’s beautiful, has over 100 color illustrations, AND a ribbon!! *screams*


So, this artbook I purchased some time ago finally got to me. :D

The first artbook has really crappy scans online, so I’m glad I found it. IT HAS SUCH BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS OMG! It’s in fairly good condition as well, so that’s a plus. Not mint (inside of cover has stains), but then again, this was printed back in ‘94. It cost me 4,490 yen, so I won’t freak out if Kodansha randomly decides to reprint them sometime (you never know). xD

My book about the tarot, The Creative Tarot, out with Touchstone February 2016, now has a beautiful cover! You have no idea how much anxiety I had about the cover. If you want a sense of it, google image search “tarot book” and just see what comes up.

And it has beautiful illustrations by Jen May from our upcoming deck, the Spolia Tarot!

As always, if you want to book a reading, please see my shop. Until October, you can get $10 off any reading with the code VENUSRETRO.

Hey fellow Durarara!! fans! I’m selling the official Durarara art book on my Ebay!

It is full of all of the novel illustrations, some exclusive ones, and more all by Suzuhito Yasuda! It’s really beautiful and has every Durarara illustration you could think of (also illustrations from Etsusa Ohohashi, Sekai No Tyushin, and Hariyamasan) I bought it last year and its just been sitting on my bookshelf since and I cannot fit it in my suitcase! It also comes with a Durarara mug that I’ve never used! All of the information is here but if you have any specific questions feel free to message me!

Edit: Sorry! this item is sold!


Maddy Vian
Real talk. I’ve been meaning to post some of Maddy’s work on here since I started this. (yeah, it has been a few years. Sorry team.) You’ve probably seen her work before (she’s the mind behind the “my side, my laptop’s side” cartoon). She’s seriously fantastic, 100% has her own beautiful illustration voice, and seems like a lovely human being to boot.

Check her out!