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14 for Manorian :) Thank you

Pregnancy/Birth Headcanon:

  • The day Manon discovers she is with child she flies on Abraxos to seek guidance from Asterin.

  • Her Second is calm in the midst of the whirlwind running through Manon’s mind.

  • The thought of being pregnant makes her feel exhilarated as if she were flying on her wyvern’s back, yet uncertainty taints that joy. 

  • Days later she returned back to Adarlan where a worried Dorian waited for her on his balcony. He ran to the open gardens where Abraxos had landed with Manon.

  • Manon is straightforward in telling him that he is going to be the father of their child.

  • Dorian can hardly believe it, but he soon is quite welcoming to the idea.

  • By the end of the month he has already planned out a nursery in the castle, but he and Manon can not decide on colors for the room.

  • Eventually they settle on a light blue shade with gold and white accents.

  • During the pregnancy Manon is quite hungry. She devours so many meals per day that the cooks can hardly keep up with her odd cravings.

  • More than that she hungers for Dorian in bed. 

  • At first Dorian was not opposed to sating his lover’s sexual appetite, but soon the King of Adarlan legs become to sore to walk on. Let alone he can barely get out of bed after some of the more intense nights. Even using his invisible hands has become exhausting!

  • It’s all worth it though when Manon gives birth to a healthy little girl.

  • The Thirteen all arrive to meet the the latest addition to their family.

  • Dorian is already filling in the fatherly role by rocking his newborn to sleep. Each of the Thirteen wait patiently for a turn to hold the child, but they proudly watch the King care for the little bundle in his arms.

  • Manon watches Dorian with the faintest of smiles. Her golden eyes shimmering with unshed tears at seeing her precious child safe in the arms of the one man who she loves dearly.

  • It isn’t long though before Abraxos is flying outside and lands on the balcony. His whining and pouting lead Dorian to open the door so the wyvern can stick his head in and see the little baby.

  • Abraxos sniffs the baby and his tail thumps happily against the brick wall at being introduced to the baby. He then gently licks those rosy cheeks in greeting and Dorian almost has a fit.

  • “No slobbering on the baby! You are not a dog Abraxos and I expect better manners-”

  • Abraxos gives Dorian a huge lick on the face that messes up the King’s dark hair and tilts the crown on his head.

  • This causes Manon to laugh louder than she ever has before. A loud cackling that is soon joined in by the other witches.

  • Dorian rolls his eyes though he does notice that it appears as though Abraxos is snickering as well.

Saturday 7.33 am

Anita: Oh, Joël! You’ve still got your shoes on!

She immediately regrets saying it: she hates herself when she sounds more like his mother than his lover. Joël’s only response is to groan into his pillow. Guilt makes a tiny pucker between Anita’s eyebrows: He works so hard, the poor baby. She looks at the clock and calculates that she can let him sleep for at least another couple of hours before he has to shower and get ready for Roy’s barbecue. But then there is a pounding on the door, accompanied by barking and scratching. This time Joël’s groan sounds more like a muffled roar.

Joël: What. The. Actual. FU-

Anita patters across the room, opening the door to see Jared dancing up and down as if he is just about to wet his pants: Brutus has also been infected by his excitement and is yelping and jumping around, slobber flying everywhere.

Anita: Jared, please be quiet! Your father needs rest-

Jared’s eyes burn feverishly: he gives no indication of having heard her at all.

Jared: Are we going to see Freddie soon? How long before the barbecue? How many selfies do you think Freddie will let me take with him? Do you think he’ll autograph my Llamas shirt? Can we go soon? Is Dad going to wake up soon? Can we go soon? Can we? Can we?

Every time my SD greets me and says goodbye, he kisses both sides of my cheeks. When he does this he leaves VERY wet kisses on my cheeks. It’s gross.

I’ve made an effort to wipe his gross slobber off my cheeks in front of him, very obviously so he will see and hopefully get the hint. He hasn’t said anything or done anything about it.

Today it really fucked up my foundation and I had plans afterwards and didn’t have any makeup with me to touch it up.

I think next time before he does this I will ask if his lips are dry, or for him to wipe off his lips before.

It has honestly gotten to the point where I can’t stand it. It’s so fucking gross. And messing up my foundation today was the last straw lol. I don’t care if it comes off rude. Control your slobber

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This fluffer nutter? He sends his slobber in thanks.

I’m glad my tumblr has become nothing more than a communication mechanism for you and my dog.

the signs as things about my cat

Aries: play hard. beats up my mother’s cat. would beat up my elder cat if I left him. once played too hard with a toy and got smacked in the face and cried

Taurus: completely food obsessed. one of the only two times he meows/yells is when he’s being fed. will search a room for food upon entering

Gemini: once got high off of one sniff of a catnip ball. started doing loops and flips on a half wall. tried to murder me. went bananas off one sniff

Cancer: the only other time he meows is in the middle of the night when he wants into my bedroom to be with me. will sit there forever meowing

Leo: loves having his chin scratched more than any other cat I’ve met. would be happy if you never stopped. also makes the perfect =w= face

Virgo: kneads so much. he’ll sit there for forever kneading. he’s the best kneader with his extra toes. I think he stores love in those toes

Libra: drools he’s he’s happy. just straight up slobbers. just drips down my legs as he’s on my lap. he’s filled with love and drool

Scorpio: straight up disappears sometimes. my house has one floor and a basement but I can’t find him. gone like a ghost. I’ve looked everywhere. even behind the fridge

Sagittarius: wants to e x p l o r e. once jumped over two baby gates stacked on top of each other to see what was on the other side. just bounced over them like it was nothing

Capricorn: doesn’t know how to give up. will continuously jump on the counter to see if there’s food. doesn’t matter how many times you push him off. he’ll wait. you’ll have to leave eventually

Aquarius: gets in weird places. once somehow got on the cupboards and just stared at me in the dark. he climbs the shelves in the basement back room. he once got in the ceiling

Pisces: only cat in this house to actually scratch the cat scratch post. he’s a good boy and doesn’t usually scratch other things. but he’ll go ham on the post. twirls and all

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Biospecialist please and thank you "things you said when you were drunk"

“No, thank you,” Jemma says for the second time. The first time she was polite, if stern. This time she’s very nearly rude and her fingers are itching to grab her ICER. Unfortunately her purse has fallen beneath the table.

“Come on, baby,” slurs the slobbering man who’s been hitting on her for the last quarter hour. He fills in the gaps between them and though it sickens her to think he’ll follow her down, she considers lowering herself to reach for the purse. “Can’t wear a dress like that and not give a guy a peak, can you?”

“I most certainly can,” she says. Nearly the moment the words are out of her mouth, she’s forced deeper into the booth seat and her assailant is sent sideways by a dark blur.

A few onlookers yell encouragements, but all keep their distance as the fight sounds to be mostly a lot of rolling around and punching. Someone nearby lets out a long oooo, spurring Jemma to swallow her shock. She eases around the edge of the booth in time to see a flash of metal disappear into the slobbering drunk’s throat. He stops moving a moment later. The victor rises from the floor and lets out a huff before turning to face her. The squirming disgust that set every inch of her skin crawling freezes to ice.

“Simmons,” Ward says conversationally. He grabs a fresh beer from a passing drunk—who doesn’t dare argue—and falls into the seat across from her. “What brings you here? Spying for Coulson?”

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Chocu has puppies, Dark is freaking out because, who DARED to take his babies innocence!??!?! And how did he not know? Wilford on the other hand is having grand time laying on the ground and being swarmed by the slobbering, fluffy pups and demands that they keep ALL of them.

Dark refuses to keep all of them seeing as they can’t control how big or small they are just yet. They stay out of the house (unless bad weather happens he’s not that heartless) for the most part and he gives them away to other egos that aren’t in the same house as him that would want one.

Save Me - Chapter 110

The sun was barely peeking through the cracks in the drapes but I was already wide awake. I stayed wrapped in Jared’s cocoon as he softly snored, his soft breath drifting over the sensitive skin on my neck, still very much asleep. I don’t remember anything after his admission last night, I must have fallen asleep. That lead me to wonder if it actually happened or if it was just a dream.

I know if it did happen, and in my heart I do believe it did, that it was never meant for me to hear. He thought I was sleeping so there was no way I would bring up anything he whispered but it did ease my overly emotional state knowing he felt the same way about me as I did him. Finally being faced with going our separate ways was going to be hard on both of us. Somehow having to share that helped ease the pain.

Knowing these last few hours together here were all we had left, caused tears to begin to slowly slip down my cheeks. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to go with him more than anything. If somehow I could make that work, I would but I didn’t see how it was possible. I had a job I loved and I couldn’t throw it all away. Not even for him.

Sometimes being a responsible adult sucks.

“Are you awake?” Jared asked as he kissed my shoulder, his voice still full of sleepiness.

“Ah huh. I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep.” I said rolling over in his arms so that I could face him.

Tucking my head under his chin, I slipped my leg between his and wrapped my arm around his waist. I burrowed myself into him wanting to memorize every feeling for later, when I was alone and missing him.

“You’re going to regret that later, I think.” He said with a chuckle.

“I’m sure you’re right.” I whispered back.

We laid there quiet for a moment. Both of us lost in our own thoughts.

“I’m going to miss you…” I whispered trying to keep my tears behind my closed eye lids.

“I’m going to miss you more, baby girl.” Jared whispered back as his arms tightened around me.

“I feel like I can’t get close enough to you.” I said barely above a whisper as I flattened myself against him.

“You’re closer to me than anyone…” He said as his hand began to wander across my skin, “I’m not quite sure how you managed that but you did..”

Lifting my head from under his chin, I brought my brown eyes to his blue ones. Each of us trying to convey wordlessly how we really felt because somehow it seemed too soon to feel so strongly so openly.

As I began to struggle to hold back, Jared rolled on top of me, nestling himself between my open thighs. Bracing himself on his elbows above me, he cupped my tear stained cheeks in his hands as his eyes bore into mine.

Wrapping my arms around his back I gently traced every muscle as I slipped my ankles over his calves. Bringing his nose against mine he softly kissed my lips. As if he was able to read my mind, Jared lifted his hips enough for me reach between us and direct his hard cock to my entrance. I needed to feel the ultimate closeness with him.

Without breaking eye contact, he slowly eased into my body pushing his cock as deeply as he could. Bringing his forehead to mine, he tucked his arms under me as he wrapped them under my back to hold me tightly against him. Jared kissed my nose and across my cheek as he tucked his face against mine. Gently rocking his hips, he deliberately kept his pace slow, expressing more than words ever could.

Holding onto him tightly, I gradually began to meet his thrusts, the tightening in my tummy becoming too much to bare. As I got closer to my release, I felt him begin to falter, unable to hold back anymore either. I gripped my hands in his hair and unconsciously slid my legs up around his waist, tightening them around his body.

“Jared…” I softly moaned in his ear as I toppled over the edge, my pussy convulsing around his shaft.

He tightened his embrace around me then kissed the skin where my neck and shoulder met. A moment later, I could feel his teeth clamp down hard as I felt the pulse of his cock then a rush of wetness as he quietly came deep inside of me.

For the first time is our relationship, Jared made love to me.

He seemed unhurried as he slowly pulled out of me, rolling on his back and pulling me with him. We laid there in silence, neither of us wanting to break the moment. With my head on his shoulder, I closed my eyes as I listened to the steady beat of his heart.

“Everything is going to be okay, baby.” Jared said as he kissed my forehead.

“I believe you.” I said.

As much as I wanted to lay here with him a little longer, when Jared started to get fidgety, I knew it was time to get up. Lifting myself off his chest, we smiled at each other as our eyes met.

“It’s our last day here and I don’t want to waste it.” He said rolling over then sitting up on his side of the bed. Looking over his shoulder at me, “Time to get up.” he said.

I wasn’t quite that anxious to get up and moving just yet. I rolled over, looking at my watch, ugh, it was only five thirty in the morning. Jared was already up and half dressed when he noticed I was still laying bed. I thought he seemed a bit impatient this morning but I knew for sure when he put his hands on his hips and huffed.

“Vivie…” He warned.

“I’m moving, I swear!” I said quickly standing up and walking towards the bathroom.

“You have ten minutes to get ready. It’s early and I’d like to go for a walk before breakfast.”

“I’ll be ready, Sir..” I said, winking and blowing him a playful kiss.

Just as I promised, I was walking into the living room ten minutes later. Jared was sitting on the couch looking over emails when I approached.

“Anything interesting?” I asked as I sat down next to him, laying my head on his shoulder.

“Just looking over our flight itinerary. Emma just sent the revised copy. I forwarded it to you so you have it too. Looks like we have to be at O'Hare by eight and our flight leaves at ten.”


Yep, ‘okay’ was all I had to say about that because what I still wanted to do was block it out and not acknowledge it at all. I wasn’t ready for reality. My silence spoke volumes it seems because Jared closed his computer looking over at me then pulled me onto his lap.

“It’s not good-bye forever, it’s just see ya soon, baby girl. No tears.” He said as he watched me struggle to hold my emotions back.

I laughed at how emotional I was, “Ya know, no one has ever brought out my emotions like you do, my goodness!” I said as I wiped my eyes, “Can we head out?”

I desperately needed some fresh air and to do something with myself. If I continued to sit here, I would turn into a slobbering mess and I didn’t want him to see that. I planned to wait to full on sob until I was sitting alone on my connecting flight to Kisangani.

“Absolutely. Let’s go.” Jared said as he let me go and I stood up, walking to the door to wait for him.

As we started walking towards the lakefront, Jared held my hand tightly. It was another bright and beautiful day in the city and I felt grateful we got so lucky with the weather. The sun still rising in the sky and it really was my favorite time of the day. I was happy he wanted to get out and enjoy it.

We wandered around until about ten then started back toward the hotel. The day couldn’t be totally free, both of us felt the need to start catching up on work that had been pushed aside during the week. We also needed to pack.

The day flew by and before we knew it we were approaching mid-afternoon.

“I’m going to start packing, okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I should get started on that too.” He said as he pushed his laptop off his lap and followed me into the bedroom.

We were about halfway done when the doorbell rang.

Jared quickly jumped up, “I’ll go get the door.”

He was gone for so long that not only was I done packing myself but I finished his as well. Lifting up one of his tee-shirt to my nose, I inhaled deeply pulling his scent in my lungs. Deciding I had to have it, I folded it and slipped it into the pocket of my bag. He had so many, I didn’t think he would miss it. Or at least I hoped.

Zipping up both bags I wheeled them into the living room and left them by the door. Jared was sitting on the couch, pouring two glasses of wine. He definitely had a knack for just knowing what I needed because a glass of wine sounded absolutely wonderful right about now. Hopefully it would help numb my aching heart.

“Come here, baby girl.” He said as I walked towards him as he held a glass of wine for me to take.

Holding up the glass to toast, “To the most amazing week we could have asked for.”

Clinking our glasses together I bit my lip, I wasn’t ready for ‘good-bye’ yet. As I took a sip, I appreciated the alcohol and hoped my dull senses would give me a bit of control over myself. At this point, we were going to be leaving for the airport in about two hours.

“I have something for you.” Jared said as he placed his glass on the table next to him. Opening the drawer he pulled out a teal blue Tiffany box.

So much for being able to control my emotions. As I brought my hands to cover my gaping mouth, tears silently fell from my eyes. Taking my hand from my mouth, he opened my hand and placed the box on my palm.

“Open it.” He quietly said.

I untied the ribbon, letting it fall away then slowly lifted the top of the box. Inside was a white gold necklace with two interlocking circles. One circle was gold and the other was white gold with diamonds.

I was speechless.

“I wanted you to have something tangible as a reminder of what we share. The interlocking circles represent our connection and no matter how much distance there is between us, that connection will not be broken.” He said as he took the necklace out of the box, “Turn around, baby.”

Holding up my hair, he clasped the necklace around my neck. As soon as he was done I launched myself into his arms.

“It’s beautiful, Sir…. Thank you.” I said as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, my tears drenching his shirt.

“I told you that you were mine and I don’t want you to doubt that.” He said as he pushed me away enough to look into my eyes, “Tomorrow when we get off that plane, it’s see you soon not good-bye forever, okay?”

“Okay.” I said, cupping his cheeks and bringing his lips to mine.

This was by far, the best present I have ever received.

We left for the airport a short time later. For him, I noticed work started to pick up as soon as we pulled away from the hotel since his phone was constantly either ringing or dinging with calls and texts. I wasn’t in the mood for work, instead I just slipped my arm through his and put my head on his shoulder, watching him work instead. Every now and again when I felt like crying, I’d reach up and trace my fingertips over the interlocking circles. Their meaning was a far better thing to dwell on.

Once we were at the airport and my mind was busy again, I felt better. It’s almost like once we got to the airport my mind began to finally shift to what was coming next. The sadness lifted a little bit and I was happy about that. While we waited we talked about his upcoming schedule as well as mine.

Thankfully our flight was overnight and by around midnight both Jared and I started to doze off. Our first class seats were comfortable and allowed us to lay down, the only negative side was that I couldn’t hold onto him.

“Get some sleep baby girl.” Jared said, leaning over to give me a kiss before laying down himself.

By the time we woke up for breakfast, we were only about an hour and a half from landing at Heathrow. From there, Jared would be heading to Prague to catch up with everyone else for the show that night and I would be heading to Kisangani.

As the plane touched down there was a weight in my chest that I couldn’t escape from. This was going to be the hardest 'see ya soon’ I ever had. And due to the connecting flight, the shortest one too. He had a very small window to make it onto his flight.

Once the door to the cabin opened, we booked it out of there, both of us hoping to say good-bye somewhere out of the way of prying eyes. We started towards the gates and just as we were about to pass through, Jared pulled me into a small corner.

“I wanted to kiss you one more time before we walk through those gates.” He said pulling me into his arms.

Dropping my bag, I wrapped my arms around him, grasping his shirt in my fists. His tongue easily slipped between my lips as he caressed his against mine. With his back to any on lookers, it was as private as we were going to get.

Pulling back he whispered against my lips, “Be safe, baby girl. When you land, I want you to text me. Once you get an idea of when we can Skype, let me know. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” I said kissing him again quickly.

“Good girl.” He said as he smiled knowing that if he didn’t, I’d let my emotions take over and start to cry.

He reached down, picking up my bag then took my hand as we walked silently to the gate. He had to go one way and I had to go the other. This was our last moment together. Stepping in front of me he brought his fingers to the interlocking rings.

“See ya soon, baby girl.” He said as he looked in my eyes one more time.

Tears began to flow unchecked once again, “Yes, Sir.” I whispered as watched him turn and walk away.

The End 💗

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I love your Star Wars AU and I struck by a thought. Obiwan is Very Attractive. And he has a Baby who Adores him. While before he got admiring glances, now he gets offers to get caf while Anakin is slobbering all over his braid, while he on a blue milk run at the corner store, and little old ladies of all species want to set him up with their daughters/nieces/cousins. This stresses out Obiwan. Everyone else finds it hilarious and there is a running pool.

… this ask has just made me realize that I do not know how old Obi-Wan was when he met Satine Kryze, and it is ENTIRELY possible that he is going to end up on Mandalore with an infant in this AU. :X 

Disgusting parents

So there were this young couple around 30 with a child(1.5-2yrs old). He was holding the kid in his arms and the woman was looking around our store which sells art supplys. Tubes of colour hang on the displays and ALOT of people just grab one and look at it for a sec and put it back, so basically lots of touching of tubes. After a while i notice that the baby has a tube of colour in his hands puting it in his mouth and slobbering all over it. The parent doesnt even notice. So i politely say that its probably not a good idea that a little child is putting the tube in his mouth because of the germs and everything. Then the father takes the totaly slimy, glistening with saliva tube out of the childs mouth and puts it back on the shelf?? And im like?? I ask him arent you going to buy the tube, and lookig at him kinda awkwardly implying that the kid had it in his mouth and all. He just gets and embarased look and almost runs out of the store with his wife and kid.. Im like????? You had the baby in your arms you gave him the tube?? Wtf is this if you didnt want to buy it why give it to the baby???

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Rivetra baby headcanon! ~ (Like how they parent together aka changing diapers and taking turns and feeding aka cute family fluff)

  • Levi is on diaper changing duties.
  • He is on. it. 
  • Levi takes up bathing duties but Petra helps out too even though Levi can handle it by himself. Because he and the baby just look so cute.
  • Hanji offers to babysit a lot. Neither of them really take her up on that offer.
  • Petra likes blowing raspberries on the baby’s belly because it always results in cute giggles.
  • Levi doesn’t do this because all he sees is a gross slobbery mess.
  • (Okay he tries it a couple of times when Petra isn’t around and it IS cute)
  • Petra always gets up bright and early bc she’s so punctual and dedicated and a good soldier, but she really prefers sleeping in.
  • Levi, on the other hand, never was a heavy sleeper, and is usually the one to get up when the baby is crying early in the morning.
  • At bedtime though, Petra does it because Levi’s usually so tired he just hits the bed and knocks out.
  • The baby’s first words are “baba” but it’s kind of like “mbaba” or “bamba” so Levi and Petra both argue over which parent it means.
  • Baba, Levi points out, is another way of saying daddy. Petra agrees, but hasn’t Levi been chanting “Dada” at the baby for three months straight?? NOT “Baba”??
  • The baby has this very rude habit of spitting out food. Not just slobbering the food out if it doesn’t taste good. No, there is actual force and precision behind the spitting.
  • This is why Levi tries his best to make sure Petra feeds the baby at dinner time.
  • Levi walks around with the baby on one hip and paperwork in his free hand.
  • Petra is there the first time the baby walks, Levi isn’t.
  • He’s around for the next time though. The baby walks towards him and then at the end trips, falls, and smacks his little forehead against Levi’s bony knee.
  • Levi’s very being is a child hazard.
  • Petra’s unreasonably upset about this for a while.
  • Levi can’t deal with a screaming baby and will always pass the child off to Petra as soon as he can because glaring doesn’t ever work on making a baby stop crying.
Mistletoe Mishaps - Spencer Reid X Reader

Originally posted by gublrnation

A/n: This is also on my DA and AO3, which are linked on my blog! This is also the first thing I’m putting up on here! Super nervous, oh lord. Please give me feedback if you want? (also left unedited)

Words: About 980?

Warnings: Mistletoe, Derek, OLD FIC THO, misunderstanding? 

Summary: BAU crew caught up in work and breaking the rules, as usual…

“Morgan, I swear to what god is left I will kill you. Stand down.”

You held your hands out, shielding yourself from the deadly weapon Derek held in his hands. It was the most terrifying thing you had witnessed in all of your years in the BAU… Mistletoe. He held it out above his head as Garcia cackled loudly, her phone in her hand.

Of course she’d record your misery.

“What’s the matter, BatGirl? Can’t handle the love?” Morgan teases, stepping forward again.

As always you were spending Christmas in the office, it wasn’t that bad, considering someone had managed to sneak some form of alcohol in.

Prentiss was by the traitorous, and lovely, Garcia; making sure she held the phone at the right angle. Hell, even Hotchner was smiling as you backed into a desk.

Much to your, and everyone else’s, disappointment, Spencer had retreated to the kitchen for a short while.

“Morgan! I don’t want to kiss you! Who knows where that mouth has-“

You let out an unattractive screech as the attacker leaps forward, small plant in one freakish hand and you in the other. You fell to the floor as he littered you with sloppy-cheek-kisses, there was nothing romantic about the slobber and screams that erupted as he ruffled your hair.

“C’mon, Baby-cakes, don’t tell me you didn’t love it!” His smile said it all, you were like a little sister, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides, you and the hotch-in-ator had a bet, you said Derek and Garcia would bone, Hotchner said otherwise.

Money was money, right?

“I heard screaming,” Reid’s voice brought everyone out of the laughing fit as the crowd realised there were two people, one of which slobbery, wrestling on the floor. “Who murdered who?”

The sly smile on his face caused everyone to start back up again, followed by Garcia’s protest as the brunette woman behind her took her phone and giggled her way over to Spencer.

“Guess who got a kiss, and no,” Prentiss says waving her hands toward the blonde helping you up. “It wasn’t JJ.”

The thin man raised his brows, you could feel the heat in your cheeks; running from murderers or embarrassing yourself in front of Reid?

That was an easy answer.

“Just so you know she wanted it!” Derek calls, lifting up the plant to wave it back and forth. “Tradition trumps everything!”

You held off the urge to say something you’d regret, it would have related to a case of some sort, but you were cut off by Reid… It was cute actually.

Actually Mistletoe wasn’t originally…

Cue the rant. You just stared at him, his mouth curved into a smile as he explained about how: Mistletoe is a partial parasite.

By that time you were lost, not because of the information, you found that interesting… His eyes were just more important.

“This is where it gets really interesting!” Spencer’s eyes were aglow as his hands worked their way to move excitedly, he actually had everyone listening for once. “Because since then it was-“

He was cut off by JJ raising her hand, almost as if she was at school. “So, you ever used it before, or are you a Mistletoe virgin?”

Derek snickers. “More like he’s an actual virgi-“

Hotchner gives him a look and Garcia sticks her leg out to meet his, her warning coming over her mug. “Watch it, hotstuff…”

After a moment of silence, Penelope turns to Reid. “So, have you?”

Ah, the tell-tale redness, the cute smile, the downward look; there was even some stumbled words.

You took that as a big, fat, slightly adorkable, “no”.

“Really?” Hotchner smirked.

“As I said,” Reid starts. “I was-“

Twelve when I went through high school,” You finish with a grin. “So I’ve heard.”

He gives you a guilty smile before taking a sip of his drink, steam no longer rising from the cup. The smile said it all… You liked him, he liked you; would you act on it? Just tell the butterflies to shut up first.

“I think, Pretty Boy…” Derek starts as he puts and arm around your shoulders, Prentiss soon doing the same to thin man by her side, with much difficulty. “That you need to experience it, huh? And I have just. The. Girl.”

“Oh boy…” You mutter as Derek raises the plant above your head.

“Oh, n-no, Derek, come on! Prentiss!” Spencer pushes back on his heels, stopping his escort in her tracks. “(Y/N) doesn’t want to do this.”

Garcia lets out a snort-like cackle and Reid turns to look at her. The confused glance long enough to have you pushed to the genius’ side.

Derek already had his arm outstretched, you had locked eyes with Scrawny…. But then it happened, your arms were on Derek’s fighting all the way over, Spence’s were on hers… It was just fate, or some twisted bond, you had the same idea, at the same time.

You both stepped forward and to the side, letting Morgan and Prentiss collide.

Garcia let out an “oooh” as both of them realised what position they were in… They were under the Mistletoe, and they were already arguing.

“It’s a tradition,” Spencer say, cutting them off in their awkward yells. “Tradition trumps everything.”

You smiled up at his triumphant smirk, it was adorable, beautiful… His face wasn’t right to be called handsome. But it was enough to make you reach up and pinch the plant, holding it above your own head.

“Certainly does, boy wonder.”

You leant up and gave him a small kiss on the cheek, the skin warm under your lips. As you came back down to your height, you couldn’t help but blush even more at Reid’s stupid grin.

You looked into his eyes, and him yours… And then Garcia went and opened her mouth.

True dat.

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Omg, that little daejae was so cute! ;A; how about daejae, first kiss as boyfriends in their teen years? ;D

This is in response to this ask/drabble. I decided to make it an extended addition to the previous ask, and it’s become its own AU in my head because who doesn’t love childhood bestfriends!Daejae~ :D

Daehyun flopped back into the grass, tucking his arms behind his head as he stared up at the sky. “Youngjae…”

“Yeah?” Youngjae was stretched out next to him, propped up on his elbows as he worked from the text book that was laying in the grass in front of him. 

“Do you remember when we were kids?”

Youngjae scoffed, rolling his eyes, “Daehyun, you’re like… 15… not 50… we are still children.”

Daehyun made a loud noise, flailing his arms, “Oh my god, Youngjae, you take everything so literally!!” He whined, rolling onto his side to stare up at his best friend, and as of recently, boyfriend. Though the term was still forgien to both of them and they both were to akward to do anything more then just hold hands, which honestly, they did before they decided to try the ‘next step’ in their friendship. “You know what I meant…”

Youngjae cracked a smile, still looking at his text book as he scribbled in the answer for the next problem he was working through. “Okay, assume that I did… which part do you want me to remember…”

“The day Himchan hyung was making fun of you…”

Youngjae looked confused, setting down his pencil and finally turning to look at Daehyun, “Hyung always made fun of me, Dae… you really need to be more specific…”

Daehyun let out a groan, flopping face first into the grass and letting out an unintelligable noise.

Youngjae laughed, “You’re so weird, Dae… stop making a scene, please…”

“I am not weird, take that back, Jae!”

“Let me finish my homework, and I will.”

Daehyun pouted but pipped down anyways. He folded his arms and rested his cheek against his forearms as he stared at Youngjae, waiting patiently. Finally, the younger let out a heavy sigh.

“Daehyun, please stop staring at me…” he said, smiling at Daehyun.

Daehyun grinned back, “Why though… I like staring…” he untucked one arm, reaching up and pinching Youngjae’s cheek, “You’re cheeks are still adorably squishy…”

“Daehyun!!! Stop that!!!” Youngjae swatted at Daehyun’s hands, trying to get the elder away from assaulting his cheeks. The two continued their play fighting, and soon, Daehyun had Youngjae pinned down in the grass, the text book and school work long forgotten. Youngjae blinked up at Daehyun, a slow smile spreading onto his lips, “Why are you staring at me like that, anyways Daehyun?”

Daehyun grinned, shaking his head, “It’s nothing… just… Youngjae…” he rubbed his thumb gently across the flushed skin of Youngjae’s cheeks both from his earlier pinching and the laughter. “Did you know you were my first kiss?”

Youngjae pouted a little, turning his head to the side, “What do you mean?”

“Remember… that day Himchan hyung was making fun of you because you hadn’t kissed anyone yet… we were what… five?… and I kissed you…”

Youngjae blinked, thinking back to the time in question. A sly smile formed on his lips and he shook his head, “Nope, I don’t remember…” He reached up, looping his arms around Daehyun’s neck, “You should remind me.”

Daehyun laughed as Youngjae pulled him down. Maybe with a bit to much force as their lips crashed together. To Daehyun though, it was perfect.

… even if Youngjae complained about him slobbering all over him again. Some things just never change.


Wedding Series: First things first.

After the magazine article released both Harry and I were being constantly swarmed by paparazzi every time we stepped out of our house. All of them were hoping to get a closer look at the ring despite a picture being posted to my Instagram, they still hounded me.

They wanted details about our wedding. It’s been two weeks since Harry and I had gotten engaged and we were still yet to make any decisions other than the date which was set in just a short five and a half months’ time. We didn’t want Adie to be too old and it was the best time to do it before Harry started his new tour.

The second we got engaged we had started the planning and set the date. It was only going to be a small wedding consisting of both our families and close friends. When Harry had taken me out for another surprise a couple of days later to a vineyard on top of a cliff overlooking a beautiful blue ocean, I didn’t expect him to tell me that it was where we were going to get married. If he hadn’t had Adie in his arms I probably would have jumped him right then and there.

Other than the date and a location nothing had been planned. I tried to hide Adie’s face as I place her into her car seat, trying to keep her away from the always watching lenses of the paparazzi cameras outside the front of our house.

Today we were having a busy day and so glad Adie was quiet, content with the rattling toys on her carrier and snuggles down near her feet. We were meeting Harry at the bakery where he used to work as his old boss was going to make our wedding cake and she wanted us to taste flavours and to see our baby girl as well.

After that we were hoping to throw the media off and head to London for lunch with the boys who were Harry’s groomsmen as well as Gemma, Anne and my mother as well as Lou and Lux. Harry and the boys were going to go get there suits fitted while us girls went wedding dress shopping.

Truth be told, I had never been so nervous to go dress shopping before. I had been to red carpet events with Harry a number of times and whatever I wore was attacked by thousands of fashion critics and photographers right there in front of me. This dress meant so much more than the others. This was the dress that I was going to wear on one of the best days of my life next to bringing Adie into this world. Harry’s opinion mattered so much to me and all I wanted to do was make him happy on the day I could finally call him mine.

Adie’s loud squeal of delight snaps me back to reality as I finish strapping her in and getting in the driver’s seat of the car sending a quick text message to Harry telling him I’m on my way. When I get to the bakery Adie has managed to slobber everywhere. As I get her out of the car I remember to get the ice tether out of the baby bag to soothe her gums were her teeth were coming through.

When I enter the bakery Harry is already talking to Barbra behind the counter with a tray of small slices of cake in front of him with dollops of icing as well. He looks too involved in his conversation he doesn’t notice as I walk into his teenage work place.

Adie gets the both of their attention, disrupting there conversation as she spots her father. The loud squeal she lets out next to my ear causes me to flinch slightly, glad that I have a finger locked around her tether because she would have thrown it to the floor as she reached her arms out towards him.

“Here are my gorgeous girls.” When he takes Adie from my arms he takes the tether as well making sure that she can still have it in reach so the ear splitting screams of pain don’t leave her mouth instead.

He leans over and presses a quick kiss to my cheek as I sit the baby bag down and lean in to give Barbra a hug. She leans against the counter when she pulls back watching Harry with me as he pulls faces at his daughter, swaying lightly as he does. Adie giggles pulling at his hair lightly as she holds the tether against her aching gums.

“It’s really strange to watch him with her.” She says suddenly after a while causing Harry to look down at her from his towering height above the both of us. “You’re all grown up now.” She continues her voice tearing up lightly.

With a shake of her head Harry leans around me to wrap an arm around her shoulders to give her a reassuring squeeze. He switches Adie over into her arms as she begins to explain to us the flavours on the tray in front of us.

Half an hour later Adie has grown comfortable in Barbra’s arms and Harry and I have decided on a simple chocolate cake with vanilla icing. It was going to be five tiered with flowers of whatever colour scheme we had decided on, placed around it.

With a quick goodbye to Barbra, Harry carries Adie out to the car, keeping her hidden from the fans and paparazzi that have now flocked themselves out the front of the store. He gets in the drivers’ seat as I quickly get in the passenger seat trying to keep calm as we head towards the airport where a private jet is waiting.

We’re the last to arrive to the airstrip due to the delays in traffic and the crowds that had prevented us from moving. A man is quick to get out bags from the back of the car as I grab Adie and the carrier from the backseat as Harry talks to one of the hostess’ and what must be the pilot with his usual calm and polite manner. His hand is light on my lower back as he finally leads me up the stairs to greet the others.

Harry sits down near the window with Adie now buckled in on his lap with his mum next to him. I’m across from him with Lou on my other side, the boys; Gemma and Lou are spread out over the seat that runs along the opposite wall of the plane.

Throughout the flight Harry moves to sit with the boys as Gemma takes his place with Lux on her lap as Anne holds onto Adie. Lou had bought a number of bridal magazines with her and through the short flight we were going over possible colour themes and themes. Harry had said that whatever I wanted he wanted which the others were taking on hand but I was going to ask for his opinion later.

By the time we land Adie has fallen asleep in my arms and I have a couple of ideas in my head that I’ve dreamed of since I was little girl to run by my soon to be husband.


Was going to make this longer but I’m sleepy anyway. Don’t know when I’ll be up dating but hopefully it will be soon. It will be dress shopping so send me what your dream dress is like (strapless, a-line, mermaid). Love you peanuts.

The Signs' Ideal Significant Other

Aries: someone who is always up for a bit of competition, but is able to back up when things get too heated

Taurus: someone who appreciates their endearing little quirks and lets them have their way sometimes instead of constantly butting heads, someone who appreciates good cooking

Gemini: someone who can listen to them talk for hours on end, but who must also have a separate life which should be every bit of interesting as theirs, someone who reads

Cancer: someone who doesn’t mind being babied and is extremely sincere about feelings

Leo: someone who can give them the honor they deserve and, in turn, likes to be treated like royalty as well

Virgo: someone who knows exactly how to get them to relax, isn’t a complete slobbering mess, and can appreciate the little things in life

Libra: someone who they can be proud of and show off to their family, someone who has a sense of style and can hold a proper conversation

Scorpio: someone who they can trust, isn’t obnoxious, and knows which things should be kept private

Sagittarius: someone who is spontaneous and excites them, someone who is always up for some new experiences and is ready to learn a few life lessons along the way

Capricorn: someone who appreciates their hard work and is just as determined to make it

Aquarius: someone who is open-minded, can talk about anything and everything under the sun, and has a fantastic taste in music

Pisces: someone who can work with the abstract and doesn’t shy away from the strength of their imagination

Baby AU

Imagine Hide and Kaneki meeting as babies. This time Kaneki’s and Hide’s mom meet at the park after their their boys are born. The moms are just walking, Hide is strapped to his mom’s chest while Kaneki is in his stroller. They are about to pass each other, Hide’s mom is like “Oh my goodness, look at the little cutie!” And Kaneki’s mom is like, “Oh my goodness, same!” regarding Hide. They talk because they are both first time moms. Kaneki’s mom takes Kaneki out of the stroller and holds him up to Hide to say “hi.” Here, though, Kaneki is fascinated by Hide’s hair because “oh my god, it’s golden brown,” Kaneki has never seen anything like it before, since his parents both have dark black hair, so he reaches out and grabs Hide’s hair and tugs on it, making Hide cry.

After that meeting, Hide’s and Kaneki’s mom meet up to chat and have their boys bond. For a long time, Kaneki liked tugging on Hide’s hair but Hide always ended up slobbering in Kaneki’s hair so it’s all good.