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Zelda and Ganon from my story The Modern History of Zelda as drawn by the awesome and incredible @dibeediboop!

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not the same anon that asked for your fav writers but... what about some fav fics you can rec? 😏

hoo boy anon ok u asked for it !!! this is going to be long but here are a few jikook fics i adore that i can think of right now!! pls give them lots of love afterwards!! also the ones im not mutuals with i put a slash in between bcus im too ahlgsfjlb shy to actually tag them oK ANYWAYS ଘ(੭ु*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭ु*.°❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤

Dream Maker by graesun (@/bottomkook), Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita), (@/polkari-seuta) [rated M, complete 12/12, 73k] poor!au, fluff and smut, angst, past child abuse, established relationship || (i died a lil bit of joy when two of my fav writers collaborated… but after finishing this my entire being has been resuscitated. this is such a wonderful & incredible fic!!! i still go back to re-read it bcus it’s so good,, like it’s rly fluffy and it made me smile a lot but the angst sent my soul into the astral plane of decease.. and i rarely;; read smut but this is a total big exception!! i was blushign the whole time okadjl;akj they’re such great writers i lov asdjkl anyways it’s rly good alright!! i lov it sm) 

dream a little dream of me by wordcouture [rated G, oneshot, 2.7k] magic realism, lots of fluff, dreams vs reality || (idk how a person can be this creative.. like.. all of couture’s fics are perfect and so beautiful!! i’m p sure everyone has read ‘wonder’ and like?? i just love the author’s craft and couture has a way of weaving her words!! it’s short but sweet ok i lov it idk what else i can say to express the magnitude of emotions i have for her complex fics ;;) 

this is the way the world ends and begins by aborescent (@/kookie-time) [rated T, oneshot, 1.7k] mutant!au, supernatural elements, violence, angst || (i love her fics so much.. she’s an astounding author!! the concepts she has for her fics are always amazing!! this fic has some dark themes but it’s totally captivating and gripping and it rly sucks u in. i believe she has some backstories? of the boys? on her tumblr and she’s p well known hehe so yeah!! i lov this a lot ok she’s great!!) 

Training Wheels by jeonify @shyjimins [rating G, oneshot, 4.8k] childhood friends to lovers, fluff and angst, mutual pining, slow burn || (this was the very first jikook fic i’ve ever read and i fell in.. absolute love.. and after this, i fell in love with all of jo’s other fics too!!! her writing is so beautiful and so eloquent and dreamy too. and this!!! fic!! broke my heart in the beginning from all the angst and pining, which i lov a lot, but the fluff n happy ending slowly mended it back together. my soul lifted into another dimension that’s full of sparkles and stars bcus it was that good ;; she’s amazing, trust me! i genuinely lov her other writings too and she’s the sweetest person and adk;laksj i get so shy talking to her omg anyways!! i lov her and her fics lots)

Of Scatterbrained Mix-ups and Lame Pen-Names  by happy-tokki @berry-happy-tokki[rated G, twoshot, 14k] pen pals!au, lots of fluff, awkward jungkook, cute jimin || (this was so freakin cute ok!!! pen pals!au are my weaknesses and this was so amazingly well-done. her writing style is so pretty and whimsical and gentle - the pacing was so smooth too. it was such an enjoyable read,, i smiled and giggled lots becus it was so adorable!! i lov awkward jungkook too so it was a major addition. plus, her other fics are incredible ok im in lov with all of them!! tokki’s the cutest and the sweetest too and u won’t regret checking this out and the author ok!!! i lov lov lov this)   

those who dream by day by melonmilk [rated T, oneshot, 3.1k] ballet!au, fluff and angst, internalized homophobia, dancing || (this was rly beautiful;; the mood was tense and poignant but it was really breathtakingly well-done too! this is a great ballet au and though it’s short, it’s totally worth taking a look at!! the author’s writing style is so pleasing!!) 

you’re intoxicating (I can’t stop) by astrochild (@/astrochild) [rated T, oneshot, 1.9k] fluff and angst, high school!au, rich kid!jungkook, swearing, mentions of violence || (this was rly angsty and it p much shoved an ice pick thru my heart but the happy ending healed it;; it’s so lovely!!! even tho it’s short it still really sticks with u after u finish reading it and… the way it’s written is so nice and appealing!! plus i rly love the vhope sequel too hehe she’s great!!) 

Bad boys and good-byes by blt_prf (@/blt_prf) [unrated, 12/12, 20k] college!au, enemies to friends to lovers, fluff, minor violence, music!au ish || (she’s one of my fav authors and this is one of my all time favs ok!!! this was such an amazing read i loved it so much!! i love the gradual build up of their relationship and her writing style is so pleasant and soothing,, like it’s a rly great fic ok i lov it lots!! she’s incredible i lov her other fics too) 

crush(ed) by fatal (cumrich) (@/witchboyjimin) [rated M, oneshot, 5.2k] space!au, angst, self-discovery, sci-fi!au, fantasy!au || (i lov this fic so much it’s written so beautifully and the worldbuilding is so wholesome. like, there’s enough detail for u to imagine the world the fic takes place in and!! it’s great rly i lov it n i lov her other fics too;; she’s amazing and i also lov her other fic ‘he hangs like tuesday morning’) 

run (you son of a gun) by infires (infires_man) (@/infires-man) [rated T, oneshot, 13k] gang!au, angst, hurt/comfort, heavily implied abuse || (this is so!! beautiful!!! i can’t express how much i lov this fic kadjf;k i still go back to read it because it was so amazingly well written and it just!! rly pulls at ur heartstrings but the ending just gives u such a warm feeling. i lov it so much!!! the composition is brilliant as well,, just pure amazing idk what else to say to convey how much i loved this asdjfkl;)

Brightly, Flare by flitter [rated G, oneshot, 2k] magic realism, hinted soulmate!au, art!au, artist!jimin, student!jungkook || (i lov all of flitter works ok!!!! i had a hard time choosing which one to put on here but this fic is the first fic i read from her which made me fall in lov with her writing!! this was such a dazzling fic… like she strings her words together like poetry and i just love her work so much!! amazing rly i lov her. plus her ballet!au one and the santorini fic is great too) 

speak now by recordmin  @minblooms [rated G, threeshot, 3k] freeform, fluff, pining, arranged marriage, wedding crashing || (this was rly cute ok i lov this so much!!! even tho it’s short it’s super duper sweet and my heart had burst open into sunshine and fluffy clouds bcus it was that enjoyable and great ok!! plus all her other works are rly great too i lov them so much;; she writes short fics but despite the length, all her writings will always leave this kind of lingering alluring and warm feeling with u and.. plus, wedding crashing!! is a great trope we need more of that! i adore this a lot ok!!) 

Fell For You In A Snap by Polkari Seuta (@/polkari-seuta) [rated T, oneshot, 3k] youtuber!au, social media!au, modern!au, drinking || (this was so cute,, like i smiled so much bcus it was so nice to read!! this was a great social media fic and it was incredibly delightful to read. i lov the author’s other fics too bcus they’re always so well-written and like, her writing style is always so crisp and fluent and is just such a pleasant to read!!) 

Push-up (push me down) by Mintsugakookies (@/mintsugakookies) [rated T, oneshot, 2k] canon compliant, fluff, domestic fluff, crack, established relationship, john cena kookie || (i am one big sucker for domestic fluff ok when i read this, it immediately cheered me up and my heart fluttered all the way into the sun dkafj;slj this was so so cute i lov it so much!! and i lov the author too) 

Aorta by minimints @strawberrywhaliens [rated T, oneshot, 15k] fluff, little angst, sick!jimin, lovesick!jungkook || (look this was so freakin fluffy i’m crying adsfjkl the rest of the series is rly cute too!!! i adore this so much,, like it’s word heavy but it’s rly fluffy and cute and it leaves a warm feeling, u know!! she’s a wonderful writer with a clear and eloquent voice and she’s a wonderful person too!!! the cutest mom i probably should have linked the first part but i love aorta the most so!! check it out ok!! i lov it a lot) 

너의 목소리 Your Voice by pinkmonnie [rated M, 10/?, 65k] college!au, assistant professor!jimin, student!jungkook, teacher-student relationship, fluff, realism || (oohmy gosh pink’s an amazing and an utmost incredible author!! and i lov all of pink’s fics and this fic is so precious and well-written. jungkook is selectively mute in this but the author doesn’t romanticize it and pink’s portrayal of their personalities and jikook’s relationship is so beautiful and stunning!! i lov it to bits. plus!! her other fics like ‘After Hours’ and ‘Thirst’ are freakin golden, ok;; she’s brilliant)

Let The Walls Break Down by pjungkook @pjungkook [rated M, 5/?, 37k] canon compliant, non au, friends to lovers, homophobia, heavy angst, fluff, smut || (the angst in this?? broke my heart but like the lil fluff afterwards healed my soul. and then it shattered again like, another 100 times again bcus so. much. angst. isa why isa is a rly awesome writer & i love her writing lots!! the way she paces her stories are so wonderful and so well-done. her writing is so fluid and articulate too! plus!! she’s the sweetest and loveliest person ok!! my wimpy shy ass probably wouldn’t have made a move to talk to her if she hadn’t msged me first;; her other fic ‘lost stars’ is amazing too omg so check her out ok!! i lov this and i lov her)

Cherry by bananacookies @bananacookies1 [unrated, 11/?, 36k] wolf!au, hurt/comfort, a/b/o dynamics, fluff and smut, omega!kook, alpha!jimin, mature themes || (a/b/o fics are not my cup of tea but this!!! is amazing!!! like i said i rarely read smut but this is another exception!! it’s so fluffy and cute and it’s getting rly angsty right now, but the author’s updates are so consistent and she’s an incredible writer!! the pacing of the story is wonderful as well and the story’s so intriguing, especially since it’s omega!kook. but bcus of that, pls give her lots of love and be open-minded about it ok!!! she deserves lots of love bcus she’s awesome,,)

Tie Me Down by ohdizzy (@/ohdizzy) [rated M, twoshot, 23k] college!au, taegi is main, side jikook, kidnapping, humour & crack, fluff, ot7 dynamics || (i’m sure we’ve all read.. the lejindary Blow Me Like Your French Horn fic.. and i love that fic so much but i love this fic so much too!!!! her fics are so well-written and so funny i lov them so much!! reading them makes my heart all warm and fuzzy hehe;; this was hilarious i lov how she writes their dynamics! i know the main pairing is taegi but!! pls read!! it’s amazing i lov her writing sm) 

son of a witch by syubnugget (@/namgifucker) [rated E, 2/?, 9k] witch!au, main sugamon, side jikook, humor, strangers to lovers, witchcraft || (i think i’ve fallen in love with sugamon after this… like i kno jikook is a side pairing but this!!! is such a wonderful and lovely fic!!! the characterization is fantastic and it made me giggle a few times from the banter, but the world building and the little details are so well written! i love witch!aus too so i rly lov this a lot!! the characters are rly interesting and i’m rly excited for more hehe) 

i hate when a cartoon has a gay couple or has gay undertones and someone says something along the lines of “OMG ITS JUST LIKE STEVEN UNIVERSE/ITS TRYING TO BE LIKE STEVEN UNIVERSE!!” 

like steven universe didnt invent being gay??? can you let us have lgbt+ representation on childrens media without claiming its a ripoff or just trying to bank in on how big su is? 

steven universe really was a big step forward as far as lgbt+ childrens media goes and thats super great, but that doesn’t mean we should stop there or compare everything gay to it. su didnt end homophobia or solve the lack of representation at all. if anything, now that a kids show with lgbt+ characters and themes has gotten so big, its an amazing chance for more lgbt+ kids media, its not like su has filled the representation quota for gay people and now everything can go back to being all straight all the time. its great that su did all that its done for lgbt+ kids, but theres no good reason to stop at the bare minimum. 

SasuSaku Month 2017
Day 01- First Love
: Boys Will be Boys
Summary: AU- They are at their high school reunion, and much for his dismay, a certain veterinarian won’t take his eyes off of her. They might have grown up, but some things won’t ever change.
A/N: Happy SasuSaku Month, everyone!! The biggest and most amazing event of our fandom has officially began, and I can’t wait to see what everyone has prepared! The themes this year are amazing and I’m sure we’re all gonna have so much fun celebrating our ship’s month together! I promise I’ll try not to take too long to finish this time (yeah, right) and I’ll do my best to give you the best fics I can write! Have fun, and don’t forget to tell me your opinion!
High School reunions have always been a bother for him.

It’s one afternoon in 365 days where he has to reschedule his entire agenda so he can make it to a weird and noisy reunion that happens for no particular reason. It’s a day where he will meet old faces from people he was supposed to remember, and where the word ‘nostalgia’ will be said at least 10 times per minute. People will pretend like they actually miss each other and there’s always that one person who says— but doesn’t really mean— that they should all keep in touch.

How annoying, he thought, with his arms crossed over his chest. Annoying and utterly unnecessary.

With his characteristic, stoic expression spread all over his face, Uchiha Sasuke was standing on the furthest corner of that saloon, watching everything from afar and trying to figure out a way to make time pass by faster. He had tried paying attention to the conversations, giving up, eventually, after realizing everyone was talking about who married who, and what happened to that one kid no one truly remembers.

Unbelievable, he sighed, as his dark eyes drifted around, eventually spotting the one, familiar face, whose name could never be forgotten due to the unnecessary amount of time they meet every week.

Just to make matters worse.

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be safe using paypal <3

hey there. so, i am a person that has commissioned (and will commission) some of the amazing theme/graphics maker here on tumblr. or, as i call them, photoshop gods. that said, i found out things about paypal today that i felt the need to share with all of you! 

paypal has several features. it has come to my knowledge that thememakers usually like to use the that’s when they send you a link with the exact amount you have to pay and you just click on a button and pay it. it looks something like this.

the reason that the theme makers do this is bc it’s an easier interface for people that are not familiar with paypal. you click a button and that’s it. there are no ossibilities of making mistakes when typing the email and stuff like that. also, there are no fees. it’s like you’re transferring money to a friend, basically. 

DOWNSIDE: if there’s a problem, like, let’s say, you pay for it up front (which you should NEVER DO unless you REALLY trust the person — maybe not even then) and you don’t get your theme. paypal doesn’t offer a “dispute” option for this kind of transaction. basically, you’re on your own (which i think it’s a real oversight by paypal, since someone can hack your account and stuff like that). 

now, if you want the guarantee of the “dispute” option, that is, being able to appeal to paypal in case you want your money back for a transaction that didn’t go well, this is what you have to do.

log in to your paypal account. in your home page, this is what you’ll see:

click “send & requests”. it’ll take you to another page.

click “pay for goods or services”. it’ll take you to yet another page.

in this page, add the email of the person selling you the product, making you the theme, etc. it’ll take you to yet another page of confirmation, so you can add the value and choose what currency you want. YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS, so you don’t choose anything incorrect. with this method, you are protected by paypal’s buyer protection. and if anything goes wrong, you can just go to your home page, click the transaction that went wrong, click on “report a problem” and then on the option that best suits your problem to start a dispute for your money. the first method of payment does not have this protection.

DOWNSIDE: there is a fee. so you’ll pay the commission value + paypal’s fee in order to get their protection. in my opinion, small if compared to other stuff that can go wrong. 

that said: most theme makers here on tumblr are good, honest people (i can recommend several), and tbh, i didn’t even know a lot of this myself before like two hours ago. it’s not common knowledge. but i decided to make this post to help you all be a little safer with your money in the internet. 

if anyone has any useful additions to this post, feel free to reblog and add information. <3 

Our writers

Welcome to this little section of our blog where you will not only find information and links to get to know our wonderful contributors but you will also be able to read the summaries of the stories you’ll only be able to get in this zine!

Next is…


This amazing writer has chosen “Social Media” as her theme and, even though the story doesn’t have a title just yet, the summary is already enough to make us want to read it! It reads:

Yuri and Otabek have been friends for several years now. Sure, Yuri doesn’t really get the whole “friendship” thing  because Otabek is the first best friend he’s ever had. But he doesn’t understand why all of his followers on social media think that they’re together. Best friends kiss each other all the time, right?

Sounds interesting? Why don’t you check out some of her stories? Warning: the stories linked below -and just like the others you can find on her AO3 account- are for mature audiences only!

1. Shut Up and Kiss Me Already (M)

2. Dance With Me! (M)

3. A Thorn in the Tiger’s Paw (E) - WIP

When Yuri falls during practice one day and hurts his knee, he is devastated to find out that he’ll need to take the rest of the season off while he heals. He quickly finds himself falling into a deep depression so Otabek offers to come stay with him for a few weeks. Yuri is grateful but still feels like something is off, probably because he misses the ice so badly.

Or, Otabek and Yuri are actually in love but the other one doesn’t know. So when Otabek comes to visit, Viktor and Yuuri may or may not feel the need to push these two idiots together.

You can check out the full list of contributors here!
Have a question? Head over to our FAQ page or send us an ask!

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would you recommend the Fablehaven books to others? I got a few from someone for secret Santa a while back and looked into them a bit. would like to hear from someone who's read them a better gist of them


It just has so much amazing character development with dark but light themes. It shows mythical creatures in a different light and the two main characters Kendra and Seth are my children whom I adore.


What made you join the fight to convince Disney XD to approve the third season of Wander over Yonder?

This is probably the most difficult question of this trending. And it’s not that I have nothing to say - does it make sense to talk about it? Most of those who read this post now know well why this cartoon has found a corner in our hearts. The amazing theme of travel of a wanderer through the whole Galaxy, space ships and captures of planets - of course. Bright and deep color palette, smooth and bewitching animation – definitely. Original, diverse and touching characters,  staying into our souls to the end - nothing would have happened without it. Creativity, humor, creators’ ability to experiment and self-irony. I can talk about this cartoon for hours and find all the new reasons for wanting it to continue.

But then I realized why this cartoon really stands out for me - morality. You know, it’s not very hard to put a good life lesson into a cartoon. Friendship, love, forgiveness are common themes, and here the WOY is not an exception. But I am now talking about other message, more atypical and bold for a show of this kind.

When did you start watching this show for the first time, what did you think it would be about? For sure about the space adventures of the wanderer and his struggle with the evil lord, right? So, we see the first minutes of the first episode. Here is the lord, here is his army, the oppressed people - everything is here. A stranger in a cowboy hat and a terrible-looking horse appear on a hill. Well, everything is clear, now the struggle will be and … it turns out that the stranger is a pacifist and rather helpless. Well, then the main work will be done by his friend Sylvia, and Wander will perform the role of comedian or generator of ideas (why not?). At first, it seems to be so, when suddenly … all this happens:

 At this moment, you realize that the show just fooled you. At first you don’t understand what is happening, everything that happens is like a complete nonsense. That’s only when you continue to watch the realization comes. I’m talking about the main idea of the show, for which we prepared the whole season 1 and which was voiced in the season 2: “An enemy is just a friend you haven’t made yet”. And now remember how often you heard something like that? Only Steven Universe come to mind (it’s interesting that the broadcast of these two shows started in the same year with a difference of three months). I believe that this message is genius and relevant, especially in our time. We all insist that we cannot judge a book by its cover, that we should not label people, we cannot blindly believe stereotypes about other nationalities, cultures, religions - but we don’t always do it. This also applies to our children as well.

I immediately remember the animated film “Zootopia”, where this topic was revealed. But Wander Over Yonder goes much further, I think. Here, Wander believes that he is right to the end, even when everyone around him tells that he is wrong, even his best friend. Where everyone sees only evil, he tries to see something more. Whatever people say, Wander is a wonderful character. He teaches us to be loyal to our ideals, but he does not impose his opinion on other people by force. The show makes us think, get confused, doubt the truthfulness of opinions. This is what the real work should do - it should make people look for answers.

This idea is amazing and deserves to be revealed to the end. You know, I have a little brother. And WOY is one of those shows that deserves to be watched. Sometimes I heard objections from my parents, who doubted its positive effect. But I always stood up to the end in this matter.

Sometimes I wonder why the cancellation of Wander Over Yonder has become such a big event for many of us? After all, there were a lot of good shows that ended before the deadline. Why are we trying so hard to protect this show? Why we are trying in every way to convince @disneyxd that we are right? Probably, the whole point is this - we are sure of our rightness. This is our ideal, and Wander taught us to believe in this and fight. We know that WOY is a wonderful show. We know that creators deserve to finish their story exactly the way they want. These characters deserve a worthy end to their histories, each of them. Here is my answer.

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The petition:


Our wonderful music composer, Overly Musical, has done an amazing job at creating the theme song for our show! The lyrics will be sung over by one of the voice actors (reveal will come when the pilot comes ;)) - Mod K

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I'm the anon asking abt depression. Did to get my ask?? Did you answer it? Sorry for bothering you.

you’re not a bother in the slightest, anon, i’m so sorry for not getting to it sooner. 

i’m also sorry that you can’t take meds, as they are really truly helpful, but!! there’s loads of other options! i think the other best thing you can do is get a therapist. i think that if you phrase it to the adults/caretakers in your life that you’re just having a rough time, not because of anything in particular, but you’d like to see someone to have someone to talk to about it! I highly, highly doubt any sort of legal action of any kind will be undertaken — people seeking therapy, even those without depression or other mental health issues, is very common! Everyone has things they need to talk to someone about. So that’s my first thing!

Outside of that, I highly recommend exercise — there is nothing like putting on some angry, intense music and sweating your butt off for like an hour. has amazing workouts, of all kinds, all different themes, all free! and then, of course, if you’re into something a bit more light-hearted but still just as intense, and having someone along to encourage you, I love blogilates on YouTube. Cassey is a gem. And alongside that comes eating well — which can be really tricky when you’re depressed and hardly have the energy to exist let alone meal prep for the week. So I recommend having like, 3 recipes that you go to that are decently clean, comforting, and minimal energy. For me, that’s stir-fry, my oatmeal, and a green smoothie. 

And take note of the things that bring you joy (even the little things, like having a cup of tea!!) and try your best to make yourself go through those actions when you’re feeling really shit. Like make a cup of a tea, throw on a face mask, go on a Game Grumps binge on YouTube, whatever makes you relax and makes things a bit easier. 

I’m wishing you the best anon. <3333


But it’s pretty awesome. I don’t even know where to start with this. “Pretty Dudes” is an original comedy series that explores the dynamics between a group of friends in modern America. It was created to show what the life of a millennial looks like today. It has a diverse (and very attractive) cast

and it talks about things like racism, sexism, and sexuality from the point of view of minorities. It has some awesome actors, it’s amazing and funny and the theme song is so catchy.   I’m really not doing it justice but please, please watch it, I love it so much. You can find the first episode here.


My dear Inquisitor, all of my love for you this Valentines Day.

Some terrible gifs for my wonderful followers, and for falsesecuritysketches in particular because it’s her birthday.


Last Night’s class was another beautiful display of how talented Mr. Vaughn and Miss Raeje truly are!  We were privy to watching two amazing performances each about a theme that has touched all of us in one way or another…The Seasons. 

(Photo set: ½)

As always we were greeted with the lovely flare Mr. Vaughn is known for, often displaying his love of Musical theater in every step as he came out on stage singing and dancing.  Each class is proving to be a mini performance each time and something highly recommended not missing.

Mr. Vaughn spoke on the difference between the seasons and how each of them can affect us in very different ways.  He asked us which where our favorite seasons and many enjoyed the changing of leaves that autumn brought but there were a few that enjoyed the coolness of winter and the warmth of summer as well.

It was also asked if any of us wanted to perform our feelings for our favorite seasons and this prompted Miss Raeje to rise and gift us with one of her amazing performances.  While it was not Musical theater, it showcased something she teaches in her own Poetry and Drama class.  The performance was emotional and moving, nearly bringing some to tears.  It was truly a display of how powerful music can be in it’s many forms.

In addition we were also visited by a member of The Crystal Chronicle, they wished to watch the class and write a piece on Mr. Vaughn.  When told of the Chronicles presence, Mr Vaughn had this to say…

“I hope she gets my good side.”

Mr. Vaughn from where we are sitting, all your sides are good sides.

Homework:  Pick a Season to perform before the class.




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CONGRATULATIONS KATE, I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! ✿ - you're my favourite ♥ - can I please be Murphy ??

you is now murphy babe <3 i so happy i your favorite…you gonna have to fight @fallen-arkadia 

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