it has a princess feel to it bc all i can do is princess dresses

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How would the rfa and Saeran react to MC being an irl princess of some foreign country? Like... honest to goodness royalty? Thanks!

A/N: I hope this was everything you wanted! I don’t really know much about royalty so I just kinda rolled with it.. If it’s not good I’m sorry! Anyway, if there are parts that don’t make sense i’M SO SORRY I HAVE A FEVER but i’m using this time to write requests because my bby followers deserve it. Sorry for being gone for so long! Thank you all for the support you give us, 404 and I are working hard on requests right now <3 ~ 626


  • this poor boy had no idea, he doesn’t pay much attention to pop culture like that
  • one day you invite him over to play games at your house because you have a super huge tv and you knew he’d love that!
  • when he’s at the gates of your mansion house, he calls you because there’s no way this can be your house???
    • “MC, are you pranking me??? It was bad enough last time when you put toothpaste in my oreos!”
    • “Just come in, you dork”
  • when he hears the gate buzz, he finally realizes that you’re rich as hell
    • it all makes sense now??? You always take him out to super expensive restaurants and for Christmas you got him an amazing gaming computer???
  • he’s about to faint oh my god yOU’RE SO RICH
  • when he’s roaming around the hallways of your mansion looking for your room (he refused the butler’s help, he could do it himself), hE SEES A PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR PARENTS AND YOU’RE ALL WEARING CROWNS???
    • nah, no, there’s no way you’re royalty, you guys probably did a photo shoot, there’s no way this is possible
    • wait is that an entire row of pictures where your dad is meeting important people
    • is that Barack Obama? Is that the pRIME MINSTER OF SOUTH KOREA???
  • he faints
  • when he wakes up, he finds himself in a huge bed and you’re sitting next to him playing a game
    • “You’re finally awake! I’ve told you that you need to take care of yourself, did you even eat today?”
    • “No, but I will be in the future”
    • Aaand he faints again
  • Once he finally gets used to the idea of you being a princess, it makes so much more sense to him!
  • You’ve always sounded really polite and elegant when you speak, and you handle the RFA fundraisers so easily, no matter what crisis comes???
  • He loves seeing you all dressed up, you’re so cute and beautiful!!! <3
    • You’re his Princess Zelda


  • He thought your name sounded familiar when you introduced yourself in the chat, but he didn’t really think about it
  • But when he finally gets to meet you, he’s in so much denial???
    • It can’t be, a princess fell in love with him
    • If you thought his ego was big before, it’s the size of the Titanic now
    • It’s even bigger when you tell him you watched his movies before you talked to him on the app
  • It never really hits him until you go shopping with him one day and you buy him a Louis Vuitton suitcase aS IF IT’S NOTHING???
    • Like yeah he makes decent money from acting, but holy hell you’re rich
  • He honestly loves this so much though
    • You two are an amazingly dressed power couple!
    • You’ll take over the political world and he’ll take over the pop culture world <3
  • You end up giving him “prince” lessons
    • You teach him how to deal with the pressure of the public and how to speak politely but firmly
    • You make him walk with books on his head and record him even though that’s something you never had to do
    • You get him to quit smoking by telling him a true prince would never do such a thing
    • He almost cries
    • “it’s your half birthday”
    • “it’s national best friend’s day”
    • zen pls no
  • He wears his future crown at home when no one is around
  • He’s really happy that you’re a public figure so he can flaunt you when you guys go out <3


  • She knew the second you introduced yourself in the chatroom!
  • She’s honestly dazzled, a real life princess??? What is this???
    • But she kept herself in check, she realized you probably have a lot of people who hound you on a regular basis, she didn’t wanna be one of them
  • But she honestly loves talking to about your country’s political system
  • With your leadership skills and Jaehee’s organizational skills, you both work together to implement programs for underprivileged children
    • You two are a power couple omg, literally unstoppable, you two even consider starting clean water projects in other countries???
    • Unstoppable
  • Jaehee considers opening a coffeeshop chain in your country
  • She loves seeing you dress up!!! You’re so adorable and beautiful in all the elegant clothing <3
    • She totally doesn’t take pictures of you when you aren’t looking, there’s no way she has an album of 300 pictures of you
  • She’s really afraid of how the world will react when they find out you two are actually together???
    • Dumbass tabloids think you two are “gal pals”
    • But you don’t care, even if you have to step down, you don’t care
    • “Listen Jaehee, I love you. You’re my best friend and I would not trade that for the world. If my country wants me to step down because I have a girlfriend, I will. I’ll find a life with you because I cannot imagine a life without you.”
  • Jaehee  highkey lowkey uses you to meet famous people (but she loves you, es okay)
    • You don’t really mind though, it makes her happy
    • So you take her to as many events as you can, you want to make her smile as much as you can
  • You love this precious little bean and you are going to give her the world


  • Of course he knew who you were, he wasn’t an uneducated idiot
  • And while it was nice to know that you weren’t with him for the money
    • He was kinda disappointed???
  • You’re a princess, you have the entire world at your feet
    • He wanted to spoil you, but you??? Have??? Everything you want or need???
    • But with the help of Zen but with his brilliant mind, he was able to come up with stuff he knew you never got!
  • He started making food for you <3
    • And yes it tastes terrible at first but it got better after awhile!
    • At the beginning he was the type to just put the entire egg with the shell in cake mix
  • He takes knitting classes???
    • He knits you everything he possibly can, a sweater, scarf, gloves, beanies
    • He totally doesn’t knit a baby blanket and baby hat for your future kids
  • He supports your decision not become queen because you decided you wanted to do other than things than run a country
    • Like be his totally hot secretary
  • You eventually move into his place and he lowkey feels ashamed bc it’s so much smaller than what you’re used to
    • But you assure him that you prefer his place because smaller places feel so much more homey than mansions
  • You’re actually much busier than Jumin when it comes to work so he’s always home before you and he spoils you so much
    • When you come home, you can always expect a shoulder/back massage
    • There’s always a warm meal that he makes because he’s not letting someone else do something for you that he can
    • When you have really bad days at work, he runs a nice, hot bubble bath couple with candles and rose petals
    • He’s pretty much ur house spouse, who knew Jumin could take on such a domestic role???
  • But he’s still senpai in the sheets


  • Ofc he found out when he did a background search on you
  • And he’s so fascinated by you???
    • You help run a country??? You do so many good things
  • He’ll never understand though
    • How did someone as great as you fall for someone as terrible as him
  • Everything you do is so great and he’s stuck in a field of work that could get him killed
    • But with your power, you’re able to get him out of his job
    • And he’s so, so thankful to you
    • He doesn’t really let himself be vulnerable in front of you but when you told him you could help him, he cried for hours
  • What did he do to get someone as amazing you???
    • He doesn’t know it but you totally got someone to assassinate his dad
  • You actually help him get a job as an engineer <3
    • He hates using you for your connections but he knows he deserves the job, he’s not going to deny his talent and ability
    • He’s so thankful for you
  • And he becomes your right-hand man??? Anytime you need to make a difficult decision about your country, he’s there for you!!!
  • He gets a pet monkey so he can compare himself to Aladdin
    • “Listen children,,, you don’t know how hard life was for me,,, I was a beggar,,, always stealing food to survive,,,”
    • “Saeyoung, stop lying to the children and actually teach them, I wanted you to get the kids interested in computers”
    • “I was nothing but a boy with a monkey and a magic carpet,,,”
  • You two come up with a plan to get kids more interested in computers and he’s in charge <3
    • He loves teaching all the children! They’re all silly and goofy like him
  • He has no idea where he would be without you and he’s so glad he met you


  • This boy has no idea, like none at all
  • Rika chose you to retrieve the phone, and he was just supposed to follow you
    • And he knows like nothing about pop culture “It’s useless information that’ll take up space in my brain” so he didn’t know who you were
  • He finds out one day when he sees an article about you helping open up a school in a third world country???
    • Like he thought you were amazing before
    • You were the one who helped him through his therapy, through all the nightmares that plagued his nights, through all the bad thoughts that overwhelmed him
    • In his head, you’d always been his queen
    • But it turns out you’re actually a princess?!?!
  • And you help so much around the world
    • He could deal with you being a princess if it weren’t for the fact that you were a huge philanthropist
    • You educated women in India about reproductive health??? You helped teach disabled children in China??? yOU DONATED 25 MILLION DOLLARS TO A HOSPITAL IN SEOUL???
  • He actually killed someone and you helped people live longer and better
  • He actually avoids you for a few weeks after he finds out
    • He’s just having a hard time coming to terms with it? You’re a goddess and he’s the devil, why are you with him?
  • But you weren’t having any of it, you literally kicked his door down, you gave him his space and now you were going to talk
    • He ends up crying in your lap
  • But you manage to talk it out with him and you make it very clear that you aren’t going anywhere
    • “I love you, okay? You don’t have to understand why I do, but you need to know that I do. I don’t care if you think I deserve better because I choose you, Saeran. I will always choose you.”
  • He eventually decides he wants to help people with you
    • Yes, he made a huge mistake in the past, one that he is so sorry for, and he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for that
    • He’s no V, he’ll never be an angel, but he’s sure as hell gonna make the world a less crappy place
  • He comes up with so many great ideas!
    • Music programs for underprivileged children! Reading classes for uneducated adults! Programs that help teenagers get work experience!
  • He creates so many outreach programs and he’s so happy that you gave him the chance to do that
  • Started from the bottom now we’re here


  • This boy is as clueless as Saeran
  • Between photography and Rika and being a dumbass, he doesn’t pay much attention to the world
  • ·      He ends up finding out through Jumin??
    • “Oh by the way MC’s father is going to be visiting my father, we’re going to talk about having MC model for one of our products”
    • “wHAT”
  • He’s honestly so happy though
    • You’re such a fantastic person who else could put up with him pining after Rika for so long and you deserve everything
    • You deserve all the praise and attention you get
  • He totally doesn’t fantasize about becoming a prince
    • And he so doesn’t go around singing Disney songs
    • “what was that honey?”
    • “Thinking about the top 10 things a blind person will never say”
  • This boy is such a saint, you two implement a program to help disabled children
    • And not only does he help implement the program, but he actually participates in it???
    • Crying cause V deserves the world
  • He becomes your family’s official photographer!
    • This happens because he was lowkey salty when you hired someone else for an event
    • “Oh you need my help getting something from the high shelf??? Why don’t you ask that photographer?”
    • V pls shut up
  • But you do drag him to one of your photoshoots and after that he’s as addicted as Zen
    • You two make such a beautiful couple, how could he not be addicted???
    • He has pictures of you everywhere in his house
    • And he knows how much you love him, he can always feel it, but he absolutely adores the expression on your face when you’re looking at him and seeing it from an outside perspective makes him want to cry
  • He loves you so much, you’re his goddess <3
the little mermaid au! ong seongwoo

the following scenario is based on the traditional storyline. please keep note that there are many different versions of the story, and not just the disney one.

  • ok so you’re the mermaid/merman (your preference) who adores humans bc like it’s so cool they have legs?? the idea of having legs and being on land just FASCINATES you and you’re sneaking around the shores to watch humans
  • and one day you’re just swimming on the surface and saying hi to the cute seagulls when you notice the sky turning dark and the clouds getting shady so like it was basically time to go
  • but just then you notice a ship floating like nowhere cLOSE to the shore
  • even though mermaids were always called a myth and you’d get chewed out if anyone saw ur tail you’re like…I need to save them >:((
  • and so you swim over to save the poor souls when suddenly rain just started POURING and the winds picked up out of nowhere and then you saw a body fall into the sea
  • you’re like oh shIT and suddenly accelerated in water to save the poor soul
  • you eventually find him and you get rly alarmed bc he isn’t struggling or anything he’s just kinda lifelessly sinking
  • you grab him and basically turn into an underwater jet bc you’d never swam so fast no not even when your mermaid mom told you dinner was ready
  • getting him to shore was so difficult because 1) the human was heavy and 2) you had no legs so you had to crawl to get far enough onto land
  • the dude (seongwoo if y’all didn’t realize yet) still wasn’t moving and you were panicking like??? he shouldn’t be dead yet
  • you do the mermaid version of cpr which was to….press your lips against his to suck all the seawater out of him
  • a minute later you start getting dizzy because you’re getting too dry so you had to crawl back into the sea…and you proceed to go back home but you just…couldn’t get that man out of your head….
  • meanwhile a princess from a different country visiting seongwoo’s found him collapsed on the beach and shook him awake and seongwoo’s like…what happened??
  • let’s call the princess rika like that snake from mystic messenger
  • anywaYS
  • rika told him that she “”saved”” him from drowning and he’s like…oh and that’s what she ends up telling the his father aka the KING and rumors spread around the palace like crazy like everyone was like damn they probably gonna get married now
  • meanwhile on yOUR END you were swimming towards the sea witch’s domain to ask for a pair of legs because after being on land and feeling the frustrations of being unable to stay for too long you REALLY wanted to become a human
  • the sea witch asks for your voice in exchange which was…a huge price
  • your singing is like the only thing that anyone’s ever praised you for so giving it up would be the same as tossing away half of your identity but…u know what, in the human world no one’s gonna know u anyway  
  • so she casts a spell and gives you the legs u wanted and then shoots u out of the sea
  • after you get to shore and struggle to get the hang of walking for like 7 hours you pick up some rags to cover yourself bc that stupid witch didn’t give u any clothes
  • you just want to explore the village and ur getting looks bc wtf ur wearing some dirty rags with sand all over and wobbling like jello but u don’t rly care
  • suddenly you find a boy aka sEONGWOO in a quiet part of the area just…dancing and you were like!!! oh my gOD that’s amazing how can his legs and arms move like that…

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I'm gonna force some Lance sin on you bc let's be hoe-nest we all love him. How would he be on your first night together?

We all know Lance is one kinky motherfucker. But, like, I think he’d be pretty vanilla the first time with you. Yes, he’s eager, because you made him wait a few months, but he isn’t his usual aggressive, rough self like you were expecting. He’d bring you to bed and strip you down slowly, handing out compliments left and right, because he has the inability to keep his mouth shut. 

“Such perfect fucking tits, baby.”

“Fuck, your skin is so soft.”

“You make me so hard, princess.”

The things he says might be a bit crude sometimes, but you know he means well. 

With him still fully dressed, he’d just worship your body, laving kisses on every part of your skin he could reach, hands massaging your skin and working you up into a desperate frenzy before he even starts touching you properly. You’re rolling your hips upward, trying to get him to touch you where you want it most, but he just shakes his head. “Not yet, princess,” he grabs your breasts in his hands, circling his thumbs over your nipples. “I’m gonna pay attention to these babies first.” Only when they’re covered in hickies and a couple teeth marks does he move south, trailing his lips over your stomach until he reaches your pubic bone. There’s hair there, but he doesn’t pay it any mind as he spreads you with one hand, running a finger through your wetness with the other. He sucks in a breath, pupils completely blown out. “You’re so fucking wet.”

“All for you.” you murmur. He grins like the cocksure man he is, leaning down to run his tongue over your slit. Both of you moan at the same time, you from the feeling, him from the taste. He works you over slowly, tongue languidly flicking at your clit as he slides two thick fingers inside of you. He doesn’t stop until you’re shaking around him, back arching and mouth open around a scream. 

He strips off, smiling that confident smile of his. If you weren’t so fucked out you’d laugh at his ridiculous tattoo, but all you can do it stare, eyes glazed over as he fucks his cock with his fist. “You want it, baby?” he husks. “You’ve gotta tell me. Tell me you want my dick.”

“I want it,” you spread your legs as wide as they can go, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. “Fuck me, Lance, please.”

You thought he’d lose control by then and just fuck you into the mattress, hard and fast and inexplicably rough. You’ve heard the stories, you’re well aware of that’s what he’s known for. Instead, he pushes into you as slow as possible, making you feel how far he stretches you. He bottoms out with a sigh, eyes heavy. He circles his hips, pressing into a spot that no one had ever hit before. The sound he draws out of you is truly whorish, but you don’t care, throwing your legs around his waist. “So goddamn pretty, princess.” he praises. “You look so good stretched around me. So fucking perfect.”

Dating Jaebum would include (highly requested)

- “jaebum, have you seen my leftovers?”

“Wait,…u didn’t leave them for me…?”

- wearing his hats a lot because this boy will fuck up ya hair during sex by pulling on it all wild and then beg you to go to Walgreens and get him some Gatorade cause he need electrolytes

- going hard whenever his parts of a song come on in the car together, jaebum probably whips so hard he turns into a stop sign or some shit

- this boy ALWAYS steals ya Chapsticks but you can’t really get mad cause he need them more than you

- twirling pasta for him and shoving it in his mouth while you’re all annoyed but he just looks at you with heart eyes

- “hey mark have u seen this pic of me and-”

“You showed it to me 20 mins ago Jaebum, it’s your lock screen, you posted it on Instagram, I’ve seen it.”

- his dad probably calls you some cute shit like his lil angel, always pesters Jaebum about treating u right while you’re next to him like yeah….yeah u should treat me like the prince/ss I am jaebum

- looks so good in suits you sometimes jus ask him to put them on and he don’t understand why

- playing pranks on each other until half of Jaebum’s eyebrow is gone, your covered in feathers, maybe it’s time to stop

- vlogging with him, and he’s all cute and bubbly and laughs a lot

- he likes taking you to new places to eat, insists on taking pictures of you everytime you get dressed for him because he wants to remember it for later

- sometimes he sings you to sleep and kisses down your neck while you cuddle up into him and his arms envelop you and it’s like heaven

- smelling like him for a while after he’s gone and that just makes you a sadder hoe bc, your jaebum is gone

- little encouraging texts from him like “I love u, u can do this, have a great day my princess”

- but 5 seconds later the mood will change and some wild ass text like “I want you naked on the bed waiting for me when i come over tonight” will come through and you’re like what the fuck jaebum I haven’t even eaten breakfast

- singing really…really offtune to everything but it’s music to Jaebums ears, wants jyp to sign ya ass up

- probably that really annoying idol that’s like “no, I have a girlfriend” to everything

- he likes braiding your hair while you snuggle with him and watch tv

- cutie who will probably hold your makeup for you in his pocket when you guys go clubbing, probably lifts you on his back cause your heels hurt your feet

- once a week you both make time to make dinners together, lasagna week is coming up and Jaebum is excited

- jaebum the type to put annoying 2009 MySpace stickers on your pictures but you love him anyways

- let’s you wear his sunglasses even though they’re two sizes too big for your face

- game nights together where he probably gets mad he’s losing scrabble and ends up kissing you to distract you

- all of got7 trying to be all up in ya relationship and jaebums like omg guys stop!!! But you’re probably in the background talking about your sex life with youngjae

- random flowers that he surprises you with and its so cliche but it works

- watching Disney movies together but they’re in English so you gotta translate for him probably

- you could probably wear a sheet with holes cut out and jaebum would probably be like damn babe you look good

- competitions to see who can eat the most icecream but that ends in jaebum laying on your lap while you hold a warm cloth over his forehead cause he tried to shove half the tub in at once

- kissing up and down his chest when you guys are laying together, it probably tickles him

- riding buses together while you fall asleep on him and jaebums like omg so cute….but then you start drooling on him and he wants to push you off but you look cute he’s so conflicted

- y'all probably hear the icecream man passing and you guys try to race, you’re pushing him into a door, he’s pulling you back by your shirt and plopping you on the couch, then by the time you get there it’s already gone cause y'all childish lmao

- you being tired sometimes at events and it ends up with you on his lap asleep in his neck while he tries to pay attention but it’s hard cause your ass is heavy

- sharing everything, you wear his sweaters, jaebum probably steals your earrings and hats smh

- styling his hair for him and sometimes picking out his clothes while you clap in the background cause he looks so cute

- New Years with him while you’re probably drunk & slurring your words and telling him how glad you are you picked him over Jackson and he’s like aw…wait what????

- “did you steal my cologne, y/n?”

“What??? I can’t hear you, I gotta go, love u bye!!!!”

- looking at animals together while you guys sigh all dramatically bc you can’t get one yet

- Mark probably has to pry you off of Jaebum when you drop him off for practice because y'all kiss each other goodbye in the car but then 2 mins later he’s on your lap for some reason, kissing down your neck and marks like we gtg dude

- petty arguments over who gets to lick the bottom of the brownie bowl

- kissing his shoulders because he’s sore sometimes and he just sits there like (◕‿◕✿)

- trying to not laugh at each other when you make eye contact on variety shows but it’s impossible and the camera zooms in on both of y'all making double chins at each other

- attempting cooking classes together but jaebum ends up slicing himself so you gotta take him home and listen to him complain about the hello kitty bandaid you gave him

- roasting him because he got more Simpsons memorabilia than he got pictures of you
•"Why don’t you just keep Bart in ya wallet then?“
But he got a Photocard in there you just don’t know lmao

- grabbing onto his hair when he’s literally fucking you into a wall and his princess ass stops like baby girl, I love you, but watch the hair

- sending him little butterfly kisses from across the practice room and he’s all dramatic and pretends to catch them and put them in his pocket for later and jacksons like bro….why didnt u do that for me??

- randomly screaming about something and jaebum runs in with a bat all scared but you’re just staring at pictures of him on tumblr and he’s like really

- really into stripteases, but likes to pick the music and you’re trying to be all sexy to some fast ass techno beat

- in all honesty, the entire relationship feels like when you’ve been laughing for a really long time and you get that little pause where everything feels nice and you love the way life looks, and jaebum makes you feel like that because he treats you like the apple of his eye and puts you above everything else like the cutie he is, your number one fan and sugar bun

dating nct hansol!!!1!!!

• hansol’s pretty quiet
• you guys speak satoori w each other a lot and everyone in the group thinks it’s super funny and entertaining
• the quiet couple in front of everyone else
• but when you two are alone you guys laugh like, 25/8
• you’re the only person that knows where he’s the most ticklish
• he’s ticklish, literally everywhere except his stomach ok he’s, it’s great
• “if we ever have kids-”
• “hans-”
• “let’s name the first one after a character in dragon ball”
• you guys watch anime together all the time omg
• yuta sometimes joins
• you guys don’t mind, yuta’s like, you guys’ best friend. he’s the sassy best friend in every best trio friends movie
• wiggles
• dancing
• he’s so good at dancing
• he tried to teach you how to dance once
• he still uses the video he secretly took to blackmail you
• he watches it when he’s tired or upset. always makes him laugh.
• jk please give hansol all the love. he deserves it. poor boy, locked up down in the basement.
• hansol is super protective
• like an older brother who actually cares
• he asks you a lot of questions like “how are you today?” “did you have fun today?”
• once he asked if you ate and you said no and he was like “oh my-” and hung up
• he drove all the way to your house with yuta and taeyong and made them move a whole bunch of snacks and drinks and food and made the other two guys move them into your house and he gave you a small awkward hug and brushed through your hair with his fingers and was like “you need to be healthy okay? even if you’re busy, please eat”
• and boy were you guilty bc you literally forgot to eat bc you were watching the office for the 17th time and binge watching all the anime that you’ve ever watched, ever
• he sometimes calls you every 5 minutes if he feels uneasy about you going somewhere alone and when he can’t accompany you and keep you safe
• “where are u now”
• “…the same place i was 5 minutes ago hansol. at the bus stop.”
• your parents first thought he was rude and told you not to meet him
• but then they talked to him a bit and realized that he was really quiet and unresponsive bc he was nervous
• they love him now ok your siblings love him too bc he’s super cool and tall and god he’s just a tree
• he got you a super fluffy teddy bear once
• it’s holding a heart that says “i love you” and it’s one of those voice recording bears, he recorded himself saying “i love you”
• it’s your most treasured item ever
• hansol gets jealous pretty easily but he never voices it out to you, he just gets a little more affectionate.
• he puts you in between his legs or puts you up on his lap and plays with your hair and gets crazy close to your neck (god), rests his chin on your shoulder, kisses your temple
• he takes a lot of pictures of you it’s the sweetest, cutest thing.
• his phone wallpaper is a picture that he took of you playing with jaemin and jeno
• his lock screen is a picture of you and him together after one of his dance performances
• hansol doesn’t cry much but when you do, he’s often lost and kind of awkward, but he gives you a nice hug and gives you nice kisses on the top of your head
• hansol gives really nice, sweet kisses
• his hands rest on your hips and your arms wrap around his neck and sometimes your hands tangle in his hair
• sweaty, in his white button up dress shirts (BRINGING THAT BACK), dark black pants, after practice = seX. ok im sorry.
• but fr that exists and it’s great ok.
• hansol loves talking to you, he’s pretty like, boring on text bc it’s “awkward” and “strange” to him, he calls you a lot
• hansol tried to cook for you once
• he did pretty well the first time actually
• then he got too confident and then almost burned the house down the second time he tried cooking.
• the closest thing to cooking you guys do is microwaving chinese food and making jello
• hansol is super tall and his height comes in handy, very often.
• “got you covered.”
• his biggest turn on is when you’re in one of his shirts that are too long on you, with a pair of shorts or nothing underneath except for your underwear and when you get on your tippy toes trying to get something on the highest shelf and your thighs kind of shows and god he loves it so mu c h, never have you guys not at least made out when that happened
• hansol is very, dominant
• he loves dirty talk goD.
• his hand sneaks into your inner thigh, a lot, ok bye im dead
• reading manga, eating snacks, and watching anime on your laptop on hansol’s bed, totally not involved in any sex, is a thing and it’s one of the dorkiest things you guys do, but it’s also one of the most common thing in your relationship
• hansol has a really high alcohol tolerance
• you, however, do not and hansol also, takes videos of you drunk, and uses it for blackmail.
• hansol has got a lot of shit on you and that’s what makes your relationship 98% more interesting.
• you guys sometimes just sit down and watch weird shit he’s recorded of you and laugh
• “ur so dumb”
• “hansol shut up”
• yuta has a lot of shit on both of you
• yuta sends one weird thing he has on the two of you every two weeks in a group chat.
• you, don’t even know half the things yuta send and when or how or where he got these videos
• he literally sent a video of you kissing a cow’s tail on new years while yelling “HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!” and pinched the cow for not wearing green and started crying because you were alone today and it was easter and bunnies made you cry bc they’re so fluffy and cute. it was a saturday. in june. you were with hansol and yuta and probably doyoung too. hansol tried to stop you from crying. yuta swears you weren’t drunk and that you were sane and you were just possessed.
• you were probably drunk.
• “wow u guys are really cute together”
• “johnny. im cute together with everybody.”
• “(y/n)”
• “hansol i love u”
• hansol’s lowkey not insecure at all
• he’s very confident about your feelings for him
• he knows you love him
• and it’s true you do love him
• hansol doesn’t say “i love you” a lot
• but he says it occasionally and it totally melts you
• hansol has a tumblr
• so does johnny
• they get together and scroll through their memes and send you the funny ones
• half of them are made by you
• but they don’t need to know that
• he carries you bridal style pretty often
• he’s so kept to himself bc he’s a strong “busan man”
• but we all know, you esp, that he’s a baby and a little 9 year old boy trapped in a large, 183 cm man’s body
• he calls you princess
• hansol, ok this is like really underrated and not canon, but hansol loves it when you read for him like, read his favorite books to him out loud or reads anything out loud, he loves your voice and he just, loves you reading things for him
• ok on a side note, hansol loves your singing, doesn’t matter if you can or can’t sing, to hansol, it’ll sound good, no matter what.
• hansol friggin loves your hair
• hansol friggin loves your smile
• hansol and your selfies are on point ok
• sexy selfies, hot selfies, cute selfies, couple selfies, YOU NAME IT, YOU GUYS ROCK IT.
• you guys keep the whole “WE’RE A COUPLE” thing lowkey
• ok but you guys have couple rings
• and couple bracelets
• you guys took a vacation to an amusement park and you guys bought one of those cute animal ear headbands and took a whole bunch of selfies
• it’s your phone wallpaper
• you guys have super intense staring contests
• pokemon battles
• you guys go out and buy and collect pokemon cards and have battles
• intense ok. intense.
• pokemon go
• pokemon go all the time
• “what? are you ok-”
• messy bun, trainers, talk tops and jackets for you, and messy bed hair, comfy adidas pants, a lightweight shirt for hansol.
• hansol isn’t THAT interested in fashion but he always manage to look good
• you guys go to the beach sometimes and goD it’s fun
• he sprays water on you and you two make sand castles and write each other’s names in the sand like “I LOVE HANSOL!” “I LOVE (Y/N)!”
• on halloween you two dressed as vampires
• you guys looked hoT.
• hansol is always there to comfort and talk to you when you feel bad or have a problem or feel insecure
• he’s not a good talker, really, but he’s such a great listener
• but sometimes he’d talk for hours about topics that he’s passionate about
• it’s really cute
• aegyo is funny with hansol
• he’s so good at aegyo, that it makes you just, CRINGE SO HARD SOMETIMES AND YOU GIVE HIM HUGS and HE LAUGHS
• hansol’s LAUGH.
• you learned so much satoori from hansol ok this is random bc i talked about satoori 49405005 bullets ago but fr you guys’ satoori is the best
• you get very defensive over hansol
• if anyone insults hansol-
• ok if anyone other than the nct members, jokingly-
• -insults hansol, you will burst like a volcano
• hansol loves you for it but sometimes you get a lil scary
• but he still loves you for it bc you’re the first person who was willing to protect him like that
• hansol isn’t very good with words on a daily basis, but still
• one time-
• one time you guys have just started actually dating and all the pressure of being a good girlfriend was honestly driving you crazy
• and hansol, didn’t know how to really, comfort you. but he wanted to.
• so, hansol, being as extra as he is, decided to write you a letter about all the reasons why he loves you and stuff like that, you know
• and he made yuta give you the letter LOL
• and when you read it you started crying and hansol sat next to you and patted your back gently and gave you a nice hug and kissed you
• yes that was your first kiss
• and yes it was amazing
• ok hansol is pretty extra. in a really lowkey way.
• hansol’s room is full of posters
• anime posters
• and manga
• ji hansol. one of nct members that’ll probably say “you had a crush on me? that’s embarassing.” in the future
• “hansol. we’re married”
• “…still!”
• hansol is fr a super tall, hot, nerd.
• and you love that so much ok no joke wow this is amazing how’d you land such a wonderful guy
• you love hansol
• hansol loves you
• pls get married and have beautiful children together.

ok THIS IS HANSOLLLLLLLLLLL. hansol has been giving me mad feels these days i just can’t w hansol. JI HANSOL IS WONDERFUL. please give him more love.

Youtuber!Yoongi as a Father

And now it is time for the first Daegu prince, my highkey spirit animal, a total teddy bear with the softest smile okay his smile is so cute it’s gummy and it lights his face up so much and his smile is that one smile that makes everyone in the room :D even if they don’t know why he’s smiling, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • For the original youtuber!Yoongi post, click here, for his proposal, click here and for father!Yoongi, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!yoon post, he has one daughter and in another version, he also has a younger son, to keep this post from getting too long and repetitive, I’ll just be writing it with his daughter but the exact same would go for his son as well
  • Just a quick summary of original youtuber!Yoongi post, he has a music channel, he posts covers, original songs, album reviews, etc.
  • I have zero idea why but I feel like his channel would have a similar vibe to Ollie MN ??? that’s all I can think about with his channel rn so I’m just gonna throw it out there 
  • He’s pretty private on his channel so no one knows you guys are even thinking about kids until he writes an entire song about his feelings about becoming a father
  • He’s nervous, d efi ni tely, but he’s also so excited and in love already
  • He makes a lot of references to the bby being a girl so everyone just connects two and two and realizes Min Suga is having a lil daughter
  • He announces the birth with a log type of video where he’s just sat in his normal office set up but this time he has her in his arms and he’s introducing her with a big smile on his face 
  • “She sleeps a lot, she makes weird noises a lot, she’s just discovered she has fingers so she’s fascinated by that and I’m pretty sure I’m wrapped around those fingers”
  • She’s somehow always in his videos and it becomes like one giant game of Where’s Waldo like in what way is she gonna be featured in his next video
  • He’s got a lil cot set up in his office area bc she’s his bby and he doesn’t wanna be away from her just bc he’s working on music so she’s always in her lil cot while he films but the cot will change locations with each video
  • Sometimes midway through a song, she’ll make a lil bby coo noise (that I love so fucking much bby coos are so cute) and he’ll just get this really wide smile on his face and continue whatever he’s doing
  • Absolutely has a framed photo of her on his desk
  • They get to see her grow up a bit bc the cot gets replaced as time goes on, it turns into one of the lil bouncer things then it turns into her just crawling around then it turns into her walking around
  • He’s doing a video of him playing piano right so the camera is focused on his hands and he’s playing and his eyes are closed but then you just hear this really high pitched key get pressed by her and he stops for a minute and starts laughing
  • A few videos later, he makes a video called “The Min Toddler Song” where he pretty much gives her complete access to all of his instruments and lets her play whatever she wants and press all the buttons and he arranges it all together and adds his own rap to it and he just finds it so funny bc he edits it the way he would an actual song of his
  • Bc bless her heart she had fun doing it but just imagine giving a toddler access to instruments and sound boards and musical equipment in general, it’s a bit chaotic, messy and all over the place but he loves it so much and it just may be his favorite thing he’s ever done
  • He films her doing all of it and it’s so cute to see how happy she is to finally be able to press all the buttons and play with the piano and all the different things he has in his office bc normally he’ll let her play with his instruments if he’s holding them but that’ll be it 
  • Her hair’s in this lil ponytail and she’s in her pajamas bc it was just a day at home for them and she’s got this huge smile on her face and her smile is so identical to his that everyone just has to clutch at their chests for a minute bc o w
  • Her hair seems to be forever messy, no matter how much the two of you try to smooth it down into place but her favorite hair style is to have two braids and her fringe down bc she doesn’t mind if it gets into her eyes at times
  • She’s either in head to toe black or she’s in a princess dress no in between
  • Makes Yoongi dress up as a princess with her tbh
  • There aren’t a whole lot of pictures/clips of her actual face once she’s actually up and running around but there are a few and she looks so much like him
  • It always warms everyone’s hearts to see her bc she’s like a mini Yoongi and he’s always giggling around her bc he laughs at literally every single thing she does 
  • Gives her a Kumamon doll at some point let’s just be real so she’s always seen holding it or playing with it
  • His favorite video he’s ever filmed with her is this one video that makes everyone’s heart just o u c h, it’s a photo of him in bed, clearly having just woken up judging by the fact that his eyes are barely open and there’s a teeny hand squishing his cheek bc bby girl had pressed her hand to his cheek in her sleep
  • “How do I move her hand without waking her up I can’t edit like this my laptop is on the other side of the room”
  • But there are a few reasons he loves it so much, it’s not just bc it’s a cute video
  • He loves it bc whenever he watches it, he remembers how twenty minutes after he’d filmed it, she woke up and gave him her lil sleepy smile and her hair’s sticking up in every direction and she was so oblivious to the fact that she’d woken him up at 7 in the morning and hadn’t let him fall back asleep bc every time he tried she’d shift around and end up sprawled across him or has her foot pushing against his side or her hair in his face
  • That video just reminds him how much he loves her, how much he loves the small moments like that where she’s his cuddle buddy and regardless of how uncomfortable it can get sometimes, he wouldn’t change it for the world and treasures every moment he spends with her
  • “Good morning angel”
Last Swanqueen moment?

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First i thought Regina was noding to Emma like she does when they agree with something, but this is a different nod. So I realised it looks like a royal cumpliment. Like what a prince or a Knight would to do in front of a princess. 

This kind of thing:

“Men should shake their heads or shake their trunks forward, and the women should shake one knee when greeting.” - Pro Monarchy.

And you know what? Regina became the prince since season 5. Things got reversed bc we all know Emma was the prince in the begin.

The prince and the princess just can be together in the end, they get apart all the time, also Emma and Regina follows Snowing story, or we can say its Reginas karma. We are seeing this, in the first curse, Snow and David were apart, we  thought  he was dead, and David and Snow lost part of Emmas life. Like Regina now, she is apart of Emma and lost part of Henrys life, he grown and she lost this.

David thought he had feelings for Katherine, they were married. Emma thinks she has feelings for Hook, we saw they try and try to have a true love kiss and make magic but they cant bc they arent true love, Hook and Emma story begin for real after the second curse, Snow’s curse, so we are dealing with this, Snow still has problems with what Regina did to her, we saw her with the Queen in season 6, she didnt forgive, so when she casted her curse this started to work, her revenge, also she wanted Emma to be the perfect princess, and even if Emma doesnt liked Hook she ended believing she has feelings for him, like Regina with Robin. All was the curse, the curse was broke, but not destroyed, and so we had Hook’s curse what follows his wishes, hes a pirate, and pirates want the bigs treasures, and Emmas our big treasure, also pirates take the magic things and turn it in dead things, this is what hes making to Emma, she even looks like shes dying. And she doesnt wanted Henry leave her, but Hook said her to, she wanted to save Henry, but Hook said she would must rest, she was saying goodbye to her son and the others and Hook pulled her. See? Hes controlling her. David had real feelings for Snow, as we can see Emma has for Regina, but David tried to be a good husband (like Emma is trying to be a perfect wife). And also Emma said shes pregnant. And you know what Katherine thought she was pregnant too. We are following everything what happened in season 1 but with little differences. So looks like we need save Emma from this. We need the curse to be destroyed.

I know nobody believes Jen/Emma will come back, but Emma doesnt have a real HE, she looks horrible and sad, and she leaved her son, whos her other prince, so she must come back to him and Regina, bc this is what true loves does. And Emma, Henry and Regina are true love.

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If people dont belive Emma is still trapped in the curse 2 and 3, we can take the ep in the wishland as example, Emma were the perfect princess submisse to her parents, she not even was able to decide about her son. When she wakes she says she was not that person, she is not a sing princess, but we see her become this some eps later. 

Sing princess Emma, who married in a dress whats a reference to a real princess who lived an abusive relationship with the man she married. So we need wait and see. You know, the thing with true loves is that they always find each other, even if this take time.

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au #1 w vernon :-)))

Arranged Marriage AU (Suggest members/groups & AU’s from this list!)


And…back to the first AU imagine I made on this blog! The first one was with Jun. And uh…THIS IS LONG…my god I need to start making short ones…ANYWAYS ENJOY EVEN THO IT’S KIND OF RUSHED AT THE END SORRY

  • You’re just an ordinary person living an ordinary life-

  • And then your life gets twisted around

  • You were just walking home in the afternoon

  • And then when you pass by a crowd of people, someone pulls you by the sleeve into an alleyway!

  • There’s a woman (dressed really nicely) trying to get your attention

  • And she asks if you have any special talents?

  • And you’re like no bc you don’t think ur special in anything

  • But then the woman is like “well you have to have some sort of talent” so she hands you this business card and asks you to come back here in a few days

  • Suspicious much?

  • But that’s your way home from your new job, so yes, a few days later you walk there

  • Anddddd you get pulled by the sleeve again

  • Same woman

  • “Oh thank gosh you’re here! Come on we gotta get you dressed!”

  • Cue getting dragged in the building by a side door

  • And you’re just like “whAT”

  • “You didn’t read the card I gave you?”

  • *cough* of course you didn’t

  • So you take out the card and it says you have been chosen to become a princess

  • And like

  • Just so random?

  • Like now you have a chance of marrying a prince?

  • But you have to roll with it

  • Anyway you’re put in really fancy clothes which is definitely not your style

  • Like you’d rather wear emo clothes

  • You might not necessarily be emo but you definitely wouldn’t wear a skirt and a weirdly patterned jacket

  • But that’s what they make you wear and apparently it’s cute & formal

  • Also it’s kind of uncomfortable bc they made you put all this on over your dark t-shirt and shorts

  • So you’re shoved into this huge room with other girls in similar outfits

  • And then they send your leather jacket and bag in a bin on the other side of the room

  • And then some person taps a mic on this stage to get everyone’s attention

  • “Welcome! Here we will let the Prince of *mutters the name of some random island bc I can’t think of a name* choose his future wife and the princess of *same island*!”

  • So you’re all called up to perform on stage

  • You’re just like NOPE™

  • Yeah NOPE™ imma leave

  • Cuz you didn’t even want to be here in the first place

  • But you’re in line, and every time you try to leave, some guard pushes you back in

  • And then the girl in front of you goes up on stage

  • And she sings so beautifully you’re just like DAMN if anyone wins she should

  • But you look over and the prince looks so bored

  • Like SAME

  • And then it’s your turn-


  • And you’re about to go on stage but you run under the guard’s arm last second to the bin with your jacket and bag

  • The whole room falls silent and then starts complaining that you’re interrupting the session

  • But you literally pull off the skirt and fancy jacket bc you have clothes underneath

  • You grab ur bag and pull on ur jacket but the second you do, someone shoves you into a guard who just pulls you into the stage

  • And for once you see the expression of the prince changed

  • Like he looks not bored

  • And maybe a little turned on

  • And someone just throws you a microphone

  • You catch it don’t worry but like who would throw a mic honestly

  • And then you’re asked what song you can sing

  • And you just say the name (seventeeeeeeeen) of a popular fast rap song

  • And everyone gets uncomfortable and disgusted

  • Except for a certain boy who’s definitely interested now

  • And to everyone’s surprise and dismay you rap it Flawlessly™

  • To make matters worse, the prince is like “i piCK HER

  • And his Dad is like ah fine if he’s happy then I’m happy

  • So they’re about to bring you backstage to personally talk to the prince

  • But then everyone protests “a princess who can rap? Not a princess”

  • So they have to kick you out bc everyone is complaining


  • And then your (actually emo) friends invite you to this underground club for rock, rap, and emo music etc

  • You’re really close with most of these people, like you know almost everybody at this club

  • And so they make you rap bc they all ur friends so they know how good you are

  • And when ur done there’s lots of cheering and clapping

  • But on your way off the stage you bump into the guy that’s so distracted at looking at you that he’s speechless

  • Ur like “something on my face bruh?”

  • And then it hits you

  • This guy is the prince of that whatever island

  • Except wearing jeans and a sweater?

  • Cue you getting OUTTA THERE in like 10 seconds

  • Next time you go to work, you try to avoid that alley and street altogether

  • The woman still finds you and pulls you into the building (how even?)

  • To meet the prince and his parents, who start measuring your body for a wedding dress already, and trying to find out more about you

  • And they put you in the prince’s bedroom with him, who’s in more formal clothes where yours are still emo-ish

  • He’s just like “Hey…about that time in the club…can you not tell anyone?”

  • “Why shouldn’t I? You basically picked me to marry you when I, first of all, didn’t even want to be a part of this!”

  • “Hey, I didn’t want to be part of this too! Just my parents want me to get married before I can rule…and at least you’re emo and not stuck up like those other girls!”

  • “I’m not emo…”

  • “Look at yourself. (LOL) Anyways…just don’t tell anyone I was down there…it would really hurt my dad…I’d rather marry you, someone who doesn’t stick to rules, than one of those other girls”

  • “Ok then, I’ll marry you, Mr.whatever your name is”

  • “My name’s Hansol, but when we’re not in public pls call me Vernon

  • You feel really bad for Vernon, so you go through with this preparation for marriage

  • Cue you secretly bringing him out to the club to talk more comfortably

  • You learn he’s not actually a boring guy; he’s cool, and likes the same stuff you like (also kind of annoying in a memeingful way)

  • And you even bring him shopping one night bc the only non-formal clothes he has is that red sweater and jeans (think JamJam live)

  • And you start to like each other

  • You see him as more of a friend but anyways

  • At one point, dang you really fck up

  • You give a whole crowd of people attitude when you can’t get anything right

  • Jisoos they wanted you to practice kissing him

  • And people realize you’re not fit for this life

  • And they kick you out leaving Vernon in pieces, scared for his life that he’ll marry some random girl his parents pick

  • You just chill at the club

  • Except, the day before Vernon gets married, he texts you

  • Y/N…I’m scared

  • Why?

  • I’ll be spending the rest of my life with some stuck up girl…wish you were here

  • You’ll be ok

  • But you don’t really take it to heart damn you emo

  • Next day, you’re at a coffee shop, and you overhear a conversation with a married couple

  • “Listen…I’m sorry. I really messed up, neglecting you. Forgive me?”

  • “Honey…of course I do. Dang, even tho I was forced to marry you, I still love you”

  • And then it hits you again

  • Even if you don’t really love Vernon, he’s your friend

  • Ok maybe you do love him

  • He was basically your boyfriend for a couple weeks anYWAY

  • He shouldn’t have to marry someone he doesn’t like

  • So in a last minute rush, you’re out of the shop and in the church Vernon is in

  • And you just burst through the doors where Vernon and some random girl are about to finish their vows

  • The girl is about to say “I do”

  • But you scream the vow from the end of the hall, running up to the priest

  • Vernon pushes the girl he was about to marry and pulls her ring off in the process

  • And he just pulls you up the stairs and into a kiss


  • So basically you crashed a wedding and people are ready to pull you away

  • But the priest is like HOL’ UP

  • “She technically just married the guy cuz her finger has the ring”


  • You didn’t notice Vernon put the ring on your finger during your kiss

  • And the priest is like “do you want this to actually happen?”

  • You don’t really want to

  • Vernon’s like “yes let’s get married”

  • “wHAT”


  • K then

  • But since you’re not fit to be a princess, Vernon is stripped from his title, and is now a normal citizen, where his little sister is now set to be future queen

  • So you’re married basically for bragging rights now

  • Eh you still love him anyways“

Y/N I love you, you emo-” “NOT.AN.EMO.” “Babe pls you’re wearing a Panic! At The Disco shirt, leather jacket and ripped jeans; I’m married to an emo”

The gif is probably him shaking his head bc you’re ranting about not being emo and you suddenly say “I love you”. “Oh, really?”

Monsta X As Fairy Tale Characters:


·      the pure hero

·      knows he’s a cutie

·      like the boi from the little mermaid?

·      Prince eric?

·      What a cutie

·      Rugged and manly but would do ANYTHING for you

·      “Whatever makes you happy, baby”

·      would try to do princely things but would instead get embarrassed and fumble

·      u know in kdramas when the rich guy takes the poor girl out shopping and then she gets all fancy and he’s like “hot damn”?

·      that’s hyunwoo

·      except he’ll do that abt everything

·      “look at my beautiful baby. You’re gorgeous”

·      “hyunwoo, I’m wearing pajamas”

·      “and?”


·      the rouge hero

·      like robin hood ya know

·      he wants everyone to have a good life

·      seduces people w his friggin sweet smile

·      also is FLYNN RYDER

·      WHAT A HUNK

·      “smoulder”

·      a soft softie

·      G R E A S Y

·      winks at you every chance he gets

·      a little weird at first but then opens up and W O W

·      so sweet and caring and if you ever hurt him istg ill fight you




·      Minhyuk 10/10 loves everyone and will make everyone happy

·      Big heart w lots of love

·      This also isn’t a fairy tale but he’s def abu from Aladdin

·      That monkey

·      Demands attention and u think he’s annoying

·      but just wants the best for you

·      fight me minhyuk is so sweet

·      imagine his lil monkey body hoppin around seeking attention

·      he’d prob have like some disappearing power in a story bc he likes popping up next to people to scare the shit out of ‘em

·      lmao imagine if he didn’t have the disappearing power and instead ran off into the night Naruto style with sound effects

·      bc that’s SO Minhyuk


·      that fake hero bitch

·      u know the one that didn’t do shit but takes all the credit

·      “omg yeah marry me, I saved your life even though I CLEARLY DIDN’T”

·      he acts like lord farquad

·      yeah go fetch the princess for me and I’ll let you keep your swamp

·      demands that everyone respect his shrimp ass

·      imagine him in lord farquad’s outfit!!

·      also tbh he’s that fuckin candle stick from beauty and the beast

·      Lumiere or Lumer or some shit like that

·      All hoity toity with his small shrimp lookin ass

·      tbh he’s that little shit that thinks he’s all that

·      Or even fuckin Rumpelstiltskin

·      Man imagine him cackling w glee as u struggle and then sit there all prim and proper like he isn’t a total asshole

·      I don’t actually hate kihyun I love him don’t worry

·      Hes just a lil bitch and I wanna fight him


·      fairy godmother

·      “that’s not ur color, I’ll do it myself”

·      makes u a cute dress or tux to wear in front of ur love

·      ok but imagine him leaning against the doorframe with a lil wand in his hand and drawling out a lazy “twirl for me”

·      does that thing ur friend does when ur crush walks into the room

·      waggles his eyebrows and makes meaningful glances before whooshing away

·      also I can 10/10 imagine him as raja from Aladdin

·      u know the tiger that princess jasmine keeps as a fuckin pet

·      but like more specifically hyungwon is the scene at the beginning where that suitor goes storming off bc he bit his ass


·      that croc from the princess and the frog

·      always jammin

·      big dreams

·      also has feelings PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS

·      wants to be accepted but acts casual abt it

·      is also the lucky cricket from Mulan

·      that isn’t a fairy tale but this shit went way off topic a long time ago

·      a hot mess tbh

·      literally crawled into the matchmaker’s tea and is the reason Mulan didn’t get matchmade which is rlly ironic considering he’s a lucky cricket

·      but also wants to help

·      just isn’t very good at it

·      ends up scaring himself most of the time

·      gets sad easily

·      responds better to praise than criticism


·      im sorry I know this isn’t really a fairy tale but changkyun is literally that dragon from shrek

·      u think he’s there to do smth bad

·      but he just wants love

·      ok im sorry im deviating from the tru tag

·      uhm he’s also the lil monkey from Aladdin

·      abu?

·      Bounces allover the goddamn place

·      Have u seen ppap?

·      Yeah that’s abu

·      twirls his fuckin ass in your face if you don’t pay enough attention to him

·      or you know, plays the drums on your ass

·      he’s such a meme how do they deal with him

Dating Clarke Griffin Would Include...

@kittytigerwood ask : Dating Clarke griffin would include, please? Thank you!

A/N : hey there! im sorry this took super long but my laptop messed up some stuff and when i posted this, some gifs were missing as well as a huge part.. this is still pretty short even though i added some more stuff so im really sorry for that!!

hey hey look, its another character im in love with

Masterlist / Ask me

Originally posted by morleybell

  • you sit across her on the drop ship but you were too busy daydreaming about the ground to notice her 
  • but then you snapped out of it when people starting taking off their seatbelts and laughing 
  • and then you finally get a good look at her 
  • and wow this girl was super cute and pretty 
  • and then she starts yelling at them and telling them to go back to their seats and somehow you got more attracted to her?? 
  • you melt into a gay puddle when she smiled at you 
  • little did you know she felt the same way 

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anonymous asked:

*in a dark alley with a trench coat* Hey, can I please get the Rfa+V+saeran reacting to an Mc who has acne scars on their face?? Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

A/N: Hey Nonnie! I hope this as good as you wanted (if any of you out there are insecure about your acne scars, I understand, I struggled with acne for a really long time. But screw everyone okay, you’re all freaking beautiful and I love you all!) I’m sorry I’m not as good with putting out requests as 404. I’ve been feeling very fatigued lately because my dumb booty has been forgetting to take my iron supplements and I’m anemic my hoe ass writes about self care and wont even do it myself. Anyway, I hope you all like this, and thank you all for the fan art and the support ;~; <3 <3 <3 ~ Admin 626
*also has a trench coat on, whispering* so…are we like…Angels of the lord? Or…Time lords??? Or do we just like trench coats? No one knows ~ Admin 404 


  • Honestly, he doesn’t even really notice?
  • He’s just happy to have you in his arms
  • You’re so warm in his arms, how r u real
  • But as time goes on he realizes you’re super insecure about them
  • He knows saying “you’re beautiful no matter what wtf MC” won’t help you much
    • He still says it anyway
  • When you’re feeling super down, you wrap your legs around him and nuzzle his neck
    • He runs his fingers through your hair
    • No words are said and you two stay like that for hours
    • Sometimes you cry, and he just hugs you as tightly as he can
  • He loves you so much and he doesn’t want you feeling like this so he does everything he can
    • He looks up everything he can on youtube
    • How to cover acne scars, how to prevent acne, etc
  • This boy is a skin master by the end of the night and whenever you feel down about your skin, he dresses you up so you can feel like a princess <3 eventhoughyou’reaprincesswithorwithoutmakeup


  • He did notice your scars at first
  • he’s an actor, his eye has been trained to notice every imperfection
  • But it’s not like it matters? You’re such an amazing person, who even cares tf
  • One night though he finds you crying on the floor sobbing and he’s like
  • And you tell him about how you’re so insecure, especially around him
    • He’s so flawless and you’re so…blah
  • You bet this boy lifts you up princess style and carries you to bed
  • He keeps you wrapped in his arms all night and murmurs sweet nothings in your ear
  • He introduces you to beauty products to help with your skin because this boy wants you to be happy and he’ll make you do all the self care need to to feel better
  • “MC, please remember that you’re gorgeous to me. Nothing will ever change that. You’re my star; you outshine everything and anything. You might think you’re “blah” but to me, you’re the most beautiful person in the world.”


  • this girl so exhausted all the time, she’s just really happy to see ur face cause ur a blessing in her life
  • she thinks you look good with a fringe and all but she thinks you’d look better without it!!!
  • One day she brings up u growing ur fringe out and you just start tearing up???
  • A few tears fall and you tell her that you have a fringe bc they cover up your acne scars
    • mC NO PLEASE
  • She gives you a huge hug!!! You do not deserve to feel like this!!!
  • She knows words like “you’re beautiful the way you are” aren’t going to help you
    • She’s been there, words like that can just be super annoying
    • Instead, she gives you hugs and kisses for the rest of the night
  • Also gets some skin care tips for you so maybe you’ll feel better
  • All she hopes is that one day you’ll love yourself like she loves you <3


  • he doesn’t care at all either?
  • He finally met someone who understands him! Who cares about anything else!!! He loves you so much and his heart is just askldjhfaskjdhfasdf when he sees you!
    • But that doesn’t really help you
  • You know he loves you for who you are, but you’re still super insecure?
    • I mean who wouldn’t be, this guy looks like a freaking sex god
  • You always try to hide it though, this poor boy has an entire company on his shoulders, you can’t have him worry about little things
    • One night though you know he’s off at a company party and you think about all the gorgeous women there
    • You let a few tears slip and you’re like “well jumin’s not here mIGHT AS WELL LET MYSELF CRY AS MUCH AS I CAN”
  • he doesn’t know what to do??? You’ve never been like this around him???
    • He hugs you and lets you cry
    • Your head ends up on his lap and he softly strokes your hair until  you fall asleep
  • In the morning you tell him what’s wrong bc the poor boy deserves an explanation
    • “MC, you’re gorgeous, why would you ever feel like this?”
    • “Have you seen your hair? It’s like silk”
    • “Your boobs are fantastic I don’t understand”
  • But he hires an esthetician for you because he will do anything for you
  • He always makes sure to give you kisses all over your face so you know how much he loves you <3


  • He is a little surprised when he first sees you bc all your pictures online show u with flawless skin?
    • It’s called photoshop, Seven, ur hoe ass should know about this.
  • But he totally gets it! He’s been there before
    • With his high stress, tons of junk food lifestyle, breaks out will accompany
    • He’s just lucky that his skin doesn’t scar easily, but he’s not gonna be a douche about other people’s acne scars
  • He does help you learn how to cover them up bc he understands that you’re insecure
    • You think this boy wouldn’t know how to? Of course he can wtf, this boy is a dress crossing god, he can do anything with a makeup brush
  • He won’t touch your face without your permission because he doesn’t wanna make you uncomfortable <3
  • He builds a robot that says “don’t be stupid, you’re beautiful” for you


  • Honestly he doesn’t even notice
  • He’s so many horrific things in Mint Eye that he doesn’t really notice people’s appearances much?
  • 10/10 does not understand your insecurity
    • you’re strong and cool and awesome??? What’s there to be insecure about wtf
  • he may not be one to show lots of affection like the other RFA members but he has his ways
  • he leaves notes that say “I love you I guess” on the mirrors in your house <3 
    • one time he wrote “please don’t break the mirror with your ugly face” but that was meant for Saeyoung
    • saran wrap that doesn’t even make sense you tWO HAVE THE SAME FACE
  • If you ever cry about your scars, he’ll wipe your tears and try to make your favorite food
    • He burns the meal but you eat it anyway


  • Omg You’re low key this boy is blind because then he can’t see ur scars
  • One day he asks to feel your face and you just??? Don’t know what to do???
  • You don’t want him feeling your scars omg
    • Your solution???
  • Run away and avoid him for days
    • Wow you’re real smooth MC
  • You finally visit him and tell him your issue, that you don’t want him feeling your face bc you know that you’re ugly
  • “…MC, love is blind, okay?”
    • “…No, V, YOU’RE blind”
    • MC why are you like this
  • But honestly, he understands you don’t want him touching your face, he’d probably feel the same way if he had scars
  • He just makes sure to tell you’re beautiful all the time it annoys you a little
    • And he’ll snuggle with you for hours on days you feel super bad about yourself <3
First Day of School (Jin)

So now it is time for the next series!! My week is gonna be busier than normal bc I have a test in a couple days so I wanted this week’s series to be something I could write easily bc some series take more time to write but father!BTS is always something that I find easy to write bc it’s so super cute to me so without further ado, to start us off as he always does is the amazingly talented first half of Jinkook, one of seven princes, the tiny sweetheart who’s not actually tiny at all like his shoulders are so broad and he’s so tall but he’s tiny to me bc he’s cute and precious and I wanna wrap him up in a blanket and give him ice cream, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jin post, he has one daughter aka the mini Jin in a female form
  • She’s got those cute lil chubby cheeks (hi I love chubby cheeks so fucking much especiaLLY ON BBYS) and those bby lips and the warm brown eyes so she’s just a walking teeny tiny Jin with pigtails and a Mario plushy that’s bigger than she is
  • I also have this head canon that she’s just really tiny especially next to Jin bc how cute is that tol and smol who are forever holding each other’s hands and hugging and giving each other’s cheeks lots of kisses
  • Lil bub is s o excited for her first day of school, she’s got her backpack set a week before the first day, she’s got her outfit picked out, she knows what hair style she wants she’s just so excited 
  • Jin’s a lil sad bc his bby his angel she’s growing up so quickly but he’s also beyond proud of her bc hell yeah what an awesome kid high five Jin
  • Mornings with them are normally pretty calm
  • He wakes her up by rubbing her shoulder or sometimes carrying her downstairs bc no matter how old she gets, you can bet that he’s gonna carry her around like a princess bc she IS one he will fight anyone that says differently
  • They a l w a y s make breakfast together, this one time she’s feeling really sick so he makes her something to eat while she’s asleep bc she needs sleep to heal up but she gets so sad when she finds out he cooked without her and her eyes got all watery so he’s never left her out of the breakfast making ever since
  • Even if it’s just cereal, he’s gotta let her pour it into the bowls which turns into him catching all of the cereal that doesn’t make it into the bowl
  • You always come down to the kitchen to see Jin holding her with one arm and stirring around whatever he’s cooking with his free hand and she’s got a lil juice box and she just looks so content 
  • They chat about their dreams from the previous night and he keeps sneaking her bites of the food especially if he’s doing something with fruit bc that’s instant food just cut it up and go so she gets lots of snacks whenever he makes blueberry pancakes or banana bread or anything like that, those are her favorite to make
  • But on that first day of school, she’s wa y to pumped up to be able to sit still so he lets her run around the kitchen for a bit to burn some of that energy off and he’s just smiling to himself bc she’s a playful kid but she’s never been t hi s hyped up
  • He films her for a few seconds and the entire time he’s giggling bc she stops mid-run and hugs the dog and starts cooing at it before running back over to Jin with that adorably excited grin
  • Jin helps her get ready bc he wants to be there for her first day so you let him handle most of it and just sit with them and help out if they need it but you’re also more than glad to let him do it bc it’s always so precious to see how gentle he is with her and the look of complete and utter adoration in his eyes whenever he looks at her
  • He braids her hair for her bc he didn’t spend the entire pregnancy learning how to braid and trying to force a very displeased Jungkook to sit still long enough to use him as his model for nothing
  • At this point, he knows more braids than he ever thought he would but he’s okay with that bc his princess l o v es braids they’re her favorite hair style
  • Her first outfit is this super pink dress that come with matching pastel pink tights that have polka dots all over them and she goes for some flats that have all the sparkles 
  • She picks her entire outfit even though Jin offered to help her out and he’s just :D as she’s looking through her clothes and she gets this really serious look on her face where she’s got a bit of a pout going on and her brow furrows bc she’s concentrated and Jin has to hold back from smothering her in kisses bc she’s just too precious
  • Her lil backpack is a Peach bag of course bc she’s been around Mario her whole life and lo ves playing it with Jin but her lunchbox is a Dragon Tales lunchbox
  • Her lil feet are swinging the entire car ride to the school and she keeps telling the both of you how excited she is and that she knows she’ll make lots of friends
  • Also quick head canon bc my Namjin heart but she and Namjoon’s daughter are around the same age (joon’s bby is a few months younger) so they’re in the same grade and are each other’s best friends all throughout their lives
  • Saying goodbye is definitely the hardest part, Jin knows that it’s only a few hours but he’s never not been able to be around her, he’s had to work of course but he’s always known that if he wanted to see her, he could just go home or call you and ask to speak to her, he can’t do that with school
  • He hugs her really tightly and he’s gotta hold some tears back and he gives her so many kisses and keeps telling her how much he loves her, if you didn’t know Jin, you would literally think she was going away for a month but he’s just really proud and a bit sad but mainly happy 
  • Bby Kim is already there so the second lil bub goes in, she has her best friend there so Jin knows she won’t be alone on her first day and he waves at her every time she turns around to see if he’s still there
  • “Have fun, princess!! I love you!!! …hey no, don’t walk away yet you gotta say it back first”
  • “Let’s go, Jin, before you get into trouble for running into a classroom”
  • He sighs really loudly and starts to drag his feet to the exit all mopey bc she didn’t hear him say ily bc she was too busy being greeted by the other kids
  • But then he hears tiny feet running towards him and he feels her cheek squish against his leg and her tiny arms are hugging his legs bc that’s all she can reach
  • “I love you too!!”

Lo and behold, I bring you a Valentine’s oneshot. This popped into my head days ago and… I just couldn’t shake it. Dear god, someone draw this too. I want it framed.

Anyway, a Valentine’s oneshot with the otp, feat. Mar’i. <3

With mixing bowl in hand, Starfire turned around to face the kitchen island, humming a cheerful tune as she moved.

Her grip on the handle of the wooden spoon tightened as she started stirring the pancake batter up a little more, trying to get it at just the right consistency.

Starfire smiled as she caught a whiff of the vanilla extract aroma wafting from the pancakes.

When she initially came to Earth, she had been eager to share her numerous Tamaranian recipes for traditional delicacies; no matter how badly her friends’ stomachs may have reacted with the cuisine.

Whilst having an ability to cook by Tamaranian standards, she had been an atrocious cook with Earth food. Cyborg had chastised her about staying away from the kitchen on more than one occasion to ensure she didn’t burn the entire place down.

Of course, that didn’t stop her, especially when Robin would crumble at her pleading expression and the fluttering of her eyelashes. He even offered to teach her how to cook simple things so she could at least be on the right track.

However, as the years passed, Starfire had become extremely proud of her ability to cook. She hardly ever burnt things anymore and was always testing out new recipes to share with the people she cared about.

And so, here she was serving up pancakes for breakfast.

Twisting the dial of the stove to switch it on, she juggled the bowl in her arms and prepped the frying pan with oil.

Starfire continued to sing her wordless song as she prepared the morning nourishments.

Her ears perked up at the sound of brief shuffling from another room but she kept her emerald eyes focused on the sizzling pancakes, assuming it was just Silkie wriggling around on the rug in the lounge.

She found herself getting quiet, her humming coming to an end. Starfire felt like there was something nearing closer to her.

That’s when she saw it out of the corner of her eye.

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sourmilkbaby  asked:


how could you ask me this i’m about to make the both of us suffer

  • frank would so be the mother of the group, like he’d wear a backpack with a little cooler strapped to the back of it and he’d keep lil snacks and water bottles for them all
  • when they get into magic kingdom for the first time he’s like “walk not run,” but leo sprints away dragging hazel behind them and frank chases after them like a mother duck
  • on their first day they buy matching t-shirts and the next day they wear them but in the morning they do a full on photoshoot including:
  • the normal front pose photo, the back photo (bc they would so get t-shirts with stuff on the back), the frank and leo holding up hazel photo, the leo on frank’s back and hazel kissing frank’s cheek photo bc FRANK NEEDS MORE LOVE
  • when they went to epcot and got to canada, leo turned to frank and went “look who’s home, ey?” and frank squirted him with the spray bottle they bought
  • hazel got to meet princess tiana and after they were done taking the photo, they started talking and hazel found out this princess tiana was also from new orleans
  • so while they were chatting frank and leo goofed around with prince naveen and took silly pictures with like peace signs and sunglasses and they were all look “look at our queens!!” to the hazel and tiana who both roll their eyes
  • on their first day hazel and frank get lanyards and collect pins the whole trip, but leo has an affinity for mouse ears
  • like hazel got minnie ears with a sparkly bow and frank got the traditional mickey eat hat but by the end of the trip, leo got a glow in the dark ear hat, a little mermaid ear hat, and sorcerer mickey ears
  • they spend a whole day at animal kingdom, from the very beginning to the minute before the park closed and the reason they stayed there all day was because frank kept sneaking into exhibits (with the help of hazel’s mist) and he’d shift into all different types of animals and do such dumb stuff to entertain the guests
  • and all the other animals would literally be staring at him, while the guests were so enraptured and taking photos, meanwhile hazel and leo were off to the side, practically on the floor laughing their asses off
  • at the end of the day they ate at the rainforest cafe and instead of ordering meals they just got a bunch of junk food (mini burgers, fries, a bunch of appetizers) and stuffed their faces bc they were just that hungry
  • leo was so sleepy afterwards that while hazel and frank were in the gift shop, frank had to carry leo on his back; they got him a t-shirt
  • when they went to hollywood studios that was the day they found out hazel’s favorite ride was the great movie ride
  • ahhh imagine them walking around downtown disney on one of their last nights, eating ice cream and browsing through the shops and taking pictures of all the lego sculptures
  • every ride they go on is awesome but every time they get off leo is already rambling about the improvements he could make and if he could add a pixie dust machine and hey maybe this place is owned by demigods we should so ask and frank and hazel love him so they listen everytime

ahhh i made these mostly about disney alksdaskldj ok let me see

  • every single road trip they take it’s always frank driving, hazel in the passenger, and leo in the backseat; unless frank needs to sleep then they switch
  • their playlist is such a #mess bc hazel likes jazz, frank likes pop, and leo likes punk rock and they could just be jamming out and then smooth jazz fills the car and hazel goes, “if either of you skip it i’m going to rip your hand off”
  • they’re that couple that has to stop at every landmark or tourist attraction if they come across it, even if it’s not part of the plan, and they take pictures and walk around and buy lil souvenirs
  • hazel gets a bunch of pamphlets from all the rest stops they go to and when the boys ask her why she’s like “just in case!” even though they’ll most likely be useless as soon as they leave the state laksjdasdj i love her
  • ok but all of them crashing at random hamilton and holiday inn’s throughout the country and cramming together on one of the queen size beds and scrambling in the mornings to get read and they all have to crowd into the bathroom as they brush their teeth
  • frank is so that person who takes his time as they’re leaving, like he’ll chat up the concierge and make himself one of the complimentary coffees and tell the employee things about their road trip so far and as he leaves he nods back towards the guy, smiles, and says, “have a good day, man” 
  • camping trips where the whole gang is their but they have their own tent and hazel wakes up early one morning so she sits by the firepit and chats with nico and percy until the sun rises
  • and then by that point she’s like, “ok they have to get up” but when she checks on them leo is basically sprawled across franks chest and frank has one arm around leo and another underneath his head and they’re just cuddled up so cute that hazel doesn’t have the heart to wake them
  • so nico does

aksdjasllk alright so these were the ones that actually got deleted, i hope i remembered all of them and i really hope you liked them!!

also bonus: the halloween after they go to disney, hazel dresses up as princess tiana and frank and leo dress up as prince naveen. now frank is kind of shy in this flashy attire even though he looks awesome, meanwhile in the background you can see leo being the cocky lil shit he is, swooshing his cape back and forth and flashing people is signature “smolder” for the night. hazel tries to make frank feel better and that’s when leo realizes frank might not be as comfortable as he is and so he goes over and kiss frank right on the lips and makes some silly joke to make them all laugh and then he kisses hazel and they all go out on the dance floor and have a really good time omg i’m gonna cry

Prince!Vernon {Req}

tw: mentions of death + illness + alcoholic + abuse

oh this is also very long ? sorry fam i tried my best

  • this story starts with a bag of apples and a small child who lived in the poor parts of the kingdom
  • who is this 7 yr old? it’s you and ever since you were small, you had a knack for being sneaky and quick. the bag of apples was the first thing you ever stole and you began to do it more often
  • like stated before, your family was very poor and sometimes you would go to bed very hungry and you were so thin, your bones shivered even with the tiniest breeze but you had no choice but to fend for you & yr mom
  • your mother was very sick at the time and your father was barely around and when he came home, he always drunk
  • to this day… still have nightmares of your mother screaming in terror and your father yelling at her. some nights you can feel the painful bruises left over from his punches although they had faded away long ago
  • when you were 11, your mother passed away and when you were 12, your father left one day and never returned…….he always did blame you for your mother’s death and no matter how much you wanted to shout and call him out for his lack of presence and love, you couldn’t bc you knew that would only result in more abuse
  • but you learned to shield these emotions and you continued to steal + trade to keep yourself alive
  • since the age of 12, you lived on the roof of this shop that has a great view of the kingdom whichever direction you turn……it’s nice to watch the sunset but sucks when it rains bc a roof over your head would be out of the question…..
  • fast forward~ now you’re 17 and have become one of the most skilled thiefs in the neighborhood like……little orphans look up to you bc wow youre their hero since youre always bringing them food
  • yes that’s right– you are now stealing for others bc why not, right? it would be no trouble to take a little bit more….you’re literally a Robin Hood for these poor civilians
  • so one night, you were staring at the palace from your little roof perch and it’s night and you come up with this crazy idea…..why don’t you steal from the palace? it wouldn’t be too hard as the only security measure was the guards… store owners were going to start noticing their supplies were running low if you didn’t change locations for a bit
  • and while you stayed up that whole night, devising a plan, a certain prince sat in his room alone aka prince hansol “vernon” choi
  • prince!vernon is what you would call…..a free spirit. doesn’t like to be held down by traditional ideas.

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The Best Wingman

Summary:  Chat tries to hook up Marinette and Ladybug. It goes better than expected.

AN: For @la-belle-et-la-bete bc she sparks wonderful fic ideas and then helps keep me sane as I write them crackshots.

Can also read on AO3

It’s been happening for weeks now.

Every akuma fight, every patrol, every midnight conversation; every time Chat talks to Ladybug, Marinette pops up in the conversation.

“Did you see Marinette today? She was wearing a skirt, wasn’t it cute?”

“Did you see her recent dress design?”

“Did you know Marinette adores you?”

(Yes, her legs looked amazing.)

(Actually, it was a shirt and skirt combo and it’s a stunning design.)

(Yes, he distinctly remembers the bus ride where she fell asleep on him and asked Chat Noir to kiss her and made his brain shut down for a good two hours.)

As great as it is that Chat gets a chance to talk about Marinette, who he most definitely does not have a crush on (that’s a lie), Chat is 9572395% convinced he is in the sweetest version of hell.

Because Ladybug has a crush on Marinette.

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title: dance lessons
pairing: nessa/oliver
notes: UHHH i might use scraps of this for my story?? bc i really like the way some of this flows but we will see. i decided to share it anyway! 



Despite the two hours she’s spent in the ballroom alone practicing her dance steps, Nessa is sure that she’s gotten worse and not better. After tripping over the hem of her dress again she bites her lip to keep from screaming out her frustration and stomps over to the music player, pressing the stop button.

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Earn it - Calum Hood smut

You go to a party you didn’t wanna be at the first place and got the attention of the most popular guy at college who seems to be an asshole but ends up to be a gentleman.


Calum Fuckboy Hood

That’s how everybody called him. He was hottest guy at college. He has fucked whole houses as they say and has so much money the college can’t kick him out because he pays them not to, and he comes to all the parties.

I didn’t go to alot of them but my friend said “ why would you go to college but not the parties” so she forced me to a few of them but i ended up smoking a full packet of cigarettes because of boredom.

This one night i was standing outside smoking one, and refreshing my instagram over and over again. “Smoking kills you know” i heard him say behind me. I turned around and say Calum standing with a red cup in one hand and a cigarette in the other. “I know and so do you but we still do it” I replied. “And what’s your name princess?” I looked at him, grabbed his red cup and drowned whatever was in it. “You have to earn that Calum” i said and walked back inside. I didn’t know if he was following me or if he was keeping busy with another girl but i knew i was having fun. After doing 4 shots i grabbed a cup and mixed 3 drinks filling the cup till the lit. I walked -wobbled- to the dance area and sure enough i saw Calum watching my every move. I started moving my hips to beat and after i dont know how many time a slender guy with blond hair came grinding against me. 

A girl came from the other side and we made a sandwich -lol it sounds so dumb- i kept one of my hands on the guys side and the other one on the side of the girl. When i looked to where Calum was standing i saw him watching with a big smile on his face. By cup was almost empty and i felt really good. The girl was leaning in and normally i would never do something like this but i gave in and kissed her. I held her side and the nape of her neck, the guy started feeling my sides and creeped his hands higher towords my boobs. I didn’t feel the guys on my sides when i has done making out with a girl. I looked behind me and saw Calum instead of the boy. I walked back to the kitchen with him following. “What are you gonna do princess?” He asked sounding pretty calm even though i think he punched the guy that was behind me. “Filling my cup” i said slurring like crazy and holding up my cup. “No you’re not” i tried to make a pouty face and grabbed a bottle. He held my wrist and let me put it down. “But i want more alcohooooll” i whined like a little kid. “You are in my house and i make the rules princess”

he picked me up and caried me bridalstyle up the strairs, he opened a door with a key in his back pocket and let me walk in. I sat on the bed, he closed the door and walked to his bathroom. I kicked off my heels that where killing me. He threw me a bottle of water and stood in front of me. “Get comfortable because you’re probably gonna be here for a while.” I got out of my dress and tried to open my bra clip but it was really difficult when i was drunk. He pulled off his shirt and gave it to me. I turned my back to him and pointed to my clip. “Please” He touched my back and traced my tattoo with his fingers then unclipped it. His warm touch lingered on my back. I turned around and studied his body. He looked in my eyes but drifted his eyes to my boobs for a time. “Put on my shirt, you’re gonna sleep here” he said not in a ordering way but sweet and caring. “You have a half naked girl laying in your bed and you’re not making a move?” he turned around and sat on the end of the bed with a grin on his face. 

“Of course not you’re drunk” He turned around and saw me trying to look as sexy as possible. “But i want you to fuck me” He turned around fully so he was sitting on his knees and scanned my appearance, but i was biting my lip and feeling my boobs. “If you’re not gonna do it i have to do it myself” i tried to say as suductive as i could but the alcohol slurred my words. He took off his shoes. “You sure you want this?” i breathed out a yes, he crawled over to me and looked in my eyes. “Not when you’re drunk” i pouted and he fell down beside me. I sat up straight and looked at him watching his phone. “I’m not -burp- drunk” He looked at me and pushed me down while hovering over me.

Calum kissed the top of my head, layed down and held me tight spooning. “We can have sex in the morning when i’m sure you want to.” He said and closed his eyes. I woke up a few times cuz Cal moved his hand alot. Down my stomach, my thighs and groping my boobs.

 When i woke up i saw a bottle of water and a box of asprines on the night stand beside me. I didn’t recognize the room or the shirt i was wearing but my head was spinning and i knew i had alot to drink. I saw my dress and bra on the floor next to a guitar. I took 2 asprines and drowned the bottle before i got out of the bed. I heard a lot of laughter from the main room where stairs ended and tried to pull the shirt i was wearing down as much as i could to cover up my butt.

 "Good morning princess" i heard Calum say and all the boys heads turned to me. They had mugs in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I signed and walked to where i hoped the kitchen was to get some coffee. Calum came walking after me and got a mug out of a cabinet. “How did you sleep?” He asked sweet and took a swing of his own mug. “Yeah great, thanks for the asprine”. The house was totally trashed, red cups and cigarette butts everywhere. I took a sip of my own coffee and grabbed my head because of the headache and looked at him. “What the hell did i do last night?” He laughed and pointed to the stairs. “Lets go too my room i don’t think you want the other boys to hear what you did” i nodded and walked to the stairs followed by the other boys to “oeehh” at us.

i sat on the bed when we got back to his room. I sipped on my coffee when Cal sat down on the end. “you drank way to much, grinded with a boy and a girl and made out with her, then you tried to drink even more and that’s when i took you to bed.” when everything sinked back i sank further in the bed. “Did we?” i tried to ask but he already shaked his head and chuckled. I smiled and sighed out. “But..” my head snapped back up and my eyes where focused on his lips. “You begged me to fuck you and undessed in front of me when i said no” it felt like my eyes where gonna pop out of my head and the blancket that was draped over my legs sure wasn’t big enough for me to hide under. “I begged?” i said little bit too loud bc he held his finger infront of his lips and pointed downstairs. 

“You very much did princess” he has moved himself a bit closer and sat there grinning like an idiot. “And why didn’t you fuck me then?” he put his hand on my ankle and traced the lines of my tattoo. “Because you where drunk” I kept following his hand with my eyes and every new touched skin made a me feel hot. “then why did you let me sleep here?” He looked really sweet at me and kept touching my leg but going a bit higher as the minutes pasted. “Because you peeked my interest.” his hand was almost up my knee by now. “You touched me in your sleep you know” i said and looked in his eyes and heard him chuckle again. 

 He sat up and moved so he was facing me and studied my face. “Well i’m not used to sleeping with someone that doesn’t leave after sex.”  I touched his inner thighs and moved my hand up and down slowly. “But we didn’t have sex.” His hand kept turning me on and i tried to rub my legs together as invisible as possible. “Yet.” he ended for me. “You still don’t know my name Calum.” He bowed down and kissed my upper leg. “That’s because i haven’t earned it, but i intend on doing it soon.” i held his hair when he kissed my thighs and lifted it to pull him to me, face to face.

“Then earn it”

He kissed me immediately and slipped one hand under the shirt i was wearing and held my sides. I tugged on his hair and pulled him closer by his shoulders. i tried to grind against him but the position wasn’t great so i pushed him on his back and sat down on him while pulling off my shirt.”You’re way more fun than all those other sluts” He moaned when i started grinding to find my own release. “And why is that?” i asked but he sat up straight and attached his lips to one of my nipples. I moaned at the feeling and put my hands in Calums curly hair. “Because you take control” he said against my boobs making a tingling feeling go down to my core. I heard him groan which pushed me to grind harder.

He moved his hand down and started rubbing me trough my panties. I started grinding down on his fingers. I kept my hand in his his hair and moved one to his shoulder to lean on. He made marks on my collarbones and moved my panties to the side and rubbed my clit making me moan in his ear. “Calum just fuck me already” i panted before pulling his head up and kissing him. He groaned one i put my hand on his covered dick and creeped my fingers under the waistband of his boxers. “Eager?” he said while i pulled down his gymshorts and underwear in a swift move. His dick was huge and had a red tip, i pumped him and sat on his leg ready to down on it. “Like what you see princess?” he said with a smirk but his pulled his lip between his teeth when i pulled down my panties and sat above him. “i do” i said and sinked him inside me.

We both moaned at the feeling but Calum wasn’t very happy when i didn’t move so he bucked his hips upwards making me let out a whine at the feeling. He grabbed my sides and digged his chapped off black nails in them when he moved me up. “Babygirl you feel soo warm and tight” he groaned while sitting up straight and sucked on my neck. He moved me up fast and pulled me down hard. I gasped for air and he bit down on my shoulder. I started grinding in figure 8’s with him balls deep and i moaned out his name. I scrached my nails up his back and saw the red lines coming up fast. I moved up faster and i could feel my orgasm coming up fast. Calum knew and pushed his thumb on my clit and i came hard but he wasn’t close to cumming. He turned us around and pushed one leg of his shoulder. 

I was still sensitive from my first orgasm so i moaned and screamed his name louder. He kissed me to shut up my moans and went even faster. He gabbed my boob and i grabbed his arm. “Calum it fe-eels so good” i said moaning. I could feel my second orgasm coming up fast. He put his head in the crook of my neck and his moans got louder. “Cum again for me princess” he said and kissed me. He kiss was rushed and full of taking breaths. He moved one hand down to my leg and grabbed my ass, that was what i took for me to come. And i came hard, my legs where shaking and i grabbed the blackets as tight as i could. My orgasm set of Calums and he moaned in my mouth. He looked even hotter with his eyes closed tight and his mouth open. He smiled and layed next to me.

 "(Y/N)“ i said when i got my breathing under control. "Such a pretty name” he said and walked to a drawer to get out fresh boxers. “So (Y/N) will i see you again?” i smiled and picked up my clothes starting to put them on. i walked to his bathroom and wrothe my number on his mirror. I got back in all my clothes and while he was putting on sweatpants. I walked out of his room with him following me again. I kissed him when we got to the front door and said. “You earned it so the choice is yours now.” and i walked out.