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I like dark warm colours but my room and wardrobes are white and I can't repaint because I rent. Any tips for how I could warm the place up a bit?

Room anon back! My room has a couple decent sized windows, a loft bed, & it’s pretty open (but rn it’s kinda cluttered & messy haha). I’d like to make it more cozy, & I really like nature so I’d like to add some nature-inspired touches too? (ps you’re a sweetie :D)

So I got these two messages at once and I think I can make a joint post to help you both. 

How to warm up a white room or any room in general. 

  • Choose a colour scheme. In the case of the white room it should be easy because you only need to add a colour to the preexisting white. Since you’re going for warmth I would obviously advise you go for a warm colour (yellow/red/orange - or you can even use cooler colours as long as they are not too cool: e.g. mauve, dark blue, olive green). The colour scheme i used for my old room was a mixture of warm yellow/plum/wine colours :) Btw, choosing a colour scheme doesn’t mean repainting or changing furniture. You can do it by changing small things in your room (curtains/bedsheets/other small decorations around the room).
  • Fairy lights. Maybe instead of plain fairy lights you can choose multicolored ones to add even more colour to your room. Like these:

Also the ones in the centre are meant to look like flowers. So something like that would definitely add a nature-vibe to your room (they also sell fake ivy that you can hang around your room if you want). I think fairy lights look great when they’re framing either a door or a window. If you’re worried about fire hazards they sell battery charged fairy lights.

  • Curtains/rugs/bedsheets. Basically, just changing the preexisting curtains and/or rugs to your colour of choice (I also think curtains with a floaty material add a magical touch to your room). I’m not sure if the person renting can make these changes, but if you can, I think it would definitely add that warmth that you want.
  • Crates. This is more for the nature-inspired anon. Wooden crates as storage space for books/etc, or as your bedside table are a cheap and tasteful option to give your room a rustic vibe :D I think they’re also sold for reasonable prices on different online stores.
  • Accent Wall. If you can’t paint your wall you can easily make an accent wall out of anything. Some of my favourite options for cheap/non permanent accent walls include: 

Throw/tapestry wall hanging.

Chalkboard Walls. Basically removable chalkboard wallpaper which you can use to draw on or even use as a planner! They sell in all kinds of sizes online so you don’t need to get one that takes up an entire wall if that’s too much for you.

Big ass map lol. This one might be a particular thing of mine. But I LOVE old looking maps as decoration. So if you can find a big ass map to take up part of your wall or if that’s even your kind of thing i’d definitely go for it.

  • Finally, I realize this might not be doable for you. But if it is, a canopy/mosquito net over your bed increases your room’s cozy score by +1000. It’s science.

I hope I could be of some help :) If not, you are always welcome to ask for advice xx

i dont even like drinking anymore
i dont like smoking either
i just want to find my person
grow with them
get in shape
start my career
learn french
get a cute loft with said person
with exposed brick
and a spiral staircase
and one of those old fridges with a latch as a handle
surrounded by succulents
i want to write my novel
in my dads sweater
with the typewriters I collected in my 20s
i want to be 40 with my person
and our son Jude
he has his mothers nose
i have my fathers eyes
they’re distinguishing

You Know Better - Part 22 - Connections

-gif source unknown-

Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship. 

Part Description: You find out what was important enough to cause the interruption.

Warnings/Labels: Language, Sexual Frustration, Boring Plot Stuff

Approx. Word Count: 3,500

A/N: I’m sorry this is so, so late. I’ve had so much going on and a giant brick wall of writer’s block. This is a lot of “plot moving forward” stuff, but I hope it’s still keeping you interested.

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Can you imagine Alec buying Magnus flowers? Not knowing how many to get or what kind so just being like fuck it, and buying like 4 bouquets so that when he walks into Magnus' loft he's completely hidden behind them. Magnus deciding they need to be preserved and using magic to prevent them wilting not realising Alec will just keep buying them bc now he knows Magnus likes them - their loft now has more flowers than most florists.

okay but like. this is definitely a thing that happens??? because not only does magnus love them every single time but arguably alec actually loves them even more?? you’re not allowed to have flowers or plants at the institute unless they’re useful and medicinal herbs aren’t always the prettiest, but alec would still spend hours in the greenhouse helping to cultivate them, loving the process of watching something new and good sprout from the earth. but mundane flowers? big and colorful and sweet-smelling and grown for no other purpose than to brighten someone’s day, to add a bit of color and life to someone’s home?? you bet your ass he brings magnus flowers every single day and when he finally moves into the loft he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he sees on the dresser across the room are the flowers he bought for their first date, perfectly preserved by magnus’s magic (what a sap) and for the first time in a long time alec knows he’s really home

Summary of my Supercorp fanfics so far

On a Friday Afternoon ¬ She imagines her hands around Lex’s throat. She imagines him begging for his life. She imagines crushing his windpipe; the sound that would make. Kara dreams of revenge.

Green (Kara loves it and hates it in equal measure) ¬ It’s not that Kara doesn’t want Lena to have other friends, no. Not at all. Why wouldn’t she want that? Pfft. It’s stupid. Lena can totally have more than one friend and Kara’s fine with it. If Lena wants to start hanging out with Winn, or accepts an invitation to go out and drink from Alex; then Kara is happy for her.

or, in which Kara is a jealous hoe who doesn’t understand what she’s feeling.

Faith (Lena has too little; Kara has too much) ¬ in which Supergirl stops by Lena Luthor’s loft after the crazy events of the day to thank her for saving everyone’s ass in town.

or, in which I take it upon myself to fix the glaring mistake of the writers.

Let’s Raise Our Glass (to the New Year) ¬ in which Lena was too weak to refuse Kara’s invitation to her New Year party.

Destruction (sometimes means rebirth) ¬ There’s not much that she can do. The heat, she doesn’t feel. She walks through the flames and uses her x-ray vision to spot any survivor, but there’s nothing. Only devastation.

or, in which Kara loses Lena, but does she really?

I’ve got little theories for 2x02 and 2x03 which are not exact but well… I feel like they’re more like facts combined together than theories.

• Jace in episode 2 will jump out of this ship with Clary. Somehow those protection wards of the ship seems to be down
      • Clary will come back to the Institute. Alone.

• By the end of episode 2, Alec might get hurt
• Or he will get hurt in the first half of episode 3
      • In those stills form episode 3 Clary and Izzy are wearing the same clothes like in the moment, where Jace’s hugging  Alec in Magnus’ loft. (well, Izzy has jacket on), I suppose Magnus called to tell them that Alec got hurt.

• Meanwhile, Jace gets himself in trouble in Hunter’s Moon but I think he might sense that there’s something wrong with Alec and he will come to Magnus’ loft.
         • There’s also possibility he will bring Alec to Magnus by himself but… I don’t know, I’m not convinced to this. But if; why to Magnus and not the Institute? Well, probably he’s still hunted by the Clave.

Eventually he’ll be arrested. And it willl happen in Magnus’ loft with Alec probably still passed out. Just look at this gif and then pay attention to Magnus’ loft in 2x02 sneak peek or just look at the gif with Jace hugging Alec. The door, color of the walls and chandelier. This is Magnus’ place for sure.

Oliver doesn’t have a house? That’s great

I’ve read @callistawolf thoughts and @jbuffyangel review on 5x13 must say I’m very happy Oliver Queen doesn’t have a house.

If he had a house that would mean he will have a set. And has we know they only build a set when they really need to (it’s expensive) the fact they did not build a house for Oliver in Season 5 means Oliver has a house already, the house that was always his

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Baby Bear | Theo Raeken Teen Parents Part 3

part 2   |   part 1

pairings: theo raeken x reader

a/n: let’s imagine dereks loft has two floors.

“I can’t believe how big she’s gotten!” Lydia said as she bounced Allison on her lap.

“I know, I still remember when she was just born.” You said smiling at the two.

“Okay I have an idea, how about I treat you both and take you two shopping?” Lydia suggested with a small smirk.

You gave a small chuckle. “Actually she is in need of some new clothes, she has been growing them out so quickly.”

“Perfect, and maybe we can get you a little something while we’re at it.”

“Lydia I am not going lingerie shopping with my nine month old daughter.”

“What? She won’t remember anything anyways.”

“Still thats messed up.”

“Whatever but lets get going before the mall closes.”

“Lydia we’ve been here for three hours and Allison is quite tired, can we go now?”

“Last store I promise.” She pleaded as you rolled your eyes in defeat and followed her into the store.

You two looked around the store and the many shelves covered in baby clothes, but after a few minutes Allison was starting to get a bit cranky and losing her cool.

“Hey baby..” You cooed as you bounced her a bit on your hip to calm her down.

“We’re almost done baby, do you wanna go see what aunty Lydia found for you?” You said to the teary eyed girl in your arms, she quickly calmed down and you wiped her tears before giving her a small kiss on her forehead and walking over to where Lydia drifted off to.

After she showed you a couple clothes she found you two were interrupted by a voice.

“Excuse me?” You heard a middle aged women say as you turned around to face her.

“Yes?” You questioned.

“Is that your sister you’re taking care of?”

“Um no she’s my daughter actually.”

“You have a daughter? You still look in high school dear.”

“That’s because I still am.” You chuckled slightly.

“Well how do you manage to learn and take care of a child?”

“Her dad and both of our parents are very supportive and considering both me and her dad are still doing good in all AP classes I wouldn’t say she distracts us from doing good in school.” You smiled at Allison.

“Well then it looks like you’re doing a pretty good job, so take care.” The woman gave a small smile before disappearing into the aisles.

“Don’t you get sick of all the questions all the time?” Lydia asked not looking up from the racks of baby clothes.

“They can get annoying but then again it’s not everyday you see an eighteen year old mom with her nine month old daughter.”

“And trust me when I say that people who ask questions are way nicer than the people who think they know it all and start giving me life tips while judging my choice of having a baby at eighteen.” You huffed.

“Look at this! This is so cute!” Lydia said pulling a onesie off the rack.

“Oh my god that is really cute.” You smiled.

“Hold Ally for a sec.” You said as you handed Allison to Lydia so she could hold her. You lifted up the onesie against her to check if it fits Allison.

“It should fit her just fine.” You smiled.

“Do you like this onesie Allison?” You asked Allison as you tickled her gently causing her to giggle at you.

“Here hold this Alli and we’ll go buy it.” You said as Lydia handed Allison back to you and you handed Allison the onesie so she could hold it in her little hands.

After paying for the onesie the three of you made your way back to Lydias car where she dropped you off at Dereks loft. Since you and Theo thought it would be better for Allison to grow up in one place with both of her parents your parents allowed you and Theo to move in to Dereks loft since it was currently free to use by the pack.

You unlocked the door and made your way inside, Allison in one arm and multiple shoppings bags in the other. You put down the bags next to the couch before sitting down with Allison on your lap.

“Did you have today with mommy and aunty Lydia?” You asked Allison as you jiggled her shoulders a bit earning a small giggle from the infant.

You then remembered the adorable onesie you and Lydia bought for her and a cute idea popped up in your mind.

You sat Allison down on the couch and took one of the bags that laid there on the floor, You took out the onesie and removed the tags on it before making your way back to Allison who sat quietly waiting for you.

“Do you wanna try on the onesie we bought you?” You asked waving the onesie in front of her as she tried reaching for it with her little hands.

You took that as a yes and undressed her from her current clothes before dressing her in the onesie.

“Aren’t you adorable.” You chuckled at her, she looked so cute that you couldn’t help the huge smile that grew on your lips.

You snapped a pic of her and sent it to Lydia, earning a very excited reply almost instantly.

You wanted to text the picture to Theo as well but wanted to check if he was home first, the loft was no where near small so you two would often not notice when the other was home.

“How about we go look for daddy and show him how cute you look.” You said as you picked her up from the couch and made your way upstairs.

“Theo.” You said loudly but not hearing any response.

You walked over to the bedroom and quickly recognised him sleeping half naked in your tousled bed.

“Dada.” You heard Allison say as she recognised her dad as well.

“Shh daddy’s sleeping, let’s go downstairs.” You shushed her before starting to go downstairs.

Allison clearly wasn’t happy with the decision and started crying, you tried calming her down but nothing worked and just like her father, what Allison wants, she gets.

“Okay lets go see if daddy’s awake.” You said unwillingly as she calmed down a little, you made your way back upstairs and back to the entrance of the bedroom surprised by how heavy Theo is sleeping.

“But you need to be quiet baby okay so you won’t wake him up.” You said walking over to bed and laying Allison gently on it. It was already time for her nap and you decided it was better if she might as well fall asleep.

“Okay baby just close your eyes and go to sleep okay? I’ll be here.” You smiled as you stroked her short hair softly. You kept stroking her hair for a couple more minutes until she fell asleep. Sighing in relief you went back down stairs to catch up on some homework.

It wasn’t until half an hour later you were greeted by a very sleepy Theo - still dressed in only sweatpants and no shirt on, making his way to the couch next to you.

“Good morning to you too.” You chuckled as he laid his back against the couch with his eyes closed.

“Care to explain why I found a miniature bear in our bed?” He asked in a raspy voice with his eyes still closed.

“Lydia insisted to go shopping and that onesie was to cute not to buy.”

“And she also insisted to show her dad just how cute she looked in it.” You continued.

“As much as she makes a very cute bear I would much rather prefer a wolf onesie though.” He joked.

“It’s bad enough she will literally turn into a wolf, or werewolf whatever the difference is.” You said.

“Fine then I guess bear onesie it is.” He chuckled.

“You know, she is asleep.. upstairs.” He smirked moving closer to you.

“As tempting as you look right now I told you there is no way that’s happening when she’s home.”

“Come on babe.” He said leaving small kisses along your jawline.

“Theo..” You protested as he moved his lips to press against yours, your lips moved in sync with his as your hands moved to the back of his neck pulling him closer. But just as you felt his tongue swipe against your lower lip you two broke apart to the sound of faint crying coming from upstairs.

“Looks like someone woke up.” You smirked as you stood up from the couch and started walking towards the stairs causing Theo to groan in frustration.

Once you entered the bedroom you quickly picked up Allison in your arms, instantly calming her down by being in her mothers arms. You made your way back down to the living room and to the couch Theo sat lazily on.

“Look baby who’s been waiting for you.” You said to Allison as you made your way next to Theo before handing her to him.

“I missed my baby girl.” Theo said softly as he took Allison in his arms, resting her against his still bare chest, her head laying against the side of his neck.

“Come over here I missed my other babygirl too.” He motioned for you to come to his other side, You did as he asked and cuddled against his side with his arm wrapped around you. The two of you looking in awe at little Allison who quickly fell asleep again against Theo.

“She’s probably going to wake up in the middle of the night again.” You groaned.

“I’ll take care of that, you’re probably exhausted from shopping with Lydia all day.” He said rubbing your arm softly.

“As much as I love her, shopping with her and Allison is way out of my league.” You chuckled.

“Then go to bed and I’ll join you later.”

“You sure you can handle putting her to bed?”

“Yes I’m sure babe.”

“Okay.” You laughed before giving his lips a soft kiss and walking upstairs to get ready for bed.


What felt like the entire downworld roamed around Magnus’ loft as the party went on. Magnus, going to the different guest who have arrived making small talk with them, just trying to be a good host when a slow song comes on. Magnus excuses himself to find Alec and once he does he tries to get his attention. Alec seems to have not noticed Magnus and continues to shift uncomfortable from foot to foot as his anxious eyes fixate on his parents, Magnus soon realizes this and walks back to his guests, avoiding Alec for the rest of the party. Once the guest have left and the party has ended, Magnus and Alec are left alone in the large loft. Magnus was putting some dishes in the sink and throwing away leftover trash when he realized that Alec was not there with him. He finds him on the balcony staring out into the city. “Im sorry I avoided you,” Alec starts still not looking at Magnus “Its not that ashamed of you…Im just scared” and with those three words Magnus understood. With a snap of his fingers the slow song from earlier started up, Alec turned around, confusion spread across his face. “May I have this dance? Magnus asks with an outstretched hand. Alec looks at his hand and then up to Magnus’ face, with a small smile he takes the outstretched hand and Magnus pulls him in. Alec throws his long arms over Magnus’ shoulders and burying his head into the older mans neck as Magnus holds him close by his waist. The two stayed this way dancing to the music under the stars in comfortable silence and it was then that they both knew that even despite what the clave said, despite Alec’s family’s disapproval, despite every challenge Valentine has yet to bring. That they’d be ok.

it’s been a long day and the sun has set a long time ago. when magnus gets back to his loft it’s with a heavy heart and his mind running wild with thoughts after the events of the day. the battle has been tough and even though they got through it without anyone being fatally injured, he still feels the emotional weight of the almost and the too close that had occurred too often to his liking.

despite all of this, magnus feels great. he sheds his jacket and starts working on getting the rest of his clothes off as soon as the door has closed behind him. he rolls his shoulders feeling the bone deep exhausted in his entire body and it has honest been too long since he last felt this content.

it only happens when he gets to release his magic to its full extent, and he might take advantage of his powers on a daily basis, but it’s rarely more than once a year he finds himself in a situation that calls for a full display of his powers’ potential.

he thinks back to the roaring storm he caused only a few hours earlier and sighs, enjoying the absolute calm that is now following.

the way his magic feels under his skin on an average day, a constant warm buzz, makes him feel restless more often than not. like all the wasted energy is trying to claw its way out of his body, making it difficult for him to completely relax. on days like this though, all the pent up tension and energy has left his body just like the enemies he left behind on the battlefield. leaving nothing behind.

as he finally gets rid of the last piece of clothing, he steps into the shower for a few moments before getting ready to go to sleep. he sinks into the mattress, nestled among the countless pillows, eyes falling shut almost immediately. magic might be convenient most of the time, but god did it feel good to have moments like this. calm, completely at ease, and feeling more human than he had for so long.

// 31 days of magnus bane -> magnus + magic

the signs as quotes said by schmidt from new girl

aries: old people freak me out. with their hands and their legs. they’re like the people version of pleated pants.

taurus: pine has no place in this loft. it’s the wood of poor people and outhouses.

gemini: please take that off. you look like a homeless pencil. 

cancer: I cried the other day listening to a techno song. my tweets have been extremely literal.

leo: guess whose personalized condoms just arrived!

virgo: are you cooking a frittata in a sauce pan? what is this – prison?

libra: if you need me, I’ll be in my room, listening to some mainstream hip-hop.

scorpio: schmidt happens. thumb ring, bitch! you’ve got some Schmidt on your face!

sagittarius: do I feel bad about lying to them? yes! I’m a sagittarius.

capricorn: you’re listening to the radio and writing with a pen? what decade are we in?

aquarius: this is a horrible neighborhood. there are youths everywhere!

pisces: nick is delicate. like a flower. like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself.

You bet your ass Derek has taken care of wine drunk Stiles before. Stiles who tells everyone that he can handle a bottle of wine, but can’t get to the car without help.  Stiles who grabs Derek by the waist and tells him how perfect he is while Derek helps him into the car. 

You bet that Stiles has woken up in the loft in Derek’s bed with Derek on the couch.  And Stiles wishes Derek was with him, but at the same time he’s glad that Derek isn’t because he wants his first kiss with him to be sober and consensual on both ends. 

You bet that he finally kisses Derek the next morning because he’s Derek and because he’s taken care of him for years, and because he’s Derek.

And Derek kisses him back because he’s Stiles and he’s wanted to kiss him for months, if not years.

And wine drunk Stiles may have told Derek that he has feelings for him and that he dreams about cuddling him. Either way, they end up together and no one is complaining because Stiles and Derek are happy and the UST is finally, finally, dealt with. 

Alec Finally Does the Chasing

So reading all the posts on people saying the whole wedding crashing and kiss is just a daydream (kinda hoping it’s not) I decided that if it were to be all in Alec’s head then it would be the spark, what he needs to figure out that screw his parents, screw the clave, he wants Magnus more than he’s ever wanted anything in his life.
He’s thinking about what Magnus has said to him earlier, in his loft. The confessions he gave. The fact he told Alec that he’s leaving now, because this is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. But then Magnus runs in through the doors, ignoring everyone who gets up and starts speaking in protest. He goes straight up to Alec, and without saying a word grabs his face, looks deeply into his eyes, and pulls him into…
That’s when Lydia snaps him out of this daydream. He realises that Magnus hasn’t come to save him. He realises he’s made a terrible mistake. He realises that the warlock he loves is going to be leaving, possibly forever. And he also realises, he’s got to be his own hero now.
He drops what he’s doing without hesitation, without explaining to everyone. He starts into a sprint, out of the chapel, out of the institute. His mind on one thing. Hoping he reaches Magnus before it’s too late.
He burrs into Magnus’ loft, looks around the empty apartment and frantically calls for Magnus. He drops to the floor in a fit of tears because he realises his own ignorance has lost him the most valuable thing in the world.
But he doesn’t see the figure standing at the bedroom doorway. Magnus hovers for a moment as he watches, realising that what Alec was doing to him, he was doing back. Then he breaks his silence and utters with a smirk ‘and I thought shadowhunters didn’t have emotions’.
Alec’s head snaps up and his eyes lock on Magnus’. He pulls himself up and runs to Magnus, drawing him into a kiss.
They both know now, that this is real. This is forever.