it has a hood too


Kylo Ren searches The Falcon”      -(Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deleted Scenes)-


Keith ft. Marmora suit, paladin suit a few years down the road, and Lance

(Allura probably lets them modify their armor as they get older. Lance A. doesn’t believe in shoulder pads and B. refuses to be the sharpshooter and unable to welcome anyone to the gun show due to “excessive armor.” Keith’s has a hood. And something like the Marmora helmet.)


I want ‘em all

Headcanon that Jason Todd volunteers at Gotham child crisis centers, homeless shelters and soup kitchens whenever he gets the chance because he remembers

He remembers what it was like to be on the streets, vulnerable, exposed to the elements and the violence. He remembers what it was like to have people pass you by without even a glance, cross the street to avoid you, give you a well-aimed kick to put you in your place. Reminding you that you aren’t even worth the dirt on their shoes. He remembers what it was like not knowing where you were going to get your next meal, how you were going to keep yourself warm enough, where you were going to sleep, whether you were going to survive the night or not. Whether any of this was really worth it in the end. He remembers what it was like to be on the edge of society. To be unwanted. An eyesore. To be treated as less than human. To be invisible

And he doesn’t want any child to go through that again. He doesn’t want anyone to go through life thinking they’re worthless. He doesn’t want a single person in Gotham to go through what he did. To feel the hunger pains, the chill that cuts through bones, the racking cough that refuses to leave, the feelings of loneliness, voicelessness and helplessness that pursue the abused, the homeless, and the poor with a vengeance. 

Because they all deserve respect, basic human dignity, compassion, and above all else… they deserve love. 

Most people choose to focus on Jason’s righteous anger towards injustice and oppression… but in so doing, they often forget the immense amount of love that this boy has for those who need it deeply. Those that remind him of himself. 

look i’m not saying jason dying didn’t have any merit because it would pave the way for red hood who i love for being a bat that didn’t deal in moral absolutes, making him a great A+ foil to batman’s strict no killing rule but.. that wasn’t even their original intention, and the way they went about it both in universe and in editorial was so gross like lmao nah? nah. NAH.

jason todd didn’t have to die

“Shirts are made for stealing”

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Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 800+

Warning: sfw

Idk what this is tbh 

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@whatthebodygraspsnot I’ve had two awesome days, so I figured I’d celebrate w some selfies and finally show all u ppl who follow me my face out of cosplay

Kravitz stims a lot! He was raised in an environment where his stimming was a source of bullying and mockery so he learned to hide it? But he’s been dead for a few centuries now and being dead really puts some things in perspective, so if him singing and flapping his hands helps him feel better then he’s gonna flap his fucking hands as much as he wants fuck you Max from 3rd grade I’m the fucking grim reaper now??

He was a conductor when he was alive, and often hums songs nd waves his hands around like he’s conducting! It’s his favorite stim, feels warm and safe

When he’s anxious he pulls at his hair, bites his nails, and sits on his hands nd rocks. (his nails always hurt from biting them too much so he starts painting them bright colors!! they’re so pretty now and it reminds him not to bite em)

He wears a big big coat because he loves the weight!! It covers his hands, has big pockets, and most importantly has a BIG hood he can hide his face in when it gets too bright or loud! He loves darkness and dim light, him and Taako have that in common! They both always have sunglasses on inside because artificial lights give em headaches. Krav loves the sun though, as long as he can be a bit in the shade or have a hat he’ll nap in the sun for hours!! Taako is anti-bright llight in general and when he goes outside on a sunny day he has 3000 layers of clothing, his huge hat, nd sunglasses


How About I Make You A Deal?

Gotham City has been completely taken over, those who remain behind have been consumed by fear, with only a few able to carry on in order to get back control of the City. Before there is nothing left to save. Even Batman himself is struggling to keep up as criminals run the streets of Gotham. The place has gone into a total state of anomie. That’s why you have decided take matters into your own hands. 

You are no hero, but you are not a villain either. Very few can be that fine line in between good and evil. A perfect balance is what you are. You figured that helping Batman out a bit would be the best thing for Gotham, even if he is unaware of you doing so. From where you’re standing, he could use an ally, one that’s of use anyway. The GCPD can only do so much and his sidekick is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he fled Gotham while he had the chance. Like the others, you could have escaped this madness, but instead, you chose to stay behind. Not because you love this city, but because it is your home after all and someone has to do something about it. 

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his tongue is always blue from the constant inflow of blue raspberry popsicle, and at some point it just becomes an expected part of the full captain cold getup. people online cosplaying all have blue mouths and he finds out about that and is like "always nice to see my fans, but why do they all......wait a minute.."

leonard has a stash of blue raspberry popsicles in the hood of his parka too he’s always Prepared, some cosplayers try to mimic this as well but they always end up melting

Calum+Dogs = Happiness