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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 4

It’s amazing to see how much we can create together, my amigos. Here’s part 4.

  1. “Look, I might be evil but even I have standards.”
  2. “Do your parents know you’re dating Death?” “No, I promised we wouldn’t get back together after he broke up with me the first time.”
  3. “Wait why am I naked and covered in cheese?”
  4. “Good god, that cake is fuckin stale and dry mate!!” “Just like how you are recently? Gee, thanks.”
  5. "There is always time for a high-five.”
  6. “Karen, what would ever posses you to find me here.”
  7. “Oh my god, put that man down! Come on, let’s go get you some REAL food.”
  8. “A demonic sugar glider?”
  9. “People always say they never thought they would be here but I absolutely did.”
  10. “And I thought I was a bit weird. But you! You are insane!”
  11. “So your hair knows kung-fu? Ha, that’s nothing! MY hair knows HAIR-ATE!” (You know, as in karate) (This used to be an insider between me and a friend…)
  12. “One day, darling, you and I are going to conquer the Universe not just our world.”
  13. “Did you seriously think they wouldn’t notice when their humans went missing?!”
  14. “Well, maybe next time you should consider that not everyone wants to be woken up at four in the morning by a- what IS that, anyway?!”
  15. “Now, how exactly did your foot get stuck in the barrel?”
  16. “I hope you realize what you’re doing. This forest never ends, you know that, right?”
  17. “You can’t just kill someone and then make it all better by saying sorry!”
  18. “Why the fuck is my cat levitating?!” “He said he wanted to feel what flying was”
  19. “You’re trying to tell me you killed three men…with a microphone?”
  20. “Hang on, are you a John Wick fan?”
  21. “IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING!” “And?” “ I have a strict no murder rule until eight. Call me then.”
  22. “I did realize you were going to be naked the whole time”
  23. “Ok, I understand you like animals, but you can’t just bring a tiger into the apparent without asking!”
  24. “I…I didn’t want you to find out like this. I’m so sorry.”
  26. “I gotta go, I left my toaster in the oven!
  27. "Why is there a gaggle of fancy buisness men on my front lawn?”
  28. “Can you please stop referring to me as ____! That’s not my name!” “Then what is?” “I don’t know!”
  29. *Sarcastic* “Yeah, sure. I won’t at all mind being your footslave.” “Oh, goody! I knew you’d agree!” “Wait, what?”
  30. “When are you going to give up on this whole ‘evil’ thing?” “When it stops being so much fun!”
  31. “You didnt say to KILL the man!” “WELL I DIDNT SAY NOT TOO”
  32. “Mum, Dad… I’m gay.” “That’s nice, honey, but now is not the right time!”
  33. “Take a look at your soul and consider your life choices! Oh wait, that’s right! You don’t fucking have a soul!” “Oh, god, just go drown in a bathtub of syrup why don’t ya?”
  34. “I kindly ask you to please quit making your heart stop. It’s creeping me out!” “So… Y-You were sleeping in a coffin” “Yeah I’m used to it” “Are you a vampire or what?! How can someone get used to sleep in a coffin?” “No I’m used to sleep I never said that I’m used to sleep in a freaking coffin!”
  35. “Darling I love you, more than I can ever express in words…. But please stop teaching chickens necromancy.”
  36. “I wanted to know why you stole souls, not your melodramatic backstory…”
  37. “I really wish that old white man would stop rubbing his nipples at me”
  38. “You know it is written: Do not summon Satan, right ?”
  39. “Look around, what is this?” “My room?” “No, this is pathetic.”
  40. “I’ve been a professor for 20 years, and yet still my greatest secret hasn’t been revealed–I can’t read.”
  41. “Our souls don’t belong in these 'human’ bodies, every one of us is implanted here from another galaxy, and this has been the case for a thousand years. No one knows what 'actual humans’ are like without us inhabiting them.”
  42. “Did you just create a portal in time and space to pull another version of yourself into this world so I have to deal with another annoying idiot?” “No but thanks for the idea.”
  43. “You’re bleeding?!” “Nah, I’m frolicing in a field of flowers - yes I’m bleeding!”
  44. “Let me get this straight. I tell you that I make a decent omelette and you somehow equate that to qualification for piloting a spaceship?”
  45. “It’s the weekend! Let’s hit the town! See a concert, redo our wardrobes, get high, start a crime ring, I don’t know.”
  46. “Keep running, you’ve only got 4HP!”
  47. “This is clearly your first time. Stop screaming already, you’ll wake the neighbors!”
  48. “Has anyone seen the outdoors?” “What the fuck is an outdoors?”
  49. “Why do I feel like this again, I thought we were done with this?”
  50. “Look, as much as I like to hang out with you, I’ve gotta go and save the earth. Toodles!”
  51. “Have you seen?… oh shit”
  52. “Two questions: one, how many matches do you have, and two, where do you keep your socks?”
  53. “Because fuck surveys, that’s why!”
  54. “Stop yelling out the window or the koalas will rip your face off!”
  55. “I guess when I heard 'Night of Debauchery’… I didn’t picture muffins on your pajamas.”
  56. “Honey, you can’t keep throwing people to the pit of pain and despair just because they don’t like choc mint ice cream.”
  57. “Oh, no honey, put that back…”
  58. “It’s going to be too late, you know. It’s always too late.”
  59. “Hey, so, uh… I’m in trouble…” “What did you do this time?” “I got stranded in Wales….. again…”
  60. “OK, but… how do we get the dog out of a hole in space in time exactly?”
  61. “Aren’t people supposed to grow instead of shrink ?”
  62. “Wait. You’re aroused?” “Why would that surprise you?” “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  63. "I pay your taxes”
  64. “No, ____. We did not raise our hamster like this.”
  65. “You can’t run from your own shadow(s), what makes you think you can run from theirs?”
  66. “You adopted… a dog?” “Mate, that’s not a dog.”
  67. “And at this moment, he decided to punch himself in the face.” “Narrator, listen, I know you’ve been with me my whole life, but you’re a huge jerk.”
  68. “Why didn’t you tell me it was a portal BEFORE we ended up here?”
  69. “Is that…the Mona Lisa.” “…Yes…” “What did I say to you about stealing priceless artifacts!?” “…That I had to take you with me next time.” “Exactly!”
  70. “Yes, I agree, magic is pretty cool. But did you really have to use it for THIS?”
  71. “Despite the fact that was epic, you’re still suspended”
  72. “Chill, dad it’s not what you think it is!” “Well it looks like you’re making out with the demon your grandma banished to cellar…WHY IS HE IN YOUR ROOM?”
  73. “If you truly love me you’ll let me-OH FUCKING HELL DID YOU JUST STAB ME!?”
  74. “Spoon”
  75. “What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a Million worlds.The ___ and the ___ have all but exhausted the the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides, now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is…“
  76. ”… I’m going back to bed. You brought it here, you can deal with the mammoth yourself.“
  77. "Is the food supposed to be moving?”
  78. “You mean to tell me that in the two minutes I was gone,  you bombed a minor country,  got married to a stripper,  and assassinated a world leader?!”
  79. “Is that a unicorn???? EATING MY BEEF JERKY?!”
  80. “Do I get to dream about you again tonight?”
  81. “Well now I have to change clothes AGAIN!”
  82. “All of this was because of a… OF A PLUSHIE?!” “Well…Yeah?” “Great, how are we going to get out of jail now?!”
  83. “So…you gonna tell me why my brother is upside down and why you’re wearing my purple thong?”
  84. “Did you really have to burn down another Cracker Barrel?”
  85. “Sir, that’s impossible, you can’t do that.” “IS THAT A FUCKING CHALLENGE?!?!”
  86. “We need to invade Portugal.” “…Sure, why not?”
  87. “Did you divide by zero?! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL US ALL”
  88. “Stand down, Milady, this is a matter between gentlemen with mustaches.”
  89. “Next time you get arrested I am NOT paying your bail” “That’s a lie and you know it.” “….”
  90. “I thought you were dead.” “So did I”
  91. “John dont flush the dog down the toilet”
  92. “What did I say again about resurrecting dictators??”
  93. “Cucumbers are NOT pets… what do you mean, you ate him??”
  94. “Are you and God seriously fighting right now? And what happened to Satan?”
  95. “Are ferrets supposed to be blue??”
  96. “I’m the protagonist? Well I guess that explains why I look like about a thousand other people.”
  97. “Why do I do this to myself?”
  98. “Stop eating your tortilla chips with ketchup. It’s unattractive.”
  99. “How do you eat an entire cheese wheel in one sitting?”
  100. “Why are God and Satan moving in with us?”

Let’s make one more ‘100 Dialogue Prompts’ list together. Leave a comment with your prompt below. Don’t forget the double quotes “”. And as always, only one prompt per amigo! Also, here is your random Dutch word of the day: pindakaas

Happy Birthday @sprout2012 .  I couldn’t write you something this year but I couldn’t let your birthday go with nothing!  You’re a dear friend and us Drarry Wives would be lost without you.

Things Draco Malfoy absolutely and positively does not like about being Auror partners with Harry Potter

  1. He is late every single morning.
  2. He always eats the almond croissants that Draco brings to work on Mondays without asking and Draco definitely doesn’t wake up early to be first in line at the small muggle bakery to buy said pastries just because Harry likes them
  3. He has an annoying habit of putting himself in excessive danger during missions.  Draco is sure he is going to get an ulcer from worrying.  Not because he loves Potter, of course not.  Its just hard work finding a decent partner.
  4. He chews on the ends of his of his quills when doing his weekly reports.  It is absolutely and utterly distracting and its entirely Potter’s fault when Draco has to excuse himself to the loo every twenty minutes because the other man does indecent things to the ends of his bloody quills.
  5. He refuses to wear proper attire when they’re in their office, which definitely makes it  the other man’s fault when Draco’s Thursday afternoon reports are always late because Potter always wears his favorite green jumper on Thursday’s and really how is Draco supposed to concentrate on illegal potion rings when Potter is sitting across from him looking like that.
  6. His hair.  Enough said.
  7. He always comes back from the break room with an extra cup of tea and despite having never told the other man how he likes it, it is always made perfectly and in a proper tea cup not one of those atrocious giant mugs Potter inhales his own tea from.  Draco isn’t sure why but something about this is definitely Potter’s fault too because tea shouldn’t make him feel so many things at all once.
  8. The way he looks in his fitted auror robes
  9. The way he smiles at Draco when they close a case; that look of pride as if they’ve accomplished something together.
  10. Potter is obscenely cheerful in the mornings.  Even at 6:00 in the morning when no one should be awake except the birds yet there is Potter chatting Draco’s ears off as they make their way to the lift.
  11. His utter lack of personal space.  He is always touching Draco and standing extra close to him during briefings, placing a hand on his lower back or leaning in to whisper a joke that makes Draco snort on his own laughter when he’s supposed to be acting professional and really everything about the other man makes it impossible for Draco not to smile, or lean into his warmth or return the casual touches.
  12. The way he licks his fingers after eating a bacon butty, making Draco torn between sending a mountain of napkins at the other man with a flick of his wand or sucking them clean himself.
  13. That he can’t dislike a single thing about Potter
  14. Because he is utterly and completely in love with him.
Bit of an out there theory but...

At the end of 209 of Wynonna Earp Widow Mercedes has decided to go after Nicole (pls don’t hurt my love) and while I also theorise that it’s to get to Waverly to get to Wynonna to get to Doc’s ring, I do have another theory. What if Nicole has the third seal and Doc’s ring is just a red herring? Throughout season 1 there are many shots of Nicole wearing a ring

As seen in the first scene we get of Nicole, and the first WayHaught scene (<3)

It’s also seen in the episode where she tells Wynonna that her ass is top shelf (So if Wynonna’s ass is top shelf, what about our dear Waves?) but I couldn’t find a decent picture to show (it’s the scene where Wynonna is asking Nicole why she’s at the station instead of being social like everyone else)

And there it is again

And again (sorry for the poor quality)

So basically more or less throughout the whole first season she’s often seen wearing this green ring. Last year so many of the Earpers were questioning why Nicole ALWAYS seemed to be wearing this particular ring. I was in the party of she just simply likes the ring and a part of me still thinks that but now I’m having a what if moment.

Now we know that Doc’s ring is believed to the last seal but, like I said, could potentially be a red herring. What if the last seal was Nicole’s ring? It is a little bit of an out there theory but it would be one hell of a plot twist, eh? Also has anyone else noticed she hasn’t been wearing it (as far as I can see) at all this second season? What are your thoughts? 

Dead (Jeff Atkins, 13 reasons)

There had been whispers about it. Jeff wasn’t a drinker to begin with. He was always the designated driver and even when he wasn’t he never had more than two or three beers. That particular night you’d been absolutely bombarded with math and science homework. He’d begged you to come to the party with him. You’d thought about it, but declined in the end. He kissed your cheek and told you he wanted to go to breakfast in the morning and that he’d be there to pick you up at 9:30. You wouldn’t be going to breakfast. In fact the next time you saw your boyfriend it was under very different circumstances. It was six hours later in the middle of the night. He was in a body bag. He was dead. Over what they called a drunk driving accident. Jeff was deemed drunk by most everyone at the scene. Everyone except you and his mother. Of course your opinion on how it happened didn’t matter as much as the fact that he was dead, whether he’d been drunk or not. You’d gone spiraling out of control. So much so that your mother forced you to take the rest of the semester off of school, joining independent studies. It didn’t do any good. You just felt more lonely. Jeff’s presence lacked even more and there was rarely a distraction. You didn’t feel any better about him being gone by the time you had finished your time in independent studies. You felt the same as when you’d first entered independent studies, so you had no problem when it came time for you to come back to school. Still a zombie, of course, and it didn’t help that your friend Hannah Baker had committed suicide during your absence from school. You knew you looked bad. You knew you had dark circles under your eyes. You knew you’d broken out from not eating right or regularly. You knew your hair was in the bun because you hadn’t bothered to shower, turning to perfume and deodorant instead. You opened your locker, shoving your books into it, you were back at it. Everyone was in their usual spots, nothing had really changed since you’d left. Except that Jessica and Justin were no longer together. Zach had gotten dumped by your best friend after the tapes were released. He’d known too much, she said, to keep it all a secret from the people who deserved to know. He’d borderline stalked her for a while. She’d threatened to move across the country with her aunt and uncle if he didn’t leave her alone. So he did. Nothing changed with Bryce. At least not yet. The fact that he was a rapist had gotten out. You’d heard things about Bryce and girls and parties, but not about Jessica and Hannah. You hid your face in your locker as you looked at your phone. You got a text every morning from Jeff’s mother. They varied in what they said. Today’s said “hello beautiful, your mom said I could pick you up after school and we could go to the mall. We also want you to stay for dinner.” You had your license but you hadn’t wanted to drive and your parents hadn’t trusted you to drive since Jeff’s accident. You were scared of cars now. You were also scared of alcohol.
“You’re back.” You hear from behind you. You turn to see Justin Foley. There’s concern in his eyes, like he knows that there’s a great chance you don’t want to be talking to him. And that you won’t forgive him. Forgive him for staying quiet when anything but that would have been a better option. He’d stayed quiet knowing his friend had raped not only Hannah baker, who would of course go on to kill herself, but his own girlfriend.
“Yeah.” You responded, not looking up from your phone as you texted Mrs. Atkins back.
“You look good.” He smiled at you. You locked your phone and slammed your locker closed, startling Justin.
“I’ve learned to accept pity but I’ll never accept being lied to, Foley.” You looked him dead in the eyes before moving to walk away.
“Seriously, Y/N! Given the circumstances you look really good. I don’t know how many people could survive what you’ve gone through.” By the end of his message he’s just white noise and you continued to walk.
“I’m not so sure I did.” You mumbled, leaving the jock in the dust. You knew he’d been having his own struggles. Hell, he’d been having his own problems since the day he’d been born to his waste of space mother. But that boy had let himself become a bystander for rape on account of somehow owing it to his rapist friend. There was no use telling him what you thought, he knew he was in the wrong and he’d heard it a lot. Marcus smiled at you as you continued down the hall. You found yourself walking towards him.
“Hey Y/N how are y-” you cut his formalities off.
“Is Y/FN at school yet?” Marcus was quite obviously caught off guard. His words fumbled together a bit.
“Uh, well, yeah. She tends to not go through the halls a lot anymore. She avoids us a lot.” Marcus explained. He didn’t give much eye contact.
“I knew that much, thanks.” Again, you were stopped before you could walk away.
“Will you guys ever talk to me again?” Zach’s familiar voice took over.
“This is your first attempt to talk to me as far as I’m concerned.” You crossed your arms. He looked as though he was in an extreme amount of pain.
“I’ve called and texted you for months.” Zach looked at the ground.
“One text of the many was you asking about me. The rest was you trying to get to Y/FN because she blocked you on everything. Your motives were not the most selfless, Zach Dempsey. Reassess yourself and your self righteous nature.” You spun on your heels and walked out of the room. You see your best friend talking to a girl named Skye, one of the only people either of you could stand the be around in the school anymore.
“Saw you talking the some henchmen.” Skye said, staring at her fingernails, which were painted black.
“Strictly to see where you were.” Skye smiled a little. Y/FN turned and hugged you.
“I’m glad you’re back, normal is what you need right now.” She said. Once you pulled away from your best friend, you saw someone coming. Clay Jenson. Lanky, kinda dorky Clay Jenson. The Clay Jenson that brought you free candy and free movie ticket vouchers after Jeff died. But this was also, and most certainly not least, the Clay Jenson featured on the tapes. The Clay Jenson that knew girls got raped, that knew a lot about the night Jeff died. Including that it wasn’t Jeff’s fault at all. In fact, he knew he wasn’t drunk and that it was Sheri that was drunk and had caused Jeff’s death. There was a handful of people that knew it wasn’t Jeff’s fault. The people that were featured on the tapes. Clay was featured on the tapes and so was Justin and so was Marcus and so was Zach. They saw you yanked out of school for being mentally unstable and not being able to understand how Jeff did this and why he was drunk at all. There were answers, and no one gave them to you until the tapes were handed to the police. You knew when the public knew. Nothing hurt more than that. And that’s why you hated those boys. And Courtney and Jessica and Alex and Tyler and every other god forsaken person who earned themselves a tape by being an insensitive asshole.
“Hey Y/N.” You looked over at Clay, his hands were stuffed in his pockets as he stared at you nervously. You looked at him, blinked twice, and looked away.
“You look good.” Silence.
“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” You can feel Clay looking at you, but you won’t look at him. There’s a short pause.
“Y/N I know I should have said something to you as soon as I knew but it was a lot more complicated than it se-” you found yourself waving your hands in the air begging him to stop speaking.
“You’re going to listen for a moment.” Clay nodded, finally able to make eye contact with you.
“Jeff and I were going to apply to all the same colleges, did he ever tell you that?” Clay nodded his head. You and Jeff had already planned on marriage. Everyone knew it.
“Did you know we were going to share an apartment right away instead of dorms?” Clay gulped, looking at the other two girls nervously.
“He talked about you constantly, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes at his words.
“People have been talking about me constantly. It’s my turn to speak.” Clay shut his mouth quickly.
“Wanna know something I’m sure you weren’t aware of?” Clay’s eyes filled with more fear by the second.
“Did you know that the day after I saw Jeff dragged away in a body bag is the day I miscarried our baby?” Clay knew he wouldn’t speak but his mouth fell open from the shock and not knowing what else to do.
“So yeah, maybe you can forgive yourself for not always being there for Hannah. And maybe Jessica will forgive Justin someday and maybe, just maybe Y/FN will give Zach another chance. But guess who doesn’t have the tools or the people to move on? Me. My boyfriend is dead and my baby is dead. And my future relies on me being a zombie through life, hopefully getting decent enough grades to shuffle through the rest of my life because there will never be someone who makes me feel and love the way Jeff did. And I’ll never be able to have a baby made up of more love. Everything will be me settling because the best of what life has to offer is quite literally dead.” The bell rings but no one moves, and everyone just looks at you as hot tears stream down your face.
“Y/FN, go tell Zach how much you still love him and how much you’re willing to fight for each other. And Skye, tell Clay how you’ve been in love with him since the sixth grade and how you’d be really pumped to go out with him. Because life’s short and sometimes even shorter than expected. No time is put on this earth to be wasted. Love each other.” You let out a shaky breath before turning and heading to English class. Jeff would be proud. In that moment you knew maybe you would be fine.

The Dogon people of the central plateau, Mali.

The Dogon worship ancestral spirits or deities called Nommos, who were described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. They breathed through holes on their back and had skin like that of a chameleon. The Nommos have been referred to by the Dogon as “The Monitors”, “Masters of the Water” and “The Teachers”.

Research completed by French anthropologists from 1931-1956, discovered (though not without controversy) from a village Elder named Ogotemmêli, that the Dogon understood knowledge of the Cosmos far beyond what could be expected.
Ogotemmêli told the French researchers that the Nommos came from a small planet which orbits a star, a sister star of Sirius. Ogotemmêli went on to explain that the sister star orbits Sirius every 50 years and has a huge mass.

The star, which scientists now know as Sirius B, completely invisible to the human eye, was only theorized in the 19th Century, and wasn’t photographed until 1970. According to Dogon tradition, it was the Nommos who provided them with the knowledge of Sirius B, along with the knowledge that Jupiter has 4 moons and Saturn has rings. 

The Dogon have long practised ceremonies which celebrate the cycle of Sirius B around Sirius. They are believed to be of Egyptian decent, another culture with strong ties to the star Sirius.


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Imagine stumbling out of the forest with Legolas after a heated makeout session and trying to look decent and like nothing has just happened and Gimli with Aragorn tease you both when they notice some hickies on your neck and Legolas’ very ruffled clothing.

——— Request for anon ———

“There you are,” Aragorn notes as soon as you and Legolas emerge from the dense wood around where the Fellowship had set camp for the night.

“Been out picking daisies, elf?” Gimli comments sarcastically, not quite catching your flushed cheeks or Legolas’ dilated pupils yet.

“We were scouting ahead,” Legolas is much better at this than you, and answers for the both of you with a steadier voice than you think you would have had. Your lips still burned with the taste of the elf on your tongue despite how hard you tried to not be completely consumed with replaying the events that had occurred in the forest mere moments ago.

“Did you perhaps fall down on her neck,” Aragorn smirks, noting the soft bruises that were suspiciously the shape of Legolas’ mouth blooming along your neck, counting them, “Four times.”

You can’t help but let out an embarrassed squeak and reach for your own neck, not having known that Legolas had left marks given how dark the forest had been when the two of you were lit only by the moonlight. Now, in the firelight, it was quite clear what you and Legolas had gotten into thanks to the evidence clinging to his ruffled clothes and your skin.

Gimli bursts into laughter before either of you can respond, “I do believe the only lands the elf was scouting were (Y/N)’s!”

Sk8er Girl Ch1 (Trixya) - Squeaky Pink
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Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?)

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV.]

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There’s been a sudden influx of fics where Flint and Silver are detectives and whoops my brain ran away with me last night. I have no idea if this will yield an actual au so I’m posting one part of it. 

In which Flint and Silver are detective partners, Silver is the living embodiment of “steal everything your gay little hands can carry”, Flint needs a vacation, and Thomas thinks it’s hysterical that everyone’s scared of his husband. It’s also slightly a Thin Man au.

(also all mentions of “Beaufort”, “the shark”, and “the mobster” are references to an earlier scene where Silver steals a glass paperweight from a mobster and names it Beaufort because Reasons)

By John’s estimate he had two hours before Max got her hooks out of Flint, which was more than enough time for how quick this job was going to be. He was going to get in, find out if Flint slept in a coffin, find something adequately sentimental to steal, and then get out. If there even was anything to steal; as far as he knew, Flint could just have a charging port like a Roomba and nothing else.

John had the door open in a few seconds and really, he was shocked (Shocked!) at how cheap the locks were. If he didn’t wind up in pieces in seven different dumpsters across the city once his thievery had been discovered, he was going to buy Flint some better locks. And maybe a security system. Or he could just give him Beaufort to act as a watch-shark, though John had a suspicion that Flint was still angry over his theft, judging by the fact that he tried to shatter poor Beaufort when John had suggested they have joint custody over the shark.

John had just closed the door behind him when he heard a noise from inside the bowels of the apartment. He was instantly on alert, one hand on his gun as he crept down the hallway. What were the chances that he walked in on a burglary when he himself was there to burgle? Or perhaps the mobster had hired a hitman to kill them because he was angry about the disappearance of Beaufort. Or maybe Flint really was the violent psychopath everyone believed him to be and he had six women held captive in some kind of torture chamber, or-

“Excuse me, what are you doing in my apartment?” A polite voice inquired behind him.

John didn’t scream as he whirled around, but it was a near thing. The man standing behind him was tall, had blond hair and didn’t seem like a threat, but that didn’t mean anything. John knew lots of murderers who seemed like very nice people on the surface. He also had a dog, but John also knew lots of murderers that had dogs. Dogs were not implicitly judges of good character.

“I’m sorry, what are you doing here? This apartment belongs to my partner.”

The man made a noise of understanding before closing the door behind him and letting the dog off the leash. “You must be John Silver.”

“How do you know that name?” He demanded, this time pulling his gun. This was absolutely retribution for the shark-napping of Beaufort. Flint was right; John was going to be brutalized over a fucking bauble.

If the man was bothered at having a gun pointing at him he didn’t show it. “Because you’ll find that this apartment belongs to my partner. I’m James’s husband.”

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Have A Seat

A/N: NOT THE FIC SERIES! This is a prompt I had from a text post that @deseraysmiththings posted. Just a short little thing. However, I am starting Chapter 2 of Heart Complications, which I’m sure you lovelies will just die for.

Word Count: 916

Synopsis: You’re invited to MIZTV with your boyfriend to address the rumors.

T/W: Trash talking.


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You pace back and forth in the backstage area as you hear the entrance music of The Miz and Maryse. Both you and your boyfriend, Finn Bálor, are guests on MizTV tonight. You’ve each have managed to keep your relationship from the public, even throughout the rumors.

The four months you’ve been dating Finn has been amazing, it’s been full of laughter, Legos, and crazy long drives city to city. However, since Miz found out about your relationship only a few shirt days ago, he changed his guest on MizTV from Roman Reigns to Finn Bálor and you. There’s theories on why you’re there, but nobody knows the truth except you three.

Finn leans against the wall across from you, his arms crossed against his chest. He watches your brain go one million miles a minute as you continue to pace. He tucks a leg over the other, “I s’pose if I tell ya you look amazin’, that won’t help your nerves?”

You stop pacing, your face turning a light pink, “it’s a great compliment but I’m still going crazy”, you run your fingers through your hair, “your fans are going to flip”.

“I’m not datin’ my fans”, he pushes himself off the wall, walking towards you, placing a hand on the side of the side of your head, “I’m datin’ you”. He places his lips against your forehead, attempting to calm you down. You savor the moment, allowing the butterflies to form inside.

“You know he’s going to ask about our relationship. It’s the biggest speculation between fans in weeks about us”, you lay your head against the lapels of his leather jacket, “you know it’s going to be our first question”.

“I uhh”, he stumbles a little, “I actually have a plan”.

You raise an eyebrow, looking up at him. He puts his finger up and digs through his duffle bag, grabbing two clothing items out from the black bag. He holds them up to you.

“An official Bálor Club shirt and jacket”, he smiles his beautiful big smile, “and when you come out, I have a secret idea for myself”.

You pull off the shirt you were going to originally wear when you hear Finns entrance theme hit. You tug the Bálor Club shirt over your head as you watch him walk backwards towards the entrance curtain. Pulling the jacket over your arms, you hear him yell from the stairs, “you still look amazin’!”.

Finn walks out into the sea of infatuated humanity, the smoke around him fills the top of the ramp as he heads down to the ring. He enters the ring, squinting at both Miz and Maryse, who smirk at him. He slips into a chair, grabbing a microphone, laying it in his lap. He stares at Miz intently. Miz stares right back.

“Finn, Finn, Finn”, Miz teases, “you don’t look very happy to be on my show”!

Finn raises the mic to his lips, “well, that’s probably because I’m not”.

He watches the smile pull on Miz’s face, “so then let’s make you happy”. The Miz stands up out of his seat, walking towards the corner of the ring.

“And my second guest on MizTV tonight, (Y/N)”.

You music hits the arena, leaving the entire WWE Universe, live and watching from home shocked. You take a decent sized drink of water and walk out, to everyone’s surprise, wearing Bálor Club gear. Finn turns his head to watch you walk down the ramp. You enter the ring with a disgusted look in the direction of Miz, who has sat back down.

“Well, (Y/N)”, he speaks almost singsong like, “have a seat”.

You take the extra seat that was meant for you and throw it up the ramp. You’re not dealing with his shit today. You look over to Finn, whose eyes have lit up with a big sly smile, watching you destroy the set a little.

Don’t mind if I do, Miz”.

You saunter over to Finn, who stays calm and collective in his seat, but confused as to what you’re doing. You turn towards Miz and Maryse and sit up on Finns lap, laying your legs over the side of the chair. You shrug as Finns face goes from confused, to a gigantic and cute shit-eating grin.

“So, you’re addressing the rumors and confirming them, on my show, before I can even ask a question”?

You both shrug and nod, the audience laughing as you do. You look up at Finn, who keeps his glare at Miz.

“You know what? No. We’re not doing this. You both can leave.”

You slide off of Finn, who gets up right after you. You both begin to exit the ring, him helping you down. You take his hand and begin heading up the ramp. Miz grabs the mic.

“I still don’t understand why some big superstar would date some.. trash”.

Finn stops walking. His jaw tightens.

“Yeah, that got your attention, didn’t it? You could have had ANY woman on this roster, and you picked her.”

Finns hand grips yours tighter. He’s getting angry.

“The demon king couldn’t even find so much as a queen, he picked some peasant who just got called to the main roster because of you, Finn”.

Finn raises his mic to his face without even turning around, “Miz, you wouldn’t even know the first thing about a queen, considering the fact the in the relationship of yours”, he turns around slowly, “since you hide behind your woman so much, that makes you the queen”.

He drops his mic and his music plays again, as you walk hand in hand up the ramp and into the backstage.


Turns out EB Games has an online store and they had these Console Key Rings by Numskull on clearance so I had to grab what I could. I hoped they had the Playstation 4 but whatever I suppose.

I got a Playstation 2, Sega Megadrive, and Atari 2600 console and joystick. The consoles themselves are pretty decent 1/6th scale but the joystick is more 1/3 scale.

I’m really surprised at the high level of detail as you can see Numskull went out of their way to print lettering, replicate the woodgrain and have all the sculpting from the actual console on there.

Anyway my small collection of doll sized consoles is growing lol.

Honestly, I’d kill for more Marcus centric fics or any variation of these wrencus type scenarios that focuses more heavily on Marcus’ character.

• fake!married wrencus. Where Wrench isn’t the party that needs constant validation of his feelings. Instead it’s Marcus dealing with constant uncertainty in regards to his feelings towards Wrench, being black and queer + how living in San Francisco does little to dissuade the bullshit he has to face when dealt with both sides of that coin, and Wrench having to be the more proactive party to understand Marcus.

Lots of misconceptions, self discovery, and getting together. When they get married for real Miranda officiates the wedding and jimmy siska becomes the ring bearer.

• marcus getting to go to the Galilei museum on a date and getting excited about the exhibits on space ships or rockets.

• bottom Marcus (admittedly, I’ve thought about writing this for a while but just haven’t gotten serious until now. At least until I realized I can write decent smut.)

• Dedsec wondering where the hell Marcus is running off to on his off days until they find out he’s volunteering at the animal shelter. Specially to walk the dogs so they aren’t in their kennels all day.

• Marcus and Jordi doing anything together.

• Marcus dragging dedsec to a renfaire and everyone hating it but doing it solely for the purpose of seeing Marcus happy. They’re all forced to dress up.

• Marcus/horatio

• Marcus going on a wild ghost signals goose chase. He finds out Wrench is behind it but doesn’t get that upset since Wrench knows how excited he gets about deciphering codes and trying to figure out where the signals come from. Marcus mentions how there was one audio file he couldn’t decipher tho and Wrench is confused because he definitely didn’t make that file, they both end up trying to track the unknown ghost source.

• Marcus getting eaten out.

• Wrench and Marcus vigilante/super heroes au. All of dedsec has super powers and it’s more along the lines of kick-ass rather than straight up xmen type deal

This Is Heaven in Hiding (Chapter 8)

Clarke’s office phone chirps with Octavia’s tone.

“Yeah, O?”

“Woods on the line. Information about the Muller case.”

“The Muller case? She’s not on that one…”

“I don’t know what to tell you, Clarke. She called for that. Do you want the call or not?”

“Yeah, send it through.”

Her phone rings a few seconds later.

“Woods,” she greets Lexa.

“Griffin.” Lexa’s voice is her professional voice. Clarke instantly realizes she’s not going to like what Lexa has to say.

“When did you get the Muller case?”

“This afternoon. Dickinson wants it settled.”

“No, no way. We have a decent case.”

“You haven’t heard the settlement offer yet.”

“I don’t want one.”

“That’s not your call, Griffin.”

She rolls her eyes so hard they almost fall from her head.


“I’m just doing my job, Clarke. We have a conference scheduled for this afternoon. I was giving you a courtesy call.”

She scoffs, “A courtesy call? Really?” She doesn’t try to hide the annoyance in her voice. “Were you just going to show up instead of Nyko this afternoon as well?”

“Like I said, it’s a courtesy call.” Lexa bites.



Requested : Can you please write day6 as dads? Thank you.

- The Overly-Loving Dad
- has so much love for his kids and is not afraid to show it at all times
- carries pictures of his kids around in his wallet and its more than ready to pull it out and show off each picture at even the slightest mention of children
- always was up to read bed time stories to his kids when they were younger and practically shared his bed with them because he just couldnt say no to them when they said they had a nightmare and needed him
- probably insisted on tucking his kids in at night despite them getting too old for that (they complained but he probably got all pouty until they felt guilty enough to allow him to do his nightly routine)
- his kids are ??? extremely spoiled but are taught to be very humble about everything
- he tries to give them everything they need, whether it be emotional support or materialistic things.
- the dad that actually listens to your problems and tries to give a solution instead of getting mad about it ???? wild
- likes to frame every report card the kids have and his at home office is covered in drawings his kids have given him
- he just ?? loves his kids and loves being a dad so much

- the Pal Dad
- doesn’t really understand what it means to be a dad but is passing as one
- probably allows his kids to take a sip of his beer and when they make a face at the taste tells them its a lesson not to start drinking
- really bad at inforcing rules
- gets caught up on watching netflix shows with his kids and forgets what time it is on a school night
- “oh f- heck, it’s past your bed time we should go to sleep” “one more episode? please?” “okay”
- three episodes pass before they’re both crashing out on the sofas and waking up late without an alarm, he probably leaves the house without shoes in his rush to get his kids in the car and to school at the right time.
- buys all the newest toys, but honestly ? sometimes you cant necessarily tell if he was buying it for his kids or for himself
- always stocking the cupboards with junk food, and 3/7 days of the week they’re eating out at a resturant.
- but at least sometimes he remembers to force his kids to eat their veggies
- probably comes home with new pets randomly to surprise his kids with, their house could probably be mistaken for a zoo at some points
- he just loves animals and his kids love animals and he /loves/ his kids so he’ll do whatever he can to make them happy
- even if it is coming home with three lizards every now and again just to see them smile

- The Goofy Dad
- nearly as bad if not worse than Brian when it comes to being a parent
- his kids just have to go into his room, fake cough and he’s letting them stay home with him for the day
- he’s not dumb, he knows they’re faking, but sometimes even he is too lazy to drive them into school.
- likes to be highly involved with his kids lifes, once attempted to be a supervisor for a school trip but nearly lost half the class, he hasn’t had the school calling him for favours anymore.
- is a little too advanced with modern technology
- made a twitter to follow and keep tabs on his kids and ended up gaining more followers than his kids ???
- all he does it post out dated memes and dad jokes so its a big mystery as to why half the childs school follows him
- all their friends know about him and probably think he’s a really cool dad (and some have even called him DILF before but his kids surpress it as much as they possibly can)
- embarrasses his kids as much as possible, whether it be dancing in public or just tweeting at them constantly its like he levels up each time his kids scold him for being embarrassing

- The Protective Dad
- not necessarily a push over but he does enjoy structure
- probably has a colour coded calender on the front of his fridge that has the chores his kids have to do on it
- they get an allowance though so they afe necessarily mad about the chores.
- all their kids friends are ?? kind of scared of him because he just looks so intimidating, but he’s actually such a softy and is so loving and a little over protective when it comes to their kids.
- probably the type of dad to start disliking a friend after their kid complains about a fight they had with them, no friend came return after their kids have told sungjin about them
- would figuratively and literally take a shot for his kids if they were ever in danger
- probably encourages family outing as frequent as possible allowing each kid to choose a day and what they want to do.
- allows enough freedom that his kids are happy but ensures that homework is complete and they’re doing their very best in school. he just wants was best for them ultimately
- in both school and relationship wise
- puts on this whole intimidation act when they’re first introduced to their kids significant other.
- an embarrassing dad when he doesnt even mean to be one

- The Mom Dad
- not necessarily as loving as a stereotypical TV mom would be, but all the other characteristics of a stay at home mom? he’s got them
- he has a lot of free time on his hands and when he’s not attempting to learn a new instrument he’s baking
- the neighbourhoods favourite dad, all the moms flock to him and probably have coffee talks with all the moms on a daily basis after the kids were sent to school
- sososo enouraging of everything their kids want in life
- support any life changes they want or whatever passion they have that week
- the house probably always smells like burnt baked cookies because just because hes the mom friend dad doesn’t mean he’s naturally good at baking , but he is trying and sometimes the cookies come out decently (more times than not they come out burnt or overly salty, hes not even sure where he went wrong)
- the type to say the families about to go out and just as they’re about to leave go back to answer the ringing phone and leave his kids hanging by the door as he talks to susan down the street about what drama has happened between gwen and paula that week.
- should probably be on real housewives.


See these are two very nice photos of Tony from last night, where a nice little um, detail, has gone MIA. Now we’re on Tumblr and we can say all we please and have a good time being sarcastic or speculating as we please.

I promise you, if I see ONE single person being so damn STUPID as the last time this happened, and go to Tony’s twitter and MENTION HIM asking about this, or making a comment about this? I will ROAST that person publicly, complete with roasted potatoes.

Fair warning because apparently people are SO DAMN STUPID and RUDE as to not understand basic rules of decent behavior even toward a celebrity. YOU DO NOT ASK about missing rings, EVER, not even if you’re a journalist, LET ALONE if you’re a meaningless fan, someone he doesn’t know in the slightest. You do not COMMENT on missing rings, EVER, directly to a celebrity. You shut up with them and comment separately without EVER including them.
Can’t believe I have to explain this and threaten public exposure, but it’s come to this point.

Meantime, I told you to observe certain things lately because everything happens for a reason. I made ONE single comment on that Eisen interview because there was no need for more.

Closing Time

Written for @quitbeingbanished​ as a thank you for donating to my Buy Me a Coffee fund. Posted publicly with permission.

Summary: Dean x male!reader a/b/o/. Dean comes into your bakery just before closing time. Normally, you get annoyed at late customers, but you make an exception for Dean.

Warnings: Smut, a/b/o dynamics

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: This is my very first male!reader fic. I hope you enjoy it! XOXO

There’s only a few minutes left before you can lock the doors, and you’re counting them down. It’s been a pretty decent day, all in all, but the last hour has seen almost no customers, and you’re ready to go. With everything cleaned up and put away, you’re literally just leaning against the counter, waiting. Not the most exciting thing you could be doing with your evening.  

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The #Dogon stories explain that also. According to their oral traditions, a race people from the #Sirius system called the #Nommos visited Earth thousands of years ago. The Nommos were amphibious looking beings that resembled mermen and mermaids. They also appear in Babylonian, Accadian, and #Sumerian texts. The #Egyptian Goddess #Isis, who is sometimes depicted as a mermaid, is also linked with the star Sirius.

The Nommos, according to the Dogon legend, lived on a planet that orbits another star in the Sirius system. They landed on Earth in an “ark” that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise and wind. It was the Nommos that gave the Dogon the knowledge about Sirius B.

The legend goes on to say the Nommos also furnished the Dogon’s with some interesting information about our own solar system: That the planet Jupiter has four major moons, that Saturn has rings and that the planets orbit the sun. These were all facts discovered by Westerners only after Galileo invented the telescope. The Nommos were #Anunnaki travelers in the distant past and they shared knowledge with the Dogon tribe among others on this planet. #4biddenknowledge

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So this idea came into my head a couple of days ago and it made me laugh so take this probably OOC ‘Andrew encounters a fan’ HC

Looking down and finding a knife pressed against his stomach was not a regular occurrence in Sam’s life, especially not when it was being held by an armband clad arm that led to a bored but deadly expression that made up Sam’s celebrity crush, Andrew Minyard. This is ridiculous his mind came up with, I don’t even like Exy.

Really, this was entirely his girlfriend’s fault. Exy was her sport of choice, and while he appreciated what it did to her legs, he was completely uninterested in picking up a racket himself. He’d watched the occasional game to be able to share something with her, but then he’d stayed too long and the post-game interviews came on, and coincidentally so did Andrew’s slightly sweaty completely impassive face. His girlfriend had taken one look at Sam’s face and raised an eyebrow; Sam was rarely affected by strangers, and she certainly hadn’t expected the short blond goalie to catch his attention. Sam shrugged, a little embarrassed. He didn’t find Andrew attractive exactly, but the way his face was put together made Sam want to draw it. His fingers itched for a pencil even as he tried to play it off, but he hadn’t fallen in love with his girlfriend for no reason, and her continually buying him Minyard merchandise had become a running joke between them.

He still didn’t enjoy watching Exy, but if he occasionally searched Andrew’s interviews on youtube, well, that was his business. He’d learnt lots about Andrew over the last few years from these interviews, the primary of which being that he genuinely did not care about most things (Sam had to wonder what it was about Exy of all things that kept him entertained), but being harassed by overexcited fans was one of the few things that would cause him to show emotion; in this case, annoyance.

That takes us to this morning, when Sam was doing his usual stroll through the park only to see Andrew Minyard and a slightly taller red-headed man who he was fairly certain was some other famous Exy player walking in the opposite direction. It probably would have seemed more normal to just keep walking and pretend he didn’t know them, but he was so determined to not be one of Those Fans that he spun on his heel and ran straight back out of the park again.

Cut to ten minutes later, jogging back to his apartment, completely out of breath, and he’s dragged unceremoniously into an alleyway by his elbow and pressed up against the brick by a strong arm and a more worrying knife. The red-haired man is there too, eyes darting around him and towards the exit like he’s getting ready to take off.

“Who do you work for?” Andrew asks, in a flat tone of voice, and Sam’s mind spins confusedly out of control. Andrew pushes the knife a little closer when he doesn’t answer and Sam squawks.

“Um, Starbucks? At the moment. I kind of just got made redundant but I mean- what am I saying you don’t care. Yeah I’m at Starbucks at the mo.” This time it’s the red-head’s turn to sound cold. Josten his unhelpful brain supplies, as the man narrows his eyes, blue eyes glinting like ice.

“You expect us to believe that?” Sam doesn’t know what to do.

“I hope so? Because it’s the truth?” Why does it feel as if he’s getting interrogated? Ah, the knife he remembers, his mind flashing through various gang crime movies.

“Why did you run away from us just now then?” Josten says, confusion beginning to seep into his voice too.

Andrew does not move the knife.

Sam blushes, and if he didn’t have a deadly weapon pressed to his stomach by what looks like a practiced hand, he’d try to laugh it off. “I, uh, I’m kind of a fan.” He mumbles. The knife is removed as Andrew shoots Josten the most unimpressed look he has ever seen.

“Brilliant another one of your junkie fanboys.”

“Uh, not of, erm, Josten is it?” Sam corrects before he thinks about it, wondering why he’s prolonging this already mortifying conversation.

“Neil.” Josten returns, a hint of amusement playing around the corners of his mouth.

“I, uh, just know you, like, actually hate people that talk to you so I thought I’d try and be, like, a decent person and fuck off.” Sam says to Andrew, staring at his shoes. A short, delighted laugh rings through the air, startling everybody by the looks of it; even Neil seems surprised at the noise that came out of his mouth.

“You play Exy?” Josten enquires. Sam feels the heat rise even further in his cheeks.

“No. I’ve never even sat through watching a full game.” He shoots an apologetic slightly fearful look at Andrew, who still seems to be thinking about Neil’s laugh. “I, uh, justthinkyou’recute.” He says in a rush, and Andrew’s eyes widen minutely in disbelief. You made Andrew Minyard do something with his face! Sam’s brain screams excitedly even as he wonders whether he’s about to get stabbed for real.

“You have a crush on Andrew?” Neil asks, all the syllables coated with amusement this time. Andrew shoots him another look but this one Sam can’t interpret and just makes Neil smile wider.

“Erm, well, not exactly I don’t really do crushes on strangers. Like, I have to know someone really well first. People aren’t just attractive to me like that.” Sam says sheepishly, snapping his fingers. “Demi problems. I just think you have a very draw-able face?” The look Andrew gives him this time is considering, and Neil looks sort of like he just hit him with a bus.

“Huh. Looks like you’re not alone idiot.” Andrew says conversationally, not taking his eyes off Sam though Sam’s pretty sure he’s talking to Neil. Neil shrugs and Sam suddenly remembers how fucking weird this conversation is, though at least he can add ‘is defo in a relationship with Neil Josten’ to his facts about Andrew Minyard list when he gets home.

“I’m going to go home now?” Sam half-asks, and when neither man makes a move to stop him, apparently locked in each other’s gaze, Sam walks carefully out of the alley and as the adrenaline rush begins to turn his legs shaky wonders how upset his girlfriend is going to be that he met them and she didn’t.

Hall of Fame: couples.

Here we are! I looked at the Hall of Fame, and I was moved to hear Kurt Angle singing and the choir “You suck” to his song. Good times.
But I’m not here to talk about this: I’m a girl, and when I see something that take my heart away… well, I have to write that.
Red carpet. I will talk about all the couples I’ve seen.

- Baron Corbin and his girlfriend.
Ok, as you know I don’t like him… Yesterday (For me) when I saw him with his girlfriend, hand in hand… He laughed and when Cathy Kelley turned to her… The dear Corbin began to smile: I hate him, but at that moment, he was so damn cute and I was there to look and say, “But… they’re so cute together!”
I also began to follow him on Instagram, just to see his photos with his girlfriend. I know, I’m a lost case.
My soul can’t find peace.

- Miz and Maryse
They were wonderful, Miz made me smile when, by mistake, he was taking his wife’s hair. He loves her so much. Of course, then they went back to being idiots when they talked about John and Nikki, but they were very sweet and very elegant!

- Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa'i) and his wife Galina.

I almost didn’t believe that she is the woman had given birth to twins. Look at her, she has PERFECT body. Galina, I understand that you keep moving (Considering the fact that Roman has some problems with clothes 😏) … but I love this woman more and more, she was just superb. And Roman by her side was cute.

- Big Cass and Carmella
How nice to see them together (see Carmella with decent and beautiful dress. Sorry, but I don’t like her ring attire) and Cass made me die with “I keep an eye on James Ellsworth”.

- Bayley and her boyfriend
I had never seen them together, are really sweet and cute together. Especially Bayley. He seemed so shy.

- AJ and his wife
I love AJ’s family. Four children, a woman he loves … the dream family. And his wife was so cute: she was embarrassed and she didn’t know what to do and it was great to see her clutching her husband’s arm.
They’re adorable.

- Kalisto and his wife
I will not say much but … Why his wife wears the mask?

- Dean Ambrose (Jonathan Good) and Renee Young (Renee Paquette)
My protected, my beloved. The interview begins with Renee who cleans Dean’s jacket from the glitter and he starts behaving like an idiot (And he openly flirted with Renee 😏).
Don’t tell me “But he was drunk!” because it’s simply the way he acted. In short, I want to see that you go to an important event, and one who will interview is your girlfriend who lives with you. I want to see if you don’t start to act like an idiot to make her laugh.
Their flirting was breaking my phone because of the intensity. They’re adorable. Especially he was staring at her and she laughed.
(And I wonder… I wonder why Dean had glitter on him… Renee was full of glitter, I would not be surprised if… 😏)

And these are my foolishness, I wanted to write and … Next time!

Lee Jeno || I (Love) Hate You

Jeno imagine

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Summary: When the bad boy at school secretly sends you love notes

Originally posted by mkayjaemin

‘Just another day at hell.’ You thought as you stood in front of the tall school building. You let out a deep sigh before entering. You walk quickly to your locker, opening it and sticking your belongings in there and shut it. You looked around the hallway, hoping he isn’t here. ‘Good, the coast is clear.’ You think before walking down the hallway, hoping to make it to your first class before he comes to ruin it.

“Where do you think you’re going, small?” A familiar deep voice said from behind.

Too late.

You groan and turn around, facing him, the last person you wanted to see today or any day. “What do you want Jeno?” You spat at him.

He grins, “You think I would want anything from you? Please. I just came here to mess with you, of course.” He said before pushing you against a set of lockers behind you.

You grew annoyed of his ignorance and teasing. You didn’t know when this guy would stop messing with you. You couldn’t even think of a single reason why he would bully you, he just did it when he felt like it, is the reason why you think he messes with you.

You were angry. Wait no. You were furious. You had enough of this guy picking on you every single day and giving you a hard time. Ever since you moved to this school 2 month ago, that’s all Jeno has been doing to you. Bullying you. He hasn’t even said a single nice thing to you.

You got up from the ground and dusted yourself off, brushing past Jeno and marching off the other way. You just want to have one nice, decent day. Just one. But no, you can’t even go a full passing time without Jeno approaching you and beating you. ‘I just want this to stop.’ You thought before walking in to your first class.

The school day went by slowly as you sat in your last class of the day, watching the clock slowly ticking.

‘Ugh, can’t the bell just ring already?”

*ding ding*

And there it is.

You quickly stand up and grab all your stuff and run out of the classroom and school building. You sprint to your house, which isn’t that far from the school, and open the front door. “Mom, I’m home!” You yell as you take off your shoes by the door. Your mom walks out of the kitchen and holds a small pink envelope. “Y/N, you got something in the mail today.”

You widen your eyes as your mom hands you the envelope. You see “To: Y/N” with hearts drawn all over it. You run upstairs and into your room to open the letter.

As you read it, you can’t help but blush.

“Hi, Y/N~ I just wanted to say that you’re really beautiful and I can’t help but melt every time I see you. You make my heart beat really fast and I just have the sudden urge to wrap you in my arms and never let you go. But for some reason, I can never do that. I just suddenly forget who I am and do the opposite. I hope this letter puts a smile on your face. You’re beautiful when you smile, and I just wish that smile was for me. Not soon, but sometime. But anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this letter. Have a nice night and get lots of rest! XOXO”

You had no clue who wrote this letter but you got to admit, you found it absolutely adorable and precious that someone would write such a letter to you that didn’t fail to bring a smile to your face.

That night, all you could think about was who the person that was behind the anonymous letter even was.

The next day at school was surprisingly…calm. Jeno hasn’t messed with you (yet) and no class was hard today. You could say today was a good day. Probably the best day you have ever had at school so far. And what made it better was that you found another letter from the same anonymous person yesterday.

“Good luck in class today! You look so gorgeous today ^^ but then again you look gorgeous everyday XD”

The note was sadly short but it was still adorable and so sweet, you couldn’t help but smile as you read it. You didn’t think anything would ruin this nice day until the person you hated approached you.

“Oooooo, is that a note?” Jeno asked from behind your shoulder. You widen your eyes and hide the note behind your back.

“So what if it is?” You spat at him, getting more irritated since he pretty much ruined your happy day.

He grins, “Whatever. I just wanted to say sorry.”

You raise an eyebrow. ‘Did I just hear him correctly?’ “Wait, what did you just say?”

“I said I’m sorry for being such a jerk to you. I’ll make it up to you. Just come to the rooftop after school today.”

He looked serious about this, so you thought he was actually sorry about everything. You still couldn’t fully trust him, though, but you went with what your gut told you to do.


He gave you a smile, which you’ve actually never seen before other than the time that he would laugh at you after beating you up. but this smile was much more different. It was more sincere. He actually looks kinda good when he smiles..

It was the end of the school day, and you went up to the rooftop, curious as to why Jeno would suddenly want to meet you up there. As you make your way to the rooftop, you see a crowd of students and you see Jeno in the middle of all of them.

“Guys, she’s here!” A guy in the crowd said. They all turned their heads to me, making me shrink into place. I see Jeno turn his head towards me as he approaches me, a small grin plastered on his face.

“Y/N, you’re here~ Just in time.”

You raise an eyebrow. “In time for what?”

He smirks as he holds up a rope. You’re curious as to why he’s holding a rope until you look up. Before you know it, a huge bucket of chocolate milk is poured all over you.

You could hear everyone laughing, taking photos, and recording you. You see Jeno standing in front of you, laughing and pointing fingers at you. You felt your face turn red and you were done. Done with everything. You hated Jeno. You just wanted him to leave you alone and stop messing with you.

You stood up and wiped some chocolate milk out of your eyes. “You really think this is funny?!” You shouted at Jeno. Suddenly, the laughter died down. “I’m done with you and your shit, Jeno! I hate you! All you do is mess with me for no particular reason and I’m done with it! You have no idea how shitty my life has been ever since I came to this stupid school. Just leave me alone, I hate you!” You ran back into the school, ignoring everyone that was looking at you weirdly, and ran out of the double doors. You sprinted back home and ran inside, not even bothering to close the door behind you, and ran upstairs to your room, shutting the door. You were crying your eyes out. You hated life, you just wanted to flee from this world.

As Jeno sat in his room, he got a notification from one of his friends. it was a video of the incident with Y/N. He tapped on the notification that lead to the video, and watched it. Jeno could feel tears swell up in his eyes as he remembered back to what Y/N said to him earlier. He loves her. Yet he did all this stupid shit to her that he regrets and has been regretting ever since. “Fuck, I’m so stupid…” He ran his fingers through his hair frustratingly and laid down on his bed, facing the ceiling. I gotta make it up to her.

it was finally the weekend, which meant Y/N didn’t have to worry about being picked on Jeno again. Y/N always looked forward to the weekends. Not only because school is out, but also because you don’t have to worry about Jeno and his antics.

As Y/N was lying down on her bed, your mom walks in, holding an envelope. “Another note.”

Y/N jumps up and quickly snatches the note out of your mom’s hand.

“You seem to be getting these notes a lot. I wonder what they’re about.” Your mom says, wriggling her eyebrows up and down. Y/N blushes.

“Just something.”

“Okay~ well, enjoy that letter then.” Your mom says before walking out, closing the door behind her.

‘Oh, I will.’

Y/N quickly opened the letter and read what it said.

“Y/N, meet me at the park down the street at 11:30.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow in confusion. Until the realization hit you. ‘Wait, am I going to meet him? The guy behind all these letters?!’ Y/N squealed at the fact that she is actually going to meet this guy.

Y/N was waiting on the park bench, clad in a floral shirt and light blue jeans. As you waited patiently, you were surprised and alo angry to spot the one person she did not want to see at all, walking up to her.

“Why are you here?” you spat at Jeno as he approached you.


“You jerk! I told you to leave me alone. Can’t you listen?!”

“Y/N, just listen to me-”

“If you’re here to beat me up, then fine, go ahead.”

“Y/N, I don’t want to beat you up, and I never did want to.”

“Wow, you’re a terrible liar.”

“But I’m not lying. Y/N, just hear me out.”

You cross your arms and sigh, rolling your eyes. “Fine.”

“Y/N, I’m sorry, okay? It was stupid of me to continue messing with you. I should’ve told you this earlier, but I like you. A lot, actually.”

You widen your eyes and hold yourself back fro blushing, even though you fail at that. “W-wait, wh-what?!”

“I like you, Y/N. I tried to deny these feelings on the first day you came here since I’ve actually never felt this way towards anyone. You’re so special to me, I’m sorry for the dumb shit I did to you these past couple months.”

“I’m special? Special enough so that you can beat me up everyday and make fun of me?”

“No, it’s not like that! Y/N please just forgive me.”

You could hear the sincerity in his voice and also see it in his eyes. You wanted to trust him, but you still don’t know if you can.

“How do I know if I can trust you or not?”

“Well, would you believe me if I said I’m the one who wrote you all those love notes to you?

You widen your eyes and you could not believe what you just heard. ‘J-Jeno is the one behind all those nice and sweet letters?’

“N-no! you can’t be! He’s so nice and caring, unlike you!”

“Y/N, please… Believe me.”

You felt tears about ready to fall down, and you almost run away until Jeno grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. You felt your back bump against his chest.

“Y/N. I like you so much. Please, don’t leave.” He whispered in your ear, wrapping his arms around you.

You widen your eyes and you wanted to escape from his strong grasp, but you can’t. You wondered if you felt the same way towards him. Did you?


“Please, Y/N. Forgive me and all those stupid mistakes that I made.”

You turned towards him and saw that he was currently crying. You had no choice, but you engulfed him in a hug. Jeno was taken aback by the hug, and you had to admit, you were too.

He wrapped his arms you and whispered a “Thank you.”

As you break the hug, you guys stare into each other’s eyes. You had to admit, Jeno is really good looking. And the fact that he’s currently smiling while staring lustfully into your eyes, makes your heart melt and you could feel your face heat up just by that.

“Gosh, I really like you, Y/N…”

“I like you too, Jeno.”

He widens his eyes, shocked. “REALLY?”

You giggle, “Yes, really.”

He engulfs you into another hug, but this time, tighter.

Before you both know it, you both are inching closer towards each other, and kiss. You felt sparks fly as your lips touched his soft ones. As you broke the kiss, your foreheads touched each other’s as you both smiled at each other.

“I still can’t believe you’re the anonymous person behind the letter. Gosh, you’re so cheesy, but it’s cute.”

“Pfft, you loved my letters. But you love me more.”

“Maybe I do…”

“Yes.” Jeno pecks your lips softly. “You do, darling.”

“Gahh, I do love you, you cheesy idiot.”

He smiles at you and lifts you up into his arms. “And I love you too. So, so much.”

SSC Appreciation Week - Most Powerful Moment 

When Benvolio comes to Rosaline’s window that night. Driven away by everyone and everywhere that had once been havens of safety to him through no fault of his own. He risks his life even coming to the Capulet household even though that territory puts him in great danger all because Rosaline Capulet is the one person he feels he can trust to beg for help. To beg - both households are excruciatingly proud but when one suddenly bends its significant in what can be achieved. Ben knows she could turn him away, scream for the soldiers and of course they’d come running to catch him. He knows his own behavior hasn’t been cause for her to welcome him with any such warmth either. He pleads his case to her, humbling himself on her kindness and his belief that she’s good, honest and decent which, in the city of Verona, and in his own tortured life in general has been quite rare. And the way he says her name gentle and beseeching still rings in my head. I love it so much.