it happens to the best of us bb

2NE1 is one of my favorite groups and Dara will forever be my ultimate female bias, but… their music is definitely not the greatest. (there are some songs like Come Back Home, I Am The Best that have really strong sections and really weak sections, but in general they’re all pretty average). Which sucks so much because other groups at YG like AKMU, BB, Zion.T, etc have such amazing music… what even happened with 2NE1? Sometimes I wonder if Blackpink songs like Whistle, Boombayah… With Fire were given to 2NE1 instead… maybe they would have lasted longer. I hope CL is successful here in the US and the other girls are successful with their solo activities (and that netizens will finally let Bom live) because it would suck for the four of them to go out on a note like this.

Why Gon was the one to arm wrestle people during the Yorkshin arc instead of his stronk Killua bf
  • Leorio: Killua just do it you brat! This way we'll see who's stronger and who should arm wrestle everyone, now shut your trap and do it!
  • Killua: *grumbling* *puts his arm out*
  • Killua: *thinking* I'm gonna kick his ass and get this over with
  • Gon: *puts his hand in Killua's*
  • Leorio: Ready? Start!
  • Killua: *is kicking Gon's ass*
  • Gon: *leans down and kisses Killua's hand*
  • Killua: !?!?!? *blushes and looses focus*
  • Gon: *wins* yay! I won!
  • Killua: *is melting*
  • Leorio: Whut-whut just happened

I guess he first lied to the police, but since the girl confessed to it, he was found out. It happened in October 2016. YG Ent. offered an official apology on his behalf.

Another BB member was tested and the result was negative.

TOP said he thought is was an ‘electronic cigarettes’ but obviously that’s a lie. He smoked it three times with a young woman/trainee.

I wish him the best. It seems as though he has had a tough few months.

The charge for marijuana use in South Korea is 60k$ and can be up to 5 years in prison…

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My makeup always looks creased or caked around my mouth and nose. I have tried multiple foundations, bb creams, primers, setting powders and setting sprays with varying price ranges. Do you have any tips for me?

if this is happening, you need to exfoliate and moisturize. not only do this, but you need to remain consistent with it. consistency is the key to any skincare routine. it does not matter if you have the best and most expensive skincare line or products, if you only use them once a week or twice a week, consider it a total failure. point blank

  • definitely exfoliate at least 3 times a week to begin with. don’t rub to hard with the exfoliator either. small circles with minimal pressure to get rid of the dead skin.
  • moisturize immediately afterwards and avoid direct sunlight. you’ll have fresh skin on the surface right after you exfoliate and thus making this new skin very sensitive and susceptible to any kind of damage. 
  • also, consider what kind of skin type you have. if you have oily skin– which could be why your makeup is creasing in target areas, consider getting a primer that is made for oily skin. if your skin is dryer– which could also cause creasing, consider a different moisturizer, or perhaps a primer (or even foundation) that has extra moisturizers. 

The entire alphabet is not enough to list the reasons to admire you. Thank you for always working hard and showing us the various sides to you. Just like you once said, we won’t think it’s something that happens as is, and will always continue to cherish you. Looking toward the same direction in 2016 and wishing you the best of health and happiness! ♡ 생일 축하합니다!

Axl kills a Moth

The following text is an excerpt from the book ‘Welcome to My Jungle,’ written by Craig Duswalt who was Axl’s former assistant. This is one of my favorite GNR stories and I thought that I should share it with you guys!


“One afternoon a moth got into the house. An uninvited, very rude moth. Obviously this moth was a huge fan of Axl’s because it would not leave no matter how many times we asked it to. Robert was there, too, and he and I tried and tried, but the moth ignored us and kept flying around Axl’s dining room chandelier.

Well, at some point Axl had had enough. He was absolutely determined to get rid of that pesky moth. Most people at this point would get a ladder or a chair and a flyswatter and go to work.

Most people.

But not a rock star.

And especially not Axl Rose.

Axl instructed me to keep a close eye on it,and he ran upstairs. So, there I was, watching a moth and worrying about how pissed Axl would have been if I had let it out of my sight. If someone could have taped me tracking that moth from room to room, I would have won $100,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos, no contest.

When Axl finally came back, he wasn’t carrying a flyswatter. He was carrying a gun. Not a pistol, but a long gun. A rifle maybe, or even a shotgun.

Now, I’m not a gun expert. In fact, this may be hard to believe for some, but I have never shot a gun in my life. And what might be harder to believe is that I’ve never even held a gun in my entire life. I’ve shot BB guns before, but that’s it. So when I say I’m not an expert in guns I truly mean it.

My first thought was, Thank God I know where that moth is, otherwise Axl would probably shoot me. But at that point it was obvious that the gun wasn’t for me—it was for the rude moth.

Axl was on a mission.

Rockstars do everything bigger and better.

It wasn’t enough for Axl to just shoot the moth. No, he insisted on setting up a barrier so that just in case he missed (though how could you miss anything with a shotgun at a range of less than ten feet I don’t know), he would be safe behind his own personal wall. You know, in case the moth chose to attack or something.

Axl said, “Get me a chair.”

I brought over a dining room chair (a really nice chair—it was Axl’s house.)

Axl positioned himself under the chair, lying on his back, using the seat of the chair as cover from the potential killer attack moth.

“Okay, dude, make him go into the corner,” instructed Axl.

“Do what?” I said.

“Get the moth to come out from the chandelier, into the corner so I can shoot it. I don’t want to hit the light.”


As I stood on another (really nice) dining room chair, I thought, If I do, miraculously, get the moth to go into the corner, how will it stay there so Axl can shoot it? Does Axl want me to stay close to the moth so it doesn’t fly back into the light? Does Axl want me to stay there while he shoots the moth?

I was getting paid very well at that tine, but the thought of standing between Axl and a moth, with Axl holding a gun, was very stressful. But dealing with stress was a key part of the job, and I was used to doing what I was told, so I stood there.

Today I’m much older and don’t have a death wish, and would never do that, but at the time I just trusted that Axl was a good shot, and I stayed right there, making sure the moth was cornered until Axl could shoot. Thankfully, I didn’t know much about shooting guns at the time, either. 

“If you hand me a flyswatter, I think I could get him,” I begged.

“Not going to happen,” Axl said with a laugh

So with the moth hovering in the corner of Axl’s dining room ceiling, and me waving my hands frantically to make sure it stayed in the corner of the ceiling, Axl pulled the trigger, and…


I checked my chest,my arms, and my legs to see if I’d been hit, and again, amazingly, I walked away unscathed.

The moth, of course, was obliterated. I didn’t see more than a little dust come from the ceiling after the shot. But the moth was indeed gone.

After a victory yell by all of us in the room, Axl calmly got to his feet and walked off into the sunset, victorious. (Actually he walked back upstairs to his bedroom to put the gun away.)

Now, I don’t know why there wasn’t a gigantic hole in the wall. My best guess is that Axl just happened to have a shotgun around that he had preloaded with rock salt or something, because there were lots of little holes in the area where the moth breathed its last breath (if moths even breathe). It could have been a BB gun that shot out lots of little BBs or pellets. But I don’t give a rat’s ass what kind of gun it was all I know is that the moth was defeated.

Some people talk about killing flies with sledgehammers. But that’s just a metaphor. Axl Rose really did kill the dreaded Malibu moth with a gun. And for him, it was just another day in the life of a rock star.”

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Are there any lush fave products you recommend for acne? Also what's one good thing that's happened to you recently ?

ya!!!! the rosy cheeks face mask! it’s the best face mask I’ve ever used. it’s so gentle and smells amazing but it’s had a significant impact on my redness and acne. I really recommend it if u have acne n redness n oily skin like me. I’ve heard the cupcake and bb seaweed face masks work really well for acne too but I’ve only used rosy cheeks. good luck!!

Lipstick Kisses (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: It started with lipstick and ended with kiss.

“You don’t really have to give me an answer, not yet. Just let me be with you, at your side, like always?”

Ideally people would always like to make a great first impression and there are a number of ways to do that. Being caught with a lipstick almost crammed up your nose is not one of them.

“What are you doing?” The question’s followed by a soft giggle and Y/N’s staring up at a dark haired male not too much taller than her. He looks younger, but it could just be his baby face. His eyes are crescent shaped from the wide curve of his smile and she notices two things, first his teeth are really straight and white, and second, he has great lips for gloss and lipstick. But he’s a boy, the only thing she’ll be doing is using a smidgen of gloss and a lip stain when asked.

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Yooo I'm so happy to see you reblogging Eldrazi stuff! I usually see MTG things on my dash all the time from other blogs but I just noticed it was you reblogging all the Emrakul and Ulamog; super cool to see a Bloodborne blog appreciating them

Everything Eldritch inspires me! If it’s creepy & cool it’s fair game for sinister lol. It just so happens I have godly thumbs for BB™ PvP. I haven’t played Magic a ton, least out of all TCG, but I know I’m good at it, too. I don’t own cards, but I’ve used plenty of friends’ decks to know I love white/blue or mono white or black the best. I know plenty of MTG lore (and love it hard af) but I never made the connection between Eldrazi and Eldritch until playing with a friend yesterday. Like duh!

I’m glad my cross promotion of nerdy content was well received, I certainly let u all know how I feel about the Eldrazi lmao. I really have been checking out all the Eldrazi creature cards on the Wizard’s website today, and I’m totally in love with Ulamog Ceaseless Hunger!! 😳💖✨

reading AH chapter 10

21:00 *starts reading*
21:05 *needs hug*
21:07 nice save *mumbles along *
21:10 Awww. keep pretending, it will come true!
21:15 *googles muumuu*
21:19 *“dirty little secret ” stuck in head *
21:26 titanic movie pose?
21:34 Awww *mama-barns feelings*
21:55 WHAT LOGIC IS THAT??? sit down before you hurt yourself! and go inside already!
21:59 *feel flashbacks to chapter 5 (I think) *
22:02 do it!
22:05 I don’t think using Clint as a role model is the way to go bb
22:11 repeat after me : teachers are people too
22:18 I feel ya quill. I once married lemon custard. best day of my life
22:20 I hate serious talks but I really need THIS talk to happen!
22:22 thesis : Steve became a teacher so that he could go to prom every year
22:23 of course he will fight. Don’t be stupid. what else do you expect from Steve fight-me Rogers?
22:25 *_* The sun’s always there, even behind the clouds
22:30 [start break ]
22:48 [end break ]

22:50 please let him teach Steve their wedding dance.
22:51 that’s because the macarena is stupid *war flashbacks from 5th grade *
22:53 YISS!!!
22:55 awww Steve no. Y u no reply?
22:58 *grins stupidly *
23:02 I think that counts as engaged. you cannot convince me otherwise. I mean making this big if an exception…
23:04 tease!
23:05 you little shit!
23:06 more like, 500
23:07 does that count as sex? I think it does!
23:17 oh oh
23:20 of course he isn’t. Don’t be stupid!
23:20 told ya!
23:21 that’s all. No biggie!
23:23 you’re such saps, both of you!
23:24 haahaa. busted XD

23:27 probably natasha….
23:29 Awww yiss! finally
23:32 no 18 year old has that much self control!!
23:32 Steve is gonna be so proud!
23:32 you should feel proud!
23:37 sleezball
23:39 you heard him!
23:39 back off
23:40 way too good and he finally knows it too
23:41 :O 
23:42 but not by you
23:43 (ง’̀-‘́)ง



but you don’t understand! I need to give more!

Karma’s a Bitch

Request: Can I request for a Jiyong smut whereby you liked a guy but he wasn’t appreciative. He is popular among the girls and always hangs out with a group of them. Those girls hated you. After a long time, you finally gave up. One day, he and the girls were invited to a concert. While at the rehearsals, he saw you and the big bang members. Yep, you’ve became a singer at YG and Jiyong is your boyfriend. You’re best friends with the other BB members too. Those girls are BB fans and got so jealous, watching your close interactions with the members. The guy even walked past a VIP room and happened to see you and Jiyong doing it and he got so jealous!

Five years. It’s been five years since you’ve seen Sungmin; And yet, here he was, standing in front of you while you were doing mic checks. He was your high school crush, and he knew that. He used the fact that you had a crush on him to his advantage since you were at the top of the class. He would always say sincere, flirtatious things to get you to either do his homework for him, or get the answers from you. You were naive at the time so you would let it happen. 

Any time you would try to talk to him and try to ask him out, there was always a group of girls around him, looking at you like you were a freak show. The girls would bully you, both physically and verbally, with him around and he would laugh,not doing anything. During the winter formal at your school, Sungmin asked you to dance. You were ridiculously excited that you stepped on your dress, causing you to fall. What was more embarrassing than that? That he asked you to dance only so his ‘fan club’ could dump dog food on you and ruin your last winter formal. That was the moment that you decided that he wasn’t worth it. He was just a boy who knew how to tug at a girl’s heart strings instead of playing the delicate instrument with love and care.

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Behind the Mask, pt. ii

Read Part One here!

AN: Hello again! I don’t mean to be sappy, but each and every notification I got brought a smile to my face. I’m enjoying this fic, so I figured why not continue? FYI, this will be kind of PoexreaderxKylo, but not really? Like I don’t want the focus to be on a “love triangle” or anything like that. Actually, I plan for you guys to choose your own ending if all goes well. Anyways, please enjoy!

Pairings: Kylo x reader, Poe x reader

Warnings: None

Years Later

You breathed in, sighing contentedly as you meditated on the floor of your quarters. The young jedis had managed to push every single one of your buttons during their lessons today. Of course, they were little brats sometimes, but you knew better than to let your temper get the better of you.

You reveled in the safety of your space, flickering candles the only source of light in the room. You focused on you breathing.

In, out, in, out.

Your eyes flicked open, sensing the presence behind you. You remained silent, nerves calming at the familiar aura. He spoke before you had a chance.

“You weren’t at the evening meal.”

“I snuck some bread from lunch.”

You could practically hear the smirk on his face, see him lean against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Our young protégés too much for you to handle, (Y/n)?”

You sighed, rolling your eyes and giving up on meditation for the night. You got up from your spot and made your way over to him.

“Hardy-har-har.” You mocked, closing the door to your room with a nod of the head. You gestured for him. He knew the drill, uncrossing his arms and resting his hand in yours. You squeezed his hand and, like some kind of symbolic gesture, all of the tension in your chest eased away. Although it was nothing new, you were always amazed at his ability to do that. You looked up to him, gazing into his warm eyes. It was like he knew exactly what you were thinking. He knew what he did for you. He squeezed back, reassuring.

This was it.


You woke up to the sound of beeps. You knew who it was before you even opened your eyes. BB-8 rolled over to you, nudging your back gently, letting out a few curious beeps. You chuckled, turning around to face the droid.

“Yes, I’m awake.” It rolled around to your other side, beeping frantically. “You shouldn’t get so worried, I only fell asleep on the floor. That’s all.”

BB-8 moved to the sketchbook that lay open in front of your makeshift bed. It’s head dropped down to peer at the page, letting out a few interested beeps.

“That’s Jessika.” You unraveled your arms from your blanket to pick up the book. “Look, I have a whole bunch.”

You flipped through the pages quickly, sketches of nearly everyone and everything in the rebellion you ever got a good look at. BB-8 whirred enthusiastically before letting out a round of beeps, moving quickly to look over your shoulder for a better angle.

You smiled bashfully, quickly realizing why BB-8 was so interested in the sketch. It was the Rebellion’s most daring pilot. BB-8’s owner. Your friend.


Your fingers grazed the sketch gently. You’d drawn this particular one from memory, unlike most of your subjects. This one was of the day he helped rescue you.

BB-8 nudged your shoulder, whirring again.

“No, you don’t need to leave me alone, you little bugger.” You looked at it with a sternness the droid was unaccustomed to. BB-8 immediately backed off, head down. Your face softened immediately. “I’m just messing with you, BB-8. Here.”

The droid perked up instantaneously, coming back to your side, beeping questioningly. Carefully, you tore the sketch of Poe out of your precious book and held it out for BB-8. It hesitated for a moment before one of its compartments popped out for you. You folded the sketch before giving it to BB-8. Closing the compartment, it whirred excitedly, rolling around the room.

“Alright, alright, let’s go.” You got up, and quickly got ready to face the day before making your way out of your quarters with your little droid companion. “Where is Poe, by the way?”

BB-8 moved in front of you, signaling for you to follow.

It took a good fifteen minutes before you reached the rebel pilot. On the way, you greeted many a familiar face. Occasionally, you’d get sidetracked and BB-8 would nudge your legs to get you moving again.

“Alright, alright. What’s the hurry?”

BB-8 explained.

“Why didn’t you tell me he had orders, before?” Immediately, you jogged past BB-8, barely hearing it’s frantic whirring. “Let’s go!”

You found Poe inspecting his beloved X-wing, seemingly just about ready to leave.

“What, you weren’t going to tell me you were leaving? Some friend you are!”

Poe turned around, cramming the rag he was holding into his pocket and grinning at your jibe.

“That’s what BB-8 was for.”

“Yeah, send your droid to do your dirty work for you. Maybe I should take BB-8 under my wing.”

BB-8 let out a few committal beeps, circling your feet. Poe scoffed lightly, feigning a look of disgust at you.

“First of all, terrible pun.” He turned his attention to BB-8, barely able to hold up his façade as a few chuckles escaped from his lungs. “Second of all, thrown under the bus by my own droid. I can’t believe it.”

“It happens to the best of us.” You supplied, leaning against Poe’s X-wing. “So what’re these orders I’m hearing about? I didn’t hear of any runs being made today.”

“Yeah.” Poe nodded, stepping in closer, the smile on his face fading a little. “It was supposed to be pretty quiet. I’m making a trip to Jakku.”

“Jakku?” Your brows knitted together in confusion. “What’s on Jakku?”

“A piece of the map.” He paused, eyebrows raising for dramatic effect. “The map to Luke Skywalker.”

You looked at him, mouth agape.

“Master Luke? He’s been found?”

“Well, not yet.” Poe maneuvered around to your other side, patting his “baby” affectionately. “But once I get the piece of the map, he might be.”

“And the great Poe Dameron saves the day.”

BB-8 let out a quick series of beeps in agreement. Poe smiled fondly at his droid.

“Thanks, buddy.”

Poe turned his attention to you. He looked like he might’ve had something to say, but seemed unsure about it. You recognized the expression on his face and, assuming it was time for him to leave, you saved him the trouble.

“I have to get started on rerouting Section 9’s servers.” You smiled sadly, pushing away from the X-wing and wringing your hands together. “You know how those old computers are. Absolutely unreliable.”

BB-8 seemed exasperated, whirring loudly—almost huffing—and moved to it’s place under the X-wing to get picked up. You raised your brow at Poe and he merely rubbed the back of his neck bashfully.

“Anyways.” You patted him on the shoulder and took a moment to search his face. “Be safe, Poe.”

He nodded, smiling brightly.

“You know I always am.”

As the rebel pilot made his way into the X-wing, you waved to BB-8, who beeped excitedly in return.

As you watched your friends depart, you grimaced uncomfortably. Something was wrong. You couldn’t quite place what it was, but it was there. You could feel it. You trusted in Poe’s abilities—he was one of the Rebellion’s best for a reason—but you couldn’t shake the gut feeling you had.

Something big was about to happen.

Read Part Three here!

I finally put this frame together!

That’s the setlist from Breaking Benjamin’s acoustic show in Poughkeepsie, NY. Notably, it was Keith’s setlist. It’s a little crooked and wrinkled, because, well, that just happens at concerts. There was an encore, as well, but I gave that part to one of my friends. There’s also the tickets from that show and Stroudsburg, PA. The RED pick is from BB’s first show back; they used all of Jasen’s old picks, since they didn’t have any BB picks ordered yet. The yellow pick was handed to me directly from Ben in Poughkeepsie, I actually got two picks that day, but I gave the other one to my best friend. And, last but not least, my favorite part - the Give Me A Sign lyric, written out by Ben for me. I’m getting it tattooed someday; that frame is its safe storage space, for now!

Now to just get some photos printed.

I’m gonna focus on good things:
  • Team Russia was awesome even without Aliya and this makes me hope for the future
  • Team Romania had a chance to redeem itself through Andreea Munteanu and is going home with a gold medal
  • THESE EUROS WERE SUPER EXCITING and very diverse in terms of countries who made finals which is fantastic
  • Darya Spiridonova reminded us that she wasn’t born to be an all-arounder, but her bars are what dreams are made of
  • The Afanar lives and is looking better than expected
  • Sanne Wevers got a UB bronze medal!
  • Claire Martin won BB bronze at home <3
  • Erika Fasana is the 4th best AA European gymnast and FX worker (and forever 1st in my heart)
  • Martina Rizzelli hit every single routine in these championships and placed 9th in the AA (how did that even happen?!) and 5th in UB EF
  • Giulia Steingruber looked amazing and won three well-deserved medals
  • Even though she didn’t hit BB when it counted, Maria Kharenkova proved she can be a reliable all-arounder despite what the haters always said
  • Ellie and Becky Downie were on the same team and both made UB EF, which is really cute
  • Maria Paseka didn’t make the team but won a gold medal cause that’s how fabulous she is
  • Despite the disastrous BB EF, none of the girls got injured and that’s a relief
  • Everyone in FX EF hit, and that made the competition super gripping and exciting to watch
  • Some of the leos in this championship were TO DIE FOR!

As an out gay male myself just like Frankie…seeing what Zach did last night is a big step not only for Zach but for Frankie regarding their bond/relationship/Status. I feel so many people are so uninformed about the LGBTQ community and what it means to be public together specifically with males. There is such a huge stigma in society on the male gender being public together in the LGBTQ community because of social norms and other circumstances.  People need to comprehend that it took Zach 1 yr to do this with Frankie. There’s never been anything normal with Zach’s behavior regarding Frankie since exiting bb Sep 2014. It’s been a process but this is a process that happens with so many of us in the LGBTQ community. I look forward to seeing what’s next. What Zach did last night was courageous on so many levels. Zach fought past fear and let the world into his and Frankie’s private life.

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the fact that natalie negrotti, the inventor of feminism and equality, is enduring these trials the bb gods have put her through and is playing these “revolution” fools in order to sell them out to replace michelle and become the most powerful member of the fatal five resulting in a unanimous vote for her as the best big brother winner of all-time