it happens to everybody dont worry

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[M!A] Alright- everybody know they are were transform into childrens or they dont know that and are just childrens?

“It’s really weird, but I can’t exactly stop to think about what happened, I’ve got a lot of kids to suddenly worry about. Now, you’ll have to excuse me, but I have to get Thomas something to eat.”

Tg : re121 was like a roller coaster!!!!!!!!!

This chapter I have so many feelings:
1.- Kaneki crying was too hard T_T (He needs hugs)
2.-Amon & Akira the kiss part was so sweet , thank  you Ishida.
3.-Urie omgg his smile kills me I love how this character has changed , and then see Saiko relieved and happy I wanted to hug her.
4.-Furuta he’s demented, honestly ._. ( everybody knows this lol)
5.-Kuroiwa & Mutsuki part…Well, we knew this was going to happen soon .        ( Good job Kuroiwa,asking mutsuki to help I’m worried now )
6.-Touka asking Kaneki about his virginity, I dont know.Ishida,where do you want to go with that question?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Omg! Please dont go away ur the best blog about leonella!! And i love ur blog soo soo much!😭 and then who knows next year its tge WC if by some miracle Argentina qualify&some miracle ends up happening. Okay i know thats far stretched but please please dont go awayy!!!😭😭

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Please, do not abandon this blog, everybody loves it here.

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I love this blog! Im so sad 😭 I hope you choose to continue!

Oh no, you don’t have to worry about that!! Even if I go away I’ll make sure that the blog keeps going so you don’t have to worry about this place getting deleted or closed, I promise :)

And tbh i’ts not like I’ll be gone for good either, I’m kind of a control freak so I doubt I’ll ever fully give this place up. I’ll probably look for a person or two to keep things running daily and I will check things out once in a while to make sure everything is going right. Or who knows? Maybe by the end of the year I’ll have changed my mind and I’ll keep going another five years or so on my own lol :P

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Leo and Antonela leaving Camp Nou on Wednesday

It’s really brief so I didn’t post it separately but there it is :) Thanks Gessica! <3

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i hope you feel better soon and that it all ends soon because all of this just goddamb sucks and i want everybody to be happy and smiling again including you, take a break on tumblr if you'd like, totally acceptable!! just don't delete it, maybe? i dont know, you do you, i don't really get to have a say in that but still!! i love u

it’s all good I promise !!!! thanks for your concern (heart) the thing I was referring to happened like. the end of last year, there’s just a post floating about that reminded me of it ;P don’t worry ! I’m not thinking about deleting anytime soon, there’s plenty of people I want to stay in touch with here
and I love you too !!!!!