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Ten Years, Too Later

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky comes back into your life after ten years, when things were falling apart, only to make them harder to handle

Word Count: 2273

Warnings: angst !!!

Author’s Note: old fic, this was written for a writing challenge i hope you guys like it! :)

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“We’re doing our best, Ms Y/N. All we can say, is have a little faith in God.” Dr Lloyd sympathetically said, keeping her hand on yours, giving it a tight squeeze before she finally leaves.

Your breath wavered as you watched her go back in her office.

You were starting to feel nauseous, the white walls of the hospital doing no good to make you feel better and to top that, the foul scent of meds everywhere made you want to throw up. You stumble back on your feet, hands reaching back for the armrests of a chair behind you. Your legs felt like they could give in any second; its better you sit – before the emotional trauma hits you.

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Breaking Free

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lady Toni Bevel

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings:  season 12.22 spoilers (if that’s still spoilers), not much. SPN stuff. If you can watch the show you can read this.

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: This is my entry for @percywinchester27 aka Ana’s PJO Quote Challenge and my prompt was: “It’s okay,” he said. “We’re together.” He didn’t say you’re okay, or we’re alive. After all they’d been through over the last year, he knew that the most important thing was that they were together. She loved him for saying that. - I changed the prompt a little bit to fit the fic. I hope that is okay.  

Thanks to the sweet, amazing, lovely @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You fell to the floor with your back pushed to the wall and your legs folded up under you as you watched your husband run up the steps to try to catch the door before it closed between the four of you and the world outside.

The moment you heard him scream was the moment you gave up all hope. It was the moment you started believing this was the beginning of the end. It had all happened so sudden. Over the past year you had started believing everything was going to be perfect. Or at least as perfect as it would ever get for hunters.

Lucifer’s baby was still about to be born and you had, like your husband, never trusted the Brits, but Dean was okay. The mark was gone. Amara was gone. For the first time in years you felt as if you had the man you married back. Fully and completely. Dean was himself and as long as you had him, there had never been anything you hadn’t been able to struggle through.

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Sweet Pea: The Ring

A/N: Okay, so here is my first imagine on this blog… I hope you all enjoy it!

Requested: Nope!

Warnings: Is major fluff a warning?

Summary: Sweet Pea gives you one of his rings, that doesn’t quite fit your finger…

Tag List: @kytty27 @pea-pod-squad @podsquads-sinns @serpent-princess @alyital @suomalainenmaksalaatikko

Walking on the worn down makeshift path that leads to the trailer yard, I listen to the sounds of the night. My black leather boots clicking on the small bits of grey and brown gravel, the crunch of the fallen autumn leaves, and the squeak of my newly earned Serpent leather jacket fill my ears. The smell of fresh air mixed with Sweets old cologne fill my lungs, telling me I am nearing his home, as I walk towards Sweet Peas trailer. I reach the tattered screen and squeaky storm door, I pull my jacket around me tighter feeling the crisp fall wind reach my skin causing goosebumps to form.

Not bothering to knock on the door, I walk into the trailer because the whole town knows that SP never locks the door. Taking in the small, but homey space, I sit down on the small black booth that is attached to the table. Folding my hands on the table I sit back and close my eyes not bothering to make myself known to the owner of the trailer. Waiting for Sweets to come out of the shower, I lift my hand to my head and crack my neck, a habit that I do when I’m bored. Bouncing my knee on the ground, I hear the water come to a stop. Not too long after, I see him come out of the secluded bathroom with a pair of sweatpants and his wet hair. Dog tags around his neck and rings on his fingers, his hair is covering his recent serpent neck tattoo. I touch my tattoo subconsciously and smile to myself, remembering the initiation and the tattoo process.

Getting up from the vinyl booth, I slowly towards the boy I call my boyfriend and give him a small kiss. Breaking away smiling, I place my head on his wet bare chest, listening to his soft heartbeat for a little while. His arms wrap around my cold frame and pull me closer into his warm body.

“Hey Y/N,” I hear Sweets mumble into my hair as we just stand there in each others embrace.

“Hey Sweets,” I mumble back into his chest, my eyes closing and breathing in his sent.

He kisses the top of my head and we pull away from each other’s arms. Looking up at him tiredly, I grab his hand and drag him the short way over to our bed. It’s small, but perfect for winter time cuddling. As we sit there I see him playing with this is rings, which almost never happens unless he’s nervous.

“Sweets, what’s wrong?” I ask looking up at him, breaking gaze with his ring clad fingers.

“Oh, nothing princess, just thinking,” I barely hear him say under his breath as he continues to fiddle with his rings.

“Sweet Pea,” I say in a firm tone looking down to grab his gaze, “What is wrong?”

He keeps looking down, ignoring my gaze as I hear him mumble, “I love you, okay?”

Not fully hearing him I ask him to say it again louder, he does but just barely, “I love you, okay?”

In shock, I just pull his face up and kiss him softly, wrapping my arms around his neck. Pulling away, I smile at him and put my head on his shoulder, repeating the same three words that he muttered to me. He wraps his arm around my side, and slips one of his huge rings on my fingers. I look down at my small hand with a look of love and slight humor in my eyes. The ring is silver with a dark green emerald in the middle and a snake carved onto each side. Detailed, so that you can see the scales, and absolutely breathtaking. Placing my hands around his neck, I hear a soft plop on the bed behind SP.

Laughing when the ring slid right off, I give him a kiss on the cheek, “Sweets, I appreciate the gesture and the thought, really I do, but your hands are huge. Not that I’m complaining.” I nudge him in the side

“There is no way on this world will your ring fit on my hand,” I chuckle and place the ring in his hand.

“I figured that, I just thought I would try,” he chuckles back at me getting up and running over to the little kitchenette.

Following him, I move over to the sink and grab some water to put on the stove to boil. I turn around, bumping into him I chuckle reaching up to grab some hot chocolate packets. I feel a pair of hands on my waist as my shirt lifts up, dismissing it I go to grab two cups and walk back over to the boiling water. Pouring the hot liquid into the pair of ceramic cups, I open the packets and pour one in each cup. Stirring the powder into the water, Sweets arms wrap around my lower torso and his head rests into the crook where my neck meets my shoulder. I feel him press a kiss and nudge his head back into my neck.

After the hot chocolate is mixed I try to turn around while Pea is clung to my body. Laughing at our clinginess tonight I grab the cups and shuffle over to the booth and table area to drink the hot beverage. Pushing myself into the booth first, I cling on to Pea’s side and place my legs on top of his. Sipping my hot chocolate, I fiddle with the ring that Pea gave me wondering how it’s going to fit on my hand. I hear some rustling and clinking of metal when I see Sweets pull me up and places a chain in my hand. Trying to observe where it came from, I see two of his dog tags on one chain.

“What’s this for silly?” I question, admiring the simplicity of the chain in my hand.

He says absolutely nothing as he grabs the heavy ring and slides it onto the chain. He hands the ring and chain back to me and I simply stare at the simple act of love. My head moves back and forth from my hand to Sweet Pea’s face. I feel tears of happiness and love fill my eyes as I hug him as best I can from the tiny space that we occupy.

“Turn around,” I hear his silky voice say to me as I turn to face the wall of the trailer, “lift up your hair,” he whispers in my ear.

I feel the cool chain and ring fall on my chest and Sweet Pea’s warm hands clasp the chain around my neck. As soon as he finishes I let my hair go and I turn back around to face him. Cuddling up to his side and sipping our drinks, my hand reaches up to my chest. A few tears fall from my face and land on Sweet’s shirt and his hand wipes away the tears from my cheeks. Lifting up my head, Pea kisses me to stop my crying. Pulling away he kisses my nose as I scrunch it up. We finish our hot chocolate, just simply sitting in each other’s silent company. Once we finish, I grab our cups and put it in the sink. Meeting him at the bed, I lay down pulling the blanket over me. Grabbing onto Sweet Pea’s neck, I give him a kiss and start to play with his hair.

“I love you Sweet Pea, forever and always,” I say as I close my eyes and drift off into sleep

When I Was Your Man

Pairing- Steve(Pre Serum) x Reader , Bucky  x Reader (This is during CATFA)

Words - Approx 1.3k

A/N - This is my entry for Jess’s @caplansteverogers 900 followers celebration(I am so fucking late , I know that . I am so sorry). 

I chose the song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. I love this song and its amazing you should probably give this a listen if you haven’t.

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i like you (a whole latte) (m)

prompt: “i spilled your coffee on you so let me make it up to you” au + wonho

pairing: shin hoseok | reader
genre: meeting in a coffee shop au / fluff, smut
warnings: oral sex
word count: 6,259
description: although the first seasonal drink of autumn has always been the epitome of joy, you find pleasure elsewhere — more specifically, in someone.
author’s note: with all my love, i dedicate this to the one and only wonho-loving hoe, @wonhopes <3

At the start of every season is a coffee lover’s favorite occasion. A period of excitement that lasts for a measly twelve-week period until something newer takes its place, much more equipped for the upcoming holiday season, with commemorative flavors that elicit the very nostalgia that comes respectively in the autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Each one more distinct than the other, setting themselves apart by name, taste, and warmth (or lack thereof). Although not all coffee lovers can say they enjoy holiday beverages, you are among the plenty that actually do.

It’s with great pleasure that you’ve taken the time to really bask in your day off work and school with a drink to encapsulate the rest of the autumnal season. Though they’re usually hits or misses depending on the vendor and the baristas, this is a pastime that you’re more than happy to oblige in nonetheless.

It’s barely 11 AM. The usual morning rush having died down a few hours ago, leaving behind a few scattered bodies congregating at the mahogany wooden tables. Another few gathered around the unofficial waiting area, all of which wearing hope on their faces to have their names called already. Some looking a little more irritated than the others, while others look just about ready to fall asleep right where they’re standing. Unlike them, the gruff-looking ones with permanent frowns etched on their faces and an atmosphere of urgency wrapped around them like snow-kissed mountaintops, you are in no rush. Even just waiting in line behind a couple of other people is nothing to you.

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theory time

okay so I lost the entire draft to this and I’m pissed so I gonna do a short compressed version.

Buckle in tight cause this is gonna be a wild ride (not really).

So Jack has been posting suspicious video titles. I think these video titles link to the past and how Anti became part of Jack.

so Jack made a deal with Anti that allowed Anti to possess his body. If what the post Jack liked is true that mean this happened before or during 2013, so Anti has been around for awhile. Well if he’s been around for awhile then why did he wait so long to take over Jack’s body. Well, I have an answer. In the beginning, Jack was able to fight off Anti and keep him under control. But over time, it drove Jack mad and weakened him.

This allowed Anti to take over last year and why his appearances seem to be getting more frequent. We have been feeding the beast for so long. He'a been gathering his strength for YEARS.

I think Jack is trying to give us any information he can about Anti that might help us take him down (or join him whatever floats your boat). With the way things are going right now, I think another appearance is well on its way. When? I have no idea. But I’m positive that something is up. This time, I’m prepared.


I probably left out some things. I’ll put them in a seperate post if I remember them.

@therealjacksepticeye are you proud of yourself? Do you like watching us panic? I bet your drinking a cup of coffee with that stupid grin on your face. I mean we like turning into a big ball of flames, so I don’t think I can really say anything. Eh whatever.

p.p.s also jacks been reblogging and liking a lot of anti stuff (by a lot I mean like three or four).

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Would you ever date a fat girl? Like have you been attracted to fat girls? Because as a fat girl i can't imagine that anyone would ever be attracted to me unless I lose a lot of weight and it's made me miserable for a long time and I never believe people when they say I'll find people who like me anyways

Yeah I absolutely would! The message that fat girls aren’t as attractive as girls who are skinnier is a lie that has tragically been reinforced by a toxic beauty/fashion industry.

Beauty doesn’t have a body type to me. Girls of any size can still be drop-dead gorgeous and make my gay little brain short circuit (it happens often), and I know that society wants you to believe otherwise, but I’m definitely not the only person out there who feels this way!

My version of Dead!Vlad☆~

In my mind, it happens like this: Vlad is walking through the park one day, enjoying a break in the day as the mayor of Amity Park, when he suddenly gets some chest pains, has a bit of a hard time breathing. Before he even realizes it - SPLAT - his human body falls from his ghost form onto the ground… & of course, there’s gotta be some kid standing there with their mouth agape who screams out, “Oh wow, mister! Can you do that again??” & Vlad is completely appalled & shocked just trying to figure out what the heck is going on lol

Then Ghost!Vlad finds his powers are all gunked up & cant go invisible, so he has to drag his lifeless corpse out of the middle of the park, calls a ride from Danny, who’s just snickering the whole while as Vlad’s corpse is in the front seat with sunglasses on. & oh geez, imagine if police pulled him over! That’s gold right there!!! xD

But anyway, here’s my version of Dead!Vlad. He’s not only got a shnazzier outfit, but also miraculously has color back in his hair & everything! The Amity Park news paper won’t stop bugging Vlad to find out his secret for his glowing skin & new & overall super healthy look!… which is even more ridiculous because HE’S DEAD hwah ha ha

Just finished watching Mark’s The Evil Within 2 play-through and I’m a bit sad it’s over but also…


The friggin’ safe head guy has a DLC but Joseph is nowhere to be found and we are given no explanation about how “alive” he is. Does he have a physical body anymore? There’s no one left to feed it now… Is the monitor at the end in the decrepit STEM room Myra trying to get out or Joseph? Is Sykes okay?

I’m really upset about how Joseph was cast aside completely in this game. We hear bits about him but nothing conclusive and the talk about him with Kidman never happened.

Seriously, this time around Joseph better have a DLC, it’s unfair.

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In my hc's when Kiri's scared of anything he goes to Bakugou in the midnight for comfort, paranoid and just screaming until he wakes up Bakugou, tears include (kiribaku shipper btw)

Kirishima suffered from sleep paralysis and told no one about it other than Bakugou his boyfriend, They shared an apartment and bed so it was hard to cover the panicked sounds he made once he was finally able to move his body and mouth.
Once they became hero’s is when Kirishima started getting it, Often getting it sporadically through out some time it was hard to tell when it would happen and how bad it would be.

Kirishima only told Bakugou the small basics about his sleeping condition when he finally worked up the courage to tell him and avoided going into detail about thehallucinations that he would get when sleep paralysis had taken over his body, The hallucinations where aweful and he saw vivid visualisation of him not being able to protect Bakugou during a fight because he was paralyzed.

He would scream as hard as he could to warn Bakugou or struggle to lift his arm but it wouldn’t budge, He couldn’t even activate his quirk which was mildly alarming to him considering how much control he had gained from years of practice and discipline.

Here he was, Sat up with sweat rolling down his skin and screaming as loud as he could possibly with his vocal cords already harsh from sleeping.

“What the fuck?!” Bakugou curses as he rubbed his eyes and caught the flint of moonlight from the bedroom window catching in Kirishimas tears as his voice slowly died out, Instantly Bakugou sat up and took the other male into his arms holding him tight to keep him grounded and aware he wasn’t alone or that anyone was in danger.

Kirishima instantly started calming down but was still crying as he slowly rached his hands up to cling onto the black fabric of Balugous tank top, “I’m here, Your going to be okay Eijirou” he heard Bakugou whisper to him.
A small kiss was placed to the top of Kirishimas head as a rough one stroked through his head even softer than the lips, He stopped crying after about an hour and was soon exaughsted again.

Bakugou held Kirishima in his arms firmly as the sound of deep breathing brought a smile to his face once he knew that Kirishima had finally fallen asleep.

having what is hopefully a panic attack and nothing more serious but everytime this happens i fear my body will sabotage me and kill me so i decided if it does happen this time than i will have a photo of right before i die coooool

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Shance hc: transboy Lance who gets dysphoria about his chest when he can't wear a binder all the time but then feels better bc be see how big Shiro's boobs (pecs) are

OMMGG YEEEEES lance needs rest days and he’s normally okay but Some Days he’s not it happens and when they’re at home and that happens shiro will walk around with his shirt off bc he knows his pecs make lance feel better about his chest bc, really, shiros probably a bigger cup size than lance is 

i also have the hc that shiro praises lance about literally every inch of his body and during sex pays special attention to his chest and hips and thighs bc those are his problem points on dysporic days (and bc they’re his favorite but yaknow)

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Embryo resorption happens most of the time in "multiple pregnancies" (read as twins, for example) and it happens because of a hostile environment in the womb, so the strongest embryo ends up absorbing the sibling that can't survive, sometimes, it's the mother herself that absorbs one of the embryos because her body can't keep both of them alive, but she doesn't even notice, this is more common than we think, any of us could come from that kind of pregnancy, anyway, Touken babu is mostly safe 😌

Mod K:

Aah, thanks for the information! I think the thing is that Itori stated that with ghoul mothers – it was likely the mother would absorb the baby into her body because it would mistake the half-human child as food. However, Itori’s words aren’t necessarily true and should not be taken as fact.

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hey there, any tips on not letting finicky eaters get to you too much? i am just really worried for my ball even though i know for certain that he is healthy and the husbandry is good and that he has a history of not eating every now and then even though he clearly shows signs of being hungry... -first time ball python owner that just so happens that has GAD

The best way I can advise is to weigh them and watch that their body density isn’t changing. As long as they aren’t losing weight (minus poop), they’re totally fine.
‘Supergirl,’ ‘Arrow’ Producer Suspended Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations by Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. TV Group has launched an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Andrew Kreisberg, an executive producer on the CW shows “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” “The Flash” and “DC’s…
By Maureen Ryan

Warner Bros. TV Group has launched an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Andrew Kreisberg, an executive producer on the CW shows “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” “The Flash” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” Variety has learned. Kreisberg, who has been suspended by the studio, has engaged in a pattern of alleged sexual harassment and inappropriate physical contact over a period of years, according to 15 women and four men who have worked with him.

“We have recently been made aware of allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kreisberg,” said Warner Bros. TV Group in a statement to Variety. “We have suspended Mr. Kreisberg and are conducting an internal investigation. We take all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and are committed to creating a safe working environment for our employees and everyone involved in our productions.”

Kreisberg strongly denies the allegations in this story.

None of the 19 sources for this story wanted to be named for fear of retaliation. Many of the women are current or former employees in a range of positions on those shows, and they cited fear of retaliation from either Warner Bros., the studio that makes those dramas, or from the companies and individuals associated with those programs.

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so today, a girl from school was going to go to our principal and report sexual harassment–a boy who sends unrequited nudes to tons of girls via Snapchat sent them to her, and she wasn’t having it.

when people found out she’d decided to do this, other girls came forward to support her and give their stories too–with evidence.

do you know what our principals response was? do you know what he said to all of these uncomfortable girls reaching out for help, asking to be left alone? he said “boys will be boys” and dismissed them immediately.

boys will be boys.

are. you. fuCking. kiDDINg. mE???!!!

first of all, this is NOT normal boy behavior–not everyone is like that, so don’t generalize the male population with “boys will be boys.” second of all, if you’re saying that to normalize it, STOP. HARASSMENT SHOULD NOT BE NORMALIZED. thirdly, this came from a principal of a highschool. a PRINCIPAL. not some jock, not some kid, taking it as a joke. from someone who’s job is to assist students and make the place safe and to punish those who aren’t in the right.

he told those girls to get out of his office without asking any questions or expressing any concern. he. did. not care.

since that, the girls have decided to go to an officer who works at the school and see if he takes any action. but you know what’s fucked up? that they’re having to go to anyone else in the first place.

this is why victims don’t always speak up. because when they try, they get ignored.

this happens everywhere, to so many people, all the time. and it needs to stop. stop blaming victims. stop making excuses. stop normalizing harassment and abuse. and start giving a fuck about people who are hurting.

“̫̱͘ͅi̝'̯̤̦͚̙͡m̼̳͖̯̻̮ ͖͇͔̯̝͝s̬̣͠o̘̳̞r̗̱̭̮͙r̯̱y̬"͔̝͚̝̥̻͚

A slightly more serious continuation of the JSL ???% series. I wonder if he’d feel bad for being the one who, in the end, hurt Shigeo.

( @onepunchbeth‘s fic It’s Okay To Run Away sort of inspired this! )

嬉しい  | 何 ? | 大丈夫