it happened a while ago and i tried to ignore it but now im hoping someone else is the same way

Never Again (Mingyu)

type: angst angst angst
pairing: well ur going out with wonwoo so there’s wonwoo x you but mingyu likes u so mingyu x you =w=
synopsis: mingyu likes you a lot and made a move on you one day but wonwoo saw oHh
words: 1000
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Mingyu had to do something about it before he most surely exploded. He had been keeping this bottled up for oh so long, that this was what needed to happen before he went insane. But this was the last thing he wanted, the feeling of his heart beating out of his chest, the feeling of being a young boy again - getting butterflies in the stomach, the feeling of jealousy coming up whenever it’s unnecessary, it was all the last thing he wanted. He never planned for this to happen and never expected it to either, especially at his age with such a busy schedule, who knew he could even have time for this weird feeling? This was the last thing Mingyu wanted to happen, to fall in love again.

And his heart just had to swell for someone in particular, it just had to swell, beat, warm for someone that was already in love with somebody else, someone that had eyes set for another, someone that had their heart beating only for them. That someone just had to be you, the s/o of Mingyu’s best friend, Wonwoo. The one who excitedly ran up to him with the news that he finally got a s/o, the one who was always there for him, the one who knew all his secrets… Except for this one.

This secret was to never escape, it was only to live in the depths of his heart, nowhere else. But it grew harder and harder whenever he saw the look you gave Wonwoo compared to the look you gave him, it grew more painful whenever he would see you two kiss and it grew more like death whenever he heard you utter the words ‘I love you’ to him. He wanted to be the one you laid your shoulder on whenever you were upset, he wanted to be the one you cuddled into when watching a scary movie, he wanted to be the one you said 'I love you’ too. But how could he do that when his best friend was utterly in love with you too?

Mingyu made a promise to himself oh so many months ago, a promise to never make a move or express his feelings to you. It was a promise he swore to keep forever, something that was to save his friendship, a promise, he will now break.

“I’m going to get some food, be right back jagiya,” Was the last thing he heard from his room next door. The second the door shut, he ceased the oppurtunity, carefully walking into the room you were in. His breath hitched in his throat the minute his eyes landed on you, was it just him or did you get more and more beautiful everytime he sees you?

“Ah, Mingyu!” Came your melodic voice, causing his heart to flutter, he loved the way you said his name. Giving you a sheepish smile and wave, he slowly got his act together and cleared his throat,“Ahem, Y/N, I need to tell you something and I feel like if I don’t, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.” And without letting you get a say in anything, he took your hand in his, pulling you closer to him, ignoring the tense feeling he got from your hand.

“I’ve known you for a while now… Right? I mean of course, you’ve been dating my best friend so of course we’ve known each other for a bit. What I want to say is… Is… God how do I say this. What I want to say is that I really like you, Y/N… Like really really like you. And it may be extremely sudden for you to hear this, but I’ve been thinking about you and the day I confess for as long as I can remember! I-Im not saying to break up with Wonwoo, I just needed to let you know..”

He lied. He was so selfish he wanted you to break up with him so he could be with you. He wanted it so badly but knew he couldn’t say that.
You just stood there with your mouth gaping open, this wasn’t the way you thought this conversation was going,“Um.. Mingyu, listen I-”

And just like that, he kissed you.

You were as frozen as ice as he presses his lips against you, and when you finally had enough strength to push him away, your eyes refocused on a person behind Mingyu. Wonwoo. Wonwoo who had a cold, distraught look on his face. Your eyes widened as you rushed over to your boyfriend ready to explain everything that had happened, but he simply set you to the side, his eyes set dead on Mingyu. “Y/N go home.” Your boyfriend muttered and just as you were leaving you heard him say one sentence that left you wondering what was next.

Wonwoo gritted his teeth,“You. Me. Outside. Now.”


//The next day//

You had tried to forget the events that had happened the day before, and by the looks of things, Wonwoo was too. You were glad he read the situation well and didn’t accuse you for cheating because you knew you would never, suddenly, Wonwoos arm snaked around your waist. With a questioning look on your face you looked up at him, only to see the warm smile he had on before, completely replaced by the same cold hearted look he had when he saw…


Quickly you turned to his direction, only to see the biggest bruise on his left cheek. When his eyes locked with yours he quickly looked, away walking as fast as he could possible walk in the opposite direction.

If getting into punch ups and fights with his best friend was the consequence of falling in love. He’d stop it right there. Love was nothing but a breaker of previous relationships, a breaker of hearts and the next time an opportunity for love walks his way, he’ll never take it.

Never again.

Friends with benefits

Pietro x reader

Warning: swearing

Prompt: slightly, the movie, friends with benefits (if you havent seen, it i highly suggest it)

N/A: this is a long one so grab your popcorn and enjoy. Also all the wonderful pj pants mentioned are all ones i actually own, just a fun fact for ya. 

Part 2- 


I’ve always been told purples my color, not like Barney purple, but lilac purple. So it’s ironic that that same color is the one that comes out of fingers. That’s the only reason SHIELD wants me, no not because of the purple vapor, because of its abilities. I have never really told anyone about my gift, only my dad, who also happens to be a well known SHIELD agent. As some as he found out he was on the phone with Nick Fury. I had wished he would have given me time to adjust, if he would have maybe I wouldnt have ran. I needed to find myself, as clitché as that may sound, and becoming an asset to SHIELD wasnt going to help. I moved in with my grandma who lived two states over and had no contact with my father. I never explained why I randomly had shown up but she didnt question it, only opened her doors for me. I was always thankful for the fact she probably just assumed my dad had scared me off, she always did hate him even, when he was married to my mom.

My grandma was very low tech, not even have so much as a house phone. So I took online classes, at the library, and focused on working with my powers and combat skills. My grandma never noticed, she was too busy knitting or scrapbooking about her dog.

After I got my powers under control I decided to join society again with a high school diploma and powers stronger than ever under my belt. I started locally, stopping thiefs and small town gangs. I also helped farmers with their fields and grow fruit and veggies for soup kitchens. I somehow worked my way onto SHIELDS Radar, maybe it was somewhat intentional.

Nick didnt even ask me to come, he only send plane tickets and enough money for a cab to the airport with a post it note stating someone will be there to pick me up. Of course I took the somewhat offer, not hesitant to pack my bags and leave the boring town. It is only a two hour flight so I pack a book and my music and am on my way.


I look around for someone that looks as if they’re here for me. I see white hair jumping around, chasing something, but he was so fast the wind he made only pushed the paper farther away. I run over to him, my speed matching his, scaring him a tad. I notice the sign he is chasing has my name on it, I pick up the page , holding it to my chest.

“You’re Y/N?” His accent is thick and very cool, almost soothing. My name rolls off his tongue beautifully.

“In the flesh.” He nods, slightly smirking while checking me out, probably looking at my mint green panda pyjama pants. I ignore it and head to grab my bag. He tries to take to carry himself. I use my super strength, not allowing my grip to budge. He sighs and walks in the direction I’m guessing is where the car is. He opens the door of the all black SUV for me, I have never experienced such gentlemen ways before. Grandma always said thats how Grandpa was, her eyes would light up because of the memories, it was always very sweet.


Third person P.O.V

“We have a new recruit coming, she is probably the most dangerous of us all.” Nat speaks up, catching everyones attention, they all look uneasy. Bruce the worst of them all.

“Worse then Banner?” Nat slowly nods answering Tonys question.

“NO ONE IS MIGHTIER THAN ME. I AM A GOD.” Thor says, unnecessarily loud. Nat looks down at her feet as Steve is lost in thought.

“Do you honestly not remember when greeny whipped Loki, who is also a god, like a rag doll?” Bruce looks ashamed at himself even if he cant control what he does it that form.

“Nick thought it would be best if she was here with us. I happen to agree with him. Just make sure she feels welcomed and she is to train with each of us. Each day someone else. They are already working on new schedules.” Nat is interrupted by she phone beeping, it was Pietro. “They will be here in 15 minutes.”


“I have to ask, why is Nick so obsessed with you? He hasnt quit talking about you since you appeared.” His blue eyes are focused on the road, one hand tightly gripped on the steering wheel.

“Im guessing its an ego thing, if Im being honest. Hes known about me since I was 13 but I went into hiding. I needed to work on my powers, being thrown into SHIELD wouldnt help me at all. So, I suppose when he found me again, he needed me to join.” I shrug, putting my feet on the dash, stretching my muscles that are still tired from the plane ride.

“You must be something else if he’s this anxious to get his hands on you.” I chuckle at his words. I wish I wasn’t.

“You have no idea.”


“You must be Y/N!” Tony Stark cheers while shaking my hand, theres a falseness to his tone. I focus my powers so I can get into his head, the only down side is he will know what I’m doing, my eyes will turn purple. It was a dead give away.

‘Stark, be nice. You have to. Nat said she was more dangerous than Banner. Watch yourself.’ His thoughts said

Wow, how sweet. I already have a reputation. Tony looks startled, this causes Steve to step forward.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.” He says genuinely, it was a nice change from Tonys Demeanor. He shakes my hand and I smile at him which he returns. This continues with Nat, Bruce, Sam, Scott, Wanda, and Thor, whom was probably one of my favorites. Although they were all great, A smile never left my face. That hasnt happened in a while. Pietro quickly takes my bags to my room, I follow him at his same speed.

“How did you?” He looks confused, yet intrigued. I shrug and run around quickly, unpacking my bags in minutes.

“I’ll race you to the common room.” I smirk, he did too. He counts us off and I run as fast I can. Down the hall around a corner. Pietro and I neck and neck until he trips over the rug.

“Wow, I didnt think you would be falling for me this soon.” I smirk, helping him up. He smiles at me and the team is laughing behind us.

“I hate to interrupt but Nat never told us your, ah, qualifications. I was thinking maybe for dramatic effect.” Tonys attitude was bearable but It still rubbed me the wrong way, I think I may have been his tone. Though, He was decently entertaining.

“I doubt my shitty qualifications are to your standards Mr. Stark. I’m probably just a little farm girl compared to you or anyone else in the room.” I was trying to downplay it, not that Im full of myself because of my gift, I just remember Tonys thoughts and decide to have some fun with it. Nat laughs at my statement and at Tonys eye roll, I smile at her which she returns while also cocking her perfectly arched eyebrow. I sigh and wave at Nat telling her just to tell him and everyone else.

“Y/N is from Brooklyn, Her father was Nicks right hand man. Her mother was killed when she was two because of her fathers position, which also led to his death a few years ago. She discovered her powers at age 13, thats when he dad told Nick and he wanted her to join SHIELD. She then ran away to her Grandmas, from there working on controlling her powers and getting her high school diploma. After 6 years she started to use her powers to help with thiefs and gangs in her community, leading us into now. The newest Avenger. She has the power to mimick other powers.” Nat spills my file, the part about my dad stings. Yeah, I knew about it but I was too caught up in school and training to grieve. It was easier to ignore it. Still is.

“So you can steal powers?” Tony questions.

“No, I can mimic them. Stealing would mean I keep them. I can only hold certain powers for a little bit. Some longer than others. It helps if someone near has the power I’m trying to get.” Everyone looks somewhat confused. I can feel Wanda in my head, searching around.

“So, could you mimic me?” Bruce says nervously, probably hoping the answer is no.

“Id have to try to know for sure, which Id rather not, but probably.”

“I don’t believe you. You probably just have speed like me.” Pietro spoke up.

“She’s telling the truth.” Wanda sticks up for me. I smile at her thankfully.

“Prove it.”