it had to begin somehow that's how you introduce a love interest

Bound II

A/N: THE STRESS LEVEL IS THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. I had to re write this entire thing bc my computer shut off and deleted the draft. I promised you guys part two today soooo here it is! Thanks for all the love! We’re almost at 300 followers, yall! Thats the craic lol. Enjoy!

Y/n is lying in her bed, still only dressed in a purple blanket but the biggest grin is plastered on her face. She and Harry had formally introduced themselves to each other; they found out that they actually live in the same town. Y/n began to talk about how insane this all was but the conversation quickly drifted off to irrelevant topics. Now, she’s listening to him blabber on about his week and she can’t help but wonder how or why she’s come to enjoy this.

How did she somehow normalize the fact that she can talk to somebody through her mind? How could she actually be interested in this guy’s personal life after knowing him for less than two hours?

“So..I got it fixed but now I feel like I should just buy another car if the engine is gonna keep failing, ya know” he shares, but she’s too caught up in her thoughts to realize he asked her a question. “Y/n, you there?” he chuckled. She snaps out of her daze and apologizes. “I’m so sorry I was stuck in my head” she breathed.

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The Pal with a Pen

summary: you used to think that having a pen pal was old and out of the trends these days, but when you end up becoming one with a guy carrying the cutest eye smile, you might just be unexpectedly loving it instead.

genre: fluff

a/n: @deepdickdaniel DIS FOR U ARIANE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS AND ILYSM // *also a disclaimer: i don’t know much about penpals and how it all works, so if something is inaccurate or just completely wrong, please understand !! i had to make up the “site for penpals” thing lolol so i know thAT’S NOT TRUE* **the title for this scenario is rlly cringy im sorry forgive me**

* it was a nice day, and lots of people were out meeting their friends
* you included
* you were at a cafe with your friends having countless talks on whatever popped into your mind
* somehow the topic of penpals had come up in your conversation
* because it was quite old and technically out of the trends, you always thought that having a penpal was stupid
* like who could have the time to wait for a single letter and then have to write one back ?????
* thats what texting is for lol
* at least that was your opinion
* anyways, your friend had started to talk about it
* “hey, i was doing research for a project and reading some things about penpals. having one seems really cool!” she gushed
* you furrowed your eyebrows and looked at her in curiosity
* “but all you’re doing is sending letters back and forth. is that not what texting’s for nowadays?”
* “gosh Y/N,” you other friend started, giggling
* “don’t be such a party pooper. people used to always have penpals back then. and in all those cliche romance movies, the girl and the boy fall in love sending those letters…” she teased, bobbing her eyebrows up and down at you
* you scoffed and jokingly pushed her slightly to the side
* “that only happens in the movies.”
* “but,” she began, “it could happen in real life too. don’t you think it’s cool?”
* you shook your head firmly
* “you could literally talk to someone across the world and be really good friends with them! maybe even lovers..”
* you shook your head again, tuning out of the conversation and looking outside the window of the cafe
* having a penpal couldn’t be that interesting, could it? plus, its a hassle having to get the letter to them.
* your friend grabbed your arm and threw it around
* “why don’t you get a penpal? then you can see how cool it is! i swear, by the time you have one, thats all you’ll be talking about.”
* “i doubt it.” you retorted back
* “you’ll see.”
* to prove her wrong, the two of your made a bet about this whole penpal thing
* if you ended up liking this whole penpal thing, you would have to buy her coffee for the next month
* but if you didn’t, she would be buying you your favourite donuts for a month
* it’s a win-win situation, you thought
* so fast forward to the next week
* you had found a website that connected you to many penpals around the world
* not wanting to talk to someone so far away, you chose someone in South Korea, where you currently resided
* you received their information, and started the letter after the site let you know that the person you paired with had been alerted that the two of you were matched together
* starting your letter, it was very awkward and embarrassing, despite being in the comfort of your own home
* “hmm… what am I supposed to put? this is so weird, ive never done anything like this.”
* finally, after a good few hours, you were able to muster up a short paragraph introducing yourself and how you were new to this whole thing
* “hopefully this’ll do, but im still not sure how much i like this..” you trailed off
* it was late, so you decided to send off the mail in the morning
* the penpal was in South Korea, so you expected that it wouldn’t take long for you to get a reply back
* and you were right
* about a week later, two pieces of mail had arrived at your doorstep
* one of them containing your bank account information, and the other being unknown
* throwing the known letter to the side, your eyes lingered over the white, small paper in your hand with an address you had seen before
* “hm?” and then you realized, it was your penpal’s address
* your eyes went big, and you almost tripped over your own feet
* not wanting to open the mail yet, you examined the front of the letter
* you noticed that the writing was very neat and organized
* and the name read “Kang Daniel” in both Korean and English with a smiley face next to it
* interesting, you thought
* you grabbed the pair of scissors on the counter beside you, and opened the mail
* you immediately saw a pink piece of paper inside, and a blue jelly candy along with a blue sticker
* “huh?” you whispered to yourself, “how old is this guy?”
* the colours and candy threw you off, and now you were thinking that you may have stated talking to a little boy and not someone your age
* if this was a younger boy you had began to talk to, there was no way you would continue this bet
* you would drop this so-called penpal right this second
* but because you were nice and didn’t like to judge, you decided that you would just open up the letter and choose then
* picking out the jelly, you examined it
* “hmm.. doesn’t seem bad.” you said, before popping it into your mouth and tasting the sweet flavour of blueberry
* you grasped the smooth paper in your fingers, swiftly flipping it open and beginning to read the continuously neat writing
* you read the words aloud
* “Hello Y/N! My name is Kang Daniel, and I’m excited to be your penpal..” you trailed off
* you slowly read the rest of the letter, and by the end, you unconsciously held a wide grin
* but once you realized, you immediately stopped grinning
* “no, stop it Y/N. you need to win the bet.”
* you quickly wrote a letter back to Daniel, and waited about another week
* this time in your letter, you bluntly asked for a photo of Daniel, just so you know who you were talking to
* when you had received a reply, and small photo had fallen out just as you ripped opened the white packaging
* you eyes stared at the photo of Daniel
* so he was nice and good-looking ???
* you scored a good one Y/N
* you just had to admit, he carried the cutest eye smile, along with his similarity to a bunny
* it made your heart warm, but that feeling wasn’t there for long
* you just happened to remember the bet, and how this guy might not be what you think he is
* as you read further on the letter, you noticed that he wanted a picture back
* you thought about it, and decided, why not?
* taking your polaroid, you took a simple photo of part of your face, not wanting to show the whole thing
* slipping the polaroid into your envelope, you began your response back
* as you wrote, you didn’t forget to mention that he had a very nice smile
* and as you thought about it again, your heart tingled and you felt yourself getting hot
* stop blushing Y/N! this is so weird…
* and as expected, his reply came within the next three days of sending yours out
* grasping the thin paper in the envelope and reading it, you almost fainted
* “he wants to meet me?! but we’ve only been talking for like, three weeks!”
* your friend sighed, “just meet him. you saw what he looked like anyway. what if he’s even better looking in person?”
* you blushed slightly at the thought, but brushed it off and responded back
* “even so, isn’t it dangerous? this guy could be a murder for all i know!”
* she shook her head, grabbed you by the shoulders roughly, and turned you around
* “for some reason, i don’t know why, just trust me. i have a good feeling about him.”
* because she was your closest friend, you had a hard time saying no, and in the end, you backed down anyway
* her puppy eyes and persuasive words got you every single time
* you got home that night, and had a lot of time for yourself to just think about what to do
* of course, you wrote a simple letter back to Daniel, giving him the okay and where to meet
* “hm.. maybe the cafe? yes, the cafe! okay, now, how do i make sure i’m not meeting a total stranger who could possibly kidnap me?” your night ended on those thoughts, as you wanted to complete the rest of the letter in the next day
* in the following morning, you rushed to complete the letter to Daniel
* “sit in the back corner of the shop, and ask for Jisung to make two iced Americanos for us..” you recited the words as you wrote them onto the page
* not long after that, you phoned Jisung
* it would have been weird if Daniel asked for Jisung without knowing anything, so you called him to let him know of the situation and who Daniel was
* (also to make sure Daniel wasn’t dangerous lolol)
* “hey, Jisung?”
* you instantly heard a cheery voice on the other end of the line, and knew immediately that it was him
* “Hey Y/N! What’s up?”
* “so..” you started, giving him the instructions so that you wouldn’t die the day you meet Daniel
* after Jisung heard all of this, the only thing that came out of his mouth was, “how many Americanos?”
* needless to say, you face palmed super hard
* Daniel’s letter got to you about a week later, saying that he was excited to meet you, and that he’d be expecting some good quality drinks when he got there
* (and so, about a week later, when you two were scheduled to meet, he did indeed enjoy the Americano, but never told you that)
* the day you both met would forever be unforgettable, especially because it was the day you saw that Daniel was very very good-looking in person with a beautiful smile
* you walked into the cafe that day, with Jisung greeting you at the counter and pointing to the furthest table at the back
* you quickly strode over to him, and asked him a question as quick pep-talk
* “Jisung! is everything fine?” your words were quick because you were nervous, and obviously he noticed that and laughed
* “don’t be so nervous Y/N. he seems like a good guy, i swear.” you nodded and bid him a small smile, leaving the area and walking off towards the back of the cafe
* your eyes immediately caught the familiar sight of light pink, almost peachy hair
* your heart started beating, and you felt your face become very hot
* as well as your hands, which started to sweat profusely
* as soon as you got close enough, you called out to him, getting his attention straight away
* “Daniel…?”
* oh my god
* his face was so much better looking in person
* “Y/N?” his mouth fell agape as you got even more nervous as he just stared at you
* “Yeah, its me.”
* “wow,” he spoke, “the other half of your face is even better than I expected.”
* you relaxed, and laughed at his cheesiness
* after that first meeting, there was no way you guys didn’t feel anything for one another
* it only took a few months for Daniel to ask you out at the same cafe, where Jisung happily congratulated you guys with muffins and iced americanos
* he would always back hug you, and kiss your forehead (its actually one of his favourite things to do)
* he prefers to hold your hand, so whenever the two of you are out together he’ll always just randomly take your hand and intertwine it with his, saying cheesy stuff like:
* “wow it’s like your hand was made just for mine.”
* “your hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you.”
* and the best one
* “can i see your hand for a second?”
* and whenever you mindlessly hold out your hand for him, he always smoothly slides his into yours
* “thanks, your hands looked lonely so i thought i’d keep them company.”
* and one day, when you were out with your close friend once again, out shopping with each other, she popped a statement that made you laugh
* “so, when do i get my coffee for a month?”
* you laughed and jokingly rolled your eyes
* “soon!”

Street Racing

So I saw Furious 7 recently and that’s what inspired this… RIP Paul 😭

By the way, every preference I do is based off a certain GIF, which are the ones I include after each boys turn :) Just for clarification 

Harry: I very rarely was ever seen with my boyfriend at his work but when I was, people generally knew that they should stay away. I had decided to spend the night at the races, helping Harry out and talking to the few girls that actually had self respect. 

“You haven’t been down here in a while. What’s with the sudden visit?” Carly asked, bringing the beer bottle to her lips.
“Got a day off from work tomorrow and didn’t want to spend all night alone at the house,” I shrugged, swirling my glass of wine in my hand, watching the blood red liquid momentarily stain the glass.
“Well Harry looks happy that your here,” she smiled, glancing back at our boyfriends that were playfully arguing over what engine to put in the car. I rolled my eyes, going back to flipping through my magazine and drinking my drink, slightly swaying to the beat of music blasting through the speakers. The reeving of engines and the cheers of the crowd were an odd comfort for me and I tried to bask in the exhilarating atmosphere as much as I could before I would have to leave to go back to my normal life for the next few months.
“Y/N!” a loud voice called, catching my attention. I sighed, closing my magazine and hopping off the stool, sauntering over to Harry.
“What now?” I asked, raising my brow in annoyance.
“Nothing, I just wanted a hug,” he grinned cutely, pulling me close to his chest, arms resting loosely around my waist. I rolled my eyes, reaching mine up to rest on his shoulders, careful not to spill any drink on his shirt.
“For a mechanic, you’re oddly affectionate,” I shook my head, pecking his lips lightly. He pouted, leaning forward to capture my lips in a proper kiss, hands tightening around me.
“Oi we don’t need that shit in the shop!” a loud voice shouted, making me giggle against Harry’s lips.
“Piss off Max!” Harry growled, flipping his workmate off. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity, chugging the rest of the wine and placing the glass on the counter next to me, now fully able to cuddle my boyfriend.
“I’m glad you’re here babe,” he whispered, lightly nipping at my jaw, working his way down my neck. I bit my lip roughly to try and keep the moans from slipping out of my mouth, eyes fluttering closed. I tiled my head to the side to give him better access, arching my back so my chest was pressed completely against his.
“Jesus Christ Harry,” I moaned, squirming slightly in his grip, gasping when he begun to suck on my neck, surely about to leave a massive hickey.
“God she’s such a fucking whore.” The statement was soft but still clear as it floated in through the open garage door, obviously aimed at me.
“What the fuck did you just say?” Harry growled, snapping his head up to glare at the culprit, shifting so I was standing behind him.
“Harry don’t,” I warned, placing a hand on his bicep that he shook off roughly.
“No this guy can’t get away with sayin shit about you,” he snarled, clenching his fists tightly.
“Woah man calm down,” the culprit raised his hands in defence, stepping away from the angry mechanic.
“Don’t tell me to calm down when you just called my girlfriend a whore!” he glared, tensing his muscles.
“Come on Hazza calm down this lil punk ain’t worth it,” Max spoke, standing to Harry’s side and tapping his chest lightly, warning him to back down.
“He’s just jealous cause he ain’t ever gonna get that ass,” Carly called, flipping the wannabe racer off, pulling me over to her. Harry huffed, stalking away from the guy and over to me, hugging me tightly into his chest.
“Don’t worry Hazza, I ain’t going anywhere.”

Liam: I very rarely got to have fun, seeing as how I was working part time at a cafe and studying at the local university, but somehow my friend had managed to blackmail me into leaving my studying for one night and go to the club with her. So that was where I was. Dancing with my bestfriend in the VIP club that she had somehow gotten us into, claiming she was a regular here.
“I still don’t know if we’re allowed in here. These people don’t look like you’re regular crowd,” I yelled over the loud bass, glancing around uneasily.
“Thats because were in a street racing club,” she responded, making my eyes widening.
“What the fuck! Since when did you start going to the races!” I squealed, now knowing why every second guy in here had a gun stashing in the back of his jeans.
“I found them a few months back and have been going like every weekend to watch. It’s actually pretty cool,” she grinned, pulling me closer to her body.
“Alex, that’s really dangerous.” I could feel my heart thumping loudly in my chest, nerves starting to show. I had never been one for crowds, let alone clubs, and to know I was surrounded by illegal street racers and possible drug dealers quite frankly scared the living shit out of me.
“Don’t worry Y/N, I’ve got some mates that will keep you safe,” Alex soothed, taking me hand and leading me away from the dancing crowd and towards an empty booth. She pushed me in first, saying she was going to get some drinks before leaving me alone. I nervously glanced around, beginning to calm down when I realised that pretty much the entirety of this side of the club was women, with the occasional loyal boyfriend. I reached into my dress, pulling out my phone and checking it, replying to a few messages that friends had sent me, obviously surprised that I wasn’t holed up in my dorm room, as per usual.
“What’s a pretty little thing like you doing sitting all alone?” a voice startled me, making me look up at the menacing looking man standing in front of me, obviously drunk by the overwhelming smell of alcohol that was radiating off him.
“None of your business,” I replied, shuffling away from him slightly, wanting to put as much distance between myself and this mystery drunk trying to hit on me.
“Come on love, don’t be like that,” he winked, attempting to be seductive but really looking like a pedofile.
“Look I don-” I was cut off by a young man roughly pulling the sleezeball away from me.
“She’s not interested,” he glared. This guy was all muscle and no fat, clearly able to beat the middle aged drunk that was trying to get with me.
“Fine, you can have the slut,” he slurred, stumbling away from the pending fight. I breathed out a sigh of relief, looking up at my saviour.
“Thanks for that. He smelt horrible,” I screwed my nose up, making my mystery hero laugh.
“That’s alright, I don’t know why they let people like him in here anyway,” he smiled, gesturing to the spot next to me. I shuffled over, letting him plop down next to me.
“Ok I didn’t know what you wanted because you don’t usually drink alcohol so I just got you a Sex On The Beach cause it sounded cool,” Alex giggled, interrupting our moment. She placed the glass in front of me, only realising that we had a guest once she had sat across from me. “Holy shit, you’re Liam Payne!”
“Uh yeh that’s me?” Liam chuckled nervously, reaching his hand over the table to shake hers. I however was confused as hell.
“Wait, how do you know who he is?” I asked.
“He’s like one of the best racers in like the entire world!” Alex exclaimed, obviously still in awe at the boy sitting across from her.
“Oh right, I was totally supposed to know that,” I rolled my eyes, chuckling at her fondness.
“I’m just gonna leave you two. Y/N make sure you don’t come home tonight and if you do, I’m locking you out of the room,” Alex got up, giving me a pointed look. “Have fun!”
“Is she always that forward?” Liam questioned, a little frightened by my bestfriend.
“Yeh, you get used to it eventually,” I shrugged, taking a sip of my drink.
“Well then Y/N, I do believe she gave you an order. So why don’t we go back to my place, I’ll cook us a nice dinner and we can spend the evening getting to know each other,” Liam grinned, turning to face me.
“That sounds lovely." 

Louis: It had been a while since I was seen at the local and extremely private street races, but I had decided to make an appearance tonight apparently. It had been a stressful week. I was a full time student at Oxford University studying Law… Obviously that was stressful enough, but considering I come from an extremely wealthy family who were all successful lawyers and businessmen and doctors, the pressure was on. I had been introduced to the street racing world by a close friend of mine who’s brother would constantly compete at these events and I had been hooked ever since. I never partook in the racing or anything like that but it was exhilarating being around all these professional drivers and loud music. I may also have a slight interest with cars so I usually spent my time walking up and down the rows upon rows of cars.
"Hey Y/N! Long time no see girl!” a loud voice boomed, arms engulfing me in a bone crushing hug.
“Steve you’re killing me,” I chuckled, breathing in deeply once he had let me go. Steve was an old friend of mine who I had met on my first night at the races. He had saved me from nearly getting raped by some wannabe driver and we had been friends ever since.
“Where you been?” he asked, throwing an arm around my shoulders and leading me through the swarms of people.
“Busy with school,” I answered simply, saying hi to a few people that I knew as we walked past them and into the VIP section. Only the best drivers and the regulars got to come in here and thank god I was well known around these parts.
“Yo Steve, you hear the boss is here?” a man clapped my friend on the shoulder, shaking his body excitedly. They conversed for a bit, trying to force each other to go and speak to ‘The Boss’ first but apparently they were both too chicken.
“Who are you guys talking about?” I butt in, glancing around the room to try and spot this 'scary’ man they were speaking of.
“He’s the guy who runs a lot of the racers in these parts. Real wealthy,” the stranger told me. I continued to look for this guy, having the picture of a middle aged dickhead in my mind but boy was I wrong. On the opposite side of the room was a young man, no older than 25, surrounded by security. He held an air of dominance and power and anyone within a 10 mile radius would know that this guy was the boss.
“Holy shit he is so hot,” I gaped, eyes wide and jaw slack, not quite believing my eyes.
“That’s him alright. Could make a straight guy turn gay he could,” Steve nodded, shuffling us closer to the boss. “Lets go say hi.”
“Uh lets not,” I giggled awkwardly, attempting to get out of his strong grip; key word being attempted.
“Oh come on. I bet he will totally fall for you and your charm and then y'all can get married and have beautiful babies and in turn I will become one of the most well known racers ever,” Steve winked, eyes glazing over.
“Stop trying to sell me off,” I huffed, digging my heels into the ground to try and stop him from walking, not that it actually did anything. Amidst our slight argument, neither of us had realised we caught the attention of quite a few people, one of those being the boss himself. Many of the regulars around here knew us and knew that this was pretty much normal for us, but there were people, such as the boss, who had never seen us before.
“Bro don’t look now but boss is totally looking at you,” Steve’s eyes widened, hands tightening on my upper arms. I whipped around, making eye contact with boss who was licking his lips seductively, looking me up and down approvingly.
“What the fuck!” I squealed, turning back around and trying to run as far away as I could.
“Where do you think you’re going! He totally just checked you out! GO SAY HI WOMAN!” Steve boomed, pushing me in the direction of the intimidating man. I stumbled slightly, turning around the glare at my friend, flipping him the bird which made him laugh.
“That’s not very lady like,” a new voice whispered huskily into my ear, making me freeze.
“Who ever said I was a lady?” I retorted, mentally slapping myself for my attitude.
“Considering your family, I would think that you were,” he shot back, resting his hands on my hips. I whipped around, placing my hands on his chest to stop myself from falling over.
“You know who I am?” I squeaked, averting my gaze from his piercing blue eyes.
“I know exactly who you are, Miss Y/N Y/L/N. This is the last place I would ever expect you to be,” he hummed, dipping his head and kissing my jaw, making my body go slack in his grip.
“I don’t even know your name,” I whimpered, tightly my head to the side so he had better access.
“It’s Louis,” he mumbled against my neck. “And you’re coming home with me tonight Miss Y/L/N.”

Niall: I had always loved coming down the races, especially when my boyfriend was competing. He was one of the top racers in the country and always came down to race. He had decided he wanted to have fun tonight and that was why he was currently racing through the streets at well over the speed limit, dodging cars and civilians as he went. I never really like the city races seeing as how many people could get hurt, but it was always fun to watch everyone get so hyped up. I was currently sat on the balcony of the building that was the starting and ending point for all the racers, waiting for the moment that Niall crossed the line. I had only consumed one drink, opting to stay slightly sober since I knew that he would want to party tonight, and it wasn’t fair for him always having to take care of my drunken ass.
“So I heard a rumour that I want you to clear up for me,” a voice startled me from my intense thoughts, making me whip around to see Sophia standing behind me, drink in hand but still sober. She sat next to me, letting her legs dangle over the edge.
“And what would that be?” I asked, taking a sip of my cocktail.
“I heard that every time Niall wins a race, you two go home and have crazy rough sex until like 5 in the morning,” she giggled, nudging me suggestively with her elbow. I almost choked on my drink, spilling a little onto my legs.
“Who the hell told you that?” I laughed, attempting to wipe away the spilt drink.
“That doesn’t matter, is it true?” she waved off my question, wanting to know what my answer was.
“I don’t feel comfortable talking about this,” I blushed, hiding my face in my hands.
“Oh my god it is true! IS THAT WHY YOU ALWAYS COME TO WORK LIMPING!” she squealed, shaking my body excitedly.
“Sophia why the hell do you even want to know that!” I exclaimed, playfully slapping her hands away.
“Because, if my bestfriend is being spanked until the early hours, I would like to know. I’m always looking for new things to try,” she winked, finishing off the rest of her drink. Before I could respond, the loud sound of an engine cut me off, making me look down to the pit. I saw the familiar midnight blue car sitting idle and alone in the swarm of people, making me smile. Niall hopped out not a second later, jumping on the hood of his car and raising his arms up.
“Enjoy you’re crazy sex tonight,” my bestfriend nudged me, running away from my kick that was aimed at her leg. I shook my head at her immaturity, jumping down the stairs and onto flat surface, waiting for my boyfriend to find me in the crowd.
“Babe! God did you see that! I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever gone!” the distinct Irish accent yelled excitedly, familiar arms circling around my waist.
“People seem to have the impression that after every win, we have wild sex. I wonder who started that rumour?” I ignored his comment, opting to ask my own question. I turned around in his hold, placing my hands on his shoulders and raising my brow.
“I have noooo idea where people would have gotten that,” he chuckled nervously, baby blues not daring to look me in the eye.
“Ni, why would you tell people that we were doing it till 5am! We have never done that!” I sighed, resting my forehead against his chest, still embarrassed.
“Well… Not yet at least…” he responded, grinning cheekily. 

Zayn: I stood there in the doorway for quite a while, simply watching my husband whilst he worked. It was mesmerising really, the way he was so entranced with his work, the bright colours and the intricate designs that he was practice drawing on the wall. I cleared my throat, wanting my presence to be known in the quiet room.
“Who’s that?” he asked, not bothering to turn around, too focused on his work.
“It’s me babe,” I giggled, pushing myself off the door and awkwardly waddling into the room, my 6 month pregnant body struggling to walk properly. He spun around, dropping his pen in shock, taking in my pregnant form.
“Baby what are you doing here? Its dangerous!” he said, quickly rushing to my side and setting me down on the couch, fretting over my belly.
“It’s fine, the boys kept me safe,” I shook his hands off, cupping his face in my hands and pulling him in for a kiss. He melted into my touch, towering over me but still letting me lead the kiss, knowing I needed some form of dominance in my current position.
“Are you for real! Why do I always walk in on this shit!” a voice broke us from our heated make out session, causing both of our heads to whip towards the door, spotting Zayn’s sister Doniya standing in the doorway, hands covering her eyes.
“Maybe you should knock next time,” Zayn huffed, plopping down on the seat next to me.
“Maybe y'all should leave that shit for home,” she shot back, walking around the room and collecting various sketches in her hands, obviously going to talk to a customer. You see, Zayn was a pretty well known artist around these parts and was always creating new ideas to paint on cars for people who are willing to pay.
“Who’s downstairs?” I asked, leaning my head on Zayn’s shoulder, beginning to rub my belly subconsciously.
“Some guy who believes he’s going to be the next big thing,” she answered, rolling her eyes.
“So the usual then?” I giggled, knowing what everyone was like these days. Random people from small towns would waltz in, thinking their some big shot racer, and get Zayn to design a 'kick ass car’ for them, only to crash in the week after.
“Yeh, only this one has no common courtesy,” she screwed her nose up, stopping in front of us.
“Is he touching you? I swear to fucking god if he is trying to get with you, I will kill him,” Zayn growled, suddenly becoming very defensive over his sister. He knew that his family could handle themselves but that didn’t stop him from going insane over anyone who spared his sisters a second glance, especially Doniya, considering she was older.
“It’s fine, he can’t do anything from the other side of the counter,” she waved her brother off, walking out of the room, Zayn hot on her heels. I huffed, wiggling out of my seat and shuffling after them, stopping midway on the stairs, knowing that Zayn wouldn’t want me in harms way.
“Listen mate, if you try anything with my sister, if you even look at her wrong, I won’t hesitate to throw you off the tallest building in London, you get me!” Zayn threatened, tightly gripping the obviously scared boys shirt.
“S-sorry, I didn’t k-know,” he stuttered, intimidated by the raging artist.
“Zayn let the poor boy go, he won’t do anything, will you know?” I raised my brow, giving the boy a pointed look.
“N-no mam! I won’t! I swear!” he pleaded. Zayn let him go, allowing his sister to do her job. He hopped up the stairs, standing on the step below me.
“You’re really hot when you’re all angry and shit,” I giggled, placing my hands on his chest.
“Too bad there’s a baby in there, otherwise I wouldn’t hesitate to fuck you against this wall,” he growled, nipping lightly at my neck.
“I SWEAR TO GOD NO SEX IN MY SHOP!” Doniya squealed, making both of us laugh.