it had to be murder

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Hey! I love your writing so much! You are amazing! Could you write something about jughead seeing Betty in very ~scandalous~ clothes and his reaction? Thank you! ❤

Hey! Thank you so much, you’re the best!

Jughead was leaning against his locker, headphones tucked safely on his ears as he waited for the final bell to ring.

The halls were loud , and he didn’t have time nor did he care enough to eavesdrop on whatever popular gossip was spreading around riverdale this week. Everyone seemed to forget the fact that a boy had been murdered less than a week ago.

Suddenly, almost as if everyone was being pulled by a magnet, all eyes snapped to the front door of the building. Jughead pulled his headphones down and followed their eyes.

Walking through the halls was none other than Betty cooper.

Well at least he though it was Betty Cooper, but this Betty cooper, he didn’t know who she was.

Gone was the perfectly tight ponytail, replacing it , was gorgeous golden curls falling down her back, loose and looking soft and shiny. Her normal sweater and jeans combo was now a tight white button down, the first three buttons undone to reveal a peek of the lace bra underneath, the tiny black skirt she wore barely skimmed her mid thigh, her long tan legs accentuated by the black strapped high heels she currently had on. Her normal light makeup was still constant but instead of the lipstick free lips, he was constantly staring at, she wore bright red lipstick on her smiling face.

Peeling his eyes from her, which trust him ,was nearly impossible, he looked around to see everyone staring at her, boys practically eating her alive.

Ripping his jacket off of his shoulders, he all but sprinted to throw it over Betty.

“Hey bets, you look cold, here wear this, speaking of cold, wanna tell me what you’re doing without pants on?” He had his arms wrapped around her shoulders keeping the jacket in place covering up what little he could.

She giggled, letting him wrap his jacket around her.

“If you’re talking about my sudden change of outfit choice, it’s not what you think.”

Jughead was walking quickly trying to get out of this damn hallway.

“Enlighten me.” He said, shooting a glare to a jock who was staring at Betty’s legs a little too long.

“I’m undercover.” She stated simply

At this point they had made it to the blue and gold office and Betty was handing Jughead back his jacket, standing in the middle of the room looking incredibly distracting.

“No offense Betty, but even in this outfit you’re pretty easy to spot.” Don’t stare at her chest, don’t stare at her chest.

She laughed

“That’s not what I mean, I mean, the only people who really know Jason are his friends, they are the key to finding out exactly what happened to him before the Fourth of July, I’m just…. appealing to their natural urges.” She winced, adding a giggle.

Jughead was quick to hop off of the couch.

“No. no way, that is not gonna happen, you are not going into that .. that.. zoo! Dressed like that, these are not good guys Betty, who knows what they might do. Im not gonna let that happen.”

Betty looked at him and narrowed her eyes placing a hand on her hip.

“I can take care of myself juggie”

“I’m not gonna take that chance!”

“It’s not your decision!”

“Screw that, its not gonna happen!”

They were both locked in a glaring contest, before Jughead finally let out a sigh as his shoulders slumped.

“Fine, you’re right, it’s your decision. You’re a strong woman who can take care of herself, I’m sorry.”

Betty smiled softly at him, walking over and placing a hand over his.

“Were a team juggie, if it will make you feel better, you can come with me, you’ll just have to hide behind some lockers or something, and if you think anything starts looking sketchy, you can come out defend my honor.” Her eyes sparkled and she was wearing a smirk.

He rolled his eyes, smiling

“Deal, but do you really have to wear that for the rest of the day?”

She grinned widely, grabbing a strand of hair and twirling it around her finger, spinning on her heels and walking towards the door,

“why juggie? is this… distracting?”

He groaned throwing his head onto the desk, this was gonna be a long day.

twrp: benevolent aliens come to earth to save us from boredom and corruption

also twrp: locks lazerhorse in their basement and makes him make art and videos in exchange for food, publically berates their unpaid interns on stage, had ninja brian murder their intern right in front of me

what is the truth

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Hey Conan, aside from your first case where the victim used an ice cube and a knife to kill himself in the apartment of that famous singer Mouri-tantei likes (I can never remember if her name is Kyoko or sonething else so I'm not even gonna try to botch it), have you ever had a case that was a suicide that looked like a murder?


I have. Hidemichi Mizuki and Yasue Komai‘s hangings come to mind, as well as the attempted ‘murder to look like suicide’ of Bungo Tatei. All of these cases were caused by a lot of bitterness…

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can you plz write prompt 20 (“I’ve been waiting all my life for you.”) for saizo, thank you :)

I absolutely can, lovely anon! Thank you for your request :)

kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

When she was young, he used to watch over her. His hideout in Kyoto was no coincidence, as much as he may claim it to be. For all the times he had reminded himself that he was a ruthless murderer, a child of the night in which her brightness had no place to claim, he still couldn’t help himself – being around her was a guilty pleasure. He ordered deliveries from her family restaurant, just to make sure she was safe, just to hear her voice at the door. He frequently went missing from Yukimura’s side simply to check up on her, though he never said where he had been and would never admit to being her part-time guardian angel throughout most of her life (and his).

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Wes Gibbins deserved better.

the core of htgawm’s mistreatment of the hiv plot is that they have failed to allow oliver agency and failed to normalise any aspect of an hiv+ life aside from sex. 

sex is important especially in the context of how it is stigmitised for anyone lgbt, especially so for hiv+ lgbt people, but it is narrow minded to imply that hiv exclusively affects a person’s sex life, which is what htgawm has done. all discussions of oliver’s hiv status relate exclusively to the mixed-status relationship he is in, how he is unable to enjoy casual sex or later, form relationships, because of the intersection of racism and serophobia in the gay community, how he returns to connor because he is somehow the only person capable of accepting a poz boyfriend. they haven’t deigned to give him a substantive plot that doesn’t relate somehow to his hiv status?

on top of this all of his experiences have been reflected onto connor, a hiv- white man, who even declares this when he says “it’s all my fault”. the show strips oliver of his agency, even when it is his hiv status at play. it is connor and not oliver who reveals his hiv+ status to the keating 5, it is connor and not oliver who is shown grappling with the change to their relationship, it is connor and not oliver who confronts the man who rejects him for his race, it is connor and not oliver who the camera cuts to when the latter reveals his test results.

he is the first prominent hiv+ character on tv in many years which of course on the surface level warrants some appreciation, but htgawm has met an exceptionally, abysmally low bar. hiv+ people are not obligated to enjoy or support this tentative and inadequate representation. there was so much room to explore oliver as a character via the introduction of him as an hiv+ person and so much more room to confront serophobia head-on but they continue to fail at both. lol.


lisa lisa is not great with children



Some time ago, our brother Branwell became involved with a married woman. Somehow that two-bit hussy Jane Austen found out about it.


I’m sorry I didn’t love you enough.


friendly reminder that this was all canonically said and it pains me to think of how much Hannibal wanted to create a family with Will and Abigail but it all went tits up what with the framing, the betrayal, the gutting and the brutal murder of their daughter-to-be *wipes away tear whilst Adele sings ‘they could’ve had it all’ in the background.

  • the police: now aaron dingle, based on this evidence, why should we not send you to prison for assault?
  • aaron: without me around, there's a small chance my husband may become a murderous psychopath again...
  • the police: ???