it had to be made okay

YELLS. A LOT. Okay, now that I got that out of my system…

It’s only been a month, and I’m actually kind of shocked at how well received this blog has been and how much traction it gained in a short amount of time, considering how old my muse’s series is. the fandom may be barely alive, but the love and appreciation for InuYasha certainly hasn’t died at all, and I’m so happy for that! all of you have made this trip back to 90′s nostalgia so wonderful, and the positive reception of my portrayal is such a relief, considering how popular a character he is. I look forward to continue having this annoying doggo harass the hell out of ya’ll.


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rollerskatinglizard  asked:

Made up fic title - Five's Company (/And/ A Crowd)

I feel like you had poly in your heart when you sent this, but.  Okay.  

Have you ever played Sardines.

It’s like Hide And Seek except only one person hides, and then every subsequent person who finds them has to cram into the place they hid and hide with them, and then when the last person shows up everybody jumps out and screams SARDINES.  Y’know, like sardines do when you open a can of sardines

MY POINT IS please imagine the Burners playing this game because it would be hilarious, and it could stick strictly with the person who went and hid and then the increasingly cramped situation everybody is finding themselves in, and in the end they’re all there and it turns out Jacob was also supposed to be playing but he went and fell asleep in an armchair somewhere instead and now they’re all just crammed into a place together.

………….this could actually turn out poly now that I think about it.  It’s like 0% sexually charged when you play it irl but if you were writing fic about it?  Boy howdy the UST could go through the ROOF.   

EDIT: I have been informed that when other people played sardines it was definitely sexually charged.  I have never recognized a sexually-charged situation in my LIFE, so that’s probably on me.  possibly b/c I’m ace as hell??? hm

Okay you guys, it’s summer and I’ve got too much time on my hands and I need some more ocs to draw. So, I thought about asking if any of y'all had some you wanted me to attempt. It’ll help expand what I think I can do and you get free, hopefully decent art out of it lol. So you can message me or add pictures onto here. Hell, you can even send me links to photos of your ocs. But you gotta tell me which one to draw. Don’t make me choose. I am terrible at that and will likely cry. No, just kidding. But seriously, I’d love to give your precious babies a shot. I’ll try to have them done - well, whenever I can tbh.

Letter #14

Fiona, you are a savior and you’re not even aware of it, you are a therapist, a long distance friend that feels close, a mentor.

I don’t know if you are aware of how you’ve changed people’s lives and how you have helped them through your music but you have had a great POSITIVE EFFECT on many people, specially young girls that need to hear similar experiences someone else has had and to see how that person has thrived. You rise above, your life speaks loud and you have made a change, this is the only reason I wish you get to read these letters one day, not for the praise of your music but for the gratitude and love from those whom you have helped.

You may not like to hear compliments or praise so much, you’re humble, but every once in a while it is okay to become aware of the good you’ve done there’s nothing wrong with being happy because of what you’ve done. With the warmest “hug” I tell you, thank you, I truly love you and appreciate that you came to this world!!

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Can you do a mini story time? I'm bored :/

well nothing of note has really happened in my life recently :( but i guess i can talk about something that happened a little while ago

okay, so it was the last day of school (almost a month ago now) and me and a bunch of friends had planned to meet up and go to a fast food joint a couple miles away from our school. but before then, my best friend and i made a plan that involved me getting a megaphone and him saying something with it. just for the record, that megaphone cost like $25 -_- anyways, the bell rings and me and my friend are walking out of school and i pull out the megaphone when we’re just about off school property and my friend yells into it “FUCKIN NORMIES, REEEEEEEEEEE” and there were some 6th graders near us and one them just started chanting “fuck school, fuck school, fuck school” over and over again, so things were already looking pretty great. at this point the rest of our friends had joined us, all of them being dudes, and they were all passing around the megaphone and saying stupid shit into it. at one point one of them got the bright idea to start playing music and put their phones right next to the megaphone. it was glorious.

fast forward, we’re about a half a mile away from the fast food joint when some popular kid and his legion of thots start messing with the megaphone and trying to play kendrick’s song ‘humble’ on it. i snatched it away from him and he got all pissy about it and i proceeded to yell at him: “*his name*, people only like you because you’re rich. if you didn’t have money, no one would be hanging out with you.” with which he retaliated “says the girl with suicidal cats” which honestly is the worst possible roast someone could give me. like bitch, get that weak shit outta here. you could’ve roasted me on my pasty skin, the fact that i look like a dike 99% of the time, or that i have daddy issues and you go for a stupid caption i put on a post on insta that was not only like 5 months old but also smth i fucking deleted, holy shit. anyways, our group sorta jogs ahead to avoid the normies and we find out that the fast food joint is closed for maintenance, on the last day of school which honestly is pretty stupid from a business standpoint because it’s like, dude, you could’ve made so much money from a bunch of hungry middle schoolers

at this point we’re all sorta dejected and then two kids from our group straight up ditch us and jump into someone else’s mom’s car and drive to another fast food joint that is like 7 miles away (because we live in the suburbs -_-) so the guy i sat next to in math suggests we go to his friends house and ask for a ride. his friend just so happens to be the person i used to like. and my friend, the one who yelled fuckin normies into the megaphone had told me that my old crush fucking hated me. so i was sorta apprehensive because i was thinking “oh no, this is gonna look super weird to him and his parents” but we go anyways and i meet his two dogs which are super cute and fluffy. in the end we successfully got a ride to the other fast food joint and when we got there it turned out the two friends who’d ditched us were still there after like 40 minutes which is just like wow you slow motherfuckers.

so the rest of our group gets lunch and we stay there for another half hour and then we walk back to our neighborhood which is only a mile or so away from the fast food joint. but before we all go home we stop at another friend’s house to see his dogs and lemme just say here that those dogs were super fuckin cute and tiny and adorable. the dogs liked me too, because i wasn’t scaring them and i was actually petting them like a normal person. and that’s pretty much it. i also got sun burn that day so that’s a plus

hopefully that was entertaining enough nonny, idk i’m bad at doing this stuff on the fly

Leia had heard a lot about Lando. For a time, Han considered Lando his only friend besides Chewbacca. The two men often butted heads, considering Han took the Falcon from him after winning a bet, but seemed to always trust each other when they wanted confide on personal matters. Lando surprisingly even taught Han some ways to be “Smooth” before he married Leia [though according to Han, he limited his appetites to all who identified as male] and even named one of his kids after him. Han had made it a point to introduce Leia to his old friend, but with the rebellion they seemed to never have the time.

I AM HAVING FEELINGS ABOUT HAN AND LANDOS FRIENDSHIP! OKAY?! Ps I am almost done with this chapter expect by the end of the week I promise!

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1 kiss prompts Reyes/Bain? Or any of them with Scott


(sorry, these boys wouldn’t cooperate and I’m late for work)

There were about a dozen different thoughts that raced through Reyes’ mind at discovering a certain man within Kadara Port. That said man had his arm slung over Scott’s shoulders, pouring out drinks that had even Umi raising her eyebrows, only made the situation worse. So, really, he didn’t think that first punch was all that unwarranted.

Scott would certainly like them both to think so, though, as he darted about with the medical supplies Keema had sent over.

“It’s not what… Okay, no, so maybe that really wasn’t the best way to go about things, but…”

“You’re babbling, little duck.” Bain was smirking even with blood smeared all over his lips, which had no right to seem attractive. Particularly not when he was rolling out a nickname with just enough warm infliction that it toed the line of being an endearment. 

“Well,” Scott replied, “I did just watch two man duke it out for my honor. Never thought that’d happen.”

“Scott…” Reyes relaxed somewhat at the quick press of lips, even if it was to the tip of his nose. “What’s going on?”

“I might have…” Scott swallowed hard, eyes darting away all at once. “You two were together…before me…right?”

“I wouldn’t exactly put it like that,” Bain replied, passing Reyes a cloth to dab at his nose. “But, yeah, we had a bit of an arrangement.”

“Well…would it be…” Scott didn’t resist being tugged into Reyes lap, although he did let his hands be scooped up by Bain all the same. “What if I wanted it to continue? Just…maybe with me too?”

Reyes heart did quite the aerobics lesson in his chest. “We would have to discuss things,” he murmured. 

“Preferably without more fisticuffs,” Bain said. “But if your man’s down for it I am.”

“You’ll treat him right,” Reyes snapped.

“Of course.” Bain reached up to chuff a finger over Scott’s cheek. “You sure do know how to pick them, Vidal, and I’ve hardly ever been one to damage something beautiful.”

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You have a nsfw scenario for Marco and his female s/o? They make love for the first time after they graduated and it's the evening before the attack on Trost. And his death. But of course they don't know it yet (but some hints for the reader would be cool and angsty) so they just have cute fluffy and romantic sex. ♥ THANKS!


“Marco!” You giggled as he playfully threw you on the bed. You two were in the barracks, but everyone would be out all night celebrating graduating. You had made it tenth, which meant that you could still going the Military Police with Marco.

He hovered over you and pinned both of your hands with one of his above your head. His other hand crept lower and lower until his reached your stomach.

Then he started tickling you. You giggled as you struggled against him, but it was no use. You laughed so hard tears started to form in your eyes. “O-Okay, Marco, stop!” He did and he released your hands. You took a few breaths to calm your breathing. Your hair was a mess and your face was red.

“You’re so beautiful.” Marco leaned down to kiss you. You kissed back, and threaded your fingers in his hair. He placed his hands on your hips and he pulled away. “I love you,” He said.

“I love you too.” He kissed your again, but not on your lips this time. He went for your neck, making you jump slightly. He almost instantly found your sweet spot and you moaned quietly. Marco paid attention to that spot, making you moan louder.

“Do you want to…You know,” Marco asked shyly, pulling away from your neck.

“Yes!” You answered quickly, then cleared your throat, “I mean, yeah,” You answered more calmly, making Marco laugh.

“You’re so cute,” He cooed as pulled your shirt over your head. He stared at your chest in awe for longer than was acceptable.

“M-Marco, don’t stare!” He smiled and leaned back down to kiss your chest.

“Sorry, you’re just so amazing,” He mumbled as he reached around to unclip your bra. You laughed when he couldn’t figure it out. “C’mon, (name), help me out here!” He laughed. You sat up and unclipped it for him.

“Better?” You teased, throwing your bra somewhere.

“Much better.” Marco took off his own shirt, then cupped one of your breasts in his hand. You moaned at the new feeling. You had never been touched like this before. Marco started to kiss down your stomach. He stopped when he got to your pants. “Are you sure?” The look of concern in his eyes made your heart skip a beat. You nodded and he went back to what he was doing.

He slowly pulled your pants off, waiting for you to object. You didn’t, so he took off your underwear. He dipped his head down and experimentally kissed your clit. You moaned and bucked your hips towards him. He started to swirl his tongue around your clit, while his fingers went inside.

“M-Marco~” You moaned as you finished. He gave it one last kiss before he stood to take off his own pants. He positioned himself in front of you.

“Just…Tell me if I’m hurting you, okay?” You nodded and he slowly pushed in. You gave a small cry of pain that made Marco’s heart hurt. He hated seeing you in any kind of pain, and now he was the one causing it. “We can stop-”

“No, it’s fine. I just need to adjust,” You reassured him.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Marco said, kissing your temple.

“It’s fine, Marco. I want this.” He reluctantly nodded and pushed himself all the way in. Tears were streaming down your face, which Marco wiped away with his thumb.

“Are you okay?” He murmured in your ear, kissing up and down your neck to try and distract you from the pain.

“Yeah, you can move now,” You sighed as the pain started to fade. He gave you a peck on the lips and started to slowly thrust into you. It hurt a little, but after a few thrusts you were used to him and the pain melted away into pleasure. “Oh~” Your face relaxed as a blissful sensation came over you.

Marco cupped your face and gave you a sloppy kiss as he sped up. His breathing was heavy and ragged. He both pulled away from the kiss to moan each other’s names. You wrapped your legs around Marco’s waist to help him get deeper.

‘I love you’ was said over and over until you both climaxed at the same time. Your bodies fell limp as Marco rolled off of you. You both just stared at the bunk above you, trying to catch your breath.

Once you calmed down you realized that you both were still in the boy’s barracks, and they could come back any minute. You threw Marco his clothes and you both got dressed. Once you both were fully dressed, Marco sat up and you sat in between his legs, facing him. You laid your head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

“Now that we’ve graduated…I was wondering if maybe someday…You’d like to have a family with me?” You smiled at Marco’s question.

“I’d love to have a family with you Marco.” He smiled back and hugged you tighter.

You two laid like that until the other boy’s came back and started to wolf-whistle at you two. But you two didn’t care much about what they were saying. You had each other and that’s all you needed.

Tag game.

I wasn’t even tagged, I just really wanted to do this, okay. I just. Liked it.

A- age: Twenty one, almost twenty two. Get the birthday cake in.
B- biggest fear: It’s actually spiders. Scrap everything that I am frightened of, I could probably put up with it eventually, but not spiders. Na. No.
C- current time: 12:26pm
D- drink you last had: Tea. I made it like almost two hours ago, and I’ve still got it, it’s probably somewhat cold, but it’s nice.
E- every day starts with: A good cup of coffee.
F- favourite song: Um. I really like Harry Styles’ Sign of The Times, but Niall’s Slow Hands is so good too. My children, I love them so much.
G- ghosts, are they real: Guess that depends on what you believe in.
H- hometown: Nienburg. Just take me back to Germany.
I- in love with: Um. I’m. She knows. And if she doesn’t know, I’m gonna throw a house at her. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
J- jealous of: Anyone that isn’t me. Nah, I’m kidding. People who manage to sleep straight away? Like. Is that a myth, or can you guys actually do it?
K- killed someone: Yeah, killed my hopes.
L- last time you cried: Last night, but what of it.
M- middle name: James. It’s not a last name, it pisses me off when people use it as a last name.
N- number of siblings: One. He’s on Ebay if you want him.
O- one wish: I’m not saying.
P- person you last called/texted: Last call was to Ebony, whose being a real pain in my arse. Last text was to @littleagranger.
Q- questions you’re always asked: “The fuck are you doing?” Honestly. I ask myself that too.
R- reasons to smile: My dog exists, and he smiles when I call him the most beautiful boy in the world.
S- song last sung: Wheels, by the Foo Fighters.
T- time you woke up: I was awake at like 9, but I wasn’t actually doing anything until a bit later on.
U- underwear colour: Black. And yellow. With little Pikachus, saying: Pika-peak. Omfg.
V- vacation destination: Take me back to Germany.
W- worst habit: Um, I’m currently sweat dropping. So. Um.
X- x-rays you’ve had: Loads. So many, especially after my accident.
Y- your favourite food: I’m happy with a box of chicken nuggets. Why not.
Z- zodiac sign: Cancer.

I’m thinking that I’m supposed to tag people after this, but you know. I never tag any one. So if you see this on your dash, you are welcome to do it. :) x




Seeing the Plushies just seconds into the ep was uplifting and kinda sad. They made those plushies and there might be a chance that Champ won’t remembered stuff.

Kyurangers doesn’t listen to anybody, not even Xiao.

Eris is a cool name (My OC was called that…) Wonder what’s up with the foreign names. Like Martha. Oh well…



Nagaa isn’t making his own emotions or being affected by the Solor Kyutama. I think he’s just copying Balance (like what he did in ep…14?) (Medi, I swear to the d&d gods, if there’s actual evidense that Nagaa doesn’t have a heart or something…Imma scream and give you soda ‘cause apparently you may be right)

Also, we get to see Hammi using her invisibility powers out of the suit!! So that’s cool and now Canon)

(Eris, shut your grass mouth. Balance is fcking handsome and better than Spada (But same that every guy in Kyuranger is FCKING HANDSOME AND SMEXY!!!)

(Madako, …. I still hate your personality but I guess it’s more…tolerable.)

You know what I noticed that I’m really confused at myself…Is that I noticed Spada’s hat isn’t the reg blue and yellow stripes. It’s a old British looking brown hat (similar type as his reg of course)  


Whenever Draco has a bad day, Harry buys him flowers. 

The first time it happens, Draco comes home from work with a scowl on his face. He just got some really bad news and knows the next few weeks will be hell for him. When Harry asks about his day, he doesn’t say anything. He knows, if he opens his mouth now, he will only snap at Harry and he really isn’t in the mood to fight. Not after the day he had. So he sits there, throughout their dinner, saying nothing.

When he gets up to take a shower, he catches Harry gazing at him sadly. Draco knows Harry is only worried about him, but this gets him even more irritated. Because now, on top of his bad mood, he feels guilty for making Harry feel this way.

Taking a shower normally relaxes him, but when he walks into his and Harry’s bedroom, his muscles are still tense and the scowl still won’t leave his face. The crease between his brows deepens even more when he sees something odd on his bedside table. That bouquet of peonies wasn’t there before. When he hears Harry enter the bedroom, Draco doesn’t turn around.

“Do I look like a girl, Potter?” he grumbles through gritted teeth. Why would Harry get him flowers? Harry doesn’t reply. Instead, Draco feels his arms wrap around his waist from behind. When Harry starts nuzzling his hair, Draco sighs and puts one of his hands on Harry’s.

Harry is only trying to cheer him up. And although Draco would never admit it out loud, getting flowers from his boyfriend is… kind of nice.

From this day on, whenever Draco comes home grumpy or moody, Harry will excuse himself quickly and return with a bouquet of sunflowers, or daisies, or hydrangeas… sometimes Draco doesn’t even know the name of the flowers Harry gets him. The only thing he knows is, it warms his heart when Harry is standing in front of him, smiling almost shyly, with a big bouquet in his arms.

So now, Draco isn’t that irritated anymore, when he had a bad day at work. He’s still moody and grumpy, he can’t control that, but he also knows that Harry will buy him flowers. And while they’re beautiful and Draco always admires and appreciates them for as long as they’re on his bedside table, it’s about so much more than just the flowers.

It reminds Draco of how thoughtful Harry is. It’s a sweet little gesture that reassures Draco.

Harry will always be there to cheer him up.

To make him feel loved.

Part 2




                                                                That’s what we are.
                    We are the thing of beauty created from catastrophe. 
                                                               Debt, Nina G. Jones.

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you


The world was simpler in those days, Jaime thought, and men as well as swords were made of finer steel. Or was it only that he had been fifteen? They were all in their graves now, the Sword of the Morning and the Smiling Knight, the White Bull and Prince Lewyn, Ser Oswell Whent with his black humor, earnest Jon Darry, Simon Toyne and his Kingswood Brotherhood, bluff old Sumner Crakehall. And me, that boy I was…when did he die, I wonder? When I donned the white cloak? When I opened Aerys’s throat? - ASOS, Jaime VIII

Drew this as part of a package I sent to @spinetrick and now that she’s gotten it in the mail I can finally post it. <3