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Personally, I absolutely LOVED this season! I loved all of the attention and development that Keith got (BECAUSE I LOVE HIM), and it was awesome to see more of Pidge, Allura, and Coran! I'll admit I'm sad that Lance and Hunk didn't get as much attention (especially Lance because I ADORE him and his screen time was significantly more minimal). Even so, I really don't understand all the hate?? People seem to forget that Lance is NOT actually the main character. (1)

Yes absolutely true!! Someone had commented on a post I made and said they “didn’t like the plot arc” and I was just like “no you didn’t expect that plot arc” because you had other expectations than the creators intended. It was a good plot arc and just because this particular season didn’t appeal to you, are you going to shit on the entire show for that? Well okay, I’m just gonna sit over here and enjoy it then. You be angry ✌ peace!

And thank you 💖 I’m not sure how this will play out but we’re just gonna have to wait and see! 


Travel Diary for VIXX

Okay y’all, so I’m posting this here to notify you about this current ongoing project. (It’s not mine, credit to TravelDiary for VIXX on twitter)

Originally, this project had so much support and love from starlights, but when it came to actually sending in pictures and videos etc, they started to struggle and were going to abort the entire project until I asked if they would be willing to continue it for a few days if I made a post and got some of you to participate, and so they did. The project is still open until January 25th (I’ve asked if they’ll leave it until february like it’s stated above so i’ll update it when they reply)

It’s such a cute project and I’d hate to see it go, and I think it’s something the boys would appreciate too, especially with all that’s happened lately.

ANYTHING you can send to help the project would be much appreciated!

You can send pictures/videos/fanart etc to

(also write your name/nickname and country)

(literally all y’all gotta do is send pictures of the sky, the beach, with you in or not in them to stop this project from dying pls i’m begging)

reblog to spread the word too!

If you could also send us a message letting us know when you’ve sent in your pictures I’d be extremely grateful!!
Say You’ll Haunt Me Pt. 9 (A Kenny Omega Story)

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Okay, I finished this a lot quicker than I expected but I already had the ending in my head for days so it went fast once I started writing. Thank you to everyone that has liked and commented on this series, you all made this so much fun for me. I loved writing it and one day I may revisit this world. @daintymissdevitt Thank you for all of your help. I feel like it became ours at some point and I’m okay with that lol <3

Also…I’m pretty sure the tags are still messing up and notifications aren’t getting sent out. So if you missed part 7 or 8, there is a link below.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

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Okay, but I’ve wanted to know this FOREVER and I can’t help but speculating, because even his cut off answer of “Well, a long time ago I-” contradicted most of my previous assumptions. 

  1. MY PREVIOUS GUESS: Okay so there are those preliminary character sketches that sensei did of Shouji’s face and I’ve lost it now, but he basically had a dinosaur-y looking mouth, so I thought he might’ve been made of fun of it or something? 
  2. But that doesn’t make much sense because heroes are the MAJORITY in bnha’s society, and there are so many mutant-ish body forms that come with the quirks that I feel like it would be weird if Shouji was made fun for it. And, also, if that was the reason, his answer was fairly nonchalant, so there’s probably not a lot of trauma behind the reason of his mask. 
  3. ALSO he said “a long time ago” and if he did keep the dinosaur mouth in his preliminary design, he probably would’ve had it from birth and he wouldn’t have just decided to wear it “a long time ago” UNLESS it’s referring to how he decided to start wearing it? But all I can think of was that it was bullied into it or something, and again, the nonchalant answer contradicts. 
  4. OR SECOND GUESS: That his mouth just looked so dang scary that he decided to start wearing it for sort of the same reason that blind people wear glasses just because other people are bothered by their eyeballs OTL and I guess that still might still be applicable because Shouji seems like a pretty chill dude and I can his decision “oh shoot the kids are kinda scared of my mouth, maybe I should cover it up” not being a really traumatic one for him. 

AN: Okay so I know I normally write this as realistic situations but considering how mad reading that request made me some of these are a bit more fantastical than I normally write. Do not go and beat up your exes no matter what shitty people they are and I’m so sorry you had to deal with that friend. no matter what though, please don’t feel like it was your fault, sometimes people are just shitty and it has nothing to do with you as a person.

This is more fantasy than a realistic reaction!

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Seokjin -

His first concern would be making sure you were going to be able to move past this. You were his top priority above getting some revenge on that absolute prick that decided to toy with you like that. Despite it obviously not being his fault, he blamed himself for this happening to you. He should have known, should done more to prevent this. You were his precious little sister after all. Family was very important to Seokjin and when he learned that you were suffering because of someone, someone he’d been lead to believe was a good person he would be disgusted. He wouldn’t confront them right away, but when he was sure you could handle him being away, he would be on your ex-boyfriend like you wouldn’t believe.

“That was my little sister, how dare you do that to her? You’re not coming near her again, you used her. You disgust me.”

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Yoongi -

He tried to handle his impulse to find that piss poor excuse of a man and skin him alive. That could come later, beating him into a puddle of his own fluids could happen later. Right now, he needed to dealing with your broken heart. He would be your shoulder to cry on if you needed it, your listening ear if you wanted to tell him just how far he’d gone to humiliate you. Every single word was another reason that the son of a bitch who hurt his sister was going to regret ever meeting Min Yoongi. He wouldn’t wait as long as some of the others to hunt him down, and there would be few words said before he would jump your ex. He wasn’t going to wait on karma to give him what was owed, Yoongi was going to take matters into his own hands for you.

“You think playing with women is fun, huh? How fun is it to swallow your own teeth?”

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Hoseok -

Your tears would have him stunned to silence. He would ask you what had happened and when you poured your heart out to him he wasn’t sure what he could possibly say to make it right. It wasn’t right. What had been done to you could never be considered “right”. Hoseok would focus on making you smile again, he wanted to ask that man why he could do that, he wanted to bash his face in but he wasn’t worth the time. He wasn’t worth the effort when he could be spending that time with you and bringing back the happiness in you. You were his number one priority. If he did happen to see your ex out and about, he may walk up to him and punch him just once, just once to make him feel a small fraction of what he felt when you came home in tears.

“How can he even call himself a person? He’s a rat and not worth your tears.”

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Namjoon -

Normally he was logical, he knew violence wouldn’t solve the problem but he knew it would make both of you feel better. He wanted to, but for your sake he would hold off against hunting that bastard down. No, instead he would be letting the other woman know just what her man had been up to, just how he was treating women and the lack of respect he had for their relationship. Namjoon’s focus wouldn’t be on violence, but on taking that man’s life apart piece by piece. All while he was doing that, he could be right there beside you to hold you as you cried or listen to your sadness. He wouldn’t go where you couldn’t reach him because he knew you were fragile right now.

“Don’t worry, he’d going learn a very painful lesson soon. Too bad the lesson won’t help him now.”

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Jimin -  

There was no stopping him, the second he saw you crying and learned why you were hurting he was already out the door. He wasn’t going to stop at just beating that son of a bitch up, oh no. He was going to let the world know just how bad he was. He wouldn’t be there to comfort you right away, he was breaking the windows of your ex’s car, writing cheater on the front of his house and finding the bastard to make him regret his life. Jimin was impulsive by nature but when his own baby sister was being made to cry by someone so disgusting and undeserving it was worse. After he was finished he would be all about wrapping you up in a blanket and trying to coax you into smiling for him. He was almost like two different people.

“You didn’t expect me to let you go after doing that to my sister, did you?”

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Taehyung -

He wasn’t as confrontational as the others and would instead want to focus solely on you. Nothing else in the world mattered more than trying to coax your smile back. He was angry and confused, he should have noticed just who you were with but all he could do now was try to make you feel better. Taehyung wouldn’t let you doubt yourself and would remind you that it was in no way your fault, you were caught up in a bad situation and it was your ex that was to blame, not you. He would pet your head and hold you against him for as long as you needed, just like when you were younger. He would have a hard time letting you go near other men after the incident and would rather you just stick with him.

“I know it hurts, it’ll hurt for a while but you’ll make it. You’re stronger than he thinks you are.”

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Jungkook -

You may actually have to be the one to stop him. Jungkook would just be seeing red when you told him what he’d done to you and he could possible end up doing much worse than just beating your ex up for you. Or he may have got himself hurt depending on the size of your ex boyfriend. When you got him to think a bit more rationally he would begin to comfort you, talking to you about senseless things to get your mind off of what had happened. Or if you would like, you could talk about revenge fantasies with him. He was still angry though and if he caught him out in the streets could he really be held accountable for what he would do?

“Yah, you thought you got away with it, huh?”

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Mind if I made a request of angst situation with Mccree, shimada bos, and 76' ( you can add in anyone if you want ), of their s/o died of child birth?

((I may have broken my own heart writing this. Why you make me do this anon….it’s okay, I’m going to share this pain, I’m also just going to say Mercy isn’t hear for any of these cuz…resurrection lmao))


  • You had been weak throughout the entire pregnancy, but you had insisted that you wanted this
  • You both didn’t really grow up with families so it was really important for you two to build your own together
  • The baby came early, you were 33-weeks along. You collapsed and it’s unknown how much time had passed until they found you
  • The fetus was in distress, your heart rate was weak and thready
  • You came to and were told that it was either you or the baby; the baby needed to be delivered asap but it was unsure if your body could handle it
  • McCree was absolutely heartbroken and he had never seemed more lost
  • You took his hand and told him that the baby would be a symbol of your love, that it was important to save your child first and that you would be strong enough to survive the surgery
  • He was so reluctant to okay the preterm delivery but with your convincing he said okay
  • The baby was small, you both getting a brief moment to see her before the baby was rushed off to the NICU
  • All of a sudden the monitors began to beep and you started to slip under and he was pushed out of the way but refused to leave the room
  • He is literally begging the doctors to save you and begging you to hold on and begging any god that would listen to save you
  • You slip away and he is just screaming no, that there was something that they could have done, that Mercy would have saved you
  • His screaming turns to crying as he holds your body and is begging you to come back, to not leave him, to not leave us and the family you both had made
  • He has to be sedated so that your body can be taken, he doesn’t go to the funeral
  • After Maria is given the okay to go, he disappears with her, sending notice that they are both alright but he doesn’t think he can do Overwatch anymore, it reminds him too much of you and he cannot even imagine leaving his daughter alone in this world without a mother or father like the both of yall had
  • He is given unspoken protection by both Talon and Overwatch, his families
  • Every year, on the anniversary of her death and Maria’s birthday, he visits your grave, has a mini party for the both of you
  • Eventually he comes back to Overwatch, not really to fight but so that Maria could have that family.
  • Even Reyes and Sombra end up seeing the baby, eventually


  • You developed severe pre-eclampsia later into your pregnancy and it had been something that the both of you had been worried about
  • You both believed that it had been being treated to the best of their knowledge and you had made it all the way to your due date but your blood pressure stayed concerningly high
  • Hanzo stayed by your side the entire time you were in labor, Genji making any runs when needed
  • You delivered your son and he was healthy and crying and beautiful and both you and Hanzo cried when you saw him
  • You begin to get a bit confused as you’re talking to Hanzo and then in the next moment you begin seizing
  • He is stunned, unable to say anything as they try and get your convulsions under control
  • Hanzo goes numb and cold when that high pitched, monotonous whine rips through the room and he isn’t able to breathe his eyes glued to the backs of the doctors that surround your hospital bed
  • He collapses when they call out a time of death, and dissolves into a full blown panic attack
  • If the doctors come near him, he screams at them to work on getting you back and to not touch him
  • Genji ends up being the only person that can touch him, Hanzo attempting to swing on him but his brother pulls him into a bruisingly tight hard to calm him down
  • He feels responsible for this, that he had not redeemed himself enough so the world thought it appropriate to take one of his most important people away
  • He was a murderer, why did he think he could live a happy life
  • He falls into a very very deep, pained depressed grief, admittedly afraid to get close to his son because what if they take him away too?
  • One day ends up stumbling onto a bunch of vids you had been shooting to release as a gift to Hanzo after the birth, most of them being from when he was on a mission or shot secretly while the two of you were around the house
  • Basically a vid saying how much you loved the both of them and that you knew Hanzo would be a great dad or how you and the baby were always rooting for him and no matter what you’d always be there for him
  • He cries and cries watching it but he begins to interact with his son more, trying to overcome the fear in his heart
  • It’s hard but he doesn’t want to insult the memory of his lost love by hurting Haruto
  • As he grows, Hanzo shows the video to his son so he never forgets what his mother looked like or that his mother loved him dearly


  • You made it full term with a clean bill of health, Genji working with Hanzo, Zenyatta and Mercy to make sure your mental, physical and spiritual health was good the entire pregnancy
  • Angela was scheduled away unfortunately when labor actually started
  • You had emphasized how much you wanted a natural birth, patting Genji’s hand as he worried over you while you went through a fairly normal labor
  • Shouta was born healthy and loud, Genji and you both crying almost as hard as the newborn when he was born
  • Hanzo and Zenyatta were there to celebrate your labor as well, being the closest family that Genji had
  • You were suddenly hit with a blinding headache, like the one you got when you had been kicked in the head in field
  • Your vision went white, then black before you completely passed out and then began to seize
  • The doctors rushed in, gave you anticonvulsants but that didn’t slow it, running an immediate full body scan found that an aneurysm had ruptured in your brain
  • Genji is stunned, becoming panicked and asking the doctors rushing around you what was happening, what could be done, are you okay
  • Hanzo goes to the hall and is making call after call to see if they can rush Angela back to work some kind of miracle like the one he had worked on Genji before
  • Zenyatta is no longer floating, he is walking, his hand is on Genji’s shoulder
  • Genji is mumbling, completely lost as he tries to make sense of what is happening his soul aching as he watches them intubate you, rushing you out and beginning surgery
  • Zenyatta is praying and Hanzo’s hand is a silent strength on Genji’s should but he never quite feels like any of this is real
  • An hour later the doctor comes out and says that he is very sorry but you slipped away while under
  • Genji absolutely loses it, he is screaming and crying, Zenyatta is holding him and Hanzo surprisingly is too
  • He is completely lost at what to do
  • Zenyatta and Hanzo assist with taking care of both him and the baby
  • It takes hi a while to come out of the numbness, Zenyatta’s wise words and Hanzo’s strength plus seeing Shouta who has so many pieces of you reminds him in bits and pieces that there is still a part of you that exists here
  • His faith was shaken but returns through support of those around him and a want to do right by the child that you both had brought into the world
  • Genji and you had taken hundreds upon hundreds of pictures and he is always showing them to Shouta, he wants to share your smile and energy with him as he grows

Soldier: 76

  • You made it to 38-weeks until you went into labor, Jack intensely worried but you comforted him saying anything after 37 would be good enough
  • You were in labor for just over fifteen hours when you finally began to push and were able to deliver a healthy, beautiful baby girl
  • Jack is crying wholeheartedly, telling you what a good job you did and how proud of you he is and saying how their daughter looks just like you
  • You’re tired, but happy, glad to hold your daughter against your chest but the nurse and doctors end up quietly and carefully ushering your daughter from the room
  • They tell you and Jack that your uterus isn’t contracting and you were bleeding much more heavily than you should have been
  • Jack is demanding treatment before coming back to your side, telling you that it would be alright, that you would be fine
  • You begin to shiver, telling him that you’re freezing, your heart rate monitor going wild with warning sounds before slipping into Class IV of hemorrhagic shock
  • The doctors are rushing bags of compatible blood into the room and giving you oxytocin and working hard to stop the bleeding
  • Jack ends up being pushed back from your body but the soldier’s mind was reeling as he tried his hardest to keep it together
  • But his mind is screaming at him that he should have known, he should have planned, he should have done something, he was letting you down just as he had let down his Overwatch family before
  • He goes into auto-pilot when the doctor tells him that you have passed, not displaying too much outward emotions, going right back to Commander mode
  • He had to make arrangements, he had to bring the baby home, he had to keep going, he couldn’t fucking stop because he knew the moment he did it would break him
  • And it did one night, Lily screaming cries filling the apartment, the child hungry but rejecting the formula that Angela had brought
  • Jack couldn’t figure out what to do and ended up just sitting there with his daughter who looked so much like her mother and cried with her; cried for who he had lost, cried because he felt so helpless, crying because he was just lost
  • Ana, Rein and Torb forcibly invite themselves to his place, Ana staying with the main for several weeks until he was actually back on his feet and not moving robotically
  • With their help and love and the love of the new OW agents, Lily grows up in a loving, healthy environment
Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 20: Is it mine?

Summary: Understanding is key. JokerXPregnant!Reader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 2025

Is it mine? Masterlist


“Jay, it was at the time where I didn’t think I could trust you. I thought maybe you would stop chasing me if it wasn’t yours.” Tears kept running down my cheeks. Jay and I had made progress but what all of that was ruined by this? Would he hurt me again?

“That’s not what I asked, (Y/N).” I hugged my own body to try and comfort myself, but all I wanted was for Jay to understand and comfort me. “Answer me!” He screamed causing me to jump. He must hate me now. I couldn’t let him know I was afraid so I screamed back. I had a baby to protect and I’d be damned if he acted like this the first day Alex was born.

“Yes, he’s yours! He’s yours okay! He was always yours. I never thought about sleeping with anyone else.” Whimpers came out of my mouth as tears streamed faster down my cheeks.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me? Did you think I’d be angry? Or were you just planning on leaving and then maybe I’d never find you again? Were you going to leave?” I cried harder, squeezing my eyes shut. Jay had stood up and begun pacing around the room. The baby, thankfully, was still calm in Jonny’s arms.

“Jay, I already told you why. I thought you would leave me alone. If it wasn’t yours, why would you want it? Why would you want to take care of us? I thought it’d be better to not be with you or for him not to have you. I thought all you had to offer was pain because that was all you showed me or anyone for that matter. Was I supposed to believe I was special? All we did was fuck, Jay. But that was all before you changed. I’m sorry, Jay. After that, I forgot that I never told you the truth until now. I stopped telling you that Alex wasn’t yours after the car ride and it never came up again.”

“You just forgot to tell me he was actually mine?” Being pissed meant he couldn’t think straight. He was asking stupid questions at this point.

“Fuck, Jay. I get it. You hate me because I lied. Because I lied about one thing. Now you think you can never trust me again because you fucking hate liars. You need to understand I did because before all of this, before living with you, before you changed, I thought that was the best way to help my child. I had money so I could take care of him on my own. I thought being with you would just put him in danger. I didn’t want your business partners to harm him because your business is the most important thing to you.”

He sat back on the bed. He didn’t look at me. I could tell by his face that he was thinking about what I said. “You think I wouldn’t protect you or him enough? You think I’d put you in danger? My business isn’t what is most important to me when I have you and Alex. You should know that by now.”

I shook my head. “No, Jay. I thought. I thought you wouldn’t be enough. I thought you’d hurt me if you found out. I thought there would be more bad than good. I couldn’t risk that since I am his mother. He has always been dependent on me since day one. I know you care about us and that we’re really important to you. I should have said was.”

“You think I would hurt you?” He looked at me this time. He was looking into my eyes to see if I was telling the truth.

“I was afraid you would. Then when Jonny got shot, I was afraid of what you’d do. So I told him that I had a one night stand. Then you hurt me and you proved that you would.” I looked at Jonny and he just nodded. I couldn’t hurt Jay’s and Jonny’s trust. It meant to much to me and wouldn’t harm much.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I reached over to him and held his hand.

“We’re passed that. I know we are. He’s ours, Jay. There was never anyone else just to let you know.” I leaned my head on his arm. “I’m sorry I lied.”

“You don’t have to be. You were just being his mom and you were afraid. Are you still?” He looked towards me.

“No, not anymore.” After shaking my head, I gave him a smile. “I’m happy with you, Jay. I have you and that beautiful baby boy. I get to see Jonny more. What more can I ask for?”

We laid down. My head was on his chest, while his arm circled around my back. “He was always mine.”

I looked at him curiously. “He is” My fingers intertwined with his hands as the room got quiet. I decided to ask Jay a question that needed an answer but could also make him push me out again. I believed in Jay and everything we had worked on together over these months so I asked anyways. “Why would you want him if he wasn’t yours? Just curious.”

Jay was quiet for a minute. He was debating on telling me. He opened his mouth as if he was going to speak but then closed it again. “That’s alright. You don’t have to answer.” I kissed his chest.

“Harley and I tried to have a kid once. We couldn’t. I blamed myself. I was and still am the reason she’ll never be normal. Then I met you for the first time, you were the one I wanted anything and everything with. I couldn’t do anything until I got so bad with Harley and she left. Otherwise, she’d probably kill ya and I couldn’t have that. I hurt her but never blamed her. It was me.” He looked down at me and saw I teared up. “Don’t you go crying again.”

I smiled at him. “I won’t. Continue, please.”

“When we slept together, I didn’t want you closer because I didn’t want to hurt you like I did with Harls. I never wanted to ruin you like I did her. When you left, it tore me up inside. Worst than I was. I thought it was my fault. I tore up the city looking for you. Killed a lot of my men when they came back and told me they couldn’t find you. Then you came back and were pregnant. I was hoping it was mine, and when I was told it wasn’t it didn’t matter. It was yours. I didn’t want you leaving again so even if the baby wasn’t mine I’d raise it as such. I didn’t want to admit I cared for you, so I hurt ya and you left. It wasn’t okay. You made things better when you were with me. So I had to find you. When I did, I went straight to you. No one can take you away from me.” He squeezed his hand that was on my hip but not enough to cause pain. “You’re mine. That’s never changing.”

I sat up a bit and gently placed my lips on his. “I don’t want it to. I love you, Jay.”

He kissed my forehead and sat up better. He looked towards Jonny, while Jonny was looking at Alex. “Give me my boy.” I rolled my eyes. That was him asking nicely. Jonny gently placed Alex in Jay’s arms. Seeing Jay hold him for the first time was beautiful, honestly. Jay smiled, and although it was strange, I’d never seen Jay so invested in someone. I cried a little at the sight and Jay just laughed. “Why you crying?”

I shook my head. “I just love you both.” I kissed Alex’s head and laid back seeing Jay and Alex together. Alex had smiled a couple times and stuck out his tongue while Jay made weird faces at him. I fell asleep seeing the best thing I could - my family.

Each and every day, Alex looked more like Jay. It bothered me. He had Jay’s hair, natural of course despite Jay constantly berating me to let him dye Alex’s hair when he got older. “Why don’t you look anything like me? I carry you for nine months and this is how you repay me?” Alex just made an almost laughing noise which made me smile. I held out my arms to him and he crawled towards me. “I love you still.” I kissed his head. He eventually pulled out of my arms and crawled to his toys.

Alex was nine months now. He was starting to try to talk more and stood up once in awhile to try to walk. Though, he’d just go back to crawling before taking a step. Jay would spend at least a couple hours with us each day then go deal with business. He tried to be with us as often as he could but he also took care of business. Jonny was always with me since Jay still didn’t trust anyone else to protect us. It was nice. Jonny always brought something to give to Alex every day which eventually stacked up into a massive amount of toys which Alex played with once or twice and neglected them afterward. Jay was dealing with some business with Jonny downstairs which left me to take care of the baby. I loved every second of it, though.

Alex stood up and I reached out my arms to him. “Come to mama. You can do it.” He took one step and I gasped. That was his first step. He slowly took more which made me smile. “Come on, baby. Mama is right here.” Once he reached me I scooped him up in arms and laughed loudly. My baby took his first steps. I looked at Alex and kissed him repeatedly which made him giggle.

“Dada.” Alex started trying to talk.

“Mama.” I said back to try to encourage him to speak.


“No, mama.”

“Dada.” I sighed but kissed his forehead.

“That’s alright. You’re still mama’s baby boy.” Jay came in looking at us.

“What’s going on?” I looked up at Jay with the biggest smile on my face.

“He took his first steps and tried calling for you. Watch.” I turned Alex towards his dad and pointed at Jay. “Dada.”

Alex tried to jump and smiled at Jay. “Dada”

“Hahaha, that’s my boy.” Jay came and picked Alex up. “I missed his first steps?”

Standing up, I placed a kiss on his cheek. “We got cameras, remember? We can always rewatch it.” Cameras were a safety precaution he added around the same time the room was finished. Jay wanted to have everything on camera so if he saw anything suspicious he could come straight over or send someone.

Jay looked at me. “Let’s go check it out.” As we went down to Jay’s office, Jonny was on his way towards us.

“Jonny! Alex spoke and took his first steps.” Jonny looked at Alex, and back towards me.

“I missed it?” I just chuckled while looking at Jonny’s face which if he did show emotions would be considered sad. It changed back to neutral expression quickly after.

“We were gonna go rewatch it since we have cameras. Come on.” We rewatched the video and Alex just tried to laugh which always made my heart melt. It was the cutest noise I have ever heard. Jay sniffed the air and I knew what that meant.

“What’s that smell?” Jay asked innocently which just made me laugh.

“Your son’s diaper. Not it!” Jonny looked at me.

“Not it!” 

Jay was the last one to not say it and he just sighed. I laughed at his face expression. “(Y/N), change him.”

“Nah, it’s your turn. I’m gonna go see what’s for dinner.” As I walked out of the room, I heard Jay mumble something which you could definitely tell he was annoyed. I laughed even harder.

“Love ya too, Jay.”

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I legitimately cringe at the Voltron fandom??? Like it’s one thing not liking a ship, but it’s another thing to attack it just because that ship had more moments than your OTP. That’s just like… so wrong? This is why I stayed away from this fandom. It literally what made me stayed away from Klance by how I see those shippers attack other ship. I am more often than not cringe at the thought of Lance because of how people just worship him and not let people be happy at some Keith or Shiro moments. 

Not liking it and criticizing the flaws Voltron season 2 had is absolutely okay and is all within everyone’s right but to ruin some people’s happiness to see other characters shouldn’t be the answer. 

You don’t have to happy and satisfied with Voltron but seriously don’t shove it in people’s throat when they are happy with what they got.

  • Shiro: Keith. Keith, I'm here. I'm okay.
  • Keith: [breathless chuckle] Shiro, you made it.
  • Shiro: It takes more than a glowing alien wound, a fall from the upper atmosphere, and crashing into a hard pan surface at what I'm guessing is about 25 meters per second squared to get rid of me.

I knew a film director named Allen, I met him online when I was in film school for the first time and was desperate for a true mentor. He talked to me about movies and advised me so I mistook him for one. I don’t even recall why we argued and never spoke again, the only thing I did remember from him was his eagerness to see Silence, an upcoming Martin Scorsese film that had been waiting for production since the 90s. That was in 2001. I read the book by Endo and understood why it was perfect for Scorsese and would indeed be a cornerstone of his career when he completed it. Then for 15 years I waited eagerly as every Scorsese film was announced. And wasn’t Silence. From the time I heard of and wanted to see Silence, he made The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island, Hugo, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Some great, some okay, but none Silence. And then finally in 2016, the news came that it was in production and would be released that year. Apparently very late that year and only in limited release. But finally, today, after over a decade of waiting I got to see it.

I realized as it began that whatever it was, it could not live up to what I’d built it up to be in my mind. I accepted that and decided to simply enjoy it for whatever it was.

The sound design caught my attention first, it wasn’t subtle but very bold. Then the photography unveiled itself and was, in every shot, jaw dropping. This is one of the best looking movies ever. Then came the brutality. Torture, physical and psychological, a million times more effective than any torture porn flick. Here it was sublime. Acting proved solid, writing captured exactly what I wanted from the novel. And the direction is Scorsese. That means whatever choices he makes can be considered a new standard for defining what is correct. He cannot be wrong because he himself is the measure of what is right. He earns and proves that distinction here. This is a film that, at every moment, assures you of how good it is. How skillful a work of filmmaking, how flawless a scene, how brilliant a line, how devastating a man’s struggle. It verges on too good, at any moment threatening to overtake its subject by removing you from the film to admire it. But only the verge. It never breaks the fifth wall, the wall between a filmmaker and their audience. You are trapped in it. It will not let your attention stray.

The book and film are likely the best works on faith outside of Ingmar Bergman (who also has a film called The Silence, about the same silence). What I consider a good movie about faith is different from many if not most. I have no admiration for faith in God. I am a pragmatist, a heathen, and one other thing a few of you know. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the art of Last Temptation and Bergman’s works, but it does mean there’s a wall between me and the tested Jesuit. No matter how deep into the movie I am, I will never feel triumphant in the persistence of faith. Endo and Scorsese do not require me to. This is a story that can be read in many ways. As a story of martyrdom, or great faith, of terrible faith, of love for God, and love of God for mankind, and also of the falsity of God, the cruelty of an indifferent Earth, and the folly of faith in anything but one’s self. The movie does not judge, it has no theme. It forces you to develop one for yourself. This is the best kind of art.

So we have a work here that is technically and philosophically at the top of the form, both for the artists who made it and for the art itself. All that is to say, I built it up over 15 years to be the best thing I’d ever see and condemned myself to be disappointed- And I was not disappointed. It’s not a favorite, yet, it’s not the best movie ever, but it did not disappoint because what it was, truly after all this time, was better and different from what I expected. I asked in a post a while back, what was the last shot that made you say “WOW!” I said it a hundred times today. 

Silence reminded me what I love about movies. It was a treat, like the best chocolate truffle, or that perfect peanut butter cup that has just the right amount of chocolate and peanut butter. It’s like cinematic candy. So I felt like Uncle Fester, smiling broadly as beloved innocents are tortured to death because while I felt the pain of the story, I felt overjoyed by the quality with which it was told. Maybe it’s like a campfire ghost story, or horror flick- You love it for hurting you, and relish the style of the pain. Judging by the audience this is a day-wrecker of a film, the kind you don’t watch casually. When it’s on Blu-ray, I will leave it on a loop on TV. I will go about my daily business knowing that at any time I can look up and see something epic.

What else can I say? It’s the best of 2016 by far. The best in several years. I loved it. I can’t wait to see it again. I hope one day I can make something like it. It’s the kind of movie that makes me want to make movies. And the kind of movie I go to theaters to enjoy.

10/10, would die before renouncing it.

Trials of The Darksaber

Well, that was a good episode.  I especially liked the music - it had it’s own feel, yet one that really seemed to work for Sabine - I’m going to love the season 3 soundtrack when it comes out!


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Brianna, whenever I'm watching a movie that has a romance storyline I imagine Stucky in their place, half the time it doesn't even fit but now I'm watching Casablanca and it's kinda perfect and I just made myself sad

This is relatable, I do this with everything.
I was visiting my old college the other day and I was sat in an office with two of my old teachers and they were bickering and he got out chocolate fudge brownies and she was like “…have you had them all day? you’ve hidden them from me all day? I’ve been hungry all day and you didn’t even offer?” and then when we were leaving she’d forgotten to pick up his books from her classroom and he was like “Okay well they were supposed to be handed in 15 minutes ago so you can interrupt the governors meeting to hand it in, I’m not doing it, I’ll get in trouble. You get away with everything bc you’re charming”
And i was sat there the whole time like “not to make this about steve and bucky but this would work as steve and bucky”

Okay so now that I’ve finished season 2, I just want to say that my multishipping ass is ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Like okay, Sheith has been the OTP from day one, and it’s probably still at the top there.

And I’m still high-key shipping Hance, and low-key shipping Klance, Shallura, and Shay/Hunk.



Before now I didn’t really see where people were getting it? And like I wasn’t really against it, was just mostly neutral.

But oh man, the storyline they had for these two this season just hit every single one of my weak points. I am HERE for this ship.

So my ship preferences are now probably, in order:







this season in ‘okay keith is a way better fighter than i gave him credit for’:

-held someone hostage with a sword, like, fully prepared to kill them

-wins a knife fight with his opponent holding both of the knives

-fought off 6 well trained fighters, all of whom had swords, with a knife, repeatedly

-speaking of said knife, made an impossibly accurate throw to lodge it in a closing trapdoor across the room

-disarmed a galra soldier in under two seconds

-crashes a pod, jumps out of it, takes down one guy with a sword before he even hits the ground, takes down a second guy immediately after and grabs his gun, all in a single move holy fucking shit

who taught this kid to fight


-that knife flip he does when fighting the first marmora? like it’s not remarkable it’s just a really cool move


Imagine Reg trying to stand up for you and getting nervous.

Reg looked like he might actually cry. He wrung his hands, face twisted with anxiety. “I-I’m sorry, I sh-should have, I-I-”

You smiled kindly and rubbed his hand, “It’s okay, Reg. I appreciate the effort.”

Reg ducked his head, pressing his lips together to keep them from trembling, “I made things worse, didn’t I?” he mumbled, staring at the table. He sounded so humiliated and guilty that it made your heart ache.

You lifted his chin so he had to look you in the eye, “Reg, it’s alright. I promise. I’m not mad. You did good.”

Reg pursed his lips unhappily, “I embarrassed you.”

You shook your head, “You could never embarrass me.” You kissed his cheek. “You’ll always be my knight in shining armour.”

The man smiled faintly, his eyes crinkling at the edges as he relaxed. “You’ve never needed me to rescue you.”

You grinned, “That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the effort.”

Gif Credit: Reg

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come on, tell me about fez x jackie lol

A lot of Fez in my inbox today. This is going to be so… okay.

Season 8 Fez/Jackie is a damn disaster. Not only because it was forced and rushed, but because it’s one of those things that made zero sense at this point of the show. Seasons ago, the posibility of them becoming an item went down once the characters started to grow on very different paths.

For a start, Fez’s characterization changed drastically from being a sweet guy, who at the end of the day, respected Jackie enough to not do anything when he found himself on a car with a very drunk Jackie who had given him “permission” of doing something else. Had this Fez been the one we got for the rest of the show, growing into a more understanding friend and man, respectful and less creepy every time, things would had been different and maybe even my opinion could had changed a bit.

But it didn’t.

Not only that, but after season 3′s episode ‘Ice Shack’, Fez is no longer interested in Jackie beyond the fact that she is hot and he will always be there to take a look at her and her body in case something is showing. But he doesn’t search for her romatic and sexual favor in the way he did during season 1 and 2, when his intentions, while reaching high shades of creepy, where a little bit more honests.

He also ignores her big time as a friend for the rest of the show until season 7, when they start forming some kind of friendship. He even helps her getting back with Hyde, but– here is another thing. Beyond the jokes and the teasing, he is not interested in Jackie and, more important, Jackie is never interested in him.

She was for a brief moment in season 2, I think? But it was more like, she missed him putting his entire attention to her. We have to remember who Jackie was during the early seasons. She was very different from season 5 Jackie, and she was incredibly needy in a different way than Fez.

Jackie loved the attention Fez gave her and that was it. She treated him bad, but like B A D. And something else. Something I HATE with all my heart about Jackie: she’s a racist. Why would Fez be with a woman who has always think of him as lesss because of where he comes from and his appearence?

The show has a long list of moments that are honest god racist and pretty much anti-latinx (Jackie buying pot from her latina maid? The fact that she always expresses ‘ew’ when talking about latinx, especially Mexico, the exotic land of booze and perdition her mother spend time in, and latinx workers, etc). And while Fez’s character is supposed to never reveal where he is from, I think the message is pretty clear with the actor and the actions of the show.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s because it’s a sitcom and the typical racism of the era, but it’s still… uncomfortable. And wrong. Yeah, it’s super gross, actually. It really makes me sad Jackie (and Red) is the character most used to deliver these ‘jokes’.

So, do I want Fez with a woman like that? NO. Do I think Jackie would date someone she so openly rejects? NO.

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hope this is okay :)

“Cry, baby, cry.”

On the night of Anthony’s last show in Hamilton he takes just a little longer getting his costume off, a little longer taking everything in, a little longer saying his goodbyes. He wanted to savor every moment, storing them in his memory for days where he just needed to reminisce, knowing that this chapter of his life that had brought him so many amazing opportunities was now going to end.

Jasmine finds Anthony standing out on the stage after his friends and family had made their way to the restaurant for the after party, Jasmine going back to her dressing room to get her things. She drops her things right by one of the entryways, walking over to wrap her arms around him from the back.

“Do you feel weird now that it’s over?” She questioned, staring out into the empty theater, a theater that had so many memories for the two of them to share. Anthony nodded, taking a deep breath, feeling Jasmine make her way to his side, holding his arm.

“It’s a big thing leaving something like this. But it’s a good thing, baby, you know? You’re going to do so many amazing things, and this is just the beginning,” She continues, her head falling against his arm. She’s surprised when he doesn’t answer, but when she looks up and gets a good look at his face, she realizes why.

“Baby, it’s okay to be upset,” She sighs, Anthony turning towards her to give her the smallest of smiles.

“It’s just such a weird thing to be done, you know?” His voice shook with each word, clearly trying to keep his emotions in check. It was the most upset Jasmine had seen him in a long time, but there wasn’t much that she could do to make things better at that moment in time.

“It’s going to be weird to not have you here in a few days. But Ant, you have the show to film. It was time for you to go, time for you to let Jordan take over,” She whispered, Anthony nodding. The silence filled the theater, and for a moment Jasmine just lets Anthony take everything in for the final time, staying by his side.

She hears him sniffle, and it’s only then that she lifts her head, turning towards him. “Cry, baby, cry,” She whispers, Anthony laughing as the tears began to fall without protest, Anthony reaching up to rub underneath his eyes.

He cries until there are no tears left, the two of them grabbing their things, walking off the stage together for the final time.

“You going to be okay?” Jasmine questions as they walk out the stage door to make their way to the restaurant, Anthony nodding as he used his free hand to grab hers.

“I love you, thank you for always knowing exactly what to say and being there for me,” Anthony mumbled, Jasmine smiling as she nods.

Jasmine would do anything to see Anthony healthy and happy, and although it was sad for her to watch him leave the show, she knew the road he had in store for him was going to be full of light and love, and that’s what really matters.