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My hands slipped. Pair that Selene with a Dirthamen @selenelavellan

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I drew Jack and Mark as Greg and Angus from Night in the Woods! Yay!

Soooo the story behind this…I was basically watching Jack’s play through of Night in the Woods and I loved the fact that Jack and Greg were a lot alike and I was going to just draw Jack as Gregory but that changed when I had noticed how adorable Greg and Angus were so I decided to draw them as Septiplier. Thought it would be adorable.

Edit: I also want to say something about the whole Septiplier thing. So yes I made it a Septiplier. Why? Not only because I wanted to draw a Septiplier, and because I wanted to draw Jack as Greg, but because I just like being creative with the whole Septiplier thing. Yes I ship it, but I do respect both Mark and Jack. I don’t take the ship too seriously at all. I know that they will never be together. I’m okay with that, it doesn’t stop me from writing fanfiction or drawing fan art. The Septiplier ship and even other ships and the people involved inspire me. That’s all. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion…I still love both Mark and Jack and I will always support them and respect them as people…Septiplier is just one of the things I enjoy and I love being creative with…well not too creative if ya know what I mean…Okay anyway I’m sorry for the ramble or if it didn’t make sense…I just needed to put that out there.

I know that probably no one cares but I just have to write some words rn

thank u for this amazing season, it was so damn good some of our faves and ofkurz harsh for the others // as always, no one can slay 24/7 // but I’m sure we all had fun there, we had our second lifes :”) (Włodzimierz Szaranowicz indeed); thanks to all of my fave mutuals who made ski jumping season even better //u know who u are//;

I’m pretty sure it was the most ‘memic’ season evah (Demon, Tande, Cene’s ski, Lewandowski in Oberstdorf, Maciej 5ot and probably more), the most flyin’ season (these PB, WR, HR, bro!)…

it was good but now it’s over, we finally got our lifes back (what is life?), we can go out and have fun (spring, okay?), we’re also supposed to study //no excuses anymore, sorry not sorry// 

take care and see you next season, let 2017/2018 be more epic xoxo

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PS ofkurz I’m not disappearing lol

PS2 and see ya in Wisła xoxo

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Are you feeling okay?

Taking this opportunity to vent vent vent..I’m on mobile so I can’t tag so tw for: hospital ment//
Sort of. I had a sugar high but now it’s fading and I’m back to my anxious self ;-;
I’m really worried about dad. The other day I broke down crying at the mall because dad like. Never complains about any sort of pain but he was clutching at his side and making faces it made me so anxious. I dunno what to do since we don’t have insurance and stuff and HHHHHHHHHH. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I guess most of this fear stems from that time mom almost di ed when I was like. 9 years old? 10 years old? I don’t remember. From a sepsis attack and the trauma never truly left me. I’m still really scared. Dad is going back to the hospital tomorrow. Ghxhsjsha I really wanna cry about it????? I’m so scared

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Much of the fan debate on what happens in the final two books centers on which theories are supported by the narrative and which are not. In your opinion, are there any events in the first five books that WEREN'T really supported by the narrative? Anything at all that made you think 'that doesn't really work' even if you eventually changed your mind?

…not really? I’m trying to think over all the various events of the books, and there’s nothing that really comes to mind?

Like, okay. When I first read the books, I read them fast. My brother had gotten them from the library, and as soon as he finished he passed them to me, and as soon as I finished I passed them to my other brother. So I went through AGOT-AFFC extremely quickly, in less than two weeks, and it was pretty much a rollercoaster ride of events. I didn’t have time to analyze anything. Then afterwards, the FAQ answered the few questions I had, and the forums were so deeply unimpressive that I didn’t bother engaging with the fandom or in any further analysis of the narrative. (Short of discussing the books sometimes with my brothers, once at a meetup-con, and once briefly on fandom_wank, uh probably during the Diana Galbadon “fanfic is like white slavery” wank ‘cos IIRC GRRM had his Usual Opinions in that one.)

However, on my reread before ADWD was released, that’s when I read slowly and in depth. And because I’d already read the books, I could see where GRRM had steadily built up events in the narrative, leaving little clues, pulling plot threads together, so that even supposed “twists” were usually telegraphed far in advance. Which is in fact GRRM’s preferred mode, because he says doing otherwise would be bad writing. And he’s not a bad writer. A gardener-writer, in that often plots and characters grow organically, not exactly where he thought they would go, but when something like that happens he always makes sure to go back and support it. Y’know he doesn’t write one chapter and then the next and then the next, right? Instead he’ll work on one POV for a while, and if something happens in that POV that requires support/changes in another POV, he has to go back and rewrite the pages of that POV he’s already written. Which is one reason his writing takes so damn long.

Anyway, so, I can’t think of anything I ever thought didn’t really work? Sure, there are characters whose development doesn’t always work for me (Euron and Darkstar, maybe a few others), but not any plot developments. (And for those characters, it’s not their relationship to the plot that I’ve rolled my eyes at.) Like, the other day @poorquentyn was talking on twitter about various twists, and the only one he thought wasn’t well supported was the resolution to the Bran’s assassin mystery. And even that one, we knew from the beginning it wasn’t Tyrion due to (among other things) the bit with the betting on Jaime, and still, the answer that it was Joffrey who hired the catspaw is developed over several chapters of ASOS. (I think it’s possible GRRM originally had someone else in mind, though, maybe Robert due to his ownership of the dagger? And maybe Robert’s character developed otherwise? But you can still see a sense of it in that Robert was the one who said (while drunk) that Bran should be put out of his misery, he’d just never actually do that, but Joff would to impress his dad.)

But in general, I’ve always been impressed by GRRM’s patient plotting. Murderous little Big Walder, how Raff the Sweetling ended up in Braavos (which is how I figured it out before it happened, not by guessing, just by putting the pieces together), Jon’s assassination, all the everything leading up to the Red Wedding… you name it, there’s always clues and reasons for plot developments. (Which doesn’t necessarily mean everything is a clue. Sometimes the Three Stooges are just the Three Stooges.) And I find GRRM’s foreshadowing often facepalmingly entertaining. But maybe I’ve overlooked something. If there’s any plot event that you feel (or anyone else feels) wasn’t supported by the previous narrative, let me know, and I’ll tell you how GRRM got from Point A to Point Z. :)

Liam AU// Just To Hear You Again

FBI Profiler Liam AU


Read my other AUs: Zayn-Niall-Louis-Harry

“Liam…” you mumbled, your fingers running down his bare chest. He only stirred in his sleep. You smiled and kissed his cheek. “You said you had to work today, baby.”

“After last night? he hummed, “I might need to call in sick,” he said, kissing your lips. His happiness and lust transferred in the kiss. You never felt so much joy in a relationship before. The way he held you made you feel safe. His arms always wrapped around you perfectly.

“Okay, I made breakfast for you, so please get ready for work, Li,” you smiled.

“Man, I love you,” he muttered out. You had never heard Liam mutter those words out before. You were shocked, but it had been six months. “You don’t have to respond, I just want you to know.”

“No, I love you, Liam,” you admitted. “I just wasn’t expecting that, but I love you.”

Liam looked at you and smiled, “Well, I have work to get to.”

You nodded, letting him get up and walk to the bathroom. You sighed walking into the kitchen. Your heart felt heavy as you looked back down on your phone to the text on the front scene.

“Meet in the usual. We have to talk.”

Liam left for a work an hour ago after the text. You left right after did, although he thought we were going to work as well. You drove into the city to the Royal Star Hotel. You thought it would have been better not to tell Liam about this meeting since you know the reason why wasn’t desirable.

You sat on one of the chairs in the lobby across from an empty one. You sat there with your arms and legs crossed, waiting for him. You knew he was enjoyed keeping you waiting; it was his favorite game to play with you.

You received a text, and you quickly looked down at it. It was from Liam. You only glanced at it.

“Don’t wanna leave him waiting,” a too familiar voice said, placing his hands  on your shoulders,”Do you?”

Your shoulders tensed as you didn’t even want to turn around, “I wanna finish this first.” Kevin Luck.

He walked over to his seat and nodded, “Actually let’s talk about him. Let’s talk about Liam,” he said, sliding you a brown folder.

“No, what do you really want to talk about? you mumbled, sliding the folder back.

Kevin shrugged and opened it himself, “Okay then. Supervisory Special Agent, or SSA, Liam James Payne. Youngest Unit Chief in history. A credit score of 768. Very impressive. Lives on 536 Oak Lane with a dog, Loki, who just had a vet appointment. He has not taken a sick day in over a year. I would hate to see him ill. For the last two months, he has taken out 35 to 75 Euros after every case and it’s spent at either a take-out place or a high-end restaurant and a very expensive gift on its way. You guys have a seventh month anniversary coming up?”

You slightly nodded.

“I don’t wanna ruin the surprise then,” he winked.

“Did you come here to tell me facts about my boyfriend?” you asked.

“No but I’m sure you remember your help in my little business,” he reminded you. “and by the status of your relationship with your FBI boyfriend, he must not know either.”

You sighed and closed the folder, “I don’t do that anymore. I have a respectful job as a nurse practitioner, and I moved on and you should too, Kevin.”

“Listen, sweetheart. Business is booming and I gotta keep moving the product.”

“It isn’t product, it’s drugs,” you corrected. “It’s been over three years since I’ve helped you. I’ve turned a new leaf, and Liam doesn’t deserve this, but if you contact me again, I will have you arrested and that’s a promise.”

“But the thing is that you had quite the hand in my endeavors. How do you think Liam’s gonna feel about dating an international felon?”

With much anger, you stood up, “When I left, you told me I was free to go without charge. We had a deal.”

“That was before I saw you so profitable, baby,” his hand caressed your cheek. You quickly slapped it away. “I’ll leave you alone; just keep the FBI off my back, and you and Liam can live happy ever after. And you could simply tell Liam, but what good would that do if he were dead.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Consider it a warning. Have a great day, Y/N.” He stood up, leaving the file on the small table. “And consider coming back, baby. It would be nice to have my favorite girl on the job again.”

You looked at your phone again where Liam’s text still laid. You quickly replied saying, “I’ll bring food to the office :)” You sent the text before leaving the lobby with a lot on your mind.

You arrived at Liam’s office to find it empty. You sat down in the chair across from his desk and waited. You browsed your phone and hoped to see Liam come in or message you, but it was silent. You saw Niall walk past the office door before he stopped and backtracked his way into the office in confusion.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? Niall asked.

“Liam told me to meet him here for lunch today,” you smiled, showing him your pasta. “Have you seen him?”

Niall looked at you in more confusion, “He called in sick today. He called and didn’t come in.”

“No, I made him breakfast, and I saw him off to work. And we joke about it sometimes, but Liam has never taken a sick day that I’m aware; he’s as healthy as a horse.”

“He sounded a bit tired and his breathing was off, but he just sounded ill,” he laughed. “But I’m glad he didn’t come in; I hate seeing him ill.”

I would hate to see him ill.

Those words hit you like a bullet. Your heart stopped for a moment.

“Kevin Luck…” you whispered under your breath.

“Kevin Luck? How do you know Kevin Luck?” Niall asked, closing the door. “Y/N, how do you know Kevin Luck.”

You felt the words ready to slip off your tongue, but you held them back. “We used to be friends when I was in my early twenties, and I-I think he has Liam. Liam would never call in sick, and if he did, you and I both know we could crawl into work before being sent home. Niall, he’s not safe!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he soothed, attempting to calm you down. “If it’ll make you feel better, we can go to his house and see if he’s there, but you have to talk to me Y/N…people just don’t know Luck.”

You nodded, “Can we just talk in the car? I just wanna know if Liam’s okay.”

You sat in the black SUV only looking down at your hands, trying to avoid Niall’s direct eye line. You knew what would happen if he knew what you did. You lost a great amount of confidence and yourself when you were with Kevin. It took years to recover.

“Please don’t do this, Y/N,” Niall began. “Like I said earlier, people don’t just know Kevin Luck because they went to high school together or something; I know you know him from somewhere else, and I–”

You blanked out and looked outside your window as the traffic slowed. You looked ahead and noticed the police lights. You saw the pieces of the car before you saw the collision. It was only a solo crash. Soon enough, your eyes widened.

“Y/N, do you hear me?” Niall asked. tapping your shoulder.

“Oh my god, Niall. Stop the car! That’s Liam’s car!” you yelled.

Niall took a double take before realizing the same.  He pulled off on side of the road. You both ran out the car as soon as it stopped.

“You can’t be in this scene, guys,”  a policeman said, holding back you and Niall.

“I’m a federal agent, and that vehicle belongs to my unit chief. Is he in the car?” Niall asked sternly, flashing his credentials. The officer shook his head. “That makes it a federal case. Can you show me the scene?”

“Uh, yes, and who is she?”

“I-I’m his girlfriend.”

“Y/N, you have to wait in the car. I can’t have you at a potential crime scene, but I’ll be with you as soon as everyone else gets here,” Niall told you.

You sighed and nodded, “I’ll tell you about Kevin Luck if you promise to find Liam.”

Liam’s head pounded as his eyes finally fluttered open. His eyes adjusted to the dim light at what looked a small medal table. He looked down at his chained wrist that laid locked on the table.

“Hey, bud, you’re up,” a voice said across from him. 

Liam’s eyes lazily looked up and nodded, “Kevin Luck.” Kevin nodded and pulled a file from under the table and placed it on top. “You hacked my car, crashed it just to show me a folder?”

He chuckled and opened it to reveal photos. He looked at them closely; they were all you. Some of them were recent from the six months you had been together, but others he didn’t recognize.

“Quite the gem she is,” he smirked. “I remember taking this one in particular.” He slid a photo of you on the bed. Cash surrounded you on the bed as you laid there in purple lingerie. “I remember her being so free, flowy, sexy. But I’m sure you know.”

Liam was silent and only looked down at his hands. 

“She was my right hand. I had never met a girl so loyal and excited,” Kevin smiled. “Y’know, her favorite thing was sitting in on exchanges. She said she liked the way I did business.”

His blood began to boil, but he tried to keep his cool. He looked down, avoiding his eye line. Liam couldn’t stand other guys talking about you in derogatory ways. You had only been together for six months, but he absolutely hated it.  

“But someone times she would get out of line, and a punish would be in order. I don’t know, but there was something intoxicating about her when she was in pain.” Liam’s fist hit the table hard enough for some of the photos to jump. “Woah, calm down there, man. You’ll be feeling what she felt in a second.” 

You sat in the conference room with Niall and Louis sitting across from you. The last time you were in this room was last month. Liam wanted to introduce you to his team. He thought you deserved to meet the people who took up so much of his time.

“Are you ready? Are you okay?” Louis asked, sliding a cup of water near you. You nodded and looked up. “How do you know Luck, Y/N?”

“When I had finished college, I met Kevin. I liked him because he was kind of a bad boy, and I never met anyone like him before. He was a little bit older, and he treated me nicely at first,” you began. “We dated for about two and a half months before he started taking me on vacations because he said he was on business. It was fun until he saw what he did.”

“But he convinced you to stay around?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, and I did. But then as the months went on, he made my life more lavish but his demands got more strike. He uh…to sometimes close deals…he would offer me to other men…”

“Y/N–” Louis began.

“But I knew if I would have said no, he would punish me, he would leave me in a foreign country with no money and no way home, and I just…”

“You wanted to survive,” Niall finished. You nodded. “How would he punish you, Y/N, if you don’t mind.”

You took a drink of your water and sighed, “Is it really necessary?”

“We have to build an accurate profile for this guy, and this might help us find Liam,” Louis explained.

You sighed deeply and nodded to yourself, “At first, it was sexual things; spanking, rope, choking y’know. Then he hit me once. At his worse, he would chain me to a metal chair and electrocute me, or he would waterboard me or…” You couldn’t finish your thought before Niall interrupted.

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to share that anymore, okay?” he said, handing you a box of tissues.

“Can we ask you one more question, Y/N?” Louis asked. You agreed. “Why didn’t you tell Liam?”

“Because everything I did, everything I became, I didn’t want Liam to think of me like that. I when I was approaching normal, I met Liam. We started dating almost a year later because I didn’t know if I was ready to trust another man. But when I finally trusted Liam, he treated me like no other guy ever did, and I didn’t want Kevin coming back into my life even if it was only a conversation.” It was completely quiet for a moment. “Y’know, Kevin told me he loved me and I wanted to believe him but I never could, but this morning was the first time Liam told me he loved me and I felt my entire world shift, and I have to hear him say that again.”

“We will, Y/N. I promise,” Louis said.

Why does every female comedian have a joke that basically boils down to “I like to eat?” Okay cool you have normal human functions like hunger how is that a punchline? Maybe if you had something about what weird food preferences you have backed with a funny story involving it like I dunno you wanna just soak in a bathtub full of mac n cheese or build a fort made of Pop Tarts at least that involves at least a little creativity like geez.

bride | taehyung

Who would be to wear this dress if the bride who wore it wasn’t you?

genre: angst.

word count: 1.4 k

trigger warning: mentions of death.

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BTS Reaction: Falling in love with their psychologist

Jin: He’d be super conflicted as soon as he realized he loved his psychologist. It was to get help to make sure he was okay during promotions, but now he had even more to worry about.

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Suga: He’d be very serious about this. He was a little irked having to go to a psychologist, anyway. This just made it all a bit worse. He’d be VERY concerned, being a bit grumpier than usual.

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J-Hope: His usually bright happy smile would be no more as he realized his problem, making him have to go to the psychologist more. Finally he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, confessing just to get it off of his chest.

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Rap Monster: He’d, of course, be the more logical person. As soon as he realized he was in love, he’d have to sit and talk to someone he trusted, most likely either Suga or Jin, to get advice on the situation. He’d end up asking for a session and confessing in a serious manner.

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Jimin: He’d probably be weighed down by his feelings, knowing there could be consequences. He’d need maybe a few days to think, then h’d just confess, trying to get it out of his system.

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V: Tae would confess as soon as he realized he was in love. He would obviously weigh his consequences and decide that keeping it in would make everything worse on him. He’d confess and see where it led.

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Jungkook: He’d hold it in. He would never confess. He may tell his feelings to one of his hyungs, but only after they broke it out of him. He would know it would be too difficult. It’d break him down a bit, because he had to go into sessions so often, but he’d eventually be okay.

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Honestly, I had no idea where to go with this one… Hope you still like it. :/


I wish I had someone who came home after a hard day of work and appreciates that I have spent my day making his life a little easier. Showing me that he appreciates that I spent all day cleaning, running errands, paying bills and looking after his baby to save $. And I show him I appreciate him by cooking him dinner and letting him relax after a hard day of work. Cuddling up on the couch as a family spending quality time together… I wish I had someone that spent days off at home doing things as a family, whether it be going on an adventure or just snuggling up in bed giggling and talking, watching movies and eating bad food.
I wish I had someone that asked me If I was okay. Told me that I am beautiful and they are so proud of me. I wish I had someone that told me they loved me, and I could 120% believe them.
I wish my son had the best role model, that made him happy. That fussed over him constantly and taught him things that noone else could.
I wish that everything was different.
And I am so sad that it isnt.
Im tired of waiting for change.
We deserve to be the most important things in this world to someone. We deserve what we put in.

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Okay, so I had a Skype call with Dark and Anti last night (that was about 3 hours jfc it was amazing) and I haven't slept yet because it was so good. The lights and my laptop were screwing up the entire call and let me tell you something I was shaking so much last night. So, Anti, Dark - you two are amazing demons. Scared me shitless. Made me cry. Thank you so much for Skyping me last night and answering the few questions I had. And just wondering, is Google available to Skype ever? Thank you!!!

Google is always available, along with Bing. The others we are unsure of, but otherwise we could easily get you to speak with them.

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I'm happy that you left the ScriptX family tbh. I've seen and heard them do this that me be a bit like: " Hmmm, you aren't nice people." Good thing you can do your own thing indepenently now. I'm happy for you.

Okay, but the vast majority of them are very nice and the rest are amiable. It wasn’t anything to do with the people that made me leave, the group dynamic was changing as people came and trends cropped up that I didn’t like.

I still follow some of the script blogs because they are good blogs and good people, but I didn’t like the restrictions the group had set up and the dynamic trends so I left the group to remove myself from that. I in no way have any ill will towards the ScriptFamily and I would still consider most of them among my friends. Please don’t be hateful or disrespectful towards them or their group because of the decision I made to leave. Disrespect is one of the smaller reasons why I left and I don’t like it in any of its forms, so please don’t blame or hate them.

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If it pleases you wcif rylans hair when he meets his mom. ( and if at all possible when he let's his hair down ) Hope that last bit made sense but... Love your blog I'm dying with current developments(loving every minute of it but still dying) Okay long message done thank you. 🔆

its this hair right here! but it’s only for women if i remember correctly i had to mess around in blender and sims 4 studio to make it work correctly on rylan! I don’t have a hair for him thats all the way down but i would love one if anybody had any suggestions?

An Update

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. If you do not know, I am transgender, and I have been out since late last year. Recently, I got into a situation where I made the decision to cut some toxic people out of my life. To some of you, this may come as a shock, but my mother was one of them. Though she told me she was initially alright with me being transgender, she has taken that back and admitted that she was not okay with it. She refused to use my name or the right pronouns, and I made it clear that I was not going to come around if she refused to accept it. We have not talked since then, and it has been difficult dealing with it. However, I am moving on from it. 

Since coming out, I have earned a sense of confidence that I never imagined I would have. I have made friends that feel more like the family I wish I had instead of the one I had to deal with for so long. Thinking back, I realize that the person I was last year is nowhere near the same person I used to be. 

For one, I have been hardcore questioning if I am actually asexual or not. Since deciding to date guys, I have noticed just how quickly my attraction has changed. I do not know what I identify as right now, but I need to follow my friend’s advice and try not to stress so much about fitting into a label. I mean, being transgender has enough stress for me to deal with. All I know is that guys are incredibly attractive to me.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about involves my past. When I look back, I never see myself. I see the memories of someone else that I just happened to have. I do not know if this happens often, but it does give me some insight on how much I have changed. I have dealt with a lot of shit lately, but I am trying to get through. I have started going to therapy, which has helped me so much, and I have surrounded myself with a support group that I consider to be my family.

In the last few weeks, I have struggled with eating. I used to be stress-eat often, but that has completely flipped. I have to force myself to eat or have someone message me asking if I have eaten. I am doing a bit better, but I still do struggle with it. There are days that I eat like I used to, but there are days where I just sit around for hours before realizing I haven’t even touched food.

I am kind of proud of myself because I did find a way out of a complete panic attack the other night. It tells me that I am strong enough to deal with these situations. Well, in some cases, I am strong enough. I know that this does not mean I will get through every bad time, but it helps me realize I can handle it a bit better.

Like I said, the last few weeks have been rough, but I am seeing it as the change I need to become the person I want to be. I do not know what prompted me write this. I guess it could just be a brief update for all of you, or something else entirely.

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My first experience with therapy was in IOP when I was 16. I completely broke down one day and my mom and I both knew that I needed more help than she could give me. I went in wanting answers... to be magically "fixed" and for everything to be okay again. I wish someone had told me that bc as soon as I realized it was me who had the answers I made progress.. real progress. So it's absolutely true that therapists don't glue the pieces back together but sometimes they provide the glue? :) you rock

Totally agree! Thanks anon!

Taiko’s Mother’s Day


This is just a little scene I made… @xchellmoonchild had an OC Taiko whose baby died before he hatched, and after reading/seeing a lot of sad posts on their tumblr I decided to write a reunion. Just in time for Mother’s Day as well ^_^ Yes I didn’t miss the deadline!! Anyway, I hope it’s okay… I cried while I was writing it.
*Also yes I used Viola. I couldn’t think of any other way to bring Helidon back. She’s a good person sometimes :)


“Viola… if I show you something, do you promise to keep it just between us?”

“Listen to me, Viola. This is important. You absolutely cannot let your father know I’m showing you this – he’s a better person than he was, but he’s still a bad person. He’ll use them for evil.”
“I know that! Don’t worry Grandpa, I won’t tell him.”
“Good… and remember, they’re only for emergencies. You can’t use them for selfish things, that’s how I got banned from using them.”
“Okay, I get it! Just show me.”
“Do you promise you’ll use them properly?”
“Grandpa… if you didn’t trust me, you wouldn’t even be showing me how to make them, right?”
“… Right.” Katas smiled at Viola. “Just checking.” He chuckled. “Okay… first of all, focus your energy into the dragon. Try to imagine it growing – as if you’re building a ki attack, but visualise the dragonballs instead.”
“Okay…” Viola mumbled. She stared at the small model dragon she had made in front of her, and concentrated.
“Visualise the dragon coming to life, focus as much energy into it as you can.” Katas said. “Remember the more energy you give it, the greater the wishes it can grant.”
“Mm…” Viola uttered, her eyes closed in concentration. She felt her energy leave her body; she felt herself become drained… Then she opened her eyes, and smiled.

There were dragonballs. Seven of them, scattered around the dragon. It was glowing slightly, as if it had its own life force. She could feel it; it was real! But then… “Wha?” Viola blinked, disheartened when the dragon’s energy disappeared, and the dragonballs faded away. She looked at Katas, confused. “What happened?” Viola frowned.
“Don’t worry.” Katas waved a hand. “Not everyone can do it right away – and your powers have probably been weakened by your icejin blood.” He smiled. “But it’s okay, you’ll get it. Try again.”
“Okay.” Viola sighed, and once again focused her energy into the dragon.

“I’m putting my trust into you. The dragonballs are not toys, they are a gift. Never use them for selfish reasons, and never unless you absolutely have to. They’re for you to protect yourself and your family, understand? If you use them for bad reasons, I’ll know – and I’ll come for you!”
“Haha. Okay Grandpa, I get it. I won’t abuse them. I promise.”

Viola stared dreamily into the street, at a gift store opposite her favourite café. She was relaxing with a coffee, after shopping for Frikiza’s Mother’s Day present. The store was promoting Mother’s Day. Everywhere Viola looked there seemed to be signs and promotions for it. It always made her remember… him. The person that had taught her to create dragonballs. He was her grandfather… Or at least he had been, for a short while. She hadn’t known him long. He was her grandmother too though, technically. He was the sole parent of her father, someone he’d been separated from for hundreds of years. Viola never forgot how happy he’d been to meet her father. He’d spent so long waiting for a chance… even if it was only for such a short time, he’d been grateful for every second he got with his child. Viola couldn’t imagine what it was like. She wasn’t a mother herself, but she’d been happy for him all the same. Parents should be with their kids, right? Even though most of the people in Viola’s life had difficult families. Maybe she was just lucky to have had both of her parents with her all the time – even her own brother couldn’t say that. Viola was the only child of Piccolo Daimao that had grown up in a normal home, and even then it wasn’t all that normal compared to most families. Still, though… it was normal enough to appreciate that parents should be with their children on Mother’s Day. Or Father’s Day, or Christmas… pretty much any day you could buy a card for. Any day that reminded her of Katas. She smiled slightly, setting down her coffee. She’d been thinking about this idea for a while… Would Katas be mad at her if she used the dragonballs? It wasn’t exactly an emergency, and she didn’t need to do it. It was a good thing, though… and it was nice to do good things, right? Maybe Viola wouldn’t normally bother, but she’d seen so many Mother’s Day posters today it kind of felt like a sign that she should. So yeah, maybe she should. If Katas had a problem with it he could always send some angel down to take her dragon powers, right? It was kind of a miracle that she even had them at all. … Whatever. Viola wanted to, and she had a habit of doing whatever she wanted. She’d have to wait until tonight though, when her family were sleeping. The last thing she wanted was for her father to find out she could make dragonballs.


It was late at night, in a forest far away from her home and civilisation. Viola stopped in a clearing, certain that nobody would see her here. She looked around, just to make sure… yeah. Nobody was here. She couldn’t sense anybody for miles. Okay. She reached into her bag, and pulled out seven dragonballs, dropping them onto the ground. She squatted down beside them and whispered, “Iggy. Come out quietly.”

The creature didn’t obey. With a great beam of light Viola’s dragon shot out of the dragonballs, taking up a good portion of the sky above them. “Iggy!” Viola hissed. “Come down! I don’t want anybody to see you!”
“Shouldn’t I be here…?” The dragon spoke, lowering herself below the trees.
“I’m not sure. My grandpa told me to only use you in emergencies.” Viola giggled. “So I guess we’re breaking the rules a little… but it’s for a good cause. You’re okay with that, right?”
“Yes.” Iggy nodded. “But it’s late. I’m tired. Speak your wish now please.”
“Okay.” Viola sighed. Seriously? The dragon had been sleeping for years! “Whatever. Listen – I want you to do something good in honour of Mother’s Day. Reunite a parent and child that have been separated.”
“Which parent and child?” Iggy questioned.
“Doesn’t matter.” Viola shrugged. “It doesn’t even have to be someone from Earth. Just pick someone that deserves it, I don’t care who you choose. Oh!” She looked at Iggy sternly. “But – if one of them died because of sickness, cure them. Don’t just bring them back to life for them to die again later.”
“Oh…” Iggy uttered. “That’ll take up a lot of my power, to fix them as well. You won’t be able to make any more wishes for a year.”
“That’s fine. I’m not even supposed to make this one.” Viola replied. “Do it.”
“As you command.” Iggy’s ki rose briefly, and her body glowed. “… It is done. Farewell.”
“Wha –” Viola began to cry out, but before she could stop her Iggy disappeared, along with the dragonballs that had turned to stone as soon as their wish was granted. Viola let out a sigh. Damn. She’d at least wanted Iggy to tell her who she’d chosen. … Meh. Whatever. She trusted Iggy’s judgement. One more mother was seeing their baby again. “Sorry, Grandpa.” Viola giggled, glancing up at the sky. “You’re not the only one that gets a second chance.” She jumped into the air, and flew back home.


Meanwhile, on the distant Planet Namek, the gilled Namekian Taiko let out a sigh as he lay in bed. He couldn’t sleep. He took another drag of his cigarette, hoping it would relax him. … Nah. He didn’t feel any different. He exhaled slowly, closing his eyes. This was so frustrating. He had a busy day at school tomorrow; his students were having their assessments. He needed to sleep… Dammit. This was pissing him off.

Crack. Taiko frowned as a sound came from somewhere nearby. What the hell was that…? Crack. Again. What? He sat up, his ears poking upright in alarm, and he stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray at his bedside. What was that noise? Crack. It sounded like it was coming from inside the house… he could feel a small energy all of a sudden. Did an animal get in here? Taiko rose from his bed, and stepped out into the corridor.

Crack! The sound grew louder. Taiko jerked his head towards it, and he stopped. It was coming from… the spare room. It was – … it used to be a nursery. A long time ago. The door was closed. Nothing could get in. Still, though… the sound was coming from inside. Taiko became unnerved. This energy felt familiar. It felt like… No. No, that was impossible. What the hell was going on? What was making that sound? Crack!

Taiko’s entire body froze. He tensed and gasped, his breath catching in his lungs at that sound. It sounded like… But that was impossible. He knew it was impossible. It wasn’t just the sound, though. The energy was stronger. That energy… “Waa!”
“H…” Taiko choked, his body shaking. He stared at the door with wide eyes, his breathing becoming frantic. No… No no no –
“Helidon!” Taiko screamed, and raced towards the door. He opened it clumsily and burst into the room, convinced he wouldn’t really see – … Kami.

Taiko panted breathlessly, his heart pounding at the vision he saw before him. It was… an egg. A cracked egg, with a crying baby sitting in the remnants of its shell. His baby… No. No way. This was impossible. He’d gone crazy! He’d lost it! Taiko let out a loud cry, scrunching his eyes shut in an attempt to block out what he was convinced was an illusion. No. He could still hear the baby, wailing loudly. No! In floods of tears Taiko grabbed hold of his ears and ripped them off, destroying his ear drums. The room fell silent, but when he opened his eyes the baby was still there. Why was he there! Kami… was this real? Was this - - no way! Taiko threw his claws into his own eyes, screaming in pain as he tore them out. Okay! Okay this couldn’t be real, and if this wasn’t real then the baby would definitely not still be there when – shit but Taiko could still feel his ki! He screamed again, regenerating his eyes and ears, and as soon as he did his drums became flooded with the sound of the baby crying. The image of him came back; he was still there as clear as day, sitting in his egg and crying. His ki was strong. He was healthy… “Helidon!” Taiko cried.

He raced over to him, and he stopped dead. He was terrified to touch him in case he disappeared. How? How was this happening? “Helidon!” Taiko sobbed. He grabbed hold of his own antennae, tugging on them in his anxiety, adrenaline rushing through his veins. How? How was this real? Was it really…? “H…” Taiko gasped, and extended his hand out. Slowly, slowly… “Nrrg!” He cried out when the baby grabbed it. It was real. Taiko could feel him. His hands were warm. Taiko could feel his energy. It was real! “Baby!” Frantic, Taiko grabbed hold of the baby and pulled him up into his arms. “It’s you!” He wailed. “It’s you!” He buried his face against Helidon’s head, sobbing loudly. Tears streaming down his face, he held onto Helidon as tight as he could, terrified to let go in case he went away. “Ssh, ssh.” He soothed him desperately, bouncing the tiny screaming body as calmly as he could. He couldn’t do it calmly; he was a wreck. He bounced the baby softly but unevenly, his entire body trembling. “It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay.” He spoke shakily. His heart was racing; he didn’t even know if he believed the words. Yes. Yes, he did. Of course he did. Everything was okay. Everything would forever be okay, nothing would ever not be okay again. His baby was here… his baby was here! “It’s okay!” Taiko exclaimed, laughing through his tears. “Helidon, how – how are you –” He lifted the baby up, causing Helidon’s cries to soften. Helidon stared down into Taiko’s eyes, and Taiko suddenly didn’t care why he was here. What did it matter. What the hell did anything matter now! “Th…” Taiko choked, mesmerised by the most beautiful sight in the world. He’d never seen Helidon’s eyes before. They were… wow. “Those are your eyes.” Taiko laughed, a wide smile fixed permanently onto his face. It wouldn’t ever, ever leave. “Same as mine – my baby!” He pulled Helidon against him again, hugging him. “I’m your daddy. It’s okay, I’m your daddy. Ssh. Ssh.” He rocked back and forth, his face buried against Heildon’s skull once more. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” He closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Helidon’s breathing. He wasn’t crying anymore. He was grunting, and gargling, and tugging on Taiko’s clothes. Taiko laughed, causing more tears to spill from his eyes. “Thank you…” He whispered, to whoever or whatever the hell made this happen. “Thank you.”

So I just had the gayest dream

All the boys were in my house and friend was there, I can’t even remember what friend looked like in my dream. Anyway they came and checked on me because I had anxiety attack in front of them. So they were sitting on these like three extra couches in the dream and Chibs called me over and like I was still standing but my upper body was against him and he was whispering Bout how he was gonna make sure everything was gonna be okay and about how much he cared and then I got off him and went and sat next to friend and tig was sitting with friend. Tig made a joke about how close chibs and I were and then chibs came and leaned on Tig to tease him and I somehow ended up underneath chibs with his crotch in my face(dream logic) and the he was biting chibs and some how ended up biting me, and it fucked me up.

So BASICALLY SOA has not only taken over my tumblr life, my daily life, and my family life, but now also my dreams!!!

Also friend is @anarchyrenegade
The Beginning of the End. The final chapter

Mark x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: fluff/angst

Previous Chapter

Mark walked into the dance practice studio and immediately collapsed on the couch. The meeting with you this morning left him exhausted. Jackson and JB were stretching on the floor and made eye contact with one another.

 “Mark, are you okay?” Jackson inquired, taking note of Mark’s red eyes.

 “No” was all Mark said, replaying the conversation you had with him this morning.

The three young members walked into the studio, laughing and holding the snacks that they picked up from the convenience store. Jinyoung entered the room, pushing past them. “Mark!” he shouted. He walked straight over to him and flung his fist, punching Mark in the face.

 Jackson and JB leaped up to their feet, “What’s going on,” JB asked placing his hands on Jinyoung’s chest.

 Mark wiped his lip where Jinyoung punched, his lip cut and slight blood oozing out. He remained silent as he stood up to his feet.

 “He kissed Y/N” Jinyoung shouted.

 “Woah,” Bambam said, his mouth gaping open.

 “She was mine first. You don’t know what it felt like when she disappeared! You don’t know how much she meant to me” Mark raised his voice, stepping towards Jinyoung.

 “That doesn’t give you the right to kiss her now. Not while she’s my girl!” Jinyoung’s dialect came out a bit.

 “That can change” Mark threatened. “I love her, I’m sorry but I do. I can’t sit back and watch anymore. Her leaving was because she loved me. She sacrificed us because she wasn’t willing to let me give up everything for her.”

 Mark didn’t have to explain that to Jinyoung. He knew the kind of person you are. It hurt him that you loved someone that much and it happened to be one of his best friends. He didn’t know where your heart lied. When he asked if you still loved Mark you never gave him an answer. Now Mark was here confessing his love for you in his face.


You sat in the living room. Your mind and heart filled with thoughts of Mark and Jinyoung. With Jinyoung it was simple. He was always there for you, as a friend and as a boyfriend. Your love was warm. Like a safety blanket you felt secure with him. You remembered all the awkward dances in the bed room and the way you would tell bad jokes but he’d kiss you on the forehead anyways, his eyes crinkling as he would shake his head at you. Your relationship with Mark was like a rollercoaster ride. All the ups and down but you enjoyed every moment of it, the thrill of being with him. The love that was passionate and sweet and you both would sacrifice anything for the love you two shared.

 It came like a tidal wave over you, you knew who it was that you wanted to be with. Jumping up from the couch you grabbed jacket and headed towards the door. You needed to tell him that you loved him.

Jinyoung and Mark stood facing each other, two friends fighting over the same girl who they both loved dearly.

 “She’s with me Mark, she could have come back to you but she didn’t.”

 “Y/N may be with you and she may love you, but are you one hundred percent certain that she doesn’t love me too?” Mark raised his eyebrow.

 The tension in the air was thick as the other members watched. Jinyoung couldn’t give an answer, because he didn’t know where your feelings for Mark lied. The door opened and everyone turned around. You walked into the practice room, it was silent. The first thing you noticed was Jinyoung and Mark facing each other. The next thing you saw was Mark’s cut lip.

 You ran straight to Mark, cupping his face with you hands. “Oh my god, Mark are you okay?” You looked at Jinyoung, his knuckles shadowed with bruising.  You never wanted to come between their friendship and that’s why you never told Jinyoung about Mark.

 You turned back to face Mark, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up” You grabbed his hand and lead him out of the room.

 Jinyoung’s heart sank as he watched you reach for Mark’s hand and walk out. You didn’t even say anything to him. He tilted his head back and looked up at the ceiling, The heart ache sinking in.

 “Jinyoung…” Jackson reached out to him placing a hand on his shoulder.

 Jinyoung couldn’t say anything, he brushed Jackson’s hand off his shoulder and turned to walk out of the studio.

 You sat Mark down on the couch upstairs, walking over to the kitchenette you looked under the sink and pulled out the first aid kit. Mark watched you, a breath of hope in his lungs that you made your choice and that your choice was him. You sat beside him on the couch, pouring antiseptic on a cotton swab.

 “This might hurt” you said as you started dabbing at his lip. Mark hissed at the stinging sensation, flinching away a little. “Don’t be a baby, it probably doesn’t hurt as much as when you actually got punched.” You leaned in closer, gently blotting his lip. Mark smiled, loving how close you were to him. The smell of your perfume just inches away, he could feel your breath on his lips. He reached up and grabbed your wrist, looking into your eyes.

 “Y/N..” he said as he leaned in closer to try and close the gap between both of your lips.

 You pulled away, reaching up you released Mark’s hand from your wrist as you shifted to make space between the two of you.

 “Mark, I’m sorry for leaving you all those years” A tear rolled down your cheek.

 He smiled, grasping your cheek, his thumb wiping the tear away. “You’re here now.”

 You reached your hand up and held his hand then let go, “I didn’t come for you.”

 Mark’s hand slipped from your cheek, “You’re choosing him.”

 You sighed, “The way I loved you I will never love anyone like that again. I was scared for us and our future. But with Jinyoung I’m sure, I love him and I know I can’t ever leave his side. No matter what life throws at us.”  

 Mark half smiled, “he’s lucky.” He couldn’t say anything else, there was nothing more he could do. His questions were all answered and your choice was made. He stood up from the couch, leaning down he kissed the top of your head. “I’ll see you around Y/N, I wish you and Jinyoung the best.” He walked away, not turning back to look at you. It was time to move on and let go.

 You let out a sigh of relief, standing you went back to the studio.

 “Did you guys know about Mark and Y/N? Or am I the only one that was caught off guard” Yugeom was sprawled on the floor.  

 “It’s probably why he was always sneaking off in the middle of the night back when we were rooming together” Youngjae said while playing on his phone.

“Poor Jinyoung” Bambam sighed.

 You walked into the room, your eyes scanning for Jinyoung. “Where’s Jinyoung?”

 “He left as soon as you left with Mark” JB spoke.

 You realized that Jinyoung must have misinterpreted your actions. “I have to go” you said as you left the room.

 “Where are you going?” JB called out after you.

 “To tell Jinyoung I love him!” you said as you ran out.

 “Plot twist” Jackson said in a high pitched voice.  JB shook his head and hit Jackson in the shoulder.

 You walked into your house panting because you just ran from the studio. “Jinyoung!” you called out in hopes that he was home. You ran upstairs to your bedroom, “Jinyoung” you called out again but the room was empty, the closet door was open and the luggage that you stored in there was gone. You feared that he left, pulling out your cell phone you dialed his number. It went straight to voicemail.

 “Y/N?” Jinyoung entered the bedroom.

 “Jinyoung” you ran straight into his arms. Wrapping your arms around his waist, your head pressed against his chest, His arms encompassed you as he rested his chin on your head.

 “You asked me if I still love Mark and I told you that I love you” you said looking up at you.

 Jinyoung sighed then let you go in frustration running his hands through his hair, “That’s not the answer I want Y/N”

 You smiled, “It’s the answer I’m always going to give you because it’s the only thing that matters to me. I love you.” You moved closer and touched his cheek. “Park Jinyoung, you are the only one I love. No one else just you.”

 He looked at you, his face softening. He leaned down and kissed you. His lips soft and subtle against yours. Pulling away he tucked your hair behind your ear, smiling at you as he planted a kiss on your forehead. You reached for his hand and he winced. Looking at it you noticed the bruising that had formed around his knuckles.

 “Come on, let’s go get something for that hand” You walked into the bathroom pulling things out of the medicine cabinet, “I wonder if we have any band-aids” you said while sifting through the shelves.

 Jinyoung looked at you confused, “why do we need one?”

 You grinned at him, “because I scraped my knee falling for you” You burst out into laughter at your corny and terrible joke.

 Jinyoung smiled, his eyes crinkling, shaking his head he kissed your forehead and laughed pulling you into a hug. You knew this is where you wanted to be.

-admin Youngley