it had to be done sooner or later

The thing is, if you think about it - Sam never had 15 years of experiences to think about anything else. It makes sense that he went right back into Avery’s treasure because he had 15 years to himself and trying not to die in a cell to think about it. He didn’t know he was going to be released sooner than later, so all he had was time to think “what if we found what our mom was talking about?”

Nate had 15 years, as well as three ancient cities, a girlfriend, then a wife, Sully and so many people and all the time to move on from what happened. He never talked about it and never looked back on Henry Avery. When Sam came back that was all he cared about. He didn’t care about Avery’s treasure, he was done with that, but he did it for Sam.

At the end when he found out that Alcazar was a lie, all he wanted was to go home. Sam on the other hand was in sight of the treasure he was looking for and thinking about his entire life. The treasure his mother was looking for, the treasure they built up towards as a family, him and nate, they were so close to the most sentimental thing in the world for him and he wasn’t going to let it slip.

So I don’t think it was greed or selfishness that drove Sam. He is way more complex than that.

Immediate crisis has been averted but I’ll likely be leaving for the UK next week. My little brother’s health has continued to deteriorate and we got some initially devastating news last night that left me utterly heartbroken and shattered for him.

This morning we got some more news which suggests things may not actually be as grim as initially feared, but it’s still not good, and ETD and I need to haul ass back sooner rather than later, something which we wouldn’t be able to do without the help of his family, so for that I am eternally grateful.

Needless to say any schedule I had set up for work and getting things done has been blown clean out the water, so for that I apologize and ask that you bear with me through this. 2016 has been one fucker of a year.

Thank you to everyone continuing to offer love and support, and for offering prayers and healing. It means a lot. More than I’ll likely ever be able to say.

Thank you.

I’ll post more when I know more. Stay safe, take care of each and all my love,

Tumblr-mom x

For if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by poverty would become literate and would learn to think for themselves; and when once they had done this, they would sooner or later realize that the privileged minority had no function, and they would sweep it away. In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance.
—  1984 by George Orwell
More of Eleanor’s diary

@lady-eleanor-vane posted several auction pictures of several pages of Eleanor’s diary, with the request of help for people to decipher what is written.

God knows I came away not half as well pleased as when I arrived with an engagement I had little hope of shaking off. All being so ill used for want of a pleasant nature. Hither to I had no quarrel with him, not knowing of him personally tho’ stories of exploits had reached us one is not given to taking them rumours and tales to heart for that is what they be. Just exactly that. When all is said and done this is a man someone is going to have to dispose of sooner, rather than later. [10]3

Notorious Prisoner On Trial. Court reports on Eleanor Guthrie, trade boss of Nassau. ….. [? not sure on the last word]” (Courtesy also to  @betterhiddenbizarre who also figured this text out)

Not 100% sure who Eleanor wrote about here, but this is around the time of the trial. It seems to me this is about Woodes Rogers after her meeting with him on the Delicia and he almost put her on the Gloucestershire back to London. I can’t imagine Eleanor wrote this about Captain Hume or Mr. Underhill. The “engagement” Eleanor talks about within the given context is meant to be taken as “agreement”.

So, if written after the scene of Rogers wanting to put her on the Gloucestershire for “fucking Vane”, then we can conclude that Eleanor accepted to cooperate with him for her own survival, and had little hope of being able to wittle out of it, that she was more confident and pleased of her deal with him before arriving on the ship than she was after the meeting. She feels ill used by him for her bluntness. Until then she had no “quarrel” (no ill feelings towards him) because she did not know him, but she had heard of him and his “exploits” (explorations) along with some dark rumors and tales, which she still tends to reject. And at this point she thinks that either she or others (in Nassau) will have to get rid of him. The “Notorious Prisoner” seems more like a spiteful signature, signing off. 

LEFT PAGE “We need to be able to make money the way London makes money through collection - collecting not hunting which amounts to legitimacy. I need to challenge him, ask him, beg him to give up the girl in spite of how his men may feel [22]2″

This is about Charles Vane, before she goes to the Fort to ask him to give her Abigail.

RIGHT PAGE: “I failed, my evenfall (?) prepared speech. He spouted (?) his humans shall … about taking and keeping, and lording behind desks … …. or anything else. Very well. I shall follow his example and take her, and look him in the eye and give him every chance to deny me. That is also legitimate. [23]3″

Eleanor continues on the Abigail issue, comprizing Vane’s ideas, and she decides to just take Abigail, using his words about looking a man in his eyes and giving him a chance to deny him.

The numbers at the end of each write-up do not seem to be a date after all. There was not a month in between Eleanor begging him for the girl and taking her.

“According to Marcus he requested their attendance in … having been confound to bed following a doggy spell. His fever worsens. Somewhere in a previous entry I have a cure for fever. It may be more ?eacuous than Marcus dethoxing and bloodletting I suspect, why/may/way I know the pressure upon him to find and recover the Cache is what ails him. Our continued … have in Marcus/Maroons/Marines (?) and allies.

grand (?) plans … around the Cache (?). All … .. makes that his health … to the additional will (?) … I have sequestered him A…. to deal with me. … …. …. I am the … … …. between Rogers and his council. The Chamberlain I expected to take issue with this. I command him though …. conditioned my state of mending on that what I cannot forget. I can move forward, which fact I think he found reassuring. [1]2″

I am pretty sure that I may be reading a word here or there wrong. But the left page relates to Woodes having been taken ill, Dr. Marcus’s treatment, and how Eleanor thinks that Rogers’ worries over the cache is what worsens it all or lies at the foundation of hm becoming ill. The right page seems to be about her now being the go-between the council and Rogers, and her struggles with Chamberlain, insofar that it seems either Rogers or Chamberlain expressed worry but that she managed to reassure him o her ability to move forward, beyond what she cannot forget.

“From the protection of the Fort we observed the mayham as the Pirates sailed into Nassau Harbour utterly oblivious to the underwater blockade below the holds sank (?) four fo the hardest waters.

Utter confusion and Ct BR watching from above, re/uncovered (?) and empowered (?) as the cannons fired repeatedly at the struggling ships. Only a man once engaged in Navy and Maritime business could devize such a scheme. And I keep the Baby open(?) of false Digestion.


Best/beat Rheubarb, grated Orange Peel f..y p… Chimway (?) seeds, browned … 3 days … guart (?) … & take … some (?) glass .. is much as … I keep the Baby open … Say sanctuary haven to mother (?)

(Mrs. Hudson’s concept for Gout)”

Obviously the left page recounts the failed Pirate attack of 4x01 with the blocked bay and sunken ships. The right page is a recipe, given by Mrs; Hudson for gout, but Eleanor uses it to keep the Baby “open” or help with morning sickness I think. Eleanor thus was certain she was pregnant in 4x01 and trying some type of drink with rheubarb, orange peel and seeds, and what seems to be a prayer.

“He finally came out with the real story behind some of his uncharacteristic behavior and decision. Money.

His intent to end his marriage to Sarah had unanticipated consequences one of which entails the intervention by her family with his more significant debtors. They have persuaded these debtors to accelerate the repayments. This will have a waterfall (?) effect and would encourage lesser creditors to also call in these loans, and Woodes would have no choice but to default. He would be in breach of the Law a fugitive. This debt, unsubstantiated previous debt was assumed to bring Nassau to order.”

Eleanor recounts what she learned of Rogers’ debts at the end of 4x01.

Given that we do not see the full pages I can only read some phrases.

LEFT PAGE: “or two, a woman ………. is going to walk ….. threat gate… Is a longboat…. I have place….. Rogers’ ship …. that she’ll …. order to … to…. have “…

RIGHT PAGE: “breach the pledge. I will … command his breath without … And as does ….. jewels ….. ….. the ….. “

Eleanor drew a ship with dolphins jumping near through the waves, and clouds in the sky. Above the little paper it says, “Taking Our Departure from New Providence.” She’s not bad at drawing, adding perspective and shadows to the sails.

Obviously we can make out enough to tell that these pages are about what we saw at the start of 4x05 with Hudson having to walk out of the fort and go out in a longboat to tell Woodes her plan. And she drew her departure as a type of wish-dream.

LEFT PAGE: “I have heard it said that a good dose of /seas…(?) …. beneficial. I fail to see how, unless of course … banting, but even … must be a better …. devesting oneself of no …. pounds than by an… …rge [16]7

Miserable day and still no news [17]8″

RIGHT PAGE PARTIALLY: “…. the “Lamb” … …. a work of art it …. …. me far … (?) I … Lock and Yeast.  … may be, even break  … me p..t… where some of …. ….. of human nature …. accept (?) with a hand which is …. while at …. [18]2

Not sure what the left page is about. Might be about some folk remedy. The miserale day mention and how near to the end of the journal this is written indicates this was written when Eleanor was in the fort waiting for news about the arrival of cache. The right page mentions a Lamb and human nature, and seem more philosophical. It may have to do with a sermon she heard or one of Lambrick’s words to other women. 

If you have corrections or additional words that you can make out, just put them in the comments and I’ll update this post.

ETA: it is possible that Starz may release the diary commercially in print after the S4 finale.

Valentines Day with Zyglavis

Zyglavis x Reader

Zyglavis had taken you out for a romantic dinner and you couldn’t get over how handsome he looked tonight. Then after a stroll thru the park, hand in hand, he walked you back to your apartment where you had invited him to stay the night with you. Yes, this was the most perfect Valentines Day. Ever.

“So, you gonna kiss me or..” Before you got the words out, he took your face in his hands. He stared at you and it was the most intense feeling you had ever felt in your life. Finally, he brought his mouth to yours, slowly wrapping his lips around your bottom lip before taking both against his. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you onto his lap, straddling him. “I should have done this sooner,” he whispered when your mouths pulled away minutes later “I’ve never gotten so turned on just kissing somebody before…”

You laughed against his mouth because you knew he was turned on. You could feel his dick pressing against you. "When you love somebody, that’s kinda how it works,” You played with the collar of his shirt. "Guess so,” he crashed his mouth back against yours. He was an amazing kisser.

You both finally pulled back, gasping for air and he pressed his forehead against yours. "I wanna do more than kiss you,” his voice was full of desire as he ran his long fingers against your cheek. You felt both excitement and fear all at once. "Can we do that?” he closed his eyes, his forehead pressing into yours even more. "Yeah,” you smiled “Yeah, we can do that.”

You stood up and his hands immediately reached for the bottom of your shirt, lifting it up and pulling it over your head. His mouth went right to your stomach, which was level with him and he started kissing a trail up it. His hands roamed over your lower back. He finally made his way up to your bra and you smiled down at him. "Shit,” he whispered, as if it just hit him that you were about to see each other naked.

You unhooked the button on your pants and shimmied them to the floor, kicking them to the side. "Hold on a second,” he held up his finger as he stared at you. "What?” you furrowed your brow in worry. "Nothing, I just want to remember this,” he smiled, before pulling you to him by your waist. You reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off. You ran your hands along his chest. "Have I ever told you how hot you are?” You asked and felt your cheeks blushing as you said it. "No,” he reached up and caught you lower lip with his mouth again “Have I ever told you how beautiful you look half naked?” You giggled as he pulled you back onto his lap. His fingers unhooked your bra and slid it off you slowly. His hands moved across your breasts, squeezing them gently into his palms. You let out a little moan and he brought one of them to his mouth. His tongue worked slowly around your nipple before sucking it into his mouth. You arched your back and ran your hand through your hair, brushing it out of your eyes. He carefully moved to the other nipple, giving it the same tender treatment. When he pulled away, he brought your mouth to his again. "I just can’t stop kissing you,” he gasped in between.

Finally, he moved you off his lap and onto your back on the bed. He stood up in front of you and slowly started unhooking his belt. You propped yourself up on your elbows and watched him. He ran his tongue over his lower lip as he finally shoved his pants to the floor. His dick was straining hard against his boxers. He ran his hand over the bulge before sliding his underwear off. "Shit,” you whispered. He blushed but then his face grew serious as he reached for your panties and slid it down off your hips. He crawled up on the bed, hovering over you.

“You sure about this?” he leaned down and kissed you on the forehead “We don’t have to.” He added. "Zyglavis,” You looked up at him “I want you. I want this.” Your eyes met. "Me too, _____.” the little smirk curled on his mouth again. He pressed himself against your entrance, which was more than ready for him and he slowly pushed inside you. You both groaned as you adjusted to his size. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered against your ear, as he fell down on his elbows above you. "You won’t,” you whispered back “I trust you.”

He started to move inside you, slowly at first. He was by far the largest man you had ever been with and it took a few minutes for the uncomfortable feeling to subside. "You ok?” he looked down at you. You nodded. "You can go faster,” you ran your hands along his chest. He picked up speed, the friction really starting to take effect. You could feel yourself tightening around him each time he pulled out and pushed back inside you. You raked your nails down his back and he groaned. "Does that feel good?” he whispered. "Yes,” you breathed, wrapping your legs around his waist. He started pushing in harder and deeper. " feel..amazing” he softly said in your ear. You let out a little gasp when he found your sweetest spot. He smirked down at you knowing what he had done. He picked up more speed and you felt yourself start to tighten down around him. “Zyglavis,” You arched your pelvis upward, pushing it into him “Please…” You moaned in pleasure. "I’m not stopping,” he answered your unfinished thought. Finally, you felt the ripples of your orgasm take hold and you screamed. His mouth caught yours. Two more thrusts and you felt his warmth inside you, followed by the remainder sliding down your thighs.

Your lips finally parted and he kissed your forehead breathlessly. You drew in a deep breath, trying to process everything that had just happened. "You ok?” he rolled over and you lay on your sides staring at each other. "Better than ok,” You smiled. He caressed your cheek and kissed you softly, "Yeah, me too.” He wrapped you up in his strong arms holding you close all night long.

It was possible, no doubt, to imagine a society in which wealth, in the sense of personal possessions and luxuries, should be evenly distributed, while power remained in the hands of a small privileged caste. But in practice such a society could not long remain stable. For if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by poverty would become literate and would learn to think for themselves; and when once they had done this, they would sooner or later realize that the privileged minority had no function, and they would sweep it away. In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance.
—  George Orwell, 1984, in Goldstein’s book

I wanted to make a seperate post emphasizing the importance of circulating information regarding dangers to the community.

This recent situation involving tekkenfreak4 and a minor happened on Discord (in private messages, but still).  As admin of the Fantroll Community Discord, I believe I could have stopped this whole thing from ever happening (by banning tekk before they even said hi to this minor for the first time).  He’s gone now, but the damage has been done.  Why didn’t I ban him sooner?

Because I didn’t know.  I had been anonymously warned before, but that’s about it.  Later, I was again told anonymously that he had changed and I could let my guard down a bit.  While I always kept an eye on him, I never could have imagined all of the things I’m seeing now, whether it’s in the reblogs and tags of that call-out post, or in private messages.  I mean, I have just today learned that he has been a predator for AT LEAST 5 YEARS.

I could have shut this down before it started, but nobody told me anything and I hadn’t read anything anywhere else.  So naturally, I didn’t do anything.  None of the mods did anything.  How could we do anything?

->The Point: Please please please, speak up!  Tell us about dangers in the community!  If you don’t think you can, try to tell somebody privately so that they can speak out!  There is absolutely nothing that we, as a community, can do to protect each other if we aren’t aware of what we need protecting from.

somebodylost-chan  asked:

Sorry, can't help but think of another prompt! An AU where 9S gets to 2B before A2 shows up to defend her from the infected units. I mean, 9S lands near bridge -- why didn't he get to get sooner??? :O

(Never apologize for prompts, my child. They give me life)

i was trying to hold off on these because i wanted turn them into chaptered works but then like “dipshit that how you always end up with unfinished stories” so decided would write out is basically the first chapter and revisit later probably when done cadence.


They’ve suffered so much and still suffer more, old friends and comrades whom they had come to rely on turning on them, the bright flash of crimson madness in their eyes, their movements stiff and wild, marionettes on taut strings pulled about by a sadistic child with no sense of object permanence or care.

So this is what the end was going to be? All those years of fighting and it was for this ending: backed up against a cliff with nowhere to go but down or wait for the inevitable blade to the chest. YoRHa deserved a dignified death that suited a war machine who bravely followed orders from none, not a pathetic whimper of self destruction.

9S grunted loudly as the Battle type android brought her blade down against his, shoving him back closer to that plummeting death. He was the one at the disadvantage, a Scanner by creation, and his only option left was to flee. But he couldn’t. He was glued here by the android behind him, struggling to keep what little remained of her composure as the virus spread through her vital systems.

He wasn’t going to leave her to die…he was going to…he…

…what was he going to do? He was powerless in the face of an enemy that evolved faster than his processors. But damn it if he wasn’t going to try and save her.

His Pod kept suggesting that he abandon her, that she was hopelessly infected and that she was quickly becoming a threat to his safety and that this whole situation was unadvisable to continue.

He had to ignore it. He had to keep fighting. Even if these androids were his friends. Even if they moaned in agony as their heads were split open from the inside before he ran them through, ignoring their dying howls that would haunt him for years after.

He had to ignore that it wasn’t their fault. He had to ignore all that and protect 2B.

A weighted boot connected with his chest, stealing his breath and kicking him away from the battle. His sword flew from his hands as he slid across the rocky ground, scraping skin from his knees. He coughed up blood, fluid in his lungs, his chestplate fractured.

“9…S…go.” She begged, the desperation clear in her voice. She wasn’t even trying to be her normal, strong self anymore. This was far from the time for more facades, far from the times for more pretending.

“I can't…I’m not leaving you,” he shook his head with desperation just as all consuming. “I can still—“

She knew exactly what he was going to say, that he can somehow save her in the face of overwhelming and impending doom. He’s ruthlessly optimistic despite everything. He…has he always been like this? She can’t remember anymore, it’s been so long and the virus is so determined to wipe her mind away. It wants her to see him as a foe, it wants her to kill him.

Doesn’t it know? How can it be so smart and yet so oblivious to the amassed data within her? The pain? The suffering? Or is it just ignoring it?

“You can't…do anyt…” Her voice chipped and froze before disappearing as the system was attacked and defeated.

9S fought to reach her. If he could just…touch her…he could maybe hack into her systems and…

“Just let me,” he begged when she dragged her hands away, fearing that any contact would infect him. “Just let me, please!”

She shook her head in silent refusal that burned all the more. She had really given up, huh…?


They were simply going to die here, surrounded by infected comrades they hadn’t appreciated more while they were independent of the madness causing them to burst into deranged laughter as they shambled to kill the androids on the ground.

A2 stared down at him, her sword through the chest of one of the broken YoRHa before taking one look at 2B.

He crawled in front of her as if to protect her from the rouge unit. He wasn’t going to let her kill her.

“…” A2 opened her mouth to say something before turning away to face the battle again.

9S looked over his shoulder, pain both psychical and emotional flaring deep in his chest. She held her hands close to her chest, fearing for his safety as red began to crawl into her eyes. Her sword had become impaled in the ground beside her, possibly due to the battle he had come to save her from.

His heart was breaking in real time as he watched her die, hope that she could maybe survive dying along with her.

…he…he couldn’t watch her die but he had to.

“…you…” The sounds of battle had ceased and A2’s voice was clear. “She’s infected.”

He faced her, tearing his gaze away from the torture that was 2B’s deteriorating mental and psychical states. “I know that; I can help her.”

“Why haven’t you?” He froze as her simple question petrified him. He knew exactly why and the answer was cruel and cold, a tendril of bitter fate curling around his heart and crushing it with every beat.

He can’t. He simply can’t. Even if 2B would let him touch her, it wouldn’t change anything.

He couldn’t save her and it is misery at its finest.

But he wasn’t going to let A2 hurt her.

“…you don’t get it,” he said quietly, his voice too emotionally weak to rise above a whisper.

A2 kept her gaze on him and then looked over his shoulder at the one he was trying to protect. She stared into the red gleam in 2B’s eyes, her own softening in pity.

“She’s dying,” A2 explained it as if he didn’t know. “You’re not doing her any favors.”

“You…you think this is…a favor?”

“You can’t do this for yourself then.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” He shouted with his voice cracking into pieces. “I’m not…”

He is doing this for himself.

“Ni…NI…” 2B struggled to form words with her broken systems. “NiNE. JUSt…a…TWO.”

A2 clearly found the whole situation painful to watch, a private moment between the other two she wasn’t supposed to see.

“gO, wITh HEr…pLeAsE…NinE…s.”

She doesn’t know if the combat android is saying “9S” or “Nines” as her voice is switching pitch and frequency as it clips with each syllable.

9S for his part seemed to know exactly what she said as his face fell into a pit, expression replaced by torment.

“Don't…don’t say that.” He reached out and tried to hold her hand, but she only clenched her hands tighter to her, shaking her head. “2B…”

“A…tWo. taKe CARe of hIm…”

How could she just do this? How could she just do this to him?

“…I’ll try.” A2 wasn’t going to promise anything, especially with the look on 9S’ face that screamed “mental torture”. Would he even want to be around anyone when the inevitable came?

2B let out a shaking breath, fingers wrapping around the hilt of her blade.

“My…MEMorIes,” she said, more to 9S, as if this would be a comfort to him. “TakE them.” As his quivering, reluctant hands cautiously rose to touch the white sword, she removed her own, letting her arms uselessly fall to her sides. She was so heavy…

“Tha…thanK you.” Her visor had been cut from her eyes and they expressed relief and fear and one last request that just…fuck.

Why was she asking this?!

He pulled the sword out of the bedrock, the blade so heavy in his grip as the weight of her desire lay on it.

“2B,” he wanted to repeat her name as if that could heal her. It was so soft and gentle. His voice didn’t fit the moment at all.

A2 stood off to the side, head aimed at the ground.

The blade strike is solid and the tip hits the rocky ground, sending sparks and blood splatters into the air.

She smiled at him, body sagging in relief. All she wanted to do was reach up and touch his face one last time as the irony plays out. He’s lovingly murdered his loving murderer and doesn’t even know it. He really thinks she’s innocent and that this is a terrible act of mercy.

“I…glAd it wAS yoU, Nines…”

She’s always been happy that it was him.


-3- *causally saves this one forever~*


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Hazel's smile dropped slightly. "I can only stay another few days. I need to get back to Camp Jupiter soon, but I just couldn't leave until I knew you were okay," she said. Nico nodded, frowning. He'd wanted more time with her before she had to go but there was nothing that could be done. "Have you talked to Reyna?" Nico asked. Hazel nodded. "Yesterday. She had to get back to New Rome sooner than I did but she's really worried. She said she'd come back again when you woke up. I'll IM her later."

[Pt.1] Hazel sighed. “We have to get back to Camp Jupiter soon. Apparently there were some fissures there leading to the underworld a couple of days ago, but they closed and nobody fell into them. Frank and I are going back to help with cleanup, but I wanted to see you first and make sure you were okay. I’m going to Iris message you after dinner and if I find out you haven’t eaten by then I’m flying back and force feeding you.” Hazel promised with a stern look on her face. Nico just nodded. [Pt.2] He wanted to ask more questions, but Hazel was in protective mode and probably wouldn’t tell him. So instead, he moved so he was lying on his side so that he wouldn’t have to look at the light on the ceiling above Hazel’s head. It was making the headache worse. “I’m going to leave you to sleep. Love you.” Hazel told him, kissing his cheek before she was gone. “Nico.” Will asked once she was gone, and Nico jumped. “Does she know that you’re trans?” Nico’s eyes widened. “She uh… No.” [Pt.3] He shook his head, turning even further away from Will. “Everyone else knows, but when I… When I found her in the underworld, I was already going by Nico and I had a binder and everything.” Nico explained in a shaky voice, breaths getting shorter. “I can’t- Um, she’s from the 40’s (30’s?) and… I haven’t even known her very long. What if she’s not okay with it?” Nico could not handle it if his sister wasn’t okay with it. Bianca had been, but she also picked out the name Nico. [Fin]

“Nico,” Will began softly, gently taking hold of Nico’s hand. “She’s your sister. Of course she’ll be okay with it. She loves you more then anything. She would never hate you because of who you identify as.” Nico wished it was as simple as believing Will’s words, but Nico had more experience then that. He knew that it wasn’t as simple as just accepting someone. There was always a catch. It had taken Bianca almost two weeks to come to terms with the fact that her little sister wanted to become her little brother. It was the longest two weeks of little ten year old Nico’s life. He didn’t have his sister in those two weeks, me he was afraid he was never going to have her again. “It’s not the simple,” he had to make Will understand. He couldn’t be alone in this. He needed Will to understand. “I don’t… I don’t know if she even knows what my real name is.” He finished quietly, hanging his head.

YOOO SO APPARENTLY it’s Magic Week with something in the Check Please fandom? What?!? I was not informed. Because I don’t pay attention. This is my fault. But as I will be gone the rest of the week with no Internet I wanted to write something quick regarding @midnitedancer​ and mine’s shitty Monster AU so here it is. Written during breaks at work on loose pieces of paper and unedited, the first actual writing done for MONSTER HAUS. Featuring terrible Kitchen Witch Bitty and his Jötunn boyfriend, Jack. 

Edit: HUGE shoutout to @gayforlardo for telling me all these Magic AUs are coming from @omgcp-tropechallenge!

Read on AO3. 

“Should we tell him?”

“I don’t know…”

“Like, I would wanna know.”

“I mean, for sure, but he’s totally gonna bug out.”

“Yeah, but it’s gonna happen sooner or later.”

“Yeah, but he’s like, so adorable sleeping like that.”

“I was sleeping.” 

When Bitty had first heard the voices, floating from somewhere above his head, he had assumed he was dreaming. Or maybe he had fallen asleep somewhere other than his own bed. It had taken a minute to place the unfamiliar accent, the breezy female tones, but he eventually got there. There were really only two people it could have possibly been anyway, given that he was, in fact, still in his own bed. Or two former people, really. 

Giving up any attempts at ignoring them, Bitty cracked open one eye, just enough to glare up at the two semi-transparent girls currently waving down at him. It wasn’t every day that the Haus ghosts made their presence known, it wasn’t even every week that he heard from them. Something was up. 

Or maybe the afterlife was just horribly boring and they liked to mess with him. That was Ransom’s theory anyway. 

Bitty reached over for his phone, slapping at the space for a moment before he found it. He groaned. 

It was 7 AM on a Saturday and two dead girls from the 90’s were trying to talk to him. 

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“I take the children to church on Sunday

The sign of the cross at the door”

Alright, so I guess I should get my feels out sooner or later.

This is probably the first proper looking non-doodle fanart I’ve done for Hamilton though. And it just had to be this song.


Vent ART Warning

Ahhhh Undyne has been stabbing me and beating me into the ground in my Genocide run. I had to make some Vent art.  I normally would just upload the image how it is, but I gotta give a GORE WARNING for this picture.. It may be deemed NSFW for some people, so i wanted to give fair warning.  Can be seen under keep reading.

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“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think i don’t notice”

(this is an au of sorts?? Like if Andrew and Neil had met under different circumstances)

Neil Josten was more excited that he should be touching down in the upstate airport. He knew he was going to regret it sooner or later and his mother was probably rolling in her sandy grave.

But Neil didn’t care. He wanted something grounding, so when the coach of the Palmetto State Foxes showed up at one of his matches in Millport Arizona, it only took slight persuasion to get him to sign.

Every rational bone in his body was screaming at him to drop everything and run, but his feet had already carried him out of the security-cleared area and towards baggage claim. When he got there, he almost stopped dead.

Neil had done research on his new teammates, but he was in no way prepared for the one who greeted him at baggage claim. He was shorter than Neil, a rare feat, with blond hair and sharp hazel eyes. His physique was sturdy, like any goalkeeper would have to be. He wore a black t-shirt and black armbands over his defined muscles.

Don’t get him wrong Neil Josten doesn’t swing. He’s never really had a chance to, and after a while, he stopped caring. That didn’t stop him from looking.

Andrew barely said anything to Neil as he lead him to the parking garage, and Neil tried not to feel guilty about ogling him the entire time.

Because damn, someone like Andrew Minyard would never go for someone like Neil Josten.

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I LOVED this one frame from Atla and decided to redraw it with the krew. I Had to squeeze bolin in there 😅
I do free drawing requests!Check my blog out and drop an ask if you want/need anything. I try to do every request sooner or later so it always gets done!

“We’re drinking to celebrate my marriage annulled. Just like that…over and done literally as if it never happened.” He informed the person beside him, holding out a beer in case they wanted it. Because of the connections his ex wife had, their marriage had been annulled a lot sooner than he thought it would be. He didn’t know what to feel…but part of him was relieved. “I have beer and chips…so you can join me if you want.”

Sacred Trust (Closed RP)

The assassin shuffled through the papers in his hand, scanning over each one quickly before moving to the next. He had the information almost completely memorized, but he had to keep checking. Just to make sure.

The mission seemed easy enough, but his employer had stated it was important- plus, he would be recieving a large bonus for making it look like an accident, as well as getting it done sooner rather than later.

He’d just folded the papers again and stowed them in a pocket before hearing the crunch of leaves that signified someone else was growing closer.