it had been such a long time

Day 7: Soulmate!AU

Alex had always been an active kid. She went camping with her parents, played softball and surfed. It was never odd to find a new bruise or a cut that she couldn’t place the origin of, she tended to collect them and move about her way.

The first time she really noticed anything out of the ordinary was at practice on a Tuesday not long before Kara joined their family. It felt like she’d been sucker punched in the stomach, knocking the air right out of her. She fell to her knees where she stood, alone in the middle of left field. A mandated trip to the doctor left her with more questions than answers and a nasty bruise shaping up under her ribs.

And the whispers.


Rare, her parents said, but not impossible.

She tried to pay more attention after that, she really did, but between her own activities and the recently acquired alien with super strength, it was hard to tell where her own bruises began and ended. But the ghost of fingerprints squeezed into her arms were too large to match Kara’s hands, and Alex was called into the counselor’s office to discuss it.

She wore longsleeves after that.

Her parents were concerned for their child’s soulmate, of course, but there was little they could do. Alex couldn’t exactly go knocking on the door of every child being watched by social services to demand to compare bruises.

After a while it stopped. The only bruises Alex had were her own, and it came as a relief to her that he was safe, even if she felt a little bit lonely for the loss of connection. But if loneliness were the price to pay not wake with fresh bruises and nightmares of how they came to be, or concussions developed after a nap, she would take it in a heartbeat.

Then her dad died, and Alex had bigger problems, like helping Kara adjust to losing someone else, keeping her grades up, and trying to pull her mother away from work. Alex fell into a routine over the summer that amounted to placing one foot in front of the other, just getting through the day until school started back up in the fall.

She didn’t miss the new girl or the rumors that surrounded her. Midvale was a small town full of small minds that liked to pretend they were open just by virtue of being Californians. The way Kara’s quirks were treated was proof enough of that. Sawyer lived with her aunt because her parents kicked her out. Sawyer was trouble. Sawyer was gay.

Alex didn’t know what, if any, of that was true. It wasn’t her business. But she did her best to shut it down when she could, and kept an eye out for trouble.

Kara was an easy target for bullies. She couldn’t stand up for herself without exposure, so it was a habit for Alex to step in.

Maggie Sawyer was an asshole who didn’t know how to walk away from a fight. Alex did her best to divert teachers’ attention so that Sawyer didn’t spend every afternoon in detention, but some people were just trouble. The pretty junior squared up with every asshole to spit out an insult, and it was getting harder to keep Kara from intervening.

Because “it’s not fair, Alex, they shouldn’t be picking on her.”

Honestly she felt a little stupid not to have noticed it sooner. The bruises reappearing, the aches and pains of fights she’d never participated in.

The way her heart fluttered a little when Maggie smiled at her.

Why Alex suddenly took the long way to Calculus so she could pass by Maggie’s locker.

How she grinned into her lunch when she heard Sawyer sassing the popular kids.

Still, the thought had never occurred to her.

That she might be gay.

Until she turned a corner to catch sight of Maggie slipping between Kara and one of the brickheads from the football team. Until she felt the crunch of breaking bones in her hand, a good twenty feet back from any danger.

Maggie shook out her hand and kept her eyes on the guy holding his nose. Kara was the one to run to Alex, having heard her whimper. Kara was the one stretching out Alex’s hand and poking gently at the bones.

Maggie didn’t turn to see them until the guy had gone, run off to the nurse. “You alright, Danvers?”

“No, Sawyer, I’m not. Seem’s I’ve got a dumbass for a soulmate who doesn’t know how to throw a punch.”

Maggie frowned, glancing between her own rapidly bruising hand and Alex’s. “Soulmate?”

“I’m not ambidextrous, Sawyer, if this is going to be a regular thing you need to take some classes.”

“I have a soulmate?” Maggie’s voice cracked.

And Alex remembered the bruises and the cuts. The burns. Waking in the middle of the night terrified and not knowing why her body felt like it had been through a meat grinder.

Hell or high water, Maggie Sawyer was hers now.

“Yeah, Sawyer. You have a soulmate. Now let’s go get some painkillers and use that little fact as a distraction so you don’t get expelled before we can get to know each other, okay?”

Something I’ve been debating for my au for a long time is whether morro should be killed by his own true potential or not. Ghosts have to relive their deaths every year and those that don’t have the will to go through with it disperse and are sent back to the cursed realm. The ghosts were also released at the beginning instead of right before possession, meaning Morro had the will to live through getting the flesh shredded off his body and torn to pieces at least twice before possession rolls around.


TW: Mentions of past rape

As soon as you walked on set you felt like you’d been punched in the gut. The neck tattoo was the first thing you saw and you thought there was no way it could be him. So many guys had the same douchey neck tattoo. There was no way it could be Trevor. You were so wrong. 

“Y/N.” He approached you like a snake stalking his prey. Trevor moved his hand to your face, caressing it like he owned you and you squeezed your eyes shut, swallowing thickly. “Long time no see, princess.” 

“Trevor, you’re needed.” A voice you couldn’t quite make out called him away and he winked at you as he left, dragging his hand down your face and to your chest as he left. As soon as he was gone you bolted from the set, running so fast your lungs burned as you tried to suck in air. 

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Kiwi - imagine

Hi Loves! Here’s quite a long imagine for ya. Its kind of my interpretation of the song, so a little bit different from the story the lyrics tell. Enjoy!

(for those who don’t know/aren’t familiar, the term “kiwi” is a term for people from New Zealand, kind of like “aussie” is for Australians)

Disclaimer: included swearing/cursing towards the end.

It was the call that hurt Harry the most. It was all the weeks, months and days you two had spent together, and it was all jumbled together in one crackly, long distance call. To be fair, the gap between you was very present. He was hard to track down, constantly travelling from place to place. And you were in New Zealand, just like you always had been.

When you first walked into the studio all those many months ago, Harry nearly fell off his chair. He was in New Zealand for a bit of time while he was on break. The small country attracted him, its peaceful serenity was calming in his hectic life. You were calming. Harry always said that it was your laugh that made him fall, literally and metaphorically. The minute you walked into the small box-like studio and saw the shocked faces from the several nearly 6 ft men, you just couldn’t help yourself. It was a cackle, and it made everyone who was near you light up. It was infectious. Harry was stunned, and his dimply grin broke forth. From that day on, he was undeniably infatuated. People thought he had been drugged. He had in a way. You were his drug, and he just couldn’t get enough of you.

His large hands were constantly running down the dip in your back or resting on your knee. His green eyes always followed you, and his mouth drank you up. You had never really thought you were pretty. Sure, being a social butterfly, people were always around. You like your hair, and your smile wasn’t shabby. But Harry was mesmerised, and everyone could see it.

New Zealand was your oyster. After weeks upon weeks cooped up in the tiny studio, working on a billion different songs, cabin fever was growing. So you and Harry loaded up your ageing Ford Focus and drove for as long as you could. His ringed fingers tapping along to the beat of the radio, and your voice singing to the mountains. It was a good life, Harry decided. The endless green hills and ocean went on and on, and cheesy as it may sound, so did your love.

They say that every relationship has a honeymoon period. At the time, you were both completely locked at this stage, But life goes on. You started to get tired of Harry coming back home at 4 in the morning, mumbling a “hey love” before collapsing on the queen sized bed in your apartment. You started to hate the paparazzi, their beady cameras scanning your body. You couldn’t even go to the supermarket anymore without being photographed. You started to despise how Harry’s days and nights were spent away. You hardly ever saw your boy anymore.

Harry knew you were upset with it all. He was always empathetic towards you, at times he really felt like he was living through you. But there was only so much his brain could hold. It seemed like he just didn’t have enough space for you anymore. The nights were either filled with shouting, or angry sex that neither of you enjoyed. The only time you could really look at Harry without wanting to argue was when he was sleeping. His eyes closed, dark lashes gently resting on his cheeks. Pink lips slightly parted, forehead smooth. It was the Harry you remember falling in love with.

You knew and Harry knew it was never gonna last. It was a Tuesday night, and the house was still echoing from your biggest fight yet. You lay curled up on the bed, staring at the ceiling, the words that rocked your world still vibrating in your ears.

“You are so fuckin annoying! I never have any peace anymore, you just nag nag nag at me every fuckin minute of every day!”

“Well, what the fuck do you want me to do Harry? I know shit all about what’s going on and I’m sick of it! You’re out all bloody day. It’s like you don’t give two shits anymore!”

He looked up at you sharply then. You had been sitting on the edge of the couch, and he had been lying on the floor by the TV. You remember his eyes flashing. They normally looked at you with so much love and emotion, but you couldn’t remember seeing any of that. There was just pure raw anger. He had got up and stormed into the kitchen. You just had to get off the couch and follow him. Looking back now, that was such a stupid fucking decision.

Harry had been pushing through the freezer before noticing you. He had straightened up, mouth set in a firm line. “You’re damn right. Maybe I don’t give two shits anymore. Maybe I want to be in England or LA right now with my friends, or loving some other girl and having the time of my life. But I’m here, aren’t I?” You lost it then. You always had a fiery temper at the best of times, but there was something about his words that made your voice come out quiet, cold and hard.

“There’s nothing stopping you ya know. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that loves you or cares about you. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that’s given up her whole fucking life to live with you. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that wants to marry you someday!”                                                                            There were tears streaming down your cheeks at this point. Fingernails cutting into your palms as you clenched your fists.                                                        “You were my fucking saviour Harry. I thought you were always gonna love me.”

Harry paced over to the front door of the apartment, grabbing his coat off the dining room table.

“Well, I guess you thought wrong then, didn’t ya love?”

With those dreaded words, the wooden door slammed. The bang clouding your ears as you had slid to the ground sobbing. After about 2 hours, you had gone the bedroom you shared with Harry. That’s where you were still, laying there, just breathing.

You expected Harry to come back. He expected himself to. And he tried. Every night he would let himself into the apartment, just to grab his things. At least that’s what he told himself. He always got stuck. Sometimes it would be because you had fallen asleep on the couch with the TV still blaring Call the Midwife. He would watch the light flicker over your face, before picking you up and placing you gently in bed. Sometimes it would be because you had fallen asleep in his walk-in wardrobe. Weird as is sounded, it was because you had been cuddling his colourful shirts, pretending they were him. At first, Harry laughed at this. But the more and more he found you asleep in the wardrobe, the more he found himself with tears running down his face. He missed you. So much. And it was always with regret that he left you, asleep in the quiet apartment.

You knew he came every night, but you never willed yourself to stay awake, and you didn’t quite know why. But the weeks went by, and Harry gradually stopped coming. It could have been he had retrieved all of his things. But you knew and he knew the crowded apartment was still filled with his belongings. It could have been the fact that his friends and family were getting fed up with his moping, and finally decided that it wasn’t healthy. And it could have been the fact that he had finally got over his kiwi.

You had seen the magazine articles. Harry was finally back in London and causing a raucous. You on the other hand, and found out about the baby a couple of weeks ago. Harry’s number stayed cemented in your phone. It took your mum to finally knock some sense into you, saying that maybe you should tell the father of the child that he actually is going to be a dad. So you called. When the ringing finally subsided, and Harry’s voice came over the speaker, telling you to “leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.” it almost broke you. But finally, after many coffees and pep talks, a message flowed from your lips.

“Hey Harry, it’s me. Been a while huh? Wasn’t going to call you at all, but Mum persuaded me. She’s always been a fan of yours. Charmed her right to the bone. Anyway, just thought you should know. I’m having your baby. It’s none of your business, but it is technically half of you, so best you know. You don’t need to care for the kid or send money or anything like that. We’re gonna be just fine without you. Just like I have been. So just leave it, ok?                                        So yea, kinda dropped a bomb there didn’t I? Have fun living your life being a rock star. Don’t call back. Bye”

It was those words that made Harry’s healing heart explode.

hOLY SHit! This has been sitting in my notebook for a while now, so it’s a bit overdue. I’m kinda thinking of doing a part 2, so pretty please let me know if I should! Lots of love xxx


Prompt: How about a fic where long ago s/o was saved by Klaus and she fell in love with him from there on until present time and so she finally tells him that she wasn’t loyal to him because he saved her and turned her but because she was in love with him?

Requested by: ANON

Fandom: The Originals

Niklaus Mikaelson had found you nearly dead in the massacre of Balgera. You’d been doing your best to protect your little sister from the invading forces when he had shown up and snapped your attacker’s neck. Your transition to vampire had led to nearly nine hundred years of friendship with Nikki. And a longing love that had forced you to leave his side when you realized it would never be returned. Except you’d never been able to say no to him. Which was why you were here now… listening to him bitch.

    “What ever happened to loyalty? Love? Family?” You watch him pace around the room, and when he tosses a table through a window you don’t even flinch. “They put a dagger through my heart!” You take a sip of wine, and you wait. Sure enough, he stops to stare at you. “Are you really just going to sit there sipping wine?”

    You give a lazy smile, “Oh, how I’ve missed the Mikaelson family drama. It’s ten times better than those soaps on T.V. You’ve got witches and vampires, long lost sisters, and parents rising from the dead. It’s amazing, really.”

    Klaus’ face deadpans, “Have you come here to taunt me? Are you siding with the others now?”

    You’re off the couch and in his face in under a second, “If I was siding with your family, you’d still be in that coffin with a dagger in your heart. Instead, I hauled my ass all the way from my lovely vineyard in Italy to save your ass.”

    A smile quirks on his lips, “I knew that connection spell would come in handy.”

    You roll your eyes and make your way back to your glass of wine, “Nine hundred years, and I just can’t shake you Nikki.”

    He smiles, before sauntering over to you, and throwing an arm around your shoulders, “Come now, love; death, destruction, mayhem. This is what epics are made of.”

    You shrug his arm off, “You use me for your own means Nikki. Don’t pretend otherwise.”

    “Oh please. You’re my best friend Y/N. You’re the one I went to when I needed to disappear. You’re the one that hid me when Mikael nearly caught me. You protected my siblings when I had to lead my father away.”

    You look him in the eye, “I’m also the one who will tell you the truth, no matter what. You follow through with this plan to win your aunt’s trust and you will LOSE your family Nikki.”

    He stares at you, “Then, what do you suggest?”

    You down the rest of your wine, “Let your baby mama keep your daughter safe. Dahlia won’t be able to find her easily. Cut out the dramatic revenge bits, and still hijack the little witch’s spell.”

    “And my siblings? What do they get for their betrayal? Should I just give them a free pass?”

    You stare at him, “Considering how many times you’ve daggered them, I’d have to say yes. They owed you one, Klaus. Now, come on, we have things to do.”

    He smirks, “You’re a bossy little thing.”

    You look him dead in the eye, “I’ve been this way for nearly nine hundred years, Nikki. I’m not going to change now.”

    “And always there to put me in my place.”

    You shrug, “Elijah is too kind, Rebekah does as she’s told, and your other brothers are dead. Someone has to do it.”

    He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, “My fierce protector.” He places a kiss on your forehead, “My best friend. And the only one allowed to call me Nikki. Shall we go reign down havoc?” You nod and without another word he leaves the room. And knowing you’re going to regret it, you follow him out into New Orleans.

To everyone who’s been following along with Love & Justice… thank you so much!! All your kind comments the last few weeks have been overwhelming ;u; it’s been a really long time since I last had this kind of feedback on my writing, haha…

For now I plan to take a break from fic and work on some more original stuff for a bit, but I would love to do more with these two in the future -u- it feels nice to finish something for once…

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My partner had been looking for an old flame for a long time (it's complicated) before I came along. It was an accident but we fell for each other and started dating, and he stopped looking for his ex. It was a complete coincidence but yesterday I. Found. His ex. We spoke and it seems both of them have been looking for each other. It's. Killing me but I'm going to help reunite them. I'm going to do it because I love him and it's right. It'll hurt but those two were meant to be together.

Oh wow. That is very big of you to do. Have you actually consulted your partner though? Maybe they don’t want their ex anymore? Maybe they’d rather stay with you? Don’t rush into something you might regret
Best wishes darling 💓

Seeing Louis mention how the other boys have such good stage presence made me want to tell a little story from one of my concerts. Every one direction show I’ve been to, I had what could be considered “nose blood” seats. Usually to the side of the stage, high up in the air to the point that the boys look like singing ants. Don’t get me wrong, I still had an amazing time, but I still remember wishing I felt more a part of the crowd. When you’re so far back it’s harder to want to sing along and go wild because most of the people around you just aren’t doing that.

Fast forward to the OTRA tour, one direction’s last tour before the hiatus. I was so excited because even though I didn’t have floor seats, they were still in a lower level than I had ever had before and right to the side of the stage. I remember practically vibrating in my seat when I realized how close I was to the stage. I knew I wouldn’t be able to really see the boys in detail, but I was so excited to be as close I was. I also knew that since we were on the side of the stage, chances are we wouldn’t get a lot of interaction from the boys.

But then the music started and the crowd went wild and I saw Louis Tomlinson run to the side of the stage. We were close enough to see the smile on his face as he ran over and started waving to all of us and I remember with teary eyes yelling at my friend to “just look at him! Louis is right there!” It still makes me emotional thinking about him running over and making sure we all felt a part of the fun. People talk about how Louis makes sure the nose bleed seats get taken care of, but it really is true. In that moment I didn’t feel like I was hundreds of yards back. I could feel his love as he stood in front of us, his silent appreciation that we were all there filling up the seats. I could never thank him enough for making me feel that way.

I’m forever grateful that he is the type of man to make sure every fan has a good time. Even back when he may have felt like he was forgettable or that he wasn’t as good as the other boys, I’ll never forget how happy he made me that night.

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95 and namseok if possible!! 💜

Ahhh thank you!!

Namseok, 95, “Could you please stop biting your lip… it’s distracting.”

(college au, 1k) 

Group study dates have been a thing for a while now for Hoseok. 

It used to just be him and Seokjin, both fretting and swearing they were oh so very fucked with this project holy fuck why did they leave this so late? Lots of energy drinks, a lot of hysterical crying, just all round good times. 

After their deadlines had been met and their grades came back with a pass, and all the swearing that they would never leave anything so late ever again (Hoseok still can’t look at a Red Bull can without wanting to projectile vomit) study dates had become a regular occurrence. 

Before long, Seokjin was inviting his boyfriend, Min Yoongi and then Yoongi was followed by his “not stalker, I’m just hyung’s biggest fan” Kim Taehyung, which meant Park Jimin was there too and he brought some high school kid Jeon Jungkook along for some reason regarding promising someone’s mother they’d see him pass, be a good role-model, etcetera, etcetera. 

Hoseok liked the extra company, he was a social person, and having more people around felt more motivating and they’d have snacks and coffee and study and honestly Hoseok’s grades were improving so it was nice. He loved his study dates and was pretty sure they were the reason he was going to pass this course with flying colours.

Until one faithful day when Hoseok agreed to something super fucking dumb on his part. 

‘Where are you off to?’ Namjoon, his roommate and boyfriend, asks him on this previously stated faithful day, after Hoseok’s shovelled two books that have no reason being so fucking big into his bag. 

‘Study group,’ Hoseok says. ‘Just in the library.’

‘Oh,’ Namjoon says. ‘Is it cool if I tag along?’

And the only reason Hoseok hadn’t asked Namjoon thus far was because well, he was a genius and Hoseok kinda just presumed he was too smart for study groups and because on the occasions Namjoon hang out with the rest of Hoseok’s friends they were just, well, them and it was kind of embarrassing even if Namjoon said he liked them all just fine. 

So Hoseok had said yes

What an idiot

The study group meets twice a week. Namjoon has been joining them for about three weeks now and Hoseok has never found it harder to concentrate in his damn life

It all comes down to the fact that Namjoon is evil. So very fucking evil, like seriously how dare he just sit there and exist all perfect and hot and fucking adorable biting his lip in concentration with the damn furrowed brow, what the fuck

And Hoseok is only a man, and he can only handle so much of that before all his frustrations just come crawling up out of him. 

‘Could you please stop biting your lip?’ Hoseok hisses, prodding Namjoon in the arm with his pen so hard he jumps. ‘It’s distracting.’ 

Everyone looks across at him, Hoseok shifts in his seat feeling like he’s on display and then Taehyung’s leaning towards Jimin. 

‘Oh my god,’ Taehyung whispers conspiringly. ‘Hobi-hyung’s got a fixation with Namjoonie’s lips.’

Hoseok feels his face go red about the same time Namjoon pulls a face. ‘I do not!’

‘Please don’t call me Namjoonie.’

‘I mean they’re pretty nice lips, hyung,’ Jungkook says, twirling his pencil between his fingers. ‘You should get snake bites or something, I know a guy.’

‘You are not sticking anything metal through your lips, Kim Namjoon,’ Hoseok says and he’s adamant on that, the last thing he needs is Namjoon tonguing at a lip piercing. 

‘But they’d look cool, hyung!’ Jimin says. 

‘Yeah, Hoseok,’ Yoongi says, looking thoroughly pleased with himself like the creature of chaos he is. ‘Think of how cool they’d be.’

‘Personally I think you should get one,’ Seokjin says. ‘See how you feel about it and then get another.’

Hoseok runs a hand down his face, kinda wants to punch Namjoon in the arm when he grins big and lets Jungkook and Jimin start prodding at his bottom lip and then other parts of his perfect perfect face saying where he should get all of the piercings. Just all of them. 

It’s a perfectly normal thing, to be distracted by your boyfriend’s lip biting habits. But the fact remains that the others don’t know that Namjoon and Hoseok are dating and Hoseok, he’d just like to keep it that way. 

It’s something Namjoon’s never really been fussed about. He complains sometimes about not being able to hold Hoseok’s hand when they’re walking down the halls, but if Hoseok kisses him all over his face in the safety of their shared dorm room he gets over it quickly.

And Hoseok isn’t ashamed of Namjoon. He isn’t, Namjoon’s the best and Hoseok will spew poetry about just how fucking amazing he is if given the chance. But the fact remains that Hoseok’s friends group is the actual worst and will breathe down their necks and just make their dating life a living hell with the constant stream of commentary and so Hoseok just wants to keep quiet about it. Maybe tell people in a few months. Or years. Or like, after they’re married and have three adopted kids or something. 

Not that Hoseok’s thinking about marrying Namjoon when they’ve only been secretly dating for four months. 

(Please don’t tell Namjoon that Hoseok’s thinking about marrying Namjoon when they’ve only been secretly dating for four months and has done so since their one month anniversary). 

‘Hobi-hyung has a crush,’ Taehyung coos and if he were closer Hoseok would throw something at him because fuck this little shit and fuck his own cheeks for flushing red when half the table starts giggling. Shit, it ain’t the most obvious thing in the world now–

‘Hey,’ Namjoon says, voice low and he’s somehow managed to escape the prodding so when Hoseok tilts his head over, Namjoon’s face is right there and Hoseok freezes. 

Namjoon puts a hand on the back of Hoseok’s neck and guides his head forward, presses a kiss against his lips and Hoseok’s entire world explodes into all the most cliched hearts and flowers and (not the distant sound of wedding bells shut up) he doesn’t even notice all the eyes on them. 

When Namjoon pulls away, interlocking their fingers under the table and giving a reassuring squeeze, Hoseok decides that Yoongi is going to be the best man at their wedding considering he is the only one who does not promptly start screaming. 

Send a number and a pairing and I’ll write a drabble! 

I wanted to take a moment and talk about the situation with ToppDogg’s Hansol.

     If you don’t already know what’s happening, he’s been making a lot of suicidal statements as well as posting strange pictures and acting weird on his Instagram live streams. Hansol had posted a picture of a drawing with slit wrists but he deleted it almost immediately after posting the photo. Okay, strange, we’ll get over it, maybe it was a joke. Well then on his live stream he sat and he stared at the camera for a solid ten minutes. No movements, no words, no smile. He just stared into the camera, frozen and blank for a long period of time. Well then I heard that he was talking about what if he just got in his car and he drove faster and faster; It’d kill him. Well the latest thing I saw was on his recent live stream he broke down. He was sobbing and said that he wants to die.
You guys don’t understand how actually cruel Asian countries are to their idols. They’re beaten, starved, stolen from and lied to. If you lived a life where you were constantly beaten for saying the wrong thing, getting lyrics wrong or even slipping during a dance practice, you would be depressed too. He’s one of the few who is ready to get out and he makes it obvious that he’s ready to leave, he’s ready to go the hell home. But he can’t because of the place and the situation that he’s in. Hansol is ready to just go home but he can’t. And for every one thing wrong he says, that’s a beating, a meal missed, a phone call home taken away from him.

   Our idols go through absolute HELL to be who and what they are. They don’t make it obvious because it will get them in trouble. Everything anti-fans have to say plays a part in their beatings and starvation. We’ll take Seungkwan from Seventeen;
Look at him 6 months ago than the pictures from 6 days ago. Dramatic weight loss to the point he looks very ill and malnourished. They hide how absolutely underweight he is by making him large shirts. That’s they hide how severely tiny these men are.
Back to Hansol, he’s been talking about wanting to die, yes? You don’t know how much trouble he will and probably has already gotten into for saying that. He could be severely beaten for wishing that upon himself and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to stop it.

Right now, Hansol needs to be with his loved ones. He doesn’t need the shitty judgment being thrown at him. He needs to be told he’s loved and that we need him, he’s worth a valuable life. But we can’t. And sometimes even the fans can’t help such serious problems. He doesn’t need therapy where he’ll be judged then made out to be an insane young man because of his problems. HE NEEDS A FUCKING BREAK.
He needs his family, a hug, to be told they care and they miss him. He needs to just be away from the limelight, all of the horror in the industries. He just needs to be told he doesn’t need to kill himself to get away from this. I feel so bad for him because nobody understands what he’s feeling, thinking or going through. Nobody can predict what’s coming.

Don’t let an idol be killed by his company because he just wants to go the hell home.

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Could you do 57. “Wait a second.. are you jealous?” Thank you so much =)

57. “Wait a second.. are you jealous?” 

She was clearly flirting with him. How could He not see it? 

Magnus watched from afar as the young mundane girl attempted to sweep the shadowhunter off his feet with her charm. Unfortunatley though for her, Magnus was about to sink his claws in her, or more accurately, suck face with his boyfriend in the middle of the bar, completely interrupting whatever conversation the two may have been having.

Magnus had lost track of time while kissing Alec, but it had at least been long enough for the mundane girl to have paid her tab and left the establishment.

“What was that for?” Alec asked, confused and out of breath.

“Can’t a man just make out with his boyfriend?” Magnus thought that would’ve been a convincing enough answer, but Alec noticed the girl was gone, and Magnus was scanning the room. Alec’s observational skills were highly tuned, no it wasn’t long till he’d figured it out.

“Wait a second.. are you jealous?” Magnus wasn’t one to blush, but there was a slight redness in his cheeks, causing Alec to smile. “Do my eyes decieve me? Is The High Warlock of Brooklyn jealous of a mundane girl?”

“Shut up and eat your burger”

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*slams $500 down then places a small puppy next to it and slides them both to you* Connor having had a really shit morning (mainly because his dad ragged on him for being mentally ill and stuff), goes to school with his s/o who makes him feel a bit better. Then at lunch, his s/o slams the cafeteria door open so loud it makes everyone be quiet, but then Zoe (whose next to them) presses play on music player and s/o sings "Helpless" to Connor in front of everyone & he feels SO HAPPY AND LOVED

adorable! I love it! and I’ll take the pupper. I wrote this in my tiny world that I think Zoe and Connor got along. This has been one of my favorite requests! It was so fun to write!

•He had had one of his shittiest days in a long time. His mother made him and Zoe get a ride with his dad for some “bonding.” Yeah, much bonding.

•The whole ride was basically Connor’s dad pestering him about why he’s so closed off and sad looking and when Connor said he was depressed, Larry got mad and denied it, saying some bullshit like “it’s just a phase.”


•Zoe basically sat silently, trying to shut up her dad a few times but always failing. She was absolutely stunned about what Larry was saying.

•You hadn’t seen Connor that morning and that freaked the hell out of you, you usually meet up at your locker, no exceptions, but you saw Zoe. That freaked you out even more.

•You confronted Zoe as soon as you saw her, and she told you everything, and that’s when the plan aligned.

•You told the teachers it was for a club, one that only you, Alana, and Zoe were in. It was something like, “Helpless Project.” Yeah, lame name but it was an easy excuse for you not to get in trouble. You said it was to get more people interested to be in the club.

•You were so prepared to do your plan . You got a radio from the music teacher and you were already a major Hamilton fan, so the lyrics were no problem.


•Connor had thought you were mad at him for not seeing you in the morning and decided to show him up. But he was oh, so wrong.

•You know those movies where the boy has sunglasses on and a boom box on his shoulder, that was Zoe. Alana behind her in one of those superman poses. You definitely got the attention of the room.

•Honestly, it was like an action movie, two people coming out of double doors like badasses ready to swing at anyone. They thought you were going to play some pop, or rap music. That’s when Zoe started playing Helpless.

•You spotted Connor in the room, but didn’t walk over to him yet. You wanted to be the dramatic little munchkin you are. You wanted to do the choreography.

•Alana played Angelica while Zoe danced around, you wouldn’t say you were an embarrassing show but rather amusing.

•You and Alana are surprisingly good singers and dancers. You were spinning around tables together to get to Connor.

•Every time something referred to Connor, such as “I am so in to you,” you decide to widely point at Connor, making him more embarrassed.

•Connor had his head in his hands by now. He was smiling and blushing so hard. You have the boy Helpless.

•"Insane, your family brings out a different side of me. Cynthia confides in me. Larry tried to Idk a fight with me. Zoe tried to get him to align with me. No stress. We’ll figure it out.“

•You played both Alexander and Eliza, it was a bit hard, but you think your rapping sufficed.

•Alana and Zoe were definitely great as background singers when needed. They should be in a musical or something.

•You replaced all of Alexander and Eliza’s name mentioning to Connor if it fit, other wise it would refer to Zoe or Alana.

•It was all going good until you jumped up on to the table that Connor was sitting at, he finally looked at you. He looked so happy? You looked down at him singing out “that boy is mine,” while pointing at him, staring at everyone else.

•People might’ve been surprised you were singing to Connor because they thought he was a freak and you are so beautiful, but what they don’t see that Connor is just as beautiful and amazing.

•You sat down in front of Connor, attention still on you, you still singing, “My life is gon’ be fine because he’s in it.” Cheesy enough, you were looking into Connor’s eyes, your hand on his cheek. It made it even better that the other girls were singing “I look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit.”

•Connor honestly could have been happier in that moment. You did all of that only for him? Wow?

•You sure bet you guys kissed after, and you saw bet you guys heard applause when you were done.

•He asked you the reason why you did it and you simply answered “Love makes people do weird things.”

•People stopped you, Alana, and Zoe in the hall about the performance. You gave them the same answer about why you did it.

•Connor felt so lucky to be with you. To be with someone that would go so far to make them happy. To be with someone that makes him feel so helpless. God, you have him so helpless


Gif source:  Holmes

Imagine Holmes teaching you how to play violin and when you get good enough, the two of you do duets.

——— Request for fandoms-pizza-wifi-ym13 ———

Holmes wasn’t exactly the most patient or understanding teacher, but he most definitely was an effective teacher. You stuck with him, mainly because you’d become used to his eccentrics over the span of time you’d known him, and had learned more violin with him than you probably would have with any other instructor in the amount of time you’d been practicing. Still, you didn’t think yourself prepared enough for what he was suggesting, now.

“A duet?” you ask, looking at the sheet music with unsure eyes. Holmes doesn’t seem bothered or registering your nervousness at all with how he lounges in that chair that you were honestly surprised had survived the detective for this long.

“Precisely,” Holmes hums, plucking at his own violin, “I assume you can have it somewhat perfected by tomorrow should we start today.”

Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 9 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Word Count: 1,279

Warnings: None. 

A/N: HOLY MOLY I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR A LONG TIME. That, however, was due to the craaazy 4am-noon shift I had been working. Ack. Ew. I hated it. Luckily, I will no longer be doing that. Thank you all so much for your patience and I truly appreciate you for sticking around. Without further adieu, enjoy part nine.

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“James Madison, huh?” You were standing in line at the coffee shop when you heard Peggy Schuyler behind you. 

You turned around and saw her with her arms across her chest and her eyebrows raised. A lump formed in your throat as you stared at your friend. “Alex told you. Pegs, let me explain–”

Peggy’s demeanor broke as she let out a giggle. “I’m just kidding, (Y/N)!” She bounced up on her toes and gave you a hug. “I’ve missed you so much.” 

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There was a Say Yes to the Dress marathon and now I'm in the wedding mood. I guess, how would Jotaro (part 3 or 4 idc) and Josuke propose to their s/o? How long would they be engaged and how big would the wedding be? I just binged read through your blog and it's cool! Thank you and I hope this isn't too weird of an ask!

I accidentally deleted what I was writing, ayy ;-; Thanks for requesting this, it wasn’t weird at all! I hope you like this, at least I had a lot of fun writing it c:

Jotaro Kujo.

Be sure Jotaro would’ve been thinking of proposing from long time before he actually does the thing. He wanted to do it right, it had to be the right moment, the right words, the right actions. Not somewhere public, definitely. He’d preferably be doing it someway more private and traditional. Like, for example, a romantic dinner at his (or their, if they’re already living together) place.

His s/o would’ve inmediately noticed Jotaro was up to something. The nice music, the decorated place, was that homemade food? Who would’ve thought Jotaro was such a good cook. It was too strange for not being a special date. But as soon as he started to talk about both of them as a couple and the future that lied ahead, it was kinda obvious where the conversation was heading. And when he took out the beautiful ring he bought for the ocassion, he showed a even more beautiful smile after hearing his s/o saying yes.

The ceremony would be very small so organizing it wouldn’t be any kind trouble, with only the members of the families and close friends as guests. I personally like the Everybody Lives AU in where the Crusaders are able to attend to Jotaro’s wedding. Holly’s crying, Joseph’s crying, even Sadao was there. 

Jotaro in a white suit. Just. Imagine Jotaro with a white suit. It’s perfect. Now imagine Jotaro in a white suit saying his vows, yes, he wrote them himself. If that doesn’t make his s/o cry, I don’t know what could.

Anyway, simple wedding, very intimate, but really beautiful and special. The memories of that day are something he’ll keep on his heart forever.

Josuke Higashikata.

Josuke’s proposition and wedding would be completely different. He’d take his s/o in a nice date to Morioh’s finest places and would make reservations for the most expensive and luxurious restaurant… in where he’d propose to his s/o with a diamond (hehe) ring. Boy he had been saving for it. He’d want to put it in his s/o’s hands making a little number, like capturing the attention from the people there, kneeling in front to his s/o like a fairytale prince and asking the classical, “Will you marry me ,____?” 

When he gets the yes, all the people present would cheer to the now engaged couple too as they share a sweet kiss, the cherry on top of the night,

He’s not going to let the chance to make a great celebration pass by, so they’d be engaged for a year or so. Between his job, organizing the party, saving the money, and stand users, it’s not that easy to transform his dream wedding into something real.

When the big day has finally come. Josuke is looking fine as hell, but he sees his s/o walking to the altar, and they’re glowing in his eyes. Josuke has never seen someone so beautiful. 

Expect at least half Morioh attending the ceremony. Josuke is a model citizen and everyone wants to be present in the special day of this sweetheart. Of course, Okuyasu and Koichi are his best men, as it had to happen.

And after the wedding comes… the after party! It’s a hell of a party, honestly. Morioh has never held something so fun. There would even be people who will try to sneak in without an invitation, lol. There’d more fun for them when they return home (if you know what I mean) but they’re too tired to do anything.

There’s probably a photo album of that day that Josuke loves to check from time to time.

It was a long time ago, but I still can’t believe that in the “Attached” episode of Star Trek TNG, Beverly Crusher turned down Jean Luc after learning he had been in love with her and wants to try to have a relationship with her.

The man is hot and smart and has a voice that instantly melts butter. What’s not to like?

Who else are you holding out for, sweetcheeks? Captain America?

Exactly two years ago, I was sitting on my aunt’s couch alone. Everyone else had gone on a walk, but I didn’t go outside much. Sleeping also didn’t come so easily to me and I had been up all night thinking about something that has been bothering me for a long time. Despite being half asleep I scrolled through Twitter with one eye open and god bless the soul who retweeted one particular video onto my timeline. When I pressed play I had no idea how important this song, this music video, this person, would mean to me.

Hayley has spoken a great deal about validation in interviews and how she wishes that she realized “The only validation I need is from myself,” earlier on in her life. The message of accepting oneself in the moment instead of struggling through childhood and saving all the self love stuff for adulthood was one I desperately needed to hear, but didn’t realize it yet. But I had realized something.

On June 24th, 2015 I most definitely knew that I was a lesbian, but I most definitely did not feel validated. I had questioned my sexuality for as long as I could remember. I questioned myself as a young child when I felt different from my friends for a reason I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I questioned myself when people asked me why I didn’t have a boyfriend yet and- in a disgusted tone- if that made me a lesbian. I questioned myself when I learned about how being gay was a sin everyday in religion class. I questioned myself the first time I kissed a girl and she told me I wasn’t supposed to kiss back- it was only experimentation so I knew the rules when the time to kiss a boy came. I questioned everything every time I heard a friend or a family member talk about us, in that repulsed and all-knowing tone. From the ages eleven to fourteen all I really thought about was the possibility of me being gay and whether or not I deserved to live if I was.

Two years ago, I was 14 years old and I knew. I knew. I hadn’t fully accepted it yet but I knew. Years of internalized homophobia still needed to be dealt with and I still struggle with it today. None of that mattered when I hit play on that music video. I entered a new world. A world where people like me existed. A world where we didn’t exist entirely for the male gaze. A world where we weren’t used to gain a diverse audience then killed off for shock value. A world where we simply existed for ourselves.

There’s nothing that will ever beat hearing “I’m real and I don’t feel like boys” as a young closeted and terrified lesbian. There’s nothing hearing the loud “Girls like girls like boys do” followed by the casual “nothing new”. People like us are real and we always have been and we are never going away. In an interview- that I can’t find at the moment- I remember Hayley saying that Trenton represents everything that initially held Coley and Sonya (who represent every lgbt couple) back from falling in love. Whether that be friends, family, homophobia around them, or shame within themselves. After Coley fucking punches Trenton in the face and kisses Sonya like she’s wanted to for so long, I wanted to punch all my shame and self hatred in the face and let go of my internalized homophobia forever (and, of course, kiss a pretty girl). For a second I wanted to come out to everyone I met and ask out pretty girls and go to pride marches and not care what anyone thought. Things wouldn’t come that easily and I still struggle everyday with shame, fear, and anxiety because of my sexuality- that’s not just going to go away. But I sure do love myself more than I did. I have come out to a few people and I will tell everyone I need to with time. The best news is that I have asked out (and kissed) a pretty girl and she is now my wonderful girlfriend who makes me feel more proud to be myself than anyone else ever has. I really wish I could punch boys who I’ve never met in the face that shout “dyke” at me in the hallway and approach me after class and ask “So how does it work?”. As well as girls who call me a lesbo deliberately right behind my back so I will hear it. I wish I could punch everyone in the face who doesn’t think my relationship is valid, everyone who we have to hide it around. Everyone who believes people like us don’t deserve to exist freely, everyone who actively fights against our right to be free. Unfortunately, I’m way too much of a coward to do that. However, I am brave enough to know that I am worth so much more than a straight person’s “opinion” of me, every single one of us are. And I think that’s pretty brave.

I am growing everyday and I truly believe that the day my seed was planted was 2 years ago when I finally saw myself as I truly was. A person. Girls who like girls are people and we are valid and we belong to ourselves. And I’m so incredibly grateful that Hayley Kiyoko realized that the only person she needs validation from is herself so she could pass this message down to me and to 70,424,356 viewers on Youtube and to so many others around the world. This will never just be a day for me, because the day I saw Stefanie Scott- with face full of cuts and bruises- ride down the street on her bicycle on her way to steal some guy’s girl, I would feel valid and real for the first time in my life. Representation can change lives when it’s done right, I sure as hell know it changed mine.

We live in an evil and disgusting world, but people like Hayley grant us with hope. Hayley, thank you for making art, and thank you for having the courage to share it with the world. The amount of lives you’ve changed and people you’ve given validation, hope, and an escape to growths everyday. The amount of people you’ve helped grow into confident and self-loving humans will never stop increasing. Thank you, for everything.