it had been such a long time

Got asked to "step down" from a position.

Years ago, I taught Sunday school on a voluntary basis at a megachurch in my town. There were so many children in this church that classrooms were made available to group children with Sunday school teachers for every year of their life until middle school and high school, at which point they attended a larger group with similarly aged peers in separate wings of the building. I taught two-year-olds, and loved every moment of it.

My classroom boasted a huge number of children, at about 20-25 per service. I was supposed to have an adult co-teacher, but all the other adult volunteers were sent to other classrooms with a “higher need”. I had two high-school-aged volunteers, best friends, who often spent service time playing together, despite repeated approaches to asking them to play with the children (one of my volunteers was the director’s son, who I couldn’t replace because of his mother, and who clearly did not want to be volunteering).

Despite this, and despite inheriting a huge classroom full of several special needs children, my children played calmly throughout service, and enjoyed a routine and simple rules I set to run the classroom efficiently. Children arrived, played calmly, sang songs, ate snack, and went home.

Even in the face of this obvious evidence that my classroom was running efficiently, I was repeatedly asked by church leaders to adopt certain mannerisms around children I found inauthentic and frankly patronizing. I don’t and won’t speak in a high-pitched voice to anyone, child or adult. I don’t and won’t use words like “upsie daisy”. These requests were persistent. It was the opinion of the church that I was not “warm and welcoming” enough. It was modeled again and again that the church would prefer I was overanimated in a HUGE SMILE HUG “I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE” kind of greeting.

One summer day we were all called (some 50+ room leaders and volunteers) into a mandatory meeting. You know those meetings where you instantly know they’re talking about you? The policies on words like “upsie daisy” were now set in writing, and I was shortly asked to step down for not using these phrases. I was not allowed to prepare my children for the transition to a new Sunday teacher. I was immediately replaced (by a friend, actually) and was fairly crushed about the sudden break from little people I liked spending time with. And furthermore, it made me question my abilities to work with children, an endeavor I had already devoted my life to.

Unbeknownst to my church, I had long been working at a career in early childhood intervention, teaching a classroom full of two-year-old child victims of trauma and abuse with a heavy case load of special needs children. My coworker called me over one Monday, as I was the twos teacher, asking what I made of this email she had just received concerning a church with an out-of-control twos room requesting that someone come consult with their new staff and help implement some new classroom techniques to “manage difficult behaviors”.

Naturally, I agreed to do the consult in person as soon as possible, and asked my coworker to let them know I would meet with them on a completely voluntary basis at their next Sunday service.

It was absolutely my pleasure to greet my church leaders and friend as their specialist consultant, to their confused surprise.

I walked them through all sorts of interventions and strategies I had previously used to create a calm classroom environment and strongly advised against the use of overly excited greetings and phrases like “upsie daisy” in place of direct redirective requests (e.g. “Please put your feet back on the floor.”) It was my strong written recommendation that the written policies on these strategies be amended and for staff to be immediately retrained in accordance with actual therapeutic practices.

It was my last time stepping foot in that church, and will forever remain my most deliciously cherished memories of vindication.

On Powerful Wings

So… I’ve wanted to write a Wings AU since i’ve been seeing all these beautiful drawings of the sides with wings (i’m looking at you @randomslasher and @artistwave!! Everyone else also go look at them. I am. They are sooo talented oh my gosh.) I was stuck on what to write about for a long long time until it hit me to try and write wings that weren’t bird wings. So… this is what came of that. Also, everyone thank @didsomeonesayprince if you like this nonsense.

Another Polysanders. Apparently it’s my thing now.

Wing AU!!!!!

Logan groaned as he sat up in his bed. He wasn’t exactly looking forward to today. One of his boyfriends was dragging the rest of them to a party. They had all been dating for a long while now, but they only had been living together for a short time. He was in his own room, they agreed it would be nice for each of them to have their own space, even if a good portion of the time they tended to fall asleep in each other’s beds anyway. As he swung his legs over the edge he began to stretch. His wings unfolded out from behind him as he let them get some air. One of the problems with wings was definitely waking up in the morning and finding you had slept on one of them weird.

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bts// rough sex


  seokjin was always more of the soft and gentle type when is came to sex. but when you got him mad- that whole persona changed. restraints, spanking and a lot of dirty talk. 

“you’ve been a bad girl y/n.” he would sneer at you from the botton of the bed where he stood shirtless, a belt in his hand. “and bad girls dont get to cum”

your naked form would be slightly out of breath and shaking from the almost orgasm jin had given you. just before you reached your climax, he pulled his long fingers, covered in your juices, from your soaked core.

now, as jin walked to the right side of the bed, the belt still in hand, your eyes twinkled in excitement and a smirk played along your lips. 

“turn around y/n, its time for your other part of your punsihment.” jin said and smacked the belt acros his palm. 

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  yoongi loves rough sex. you guys had only had somewhat gentle sex twice. the first time it was soft because it was  your first time together, and it had to be special. the second time was when you were feeling insecure about yourself and yoongi needed to show you just how beautiful you were. 

yoongi loves doggy style, its his favourite position because he loves your ass. he loves watching the way it jiggles when he pounds extra hard into you and the red marks from his hands practically glowing on your skin. 

what he loves most about rough sex are your moans. the way they go somewhat high pitched when he hits that extra sensitve spot in you. or the way you moan his name and your eyes roll to the back of your head when you finally cum. 

“thats it kitten, moan my name.” 

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 sweat literally dripped off you both as hoseok pounded into you. the two of you watched the way his hard cock, that was covered in your juices and sallvia, slid so easily into your pussy through the reflection of the mirror. 

in the reflection of the mirror you locked eyes, lust and love were swarming your pupils. both of your hair looked crazy and your skin was almost as red as a tomato from the heat you were giving off. you would say that you yourself looked like an complete mess, but he, he still looked so  god damned perfect. 

his hands tighten on your waist to go even faster into you. both of your knees becoming a bit sore of the position you were in. 

“hm, you like this baby? you like watching sir beat your pussy?” he asked, his voice deep as he concentrated on  your face through the reflection. 

“yes sir, i love it.” you moaned out the answer, pushing your body to the same rythm as he was going, making the pleasure increase.

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  namjoon was basically the king at rough sex. he lived by rough sex- the way your breaths became uneven and mixed together, and the way you were so fucking submissive for him. 

the word daddy constantly rolled out of your little mouth as he worked his magic on you. a few times you almost said namjoon, but quickly caught yourself because you couldnt bare him to stop finger fucking you.

his fingers always reached the best parts in you.

there were finger prints on your neck from his choking you almost too hard, and your hair was  basically glued to your forehead from sweat.

namjoon looked down at your beautiful fucked out body that was sprawled across the messy bed and chuckled.

“tired already baby? daddy hasn’t even started yet.” 

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  everytime you guys fucked, marks covered your entire body. some were from his mouth, some were from his hands, and some were from the restraints he used to tie you up. 

his hands would slid down the sides of your warm body as he bit harshly onto your neck, starting his usual teasing. when he would be content with the markings on your neck, he would move down to your breasts and begin nipping and sucking on your nipples.  

jimin would then slid his tongue down stomach and stop at your inner thighs, starting to suck and bite there before slapping them and your already soaked pussy.

when he goes on tour, he loves when you send him pictures of his markings, and gets disappointed when he sees that some are fading away a little too quickly. 

“dont worry princess, ill see you again soon and leave even worse marks on you.”

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taehyung makes sure to pound into you hard. so hard that you’re practically begging him to stop- and he loves the sound of you begging. 

he makes you beg for his dick to be inside of you. he makes you beg for him to stop teasing you with the tip of his dick or the slight touch of his fingers. 

“come on babe, i know you want my cock to be deep inside of you, so let me here it.” 

everytime he pounds into you, your entire body moves forward from the impact. your moans letting him know how much youre  enjoying being fucked so rough.

taehyung knows that he fucked you rough enough when you can barely walk the next day. the way you stumble around the apartment in his oversized shirt and a playful glare on your face makes him want to fuck you even more.

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when you and jungkook first met, both of you guys were virgins. so for the first few months your sex life was very vanilla. 

over time you guys became very comfortable with eachother and started trying new things in the bedroom. this consisted of dirty talk, blindfolds and even some choking. 

jungkook wasnt sure about choking at first but soon came to love the image of his hand wrapped around you throat. 

his hips relentessly pounding into you as his kept his head by your ear to whisper dirty things into your ear.

“do you like the way i fill you up y/n? tell me how much you love it.” he would ask and demand, your hand coming up to run your fingers through his dark brown knotted hair and tugging. 

“god y/n, your so good.” he would moan out as you climaxed together. 

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BTS REACTION: Whining daddy when they tease you.

“I’m not finished princess, you’re going to have to endure it a littttle more”

he’d say with a devilish grin as he continued to slowly move his fingers up and down your folds as you were sprawled on the bed. You’d carry on with a “please daddy” and that would just make him snap. Standing up to take his belt off.

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“What did you say princess?”

Your ass up and your face down, you were handcuffed to the bed as he teased your core with his dick. You’d be moaning and whining, just begging for some sort of release. You’d say it again, and that’s when he’d pound into you. However he’d notice that you were moaning way too loudly. And then say “quiet down for daddy, we don’t want the neighbours hearing those beautiful moans”

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“Whine all you want kitten just remember who’s in charge here”

The thing about yoongi is that he has a lot of self control sexually, you can do whatever you want and he wouldn’t snap. Yoongi would be blowing gently at your clit whilst he was in between you legs, teasing you. All you wanted him to do was eat you the way only he does. But you were on a punishment. When you began whining, it only got worse, he stopped blowing completely and placed his tie around your mouth to quiet you down as he carried on teasing.

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“Yes baby? Tell me what you want”

The second you said it he’d be at your feet, like putty in your hands he’d just melt, giving into whatever you wanted. He pounded into you, getting extremely turned on by your moans and whines. You were both extremely loud but couldn’t care less.

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“What do you want huh? Is my baby wanting more attention?” He’d coo,

You agreed that he could dominate for one night as a birthday present, and he took full advantage of the one time opportunity. Usually you were mommy and he was your baby boy, all the times you’d tease him and deny him of Cumming came back to him. He wanted to punish you. You were bound to the bed, all sprawled out for him, he spanked you every time you whined.

“Whine again baby, I dare you”

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“Whining isn’t going to get you anywhere, kitten”

he was blowing at your entrance when you began whining. you just wanted him to eat you out, you’d been such a good girl for him lately, but he just couldn’t help himself. he licked a long stripe up your folds. but stopped there before it went any further. “Daddyyy” you whined, wanting more. “use your words baby” he mutter, your breathing hitched. “please, fuck me.” and since you had been a good girl, that’s exactly what he did.

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“Yes baby”

jungkook was always right at your feet when you whine, he loved it, he loved hearing how helpless you were. it’d been a long day for you both. you were on the bed, legs wide open as he teased you with his dick. “say the words baby, and you’ll get what you want” he chuckled. “daddy, please fuck me”. “good girl” he murmured as he slipped into you.

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Your feedback is always welcomed :) I’m almost hitting 1,500 followers and I really cannot believe it! Thanks you guys so so much! <3 Btw this is the picture that is mentioned in the story! Enjoy! And check out my other works! (Pictureis not mine!!!)

“Damn girl! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes!” My best friend Ella calls as I finally enter her car and plop down onto the seat with an exhausted sigh. The belt to my shoulder bags slips down my shoulder and I position it on my lap. Ella has gladly volunteered to take me from college this time or I had to deal with public transportation which I definitely did not want to spend my last nerve to. My life is chaotic enough at the moment and I can’t have other things to tear me down. Recently, I have been very sensitive to everything and even a little unnecessary stuff can be a cause for my outburst. For example, yesterday I was out of ice cream and I immediately started to cry because it was the only treat that relaxes me when I come back home from a very long day in college. Crazy isn’t it? To cry over ice cream?

“Chill, Ella. I’m sorry! I just had this very important conversation with my professor and it took a little while. It’s not going to happen again.” I lean my back against the seat and close my eyes. All I need is silence now. My head is killing me and I really desire to slip into my pajamas and sleep.

“Is it okay for you if I turn the radio on? It’s just boring and you ‘re not going to talk to me anyway.” Ella asks and she gets a nod from my side.

“Sure…” I say nothing anymore.

After she turns on a fancy radio channel, Ella starts the engine and we drive off. It will take us approximately 20 minutes to arrive at my apartment and while driving I spend my time with observing the buildings we pass by. The movements of the car along with the nice music coming from the radio is a perfect mix to make me fall asleep and I think it isn’t a bad idea to take a little nap. However as I am about to drift off, a voice I have not heard for a while sounds through the radio. His velvety voice. Kiwi starts to play and Ella immediately turns it off.

“I’m sorry, babes. I didn’t know.” She apologizes and blushes even though it’s not her fault. She’s the only one who knows about him and our break up. Nobody else in the world has an idea that I once used to date the most popular and successful British artist.

“No problem…” I croak. Hearing the sound of his voice after so many months of our break up causes another wave of pain in my heart. There is still this familiarity in his voice that I could have listened to for hours. I close my eyes and try to prevent tears to leave my eyes.

“(Y/N) are you okay, sweetheart?” Ella inquires with a hint of concern on her face.

“Just take me home, Ella.” Is all she gets as a response from me. The walls I have tried to build the months after Harry has left me begin to crumble down just by a simple sound. Even though it is hard to admit, I still miss him so much although he was the one who gave up on us. He was the one who suggested it was the best way to go separate ways and he made this decision without my consent.

“You know, you don’t have to stay alone tonight. “ Ella soothes me. “You’re more than welcome to join Brandon and I to hang out. He loves you like a sister and a little bit of distraction will do you good. What do you think?” I would like to accept her offer however seeing couples being lovey dovey around me is something I cannot deal with at the moment. Not that I’m not happy for Ella and her boyfriend, I love them both as they were my siblings but it makes me realize that I have no one who cares for me anymore. Harry was gone. The love of my life is not here with me anymore. And it hurts beyond imagination.

“Thanks, El but I really need to be at home. I have lots of studies and projects going on and the sooner I deal with them the better.” By now she is parking in front of my apartment. I give her a soft kiss on her cheek. “See you later.” I tell her and get out.

The ache between my chest still remains as I run up the stairs to my apartment. I take out my key and unlock the door and enter my messy home. Another regular day where I just walk in to an empty apartment. Normally, Harry would always be there before me, cooking a meal for the both of us while he used to sing along to his favorite songs. I loved to watch him in this state. The silence in my apartment is just a reminder of what’s not there anymore.

I place my bag onto the ground and get rid of my jacket and shoes. Right after that, I go to the kitchen to grab a snack and a bottle of water. I head to my bedroom and sit in front of my desk and dwell myself into my studies. It has become my daily routine. Waking up, going to college, coming back and studying. I desperately search for ways of escaping reality and for me this routine is the only way to achieve my goal.

I take my notes and writings in my hand and start studying for the upcoming exams. However, from time to time I feel myself drifting off. A memory hits me suddenly, leaving me breathless.

“Come on babe, I need some loving here.” Harry pouted, laying on his stomach on my bed and waiting for me to cuddle with him.

“One minute.” I said, nibbling on my pen while trying to work on a paper sheet.

“(Y/N)…” He sighed and gets up, moving towards me and all I feel is his strong arms wrapping themselves around me and his breath on my neck. He placed soft kisses on my skin which caused a shiver running down my back. “You already said that 10 minutes ago.”

“I know, H. I’m sorry.” I sighed, rubbed my eyes and let him take my paper and placing it far away from me. He grabbed my hand and led me to my bed where he lied down at first, then opened his arms and I slipped between them. I loved being this close to him because he always radiated a sense of security and home. His one hand ran up and down my arms while his other hand was placed at the back of my head. His lips touched my forehead ever so softly and I felt complete in that moment.

“That’s how I like it.” He whispered. I buried my face in the crook of his neck and inhaled the sweet scent of his cologne.

“I wish I would be always like this. You and me.”

“It can be.” He told me. I looked up at him, our eyes met to a loving gaze.


“When I marry you someday. And of course, when my job gets less chaotic.” His answer made my heart swell. Being with him forever until death did us part was something I wished so badly.

“Will you still perform on stage then?”

“I think I will never stop making music but you know I don’t have always to perform in front of people. If things get serious between you and I and I can promise it will, I will definitely want to settle down and start a family. With you, love.”

I leaned in to connect our lips to a gentle kiss and we spent the rest of the day with many cuddling sessions and talking.

I shake my head and my heart feels so heavy. “You promised…” leaves my mouth.

The desire to continue my studies leaves and I push everything aside and stand up. It has become dark outside and the clock on my walls shows that we have 7 PM. I position myself on my bed, take my pillow and press it against my body. I really wonder how Harry is doing right now. Is he thinking about me like I do? Does he miss me? Does he regret the decision he has made?

I’ve seen plenty of pictures online and he never appears broken or sad. Quite the opposite: he always looks happy and is smiling on every photo the fans shoot. He seems to cope very well with our break up, leaving me being the one who probably suffers under such hurtful heartbreak. I have loved him so much, still do and I gave him everything I had without flinching an eyelash.

Even though it is hard to keep myself away from checking up on him, I still do because after today there is no way that I can relax when I do not see him.

I am about to take my phone as my notifications on Twitter goes on and I see that an update account that I use to follow has posted a picture of him. It leaves me breathless and my heart slams against my chest. He is currently in Shanghai it says.

He looks absolutely and indescribably beautiful and tears just begin to stream out of my eyes as I observe his perfectly shaped face. His hair is messy and curly as I remembered. His outfit consists only of black material which outlined the color of his eyes even more. I always have loved it when he wore black. It suits him so damn well and honestly there is nothing he could not wear without looking like a complete idiot.

A salty tear wets my display. “I’m sorry..” I whispered into silence.”I’m sorry I could not be enough for you when you’re still the one I want.” I scroll further and find more pictures of him posing with his fans and signing autographs. The more I look at them the worse I feel and it ends with me burying my face between my hands and starting to sob.

There is no way I could ever move on. Harry has taken my heart and claimed it as his own, there was no chance I would ever get it back. While he would continue his life like nothing had happened between us, as if I do not exist, having another girlfriend, marrying her and having children, I would be still longing for him. My love for Harry is endless and it will always be that way. Even on my death bed I hope the last few words that will escape my mouth would be me telling how much I loved him through all these years.

“Why?” I sob. “Why did you leave me Harry? How will I live without you?”

It feels like it was yesterday as he ended things with me, tears covering his handsome face. I could tell he didn’t want this as much as I do but he still walked through that door and never came back.

“I’m sorry and I love you.” Was the last thing I’ve heard from him. All the things he said about marriage and settling down with me have been nothing but a lie. A bittersweet lie. He made my hopes up only to crush them afterwards.

I have a look at Twitter again and the update account says Harry will perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. After reading the post, I click on Harry’s profile. I decide to send him one last message and after this one I will never ever bother him and try to continue living my life. As easy as it sounds, it is still the hardest challenge in my life.

I open the DM because I have no other possibility to contact him since I deleted his phone number after he left me. Why do I even do this to myself? Why do I torture myself like this? And what did I do to deserve being treated like this?

I’ve always supported him throughout his solo career, telling everybody that I know how brilliant his music is and even convinced them to buy his album and give him a chance to prove himself. I’ve been there when his mood was on downfall and anxiety played around with his mind. I’ve built him up with my love, with my admiration and devotion for him and he took all of this for granted.

Call me pathetic, stupid or whatever for still wanting him after he left me out of nowhere but if you had loved him as much as I do you would understand. You would understand that you would do anything in your power to keep someone with an amazing personality as Harry’s in your life. But I had failed. I have tried but obviously it was not enough.

I sob hard as I type short sentences, my fingers trembling as I try to form proper words. What would you tell someone if you know this would be the last time you would ever contact him? There are so many things in my mind, I could simply write an essay about my feelings however I don’t want to bother him any longer. He might become sick of me.

“I’m proud of who you become, H even if that meant to break my heart. I will always love you forever and I will never forget you. You will be endlessly in my mind. Go and rock that stage, my little dreamer. X.”

I contemplate for a little while if it’s a good idea to send him this message, it kinda sounds cheesy but what have I got to lose anyway? The person I have treasured and who had a huge amount of value in my eyes is gone anyway.

With a heavy heart and a bit of uneasiness consuming me, I press the send button and the message appears on the screen one more time. I observe it a few minutes and after that I inhale deeply, turn off my phone and lay it on my desk far away from me. I wonder how he will react to my message but for now I cannot deal with it.

I snuggle back into my bed, taking my pillow as a replacement for Harry. I cuddle against it and imagine he was still here with me, embracing my body with his strong arms and keeping me safe during the night.

“That’s it.” I whisper before I slowly drift to sleep. One tear flows down my sore cheek. “It’s over.”

If (Y/N) had known that on the other side of the world, a young man with green eyes and a wonderful dimpled smile is crying over her message like she had over him hours ago.

You liked to think of yourself as a confident person.You definitely weren’t overconfident, because that wasn’t good, but you were just the right amount of confident… if that made any sense. See, it was basically in-between of ‘I want to fling myself into a black hole’ and ‘I’m the best person on this entire god damn planet’. 

At the moment, you were edging towards wanting the floor to swallow you up. Unsurprisingly, standing around with a donut in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other while a bunch of lingerie-clad supermodels strutted around you wasn’t much of a confidence booster. You were a supportive girlfriend, and you loved accompanying Harry to his shows and interviews, but this was completely brand new to you! Sure, you had been to a Victoria’s Secret show before, but Harry was performing this time, which meant you had to hang around backstage and watch him prance up and down the catwalk while beautiful supermodels blew kisses at him and winked at him and - you know, things of that nature. 

Before you came around, everyone knew that Harry had a type. He’d never admit it, but it was true! As long as you were a long-legged, angelic looking model of some type, Harry would be interested in you. You couldn’t blame him for having a type, it was simply human nature. Of course, because of your dazzling personality and charm, you were able to hook the one and only Harry Styles. (One of your greatest achievements.) And you knew that Harry loved you, and you loved him just as much - maybe a little more. However, being surrounded by girls that Harry would definitely go for if you two weren’t together made you feel a little icky inside. You didn’t have any grudges against any of the girls, truthfully, because all of these insecurities were pretty much in your own head, but still! You didn’t have Kendall Jenner’s legs, Nadine Leopold’s abs, Camille Rowe’s… face. In fact, now that you were thinking about it… Harry had a fling with all three of those girls. (There were still articles circulating about how Camille and Harry were dating even though you were his girlfriend, so that was reassuring.) Wow, this was depressing. Harry basically downgraded when he got together with you. 

Well, you knew what you had to do now. Eat away your feelings until you were numb on the inside. You turned around swiftly to the concession stand, scanning over the sweets and pastries that were all calling your name. I wonder how many donuts I can eat in ten minutes. I guess it’s time to find out. You shrugged, reaching over and picking up a powdered donut, promptly taking a bite out of it and chewing thoughtfully. Plopping down on a plastic chair, you continued indulging in your first donut out of many, looking up to see Harry walking over. 

“Hey, you!” Harry chirped, picking up a baby carrot and dipping it in hummus. He was about to pop it into his mouth until he saw you sandwich an apple turnover in between two glazed donuts. “Woah, woah. Slow down there, love.” He laughed uneasily, taking your creation from your hands and setting it down on a napkin. There was no way in hell he was going to let you take a bite out of that monstrosity. “You only make diabetes-inspired desserts when something’s on your mind. What’s up?” 

“Nothing’s on my mind. I’m just hungry! Now, if you will.” You pointed to your creation that Harry had moved to the other end of the table. 

“Y/N, seriously.” Harry frowned, giving you his carrot instead. You inspected the vegetable in between your finger before looking up at Harry as if he was the craziest person alive. You? A baby carrot barely dipped in hummus? Not the greatest combination. 

“Harry, seriously.” You mocked, putting the carrot down and letting out a huff. You just wanted your apple-turnover-donut-sandwich. Was it too much to ask for?! “Nothing’s wrong, and you need to get back to rehearsing.” 

“If yeh don’ tell me what’s wrong, I’ll throw away your… whatever this is.” He threatened, picking it up and holding it over the bin. 

“I can just make a new one.” 

“Y/N, I know something’s wrong, just bloody-” 

“Fine! I’m…” You looked around, picking up another powdered donut and taking a huge bite out of it. “Infhecure.” You murmured through a mouthful of donut. You didn’t want to admit it. You hated admitting things and feeling weak and vulnerable. It was gross.


“Insecure.” You swallowed, reaching up to wipe some powdered sugar off your lips. “I’m insecure, alright? Having to sit back here knowing that there are a bunch of models out there blowing kisses at you and walking around in their tiny little pieces of lace that they call thongs.” You muttered, avoiding eye contact with Harry and taking another bite. 

“Y/N…” Harry let out a small sigh, a smile tugging at his lips. He bent down in between your legs, placing his hands on your knees. “There’s nothing to be insecure about, silly! You’re being ridiculous. Even though, yes, I’ll be surrounded by supermodels, and yes, they will inevitably be winking at me and blowing kisses at me because I’m just tha’ amazing-” 

“-you’re a dick-”

“-I’m only going to be thinking of you the entire time! Alright? If it were up to me, I’d have just you prancing around in a tiny little thong and a matching bra while I performed.” He joked, smirking a little when you scowled at him. “Don’t let this bother you too much, yeah? We’re in Shanghai, for crying out loud! Isn’t that exciting? And you get to shove your face with donuts all day, which I know is one of your greatest fantasies.” 

“Mm, you’re not wrong.” You sighed happily, popping the remainder of the donut into your mouth. Harry was right. You didn’t have anything to worry about. After all, Harry loved you and only you. He’d pick you over all the supermodels in the world. “I just can’t help but-” 

“You’ve got some powdered sugar on your lips, hold on.” You weren’t entirely surprised when Harry leaned in to press his mouth against yours instead of grabbing a napkin, your eyes fluttering shut as you kissed him back. Your hands instinctively reached up to cradle his cheeks, a giggle slipping past your lips when Harry squeezed your knees in response. 


“Mm-mm, not done.” Harry hummed, his hands sliding up from your knees to your waist as he began pressing kisses from your jawline to your neck. When Harry got like this, you didn’t have a say in anything. Which was nice, sometimes. But you were drawing a bit of a crowd and you could feel your face growing hot very quickly. 

“Hi, ladies.” You smiled at the small crowd of girls, giving them a small wave and trying to act as natural as possible even with Harry nipping at your neck. “Camille! Looking good! I mean, all of you look great, but-” 

“We’re going to my dressing room.” Harry suddenly pulled away and got up, grabbing you and effortlessly flinging you over his shoulder. 

“I’m looking forward to the show!” You gave the girls another wave accompanied with a friendly smile, giggling when Harry gave your bum a gentle swat. Maybe you didn’t have anything to worry about, after all. 


gif isn’t mine!

Second Best

Sam Winchester x Reader

950 Words

Story Summary: Y/N admits to Sam how she truly feels. 

Warnings: Mentions of feeling as if you don’t belong, some angst

“I want to be someone’s favorite.” You cried, staring out the window so you didn’t have to see the pity on Sam’s face. “I want to know what it’s like to have someone always there for you. That would drop everything in an instant to be Okay.”

“Y/N, I…” Sam started, no doubt trying to tell you that your feelings would pass. That you were being sentimental.

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New Beginnings | Sweet Pea x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Rating: T

Summary: An unexpected pregnancy becomes a blessing. (Beyond terrible at summaries, sorry!)

A/N: Just another random fic idea I had in mind. I hope you guys love the idea of Sweet Pea becoming a dad as much as I do because that boy deserves so much happiness! Enjoy and please leave feedback if you feel anything should be changed xx


THE tiny apartment was quiet except for the sound of knife meeting chopping board and the pitter-patter of rainfall hitting the roof.

You stopped your task as you wondered how to break the news to him. It had been a month since you moved in with Sweet Pea, biker extraordinaire and all around bad-guy-who-was-really-a-softie.

Since your relationship began in high school, the two of you had had your share of ups and downs but you had managed to survive each ordeal, coming out stronger as a couple eventually.

Sweet Pea was amazingly supportive too and gave you space, time and his encouragement to finish your tertiary studies and return to Riverdale.

Upon your return, you took up a teaching position at Southside High, much to the displeasure of your mother. However, you loved your job and you loved the students you taught. Most of all, you loved the man who stood beside you despite it all.

That was why when Sweet Pea asked you to move in with him, you did not hesitate to take the next step. After a month of bliss, your heart was filled with terror and nervousness as you were now expecting.

Resuming your previous task of chopping cilantro, you thought about whether Sweet Pea would be happy to know he was becoming a father.

The microwave pulled you out of your reverie as the smell of a perfect lasagna filled the tiny apartment. You had hoped to lessen the blow of the baby news by making him a home-cooked meal.

Moving to get things ready, you finished laying the table when the door swung open and he walked in, dripping wet and looking like sin.

The tall Serpent removed his jacket before shaking out his raven locks and glancing your way, his face lighting up as he moved closer to wrap you in his arms.

“I missed you, Y/N,” he said as he dropped a kiss on your lips. “Something smells good. Been cooking up a storm, Princess?”

You laughed. “Somewhat. I thought we could do with a home-cooked meal today. Go get changed and join me.”

He grinned. “Yes, Ma’am.” He kissed you again before heading to change and was back in two minutes.

You both eased into conversation as you tucked in the meal, Sweet Pea voicing his gratification in a moan that reminded you of more sensual times.

Your inability to keep your hands off that man is the reason we’re in this situation, sweetie, you told yourself.

You decided to bite the bullet. “I’m pregnant, Sweet Pea,” you blurted as you paused to gauge his reaction.

His eyes had widened and his mouth was open, a forkful of lasagna hovering mid-air as he took in the news.

“You’re…you…a baby?” he finally asked.


He fell silent before he frowned and stood. “I need air.”

You couldn’t do anything as you nodded, eyes downcast as he headed outside. A swirl of emotions ran through you as you failed to keep your tears at bay.

Your hands trembled as you feared the worst. You were so lost in your thoughts that you failed to register Sweet Pea walking in. You didn’t notice the alarm that crossed his face when he saw you crying.

All you knew was that your face was soon in his hands as his thumbs wiped the tears off your face.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for how I reacted. I guess I didn’t know how to react,” he said before sighing as he looked into your eyes.

You sniffled, unable to stop sobbing. Sweet Pea sighed before he embraced you.

“Y/N, you know my experience with fathers. I didn’t have the best life growing up. I’ve never belonged. I never thought I’d settle much less have a kid. But I’ll be damned if I become my old man and abandon my woman and child when they need me the most.”

Hope flared in your chest. “You mean, you want to keep the baby?”

He smiled. “You bet I do. After all, the little rugrat will have your beauty and brains and hopefully, only my brawn.”

You laughed as you pulled him in for a hug. “We’ll make it work, Sweets.”

“I know, Princess.”


SUNLIGHT streamed in the room, causing you to wake and turn to face Sweet Pea, who was still snoring softly and completely oblivious to the world.

You looked at him and felt your heart swell with love. Even though he was initially scared by your pregnancy, he never once forgot his duties as father-to-be.

You still remembered the times he held your hair back and rubbed your back soothingly after you had morning sickness.

You giggled when you thought about the times he got up in the middle of the night to bring you food you craved, wrinkling his nose as you savoured vanilla ice-cream and pickles. Or the times he returned home to massage your sore feet and calves before making you dinner.

The most incredible moment you both shared was in the doctor’s office during your first ultrasound. Sweet Pea’s reaction when he saw your unborn child was one of utter joy.

As soon as you left, he scooped you in his arms and swung you around, laughing.

“We’re having a baby!” he had exclaimed.

When you had entered your fifth month, Fangs and Toni had thrown you and Sweet Pea a small get together.

“So, you two think of names yet?” Fangs asked.

“Not yet. Besides, we still don’t know the baby’s gender,” you replied.

“I have an idea,” the other man said, looking slyly to Sweet Pea. “How about, Sweet Potato.”

Toni spit out her drink while Sweet Pea glared angrily at his friend.

You pretended to think about it. “It could work. Is that your only offering, Godfather? What do you think, Godmother Toni?”

Fangs’ eyes widened as did Toni’s.

“You mean, you chose us to be godparents?” Fangs asked tentatively.

“Of course! You guys are family. Although, fair warning, Toni. You’re sharing the godmother title with Veronica,” you said.

The pink-haired girl smiled. “Not even Miss New York can keep me from spoiling my future grandchild. Besides, someone has to watch out for the little one or Fangs will end up teaching them something stupid.”

Lost in the memory, you smiled as you looked back at your beau and laid a gentle kiss on his forehead before getting out of bed, squirming as another contraction hit.

You had been getting minor contractions throughout the night but didn’t want to worry Sweet Pea for no reason.

Sighing, you moved into the kitchen to make coffee and as you fiddled with the coffee maker, a pair of arms wound around your waist. Sweet Pea’s scent engulfed you as he kissed your cheek and rested his head on your shoulder.

His hands moved to caress your stomach lovingly.

“Morning, Princess,” he said.

“Good morning, my love. Sleep well?”

“Mmm,” he said before nuzzling his face in your neck. He turned you to face him and bent down on a knee, kissing your stomach as he murmured to your child.

You were perfectly content to enjoy this period of domesticity but fate had other plans. Contractions, followed by your water breaking, left you in frenzy as Sweet Pea bundled you in Fangs’ pick-up and drove you to the hospital.

He held your hand the entire time, murmuring words like “I’m here, baby”, “I love you” and “Just hold on” and upon reaching the hospital, snarled at the staff to “help his woman”.

After what seemed like hours, you were finally in the delivery room, nurses and doctors on hand while Sweet Pea sat by your side, your hand in his.

“Sweets, I love you,” you said, even as pain radiated through your body.

“Baby, I love you too. I’m here for you, hold on to me however damn hard you have to. Okay? I’m here. I’m not leaving you.”

You nodded, sweat on your forehead as you struggled to push. Having Pea there bolstered your resolve and after an eternity, the wails of a newborn were heard in the room.

You were a mess and you looked over to the doctor holding your child.

“Congratulations! You have a baby girl,” she said with a smile as she handed you your child.

You gazed in the face of the little angel who had hair like her father and your features. Your heart melted as Pea moved beside you.

His expression was one of amazement.

“We have a daughter, Pea,” you told him. To your shock, his eyes filled with tears as his body was wracked with sobs.

“Sweets? What’s wrong?”

He shook his head. “I just…a daughter. I have a daughter. And she’s beautiful.”

Sweet Pea looked at you, his eyes warm and full of love. “Y/N, you’re the only reason I live but today, you gave me another.”

Your heart burst with happiness as he wrapped his arms around you, your precious girl tucked between her parents.

The next few hours flew by as your daughter was the centre of attention. Your friends stopped by bearing gifts and gave their best wishes.

Surprisingly, even your Mum came to see you before you fell into a deep sleep. As you woke from your slumber, you were greeted with the sight of Sweet Pea cradling your daughter in his arms, rocking her gently.

You watched them for a while before you spoke. “Any thoughts on what we should name her?”

He looked at you and smiled. “Your option was pretty good.”

“Maya Barrett (L/N) it is.”

Sweet Pea rose from his chair and handed Maya to you before sitting next to you, a nervous expression on his face.

“I’ve been thinking. I wanted to do this for a long time but it never seemed appropriate. Y/N, you’ve given me everything I could ever need. You gave me a daughter and now, I just can’t imagine life without you both. What I’m trying to say is, will you consider marrying me, Princess?”

You had not felt more elated. “Yes, Sweets. I will marry you.”

His lips were on yours before you knew it. Just then, you remembered something he had told you a while ago.

“Remember when you told me you didn’t belong? You were wrong, Sweets. You do belong. You belong right here, with Maya and I.”

His eyes softened.

“You’re right. I can finally call someone my own. I’m glad it’s you, Y/N, and our child.”

A Letter From a “Concerned Stranger”

I got this email through an email anonymizing service today. I thought I’d print my response here, in case it’s helpful to others. If you don’t know the context, my oldest daughter identifies as a transgender girl, and both my wife (a parenting podcaster) and I (a comedy podcaster) have talked about it a bit on our shows. Neither of us cares particularly to be a crusader, we just love our kid and want her to know she’s supported.

Dear Jesse Thorn,

Because I know it’s going to be the assumption, let me get it out of the way: I’m not transphobic. I have a transgender friend. I’ve had my hair cut by a transgender barber. I’ve frequently interacted with transgendered people and didn’t really care. I’ve even went on a date with a transgender woman once. (I live in Thailand, so it’s really not difficult to come across transgender people.)

With that out of the way, I have for a long time been disturbed by your public declarations about his 5-year old child’s gender-non-conformity. Not because I am against trans people (see above), but because it’s simply bad parenting.

While it is entirely possible for a 5-year old child to actually be transgender and that person will permanently identify with a gender for his/her entire life, it is also entirely possible that it is simply a short-term phase that the child will grow out of. In either case, a 5-year old choosing to act like a different gender isn’t really a big deal and should be embraced and the child should be encouraged to identify with whatever gender they like.

Here’s the crux: the child ALSO needs the freedom and space to change his or her mind if the child so chooses in the future. And this is where my criticism comes in.

By tweeting publicly about your child’s gender identity, by discussing it in Slate Magazine, you have put immense pressure on your child. If your child later decides to no longer embrace their previous transgender identity, the child will hesitate to announce this. In short, the child will feel pressured to maintain the transgender identity that the father has made so incredibly public.

I understand your desire to be a part of the progressive left. I understand your elation at your ideological beliefs being represented in your own family. But you should ultimately realize that your biggest responsibility to your children is to give them the freedom to express themselves however they want–and that means feeling comfortable changing their minds if they so choose. By asserting to the world that your child IS transgender (without for a moment considering it might possibly be a phase that won’t last), you’ve put incredible pressure on the child to stick to a decision that was made far before the child hit puberty.

I don’t think it’s too late to fix this problem, and at the very least I hope you at least consider the possibility that this may have been a misjudgment. In reality, however, I expect to be told to fuck off or simply ignored. For the sake of your child, I hope you consider some self-reflection instead of the easier reflexive response.

Best wishes,

A concerned stranger

Dear concerned stranger,

Look: despite the patronizing tone of your anonymous email, I’m going to take a moment to offer you some education, because despite having a transgender hairdresser, you obviously don’t know much at all about how gender actually works in kids.

There is extensive research on gender identity and gender expression. Children with explicitly expressed gender non-conformity have extraordinarily stable gender identities. It is extraordinarily rare for children who clearly and explicitly express that their gender differs with that assigned at birth to reverse course. It is not a phase. Gender is expressed in all kinds of ways, and certainly there are boys who like to wear dresses and girls who like to play football and boys who say, “sometimes I feel like a girl” and vice-versa. Those feelings and experimentations are natural and to be expected and often transitory. Kids who say, “I am a girl” or “I am a boy” have clear, stable gender identities, no matter what age they are or what gender was assigned to them at birth. We talked about this in the Slate interview - perhaps you didn’t read it - but our daughter never particularly “acted like a girl.” She told us she was and is a girl. And has affirmed that many, many, many times.

We have of course repeatedly stated both privately with her and publicly (including in that Slate interview) that we will accommodate her gender no matter how it is expressed, but the odds it changes are very long. We’ve talked with medical and gender professionals about this extensively, read books and looked at research. I’m guessing you haven’t.

Why have we talked about it publicly? Well, frankly, there are a few reasons. First, supporting our daughter’s gender identity was non-negotiable, throughout her life. School, at home, with family and in the world. My wife and I both have public lives, and so our choices were pretty simple. We could publicly support our kid, or we could try to hide our kid. We chose the former. We try not to talk about specifics of her (or any of our children’s) lives that might make her uncomfortable when she’s older, but we do talk about them in general terms, share funny stories from our lives and talk about our own experiences as they relate to our kids. Ultimately, whatever embarrassment our daughter my one day feel because we talked about her when she was little in our estimation paled in the face of the shame she would feel if she felt we were ashamed of who she was.

Furthermore, while this was not the reason we made the decision, we knew that as public people, we might be able to offer guidance, support and an example to folks who found themselves in similar situations, particularly those who didn’t have the community support and education opportunities we did. Both my wife and I have heard from other parents of trans and gender non-conforming kids, many of whom have expressed immense relief that there’s someone out there, living their life, supporting their kid and not acting like they have a shameful secret. I’ve heard the same from adult trans people, many of whose families simply didn’t have the knowledge or resources to support them when they were kids.

In short: maybe it’s you who should consider self-reflection. You don’t seem to have a lot of knowledge about my situation, or about the science and lived reality of being transgender. Particularly considering you’ve decided to offer me advice.



Pairing : Bucky x reader
Warnings : ANGST, Sad ending
A/N : Well, I was listening to Happier by Ed Sheeran and this popped into my head.
Words : 1,482


Happy. You were always happy with Bucky,  you didn’t think it was possible to be happier. Everything was perfect with him. A bear hug from the super soldier was all it took to turn a bad day into a good one. You’d grown accustomed to his rough hands, yet surprisingly gentle grip; his soft and plump pink lips that kissed your nose so lovingly; his baby blues that you didn’t mind being lost in; his tall form towering over yours when he’d hold you; the way all of a sudden he’d hold your waist and pull you close; how he’d laugh, his tongue-behind-teeth smile. You’d grown accustomed to it – no, you’d fallen in love with it, with him.

So how’d you end up here? How’d you end up in an empty bed, waiting for him to come home at 2 am? How’d you end up crying yourself to sleep for 7 nights in a row? When did you stop feeling happy and start feeling unloved?Bucky was the love of your life, no matter the fights, the arguments, the screaming matches. You’d never seen anything like this before in your relationship, but you loved him, and you’d do anything to make your relationship work, even if making your relationship work meant fighting with him.

The Bucky you loved was different. The Bucky you loved was invested in your relationship, he made sure to never leave without kissing you, he baked chocolate cake with you, he made you pancakes with extra maple syrup; the Bucky you loved, love you. The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am –

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of the door being unlocked. “Bucky?” your tired voice reached his ears, which was replied by as small ‘yes’. You immediately shot to you feet and walked in his direction. “Where were you?” You asked, looking at him. His hair was messy, his red Henley which you adored so much was crumpled and his eyes looked tired. “out,” he said, devoid of any emotions. “Well, as obvious as that was, it wasn’t what I meant.” Even if you’d been fighting, you were glad he was back home. Breathing a sigh of relief, you stepped closer, trying to pull him into a hug, only to be greeted with refusal.

This wasn’t the man you loved. Sure, they had the same face and physique, but they didn’t smell the same, hell, they didn’t feel the same. Your Bucky would never refuse to hug you, he took every chance he got to hold you. He smiled when you did, he laughed when you did. Your Bucky didn’t avoid your gaze, he didn’t stay out past midnight.

The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am smelling like cheap perfume. “Who is she?” It all became so clear- how he was avoiding you, and coming home late. It all made sense now.”Y/N,” “Who is she?” you asked, unaware of the tears streaming down you face. “I met her at the bar, she’s a waitress.” It felt as if your heart had been ripped out of your chest, and you were being forced to watch somebody stomping on it; as if someone kept stabbing you, waiting for enough time to let the wound heal, just to tear your all over again. Your silent cries had turned to loud sobs by now. Your body felt like it would collapse any moment now, and as if on cue, your legs gave out, causing you to sink to the floor. Tears clouded your vision, but not before you could see a certain super soldier coming your way.

“Bucky, you’re joking, right? It’s just a silly joke, because if not, it’s tearing me apart. Just tell me you’re fooling me.” “I wish I could, doll.” Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself to speak, “ It’s already difficult as it is, so just tell me the truth and do not make me question you twice. Did you sleep with her?” There was a slight pause before he spoke, giving you a short-lived moment of hope. Fate, however, had different plans. “Yes,” your tears were flowing freely due to the newly acquired information. “Do you- do you love her?” “Y/N, I-” “Does she make you happy?” “Doll, listen to me-” “Are you happier with her?” “I am.” “well then,” you smiled sadly, “there’s no point in me holding you back. I’ll send somebody to get my stuff tomorrow.”

You got up, dusting your clothes. You took a few steps towards the door before you heard yourself speak, “Bucky? Can I have one last hug?” You walked back to him, fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt, hoping to hold the love of your life one last time. He wasted no time in pulling your into a bear hug, just like he always used to. You wrapped your arms around him, as tight as it was physically possible for you to, and a little more. When you let go, he stayed in the same position for a moment with a sad look on his face. You took in his features, his baby blues which were your favourite colour in this  entire universe, his soft lips and his straight brown hair. Your let out a laugh which all too soon turned into a loud sob, which was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips to yours. His hands were in your hair, while yours cupped his face. You kissed him with all your might, savouring every second, trying to engrave in your mind how his lips felt against yours. You pulled away and wiped a tear from your face. “I love you so, so much, Bucky Barnes.” And with that, you left.

It had been eight months since you and Bucky had broken up. Sure, it still hurt, but you’d never go back to him, not after what he did. You missed him on windy days, you two would stay all day on the couch, cuddling and watching horror movies, you missed him when you drank coffee – he always grimaced at how sweet you liked it, you missed him when you went to sleep, because your bed felt empty without him in it.
It was safe to say you missed Bucky Barnes.

After a lot of convincing from Natasha, you decided to go out on a date. With whom, one might ask? Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. Turns out, Stark had a thing for brown-eyed, art loving, cake eating, heart warmingly beautiful, yet unbelievably clumsy girls like you. You’d been dating for three weeks before you two made if official. Tony had a changed status, he was now only Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist. He finally found someone worth staying loyal to. You loved Tony, and you were genuinely happy, after a long, long time.
It was safe to say you no longer missed Bucky Barnes.

After you two broke up, Bucky felt something snap inside of him. He rarely went out or socialized with the rest of the team. The only person he really talked to was Steve. When Steve got to know Bucky cheated on you, boy oh boy was he mad. He’d gone to his house with the full intention of punching him in the face and breaking his nose. “You cheated on her?” He asked, swinging his fist to Bucky’s face, which Buck stopped mid-way [thank God for his enhanced reflexes, Steve had a mean right hook]. “God damn it, punk. I’m a lot of wrong things but a cheater isn’t one of them. My ma raised me right.” Steve was taken aback.“Then why does- Oh my God, Bucky. You didn’t cheat on her, did you?” His eyes widened at the sudden realization. “No, you idiot, I just bought some ladies’ perfume and lathered it all over myself.” He smiled bitterly at Steve. “Why’d you do it?” Bucky wiped away a tear, “because she deserves to be happy. She deserves all the happiness in this world, and probably even more, and I can’t give that to her. She deserves to be happier.”

When Bucky did join everybody, it was on Steve’s birthday party. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He’d come to know you were engaged to Tony, after all, it had been three years since you broke up.  He saw you in another man’s arms, walking towards the bar, laughing loudly at something Tony said. “You alright there pal?” Steve asked his best friend, patting his back. “She’s happier, Steve,” Bucky said, taking a big gulp of his beer. “Both their smiles are twice as wide as ours. She’s happier.” Steve smiled sadly at him, “You still love her, don’t you?” Bucky’s face had tears streaming down, smiling, he said, “I can always smile to hide the truth – that I was happier with her. But look at her, Steve, she’s happy – no, she’s happier.”

They're Jealous

A/N:I know that I have been gone for a while, and that I haven’t posted any stories. The main reason is because I never had time. My weeks were always busy. But now that my main activity is over, I finally can start writing again! I’m very excited to start writing again. But this is crap, I’m sorry for the person who requested this. And that it has taken soooooooo long to post.

Pairing: Shawn X Female reader
Word count: 640?
Requested: Yes| love your writing!! can you write one where you’re an actress whose dating Shawn but your a couple year older and people are making a big deal about it


Shawn Mendes (20) dating actress Y/N Y/L/N (24). Age gap, scary?

Shawn Mendes dating older woman.

Shawn Mendes confirms rumors of dating older actress Y/N Y/L/N.
As everyone has been suspecting, Shawn Mendes (20) has confirmed the rumors of dating actress Y/N Y/L/N (24) during an interview with TMZ. He was asked, “There has been so many rumors going around about you and the actress Y/N Y/L/N. We were wondering if you can deny or confirm anything.” Shawn responds with, “Uh-yeah, I can confirm that we are together. And that we are very happy together.”  We are happy for these two but the age gap, of four years, seems a bit scary….


“Hey babe,” You said as Shawn entered your apartment. He waved to you slightly as he was taking off his shoes, as well as he took off his coat. The smile on your face fell as you saw the state Shawn was in. “Shawn, are you okay?” You asked putting your phone down on the empty space of couch beside you. He mumbled something you didn’t catch, but he shook his head.

He sat beside you. “Shawn, tell me what’s wrong. Please.” You said running your fingers through his hair. He sighed before turning his head to look at you, his eyes saddened.

“It’s just all these articles saying that four years is such an age gap, when it’s not. It’s just getting on my nerves.” You continue to run your fingers through his hair trying calm him down.

“Shawn, we’ve been together for a year, and it hasn’t effect you until some stupid article said something?” You asked. He sighed. “I just wish people could get out of our business, we were fine until I confirmed things.”

“It’s not your fault Shawn. I want you to know that. It’s those people out there who just want to hurt us because they know they can’t be with you. They’re jealous of me because I have the hottest boyfriend ever.” You smiled. He chuckled.

“No, I think its the other way around. You’re the hot one.” He said as he turned his body to be on top of yours. His hands are on either side of you. You giggled at his quick movements. Your eyes met his and you watched as his eyes scanned your body.

“Thank you for cheering me up, babe.” He said with a smile on his face. “No problem. Now kiss me.” He giggled as he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours.


“Welcome Shawn Mendes everybody!” The crowd begins to go wild as Shawn waves to them, shyly. He still is trying to get used to do live interviews. “Shawn.” James Cordon said, Host of the Late Late Show. “James.” Shawn responded.

“You recently confirmed the vast rumors of you and Y/N Y/L/N dating, correct?” Shawn nodded in response. Shawn smile seemed not like his famous, happy one. “You don’t seem happy about this fact, can I ask what’s going on?” James asked.

“Well, Y/N and I have been together for over a year, and we were doing great. But we knew that if we told the press they would be stuck on one fact. And that fact is that she is four years older than me. But we never had a problem with it. None of our friends have problems with it. And whats most important is that our families don’t have a problem with it. But the press and people, that call themselves our fans, have a problem with it. We are happy together and it doesn’t really matter what other people think of our relationship other than ourselves.”

“Well said Mendes, well said. Hear that everyone! Stop pestering this poor guy and his beautiful girlfriend!” Shawn chuckled at James as the interview continued.

“Any songs on SM3 about Y/N?” James went on to ask. Shawn smiled shyly and let out a breathy laugh. “A few, yeah.”

“We can’t wait Shawn!”

cas-backwards-tie  asked:

Since your requests are open can I please request a Bruce x Reader where (it could be a headcanon or imagine) the reader is pregnant and literally can't get comfortable going to sleep or pretty much anywhere. Idk. Maybe she has really bad symptoms and it's just- not pretty at all but they still love her? (I just had this stuck in my head all night) Please and Thank You ❤️

I hope this is what you wanted sweetie!! I made it off a continuation oh this fic: Baby Fever. This is also a +Batfam

You groaned as you turned onto your back. You let out a long sigh as you laid your hand on your swollen stomach. It had been months since you and Bruce decided to have a kid. Your due date was coming closer but you were uncomfortable all the time.

Whenever you sat on the couch or walked it anything! Your ankles were swollen your breasts were always sore. Your cravings were driving you mad and you never got to sleep.

You were happy to be carrying a child, but you also hated it. So here you were staring at the ceiling not being able to sleep.

“You’re definitely your father’s child.” You spoke as your kid kept kicking you.

You looked over to see that the clock read seven in the morning and glared at it. You struggled out of bed and smiled when you finally got up. The door opened and you looked to over to see Damian walk into the room.

“Good morning mother.” He greeted you and you smiled warmly at him.

“Good morning Damian.”

You walked over to him and you both left the room. You smiled as you saw everybody sitting together at the dinner table for breakfast and took a seat next to Bruce.

“How did you sleep?” Bruce asked you

“I didn’t.” You smiled sweetly and tried to get comfortable on the seat. Slowly growing frustrated.

You jumped when you felt a hand on your shoulder and looked being you to see Alfred putting a pillow behind your back.

“Thank you, Alfred.” You grinned

Your mood swings were the worst. One minute you were happy and the next your either lashing out or crying. And the last time you lashed out it took everyone to calm you down.

“How did patrol go?” You asked and looked around the table.

“Pretty decent, strung up some bad guys, beat Penguin the usual.” Jason answered and your eyes widened

“Is Oswald okay?” You asked and everyone paused.

“Well he went to the hospital for some injuries but he’ll survive.” Jason told you carefully and you felt your eyes watering.

“You sent him to the hospital?! He must be in a bunch of pain!” You cried and put your head in your hands

“It was only a few stitches mom.” Dick said and Tim agreed with him

“But they still must have hurt him!!” You defended him and glared “Wait, why should I defend that jerk face! He’s kidnapped me multiple times and has done nothing good for Gotham! But he does have that awesome lounge.”

You stopped your rambling and looked around the table. Everyone looked at you with smiles and you looked confused at them?

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

“Nothing we just love you.” Bruce smiled and took your hand.

“Even with all my mood swings and morning sickness and well everything else?”

“Of course why wouldn’t we? It’s still you even with all your crazy mood swings.” Tim smiled

“I’m not crazy!” You growled at him and he nodded frantically

“Of course not darling.” Bruce patted your arm

“You guys are the best! But how many times have I told you not to leave your weapons lying around the house Damian Wayne?!” You asked as you threw one of his shuriken next to his head.

“I have to be prepared if we get attacked!!” Damian defended himself and Bruce sighed.

It was going to be another tough couple of months but it was worth it.

Safe Word

Based on a conversation with @okaynextcrisis about how that pesky embarrassing scene in Small Potatoes when Scully almost makes out with Eddie Van Blundht Mulder could have been avoided if they just had a safe word.

The drive back from the Cumberland mental health facility was short, relatively speaking. Just over two hours in the car together. The gulf between them, though, was long. Longer than the drive from Cumberland, longer than the flights from God knew where studying God knew what. Longer than her little legs, as he so snidely pointed out, barely reaching the pedals as she drove them home in silence.

Longer than the time it took for her to start thinking about the candlelit Mulder on her couch as more than her partner, only to find out that the Mulder on her couch…wasn’t.

Her father was right – she should have stuck with medical school and become a podiatrist, or a proctologist, or some other -ist that didn’t involve driving through state roads in Maryland, trying to come up with some way to convince the man sulking in the passenger seat that she didn’t think he was a loser.

The kicker was, she didn’t think he was a loser. Even being locked in a boiler room in West Virginia had to be better than spending a Friday night writing an article on amino acids and serial killers. She didn’t know what was worse, that real Mulder made her feel like a loser on a daily basis, or that fake Mulder made her feel like she didn’t need to be a loser.

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Lazy Day - Finn x Reader

REQUEST: I’m loving your Finn imagines !! Can you do one where Finn x reader are already a couple and they spend a day at home together after having not seen each other for a while and it’s just super fluffy! Xx

NOTE: I LOVE FLUFF! This one isn’t as long but its pure fluff for ya!

PLOT: Finn is back in town for the weekend which means you two get to spend it together lounging around his house.


You and Finn had been together for about six months now and everything was great. But with him filming TV shows and movies while you were focusing on school, you two rarely get time to relax just the two of you. You always facetime each other and text when you can’t. But today was different since Finn was back in town for the weekend, so he was spending the day with you. It was one of those lazy days where you both just lounge around his house enjoying each other’s company.

It was early in the afternoon and you were sitting on the couch leaning against Finn with his arm wrapped around you. Friends was playing on the TV in the background.

“How come sometimes Joey has the most money but somehow also has the least? I mean when he was originally on Days of Our Lives he had lots of money and moved apartments but when he was on it again later, he still had Chandler paying his bills for him?” You asked Finn.

“For plot reasons I guess,” Finn said. “They need Joey to have some sort of reoccurring problems, like he doesn’t have that much going on other than food and girls from time to time.”

“Poor Joey, he deserved better than that as a character,” you shrugged. “He truly had a heart of gold.”

“I agree” Finn added. “I’m hungry.” He stood up and held out his hand for you, “Shall we go find something to eat?” He asked you.

“We shall!” You replied, taking his hand and standing up.

You two made your way upstairs from the basement and into the kitchen to start raiding the cupboards in search of snacks. After a few minutes of opening and closing doors and finding nothing you both looked at each other and shrugged.

“I guess we could make a snack?” Finn suggested.

“Cookies?” You asked.

“Perfect!” Finn started pulling out ingredients and placing them on the counter.

You two carefully measured everything out and put it all in the bowl to be mixed, making sure to add extra chocolate chips. Holding the mixer in one hand and the bowl in the other, you turned on the mixer and put it into the bowl. Before you could even think about turning it back off, the bowl had shifted and cookie dough had flown out and splattered all over your shirt.

“Ugh, no way!” You cried out, putting down the mixer and looking down at your shirt that was covered in a mixture of eggs, vanilla and flour. Finn was on the other side of the counter, laughing his heart out. “Finn! It’s not funny! I love this shirt!”

Finn made his way around the counter towards you. “Awe, Y/N, I’m sorry,” he was standing right in front of you now. “You can borrow something of mine and we’ll throw your shirt in the washer, okay?” He offered sweetly.

“Okay.” You were still upset about your shirt though. “I’ll go change.”

“I’ll clean this up.” Finn said then gave you a quick kiss before you went to his room to find something.

In Finn’s room, you rummaged through his drawers looking for a shirt to wear. You found a simple, navy blue t-shirt and so you took yours off and threw his on. While you were in his room you thought you might as well steal one of his sweaters too. Opening his closet, you found a black THRASHER hoodie and pulled it down off its hanger.

Making your way back to the kitchen, you slid the hoodie on and pulled it down into place. In the few minutes you had been gone, Finn had wiped the mess off the counter and properly mixed the cookie dough. He was bringing out a cookie sheet when he noticed you walk back in.

“Is that my hoodie?” Finn asked you.

“Yeah, but it’s mine now” You said.

“That’s fine,” he smiled, “you look better in it anyways.”

You blushed and walked over to Finn and wrapped your arms around him from behind as he started to scoop balls of dough onto the sheet.

“You gotta make them bigger, so they’ll be nice and gooey” you said, pointing at the smaller ones.

“Okie doke, artichoke” Finn rhymed as he scooped up more dough this time.

“Artichokes are gross,” you said, “they’re prickly too!”

Finn laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one before.”

“That’s okay.” You answered. You let go of Finn so he could place the cookies in the oven.

Once they were done you put them on a plate and went back down to the basement to watch a movie. You grabbed all the blankets you could muster and the two of you snuggled up all cozy on the couch to watch Footloose. The cookies had cooled down enough to eat and luckily, they had turned out perfect.

“Mm, these are prefect!” you said biting into the gooey cookie. “So sweet too.”

“Not as sweet as you” Finn said with a wink. You could feel yourself blushing.

“Stop that.” You said.

Finn giggled, “Stop what?”

“Being so smooth as cute all the time” you said looking up to kiss him softly.

“Only if you stop being the best person I know” he replied.

You smiled and rested your head on his shoulder. Finn reached his arm around your back, pulling you closer into his side as you wrapped your arm around his front too. It was moments like these that you loved and made you wish that Finn never had to leave for work. Getting to spend the day together just relaxing within each other’s company made you happiest.

It was quiet as the movie played on the TV so you whispered as you said, “I love you, Finn.”

You felt Finn kiss the top of your head. “I love you too, Y/N.”

Music Series: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Oooh, Ed, Ed, Ed….you’ve done it again….

Unless you are new here on my blog, you know that Ed’s songs make me swoon. It can’t be helped if you are a hopeless romantic like myself. We all wish for someone to love us the way he loves the woman in this song, which he wrote for his girlfriend, and co-wrote with his brother. It is absolutely one of those beautifully sweet love songs that makes you wipe a tear as you realize how alone and lonely you are without a person to love you like the man in this song loves his girl…or is that just me…sniff sniff…

(And please forgive me, everyone…I’m going through a day where I feel like everything I write is shit, so I hope someone likes it. The demons of the mind are a horrible thing.)

Thank you, Anon, for reading and requesting. I had this one on my list to write already, so I’m happy someone else loves it as much as I do. This is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I am posting the Acoustic Version of this song on Spotify because I like it even more than the original, and you can find it as well on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist on Spotify. xo



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anonymous asked:

Bucky/Darcy 3. We’re both meant to be going on blind dates with other people but we sat down at the wrong table and got our hopes up

here you go, anon! Enjoy!

Prompt: Bad at Dating Themed, #3, “We’re both meant to be going on blind dates with other people but we sat down at the wrong table and got our hopes up”

Pairing: Bucky x Darcy

Rating: G

Notes: just a little bit of smack-talk about molecular gastronomy ;)

Culture, history, technology.

Bucky knew he’d have a lot to catch up on once he got out of cryo for good, but he didn’t expect to be so confused by something as simple as food. The menu in front of him was…confusing, to say the least.

Everything sounded like something he’d eat but then it was followed by something else that hardly sounded like food at all.

Salmon he understood, but what were “yuzu spheres”?

The pork belly sounded normal, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to know what exactly black truffle foam was.

All in all, he was extremely uncomfortable and not just because Steve and Nat had wrangled him out of his comfortable sweaters and jeans and into a stiff dress shirt and slacks.

Sam told him that it was time he tried socializing more.

He disagreed. Everyone he cared to talk to (and even some he didn’t) were already at the facility. When he told Steve this, he was given a Look.

Steve told Sam, Sam became “concerned”, and now he’d agreed to a blind date just to get everyone off his back.

Suddenly someone slid into the chair across from him in a blur of brown, wavy, hair and lips as red as her dress.

“Sorry sorry sorry!” she babbled, still turned away from him to drape her jacket over the back of her chair. “My Uber driver got lost if you can believe it, like GPS is a thing, dude, figure it out. Five stars my a – “ then two things happened at once that made his heart rate rocket.

The first was that she finally turned to look at him, freezing him in place with two huge blue eyes.

The second was that he got a look at her. She was gorgeous with her cheeks still pinked from the cold outside and her dark hair framing her face.

“Oh. Oh, wow. So I guess I owe Helen all of the margaritas for this.” She blinked back at him owlishly and bit her lip. “I didn’t realize that the James she was setting me up with was James Barnes.”

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if tomorrow never comes

summary: Of all the reasons why Shiro had missed their date, time travel is the last thing Keith expects to hear. A Sheith fic, expanding on this.
A fill for @blackpaladinweek, Day One: time/space.


Shiro comes Back a few hours later, stumbling through the door of his dorm room like he’s had a little too much to drink. Matt and Keith both leap up from where they’d been sitting - Matt in his desk chair, Keith on Shiro’s bunk - but Shiro waves them back down.

“Where this time?” Matt asks.

“Dinosaurs,” Shiro says, taking the bottle of water Matt hands him. Shiro uncaps it, drinks half of it in one go.

“Really?” Keith blurts.

Matt snorts. “No. Don’t believe him, Keith, there’s nothing prehistoric about our Shiro. He’s been saying ‘dinosaurs’ as long as I’ve known him.”

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and all the pieces fall right into place

ao3 link

aaron meets robert (and emilia) on a tuesday, and a chance encounter in starbucks changes the course of his entire life. a single dad!au, for @dinglehorton, because they liked this idea and also i love mel and they deserves all the love and fic, really.

a warning for a brief, but not explicit mention of drug addiction.

Aaron meets Robert on a Tuesday. He’s having a coffee in a fairly nondescript Starbucks, waiting for a meeting with the bank, when a whirlwind with blonde curls and a bright pink bow in her hair runs right into his table, and promptly bursts into hysterical tears.

Aaron hasn’t had much experience with kids, really, but he’s not heartless, and when theres a little girl crying on the floor next to his table, he’s going to put his phone down and try and calm her down, isn’t he?

“Hey, it’s okay,” Aaron tried to hush in his softer voice, all too aware the scruffy beard didn’t exactly make him look motherly. “It’s okay. Where’s your mum, eh?”

“Emilia!” a concerned looking blond man was jogging across the Starbucks toward them. He was wearing a neat white button up, under a leather jacket, face flushed as he careered toward them, backpack and coffees in tow.

“Daddy!” the little girl (Emilia, Aaron assumed) looked at her father with tearful eyes, making grabby hands at him.

“I told you not to run off,” the man said, setting the coffees down, and scooping her up into his arms easily, his stern one betrayed by the soft look on his face, the way he was pressing featherlight kisses to Emilia’s forehead, soft in a way all the dad’s Aaron had ever known weren’t. “Did you say sorry to the man for knocking into his table? You spilled his coffee everywhere.”

Emilia looked at Aaron with tearful eyes. “‘M sorry,” she mumbled, still holding a tiny hand to her forehead.

“It’s okay,” Aaron shook his head, mopping at the spilled coffee he’d barely really even noticed, catching the worst of it before it could drip onto his suit.

“Let me buy you another coffee,” the man said, looking genuinely apologetic.

“No, it’s fine!” Aaron tried to protest, but his words were lost as the man scooped up Aaron’s now empty cup, heading for the counter. Aaron couldn’t take his eyes off the other man as he stood at the counter, his little girl bundled in his arms as he ordered Aaron another coffee.

He was gorgeous, all blond hair and blue eyes, and Aaron couldn’t help but be instantly attracted to him. Which was probably a bad idea, all things considered, seeing as he had a little girl in his arms and a wedding ring on his finger, if his past girlfriends had had any sense.

“You really didn’t have to do that,” Aaron protested weakly as the man returned with another coffee, the little girl still sniffling in his arms.

“No, I did,” he shook his head. “Emilia knows better than to go running around busy coffee shops, don’t you?”

Emilia gave her dad the most endearingly grumpy look, and Aaron couldn’t help but laugh. “Do you want to sit down? Theres not many other free tables,” he said, gesturing to the free seats next to him.

“Are you sure? We’ve probably intruded on your coffee enough.”

“I’m sure,” Aaron gave him a reassuring smile. He could do with the company, really - he was nervous enough about this meeting with the bank, and a distraction was more than welcome.

“Thank you,” the man eased himself into the chair opposite, Emilia refusing to let go of her dad, her face buried in the crook of her dad’s neck, tiny arms slung tightly around his neck. “I’m Robert, by the way.”

“Aaron,” Aaron replied, glad to put a name to the face. “Nice to meet you both.”

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History | Tommy Shelby

Some of you are going to hate this. Michael is the reader’s husband but there’s a secret history unfolding…

Marriage was a union you hadn’t taken lightly. It had been a happy affair but even then, when you’d stood at the altar and spoke words of promise, there was a heavy cloud that shadowed the day. Taking the name of a Blinder was writing your own death sentence. You knew you’d have a target on your back but what you didn’t realise, was that those aiming for it would be from within.

Lately, it seemed that all you and Michael did was argue. Over work, over family and over his gradual addiction to snow. He professed his own reasons for it but you had one of your own; Tommy.

“Sometimes I wonder if he asked you to jump, you’d ask how high.” You snapped back with your hands still submerged in the suds that filled the sink.

“I’ve said I’m sorry.” Michael pressed with frustration as he came to rest his palms at the cinch of your waist.

“That’s the thing. You’re always sorry.” Sometimes it was like living with a parrot. He’d recite the word daily. He always came home with a reason to use it these days and it wasn’t you. You weren’t being disagreeable on purpose. Even Polly had pointed out that Michael had changed. His rational intelligence had wavered and something else had grown in its place. It was an arrogance beyond pride. It was an admiration for one’s self you’d seen before. It scared you then and it scared you now.

“That’s not going to change.”

“I know that.” You sighed with defeat. You knew the life but when it’d come to Michael it was supposed to be different; it was supposed to be constant.

“You knew that when you took the name Shelby.”

You hesitated with the dishes at his words as he pressed his lips to your ear as he spoke them. It prickled a shiver down your spine and you pushed back into him as your hands found the cloth on the side. You wringed your palms as you moved from the confines of his arms.

“No… I took the name Gray.”

“It’s the same thing.”

It really wasn’t.

“If Polly knew—”

“Look, she’s not stupid, she knows exactly what goes on and—”

“She blinds herself to it. You know that as much as I do. Legitimate business, Michael. That’s what you said, it’s what he said. That’s what was promised and now you’re as black as him.”

You words came thick and fast. Each one played on a memories that you’d all but forgotten.

“Don’t speak about Tommy like–”

“Like what? Don’t tell the truth. Don’t call him out for his bullshit. The way he treats you, the way he treats you all. You’re his pawns. He moves you around as he sees fit for his gain. Tommy Shelby doesn’t care about anyone else… all he cares about is being on top.” You threw the cloth to the table as you eyed Michael from across the kitchen.

“That’s ambition.” He insisted.

“No, it’s greed… and that greed is going to end up buried. There will always be someone coming to take it from him, Michael. And it’s going to end up being you in the crossfire.”

“We’re the Peaky Blinders.”

“Oh fuck off. You’re not invincible. You don’t shit gold. You all bleed the same. If someone puts a bullet in you, you’ll hit the ground just like everyone else.”

“I’m not listening to this.” Michael reached for his jacket.

“No, I didn’t think you would.”

There was humour in your tone but it was dry and tired, and Michael simply pulled on his jacket to turn away from you and out of the room. You couldn’t stop yourself. Not this time.

“That’s right. Run on back… your leash is looking a little loose.”

You’d not expected the sudden turn of his heel as he whirled back toward you. His eyes fixed on yours as he stopped inches from your face as he spoke. Your teeth gritted.

“This is my family, it’s your family. Maybe you’ll learn to respect that.”

“Maybe you’ll learn to respect me. I’m not one of your whores, Michael.”

“You were.”

It’d been instinctual to lift a hand to slap your palm against his cheek. The crack left your skin tingling and his surprisingly pink as the blood rushed to the surface of his skin. He turned to look back at you and you held his gaze with just as much ferocity. His nostrils flared and for a moment, as brief as it was, you thought you saw the glimmer of a thought to turn his hand back on you.

Instead, he simply left.


You took yourself to bed alone that night but you didn’t sleep. For a long time, you lay on the side that was usually taken by Michael with the window open beside it. The cold bite of autumn air felt like it sliced your skin with each whip of a breeze. It was a big moon. It filled most of the window pane as you stared at it.

It couldn’t have been until the early hours that you eventually slept but even then, around four or so in the morning, you’d found your way downstairs.

There was light from the parlor and you could smell the burn of wood from the fire that’d been lit. You pulled the robe you wore around you as you slid through the door only to be surprised, and then indifferent.

Tommy sat in one of the worn armchairs that he’d turned closer to the fire. A glass of half-drunk whiskey on the table in front of his crossed legs. He looked like he’d had a few more throughout the night with the fog of his eyes.

“Tommy… I see you’ve made yourself at home.”

He turned to you as your shift in weight caused the floorboard to creak.

“I paid for it.”

“In blood or money?”

“Both.” His hand lifted to bring the cigarette to his mouth as you stepped closer to take the glass and sip it yourself.

“What do you want, Thomas?”

“Thomas?… you’ve been spending too much time with Pol.”

He was right. You spent a lot of your time with Polly.

“Yeah, and you’ve not spent enough. She’s the only one that sees any sense.”

Tommy’s eyes rolled toward the fire as he leaned forward to toss the butt of the cigarette into it. It gave a little crackle as you handed him the glass instead.

“You and Michael–”

“Michael and I are none of your business.”

“You are when it’s affecting mine.”

“He told you that, did he?”

“He didn’t need to.”

“Empathy, Thomas? It doesn’t suit you.” Your arms folded. The fire felt especially hot from the contrast of the cold air you had forced yourself to lay in.

“He didn’t have to because I remember from when you and I–”

That startled you. You physically paused and your breath caught in your chest. You and Tommy. That’d been a long time ago. When you’d been a little more doe-eyed and he’d been nothing more than a smart boy with a slight of hand.

“We were never anything.” You insisted. They were memories you didn’t visit often and when you did, it was only ever to liken Michael to the very worst of Tommy.

“I remember it differently.” He leaned back as he rested the glass on his thigh.

You turned to him and his head tilted to the side. He was calculating. You knew those mannerisms. He was guessing your next move.

“Why are you here? If you’ve come with your threats, don’t bother. Unlike most of Birmingham, I don’t fear you, Tommy.” You took a step closer to him so you looked down at him. Somehow it made you feel taller, bigger, more powerful as you continued.

“I remember you, when you were small time, selling betting slips at the courses yourself.”

“Just the slips? Not the gypsy promises and jewels too.” He added with a playful lilt that felt too familiar but those memories were more painful than the ones that hurt. The ones when Tommy was on the rise and everyone else was abandoned in his hunt for prosperity.

“Oh, I remember the promises all right. All of them broken.” You assured him.

“You never liked to compromise.” He grinned.

“You never liked being told no.”

“I still don’t.”

You couldn’t help but mimic his infectious smile and you perched on the edge of the seat beside him.

“Talk to him.” He stated.

“I’ve tried but he’s stubborn. Like you.”

You huffed as you leaned back to press your head to the seat where it butted against Tommy’s outstretched arm. You looked up at him. You’d both been sat in such a way a thousand times before. He was older than you by a good few years. It was John you’d known better but somewhere down the line, it was Tommy you’d kept company with. It’d started out like this; talking.

“You stopped trying with me.” He offered pointedly.

He was right. Neither of you had ever put an official name to what you had. Michael had never known about it, Polly had always assumed but never asked you outright and his brothers, Ada? They were always too wrapped up in their own troubles.

“You became unavailable.” That’s how you’d seen it.

“Not to you.”

You didn’t speak for a moment. There might have been a time when you’d have listened to such words from Tommy but you weren’t a girl anymore. You’d had your fair share of cuts from Shelby’s. It was the feel of his fingertips lingering at the wisps of hair at your neck that truly caught you off guard.

“To everyone. Everything. Unless it was punctuated with a pound sign.” You scolded as you pushed to sit up.

“It was work.” Tommy retorted quickly.

“Work is an honest living, Tommy.” You shot back as you shuffled to stand and as you did, Tommy followed suit. He placed the glass on the coffee table as his hands slipped into the pockets of his trousers.

“That’s it then.” He nodded.

“What?” You asked curtly.

“Michael. It’s not an honest living.”

Your lips rolled inward as you inhaled through your nose. He still knew you. He still knew how to find the problem but he never had a clue, or sometimes a want, to solve it.

You took a deep breath as you turned your gaze from the crack of the fire to him.

“You promised it’d only be the legitimate business.”

“… you said it yourself. I break my promises.”

You shook your head as the distaste for his words left a bitter tang on your tongue. His arrogance was bile.

“That doesn’t mean you need to break Michael too. I see you in him more and more each day.”

Polly had said the same.

“And that worries you.” He stated as if he was simply noting the time.

“That terrifies me, Thomas.”

Tommy closed the space between you as he held your cheek in his palm.

“Do you love him?” He asked quietly.

“I do.”

“Did you love me?”

Again, you were taken aback. This had come from nowhere.

“I did.”

“Could you again?”

“Tommy, your imagination is getting away with you.” Your hand lifted to wrap around his wrist.

“It’s my imagination that got me where I am today.”

“Dream big.” You scoffed as you removed his hold on you and took a step back. “Greed stole you from me. Don’t let it take Michael too.”

Tommy turned as he collected the glass from the coffee table and finished the whiskey.

“Legitimate business, it is.” He agreed and stepped around you to the door.

“Tommy…” You started as you turned on your heel to face him as he stopped. “I think it’s best that you don’t come here alone, or uninvited.”

“Now that is a promise sure to be broken.”

月夜烏 〜壱・烏羽〜 (Tsukiyo Garasu Vol.1 • Ubatama)

Gold has announced yet another series that exclusively features one seiyuu across 3 volumes! ( • v • )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

The setting is the first year of the Bunkyū era.

In this time, a skilled swordsman known as the 八咫烏 (Yatagarasu) was feared by many.

It is said that this swordsman had lost something important, and had also lost sight of what he should have been protecting—relegating himself to a fate spent left behind in an era of fervent change. 

And so, this is the story of the man and the various individuals he encountered during his quest to retrieve what he once lost…

The character in question is 東雲環 (Shinonome Tamaki), a tall and powerful swordsman who spends his life traveling constantly, without any specific place to call home. Tamaki is quiet, brusque, and hard to read emotionally. He carries a long sword with him, befitting his reputation. 

When his sword is drawn, his legs and the position of his blade have earned him the feared title of “Yatagarasu,” or three-legged crow. 

“Gods don’t exist in this world—they are only the fanciful creations that came forth from the weakness of human hearts.”

In the first volume, Tamaki ends up saving a woman during an encounter with bandits. While he complains that she’s a nuisance, he is concerned for her safety due to recent dangerous incidents…

CV: 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Date: January 24th, 2017.

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