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Everlark featured in ‘did they or didn’t they’, Geeks Who Drink 1x10.

Signs as bad LGBTI stereotypes in TV shows/movies
  • aries: lesbian dies
  • taurus: bi person says "i don't like labels"
  • gemini: trans person played by a cis person
  • cancer: intersex person: *does't exist*
  • leo: gbf
  • virgo: gay character comes out and parents/friends say "we know!"
  • libra: person in a gay relationship doesn't feel appreciated because their partner doesn't want to come out
  • scorpio: weird ass lesbian sex positions
  • sagittarius: gay character is in love with straight best friend
  • capricorn: bi threesomes
  • aquarius: "i'm a boy trapped in a girl's body" or vice versa
  • pisces: angst angst angst angst angst angst angst

John Tracy; Thunderbird 5

In which I uploaded the wrong image in the previous queued post. I found out about it too late because I had shitty internet where I was at and the post has already been reblogged a ton of times. Thanks a ton, but here’s the actual finished piece of my favorite tracy with the hair and the eyes and the perf. *flies away*

oh son of a bitch that Wonder Woman post had a minor typo in it and now it’s already been reblogged twice well time to pour bleach into my sinuses it’s been real guys

I had a nightmare that I accidentally posted the final chapter of my fic via tumblr and my internet crashed before I could take it down and by the time I could delete it it had already been seen/reblogged like 296872 times and if that is the scariest thing my subconscious can drum up i think I’ve got a pretty good life