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Mood Board Challenge: Augustus Winters

I enjoyed doing this the first time around, so I went ahead and did another one, heh. I may or may not do a few more…depends on time and such ^_^; Ideas for Gus’ just randomly popped into my head and demanded to be realized :P Anyway, hope you guys think they’re cool to see too <3333

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Has consumer confidence on MtG ever been lower than it is right now? I'm sorry to say that, but you guys look lost! Every mont there's some kind of weird change: rotation; change in B&R announcements; banning Felidar 2 days after the regular B&R announcement; missing the combo on the first place; greatly reducing modern tournaments. The list goes on. How can we enjoy and spend money on a game if we don't know what weird thing will happen in the next month? We need some stability, please. ty

You’re too young to remember Black Summer or Combo Winter. Magic has had chaotic times in its past. Each time, we’ve learned from our mistakes and created new processes to help us move back to more solid ground.

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G honestly i can't get over how much i love how interactive you are with us. you don't act like 'oh i'm the shit and i'm too good to reply to anyone's comments' and i really freaking appreciate that :))))

I’m a regular dude when it all comes down to it haha. I have different personas, but really I’m just a weird guy with dreams like anyone else


Two alt-skins for Slate Camille: one called “Shadows” and one called “Seventy-Six”. It should be pretty obvious who these are stylized after, right?

Anyway, the main thing is, there’s actually a very good reason why several of Slate’s alt-skins would essentially mimic the looks of other heroes, and it has to do with the way he would play ingame!

Everything under the cut is written as though Slate was an actually playable character, by the way.

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Confession: Chris is my favorite character, I feel no shame in this. He seems like an interesting person that's got more to him than the surface glance we get most of the time. Seeing him be friends with victor shows a heck of a lot more about him. I'd like to see more of that Chris. Heck I love this guy and I don't feel it's weird. Even if others (mainly my sister) do.


honestly, yes he made a weird first impression, but he’s really interesting as a character. i’ve always wanted to know more about him, because he’s just so cool, ya know? and as a bonus, he’s hot. really damn hot. if i was more outgoing and confident in my own body and ice skated, i’d be him, basically.

like, my god. he’s my spirit animal. i love him. he’s beautiful. he’s the sprinkles on the ice cream in the show. he’s like frosting in my hair in the show. on ice he’s just so into it. beautiful.

I am what I feel

Chapter 13  (Find the other chapters here)

I know I can’t keep you but I want you close

I’m late but hey I managed anyway and that’s something right? Anyway I hope you guys like this chapter

There’s something inherently weird about being a couple,about the way you walk close to each other, always touching somehow,about the way you say hi and goodbye with a small kiss and how you send each other good and night and good morning texts, about the way you kiss hi and goodbye and whenever you want basically. And Luna loves it.

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  • Darth Revan: You see, Revan, you're not as clever as you think you are. I wanted you to find me. We're not so different, you and I.
  • Revan: Yeah, DUUUUUH.
  • Darth Revan: See this, Revan? I crunched the numbers and created a spectrum of all the different Revans from most evil to least evil. Here's where I am- *flips through two Revans* and look right here's where you are.
  • Darth Revan: *flips back one to show Imposwtor* This guy right here? SUPER weird.

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The infantilization of Ruby both by the fandom and by RT has created a culture in which you are not allowed to ship a 15/16-year-old girl with people a year and a half to two years her senior and writing her as aro/ace honestly makes me uncomfortable because of the infantilization.

It’s gotten to the point where you can’t write a Ruby ship (unless it’s Whi/te Ro/se) without people claiming you’re a pedo/phile - a word which has completely lost meaning in modern Tumblr culture.

The age of consent in Canada and in most places is 16.

Ruby dating an 18-year-old at 16 isn’t that weird, guys. I was 16 and dated an 18-year-old. And it’s only really weird if you focus on the sex aspect. Which, like, just don’t. It’s not that hard.


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Is it okay for to want to fuck a character that's gay if you're the opposite sex? Eg. A guy liking a lesbian character or a girl liking a gay guy

No you weird ass


A guy I’ve known for two days told me it’s weird I don’t live with my gf yet and he’s the third person to tell me this so I just wanna know what jungle you guys were raised in that you think a lesbian cares about your male opinions on what a “normal” relationship should look like? Like… ? No lesbian in the history of time fucking asked you ?? Yet… Here you are????

Weird guy is weird. He says he has two homes, clear across the continent from each other. Asked if he can use our safe–that we let him use something like it in the past. Then he asked if we sold stamps.




[  Ok I feel shitty not saying anything about the weird disappearance and then sudden comeback. 

Hi, guys.  Sorry for leaving for a while there.  I was mostly on my personal, since I was overwhelmed with school and life in general.  I had thought of abandoning Cas, but the bastard kept bugging me, so I decided to stay.  

Some things have changed and I’ve updated my rules.  I’m not going to be on here as much as before, since I have other things to do, but I’ll still be around!    ^ ^

The threads I want to continue will be posted today, except you @bonnietohisclyde since those are a bit longer and will take me a bit more time XD Most replies will be queue’d so if you send me a message and I don’t reply, I’m not ignoring you.  I’m just not here.  ]

anyways do you guys remember those weird orange rubber covers they used to make you put on your keyboard to prevent you from seeing which key is which back in school? one of the reasons they cited was “you’re not going to always be able to look down at your keyboard” like why??? huh????? what’s stopping me? my eyeballs? the dark? they didn’t predict keyboards that light up I GUESS, back when beige was the most acceptable computer color scheme