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Alec’s behaviour in How Are Thou Fallen and how to portray insecurity in a healthy manner

Since I won’t be able to make any videos this week due to unforeseen circumstances, I thought I’d offer my thoughts on Alec’s behaviour in the promo for Episode 7 ‘How Are Thou Fallen’ and how important it will be to the series.

I think it’s obvious by this point that I don’t like the books that Shadowhunters is based on. If you want to see why loads of posts will show up if you type ‘anti tmi’ or ‘anti CC’ into the search tags on my blog. The main reason is because of Alec’s behaviour in City of Fallen Angels onwards in relation to Magnus’ past relationships. He makes extremely inappropriate comments towards Magnus, insinuating that Magnus would sleep with anyone because he’s bisexual. Of course, as I’ve said in the past, I wouldn’t have an issue with this if there had been a character arch or development of understanding where Alec would apologise and realise what he had done wrong. But there wasn’t any of that.

Now, when book stans defend Alec’s behaviour, one of the first things they say is “Alec was insecure”.

This always struck me as interesting. As an extremely insecure person myself, I could never understand how people could justify statements such as: 

“Or, there are plenty of girls here, since apparently your taste goes both ways. Is there anything you aren’t into?” ~City of Fallen Angels Page 305

as someone being insecure. It definitely came from a place of Alec’s innocence in relationships and the young age he was in the books whenever he began his relationship with Magnus. I’m not going to get into the boatload of problems with Alec’s behaviour here, if you want to see my thoughts here’s my video on it:

I’m focusing on the point of insecurity in this post. Alec’s comments about Magnus’ sexuality-if were made to portray Alec’s insecurity in the relationship-failed their purpose. There are so much better ways to portray a character’s insecurity than having them make such damaging comments in a book series that prides itself on its LGBT characters. And this is where the show comes in.

I’ve only seen the promo for How Are Thou Fallen (we all have!) and I already know that they’re going to portray Alec’s insecurity so much better than the book could ever dreamed of. 

In The Iron Sisters, Alec made it clear that he didn’t care about Magnus’ past relationships. It did, undoubtedly, alarm him a little during their date that there had been so many people in Magnus’ past in comparison to his own. Which is natural. Even Magnus himself was alarmed by how little experience Alec himself had. But there was no disgust; no grimaces; no comments made like the one quoted above; they were both simply alarmed. And that’s normal. As Magnus said, they’re both from completely different worlds. And that’s fine.

However, we see in the promo for episode seven that Alec is still insecure. I know there are jokes flying around about him being called innocent one episode and then asking about sex the next but you see that’s exactly the point. Insecurity makes you so self aware, and Alec will not be able to help comparing himself to all the people Magnus will have been with before him. He’ll be measuring himself up, and worrying that he won’t cut the mustard. Hence why he goes to Isabelle, his sister, for advice. 

Sex is one of the most common things an inexperienced person will think of being inadequate at in a relationship. One of the most common questions is the one Alec asks Isabelle. The question of when? How do I know? Should I wait? Do I not wait? If I wait too long will they grow bored of me? Because from my own experience I know what it’s like to worry that maybe if I hold off too long, my other half will grow bored of me. It’s a normal thought process.

Not to say that Alec thinks Magnus is a sex hound and thinks this is the only way he’ll be able to hang onto him. It’s simply a concern that arises quite often with someone who hasn’t had any experience when they’re dating someone who has quite a bit. That their lack of knowledge on what to do and how to proceed will wreck things, or become difficult for their partner to deal with. 

So Alec is trying to educate himself by talking to Isabelle. He’s going to his sister, who he knows has quite a bit of experience herself, for advice on what he’s supposed to do. And Isabelle will probably tell him that he’ll know when the time is right (I don’t expect her just to say ‘jump his bones and it’ll work out in the end’) but for someone who’s worried and insecure, it can be misconstrued as ‘it might not be right for me but it could be right for them’. And Alec is constantly trying to put other people before himself anyway he’d be more concerned about Magnus being happy and satisfied in their relationship as opposed to his own worry over the topic of sex itself.

And as we can see from the stills for episode seven, Magnus is most likely going to stop Alec in his tracks. He’ll reassure him that this doesn’t need rushed and that he’s perfectly happy waiting until they’re both ready for it. Besides, just because Magnus is not a virgin himself it doesn’t mean he’ll be ready to jump into bed with Alec immediately either. They’ll only have been on one or two dates by that point.

That’s where I think episode seven is going with this plot. And it’s really, really good. It’s a much more healthy way of portraying Alec’s insecurity over Magnus’ past relationships and his worry that he won’t be as good as them. Alec is trying to build Magnus up, and make him happy in their partnership, rather than tear Magnus down like he did in the books. 

Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense but I wanted to get my thoughts down somewhere while I had them ^_^

Other pet snail species

@cassowary-king asked in a chat if there are more species of snails you can keep, since Giant African land snails are still illegal in the US without the right paperwork. In this post I’ll try to highlight some of the alternative species you can keep at home, without legal problems.

I’m guessing you’re trying to find the biggest gastropod to keep, since that’s often the best part of having giant snails. If this is the case, you have the choice between approximately three contenders:

Option 1; Helix pomatia and Cornu Aspersum

Both roaming free here in the Netherlands, these snails are often used for “heliciculture” (here, but also in the US). This means they can be imported and are legal to keep. Reaching quite a big size, Helix pomatia can grow to sizes around 5 to 6 cm, while Cornu aspersum is a bit smaller, reaching sizes around 3 to 4 cm. I know a lot of people resort to keeping these, but they’re not that big in my opinion.

Pros: Quite big, gentle nature, somewhat exotic, no heating needed
Cons: Not huge, sometimes still have to import them

Cornu aspersum:

Helix pomatia:

Option 2; Ariolimax, the banana slug

Native to California, these sometimes giant slugs live inside the leaf litter of the big redwood forests. They are absolutely adorable, but can be hard to get your hands on, if not living in California. Still, this is a viable choice if you want a giant mollusc. Growing to 25 cm in size, these are the second biggest slugs on this world.

Pros: Huge size, cool colouration, easy to keep (I think)
Cons: Slimy and not really easily handled since it’s a slug, hard to get your hands on, eat everything you give them

Secret bonus option 2b; Veronicella slugs, pancake slugs

Pros: Pancake
Cons: Slug

Option 3; The rosy wolf, Euglandina rosea

These snails were introduced in the US a while ago, but are now seen as part of the ecosystem (?). The snails are highly predatory and will try to eat every snail that are smaller than themselves. They have a weird moustache-like organ, which they use to sense for prey. I’ve not seen that many people keeping these, since they are quite picky on what they eat. But as far as I know they are legal to keep [CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG].

Pros: Can grow petty big, cool-looking
Cons: Horrible diet (you have to feed them snails or clam meat), hard to find a breeder

Here’s  a size comparison from a while back, maybe this helps:

I think you can always just get snails from your backyard, or from the green areas in your state. Although not the same, most species are easy to keep. Hopefully this was helpful, if you have any more questions, just let me know!


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what are your headcanon personalities for the 3d links?


I did post some of my headcanons in detail a long time ago but since I love talking about them it wouldn’t hurt to talk about them again. Fair warning though, this reply gets LONG.

SS: Basically a big cuddly bunny. Very sweet and affectionate. He’s always daydreaming and losing focus in class (mostly due to his ADHD). He’s also slept in every possible surface you can sleep on in Skyloft. And when he was younger Groose and the gang™ would even have a contests to see how many random objects they can place on and around him before he notices and wakes up (the highest record was 3 books, 10 sky stags, 30 small loftwing feathers, 7 eggs, 2 pot lids, 20 rupees, and a remlit). But there little contests eventually stopped when Zelda chewed Groose out for it. Speaking of Zelda, Link actually kinda enjoys how much she fusses over him. He likes having someone who looks after him, which could be partially because his parents died when he was very young so the only one who was every there to encourage him and make sure he didn’t get into any trouble was Zelda.
Does Link have a crush on Zelda? Oh yes, ABSOLUTELY. But the kid has a tendency to be super oblivious to things sometimes and he can’t seem to figure out that Zelda likes him too. Almost all the other kids and even professors at the academy can see it (hence why Groose feels so threatened by him) but Link just seems completely oblivious to it all. He doesn’t even fully realize the full extent of his feelings for her until he has to save her from Gihrahim and The Imprisoned.
Now as for his relationship with Groose, Groose was never the kind of bully who was brutal and beat Link up and try to torture him constantly. He and the gang™ would just throw some bad insults and pull mean pranks on Link from time to time. Even if he did want to be brutal he’d never have the guts to do it out of fear of Zelda getting upset at him. However there was ONE pretty bad incident where Link and Groose got in a big fight and Groose ended up giving him a bloody nose. (Groose did get suspended for a while after that.) However despite all this Link never really hated Groose, at most he just found him really annoying and irritating. But after the events the events that took place in Skyward Sword, Link and Groose actually became pretty good friends.
Before Link went on his quest he didn’t think too highly of himself or think he was that special. All he felt like was some kid with barely passing grades trying to become a knight. He wanted to become partially to honor his parens who ere both knights and even met at the academy, and also because his grades at his old normal school were horrific and Knight Academy has easier academic classes (so like math, history, and english) but is seen as an acceptable alternative to normal school since being a knight is considered an honor.
During his quest he began to mature a lot more. No matter how scared or exhausted he got he refused to give up because he knew Zelda needed him and the only way to ever see her again was to keep pushing on. His journey did get emotionally taxing at times but he did manage to pull through without losing himself. And he didn’t do it just because someone told him to, he did it to save the girl he loved.
After Zelda was crowned as the first queen if Hyrule she did marry Link who then became the first king. When they were in their early to mid 20s they had some kiddos who Link absolutely spoiled rotten.

WW/PH: Weird awkward gremlin child. Doesn’t sleep quite as much as Sky did but he still sleeps quite a bit. Not the most socially inept Link and certainly was not the most confident Link when he started out his adventure. But his little sister Aryll looks up to him nonetheless. Although he was not anywhere near prepared for what he ended up getting thrown into on his 12th birthday he did always have some sense of adventure. He would often explore and play the forrest with his little sister. Growing up as the oldest child on the island, Link is used to playing and communicating with younger children. But unfortunately he also has a bit of a hard time socializing with children around his own age. All the other kids on outset island were like 4-8 years old, the only time he saw kids his age or older than him was on the rare occasion that a ship would stop by to restock IF it just so happened to have a family with children on board. The first kid his age he actually befriended was Tetra who is FAR from a normal child. At first Link was even quite intimidated by her until when eventually he got used to her shenanigans. Tetra did not like him AT ALL at first. Like Link, she never had much interaction with children her own age, but unlike Link, rather than growing up with nothing but younger kids, she grew up around nothing but adults and learned how to boss them around pretty well too. Link saw her as bossy and mean at first and Tetra saw him as kind of a pest who was just there to get in her way. But they did eventually warm up to each other and became close friends. They were an odd couple but somehow it worked out.
Link never gave leaving Outset much thought until his sister was kidnapped. His original plan was to get her back as fast as possible and head back home. Buuut as we all know that didn’t work out as planned. Throughout his journey Link gained much more self confidence and wasn’t as easily intimidated by challenges.
After the events of WW and after Tetra and the crew™ went out to find new land, Link wrote letters to home every day. He tried to keep his family updated on his adventures as much as he could. And years after the events of PH Link and Tetra did get married and became the rulers of New Hyrule. They had like… way too many kids…. Like… 10…. TEN CHILDREN. (4 of which they had before they were even married) The little gremlins could be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to control at times but Link still adored them anyways. Link’s family came to the wedding. Grandma was still alive but very old and weak. If there was one last things she wanted to do it was to see her grandson as a full grown man with a family. Aryll was a grown woman and had a family of her own. And Linebeck was there too! And Grandma recognized him… and Linebeck recognizes her… she does not remember him fondly and starts threatening him… apparently he dated her daughter years ago and broke her heart, came back 4 years later, promised to marry her, and then fucked off again never to return…. Oh wait then this must mean…. oh shit… THE WEDDING RECEPTION HAS SUDDENLY BECOME VERY AWKWARD.

OoT/MM: Oh this one…. this one ain’t happy… Link was the only child in Kokiri Forrest who often dreamt of the outside world. When he set off on his quest he was cheerful excitable and ready to see new sights and meet new friends! He was a but scared of adults at first because up until then he had never seen an adult before (other than the Great Deku Tree that is). This carried into the part of his journey where he aged up 7 years. He still only had the mind of a young child so he still felt like he was on a fun adventure. But that did not last… he eventually became extremely traumatized, basically ripped away from his childhood and forced to grow up when he wasn’t ready. He had lost who he was before. When he was sent back to his childhood came back mature beyond his years but also traumatized. He could never be the same again. This only got worse in MM. He started to get angry more often, felt much older than other children his age. He could however, handle a lot more hardships than he could have in the past. He was not afraid to get up in people’s faces, he was not easy to intimidate, some monsters would even cower away in fear when they saw him. Despite how shockingly young he was he was able to give off an intimidating presence if he wanted to.
After the events of MM he never really was able to find Navi, and it took him many years to find his way back to Hyrule. Along the way he ended up losing Epona in a battle. He was all alone. He NEEDED to make it back to Hyrule. During the events of OoT he did indeed end up falling in love with Zelda/Sheik and was hoping to ask her hand in marriage when he finally made it back to Hyrule. But when he finally did it was too late and Zelda was already married to someone else. He ended up marrying Malon instead and had children with her. He did love her very much, but there was always something deep inside that mad him yearn for his soulmate. Malon did notice this but decided never to bring it up. But even though Link never became the prince of Hyrule he was able to get a position as a high ranking Knight. One night before Link set off to battle, he felt in his gut something bad was going to happen. So did Zelda. They tried to convince themselves it was just nervousness but deep down they knew something was going to happen. So for that one night, the two let themselves give in to their feelings and they kissed. Just once before he left.
Link never returned from the battle.

TP: He looks stern at first glance but he’s really quite gentile and kindhearted. He has a great love for animals, is very good with kids, and probably unironically uses the word “ya’ll'id’ve”.
Teenage girls go absolutely crazy over him but he’s not too interested in dating or girls. He’s kind of a chill dude actually. Unlike Sky Link, he can focus on things easily and is very good at completing the task on hand quickly. He’s also nice to talk to because he’s a very good listener and never interrupts or speaks over people. He has very good manners for a boy his age.
As for where Link came from, no one really knows…. Hanch and Jaggle just sorta found him wandering around aimlessly in the forest as a toddler and all the villagers in Ordon made it a group effort to raise him. There were some blod stains on his clothing when he was found that did not come from him, suggesting that his original caretakers were killed by monsters (who were most likely really after Link because of his triforce birthmark). He was never really around other Hylians growing up, so Zelda was the first Hylian he ever met, or at leasts remembers meeting.
Link found Midna a bit irritating at first because of all the teasing but after a while he would start to playfully smart mouth her back and the two started to make it into this sort of game of who could come up with the best sassy comebacks.
Before his journey Link never felt like he had a big purpose or anything like that. He didn’t even know that the triforce birthmark he had meant anything. He was raised by humans with human culture and legends, not Hylian culture. So he sure had a lot to learn. When he discovered that he was the hero of legend it was all a bit overwhelming. But he did it anyways. He wanted to make sure his friends were okay more than anything.
After the events of TP Link stayed in Hyrule and became a knight. When he got older he started to fancy the (now queen) Zelda who he had become good friends with over the years. Unfortunately… he didn’t live long enough to propose to her. He died at the age of 20 of a serious infection from a poison arrow that went unnoticed. When he was still ill but knew he wouldn’t make it he requested to be brought back to Ordon so he could pass away at home, and he stayed in his wolf form the entire time so his friends would not be able to see how much he was really suffering. Zelda insisted to be at his side. She had a great respect for him and he was a good friend. She never fully knew how he felt about her, but the final look Link had given her when he looked into her eyes for the last time was a look of pure love.
There is a legend that says each time the hero or princess dies they can see all of their past live’s memories in their final moments…

BOTW: Can be shy, very quiet, but incredibly sweet. Like Sky Link, this Link has ADHD. Except instead of not being able to focus, he has the type of ADHD that makes him VERY VERY HYPER. As a young child it was hard to keep him from climbing over and running over everything. And on top of all that he has incredibly high energy levels. He very reckless as a little kid but he saw it all as just fun and games. He would laugh, giggle a lot, and even speak loudly. But it all changed when his father started to train him as a knight… Most would assume Link chose this path. People think he did it because he wanted to be like his father. But truth be told, his relationship with his father was actually cold, controlling, and emotionally draining. Link’s father made him dedicate all his time to training. He was no longer allowed to play with the other children because his father wanted to discourage childish things like playing. He was deprived most of his childhood. He did however, become an exceptional knight. And he learned how to control his hyperactive tendencies. But he also developed high levels of anxiety. He was used to being severely punished if he slipped up so he made sure to try his best to never show what he was feeling or thinking when on the job. And when he found out he was the hero of legend his anxiety got all the worse. He couldn’t even speak anymore he was so terrified of making a mistake. He became selectively mute and only spoke around close friends like Mipha, or when someone who has a higher level of authority asked him a question, speaking in a very soft, quiet, and sometimes even difficult to hear voice. (this didn’t stop him from muttering smartass remarks @ Revali under his breath from time to time though)
When he was assigned to be Zelda’s knight it changed his world. He was surprised how much he could relate to her, he LOVED listening to her ramble on and on about her interests, and every time she smiled it made him briefly forget all of his anxieties. However, fearing that he may say something he regrets, he rarely spoke to her. So all he could do was be there next to her, silently falling more and more in love. Eventually Zelda did get him to open up more and although he was shy at first he did greatly enjoy speaking with her. They related to each other a lot and felt an instant connection.
After Link awoke from the shrine of resurrection, he did not remember anything of his past, including his father. So he no longer felt too much of a pressure to hide his emotions so much. He did however, carry on some habbits he had from back then. Things like rarely speaking unless spoken too and some of his anxiety issues stayed.
When he regained all his memories of Zelda he remembered how in love he was. The emotions would hit him hard. And gave him more the reason to want to save her.
On his quest he showed a lot of his old personality traits that he used to show when he was younger. Being a lot more cheerful, very friendly, and just wanting to run around and go on adventures. He also eats. A LOT. And this kid will literally eat anything (except live frogs). He’s literally cooked a pile of rocks before and he STILL ate it. He’s trained himself to be quite the chef even though not all the dishes always end up great (hence the rocks).
Link also likes animals similar to Twilight Link. He is especially fond of horses. He’s one of those people who has this strange ability to calm down horses a lot more quickly than most people.
Even though Link can hide his emotions there is one thing he can’t hide. And thats blushing. When he blushes his face and ears get very red and it is noticeable. And he blushed so much around Zelda that she just assumed that’s what he normally looked like.
After the events of BOTW Link did eventually reagin the rest of his memories piece by piece. Some memories he was happy to remember, and others would sometimes make him an emotional sobbing mess and Zelda would have to stay up all night comforting him. When Link and Zelda finally revealed their true feelings for each other Zelda almost immediately wanted to ask for Link’s hand in marriage but she stopped herself out of fear of overwhelming him. So she waited to ask him a year later. They decided to start a family soon and to have many children because the Yiga clan was still out there and would not hesitate to kill Zelda given the chance, ending the Goddess’s bloodline. Having many children would be kind of like insurance. If one of them gets slain there will still be others left to continue the bloodline. A morbid thought that Link and Zelda did not like to think about but it was true. They ended up parenting 11 of their own children and 2 that Link adopted on impulse because he has a huge soft spot for kids and Zelda of course could not refuse. (yes know that’s more kids than Wind Link had but at least these ones were PLANNED).
Link and Zelda made sure to give them the childhoods that they never had. Link made damn sure that he did NOT raise them like his father raised him. He did teach them how to climb, shoot arrows, and basic sword combat for survival reasons but he did his best to never force anything onto them. And surprisingly, the kids were usually well behaved (much unlike Wind Link’s kids). This could be because Link has a very calming presence around people. People no matter what age seem to be much more at ease when he’s around, especially Zelda.

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Ok then :), I'm a person that likes to work to improve themselves, I also enjoy hard work, and tend to be a perfectionist. I'm chill and laid back on the outside but really stressed in the inside, don't like to share my struggles with others, I'm not very trusting towards others but I always try to be kind to others, I have nightmares and insomnia. I can get a bit perverted but not often, I tend to give affection rather than give it. I enjoy nature, music (piano the most), and writing, reading.

Thanks for your ask^^

Your love is…..Subaru

Subaru enjoys how laid back you are. Since he can be quite stressed and emotional your quiet and chill nature tends to be quite relaxing. Especially if he’s having a hard day. Since you’re not very open Subaru tends to want to ask you questions. He wants you to feel like you don’t have to hide anything considering you knew a lot about him. Although he wishes for this he won’t pester you too much. He knows about your struggles because when you don’t sleep he can hear you crying. If he can’t get you to talk he’ll try to comfort by hugging you.

Subaru loves how much love you give him. He feels bad though because he sometimes feels like you’re the only one who shows you love him. You’ll notice him cuddling you when you two sit close together, he’ll even go as far as kissing you when you’re having a hard time. He’s waiting for the day for you or spill everything to him. He’s ready whenever you are. When you have nightmares Subaru tries his absolute best to make you feel better. He even resorted to asking his older brother for advice on how to calm you. Honestly when you first had your nightmares around him it scared him and he wasn’t really sure what to do. If he wasn’t able to comfort you he’ll usually beat himself up for it, but luckily you are there to help him telling him that he’s not the cause of your nightmares.

You both usually spend your time outside, and it helps that you love nature. Long relaxing walks are quite often between the two of you. Sometimes you guys just sit in the garden and talk for a bit. You love the flowers that he grows and Subaru is happy you enough them although he won’t admit it. Sometimes when you cracks few perverted joke here or there it catches him off guard and gets him flustered which is quite amusing. He appreciates how hard working you are although he encourages you to take breaks. He’s aware of how much of a perfectionist you can, so he tries his to be patient when you repeat thing until they are how you want them. Subaru will try to encourage you that not everything has to be perfect, but won’t push you to stop what you’re doing especially if you don’t want to.

Subaru enjoys when you play the piano for him. Nothing is more soothing that your music, and because it’s something you like it happens quite often. If you aren’t playing and reading instead he’ll lay with you and cuddle you. On good days he might even ask you to read to him, but only on good days^^;

       You met Subaru at school of course. You noticed how the other girls talked about him as if he were some kind of god. You didn’t know much about Subaru or his brothers. You just knew that they were well known, and that there was a girl who was currently living with them. One day, however, you came across Subaru feeding off of Yui on the roof. You were not only shocked, but relived that your theory was right about the six of them being creatures of the night. You left without being seen, or so you thought. Subaru confronted you the next day complaining about how you shouldn’t eavesdrop on others. You quickly apologized, but not before saying that you hadn’t eavesdropped at all. That you had been looking for a quiet place to eat your lunch, and you didn’t intend to interfere. Subaru had no words honestly. You were the only other girl ,besides Yui I guess, who spoke to him with your head held high and you weren’t a blushing mess, nor were you acting all coy to get his attention. After that he went home with you on his mind. How he hated it. It was annoying to him. You didn’t want to get involved with anyone especially another human girl. But unfortunately for him, he ended up talking to you again the next day. He came to realize that you were very protective of yourself, for you didn’t talk to much about yourself. Subaru could tell that you weren’t use to people just coming up to you like that, but he was just as nervous so all is fair. Time passed and eventually you guys began to date. Yes, it was a little hard to get use to having a vampire boyfriend, but once the dating process became long term Subaru ask about turning you. All things aside he is madly in love with you. Although it’s hard for him to convey his feelings to others sometimes he tries his best and that’s all that matters. He’s glad to have someone who can put up with him as he puts it. Your kind nature is refreshing to him. Again he hopes that one day you’ll be more open with him, but he’s ready whenever you are. He won’t let anyone hurt you and God help anyone who tries.

Interested in taking you away from your beloved….Reiji Sakamaki.

 Yes he’s very interested. I mean anyone who can break the shell of someone like Subaru must be worth his times. He has seen you in school many but up until you started dating Subaru did he start to take interest. You started visiting the house more because Subaru would often ask you over. Just the way you walked was intriguing. The way you sing and play instruments for his younger brothers causes his blood to boil sometimes. He wants you to sing for him. He wants to be the one to comfort you. Why dies he feel this way? He doesn’t know. He loses his composure around you. Is this even love? Your constant frustrated look you get when you can’t get something right is adorable to him. When Subaru comes and begrudgingly ask for help when you can’t sleep Reiji can only scowl at him. He can do better than him. Probably even cure your insomnia. He’s aware of how cautious you are around other you don’t know. How you’re quiet and laid back. Almost like Sh-moving on…. You’re a hard working girl though and he respects that. He wants to spend time with you so he will definitely start to call you out on things you didn’t do just to ‘punish’ you. Or he might ask you to help him cook meals when you’re over. Sometimes Subaru interferes though, which irritates him. Sadly once he found out that Subaru turned you he decided it was best to just wait. Needless to say you’re amazing. You barely talked to him and Reiji believes you’re a true lady for him. This may be jealousy, but he refuses to see it that way. I would just suggest you be careful around him.

(Sorry this took so long^^; also sorry if they seem out of character in some parts. Thanks again for asking♡)

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My dear sister.


After comming back from school, Misogi tossed his bag with book on the top of the desk and soon after her drops down on the bed, while looking at the celling and resting after a long day at school.  『What a pain.』He grumped angrily, he was borred and he hate to do things like most of guys at his age. Most of peers in his age like to spend a free time in arcade or other stupid places, but still Misogi was too ambicious and he wanted go to college, so he was studying quite often. Misogi had a younger, sixteen years old sister, which he cared a lot about. Always when she got troubles, he was there to help her. However she grow up pretty quickly… especially in most various, more lady places. She already got a nice pair of legs, breasts and even her butt was quite sexy. Maybe a little bit too big for Misogi. Kumagawa shaked his head, trying to stop thinking about Akina’s body parts. Even if he sometimes thought about her like brothers shouldn’t think about sister. He didn’t know how does she think about him. Soon his mother called them both for dinner. Misogi gets up and went down to living room. Akina was already there, holding her phone and texting to someone like a typical teenage girl in these day. Misogi sat next to her. 

((I hope it’s good enough, if not just tell me where do you want me to fix it.))

The Sun in the Signs

The Sign the Sun falls under shows our style, life purpose, and destiny. This placement shows what we are learning to be in our lifetime.

Happiness can be achieved by accepting our Sun Signs. Denying it’s better traits may lead to an ability to know where you’re heading in life. The Sun is our style when we are at our best, and our life goals and purposes.

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A Very Special Announcement!

Hello everyone! It’s your resident Rowlet-Mod and Mudkip-Mod with a very important announcement!

For those of you who may not be aware, I will be taking a brief leave of absence in the following month of August to Trinidad. In addition to that — well, well! Undella Bay as a whole has become a much larger group than we’d anticipated for this early on into our inception! Thanks to you all here, we’ve become quite the large community, and this is quite the lovely thing! But what has also ended up happening as a result is, well, we’ve just ended up growing quite busy!

We’ve come to realize that we need a bit of help! And after quite the bit of searching, Mudkip-Mod and I have decided to give this prestigious position to one we’ve found quite capable! She is present among the group often, always here for those in the Discord group chat with her warm touch and her outcroppings of opinions! She brings smiles to everyone’s faces! She’s brought with her Mod experience from groups long past! She tackles Undella Bay with the strength to hold four muses on her own!

With her as a new member of our team, she’ll be able to help alongside us in updating the Masterlist, answering asks and any of your concerns, helping promote the wonders of this group, and more! We’re very confident that Undella Bay can and will continue to improve and grow as a safe and welcome place for our members to be with her now by our side!

Now I’ll take a moment to step aside, and allow Mudkip-Mod a few words to speak as well!  

Last but not least, let’s allow the lady of the hour her moment in the spotlight to shine! It is with great warmth in our hearts and smiles on our faces that we bring to you our new Mod in Undella Bay, Kazu! Or soon to be known as…

Hey there everyone, and thanks to Rowlet-Mod and Mudkip-Mod for the warm welcome! I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity to work alongside them, help keep Undella Bay running smoothly, as well as add a little Fire-type representation into the moderator gang. I shall endeavour to be an exceptional moderator like them, and I’m looking forward to helping them make Undella Bay the best paradise it can be!

If they had a baby...part 2

Wow guys I can’t believe how many of you liked my head canons! I went to bed last night it only had 15 notes woke up this morning to over 700 more! I don’t usually post things like this because I get nervous but all of you have been so nice in your comments! I have a few more, I’ve been thinking about Katsuo’s character for a few days now actually. Thank you for all the nice feedback as well! 

  • Katsuo is born just about three years after the anime meaning Victor is 30 and Yuuri is 27.
  • A lovely anon messaged me the idea that Mari donated her eggs for the pregnancy, meaning Katsuo has Katsuki DNA in him.
  • When they bring Katsuo home and introduce him to Makkachin, the poodle becomes a doggy body guard and sleeps besides the crib at night.
  • Victor decides he gets to be called papa and Yuuri will be called dada.
  • When JJ finally gets around to congratulating the couple on their new baby he sends a onesie with his face on it. 
  • Yuuri and Victor throw it out right away.
  • The first time Katsuo becomes sick both Yuuri and Victor are in tears because they can’t stand the sight of their baby in pain.
  • When Katsuo is given his first shot they both tear up as well.
  • Yurio is scared of being alone with Katsuo out of fear of accidentally hurting him or not knowing what to do if he needs something.
  • The Nishigori triplets proclaim themselves older sisters to him and have fun taking pictures and videos of Katsuo.
  • Once old enough he develops the habit of pulling Victor’s hair and Yuri’s glasses off.
  • Katsuo laughs the most at the faces Chris makes at him.
  • After his skating career Chris goes into acting but realizes his little nephew won’t be able to see any of his movies because they’re rated R.
  • He decides to take on more kid friendly roles and to much of everyone’s surprise he becomes quite beloved by children audiences.
  • Katsuo’s favorite stuffed animal is a teddy bear Minami gives him shortly after he’s born.
  • As he grows up Katsuo is able to speak Japanese, Russian and English.
  • Yuuri worries about how they’d explain his and Victor’s first meeting to Katsuo once he’s old enough to ask.
  • “I fell in love with your dada the moment I laid eyes on his drunk dance moves~” or “I flew all the way to Japan and met dada in the onsen! He was really surprised to see me naked!”
  • Otabek smiles quite a bit around Katsuo and often comments how cute he is. 
  • Yakov enjoys reading Katsuo Russian fairytales when he visits.
  • The “uncles” usually fight over who the favorite will be.
  • “Yuuri I bought custom made skates for Katsu~ Aren’t they adorable! See they have his name on them too!”
  • “Victor he’s 5 months old he can barely even crawl!”