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Shatt Angst Train™

        I’m just kinda imagining Shiro being Ultra Guilty about not being able to find Matt after his escape, and feeling really bad about injuring him and then never seeing him again. Shiro probably gets really worried that Matt will hate him and he can’t really remember much so hurting Matt is really most of what he remembers of Matt during their time in the Galra prison. Meanwhile, Matt probably knows that Shiro feels bad, probably thinks about how Shiro will remember hurting him, how Shiro will feel guilty and Matt wants to tell him that he’s ok, that he’s not mad, but he can’t and it’s killing him. 

  •         Shiro tries to cling as much as he can to the bits of Matt he can remember, and he wants to remember it all because he knows he might never see Matt again. Sometimes if he’s walking to his room late at night he’ll hear quiet sobs coming from Pidge’s room. Shiro knows that it’s all his fault. If he’d only been better, or smarter, he could have done something. He should have tried harder and he shouldn’t have been so impulsive. And now the image of Matt’s terrified face after he attacked him is burned into his memory.

  •     Sometimes Matt wonders whether Shiro is dead and if he does get free, if he’ll ever see Shiro again. And then, suddenly, all Matt can see is Shiro’s pained face as he whispers “Take care of your father,” as he gets dragged away to fight.  Oh god, how Matt hopes Shiro got away somehow, but he knows in his heart that Shiro might have died even moments after he was taken away from the arena.

  •    Sometimes, when he can catch a glimpse of the stars from inside the prison, Matt will look out and wonder if Shiro really did make it out. He’ll wonder if Shiro is out there somewhere, or if he’s back on earth, and then, at the thought of Shiro back on earth, he realizes Shiro doesn’t know if he’s alive either. All he can imagine is Shiro having to explain to his mother and Katie, having to explain “I don’t know what happened to Matt,” and that’s when Matt vows that he’s going to escape some day. Because he has to make it back to his family, has to know what happened to Shiro.

  •    Not knowing, Matt thinks, not knowing is almost worse than a solid answer. At least if Shiro was dead he could begin to grieve, but as long as things are uncertain his heart won’t let him release the glimmer of hope. It won’t let him get rid of the fantasies of Shiro being safe and happy back on earth.

  •      Shiro knows he has to remain calm, he has to be the team’s leader and needs to stay strong. Yet every time Pidge announces she’s got some sort of lead, some kind of evidence that might lead them to Matt, he can’t help but feel a tiny glimmer of hope, and he tries to push it away because he knows Matt is probably dead.

  •     Shiro, too, decides that uncertainty is worse than knowing for sure that Matt is dead. Every Galra ship that they destroy, every ship that they watch explode, Shiro wonders if Matt is on there, and he wonders if Matt’s blood is on his hands again. He doesn’t know it, but Pidge thinks the same thing every time as well.

  •     In his darkest moments, when he feels like giving up, Matt remembers Shiro’s desperate face. He remembers Shiro’s voice, telling him to take care of his father. And Matt remembers back on earth, Shiro quietly reminding him to take care of himself, and how he’d reply the same way every time. “But who’s going to take care of you?” And Matt remembers that, and he remembers when he vowed that he’d make it out, for Shiro.

  •      If Shiro’s mantra during his time with the Galra was “Patience yields focus,” then Matt’s is that he has to make it out for Shiro. Even if Shiro is dead, Matt knows the least he can do is escape instead. The least he can do is let Shiro’s family know too, because Matt knows for every time he thinks of his father, of Katie, of his mother, that Shiro must be thinking of his family too.

  •        At some point, Pidge picks up on Shiro’s carefully concealed emotions every time she shares any information about finding Matt, and she makes sure she lets him be the first to know anything she finds. After that, they cling to each other trying desperately to find the reassurance that only the safe discovery of Matt can bring them.

  •         Shiro still thinks Pidge might resent him a little for when he tore her away from the Galra ship on Arus, when the robeast was coming. He understands her reasoning, that she would be willing to risk serious injury to find any clue about Matt. He would too, but he knows that they could have died, and that dead men cannot find Matt. She never picked up on the desperation in his voice, the conflict in his expression. He wonders if he had stayed another moment, if they would have found Matt. Shiro tells himself that living in the past is foolish, even as he replays Matt’s fearful expression in his head for the millionth time.

  •       Matt finds that missing Shiro is like losing a part of yourself, like a dull ache that fades but never really goes away, and that it is like a million instant replays of Shiro’s desperate expression. Shiro finds that missing Matt is like the anxiety of misplacing something important, like a persistent thought in the back of his mind, there at all times, and that it is like a million instant replays of the fear and shock in Matt’s eyes.

  •        Every time Shiro glimpses Pidge out of the corner of his eye, it’s like a stab to his heart. When he was first being rescued back on Earth, when he first caught sight of Pidge he thought that she was Matt. They look so similar, especially now that she’s cut her hair short, and he tries to hide his pain because he is the leader and he needs to be strong for his team. He can’t let them know how broken he is inside, how every time he sees Pidge, he thinks he breaks a little bit more.

  •      During the battle with Zarkon, when they’re losing, and everything is going wrong, Shiro thinks of Matt. He thinks of his last glimpses of Matt, he thinks of what Matt was like back on Earth, and he decides that he can’t die now. He has to live, because he just knows that Matt is out there somewhere. He knows Pidge got new data from Slav’s prison, which gives him hope. And Shiro knows he can’t let himself die knowing that the last Matt saw of him was when he was being attacked.

  •        Matt doesn’t know why, but one day, he’s managed to catch a glimpse of the stars through a window, and something just feels terribly wrong. He thinks of Shiro, at the exact same moment the team is running towards the Black Lion, only to find it empty, to find Shiro missing. Then, Matt is dragged away from the window and everything is the same as always, and still he repeats to himself that he has to make it out for Shiro.

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Hello! Can I maybe have the rfa + v and saeran planning something romantic with mc but everything going completely wrong? Bonus points if its very fluffy! Thank you! Btw, your hc always make me happy! You're a top writer and I really enjoy the way you write the rfa, but especially saeran! Thanks!

Well sweetcheeks Saeran is my favourite of all of them hands down so I’m very happy you enjoy me writing him as much as I do. I think he has the most potential and the best design, personally. I also think that Cheritz wasted him (and most of the other characters) in order to putsch Seven which is something I find extremely tiring. So, until I get a Saeran route that does that poor boy justice you can pry that beautiful creature from my cold, dead hands. Also, I’ll write HC’s for him until my hands start to bleed. Saeran (◕▿◕✿)

I think I overdid it a little? I hope you still like it?



♬ he’d planned this date for a long time

♬ the two of you had been so busy lately, Zen had decided to do something special to make up for it

♬ everything was perfectly planned and taken care off

♬ he’d prepared a beautiful picnic to be eaten at the park

♬ the food he’d prepared was mostly self made and delicious

♬ the weather outside was sunny and warm

♬ and the paddle boat rent had opened again for the season

♬ it was time for the perfect date

♬ you’d been so excited for that date too

♬ seeing how happy and cheerful Zen was about it only made it better

♬ he’d found a beautiful, shady spot under a big willow

♬ you’d spread out your big blanket and then went on to rent the paddle boat

♬ neither of you was really hungry at that moment, and the glistering lake just looked so enticing

♬ at first everything was fine, idyllic and romantic even

♬ sitting opposite each other you smiled and laughed together, talked about anything and everything

♬ Zen was paddling, strong arms allowing you to glide over the water

♬ you had one of those pretty parasols that made the entire scene seem as if from a movie

♬ Zen really liked that idea, your relationship being the type people made movies about

♬ sadly, those moments often lasted for a very brief time and this was no different

♬ when he got up to get to you and press a sweet kiss to your lips, Zen lost balance

♬ suddenly the boat was shaking rapidly and you getting nervous caused the two of you to flail and fall

♬ the water was bitter cold, despite the sun

♬ neither of you was able to turn the boat back around and get in, so you had to swim

♬ you were forced to leave the parasol behind he’d gotten you, almost drowning for a moment

♬ once finally outside of the water, drenched and shaking, you’d made your way to the willow only to find that animals had attacked your basket and most of the food was either scattered or gone

♬ needless to say that Zen was devastated

♬ his perfect date had fallen apart completely, despite all his efforts

♬ as you saw him pout at the remains of the food he’d prepared for you two, you felt your heart swell

♬ God, you loved that idiot so much…

♬ you took his hand and pulled him towards the blanket anyway

♬ the stuff that wasn’t usable you threw away together, but the entire time you smiled

♬ frankly, as long as you two were together, you were happy

♬ you two sat down together, cuddling up against one another, mainly for warmth

♬ he used the blanket to wrap around the two of you, instead sitting on the soft grass

♬ luckily some of the fruit were saved, as they’d been in harder to open boxes

♬ you took one of those and held it out for Zen, smiling at the other sweetly

♬ when he realized that you were still smiling, trying to make the best out of it even now by feeding him some fruit, all his sadness instantly melted away

♬ as he opened his mouth and accepted the strawberry you were offering, Zen knew

♬ he knew that he’d never loved someone like he loved you and that he never would again

♬ after that you moved from the shadows of the willow into the sun

♬ you laid down together, hand in hand, letting the warmth dry your body

♬ you threw a frisbee around for a while, played catch and hide and seek

♬ a man selling fish-shapes bread turned up a couple of hours later and you bought a couple

♬ you ate them as the sun went down, blue water turning back with the darkness

♬ you watched the stars for hours, sharing sweet kisses from time to time

♬ eventually you went home, made love and fell asleep in each others arms


★ Yoosung is a very attentive person

★ he never misses an opportunity to do something nice for you

★ he isn’t as overly sweet and romantic as Zen, not does he have the means to take you on expensive dates as Jumin might be able to, but he tries his best…he’s sweet, you know?

★ he always remembers birthdays and anniversaries, goes all out on Valentines day

★ sometimes he just likes to surprise you too, just for the sake of it

★ he thinks of you as his saviour, the one who saved him from himself

★ so, in an attempt to never let you forget how much he appreciates you, he planned a romantic date

★ while you were at work he’d used his free day to cook your favourite dinner

★ he put candles on the table, roses and the nice plates and all

★ he was just putting together the first plate when suddenly he heard the keys in the lock

★ you were an hour early and Yoosung panicked a little

★ he wasn’t quite ready yet!

★ not that you minded even in the slightest

★ when you entered the kitchen, smelling food, your breath got caught in your throat at the view

★ not only was the table beautifully set and the food smelled great but Yoosung look utterly adorable with his hair pushed back, cooking in his apron

★ you cooed and Yoosung blushed, nervously scratching the back of his head

★ he helped you out of your coat and hung it up for you while you chuckled with delight

★ he was just so cute when he tried hard

★ he lead you to the table, pulled back the chair for you, even spread a little napkin on your lap

★ when he put the finished plate before you it looked and smelled divine

★ he’d become an even better cook over the last couple of years so you knew you were in for a treat

★ you also smiled with glee as you realized it was your favourite meal

★ he watched you take the first bite, smiling with excitement

★ thats when you grimaced, obviously struggling to swallow, and his face fell

★ what had he done wrong?

★ when he tried the food himself he found the answer

★ you’d told him a million times to label the sugar and salt, just in case, and he’d never listened

★ he accidentally switched them up and now everything was borderline vomit inducing

★ he didn’t even want to imagine what the cake tasted like…great

★ as you watched him hang his head your heart swelled with pride

★ you stood up and went to hug him from behind, pressing a kiss to his cheek

★ sadly, you had to toss everything away, but it was alright

★ you spend the rest of the evening cooking something nice together, brushing hips and stealing glances

★ as the candles has burned down you decided to cuddle up on the couch, plates on your knees

★ you ate while watching videos on YouTube, occasionally stealing from each others plate

★ soon the plates were abandoned, the two of you lying on the couch together

★ you weren’t fully asleep, but neither really awake

★ your head resting on his chest, Yoosungs arms wrapped around your figure

★ he brushed through your hair, smiling against your forehead contently

★ despite the date not having gone they way he thought it would, Yoosung learned valuable lessons

★ 1) always label sugar and salt
★ 2) the best moments aren’t the ones that are planned

★ when you really love a person you can do the most mundane things and they are still the best

★ “I love you.”

★ “Love you too, doofus”

★ and then you fell asleep 


♨ you two hadn’t had a free day in what felt like ages

♨ the work load was not half as exhausting as working for Jumin, but you still needed to unwind

♨ especially considering that even your ‘free days’ were often spend planning for the café

♨ sometimes re-decorating or something like that

♨ through all of the stress you’d never given up on Jaehee, never once complained

♨ you’d worked hard to make her dream come true and now she wanted to do something for you

♨ namely go on a short trip to the beach to relax and have some fun

♨ when the day finally came, Jaehee was prepared!

♨ She had three towels – just in case – a beach ball, a second bathing suit and set of clothes, enough food and cake to feed an entire army, a beach umbrella and liters of sunscreen

♨ since you only had one day, your trip started in the early morning hours

♨ that way you could use the entire day as well as avoid rush hour

♨ despite being quite exhausted herself, Jaehee insisted on driving

♨ this was all for you, so you should be relaxing from finish to start

♨ you offered multiple times to take over, but Jaehee refused every time

♨ eventually you fell asleep with your face pressed to the window

♨ Jaehee found it extremely endearing, saddened that she couldn’t take a picture

♨ when you finally arrived at the beach it was still relatively empty

♨ it gave you the time and space to choose a nice spot and build up everything

♨ you instantly wanted to go into the water, cool your overheated body

♨ Jaehee on the other hand decided to lie in the shade for a while, telling you she’d follow soon

♨ that’s when you got rid of the dress you’d been wearing, leaving you standing in nothing but the most adorable bikini Jaehee had ever seen

♨ she could feel her cheeks heat up, instantly putting on her sunglasses to hide at least some of her over the top reaction

♨ she watched you run to the water, so cheerful and happy, smiling to herself

♨ you played around in the water for a while, floated and swam while Jaehee watched

♨ she didn’t even notice how heavy her eyes had gotten when she was suddenly asleep

♨ it felt like mere seconds later that you were harshly shaking her awake

♨ she’d forgotten to put sunscreen on and while you’d been in the water having fun, not paying attention, she’d burned up to match the colour of a lobster

♨ you insisted that you go home right now, so you can take care of that horrible burn

♨ on the way back you were the one driving, hurrying just to get her home soon

♨ during the drive you put some of the ice packs on her skin or the now wet towel over her body

♨ once home you told her to lie on her back while you rubbed aloe vera all over her body, wherever she’d gotten burned

♨ after that you disappeared for a while only to return with liters and liters of milk

♨ Jaehee was extremely ashamed as you filled the entire bath with it and told her to get in

♨ she’d wanted to make this a nice day at the beach and instead she’d ruined it

♨ you didn’t mind at all, however, as you sat behind her and carefully rubbed in the milk into her back

♨ once she’d showered you’d put on Zen’s musicals and marathoned them

♨ you braided each others hair in your PJ’s and ate some unhealthy food you usually wouldn’t

♨ you even build a pillow fort together

♨ it isn’t quite the night Jaehee had planned, but neither of you has ever been that relaxed, so she calls the entire thing a win after all

♨ “Thanks for today.”

♨ “But I completely ruined the beach trip?”

♨ “I don’t care. As long as we’re together, I’m happy.”


♛ he knows better than anyone how hard it is to work all day long

♛ Jumin also knows the feeling of being on the verge of breaking down under the workload

♛ so when he notices the first traces of dark circles and tiredness he instantly has to do something

♛ you’ve been overworking yourself, between planning the party, helping Jaehee in her café, Yoosung’s clinic and even sometimes Jumin himself

♛ he’s expressed concern about that before, but you’d always brushed it off

♛ after all you wanted to help as much as you could and make everyone happy

♛ it wasn’t like you had a ‘normal’ job anyway, so why not?

♛ while he still didn’t have the heart to stop you, Jumin came up with something else

♛ he wanted to treat you to something relaxing, spoil you for a couple of days

♛ so he booked the two of you a nice wellness weekend at an expensive spa

♛ he’d been forced to keep it a secret for a while, as the place was rather booked, so the appointment he got wasn’t immediate

♛ but when he finally told you and got the brightest smile and kisses in return, he’d never felt prouder of himself

♛ that weekend you’d packed your things and made your way to the spa, eager to relax

♛ sadly, that didn’t quite out as there had been a mix-up and your spot had been given away

♛ Jumin immediately asked for another, but the next one was at least a month away

♛ he wanted to get angry and basically get everyone involved fired for this

♛ especially at how disappointed you looked because of their mistake

♛ but he knew that him getting angry and bossy made you sad, so the two of you took your leave

♛ he felt horrible for having put you through this, especially as you were strangely quiet on the drive home

♛ then a got an idea!

♛ maybe he couldn’t get you into that particular wellness spa, but he had the means to make the day just as relaxing at home

♛ so the second you got up to the penthouse he called a couple of people before turning his attention back to you and only you

♛ from that moment on he took control over your relaxation

♛ he ran you a bath with rose pedals and bubbles and hot water just the way you like it

♛ he gave you a full body massage and for all the things he couldn’t do – such as manicures, pedicures and even getting your hair done – he got professionals just for you

♛ they made you the dinner you wanted afterwards, which you enjoyed candlelit with classical music softly playing in the background

♛ it was a peaceful evening spent talking and laughing without a worry in the world

♛ Jumin even finished the day off by tugging you into bed himself

♛ he then set beside the bed and like the first night you’d slept in that penthouse he read to you

♛ it was your favourite book and even the original copy he’d gotten you

♛ his low voice soothed you even further, entire body relaxing into the mattress as he read

♛ eventually he laid down beside you, pulling you against his chest

♛ you hummed happily, cuddling up to your husband

♛ “I’m sorry todays plans were ruined.”

“Are you kidding? You taking care of me for the whole day was much better than any spa.”

♛ Jumin smiled then, once more reminded just how lucky he was to meet you

♛ he gently tilted your head up, pressing a kiss to your lips

♛ “I love you, darling. If you wanted, I would give you the world.”

♛ “I don’t want the world though, silly. All I’d ever want is right here beside me.”

♛ he held you until you fell asleep, heart swollen with joy


☼ Sevens idea of date night is quite different from what other people would consider

☼ he also isn’t really familiar with what most would consider 'romantic’

☼ it’s not something that has ever bothered you, as you yourself aren’t really hearts and flowers

☼ you like that most of the time your dates are fun and different

☼ that is until one of his bright ideas goes wrong again

☼ because you can be sure that generally you’re the one who has to clean up the mess afterwards

☼ like that one time he got arrested and you had to bail him out

☼ who would have thought that he’d take hide and seek so serious!

☼ The idiot broke into someones house for fucks sake!

☼ over time you’d gotten used to even that, though and generally it was fun to watch as his mugshots were taken every time

☼ you laughed a lot

☼ so, when he suggested something calmer this time you were surprised

☼ he said that he’d noticed how exhausting your dates were for you, so he wanted to do something you would enjoy as well; a games night in

☼ he’d gotten out cards, chess, multiple video – and boardgames

☼ Seven was ready and his excitement was contagious

☼ he’d ordered take out for the entire night, stocked up on PhD Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips and both of you had changed into your matching cat PJ’s

☼ the evening started nice enough

☼ you were cuddled up on the couch, beating each others asses at some first person shooters

☼ after that you stuffed yourself full while playing cards at the table

☼ he actually let you win a couple of rounds of chess, smiling to himself as you did your little victory dance only to put on an annoyed face once you looked at him

☼ he just loved how cheerful you were at even the smallest things

☼ then he suggested playing Twister and you should have known better

☼ Seven spends all day crouching in front of his computer, of course he’d suck at Twister

☼ actually, for a while it worked out

☼ since both of you were rather competitive, the two of you each gave your best

☼ it was a very intense round, which probably caused what happened after

☼ in an attempt to look cool and win the game Seven had attempted to do that 'cool lean-back thing’ from the Matrix

☼ sadly, he wasn’t quite as sportive as with a sudden cracking sound, Seven fell to the floor

☼ …and he couldn’t move anymore…fuck…

☼ the rest of the night was spent waiting in the ER for someone to fix whatever Seven had done

☼ by the time you got home the sun was about to rise

☼ so you suggested for the two of you to go up on the roof to watch

☼ as you set there, sharing a Honey Buddha Chips bag with your feet dangling off the roof, your head resting on his shoulder you suddenly burst into laughter

☼ “What are you laughing about?”

☼ “You, mainly, and all the bullshit you get yourself into.”

☼ “My, honey, thank you so much for your compassion.”

☼ “I drove your crying ass to the hospital, you have no right to complain. Anyway, what I was trying to say is…Seven you’re the weirdest dude I know and I love you for it. You’re unconventional, but I’d rather tell our grandchildren the extraordinary things that happen to us, all the adventures I get to have because I chose you instead of the typical guy taking me to wine and dine. Today was a great date night. Thank you”, you say, pressing a kiss to his cheek, causing him to blush

☼ “I’m glad we agree. I love you too…by the way.”


☀ when Saeran heard that there was a fair in town, he got excited

☀ the doctor had warned you that he might show certain childish behaviours due to all the trauma and loss of a normal childhood

☀ you didn’t see the problem though, as you found it extremely endearing

☀ he hadn’t smiled in such a long time so to see him beam…hell, you’d win him one of those life sizes plush bears at the throwing stand and more

☀ it was especially sweet to watch him struggle and stutter through his attempt of inviting you to a date on that particular fair

☀ of course you said yes, as you personally liked fairs too and would do anything to make him smile

☀ the fair was quite packed, but nothing both of you couldn’t handle

☀ he actually did win you a plush bear, although not a life sized one

☀ the two of you shared some cotton candy and even went to the ghost house together

☀ Saeran actually didn’t push you away when you clung to him and you were actually thinking he might have smiled, even?

☀ as the afternoon began to turn into evening and night Saeran suggest to go on the ferris wheel

☀ you were a little surprised, as it wasn’t really exciting and mostly what couples did together

☀ when you saw him blush you realized that he wanted to do that with you and you blushed as well

☀ you walked there side by side, silent and not touching but with rapidly beating hearts

☀ you got in and both enjoyed the view slowly showing itself to you

☀ until suddenly the wheel came to a rapid halt and didn’t continue to move anymore

☀ then the announcement followed that it was broken and they were working to fix it

☀ well…that was unfortunate

☀ the two of you looked at each other, eyes wide with shock but with nowhere to go

☀ you were at the top of the wheel, so there was really no option but to sit and wait

☀ for a long time things were very awkward

☀ both of you looked anywhere but each other and when you actually did steal a glance and your eyes locked both of your faces heated up and you quickly looked away

☀ there was a long silence as well, both of you staring outside of your respective window

☀ then Saeran sighed, shoulders sagging

☀ “This is not how I’d imagined our first date to go.”

☀ you understood what he meant, but you didn’t agree at all

☀ with a gentle smile you reached out, taking his hand into your to get his attention

☀ Saeran instantly looked up, locking eyes with you, wide and confused

☀ “I really loved this date so far. As far as first dates go, this is still one of my best if not the best one. Plus, we get to enjoy this beautiful view for much longer than any other couple so really, we’re lucky.”

☀ it wasn’t perfect, but it made Saeran smile

☀ you decided to switch from your side to his so you two were sitting next to one another

☀ there was still a silence and Saeran was a little stiff for a while, cheeks heated, eyes downcast

☀ until suddenly his hand inched closer and he tentatively laced your fingers together

☀ both of you were looking in opposite directions and yet both of you were smiling just the same

☀ you watched the sun set together and when it was replaced by starts you finally turned to look at each other again

☀ his eyes scanned over your face, coming to a halt on your lips

☀ he looked between them and your eyes, asking for permission

☀ you gave a quick nod and finally your lips met in a sweet, loving kiss

☀ you buried your fingers in his hair as his hands rested on his hips

☀ both of you were completely lost in the kiss, soon growing more confident and passionate

☀ you didn’t even notice when the wheel started to move again


📷 with V having gone completely blind, date possibilities were rather limited

📷 of course you could still go to dinner, but almost everything else was harder or near impossible

📷 even watching a movie in the cinema – the most basic date – was not really something you could do

📷 which was a shame, V knew, because you loved watching movies

📷 he used to love watching movies too, before he went blind

📷 that was when he heard about blind commentary for the first time

📷 you could’t watch a movie in the cinema, but you could watch one at home

📷 you’d done so much for the RFA and him, V thought that the least he could do was switch up your usual dinner dates for movies for once

📷 so, with a plan in mind he’d made his way to the nearest VideoWorld

📷 it had been quite a while since he’d last seen a movie, so V had made his way directly to the register to ask for some advice

📷 he wanted a movie that was romantic, popular and would make his girlfriend happy

📷 not that the guy behind the counter listened

📷 the second he’d seen the crane and realized the man in front of him was fully blind he’d decided to pull a little prank on him

📷 something neither his girlfriend nor him would forget for a long time

📷 with a smile in his voice he’d told him he’d be right back, returning with what he told V was 'The Notebook’, the best movie for dates

📷 V had thanked the guy, payed and made his way home

📷 he’d managed to get the DVD in and even ordered Pizza, drinks and ice cream to go with it

📷 when you finally came home he greeted you with a kiss, told you that he’d run you a bath and he’d wait for you to join him

📷 you thanked him, adoring how considerate and sweet your boyfriend was

📷 once you’d showered off the day and were warm and comfortable on the couch he handed you the remote for the DVD player

📷 you were surprised but he looked so happy and exited about it so you figured he’d gotten a DVD for the two of you to watch

📷 how sweet, he knew how much you loved movies

📷 however, when you pressed play it wasn’t The Notebook…not at all

📷 the cover showed two naked women caressing each other…amongst other things

📷 your eyes almost popped out of your head and you froze for a moment

📷 had V really chosen a porno?

📷 Then it clicked…V was blind so someone else must have chosen for him

📷 you quickly reached for the remote and tried to turn it off, but it was too late and the moaning and other obscene sounds started

📷 now it was V’s eyes widening, cheeks heating and swallowing loudly

📷 after a very, very awkward minute you finally managed to turn the damn thing off, sagging

📷 T-that wasn’t The Notebook, I take it?”

📷 bless V for his big heart, trust and innocence

📷 “No, honey, that wasn’t The Notebook. I guess someone tried to pull a prank. I’m sorry.”

📷 “I’m alright…I’m just sorry it ruined my plan for date night. I know going out with me isn’t easy and our options are limited so I really wanted to make you happy.

📷 “V…you make me very happy. It’s not about the dates. You show me how much you care every single day with every word and gesture. Not to mention that you’re trying to adjust yourself. I appreciate you even trying to do something like that for me. Thank you.”

📷 you kissed, smiling against each others lips

📷 …and maybe just maybe that special copy of The Notebook came in handy later that day after all

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ “Something They Need”

An imagine about the 15th episode of season 7

The reader witnesses the night Sasha gets caught and the day after it, that challenges not just Sasha and Eugene but also her

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!
You can find every other part of the series here

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The sun had been already gone for a long time as you walked from bathroom over to the bed while you slipped your sleeping shirt over your body.
The bed you laid yourself on wasnt just any bed, it was Negan’s.
A lot had happened after the line-up, he had taken you with him to the Sanctuary, you had your own room here for some time, your brother Daryl fled from this place, Eugene came here and then Negan thought it would be safer for you to stay at his room and thats how you ended up here, laying under the dark sheets of his big bed.
But not only that was a change, over the weeks you went from hating and despising him deeply to building up a tiny bond to him, your relationship or whatever it exactly was had turned more relaxed and you could, to your surprise and even annoyance, even feel somehow comfortable around him.

You leaned over to the nightstand and turned off the light of the lamp before you sunk deeper into the thick pillows.
You were alone for hours now and normally you would have been even glad to have some alone time but this time, something was different.
Hours ago, you had have a deeper conversation with him and the tension he had afterwards let it seem like he had realized through it that you meant way more to him than he had confessed before.
Him being that tensed and now gone for hours gave you a little weird feeling, even when you didn’t even like to admit that this somehow effected you.
After all what he had done to the others, you shouldn’t give a single fuck about where he was and what you might mean to him.
But unfortunately that wasnt the case. 

You suddenly heard heavy steps coming towards the door and soon after that you saw Negan stepping in.
He still looked tensed, but a bit less than before while he run his hand through his dark hair, that looked like he had done that multiple times before.
He sighed quietly before he looked over to you.
“Sorry Sweetheart, didn’t want to wake you up”, he said taking his jacket off and turning on the light on the nightstand.
“You didn’t”, you said while you looked over to him.
“Couldn’t fall asleep without me?”, he asked slightly chuckling.
“You wish”, you responded with a small smirk on your lips, while somehow hoping that you’d get that more relaxed mood between him and you back.
But instead of that he chuckled slightly before he got a bit quieter again and went to the bathroom to shower.
You sunk deeper into the pillows once again while you felt some questions coming up in your head you would love to just get rid off.
Maybe he had just been working the whole time, maybe he had been just sitting outside doing nothing or well, maybe he had been with his wives to at least try to get rid of his thoughts.
And that question bothered you more than you liked.
You couldn’t think of him being there often since you where at the Sanctuary, he had been with you almost the whole time except when his men called for him because of problems and well, the last hours.
You heard the door of the bathroom opening again, Negan walking shortly after that over to the bed while his hair was still slightly wet, some strands hanging into his face.
He looked up to you while his glance softened a bit and the tension seemed to be finally gone or at least almost.
That shower seemed to have cleared his mind a whole lot more than the hours he had been gone, wherever he had been and whatever he had done.
You watched how Negan slipped under the blankets before shots let you jolt up and got followed by the beeping of the walkie.
“Boss, Shit boss, we captured a woman. She just intruded and-”, the voice of the man stopped as you heard a familiar voice coming through the walkie.
“Stop, No!”, was the only thing you heard but it was enough to indentify the person behind it.
 You couldn’t imagine that Rick would order anyone to do such an action that would go wrong anyways, that could just be a single action coming from her.
“Fucking fuck”, Negan growled jumping up again and grabbing his pants.
“I’m coming with you”, you said standing up again, in hope you could change something about how they treated her, even though you wouldnt tell him about your suspicion that it was her and just her, you needed to have more information about what was actually going on before you told him.
“Fuck no, you think I’m getting you into danger? Who the fucking hell knows what that shithead is tryna do, or if there are fucking more coming in”, he said pulling over his jacket.
“Then it wouldn’t be that smart to leave me alone here, right? I only have a knife”, you said knowing that he noticed that you were only using his own words against him, he knew that you could fight, but he also knew that even you probably wouldn’t be able to fight a big group alone.
“Don’t play that fucking game with me”, he growled grabbing Lucille while you walked over and pulled clothes over your body and stood before him crossing your arms.
“God damnit alright, but you’re staying with me”, he said opening the door and leading you into the direction where you heard the muffled voices coming from.

There were men running hastily through the hallways, looking for more intruders and stormed past you while holding guns in their arms.
You felt Negan getting an arm around you and pulling you closer to him, away from the men that would barge you away otherwise.
You walked around a corner seeing men pressing Sasha to the ground, one of the men trying to get a rope off his belt to give it to the others.
“You already know if there are more?”, Negan asked as he looked at the men. “Doesn’t seem so Sir. Got most of it checked as far as I know, seems to be just her”, said another dark haired man as he looked up.
You looked at Sasha’s body on the ground, her face turned to it not being able to see you and not being able to move.
“What now, Boss. kill her?”, another shorter one asked as you gasped slightly and searched with your hand after Negan’s arm to get his attention and started right as he turned to you.
“Don’t kill her”, you said determined while looking at him before he looked over to her and it seemed to dawn to him.
“Wait, is she one of-”, he said pointing with his baseball bat into Sasha’s direction while you slowly nodded.
You didn’t know if what you were doing here was right and if you got the others with that even more problems, but you couldn’t let him hurt or even kill her.
“Fuck”, you just heard Negan mutter before he turned back to his men.
“Get her in a cell”, Negan growled before you saw the man lifting Sasha up and dragging her along the floor until you weren’t able to see her anymore and you saw Negan turning around to you analyzing your face for information.
“You knew that it was her, huh? Thats why you wanted to come with me”, Negan said looking at you.
“Yeah, yeah I did. I recognized her voice over the walkie”, you said looking at him while you saw him shaking his head slightly while he began to chuckle.
“Hell, of course you did”, he said stroking over his jaw before you began walking back to the room.
The hallways were filled with less people than before, only a few men standing there with walkies in their hands waiting for more information while it got less and less until you came back to the room.
Negan opened it but stayed standing in the door frame looking at you.
“I’m gonna go and check outside, If everything’s alright again, but I’ll come back fucking soon, I promise”, he said before he smirked slightly before he swung his bat over his shoulder again and walked away, his heavy footsteps becoming more quiet with every second.
You laid down again, still hearing some men walking through the hallway as you first really realized what had happened.
Sasha was here.
And you were sure that she could have been dead if just some little thing went different.
God, the cells were disgusting things and just by the thought of your brother having to stay in there for so long made you feel incredibly uncomfortable but it was better than if you would have had to see her dying because of that plan.
You couldnt think of that her plan would have actually worked to kill Negan, nevertheless the thought of it working bothered you.
God, you could understand them for wanting him dead, you had have strong revenge thoughts too when you saw what he did in that night, except that you knew from the very beginning that actions like Rosita’s in Alexandria and Sasha’s now would do nothing but fail and probably make the situation worse and except that now, doesn’t matter how much you despised it, the thought of him dying send cold shivers down your back and let a lousy feeling create in your stomach.
You tried to suppress the thoughts that terrorized your head to finally fall asleep, knowing too good that all the feelings and fears you were suppressing over all this time would come back in your sleep as nightmares.
And that knowledge proved itself also in that night , even though this time something was different.
For the very first time you didn’t see one of your friends or your brother scream on the top of their lungs before you, blood streaming over their heads and bodies while you had to helpless see how they spit blood, their eyes wide open staring at you while they screamed for you to help them, before they collapsed and died still twitching and screaming in front of you.
No, this time it weren’t them.
It was Negan.

You woke up laying in Negan’s arms like after every night the nightmares came for you.
You didnt like it and you would do a lot to change it, but he had the ability to calm you down in your sleep and not let the nightmares come up again when he was holding you.
The whole time you had been here you had always tried to not let him see you vulnerable or even weak and as long as you were awake you had the control over that, but as soon as you fell asleep this control was gone and with that also the filter that sorted out all the emotions you didn’t want him to see.
And of course he took that chance to have your body that close to his, even though it actually seemed that the main reason was that he cared for you
You lifted yourself slowly up, looked at for some moments at him, seeing him peacefully sleeping while the pictures of last nights nightmare began to fade seeing him that peaceful.
You slowly released yourself out of his embrace and walked over to the bathroom to get ready.
You don’t really liked knowing that you had a nightmare with Negan dying, not only because those nightmares tortured you also because it meant that you got more drawn to him than you liked to admit.
You could deny that while you were conscious, but you couldn’t lie to your subconsciousness.
You looked at the thin bracelet around your wrist, Negans spontaneous gift to you he found while you were outside of the gates which sparkled right now in the morning light.
Your glance wandered over to your leather jacket that hung over the door knob waiting for you to slip on.
it wasnt just any jacket, It was a gift from your brother to you when you were still living in the prison.
Some day he had brought it back to it from a run, you had no idea where he had found it and he just wouldnt tell you because he knew he could tease you with that but anyway it turned into something that had become important to you over time.
And wearing his gift now together with Negan’s now seemed somehow bizarre to you, and still, you put the jacket on.

As you walked out of it Negan walked already dressed and smirking past you into the bathroom and came shortly after that out of it again while he slighlty chuckled
“Today’s an important damn day for your friend”, he said chuckling while he looked over to you.
“What are you planning for her?”, you asked, hoping that his answer wouldnt mean pain or even worse for her.
“See if she’s fucking things up or taking a chance, you’ll see Sweetheart”, he said slightly grinning.
“I need you to let me talk to her”, you said while you looked at him.
“She’s getting some pillows and food when she isn’t acting as fucked up as last night, think thats enough luxury for the first fucking time”, Negan said grabbing Lucille that had leaned against a wall till then while you sighed.
“I don’t need a lot time, please”, you said swallowing and waiting for him to answer.
“Hell, only if she’s not being an asshole and there are no emotional incidents from her side”, he said stroking over his jaw before you raised your voice.

You walked down the hallways, feeling a little tensed as you came closer to the cells.
From afar you saw one open cell door and as you came closer you heard a male voice coming from its inside combined with the sound of unbuckling a belt.
“Fighting’s just gonna make it last longer. Which, for the record, is fine by me”, you heard him say while you felt a cold shiver running down your back before you got a picture to the mans voice.
You saw him sitting there, opening his pants before you heard Negan grunting next to you and drumming his bat against the open door.
“David! What the hell are you doing in here?”, Negan asked calm but with a tensed and dangerous undertone.
“Negan, sir-”, began that asshole to say but got gladly cut off by Negan.
“Do you really think I need you to answer that? I can see that you’re trying to rape this woman. Fuck, you were really trying to rape this woman, weren’t you?”, asked Negan looking at the man who looked trembling up to him.
Your glance went over to Sasha, checking if she was alright before you heard Negan’s voice again.
“This is some unacceptable behavior. Rape is against the rules here. I wouldn’t wanna be somewhere where it wasn’t. Someone in charge who let something like that fly…Whew”, Negan said while you saw him sliding his knife out of its bracket.
You knew what would happen next and you were nothing but glad about it.
He deserved nothing else.
“David. You really crossed a line here”, Negan said darkly while he held the knife between him and David.
“I’m sorry, Sir”, he said in a begging tone.
“You know what? I do not accept your apology”, Negan said shoving the knife through the mans throat, slid it out of it and let the body of that asshole fall to the ground,
“So-uh, someone gotta get-”, Negan started to say, pointing at her while searching for her name.
“Sasha”, you said, seeing how not only Negan’s but also Sasha’s glance wandered over to you.
“Thanks, Sweetheart”, Negan said slightly smirking before he turned to his men.
“Get Sasha here a new T-shirt”, he said, before he crunched down to her.
“I’m sorry you had to see that. Sorry ‘bout the rope, too. Probably overkill, but you did cause one hell of a fucking fracas last night”, he said loosening the rope that had been around her hands before he got up.
“You know what, Sasha? Probably wouldnt have regonized you till now, if she wouldnt have told me”, Negan said, before her head snapped over to you, glaring into your eyes.
“Wow, Sasha you better calm down, ‘cause it might be that she somehow saved your life with that and actually, I’m pretty sure that this was her fucking purpose. So you better be a bit grateful and listen to what I have to say”, Negan said before he got up and continued.
“You’ve got some beach-ball-sized lady nuts on you, coming in all kamikaze like that and big question here, and I need the damn truth on this one. Did Rick put you up to this?”, Negan asked pointing with his bat at Sasha.
“Rick? Your bitch?”, she asked while you werent sure if she was saying that because she wanted to lead the attention away from your group or if she really saw him that way, which would actually fit to her actions.
You saw her huffing slightly before she looked at Negans arm that found its way again around your waist.
“You’re his bitch too?”, she asked hissing looking at the hand Negan had put on your waist while you thought you didn’t hear right.
“No I’m not”, you growled looking at her moving slightly away from Negan.
You wouldn’t leave that hanging in the air, not that.
You heard Negan chuckle darkly before he pointed his bat at Sasha.
“Ohwowow you better watch your mouth talking ‘bout her, cause I can still change my plans with you and you better not like to see what happens then”, Negan said chuckling but with a growling undertone in his voice.
“Alright…Either way, you must’ve thought it was gonna be the end, coming in on your lonesome like that. But that’s not the fucking way it’s got to go. Just the damn opposite. See this, well this could be the beginning”, he said placing his knife next to her before he continued.
“This one is yours now. You can try to use it, take me out, but considering I am standing above you, holding a fucking baseball bat, that doesn’t seem real smart. Now, you can use it to slit your wrists, which would be a damn shame, but I get it. You’re obviously not on the shiny side of the street, given recent events. Now, you can sit there and do nothin’, wait for ol’ David to come back to life and eat your face, also a damn shame and kinda nuts, but, hell, to each their own. Or you can use that blade and stop ol’ Rapey Davey from becoming Dead-Alive Rapey Davey, save yourself, join the cause. I know what I’d do”, Negan said looking down to Sasha.
“What?”, she asked irritated.
“Well, I’m a man short. Hell, you can’t really call this piece of fucking shit a man, but still, I’m short, and you got those beach-ball-sized lady nuts, and I wanna harness the heat comin’ off of them”, he said before crunching down to her.
He wanted to use her, of course he did.
“You can help me run this place one day, all of us together, following the rules, workin’ on the same side of things. That’s all this was ever about. And it still can fucking be for you. I know it’s hard to picture, considering what I fucking did”, he said while you saw her glancing to the bat before Negan continued.
“Well but Sasha, we all got shit to get over. Take some time. Think about it. Whatever you decide, so it shall be. No pressure. And, again, I am sorry you had to see that, even though I know you have seen some fucking things. I just want you to understand we are not monsters”, he said before he stood up again, walked over to you, the hand back on you lower back before he looked over to Sasha.
“So she wanted to talk to you and man, she could persuade me”, he said chuckling before he looked at you.
“Have some nice lady talk, Sweetheart. I’m gonna wait in our room having some men talk with Smartypants”, he said chuckling while biting his lip before he winked at you letting you huff annoyed, before he walked away.
You looked at the corpse laying in the cell, before you decided to sit down in the door frame, away from the probably soon reanimating corpse and outside enough to see if someone was listening, because that was the last thing you needed.
“I’m sorry for that happening to you”, you said as you sat down and saw Sasha nodding before her glance got more narrow.
“Did you fuck him to persuade him?”, she asked chuckling bitterly.
“No”, you responded with an angry undertone to her before you continued.
“Just that you know, I’m not someone he can do everything he wants with. I never was his bitch, I’m not now and I’m never gonna be”, you said more calm while you looked at her.
She just grumbled a bit before she looked up again.
“So you’re sharing a room with that asshole?”, she hissed crossing her arms.
“Yeah, yeah I am”, you said swallowing before you saw in her glance that you couldn’t leave it like that.
“I had my own one for some time until he thought after some stuff that I should stay with him”, you said trying to explain yourself even when you knew that the situation was that muddled that trying to explain everything wouldnt help a lot.
“I did not let that happen without protesting though”, you added while Sasha chuckled again.
“Anyways, when you’re both sleeping in one room, why didn’t you kill him in his sleep?”, she asked quietly, her voice tensed while she kept looking at you.
“Sasha, it’s not done with just killing him. I’ve seen what the Saviors are capable of doing and that’s more than what they did in that one night and in Alexandria afterwards. Kill Negan and you kill with that not only yourself but everybody else home. They’d first kill you and afterwards they’d go home and slaughter everyone”, you said looking at her before an uncomfortable silence filled the small room.
You looked down to your wrist tried to not let her see the bracelet and to just keep it vanished in the sleeve of your jacket, but you were sure that she had seen it before and within the next seconds you were proven right.
“Is that the real reason why you didn’t? Or does he flatter you with enough jewelry to turn you against us”, she said nodding to your wrist.
“Do you really think like that about me? That he could turn me against you with giving me some bracelet?”, you asked bewildered while you were now the one who chuckled bitterly.
“No normally I wouldn’t but the fact that you’re wearing it makes it kinda suspicious, you know”, she said, an ironic undertone swinging in her voice.
You huffed, even though you couldnt deny that next to the reason you told her was that you didn’t wanted him dead anymore, doesnt matter how ashamed that made you.
In the end you had two sides fighting each other inside you, one side wanted your group to fight back, the other side just wanted Negan to stay alive. 
And even though you had those thoughts, he wouldnt ever be able turn you against your friends, not with a bracelet, not with anything else.
“Alright, I can’t do more than telling you that I’ll not change teams and that I’d never betray you, doesn’t matter what happens. He can’t use me as a weapon against you all and I’m pretty sure he knows that”, you said before you continued, knowing that you just had to persuade her to not lose a friend.
“I just want everybody to be as safe as they can be in this situation, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to rise up and fight, I want you to. I just wanted you all to do it without having to see more people unnecessarily dying…we both just want to protect them”, you said trying to lead the conversation into a better direction.
The situation wasn’t easy for everyone and you really didn’t want to have people from your group being against you.
“Yeah”, she just answered nodding.
“And I…I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for everything what happened in that night”, you said swallowing.
You didn’t know if that was the best situation but you had to tell her that and who knew when you would get the chance to talk to her again that way.
This conversation was the first proper one you had with one of your group members since that night.
“You don’t have to be”, she said sounding a little bit softer while you nodded and a thought came up in your head that would solve a lot of your problems and would let a lot sorrow vanish.
“Can you answer me one question? I won’t ask for anything else after that”, you said swallowing.
“Yeah, alright”, she said nodding slowly.
“Okay..don’t tell me where he his or anything else, the only thing I need to know is if he’s safe”, you said  quietly and swallowing looking at her knowing that she knew what and who you were talking about.
With that you had more than just knowing about your brothers condition you had two more things at once, her having a prove you that you’re not spying for Negan to find out where he is and second you wouldn’t have to lie to him.
“He is”, she said quietly while you smiled thankful at her.
“Thank you”, you said while another small smile created on your lips.
Your brother was safe and with that a huge burden disappeared had dissapeared.
”Would you want me to take his offer?”, she suddenly asked nodding over to the blood covered knife on the ground before you swallowed and raised your voice.
”I won’t tell you what to do, the only thing I’ll tell you is that I don’t want you dead.”

You walked through the empty hallways having to think about Sasha and what she would do and if that was actually the last time you had seen her, doesn’t matter how painful that thought was.
You walked around the corner already hearing two familiar voices coming from the inside of Negan’s room.
You turned the handle and saw Negan sitting on the couch, Eugene in one of the armchairs towards him.
As soon as you walked into the room Negans glance wandered over to you and a smirk created on his lips.
“There she is again!”, he said winking while he chuckled before he pointed over to Eugene.
“I just told Dr Smarty-Pants what I’m planning to do with your friend from the cell, in case she wasn’t actin like a bitch to you again”, Negan said chuckling.
“She wasn’t”, you said before you sat down on the couch and looked at Eugene who nervously played with the stuffed animal in his pocket.
“So smarty, guess you’re burning to get to know my plans for her. Well, I dont think that she’s the fucking smartest for breaking in here thinking she wouldn’t get caught, but she has for sure not many scruples and that makes her a pretty good add-on for my men power”, Negan said chuckling while he looked over to Eugene.
“Short: If she actually takes the damn fucking knife to stab rapey Davey into his sick fucking head she’s on board, just like you Smartypants ”, Negan added grinning.
“I’m gonna keep you updated, so go back to your good work Smarty and I’ll tell you If I need you to do fucking more for me”, Negan said closing the little booklet he held in his hands and laid it onto the table while Eugene stood reluctantly up, walked to the door and looked shortly back before closing it.
“Bye Sir, bye (Y/N)”, he said nodding before he closed the door.
The room got for a short moment silent before you saw Negan looking at Davids blood on his hands that slightly splattered them before he raised his voice.
“If that shithead would have only touched you once, hell, I would have bashed him slowly into tiny fucking pieces”, Negan growled almost that quiet that it sounded as if he was talking to himself.
As you looked over to him he raised his head and locked his eyes with yours
“I might have my methods you don’t agree with but as I said before we’re no monsters,..I’ll not let anyone just fucking attempt to rape someone here”, Negan said while you nodded slowly.
“Thats good”, you muttered before he caught your glance again.
“You don’t have to tell me when you don’t fucking want to, really, but well I just gotta ask you that. Out there… fuck, did some prick ever try to do that to you?”, he asked in a tone that sounded like he had his struggles asking you that and to have the risk to find out something he just didn’t want to hear.
“No, never came that far that someone could attempt to”, you said looking at him while you could see how that answer relieved him.
“Good”, he said nodding slowly before he raised his voice again.
“In case any fucker ever comes to close to you or even tries to do that shit, use that knife I gave you and fucking slit him up if you can, doesnt matter what else you’re doing just scream for me, alright? I mean it, I dont want that to happen to you in any fucking way”, he said serious.
“I’ll do it, I promise”, you said nodding while Negan nodded relieved.

Later you found yourself walking closer to the cell, not really knowing what would wait for you in there.
You couldnt and also didn’t want to imagine that Sasha would have killed herself, even though you could think of her rather being dead than joining Negan.
You saw the door in front of you before Negan opened it and the first thing you saw was David’s corpse with Negan’s knife sticking in his skull that let a relieved sigh travel up your throat.
“You win”, you heard Sasha’s voice coming from the inside before you got to see her.
“No. You win”, Negan said slightly chuckling looking from Sasha to the dead man on the ground.
“Get some people in here. Clean this shit up”, Negan said to the men standing behind you and him before he bowed down to the corpse and pulled the knife out of his skull before chuckling slightly as he saw Sasha’s glance.
“What? You didn’t actually think I was gonna let you keep this, did you? You still got a ways to go before I’ll believe you’re fully on board here”, Negan said tucking the knife into its bracket before he continued.
“Baby steps. It is absolutely not personal. If the situation was reversed, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me either. Still the way you saved yourself, the way you surrendered to me just now. That is a damn good start”, he said grinning.
“Did she surrender?”, Sasha asked nodding over to your knife while you heard Negan chuckle.
And to be honest, you were eagerly on what he was about to respond in front of his men.
“Well Sasha, you do know that you can’t compare your situation to her’s, right?”, Negan said looking down to her.
“So did she?”, Sasha asked again and before Negan could respond you glanced over to him before you turned to Sasha.
“No”, you said sternly while feeling Negans glance on your body, it got quiet for a moment and Sasha looked over to Negan.
”Yeah, yeah she’s right. But you have to know Sasha, that’s a singular exception. Not did it before, not doing it again and there’s no fucking other way for everybody else. That has to be clear to you”, he said before he continued.
“Well, we got to work on some things, Sasha. But I fucking promise you, I will try to make it fun”, Negan said before he stepped closer and turned a little more serious.
“Cards on the table a little birdie told me that Rick and the rest of your people are up to no good. And, well, that needs to change, and you’re gonna help me change it. We’re gonna find us a win-win”, Negan said while Sasha looked questioning at him.
“How? What are you-?”, she said but got cut of by him.
“Well hey, I’m gonna let Eugene get you some stuff to make you more comfortable, let you have a taste of what it is we have to offer. Spend the night enjoying it, ‘cause tomorrow is gonna be a big day”, Negan said grinning.
And with that he didn’t just leave Sasha irritated, also you.
You didnt know about him finding something out, having a spy or anything else, but to be honest, that didn’t surprise you.
Him having those suspicions would have, if they would turn out to be true, consequences for your friends, maybe even deadly ones.
And for some time now he avoided telling you those things or talking about suspicions about them That could just be a single action coming from her, as well as the consequences for them or your brother  probably knowing too well that he would endanger the small and fragile bond you had build up to him.

The door shut again leaving you with him standing on the hallway while his men went back to their work.
“Big day?”, you asked knowing too good that big days usually were only good days for him. 
“Isn’t everyday a big day with me?“, Negan asked chuckling while biting his lip as you raised your eyebrows.
“Well that sounded like an especially big day,…what are you planning?”, you asked knowing that when he was hedging that way, you could expect something you probably didn’t like as the real answer.
“Why ruin the damn surprise, Sweetheart?”, Negan asked grinning while you scoffed slightly.
“'Cause I don’t know if I’m that much into your surprises, Negan”, you responded sternly while crossing your arms.
“You better are ‘cause surprises are something I’m pretty good at”, he said smirking wolfish, alluding something that just made you roll your eyes. 
“Anyways”, you said before you continued. “I just hope that it’s not including you killing or punishing one of my people again”, you said with a serious undertone.
“Sweetheart, when my damn suspicion is wrong and they’re up to nothing but damn good and don’t fuck this up again, then nobody’s getting hurt and everything is peacy. Just like the agreement says. I’m a man of my fucking word as you know”, he said still grinning but more serious while you nodded slowly, still with your arms crossed.
You just nodded still looking serious at him before you began to walk back to the bedroom.

It was already late as you got yourself ready for the night and finally walked over to the bed, Negan already laying under the sheets while he watched you walking over to your side and slipping under the blanket before you laid back into the pillows.
“So the same procedure as almost every fucking day?”, he asked chuckling while he looked over to you.
“Huh?”, you muttered before you looked irritated over to him.
“You close your pretty eyes on your side, far far away from me just ‘cause you rather get a fucking nightmare than overcome your stubbornness and come over to me even though you fucking know they fuck off then”, he said chuckling while you scoffed shaking your head slightly.
“You think I don’t know you good enough now, after the assload of time I spend with you, that it’s just your stubborn head right now that’s holding you back?”, asked Negan chuckling while you huffed because you knew that he was right.
If you really didn’t want something, you wouldn’t do it and you were sure that he absolutely knew that and this time it was just your mind preventing you. 
You looked at him before you saw his smirk slowly vanishing from his face and he swallowed slightly before raising his voice.
”Jokes aside just that you know, I’m not into seeing you flinch and whimper.
Can’t fucking stand it to be honest. Now I don’t know what shit you’re seeing there but it seems like some fucking hard crap to me. So do whatever you want, come over or stay there, but you don’t have to deal with that shit alone”, he said in serious tone.
You looked at him, seeing in the way he looked at you that he meant it.
For some moments you struggled with yourself before you made your decision on what felt right in this moment even if it probably was nothing but wrong in the eyes of everyone else you loved.
Slowly you moved towards him and soon you felt how he laid his arms around you and pulled you closer.
You felt his body close to yours, his arms wrapped tightly around you while you felt his warmth creating another one in your body, his warm breath on your skin creating goosebumps and your body relaxing slowly while you couldnt deny that it felt good.
And while you slowly dozed off into a sleep without any nightmares, you just hoped deeply that all what would happen tomorrow, wouldn’t turn out for badly for your friends, that nobody would get hurt and that the bond to Negan that slowly but surely grew stronger wouldn’t be endangered by himself.

part 15 - the season finale

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My Thoughts Exactly ; Logan Howlett

Summary: A silently growing attraction between Logan and (y/n) goes south when the rest of the team picks up on it.

Characters: Logan x reader, Charles Xavier, Storm, Scott  

Warnings: Cussing (come on, he’s logan), kissing, loads of sexual tension.

* let’s play spot the “Logan” reference *

There wasn’t much anyone could dream of getting him to do on his own, and in more than half of the cases he would end up getting bribed. Among these was the complete unwillingness to do anything involving Scott (but of course that was a given), and in turn, the complete willingness to do anything involving (y/n). Like an unspoken oath, he’d flock to her side without the slightest hesitation. It of course went both ways. They’d gone from bitter acquaintances to the most functional pair of partners to ever work together in Xmen history. Charles was naturally the first to pick up on it one night in the dining hall. Minding his business at the head of the table, scraping around his chicken tortilla soup, Charles caught sight of (y/n) as she made her way into the space.

“Evening, (y/n).” He said with a smirk already on his face.

As if on cue, Charles watched as an explosion of fireworks went off in Logan’s head. His lips parted as his palms got clammy, and his eyes grew so wide so fast Scott wondered whether or not he was gonna pass out. Those sitting around them at the other end of the table all exchanged looks among themselves and with Charles, watching Logan bloom like a goddamned flower in springtime.

“Hi everyone,” she smiled, taking her seat and draping her napkin over her lap, Logan still eyeing her like she was the last piece of cherry pie.

Just before she was ready to eat, she shot a smooth smile in Logan’s direction who was opposite of her. He quickly pulled his eyes away and glued them onto his untouched meal. The others at the table continued to exchange smirks and jumping brows in silence before a conversation arose. Throughout the length of this conversation that traversed around them, energy stayed fluctuating between Logan and his (y/n). Whether it be a simple glance or a smirk or a subtle movement beneath the table, they were making it more and more difficult for the other to focus on their dinner. Every time they caught sight of the other their knees got weaker and weaker and the temperature of the room increased by at least three degrees. Logan looked up from his plate, flashed his eyes like they were lasers just to return them to his steak.

Don’t fucking tease me. She thought, squeezing her fist in a vain attempt to be rid of some of the physical urges she was having.

Return the favor. Came the too familiar tone of the man himself whom was sitting and watching intently.

Charles, get out of my head. Not the time. She rolled her eyes, shooting an annoyed side eyed stare over at her professor.

Give him a taste of his own medicine. Charles smirked.

This isn’t a game, this is barely a conversation.

Look to your left.

Which she did and was greeted with all the eyes of her fellow team mates, all silently jabbing her on to listen to Charles and make something happen. (Y/n) rolled her eyes one last time, this time very violently, suddenly arriving at the realization she had been having a long hard day as it was and would rather be anywhere but where she was sitting.

“Excuse me,” She kicked out her chair and left the room in silence with Logan longing for her to stay, his eyes glued to her in dread as she disappeared beyond his view.

In her wordless rage there had been one thing that (y/n) hadn’t accounted for. Upon her leave, all Logan could think of was if it was something he had said or did ….blaming himself for chasing her out of his pleasureful view.

“Was it something I said?” Logan asked the table a few minutes after her exit.

“Logan you didn’t even talk to her.” Scott remarked earning a trademarked Logan glare.

“Perhaps she is tired,” Charles started, pausing to take in a spoonful of soup. “She’s not quite used to the entire weight of the world resting upon her shoulders quite yet, you know.”

“Maybe I should talk to her-”

“No,” Logan said, interrupting Aurora. Once he had heard the great tone his voice had taken, he cleared his throat and pushed out his chair. “I’ll go.”

Logan downed the last of his beer as the rest watched him in stunned silence. With a perfect posture he never wore and an adapted walk of determination, he left the room before the chatter started once more.

“Good work, Aurora.” Charles pointed his champagne glass at her. “I feel a change in the winds on this fine evening.”

(Y/n) made her way through the sleepy dorms and hallways, making sure her boots didn’t wake the youngsters up.

“Go to bed, Cherry.” (Y/n) ordered, passing a small redhead standing groggily by a door. (Y/n) patted her on the head without stopping.

She quietly climbed the stairs, passing Hanks room to which she was extraordinarily careful not to make even the tiniest noise. She stepped onto practical balcony on the upper east side of the school. It was elevated just enough to see past the treetops and not have to look at any far away buildings. The nighttime was the perfect place to sit and watch as the pines danced in the moonlight. What an amazing location to share with someone ….a very specific someone whom she had never had the chance to shared it with. She leaned over the railing, elbows propping her up, and let the wind take control of her hair, her locks swirling in the wind.

He seems quite distressed, my dear. I’m afraid you’ve upset him.

She groaned. Charles you gotta warn me when you do that it freaks me out!

Logan is laboring under the delusion that he has upset you.

He’s not the one that upset me.

Whatever the case may be, he has left us to find you.

Her head dropped into her hands, feeling the twinge of humiliation she wasn’t quite used to yet. It’s late ….he won’t even know where to look. But of course that wasn’t entirely true. Logan knew her well enough to know how special that balcony was to her. It was like an outlet and a safe place all rolled into one.

“You okay?” she heard the gruff, raspy voice travel in from behind her, where there he stood, leaning against the large door frame like a true romantic.

“You’re not why I left.” She said flatly over her shoulder.

“Sorta figured that bit out for myself. No idiot, (y/n).”

“I know, Logan.”

A few more seconds of silence and it was time for Logan to start closing in. When she heard his footsteps coming toward her she couldn’t decide whether to dread it or savor it, it was like every emotion she felt was a dead end and she kept turning back to try again. He mimicked her and leaned over the railing except he wasn’t facing the trees, he was facing her. She didn’t dare to return his stare or even acknowledge it. Logan struggled with whether or not she thought this was one of his moves. Maybe that was true, maybe he secretly wanted this small gesture to get him noticed and get him into the game, but all he cared about then was to just look at her. To watch the way she moved and breathed ….imagine what would be different the closer he got.

“They can be assholes.” Logan offered.

“Water is wet. Grass is green.”

He sighed, shifting to face the trees, eyes following.

“Something’s off lately. You’re distant, well, more than usual. I know you’re not gonna talk about it, that’s for sure. But I notice these things, you know.”

“Yeah.” She offered, still staring forward. “This team sure doesn’t miss anything, do they.”

“Huh?” His boots shifted on the tile.

(Y/n) sighed trying to get her hair out of her face. “No one in this school can keep their fucking noses out of other people’s business! It’s like they’re so bored out of their damn minds they get all their entertainment out of other people’s lives!”

“What exactly do they have trouble staying out of, here?” He asked, half expecting what he thought about 24/7.


Oh god she said it. Oh god now it was out in the open. What the fuck was gonna happen now?

He was looking at her like she had just confessed to a murder, wide eyes staring her down and making her knees wobble.

She inhaled, trying not to pass out. “Ya see, I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but I know there’s something. Right?”

Logan was so stunned he could barely talk. He had been so preoccupied in his feelings for her he hadn’t stopped to think about whether or not she knew about them. He opened his mouth but no words came out, his mind was at a stop sign and the light wasn’t flashing green.

“Uhm, w-who-what are you talking about? Us? Wasn’t aware there was an us ….at least not yet.”

“Well, yeah I mean I’ve known you for so long and ….this is the closest thing I’ve had to a possible us in a long time. But with Charles and the others ….their pestering is driving me insane. They want us together like it shouldn’t even be up to us.”

“I uh-” Logan cleared his throat and reached up to nervously scratch the back of his neck. “I can’t say I feel too differently about you …but I also can’t say that I agree with them.”

Her heart dropped down to the floor. She sought to conceal it and try to brush it off and convince herself that he was right. “Okay ….”

“It’s just with everything that’s going on lately and the known situation of our ever changing lives, starting something like that ….it won’t end well.”

“Right,” she shifted to look at her hands as they wrapped and unwrapped themselves around each other.

Logan was panicking seeing her face. “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Yeah, I get it Logan.” She said quietly and turned to leave before she felt his hand wrap around her forearm. “What the fuck!”

“I’m not doing this to hurt you!” He shouted gruffly, in a voice that was so low it was barely a voice.

“Don’t yell at me! I don’t need this shit! Don’t treat me like you’re letting me down easy. I’m not stupid, I see the way you look at me.” She pulled her arms out from him, and fixed the sleeve on her leather jacket.

“I’m not bein’ charitable here, I’m tryna save your life.” He pleaded still shouting.

“Yes, because I’m not at all capable of taking care of myself. I know what I want, and I know for damn sure what you want. But you’re not gonna take it for yourself because you’re locked in your dumb ass temple of soldierly righteousness that it won’t let you see me for what I am; someone who is so fucking in love with you that they’d rather leave this place all together than not be with you.”

“Bad things happen to people I care about!”

She straightened her back and paused to try and keep the tears behind her eyes. But then, right before she turned around to leave, she said something in the softest yet fiercest voice she had ever heard. “Then I’ll be fine.”

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, with so much force and determination, Logan took four steps forward and swung her around by her arm, landing her right into him. He kissed her, and damn did he kiss her well. The fire in her chest withered away as she sunk into him, feeling his hand come up the back of her neck, the other still latched onto her arm which were on his chest. Neither of them wanted it to stop, wishing they could stay like that for the rest of their lives. When she finally pulled away they weren’t sure how long it had been. His lips trailed after hers as her arms came up around his neck.

“So you do love me.” She said softly.

“Yeah ….” He nodded slowly, his face was complete with a big set of puppy eyes trailing all over her features and a smile that was so god damn soft and sweet she couldn’t help but kiss him again.

This time she lunged into him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was up against the door frame in a matter of seconds. His jacket had gone past his shoulders and was already on the tile.

“They’re all gonna wanna know.” (Y/n) pulled away.

“I wished I cared.” She laughed as he backed her into the wall, his hands arching her back as he buried his lips in her neck.

“About damn time, Howlett!” She smiled from ear to ear. He was doing the same thing back to her, oh how she loved the way he smiled up close. “Can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Not as long as I have.”



Take My Hand (Danny/Stiles/Derek)

@Theonewiththeeyebrows , @exhuastedpigeon, & @cobrilee said: Stiles/Derek/Danny

I had fun writing this one! I hope y’all enjoy it! Teeny Fic #33!

Well nothing could be sadder
Than a glass of wine, all alone
Loneliness, loneliness, it’s such a waste of time
Cry to Me by Solomon Burke

Take My Hand. Danny/Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3.

After another failed relationship, Danny receives an irresistible proposition from Stiles and Derek.

“This is just sad, Danny Boy. You should have called me, you know? I wouldn’t even know if Laurel hadn’t been concerned and told me to check on you.”

“Go away, Stiles.” Danny takes a sip of his wine and deliberately ignores Stiles despite knowing that it won’t do any good at all. Stiles tends to take being ignored as a challenge instead of a hint, which is possibly why Danny used to try ignoring him during high school when he had that ridiculous crush that he’d never told anyone about.

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I'll Never Leave//Kellin Quinn Oneshot

Hiiiiii. So this is cool, here’s my first imagine/oneshot! Leave comments, shoot me some asks with new prompts, I’ll try to do them all! 


It’s official: you had to catch up on laundry. You had run out of clean underwear. You haven’t washed any of your clothes for at least two weeks, so laundry day was a long time overdue. You had found you hadn’t really felt like doing anything lately, you’d rather be sleeping, or on tumblr.

 Your outfit consisted of an oversize bleach-stained t shirt you got from who knows where, along with some booty shorts that were nearly too small. But you couldn’t throw them away, because they’re clothes. And you’re too lazy to go through your clothes anyways to get rid of the ones you don’t or shouldn’t wear anymore. So you were standing by the counter in the kitchen folding laundry. You were even too lazy to haul the basket all the way to your room, which was too messy to even find space to fold them and put them. 

Kellin had come over even though you told him you’d be busy, just to keep you company, since you guys hadn’t hung out in awhile. And also to help you out if you got over your stubbornness and asked him, but of course you hadn’t. 

 "Babe?“ you hear Kellin call from his spot in the living room, which was connected to the kitchen. 

 "Yeah?” you answer, walking into the living room. He looked so cute, slouched over on the couch watching the TV. His hair was bushy; he was in a shirt that fit him perfectly along with the usual black skinny jeans. You lightly thought about how he was too good for you. He smiles at you sweetly, and you can’t help but give him a small smile back. 

 "Can you grab me so—" he starts, but his voice falters as his eyes scan over your shorts. 

 "Grab what? Whats up?“ 

 "C'mere,” he says softly, sitting up and holding out his arm, motioning for you to come to him. You walk over and stand in front of him, confused. As you stare down at him, he scowls and reaches out to loop a hand around the back of your knee, as if to hold you in place. Before you notice what he’s doing, Kellin uses his other hand to pull up your shorts, revealing more of your thigh, as well as a web of cuts. 

 You suck in a breath and look away, thinking shitshitshitshit. You had sworn they had healed by now, and that your shorts were at least long enough to cover them. 

 "Wh… Why?“ Kellin asks, his voice cracking. 

 "Im sorry,” you whisper, afraid to use your voice. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against his chest. 

“Why do you do this to yourself? Don’t you know how beautiful your body is? Don’t you know that I’m here for you?" 

 "I’m sorry,” you tell him again, unsure what to say. You had been angry, depressed, and a little drunk. Telling yourself that you had just had a bad day had gotten old; you’ve been having a lot of those lately. Kellin was out, and there was no way you could call him and ruin his night. You are his soldier, how could he see you like that? So you resorted to self harm, which you knew now as you stood in front of Kellin was a horrible decision. There’s no taking it back now, you and he both know the damage is already done. 

What had you been thinking? You know you guys are sexually together. He sees you naked, how could you have hid something like this? 

Tears begin rolling down your face as you stand there, confused as to what to do or say. You sniffle and Kellin looks up, just as your knees give out and you start to crumple. 

 "Sometimes it just gets to be too much,“ you tell him, hoping to God he understands. He pulls you down onto his lap and holds you close, with one arm around your head and another holding you against his chest. You put your head on his shoulder and bury your nose into his neck, taking a deep breath. His shirt is going to be tear stained and gross, but the thought doesn’t even cross his mind. All that matters is that he holds you together. 

A few moments pass before Kellin can find his voice and say something. 

"Baby, I’m here. I’m right here. I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to ask for help when you need it. You can always count on me, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll never leave. Please don’t do this anymore. Promise me?" 

"I promise.” you whisper. 

 You don’t break your promises.

Turn loose the mermaids (Part 26)

@taulun‘s AU.

Okay, I swear this is the last useless chapter. From the next one on, shits gets real. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

First | Next

Also. SIN WARNING from the middle of the chapter till the end. You’ll catch up on when it begins.

If theft wasn’t the way he made his livelihood, Nino might have actually felt sorry for all these trading ships. Captain Noir had been on a roll lately. Maybe the good mood positively affected his desire to rob ships. Since he made up with Marinette a fortnight ago, he had only been in good spirits. Nino wasn’t sure if he should be grateful or not. Sure, he got rid of Chat lamenting and whining sad poems on his floor about a month ago, but since the second make up, Marinette and Chat had been at it every fucking night. And frankly, Nino was losing sleep over this. But at least he got some ear plugs recently and put them to good use. Still, not even that stopped the noise entirely. And every time Nino made a joke about it, Chat seemed to find necessary to threaten to throw him overboard. It was a little funny. Glancing around at the rest of the crew busy carrying the chests under the deck, Nino spotted his captain running with a bunch of dresses and other clothing items down the stairs, with a maniacal smile on his face. Nino shook his head. He wasn’t getting sleep anytime soon.

“Oh, Princess!” Chat said in a sing-song voice once he entered the cabin. “I got something special for you today.”

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I think I know what they’re doing

It looks like they’re getting rid of the ships (perhaps realized they focused to heavily on them for three seasons).  But they’re keeping the preferred character of each ship.  First they got rid of Robin (the most horrible way possible).  And now we’ll lose Emma and Belle, leaving behind Hook, Regina, and Rumple.  Perhaps the Wish World versions of at least some of them?  Either way it looks like they’re finally fed up with obsessively writing about ships or realized they went too far with the ships being the focus.

ultimaflordolacio  asked:

i need a klaroline drabble with that erotic card game we saw the other day please

For 25 Days of Klaroline: Day 7 - College AU

So, we are going to pretend this is what people mean when they say college au (Caroline is in college, so that should count, right?). Also, be warned: this has a lot of smut, which I’m having a hard time writing lately, so any feedback is appreciated :)

Caroline had pictured this many times, had dreamt about it countless nights, but it was still so completely weird seeing Klaus sitting on her dorm bed. Perhaps it was the fact that they were both still clothed and hadn’t touched each other. She was sure that she’d be much more familiar with this scenario if they were having sex.

But he was just looking through some old grimoire, trying to help her find a way to bring Bonnie back from the dead, having just gotten from New Orleans after she’d finally swallowed her pride and asked for his help – and, oh, she was trying really hard to ignore what it meant that he’d gotten on a plane immediately after her phone call.

He had arrived with piles of books, claiming that these were the ones he’d used to bring Kol back to life and, though the other side didn’t exist anymore and circumstances were different, they were probably her best shot at getting her friend back.

So there they were now, researching… And all she could think about was how much she’d missed him and how much her body had been craving his ever since that day in the woods. And he wasn’t even looking at her. How dare him be so unaffected?

Sure, he had looked at her with hungry eyes when she opened the door in cotton shorts that barely covered her arse and a large t-shirt over it, and he had given her a smug knowing smile when her breath had caught, her eyes checking him up unashamedly, but that had been it so far.

Caroline forced herself to focus on the book in front of her, but she barely succeeded in doing so, her mind and gaze wandering to him every few minutes.

Hours went by until she finally found something that could be useful, asking him what he thought of it and he nodded, telling her she could be onto something and that he’d contact a witch so that she could help them. So they decided to call it for the day and Caroline certainly hadn’t anticipated how much she’d dread the thought of him leaving.

“So, thanks again for helping. You didn’t have to come all the way here for-“

Klaus shook his head, looking angry at her for what she’d just said. “I told you I’d be coming, Caroline. You said it was ok, so if you’re having any regrets, that’s on you.”

Caroline stared at him confused for a second, “That’s not what I meant! I was just trying to say that you didn’t have to come here, that I didn’t want to interrupt your life in New Orleans for you to help me. You didn’t have to come here, but I’m glad you did.”

He seemed to relax at her words and she couldn’t help but think that the way he was trying to keep a smile from spreading across his face was cute, knowing that he would most likely deny being cute in any way. “I should go to the hotel.” Klaus said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, unless…” he trailed off, his pointed look to her a clear indication of where his mind was set.

“Do you want to play a game?” Caroline blurted out, confusing him to no end. To be honest, the direction her mind went had confused her too, but she smiled at the look on his face.

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anonymous asked:

I have a question about my new tarot deck. I feel maybe it's angry at me, I don't know, the energy is just weird. It's showing the same cards all the time, usually one card falls while I'm shuffling. I don't think we connect.

Hello dear, lets start with some cleansing on the deck.

Depending on where you got the deck from you have to know there was at least one other person that touched that deck, their energy could be residing in the deck.

🌟touch every card with your thumb to get rid of the energy and apply your own.
🌟blow on the corner of every card to blow away the previous energy and apply yours.
🌟tie your deck with ribbon or string and sleep with the deck under your pillow or as close to you as possible.
🌟knock on your deck, it knocks out the previous energy.

Now that should have cleansed it. Maybe shuffle the deck and ask if something is wrong. Draw a card or two to interpretate. If a card jumps out of the deck that means it wants to be heard. Some examples

🌟a card falling out of the deck as you shuffle.
🌟a card refuses to go into the deck while you shuffle
🌟while you are shuffling the card literally jumps out.

This should have cleansed the deck and it should give you some clairity on why the deck is feeling one way or another. But removing the prior energy is what is needed before you can add your own.

"Blood And Tears" One Shot

Author: lucifursblog

Summary: The reader is having really bad period cramps, and Dean doesn’t know how to help

Warnings: Mild self hate, blood mention, cursing.

Word Count: 1,653 words



Fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuck.

Of all the fucking days.

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anonymous asked:

Helloo... I just found your blog and have to say... it's amazing... I wanted to ask if you can write an exo reaction(ot12) where their girlfriend has a violent dad who beat her and her mother, and they(exo)find her with a briuse on her cheek? Pls❤

a/n: Please, if any of you are going through this, please ask for help. It may feel like you’re the only one going through this,but trust me, there are many others who know how you feel, don’t keep it to yourself, you’re only letting the person hurt you more and takinig advantage of you! If you are going though this, don’t be afraid to seek help, it’s the best thing you can do!


I think Baekhyun would be unpredictable in these situations. He would be really pissed someone hit the person he treasures most, and her mother, on top of that. He would often show aegyo to your mother because he knows this is the hardest for her. Some time later he would want to know when this started happening and the story behind it. He would report your dad, just like everyone else, I’m sure he wouldn’t want your dad near you ever again, or at least until he got rid of his habit of abusing others.

Originally posted by exoturnback


Being the happy virus he is, he would make his priority to make you and your mom happy again. He would take you two to places you would have fun at and would make every day something memorable. 

Originally posted by essentyeol


He would be mad, oh my god he would be so mad and pissed. The angry side of him that barely show will make its appearance on that day he sees your bruise and he would be a bit rash, and would report your dad without permission from the two of you because the only thought in his mind is to get your dad away from the two you.

Originally posted by yahbrahchill


This softie would blast at the bruise on your cheek. He would wonder how he never noticed and would honestly hate himself for not keeping you and your mom safe. After he finds out about your dad and what he does, he would be all about hugging you and your mom, because hugs are everything to him.

Originally posted by kaibility


Kris was a very hard one to know, but like the others, he would report your dad first, so he doesn’t hurt you and your mom anymore. He wouldn’t really know what to do in terms of comforting you and your mom, since he doesn’t want to do anything rsh and would give your some time alone, but he would gradually comfort you when he sees that you’ve simmered down a bit

Originally posted by galaxychen


Satansoo would make a reappearance and he would be so pissed at your dad, screw the fact that he’s your dad, no one gets to hurt his precious lover, he would go right over to your dad and oh my god, it would be so scary. but to you and your mom, he would be so nice and caring. Food made from him would be your medicine and something that would slowly heal you, since it’s full of his love.

Originally posted by missdyoo


yixing would have no idea what to do except for comforting you and your mom, he would leave the reporting and the stuff about your dad to other people. He would make sure you and your mom were healed in due time.

Originally posted by laygion


Ermergerd this little boy would prove he’s manly on that day, he would tell you to leave all the stuff to him and that there’s nothing you need to worry about. He would act as a son for your mom and would be nothing but a little sweetheart to you. He would know what to do every time you’re feeling down.

Originally posted by parkchny


He would turn into a little softie as soon as he heard what happened like he would be so different from his usual self and wouldn’t hesitate to show that he cares for you and your mom. if he ever had to be away from you, which the boys wouldn’t try because he would be so moody and on the edge whenever he wasn’t with you. knowing you would be so scared without him by your side, he would constantly text you and make sure you’re safe

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He would think rationally, and unlike the others who would report your dad, he would want to know what caused him to that and why he did that since he was your dad after all. He would try to fix him and make sure to keep him away from you for the time being until he was safe enough to be near you and your mom. As for you and your mom, he would know a counselor would be the best choice, and along with counseling, he would give you and your mom cuddles and encouraging words every day.

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He would use his wushu skills to fight your dad, and would give him all the beatings he deserved, despite the fact that he was your dad, he honestly wouldn’t care, and would go all-out, angry he even dared to hurt a piece of your hair. But when he sees you, he would hug you and tell you it’s alright now, that you had nothing to worry about anymore since you had him

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He’s the oldest, and he needs a calm mindset so he can control his members so that would really help him at times like this, he would be calm the whole time and would be super rationoal about stuff. He would be really upset you had to go through something like this, you were precious to him and he wouldn’t want to think about what would’ve happened if he never found the bruise on your cheek

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Conserving Water

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Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 568
Warnings: Daddy!Kink

Part 4 of Dirty Little Secret

It had been a day since your dad left, and you were taking advantage of it. The night before, you’d heard John on the other side of the wall again. You’d let him hear you, as well, this time adding his name in. Not to long after, you heard him groan out your name as he came.

You’d kept busy all day, cleaning the house. Nothing major like last time, but at least getting the layer of dust off of everything was a start. You’d stripped all the beds to wash the linens, got rid of cobwebs, cleaned out the fridge, and swept. It wasn’t like he was ‘dirty’, but you felt good surprising him with things like that. You never knew how hard a hunt would be, so having him come back to fresh sheets, soft towels, and less housework was appreciated.

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Mr. Xi: Luhan (M)

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Description: He’s your new boss and you’re his secretary. You;re also his neighbor who he’s taken an interest in. 

Word Count: 2,152

Genre: Smut

*POV switches a few times in this one shot.


***Luhan POV***

‘So much work to do. So little time.’ I complained to myself, I hate moving into new neighborhoods. Stupid job, why did I have to move here? It’s just like high school, you don’t know anyone, you have no friends, and you’re lonely. Basically, I’m fucked. How am I gonna spend my free time? Counting the strands of hair on my head?

I sighed and plopped down on my bed. At least I was settled in, all I have to do now is find out where my job is located and meet my boss. I hope it’s a chick, a really hot one. I haven’t been laid in a while. No time for prostitutes or strip clubs, the girls can’t even get in a BJ without the job calling. I was sexually frustrated and if I didn’t get any soon, I think I would pass out.

My phone suddenly rang. I picked it up even though it was a number I didn’t recognize, but I answered it anyway, “Hello?” I said in the best English I could, I had improved since my last visit to America.

“Yes, is this Mr. Luhan Xi?” The voice sounded over the phone, it was a woman, with quite a sexy voice I might say.

“Who’s asking?”

“I’m F/N L/N. I’m his new secretary, may I speak to him?” My secretary is a woman! SCORE!!

“Uh, this is him.” I replied, I hope she calls me in, I want to see what she looks like.

“Alright, will you come to the office, I’d like to meet you in person, if you have time.” She read my mind.

“Of course I can come in Mrs. Y/N.” I put emphasis on the “Mrs.” part.

“Oh, just miss, but I’ll see you soon.” I could tell she was smiling on the other end as we said our goodbyes, I bet she’s really hot, the single ones always are.

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Have you read the new Orianna lore? The second story had me so interested in the way she see's the world, almost longing for someone like her. Kind of saddened though that they got rid of her being a dancer...

hellyeah!! it was a really good scene.. way to toy with my heart Jellbug (check out the AMA if you have the time too!

tbh I thought Fieram was a tiny boyfriend(like a ventriloquist’s puppet) at first?

I like that this Orianna retained some interest in the performing arts(at least).. albeit a burning curiosity for the world outside Piltover. Kinda loved how her attachment to theater/dance eventually died with her past(as human Orianna) to make way for Ori v2.0. BE FREE BUTTERFREE

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Hartwin 15, please and thank you :)


I’m posting this from work, so I’ll probably do some editing tonight and properly tag it but I hope you like this ^.^

Loud, so everyone can hear

They’re on top of a building, their mission having ended just in time for the New Year countdown.

And sure any other day they would be making their way back to HQ for debrief, but no one is going to say anything if they get to the shop a bit later than usual.

They’re already kissing when the clock reaches midnight and when they lean back there’s is still cheers of “Happy New Year!” echoing in the air.

“I love you,” Harry whispers against his lips, eyes soft and of course Eggsy says it in return. It’s not the first time they’ve said it, but it’s still relatively new that they put words to the feelings they share between them.

This time however, Eggsy is close enough to see the queer something in Harry’s eyes at his answer. As if Harry can’t really believe him and no, nope, that simply won’t do.

“Stop that,” it’s bit harsher than he wanted it to sound like, but at least he’s got Harry’s attention. “Stop thinking that for some stupid reason I’ll leave you! I’m there for the long haul, the only way you’ll get rid of me is if you leave me.”

At that last part, Harry looks close to panicking at the mere idea but before he can protest the notion, Eggsy continues his little tirade.

“No I am serious Harry. I know doubts and they suck and I don’t want you to have any, at least not about what I feel about you. If I have to yell it for all the world to hear, I will, believe me I will.”

“That, that won’t be necessary,” Harry chuckles, but it’s not the happy sound it usually is.

Eggsy frowns until he spot the edge of the building and well it might not be the whole world but it will do for the night.

Harry tries to stop him, but since he’s being stupid, Eggsy has no qualms ignoring him.

Once in position, he takes a deep breath and yells at the top of his lungs like he hasn’t done in a long time.

“Eggsy Unwin loves Harry Hart!”

There is laughter and cheering in answer, some suggestions as to what Eggsy Unwin should do to Harry Hart to prove it, and some people follow Eggsy’s example and screams their love for their partners.

“You’re ridiculous,” the words are whispered against his ear as two arms come to wrap around his middle, but he can feel Harry’s smile against his temple where his lover presses his lips and leaves them there.

He doesn’t protest the accusation because he kind of is, but so is Harry, so it’s all fine in the end.

12x01 - Keep Calm and... How do I keep calm when that episode was SO GOOD?

Top Moments

Dean and Mary Obviously. Some thoughts on their reunion and interactions in the episode:

  • The way she took him down at the start - Mary’s very first scene and she is proving to the audience that she can handle herself, she is no longer the original fridged woman. She is every bit the skilled Hunter and fighter she was when she was younger.
  • Dean talking about John and Mary’s meet-cute. Slaughterhouse 5 and Zeppelin. So now we know that it isn’t all John that Dean gets it from. His favourite things also come from his mother. That is certainly a positive point to know going forward.
  • Dean’s face when Mary hugs him - it was beautiful. I have nothing else to say.
  • Mary and the Impala! Dean’s realisation that his mother had sex in the back of the car and that he was probably conceived there… hilarious! Oh Dean. You and the Impala truly are bonded aren’t you? I see the Impala as a symbol of Dean’s soul (as I believe many others do too) and this moment was brilliant in tying up that theory that his whole life right from conception has been connected to his car.
  • Mary saving Dean from Knuckleduster Lady. She saved the day this episode. I doubt it will be the last time she saves her boys. 
  • Blood on her hands - That moment sitting in the car where Mary was looking at her hands reminded me of Lady Macbeth “Out! Damn Spot!” Anyone else think that or is that weird? I dunno.. but I think Mary is going to be very much haunted by her choices and what is ultimately her fault. She didn’t get her memory wiped of her deal with Azazel. We know she knew him when he was standing over Sam’s crib. Mary will recognise this and understand that it was her deal with Azazel that started this series of events that leads her here now, facing her grown son and his kidnapped brother, both doing exactly what she has been running from her whole life. Then, one of the first things she has to do as soon as she is brought back to life, is take another life. I can very well believe that she sees that damn spot… the blood on her hands. How she will deal with this will be an interesting thing to watch throughout the season ahead.
  • Are you okay?” “No.” GUYS. GUYS. You know when we were talking about what good things Mary would bring to Dean and Sam’s lives and how her presence should encourage good character development and a change for the better? THIS IS THE START. What was it that Cas said in 10x03?“It’s what the humans do. They say they’re fine. And even if I—I don’t look it, you say I look well, and that way, we avoid talking about something we can do nothing about.” Castiel learned this from the Winchesters, because they do this all the time. They repress any issues they have, they lie about feeling okay because its easier than dealing with the huge amount of emotional baggage that they are carrying. Mary however comes along and when Dean asks if she’s okay she tells the truth. and it leads to them having an honest conversation, with Dean helping her a little bit and her helping him to understand a bit more. It was such a good conversation for Dean to have. 

Dean and Castiel

continued under the cut…

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Confused Akito is confused

So he had been freed, or rather, his wrists and knees did. More importantly, everyone had been freed too. Whatever happened, it had been somewhat sudden, confusing and generally horrifying, but he was starting to slowly calm himself down. 

Nothing made any sense whatsoever. A corporation hijacked the game and somehow, for whatever reason got rid of the station’s AI? He was scared over the suddeness of everything, but he didn’t really think he or the others were in immediate danger, at least not by now. 

People weren’t going to start killing each other for little to no reason. And he doubt anyone just let a handful people force a bunch of kids to kill each other, not even corporations. He did hear of some people and corporations doing plenty of nasty things, but they were caught, for the most part. 

He once heard of a time a girl would be killed if she didn’t kill another girl, but the threat turned out to be a prank. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. But something like that wasn’t gonna happen, right? 

The other students were understandably scared, of course.  He wanted to do something to help them. He should probably try to comfort them or anything of the like.

“…People aren’t going to start killing each other that easily, I think. This won’t last forever, but we should keep our cool while it does,” in short Akito is being overly optimistic. And while quiet, odds are Akito actually believes his own words, “You can, huh, also talk to me if you need to talk to someone about it?”