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The girl no one noticed || D.H.

A/N: I got this really (!) cool request not long ago and I just felt like writing it! Thank you to the person who sent it in. I feel like this turned out to be one of the purest imagines I have ever written.

Word Count: 1.8K

POV: 3rd Person (uhh something special)


“Mr Howell, can you please pay attention?!”

“I don’t know, can I?” Dan was smirking and cockily looking up at the teacher. She seemed perplex and instead of answering she just handed him a detention slip.

Dan didn’t really care instead he enjoyed that he made the whole class laugh. He felt like he was glowing as Mrs Hammersmith was evilly glaring at every student that couldn’t hold in their laughter.

And then he heard her, the girl that sat in the middle of class right in front of him. He’d been staring at her back all semester but not once had he heard her talk. Okay, maybe she had answered a question that she was asked, but she never said more than that.

But right at this moment he could clearly hear her giggle at his comment and he had never heard anything that beautiful. It was light and so genuine.

Dan had never really noticed her before. She was just there. Nobody ever payed attention to her and that was what she wanted. She didn’t want to be noticed but ever since Dan heard her giggle he couldn’t stop noticing her.

When the bell rang every student quickly sprinted outside. Everybody seemed to hate English Literature taught by Mrs Hammersmith, but Y/N didn’t. She liked the books her teacher gave the class to read and she’d spent nights devouring them. Still she didn’t say much during class even though she knew all the answers. Y/N just didn’t feel like she needed the attention unlike the boys who sat right behind her.

She picked up her school bag and notebook as she followed everyone outside.

“Get out of the way!” She heard somebody shout, seconds later she felt a hard shoulder hit hers.

A blonde guy was chasing his friend through the hallway. He didn’t pay enough attention to his surroundings to see Y/N walking right in front of him. The two of them collided. She was pushed against a stranger’s locker and dropped everything she was carrying. Her notebook hit the floor with a loud thud as the loose pieces of paper she stored in there scattered all over the floor.

Her ‘attacker’ didn’t even say anything he was long gone when Y/N got up again.

“You look like you need help.”

Dan had watched his friend Joe chase Carter, another friend of his, down the hallway. At first, he laughed because he knew that Carter must have done something really stupid, but then he saw Joe run into the quiet girl from class.

Y/N gulped nervously. Before she could tell the brown-haired boy that ‘it’s okay’ he had already started picking up her notes and scribbles.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m Dan by the way.” He showed her his friendliest smile. She smiled back as soon as she saw his dimples. Y/N recognized him as the guy who sat behind her in English Lit.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.”

Dan was surprised that her voice wasn’t all quiet. It just sounded very clear.

She bent down next to him to help him pick up her papers. Dan gathered as many as he could and couldn’t stop himself from taking a quick glance at them before he handed them back.

Her handwriting wasn’t as neat as he had expected it to be. It was rather messy but he could still make out a few words. It didn’t look like anything school related.

Y/N noticed that Dan took a look at her notes. She had just scribbled song lyrics and poems down and she was sure he couldn’t even read what it said.

“Thank you for helping me.”

“You’re welcome. I’m sorry that Joe pushed you over.” Dan nervously laughed a little. He didn’t really want this conversation to end, but he had nothing else to say.

“Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t on purpose.”

“I’ll see you around?” Dan asked her, hoping that they would get the chance to talk to each other again.

“I guess so.” Y/N answered.

They had never talked to each other before. In fact, she didn’t talk much. Dan was one of the loud boys in the back of class, so Y/N was understandably a bit confused by his sudden…interest?

After they had said their byes they walked off in different directions. Dan couldn’t stop himself from turning around again and staring at her back that was moving away from him.

‘Who is she?’ he silently asked himself and he didn’t find an answer.

Yes, she was the quiet and shy girl that sat in front of him in class, but who was she really?

Dan just needed to find out.

He hadn’t stopped thinking about her once after that incident. He even subtly asked his friends about her, but most of them didn’t even knew what girl he was talking about.

The next time he walked into English class he had a weird feeling in stomach region. He wasn’t feeling sick though, he was excited? nervous even?

She was already waiting for class to start in her assigned seat as always. A part of her face was hidden behind a strand of her hair as she was drawing little butterflies next to some her notes.

When Dan walked past her seat she glanced up at him for a second, their eyes met and then she quickly looked down again.

Dan took the chair behind her and as soon as the bell rang Mrs Hammersmith started with her lesson. It was not unusual that Dan didn’t listen to whatever she said but normally it was because he’d be joking around with his friends.

That wasn’t the reason this time. This time he was thinking about the colour of Y/N’s eyes and how he had never seen more beautiful ones.

Mrs Hammersmith started handing out new books for everybody to read and most of the class groaned as she did so.

Y/N on the other hand curiously examined the title and cover of the book as soon it was handed to her. After every student was given a copy of the book Mrs Hammersmith raised her voice.

“I want you to do presentations on this novel.” She announced and again the class groaned.

“In pairs” the teacher then added and seemed to cheer up most of her students.

Y/N, however, quickly raised her hand.

Before she was even asked to speak, Mrs Hammersmith answered her question.

“No Miss Y/L/N you can’t do the presentation on your own. You’ll need to find a partner.”

Y/N’s hand slowly sank in defeat.

“I can be her partner.”

Every student in this class seemed to turn around to stare at Dan. Their eyes were nearly grouching out of their socket as they couldn’t believe that he had volunteered to pair up with the girl nobody noticed.

Even Y/N had turned around to face him. He was shooting her a grin and shrugged his shoulders as if he were saying ‘why not?’.

She simply nodded, agreeing to do this project together.

After class had ended Dan quickly followed Y/N outside.

“So… when do you want to meet up?” Dan asked her, scratching the back of his neck.

“Do you think you can finish the book until Friday?” she asked him, eying the novel she was now carrying on top of her notebook. It was pretty thin, she would probably read it in one go tonight.

“Sure.” He positively said although it would probably take him a while since he wasn’t really into reading that much.

“Good. Then we can meet up Friday after school. My place?” She wanted to know.

“Sounds great.” Dan smiled at her, already looking forward to Friday.

As the day of days had finally came Dan was unable to concentrate on anything in class or listen to anything his friends said. The only thought he was able to think was ‘I’m going to see Y/N today’.

Dan had stayed up until way past his usual bed time in order to finish the book. He was busy all week and didn’t have the chance to read it, but he would’ve done anything to finish it.  

After his last lesson on Friday he nearly jumped up from his seat, he didn’t even say goodbye to Joe or Carter, he walked out of the building straight away to wait for Y/N in the parking lot.

To his surprise, she was already waiting for him right next to the entrance. What Dan didn’t know was that she was just as excited as him.

“Hi” she greeted him and Dan’s heart swelled with happiness at the simple word.

“Hey Y/N” he greeted her back and as she started walking he just followed her.

“We need to take the bus.” She explained as they made their way to the bus stop.

Five minutes later Dan sat in a bus that was driving in the opposite direction to where his house was.

They sat next to each other but didn’t talk much. Still, it wasn’t an awkward kind of silence between them. It just felt normal.

After Y/N had told Dan where to get off they walked a few metres until they had reached her house. She got the keys from her bag and unlocked the front door.

“My parents are at work. How do you feel about ordering something for lunch?” Y/N asked the brown-haired boy that kept looking around the house.

“Sounds perfect to me.” Dan exclaimed, only now noticing how hungry he was.

Dan took his shoes and jacket off before grabbing his bag again and waiting for her to tell him what to do.

“My room is upstairs.” She explained before she ran up the stairs on her tip toes. Just that simple act made him grin.

He followed her and as he entered her room his mouth hung open. There were Green Day posters and lyrics plastered all over her walls. There was even a drum kit in the back of her room.

He stared at her with wide eyes as he noticed the stacks of video games next to her TV. He had played and loved most of them, but he saw some that he didn’t even know of.

“There is a sequel to The Last of Us?” he asked her flabbergasted, picking up the game from where it was lying next to her PS4.

“It came out yesterday. I pre-ordered it. It’s so much better than I had expected it to be, and my expectations were high!” She excitedly exclaimed and Dan was taken aback by how passionate she was about it and how vigorous her voice sounded.

His gaze wandered through her room for a while as he took in all the tiny details and decorations.

Then, his eyes landed on Y/N again and he couldn’t help but stare at the girl nobody but him noticed. And boy, they all missed out on something.

“Who are you?” he asked her with a smile, not being able to read her.

Experiment #3 - Request

Requested by anon:  okay okay experiment part two is making me want to SIN SO BAD, so I’ve got request! Sherlock is investigating a case about sex workers who ended up dying, but instead of them being tied up and tortured for the murderers fun, it’s because the murderer is just hella kinky and kills his victims after. Sherlock can’t wrap his mind around kinks and asks his assistant (Y/N) to help show him???? If that makes sense??????

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,424

Warnings: Smut (Bondage, unprotected, rough)

A/N: Not only is this for Sequel Friday but also because I believe we all need a smutty week-ending. ;)


Originally posted by lovepotterwholockuniverse

| Experiment #1 | Experiment #2 |

Sherlock was at his seat, with his blue eyes glued to his phone. (Y/N) was sitting at the victim’s chair, with her laptop on and doing some research. John was at his seat, staring awkwardly at the two of them.

“So…” John spoke, “You’re fine?”

“Yes.” Sherlock and (Y/N) replied in unison.

“No tension or anything?” John continued.

“Nope.” (Y/N) popped the last syllable.

“Oh, that’s great.” John nodded.

“I don’t get why the killer would tie them.” Sherlock complained, “He had them right there, why would he tie them? Did they try to run away?”

(Y/N) giggled and Sherlock snapped his head to look at her. With a cocked eyebrow, he silently asked her for an explanation.

“You really don’t know what fetishes are, do you?” She inquired playfully.

“It’s a sexual fixation… What does this have to do with the killer?” Sherlock fumed.

“The killer is a kinky bastard.” Watson stated and (Y/N) nodded in agreement.

“It doesn’t make any sense!” Sherlock roared, dropping his phone to the coffee table and throwing his hand up.

“It also didn’t make any sense to you that someone could be aroused by…”

“SHUT UP!” Sherlock commanded and stormed to his room without allowing neither (Y/N) or John to argue back.

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Finally: Part 7

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Angst, swearing, fluff

A/N: Last part! Thank you to everyone that loved this series! I’ve got so many fic requests to write and post, but after that I’m going to be starting a new series that I’m excited for!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

You loved your apartment building. It was rent controlled, had amenities that never broke and it was close to work and all your favourite places in the city. But it was also close to Bucky. Too close for your liking now that the two of you weren’t friends anymore. Everywhere you looked, there was memories of Bucky. It still surprised you when you didn’t find his head buried in the fridge when you got home. Another downside of your apartment was the paper thin walls. So thin that you can hear music blearing from Bucky’s apartment across the hall.

It was 9pm, and you can hardly concentrate on your tv, even with the volume maxed out. You run your hands through your hair as you let out an exacerbated sigh. You can’t do it anymore. You need to move on, and living next to the man you love wasn’t going to help that. Grabbing your laptop from the coffee table, you don’t even think as your fingers run across the keyboard. It only takes 5 minutes to type out your ad and get it posted. You weren’t ready to let go of your amazing apartment, but you couldn’t live here any longer.

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Up in flames

John Shelby x reader

Request: #31 with John Shelby pleasee, dont stop doing imagines, i love them <3

Author’s note: Thank you for the idea behind this one @theaqueenakaspeedy I had so much fun writing it! ALSO got through all my requests now so keep them coming my requests are open!!! P.S sorry that there is 2 John fics in a row but I couldn’t resist posting this one tonight

You worked at a factory as a receptionist and it was your last day before going on a 3 day holiday over the weekend. Little did you know that it would be the last day you were here ever. You had no clue that your boyfriend and his crazy company were coming to blow the place up. He had tried to convince you to quit your job, promised you that he would get you more work. But you refused, even though he did say your boss had bad business with the blinders you ignored him and carried on. You stayed for two reasons. The first being you actually loved your job, going and working wasn’t a drag and then second is because you got to work alongside your best childhood friend clarissa as she was the other receptionist. “It won’t be the first time i’ve been in trouble with the peaky boys will it.” You explained to John moving into his personal space, smiling at him seductively with heat in your eyes. He accepted that he wasn’t going to win the argument and had given up trying to convince you otherwise even though he was still reluctant to let you go.

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You’re Late

Authors Note: So as some of you may know, I try not to discriminate when it comes to who I write for. If they bring little flutters in all the right places, I will. So I got this request and I have to admit, James McAvoy is an enticing being. His accent. The way that he carries himself. Like this badass, let me teach you somethings but in a proper but not so proper way. Anywho.. I’m rambling sorry! Thanks for the request babe. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Pure Smut

“ Lemme get an imagine with those James McAvoy gifs I sent you(;”- Anon

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guardian-prince  asked:

How many hoodie requests did you get, anyway?

I got 14 outfit requests in total, and one of those was sent double, so 13 actually, and 6 of those were hoodies

Thats almost half of them.

I mean, I get that hoodies are awesome, but thats excessive.


I got palette challenge requests for the boysss

This makes me really sad;; why do I do these things to myself

I would have been a screeching mess if they’d asked for Shoma in the Incinerated palette

When Moonbin confesses to you and you two kiss for the first time

Thank you so much for requesting~ I really hope you like this! I’d love to hear what you think about this ^^

i’m so happy i got a moonbin request! i don’t get much requests for him so please do request more for him! i’d love to write more moonbin scenarios! ;-;

Words: 1091

Fluff yoooooooo this scenario warms my heart so much oh my gosh ;u;

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by astroiism

You looked around with a smile behind your scarf. You felt warm even though you were walking outside and it was quite cold. You were wearing a thick padded jacket and you had wrapped a big, warm scarf around your neck.

“Aren’t you cold?” Bin asked and stopped next to you. You turned to look at him and shook your head with a smile.

You two were on a walk. It had been Bin’s idea but you were enjoying it more than he was. He was someone you knew but you two weren’t too close. When he had suggested that you two go on a walk, just the two of you, you were a little surprised but agreed nevertheless since you were interested in him. He was close to a friend of yours, Dongmin, and whenever you met, he was quiet and somewhat mysterious. Dongmin said that he was normally just a quiet person but that he was unusually quiet around you.

“Do you like taking walks?” you asked him.

“I don’t mind,” he mumbled, walking next to you.

You didn’t know how to keep the conversation going so you just stayed quiet. If he wants to speak, he’ll say something, right?

The place where you were taking the walk in was a quiet neighborhood. There were a lot of trees around and they were covered in snow. The sun was shining and there were no clouds on the sky. The sunshine wasn’t very warm though since it was winter.

“Do you like snow?” he asked after you kicked a small, soft pile of snow that was on the street.

“I don’t mind,” you said the same thing he had said a little earlier. You could see a small smile on his lips before he turned his head away. Seeing his smile made you feel good and you smiled too.

“Why did you ask me to come on a walk with you?” you asked after a brief silence.

“I don’t know,” he mumbled first. “I just wanted to spend time with you.”

“We could have gone out with the others,” you said and put your hands in your jacket’s pockets.

“I wanted to be alone with you,” he mumbled, making your heart flutter a little.

After that, you two were quiet for a while again. You kept your eyes on the snow, that shimmered thanks to the sun, while Bin’s words rang in your head.

“Look,” he pointed at something, bringing you back from your thoughts. He was pointing at a tree that was completely covered in a quite thick layer of snow. You two walked over to it.

“It’s so pretty,” you sighed in awe while looking at the tree. Bin went to stand on the other side of the branch you were looking at. Your eyes met and you both looked away, a little shy. You both had red cheeks thanks to the cold weather.

“I actually did have something I wanted to say to you,” he said, still looking away.

“What is it?” you asked and turned to look at him and he did the same.

You looked at each other with red cheeks. You were starting to feel like they weren’t red from the cold anymore but rather because of the situation you were in.

“I like you,” he said after hesitating for a bit.

“You do?” you blurted out.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ve liked you for a while.”

“I always thought you didn’t like me,” you mumbled. “You were always so quiet around me.”

“That’s because I knew I would mess up somehow if I talked to you,” he defended himself. “I’m bad with words.”

You smiled a little and looked down. “That’s a relief.”

“H-how about you?” he stuttered, maybe because of the cold, maybe because he was nervous.

“M-me?” you stuttered too.

“Do you like me?” he managed to ask without stuttering even though he felt like his nerves were going to kill him.

“I d-do,” you said which resulted in him letting out a relieved sigh.

“Thank god,” he said and smiled. “I would have died out of embarrassment if you said no.”

You gave a laugh and so did he. He then tried to come over to you but fell thanks to a root that was hidden under the snow.

“Bin!” you went over to him who was now lying in the snow. “Are you okay?” you asked, a little worried.

“Yeah,” he smiled and before you could react, he had already grabbed your hand and pulled you down too. Now you were both lying in the snow, laughing. The snow felt soft under you and you looked up at the trees that looked like someone had coated their branches with cotton and sprinkled a little bit of glitter on top. Seriously, that’s what it looked like.

“Hey, _____,” Bin called your name.

“Hmm?” you hummed and turned your head a little, only to find him centimeters away from your face. You closed your eyes and he kissed you. The kiss didn’t last very long but it made your heart flutter so much that you thought it was going to burst.

“That was more romantic in my mind,” he said, a little amused and embarrassed, after pulling away and lying back down.

“What do you mean?” you asked and turned to look at him.

“My lips are cold,” he chuckled. “Sorry, that was just awkward.”

“I didn’t mind,” you said.

He turned his head to look at you. “Are you sure you aren’t saying that just to make me feel better?” You nodded and he smiled. “Then I’m happy.”

“By the way,” you started.

“Hmm?” he hummed.

“Aren’t you starting to feel cold?”

“Yes I am, actually,” he sat up immediately. “Let’s go. It’s really cold.”

You two got up from the snow and went to the nearest café you could find and ordered two cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. You drank a little of yours and looked at him. He chuckled.

“What?” you asked. “Do I have whipped cream on my lip?”

He nodded. “Do you want me to wipe it off?”

“No, I can do it myself,” you said and reached for a napkin but he stood up and leaned forward. He kissed you on the lips and sat back down after pulling away.

“That was the most cliché thing ever,” you said, blushing.

“Yeah, I know,” he said, blushing too but he had a wide smile on his face. “I still wanted to do it.”

This was fun!

But, since Mod is currently suffering from a cold, shes gonna go sleep a bit, and draw the other dress requests after that.

On that note: I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna draw all of your requests. I got like 6 different hoodie requests, and at that point, it just gets boring for me. I hop you all understand, and please don’t send any more in ^^


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i cannot stress enough how thankful i am for your constant praise, support, your patience, your creative requests, your willingness to let me scream out my asshole about volleyball anime and to sometimes scream with me, and just your general awesomeness. you all make it so easy to love doing what i do on this blog: it really brings me so much joy knowing that you enjoy what i put out and want me to keep doing it

i do honestly feel bad that it happened now when i’ve got a lot of (good!!!) things going on in life. i want to do something really special for it, but it wouldn’t be fair to do something when i’ve still got 88 requests to work on and a busy schedule that just won’t quit. that and i haven’t had a chance to figure out what i wanted to do at all to celebrate. although, i have an idea maybe? i’ll make a separate post for that and we’ll see where that goes

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