it got me into baseball

my favourite part of this time of year is hockey playoffs and baseball happening at the same time bc i’ll get notifications that “stroman exited game with ‘some tightness’ in right arm” but also i just watched a grown man slap another grown man in the face with a hockey stick and he’s just like ok time to keep playing

College!AU Hoshi
  • major: acting 
  • minor: sociology 
  • sports: tried out for baseball team with seokmin but dropped it freshman year 
  • clubs: on campus dance team, theater ensemble 
  • like his best friend seokmin, hoshi is incredibly popular on campus. everyone knows him because he’s always being goofy w/seokmin or reciting lines from his memory in the quad while standing atop on of the benches
  • anyone who’s walked from one class to another has probably met hoshi on their way and hoshi probably gave them a flyer advertising the theater ensembles next performance and then made them pinky promise to come
  • and like people always go because hoshi is a natural born actor who manages to captivate people like magic and it’s obvious he’s going to make it 
  • choose sociology as a major to better understand human relationships and situations brought about in the real world and how to display them accurately through the characters he plays 
  • people are always telling him to audition for movies or tv shows and the thing is hoshi is much more in love with theater than he is with being on tv. his favorite thing ever is musical theater and aside from being the lead almost all the time , he also choreographs a lot of the dancing in the college productions 
  • everyone in the acting major calls him ‘genius 10:10:’ and one of his classes starts at 10:10am and the second he walks through the door he’s just like *finger guns* “it’s hoshi time”
  • the professor: no it’s ‘contemporary women playwrights’ class time. hoshi sit down
  • sometimes he’ll do method acting and come into class with a british accent or he’ll come in wearing a hakch’angui and everyones like ???? but hoshi has literally no sense of embarrassment 
  • makes business major mingyu practice his lines with him during lunch and mingyu’s like “literally. id rather be studying finances right now.” and hoshi’s like “read your lines.” and mingyu *trying to mimic a high pitched voice* “o-oh prince of my dre-” hoshi: “no no no, say it more romantically.” mingyu: “…….i will kill you.”
  • the theater majors have parties every time they complete one of their shows and honestly it’s like the most lit even on campus because everyone’s dancing around in the empty theater drunk out of their mind, playing around with props, and still in campus and whoever told you theater majors don’t know how to have fun is a LIAR hoshi tried to climb the curtains at one of the parties while still wearing his outfit from ‘peter-pan’ and claiming he was searching for captain hook, who, coincidentally had passed out in one the dressing rooms. tl;dr: theater majors get WILD
  • but otherwise hoshi’s the outgoing guy on campus who everyone wants to befriend or hangout with because he’s funny, cute, can dance, and will imitate your favorite actors if you ask him 
  • and you know him, you’ve been to a couple of the college theater’s shows and you’re impressed by him like everyone else. you never really think about approaching him though because his circle of friends is big enough so it’s more of like you know the name hoshi, but beyond that you two are strangers
  • which is why when you drop by the theater to ask if anyone has seen your friend who’s also part of the ensemble you’re surprised to see that hoshi is alone there pacing up and down the stage in a panic
  • and you call out to him like ask if he’s seen your friend around
  • and hoshi turns to you and jumps off the stage and makes a damn beeline to where you’re standing near the last row of seats and like
  • you’ve never seen him up close but now he’s standing like 4 feet away from your face and hurriedly he explains that your friend canceled on practicing with him because of a test and now there’s no one here to practice with and opening night is tomorrow and he’s basically like a frantic mess
  • and you’re like ?@@?@?!?@?!?!?/ “im sorry????? can’t you ask someone else-” and hoshi is shaking his head like “mingyu’s at study hall, wonwoo’s not answering his phone, minghao never reads lines with me, and seokmin- that rascal - he’s got a baseball game!” 
  • and then ………. and then hoshi snaps his fingers and his face completely changes and he’s like “are you free right now?”
  • and you can tell where this is going and you want to lie and be like “oooo i have lab gtg” but then again you don’t have lab and also you don’t want to lie to this person whose obviously in need of help and so you swallow and nod and hoshi smiles 
  • and stretches out to take your hand and put the script he’s holding into it 
  • and that’s how you find yourself standing on stage. alone. with hoshi. 
  • and out of all the plays it’s pride and prejudice (the musical version apparently) and the lines hoshi needs to practice the most are from darcy’s famous confession and like
  • as he’s getting into character you’re like sweating stammering over ur lines as elizabeth and like when ur done hoshi suddenly changes from a lively smiley boy you know him best as to this cold look in his eyes and he takes a step forward confidently and like 
  • the lines of the confession are really mature and use a lot of large words and hoshi sounds so eloquent and his tone drops to be lower and you’re honestly spellbound when he reaches out to touch your face and you’re supposed to smack his hand away but like ,,,, you can’t 
  • this serious side of hoshi, although it’s for the character he’s playing, has you basically starstruck and after a minute of just staring at him with your mouth open hoshi backs away and starts laughing like 
  • “are you frozen??” and you feel yourself turning red and you’re like “n-n-no!! i just- you got close so-” and hoshi points to the script like “yeah, i have to get close. but…..ill let you off since this is your first time doing a read-through. let’s try it again?”
  • and so you stand there on the stage with him and time passes and after a while you find yourself having a lot of fun, mostly do in part to how playful and encouraging hoshi is
  • like you’ve never acted in your life and all he needs you to do is read the words on the paper and do basic movements, but hoshi makes it fun and he compliments you on even the slightest thing and you’re like “he’s being friendly, don’t fall for it.” buT HOW Can you not 
  • his smiling face, his ability to make you feel at ease, the way he’s just so so so nice about everything
  • your heart just,,,,,,it just cracks 
  • finally you check your watch and see that’s already past 8 and you’re like fRICK i need to get to my dorm and start studying for tomorrows class and so you bow to hoshi and say you have to go
  • but before you grab your bag and run he takes a hold of your hand and pulls you back and is like “remember how i said tomorrow is opening night? promise you’ll come? the shows at 10!” and you nod like yeah yeah but you’re not thinking straight because you’re in panic trying to remember if tomorrow’s class has a quiz or not
  • and so you run out after he lets you go and you don’t see because you’re busy trying to sprint across campus but hoshi grins to himself and thinks he needs to put on a really good show tomorrow, better than usual, since someone he likes will be watching 
  • but the next day the fact that hoshi’s show is opening completely escapes your mind because it turns out there was a quiz and you’re so tired because you got to the dorm late and ended up studying the wrong section of your book and now you’re like im getting a ZERO its over and like everything else escapes you
  • it’s only when it’s around 10 pm and you get a text from your roommate that’s like “im gong to be late, @ the theater for pride and prejudice (:” and you’re like “ahhh sounds so fun………”
  • and then as you’re literally in bed in your pajamas about to Knock Out your eyes open and you’re like 
  • but before you rush out in your mickey mouse pj’s you fall back on your bed and mumble that hey, you two aren’t even that close, he won’t mind or care
  • and with that it’s light out for you
  • but at the theater hoshi keeps scanning the crowd and seokmin’s whose backstage to wish him luck is like ??? my dude what are you looking for ?? and hoshi’s like “do you know this person……” and he says your name, describes how you look and seokmin’s like yEah i know them but why - you’re friends?? and hoshi’s like “if you see them, tell them to come backstage after - i owe them a thanks.” and seokmin shurgs like ok got it
  • but the show comes to an end and seokmin’s like sorry they didn’t show and hoshi’s smile falters and it’s the first time the rest of the theater ensemble has ever seen him look so defeated after opening night
  • and for the week after hoshi keeps thinking maybe you’ll stop by one of the shows but you never do because you think hoshi’s long forgot about your favor for him
  • until you’re sitting in the campus cafe with your laptop and someone taps your shoulder and you turn around to see minghao who you know from one of your classes and you’re like ??? and minghao gives you a note and he’s like
  • “hoshi told me to give this to you. i don’t know why he couldn’t do it himself, but he paid me so here i am.” and you take the note and open it and its tickets to the theater ensemble’s show + a message that says for you to stick around after the show is over and honestly you’re Confused
  • and you ask minghao if he can tell you where hoshi is right now and minghao’s like “sorry, hoshi paid me not to say that either.” 
  • you: how much 
  • minghao: 25 bucks. you wanna best the offer?
  • you:……………nvm then
  • and like minghao waves and leaves and you’re looking at the tickets and the note and you’re just like maybe he did notice the fact that i didn’t come to opening night?? 
  • but like you don’t want to jump to conclusions so you’re like you know a little hesitant in even going but you decide it’d be rude to pass up so you go
  • and the show, as expected, is amazing. hoshi does such a good job he makes the audience cry and people are going up at the end to hand him flowers and praise him and everyone’s chattering about hoshi and his parts
  • and you nervously stand around near the back row, unsure of what exactly you’re supposed to do since hoshi told you to stick around when suddenly the girl who played elizabeth comes up and takes your hand and is like “c’mon!” and you’re like AH?? and she’s like giggling and dragging you beind the stage
  • and the rest of the students, still in costume, greet you and finally she stops in front of someone with their back turned and she’s like “i brought them - Mr. Darcy!”
  • and you’re like ????? what the hell is this a movie?? am i dreaming?? am i on prank’d-
  • and the person turns and it’s hoshi still in costume (this story takes place in 18th century england so please imagine hoshi in breeches w like those coats and a puffy neck scarf p l e as e) and you’re like holding back a laugh and suddenly he starts speaking lines from the confession 
  • “in vain I have struggled. It will not do. my feelings will not be repressed. you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire-” 
  • and someones from the back is like “WE GET IT DARCY JUST ASK THEM ON THE DATE”
  • and hoshi is like im GEtting TO it 
  • and tbh like it’s hoshi he wanted asking you out on a date to be dramatic and extra by literally asking you out in character but you know his theatermates are right he needs to get to the point
  • and so hoshi is like “im glad you could make it this time, but because you technically broke the promise you made to meeeeeeeeeeee how about making it up with dinner??”
  • and you’re Shocked to say the least 
  • because you’re not sure /why/ he’s asking you out like the only time you ever got relatively close is when you helped him and that was just the case of being in the right place at the right time 
  • BUT it’s not like you’re going to say no because hello it’s hoshi and you shyly nod and the entire ensemble breaks out into applause and hoshi tries to say something again in his character voice and you’re like “please don’t come dressed like that to dinner, i will pretend not to know you” and hoshi’s like “noted”
  • the dinner date is nothing like the actually invitation, it’s surprisingly nice and in this cozy little restaurant and hoshi tells you about himself and asks you about you and you’re like this is so calm and ………..unexpected
  • and tbh you’re a little like “this isn’t what i thought he’d be like.” and as hoshi is walking you to your dorm he’s like “listen, seokmin said that i need to tone it down sometimes so i hope this date was ok and i didn’t annoy by blabbering or something-” and you’re like 
  • “did seokmin suggest you take me to the restaurant?” and hoshi’s like “yeah, how’d you know?”
  • and you bite your lip to not laugh and you’re like “it’s just……it’s just so not your style!” and hoshi breaks into his own chuckle and he’s like “i kNOW right! i wanted to take you to dance practice with me but seokmin said that’d be too overwhelming or something like that!”
  • and you’re like “hey, second date - how about you teach me some dance movies or theater lines?” and hoshi grins and leans in a bit closer and he’s like “this is why i knew i liked you!” and he’s close and you’re kinda like akhflekjw but then you lean in and peck his cheek like “the date was still fun because it was with you anyway text me bye”
  • and you run inside and hoshi touches his cheek and like five minutes later you get a text 
  • but when you open it it’s a selfie of hoshi and he’s drawn a little heart on his cheek and he’s like “thank you~~ see you soon~~you’re the cutest~~ im gonna tell seokmin im taking you with me to dance and that he’s always wrong about everything~~”
  • after the second date, in which hoshi introduced you to everyone on the campus dance team and then proudly threw his arm around your shoulder and was like “you all better not get any ideas, they’re mine.” and after dancing for like two hours straight tackled you in a sweaty hug, it was safe to say that you two were a thing
  • hoshi telling anyone you guys are dating: “yeah, we’re dating. i made up a victory dance for the occasion, wanna see it?”
  • hoshi? you mean king of pda 
  • kisses on campus, nuzzling your face with his own in the library, surprise bear hugs when you visit him during theater practice, holding your hand under the table when you’re out to eat with the theater kids or seokmin, swinging your hands happily as he walks you to class
  • let me repeat: KING OF PDA 
  • everytime he’s got theater practice he like calls you to ask your opinion on his emotion through the phone like he’ll make everyone stop what they’re doing, just to call you and repeat a line and be like “is it good? do i sound emotionally distraught about my ship sinking?” and you’re like “yeah, you sound great captain hook.” and hoshi’s like im nOT PLAYINg captain HOOK thO
  • you’re his go to person to practice lines on and everyone in his friend group is so damn thankful until once when you were away on a trip and seokmin was like “hey, mingyu listen-” and mingyu was like oh god oh no oh god
  • makes jokes all the time that nearly give you heartattacks like he once was like “im gonna get a nose piercing for my next role, maybe dye my eyebrows green too to really get into chara-” and you were like “if you do ill shave your eyebrows off.”
  • whenever you’re sitting beside each other hoshi has to have his arm around your waist and he always tries to get away with putting his head in your lap to sleep
  • lots of people perceive hoshi as this endless ball of energy and at first you did too but then you learn that he deals with not only theater practice, but papers for his sociology minor and also competitions for dance and ontop of that he’ll take weekends to teach dance afterschool at a local middle school
  • and so when he is dead tired and literally just flops down and falls asleep with his face against your arm or in your lap you can only brush his hair from his face and whisper that you’re so proud to be dating someone so selfless 
  • he does this thing where he’ll be gently kissing down your neck and you close your eyes onLY to fEEL him lift you up over his shoulder and start running in circles and you’re like H O S  H I and he’s laughing like “are you dizzy??” and you’re like are we fIVE 
  • minghao voice from somewhere: yes, yall are five
  • hoshi will sometimes be like “im sorry i cant take you on more fancy dates” and you’re like “im fine just watching you rehearse for a show or practice dancing, it’s fine as long as im with you.” and hoshi just tackles you and kisses your face all over and everyone’s like grOSS except dino whose like !!!!!! TRUE LOVE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!
  • you come over to his dorm and you guys steal seokmin’s + jeonghan’s blankets to build a fort and they’re both like can you not but you and hoshi in your blanket fort you built in the communal living room: “you’re just jealous and lonely. we’re gonna cuddle now.”
  • hoshi surprises you by getting tickets to a musical in the city and you get to see his fanboy side come out as he excitedly names all the actors and singers in the musical and like when the dance parts come on you see his eyes like flash with stars
  • and once you saw a musical with this singer from one of hoshi’s favorite groups, and when you get the signature hoshi can’t stop talking about it he’s like “babe….BABE……onew signed my fan with his face on it….BABE”
  • sends you selfies of him getting fitted by the fashion majors for the costumes for their next show and he sent a selfie shirtless and then was like “oops!! accident!!” 
  • (it was not an accident lmfao)
  • sometimes when he’s sleepy and trying to stay awake he becomes super like serious and charming and he’ll just sleepily look at you and be like “you know you’re stunning right, like i could look at you all day.” and you’re like akhgoew hoshi read your textbook and he’s like “ok………but seriously i love looking at you.” 
  • puts notes into your books when you’re not looking that are like cute reminders that he loves you and it’s sentimental because this all started with a note and it’s just,,,,, it’s cute
  • you: hoshi where do you get this cute as hell stationary?
    hoshi: steal it from dino
  • now when hoshi has an opening night you make sure to be there in the front row,  cheering him on! you always get him flowers to give afterword but he’s like “you know what else i want?” and you roll your eyes and kiss him hehe
  • everyone on the dance team keeps trying to lock you two in the dance practice room overnight but hoshi’s like you rascals what the hell do you think we’d do and he always scolds them for it (while blushing a  L O T)
  • hoshi: let’s take slow dancing lessons together
  • you: we don’t have time hoshi
  • hoshi: well we’re gonna have to know for when we get married???
  • seokmin: that’s so corny. It actually hurt me
  • when you finally get around to asking hoshi what it is that made him like you in the first place he’s sitting with you on the stage after rehersal and everyone’s gone and he like pulls you so you’re sitting in his lap and he’s like “you’re the only person kind enough to not lie to me when i asked for your help, and even when you just had to read the lines you put in effort for me - someone you barely knew and i thought to myself this person is a lot like me.” and you’re like ??? a lot like you and hoshi kisses the side of your face and he’s like “willing to help anyone and everyone out, even if they’re some weird boy who asked you to rehearse romantic lines with him for a play.”

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Got through Act of of Hiveswap this morning and I just adore Xefros so much he’s so cute!!! Anyway, his love of ARENA STICKBALL and CUEBAT weapon got me thinking that he’d be super into baseball because it’s a batting sport (and you don’t even have to worry about dying!) so I just had to draw this. Wan’t really sure about which colours I liked so have three different schemes.

Seriously though Xefros is the best

Auston Matthews - Underestimated

Word Count: 1526

Warnings: One curse word?

Request: Hello, it’s the anon that asked if your requests were open. Would you mind doing an Auston Matthews imagine Where he tries to teach the girl to play baseball but she already knows and shows him up or something like that? If not that’s okay.

A/N: I used to play softball so I actually really liked writing this one! I hope you like it as well!

You were currently lying in bed scrolling through your phone as the bright Arizona sun bled through the window. It was currently off season and Auston invited you to his hometown to reside at his old house. You loved hanging out with him and his family so you didn’t hesitate to agree to the trip.

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anonymous asked:

oh my GOD that idea that you just mentioned about the fan response??? would literally die for that wtf and tbh i just want to see a lot of jason and whizzer interacting because i Always live for that


  • the media finds out about them before they’re even like officially dating. Somehow one lucky paparazzi person that is on like stealth mode gets a picture of a tender moment when Marvin and Whizzer are out together somewhere. In the picture, Marvin is like brushing an eyelash off of Whizzer’s cheek or holding his hand or doing something really sappy (basically trying to communicate to an emotionally-stunted Whizzer that hey sleeping together is cool and all, but I want to actually date you, you know). Well, the news BLOWS UP with headlines like ‘Whizzer Brown’s Mystery Man’ and ‘Playboy baseball player settling down?’ and everyone scrambles to find out just who Marvin is. Once they find out that Marvin is a divorced dad, news outlets like TMZ are flooded with headlines like (thanks to @a-lesbian-from-next-door-too for this GEM of a headline) WHIZZER BROWN WITH DILF???
  • Whizzer Brown secret boyfriend is the most searched thing on Google that day.
  • All production in the tabloid industries stops as editors bark for their reporters to dig up more on this story. Journalists scramble for any bit of info they can get on Marvin.
  • And here comes disastrously incorrect articles like:
    • Marvin was actually still married when he and Whizzer started “dating.” Whizzer was the cause of his divorce.
    • Marvin is like 15 years older than Whizzer and is basically using Whizzer for his money.
    • Marvin has been Whizzer’s secret boyfriend (HUSBAND???) for over ten years now and it’s been kept well hushed hushed secret bc Whizzer has built a brand out of Gay Baseball Player/Playboy.
    • Jason is Marvin and Whizzer’s adopted child.
    • CONSPIRACY THEORY: Marvin and Whizzer are not actually together at all. Marvin is not even gay! Whizzer just wanted to rebrand himself from “player on and off the field” and so hired Marvin to be his fake boyfriend (pretending to be “settling down”). (this prompts a startled Marvin to exclaim, “How could anyone think I was straight???” to which Whizzer dead-panned responded, “Honey, no self-respecting gay man dresses like that.”
  • Also consider the TMZ panel (also credit to @a-lesbian-from-next-door-too for this exchange, too)
    • Marvin? What kinda name is Marvin?
    • “I know. It’s such an old man’s name!”
    • “It’s like he was born a middle-aged dad, you know?”
    • “Uh, guys, Whizzer is a pretty stupid name, too. When you think about it. I mean, who names their kid Whizzer?”
    • “No one asked you, Brent.”
    • “Yeah, Brent. Shut the fuck up.”
  • Marvin finds out about the news bc he goes to work the next morning and some asshole coworker has taped all the headlines around his desk (the DILF headline is blown up and taped over his entire desk).
  • Marvin is obv pissed and lowkey anxious bc he doesn’t want this sort of attention to negatively affect him or (GOD FORBID) Jason. Whizzer himself is just a little annoyed and sees that Marvin is upset, so he tries to like make the issue go away by tweeting out: “tfw ur out with one of ur booty calls and ppl think that just bc he held ur hand u two are getting married’. And uhh, this makes the media die down but Marvin gets more upset bc hey asshole I think I’m falling in love with you but apparently I’m still just one of your booty calls, huh? And Whizzer gets mad bc Marvin is mad and he just tried to make Marvin less mad, and angst angst angst.
  • When they do get together, Whizzer posts a picture on Instagram of the two of them with the caption ‘tfw you fall in love with one of your booty calls’. And the Internet just kinda explodes.
  • Fans are a little mixed. On one hand, they’re happy that Whizzer seems to be happy. On another, they’re terrified that a relationship will somehow hurt Whizzer’s playing. They then shut the fuck up when Whizzer plays the most vicious game of his entire career and just throws the best pitches and just basically almost single-handedly eviscerates the other team. At the press conference, people ask what’s up with Whizzer’s playing, and one of Whizzer’s team members just sorta smirks and answers for him, “He has a lot of pent up tension and aggression. He hasn’t seen his boyfriend in like a month [bc it’s the peak of the season and they’ve had to move around a lot to different cities and such].“ 
  • Guys guys guys guys, I cannot begin to describe just how i c o n i c Marvin becomes so quickly. 
  • Because once they’re like “official,” Whizzer spams his instagram account with Marvin - Marvin in a new gifted Red Sox jersey while Jason (in his decked out Yankees uniform) glares mockingly at him; at the park during a crisp fall afternoon, Marvin breathless and red-faced and caught mid-laugh; Marvin comically but dead-seriously holding a baseball bat with a stance and grip that makes Whizzer and all baseball fans around the world weep; Marvin Jason and Whizzer, in a cheesy selfie after a really tough game; a picture of Marvin’s back as the man is hunched over an oven (this one has the caption “I love when a man puts the steak in ;) ” ); a particularly artsy one with a black and white filter, with Marvin (asleep, hair mussed, naked but only his bare arms, shoulders, and upper back is not obscured by the white sheets) asleep in their bed. The fans lose their minds over these pictures, along with the little tibits of info/stories that Whizzer shares when prompted about what a dorky/lame/baseball-hating/he-writes-me-poetry-literally-what-a-fucking-nerd that his new boyfriend is. 
  • When tweets and questions about Marvin keep buzzing Whizzer, Whizzer kindly asks (not forces, Jeez, Marv, don’t make it sound like I held a gun to your back) that Marvin get his own instagram/twitter accounts so they can just fawn over Marvin directly and leave Whizzer the hell alone to answer questions about baseball and photography and not about his relationship every fucking five minutes
  • This turns out to be a mistake. Marvin amasses ten thousand followers in six months. The guy barely even posts about Whizzer himself. He posts about broadway reviews and retweets funny cat pictures and every once in awhile, he posts partiuclarly needling things like how chess is better than baseball and he tags and @’s Whizzer in all of them. And everyone??? Loves it??? Whizzer is a little jealous at how people fawn over Marvin?? Like where’s some Whizzer love??? Whizzer is still the twunk that everyone loves, right???
  • Marvin is slowly accepted by the baseball wives. They’re catty and cliquish and they make Marvin’s life a living hell those first few months, but when Marvin does not take their shit and keeps pushing back, they grow to a mutual understanding that soon turns into begrudged respect that eventually turns into tentative friendship that eventually much much later turns into “if you dare utter one mean word or look at Marvin the wrong way, I will slit your throat with my sharpened, manicured, pastel pink-painted nails.” Whizzer shares one picture on his insta of Marvin with the baseball wives, with a glass of champagne in his hand and looking like he’s talking shit and the other baseball wives are laughing and eating this shit up, and he captions it: I think my boyfriend joined a cult.
  • The media as a whole leaves the two alone after they turn out to be just a regular couple and not that interesting?? EXCEPT EXCEPT EXCEPT (see next bullet point)
  • Okay, so Marvin hates baseball, right? This is established. This is well known. This is Fact. Well, after they become like “official” and the media now knows who Marvin is, news outlets start to attack him/make fun of him/crucify him for looking bored at Whizzer’s baseball games. Like he’ll have his phone out or he’ll have his chin propped up with his hand as if trying to combat sleepiness and sometimes he brings like a magazine to read and he always has that bored, vaguely pained “I do not want to be here right now” look on his face. And any time that the Red Sox makes a good play or gets a homerun, it’s clear that he’s been spacing out bc whenever the people around him start cheering, he likes jumps and does that weak, wide-eyed “Idk what just happened and i kinda want death right now but I am being supportive” clap (one time, he zoned out and Whizzer’s opposing team got a homerun, and Marvin just started meekly clapping bc he heard the crowd doing it and ESPN and TMZ and all the news outlets had a field day of making fun of him).
  • And the media??? is like “why are you not supporting your partner? You embarrass him by looking so bored. Can’t you learn to love the sport if you love him??” and being really bitchy about it. And Whizzer gets pissed and so goes on air during a press conference - when some smart-ass reporter tries to make a barb about Marvin looking bored and in pain - and says really bitchily, “Guys, Marvin just doesn’t like baseball, okay? Yeah, that makes him an idiot - because baseball is incredible - but it doesn’t make him a bad partner. I don’t expect him to love the things that I love. I like that we’re different, you know? That makes him less boring. Like, he goes to my games even though he hates baseball. That is being supportive. Like fucking hell, guys, I’m with him because he makes me laugh and has a great ass - not because he’s some super baseball fan.” CUE MIC DROP.
  • And yeah, there are homophobic reactions to the relationship. Facebook groups dedicated to it. Marvin gets hate mail and one time got like yelled at on the street. Some of the media’s stories are overtly homophobic and overly crass. It’s 2017, sure, but there are still idiots out there.
  • Marvin and Whizzer don’t let the attention - good or bad - get to them. They just keep being in love and posting overly sappy instagram posts about their anniversaries and poking fun at each other on twitter and the attention never breaks them.

I will posts Jason specific headcanons later but like dang, this took a lot out of me bc I have a lot of FEELINGS and if you have more headcanons about this topic, reblog and add your own bc I’m curious how you feel the media/fans would take this.

Really will there ever be a fictional couple as great as Jack and Maddie Fenton?

Soulmate {StenBrough}


Also I have other concepts for a soulmate au! Let me know what you guys’ think? :)

Requested: @thesniffler

Ships: Reddie, Stenbrough, Benverly, 

Warnings: Swearing, my awful writing

Requests: OPEN

It happens at the most inconvenient, but oddly, the most convent times. It doesn’t matter if you just met your soulmate or have known them since you were in diapers, when the time is perfect, your skin is engraved with two symbols; One to represent you, the other to represent your soulmate. 

“Happy birthday big Bill!” A rather obnoxious but familiar voice boomed through my room causing me to wake up. Not too long after the loud voice screamed in my ear, I was bombarded with silly string, air horns, and a weight sat on top of me.

“Beep fucking beep Richard” I muttered trying to close my eyes to continue sleeping.

“I think the fuck not Billiam, get your ass up kind fellow! I do believe lady Marsh has gathered our fellow mates for a lovely all day celebration!” Richie threw on his oh-so famous British accent and dragged me out of the comfort of my own bed and onto the floor. 

I sighed as Richie ran off to the kitchen to where my younger brother Georgie was most likely at. Having the trashmouth live with me was both a blessing and a curse.

Blessing, because it meant he was free from the disgrace he used to call parents; curse, because it meant I had deal with that every day. I can’t complain, he’s my best friend, I would take a bullet for the fucker if it meant I got to keep him around.

Forty five minutes later, the lanky curly haired boy was shoving me out the door and down the street to the usual meet up spot - a café on the corner of 3rd and main street. As he eagerly dragged me down to the café, I saw his tattoo peaking out of the corner of his sleeve, a flower and a guitar. The flower representing Eddie Kaspbrak himself. The guitar representing the trashmouth.

It was funny actually when we all discovered that the flower represented the hypochondriac, all the losers - including myself - all knew that Eddie and Richie were meant to be since the day they met. I had an ongoing bet with Mike that Eddie’s symbol would be an inhaler, his money was on something aesthetically pleasing the day Eddie switched his fanny packs for flower crowns. So, the day Eddie Kaspbrak turned up to the quarry with two tattoos, Richie Tozier almost threw himself into the water after finding out he had matching soulmate tattoos with the boy he’s been in love with since the second grade. Sad to say, the rest of the losers club were either robbed of twenty dollars or gained twenty dollars. Who knew that the others had secret gambling deals. Stan being the mastermind that he is, managed to make a deal with my younger brother

Needless to say, I was forty dollars broke and Mike Hanlon and Stanley Uris were both twenty dollars richer. (Georgie almost didn’t see the light of day after he asked me for twenty dollars).

The guitar represented Richie in more ways than a few. For the loud mouth that he is, he actually can sing. The boy is extremely talented, it was only a few months ago that we discovered that he’s been playing the guitar and singing since he was six. As someone who has known the kid since I was four years old, I always distinctively knew that music was his escape from reality. He and I know each other probably better than anyone else in the group. Despite starting the losers club as the “core four” and somehow along the way Ben, Beverly, and Mike managed to wedge their way in, Richie and I always managed to have a special bond.

“Land ho! I do believe I see our good friends awaiting our arrival good sir!” Richie stopped in front of the cafe’s big window and pointed to our friends sitting at our usual table. Bev noticed us right away and waved excitedly. I smiled back and entered the café.

“Happy birthday Bill!” All the losers simultaneously cheered. The other usuals at the café continued the happy birthdays and the waiters and waitresses brought out an ice cream cake singing their own version of the birthday song. I was smiling so much I was beginning to feel my cheeks hurt. I said my thank yous and blew out the one and eight neatly placed in the center of the cake.

“I can’t believe our leader is officially eighteen! I remember when we threw him into the quarry for his fourteenth birthday!” Ben fake cried.

“He’s eighteen not eighty one dumbass” Stan rolled eyes but still let the smile spread across his face.

“Welcome to the eighteen club” Mike patted my back. He had just turn eighteen a few months prior along with Stan and Richie.

“Haystack has a point actually” Richie chimed in, “I mean, that’s shit is crazier than the times I’ve fucked Eddie’s mom-”

“Beep beep Richie” We all groaned, he gave us a sheepish smile but continued, “I mean we’re all going to college soon, as in next week soon, thank God we’re all near each other though, honestly full offense but I’d be in jail if you guys weren’t my friends.” Richie shook his head while Eddie took his hand and placed it into his. “We know love.” Eddie sighed causing Richie to blush at the nickname.

Of course he wouldn’t admit to it though.

“Look on the Brightside Tozier. half of us will be at USC while the other half” Mike jokingly narrowed his eyes at Eddie, Stan, and Ben, “At UCLA. I don’t care how long we’ve been friends, I can’t believe I’m going to be friends with the enemy.” He shuddered causing everyone to laugh. 

“Who knows Hanlon, maybe your soulmate goes to UCLA. Maybe your egotistical ass will shut the fuck up.” Stan rose an eyebrow and smirked. I scoffed and smiled at Stan.

Something about Stan always left a funny feeling in my tummy. Sure, at one point I thought Bev was my soulmate. It really was just a silly middle school crush. Besides, the small ball and needle tattoo placed on her shoulder that represented her love for fashion and Ben’s small open book tattoo perfectly placed on his ribcage that represented his love for poetry were oddly perfect for each other. 

Nonetheless, it was something about the way his hair was perfectly but messily curly, or the way he always had to grab my hand and pull my hand towards a bird he saw. Whether he means it in a friendly way or more than friendly way, it always left a special feeling in my heart whenever he touched my hand. Every time our fingers do the slightest brush against each other, I always check my body, impatiently waiting for the tattoo appear. Hell, even Georgie has a tattoo. a small paper boat aligning itself with a paper airplane on the side of his right hand where his thumb is at- He’s eleven for fucks sake. Nothing ever shows up.

“I think it’s time to open presents!” Bev cheered taking me out of my thoughts.

“Me first!” Richie screeched pushing Ben out of the way.

“Richie say s-sorry to Ben!” I laughed trying to maintain a motherly tone. It something I did whenever the group referred to me as the ‘leader’ of the losers club- they did refer to me as the leader not too long ago after all. My stutter on the other hand has gotten significantly better throughout the years despite my troubles with a couple of words.

“Sorry Ben-” Richie began

“It’s okay Rich”

“For kissing your mo-”

“Richie!” Bev and Eddie shouted.

“You’re right. Eds is the only person who gets to taste these delicious lips!” The now contact wearing boy made kissy lips to the slightly shorter boy.



“Guys! I wanna see what Bill got!” Stan shouted over the two arguing boys. Stan gave me a soft smile making tummy feel fuzzy and my heart pound just a little faster. I felt a weird feeling in my arm but ignored it as I opened Richie’s gift. 

A small photobook. Polaroids from when we were four till now.

“Don’t read the card yet yeah? I want that to be personal.” He shrugged and smiled. I returned the smile, both of us clearly holding back tears. I hugged him for a little longer than usual but I couldn’t help but feel eyes burning in the back of my head. More specifically, eyes coming from Stan’s direction. I pulled back from Richie and looked at Stan who immediately changed his face from jealously to happy. 

He couldn’t be jealous, could he?

Slowly one by one I opened each of the losers presents. Bev got me art supplies, Mike got me a new baseball hat and mitt, Ben got me a journal of prompts and a sketchbook, and Eddie got me tickets–well technically all of us tickets but he claimed I can choose whoever I wanted to take as if I knew another six people in California– to go to my first Dodger game. It didn’t take me long to figure out that only one person didn’t gift me anything. I didn’t expect presents but it was odd to not receive anything from all the losers.

We all looked at Stan who had a shy smile on his face, “Um, I figured it would be best to give you your present at a specific place.” Placing emphasis on the specific. 

“Woah Stan the man! Making moves on Big Bill? You gotta talk to me first!” Richie began putting on some sort of deep accent.

“Not like that.” He muttered twiddling at his fingers.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and smiled at him, “Let’s go then!” He returned the smile and motioned for everybody to follow him. We all followed him down a familiar path, a path we all know too well. It was the trail to the quarry.

“Stan?” I questioned but abruptly stopped in my tracks when I saw the quarry decorated with lights, a campfire, a small table filled with junk food, but my attention was caught on my famous bike, Silver.

“Silver! How’d you find it? I thought it was for sure gone after-”

“After Bowers threw it into the barrens and we couldn’t find it because of the rain and sewers. Yeah, I know. I managed to find it in some junkyard. I got it before some dude in a shit stained hat got it.” He shrugged but was clearly trying to hide his unnecessary embarrassment. He continued, “I figured that you’re gonna need to get to your classes somehow and you guys are only gonna have one car for a while. So I just-”

“Thank you.” I could have kissed him, risked everything and kissed him. Instead, I hugged him. The feeling once again coming back. Another weird sensation in my arm but ignored it when a voice shouted behind us, “Happy Birthday Billy!-Oh am I late?” Georgie blew a party popper but stopped when he saw all the losers. We all laughed and for one final time before Mike, Richie, Bev, and I set out for California before the other losers tomorrow, we all jumped into the quarry. We played chicken fights, marco polo, becoming the kids we once were. Stan and I always partnered up. Making eye contact and smiling at each other. 

The night was slowly coming to an end, each loser slowly leaving one by one. Giving one final goodbye and some tears. Georgie crying each time a loser said goodbye, it was honestly heartbreaking. The tears clearly wore him out when he slowly fell asleep with his head on my lap, “I’ll take him home? We’ll meet you back there.” Richie softly suggested. I nodded as he scooped Georgie in his arms and walked away with Eddie. 

This only left me and Stan.

We stood in comfortable silence. It wasn’t broken until an owl was heard somewhere, I peaked over at Stan who was excitedly trying to find the bird and grabbing my hand. I laughed and helped him find the bird. We didn’t give up until we reached another familiar spot, the old losers clubhouse. 

“We haven’t been here since-”

“Since we were fourteen.” Stan laughed softly.

“Wanna go inside?” I suggested.

Stan was already making his way in but being careful with the old wood. He shooed away any bugs he saw as I turned on the flashlight on my phone. Looking around, I found an old vinyl we used to use back when we were younger, “Think it still works?” I turned over to Stan after I dusted it off.

“Isn’t it battery operated? I think there’s some batteries back in Georgie’s walkie talkie at the quarry?” 

“Let’s go!” 

“With what vinyl? Dumbass.” Stan raised an eyebrow and laughed.

I looked around and conveniently enough, The Smiths 1981 record, Louder Than Bombs, was perched on an old shelf. I grabbed it along with the vinyl player and Stan’s hand, making my way back to the quarry. The way our fingers laced together, intertwining perfectly like a puzzle, it just seemed right. After what felt like a lifetime, we managed to make it back to our destination and fix the vinyl. I got it to work on the first try instantly placing the stick onto the vinyl.

Good times for a change / See, the luck I’ve had 

“Mr. Stanley Uris, I do believe I should have this dance” I tried my best to impersonate a British accent, restarting the song because the song was too short. I wanted to hold him for as long as I can. Stan only smiled and pulled me under the fairy lights he set up. 

So please please please / let me, let me, let me / let me get what I want




We were interrupted by the owl we heard only a while ago. I noticed Stan grin become wide when he motioned over behind me. I whipped around, the owl perched on a branch. I only shook my head and stared at Stan.

“Can I see your arm?” I asked.

“Excuse me?” He laughed.

Haven’t had a dream in a long time / See, the life I had / Can make a good man bad

I picked up his arm without questioned and rolled up the sleeve. an owl tattoo placed on the side of where his fore arm was slightly under where the elbow area was. It was neatly placed next to tattoo of ink and quill. I picked up my sleeve and held out my arm towards him.

The same owl and the same ink and quill placed on the exact same spot on my arm. 

So for once in my life / Let me get what I want / Lord knows, it would be the first time

He only pulled my hand back towards the spot where we were dancing. Our foreheads touched each other. Hands wrapped around each others waist. The owl still hoo’d, the vinyl record occasionally scratched due to its old age, but a pair of soft lips met mine. I felt myself kissing back. 

“You leave for California tomorrow.” He whispered.

“You leave on Tuesday.”

“But we’re both road tripping. You get there Tuesday, I get there Thursday.”

“See you Thursday?”

“See you Thursday.”

We held onto each other just a little closer.

Teen Wolf
  • Does anyone else believe Teen Wolf ships just can't work?
  • Sterek: No Stiles instead of going for you the cute dorky kid I'm gonna go out with a bunch of people who want to kill me.
  • Scallison: I don't care if you saved my life multiple times I'm not gonna trust you.
  • Stydia: I'm gonna go out with Malia even though you are finally showing interest in me and as soon as we break up our parents are gonna get together so we can't be together.
  • Stalia: I'm just gonna ruin your trust while you ruin it at the same time instead of trying to fix out relationship.
  • Marrish: Oh sorry your not 18 yet
  • Scissac: I'm just gonna go out with your ex-girlfriend, then move to France and never talk to you again.
  • Stackson: Sorry I don't go for lizards
  • Jott (Jackson & Scott): 'Where are you getting your juice'
  • Scira: And yes I'm smart enough to be in your AP biology class
  • Dethan: I don't trust liars
  • Laiden: Revenge Season 3B (I think we know what happens)
  • Thalia: You got one speeding ticket
  • Sciles: You almost hit me with a baseball bat
till there was you

then there was music and wonderful roses … | 1,900 words | rated G

day one of rucas fic week ( canon )

Riley Matthews has high hopes for junior year.

It’s definitely been harsher than she anticipated, with difficult classes and more interpersonal drama than she’d care to deal with amongst her closest friends. Only halfway through first semester, she’s already feeling the pressure of midterms and social stress and focusing on just getting through each day one at a time.

She can tell it’s not just her, because her friends are feeling the effects of the school year too. She’s barely seen much of Farkle since the school year really kicked off and he went to keep an eye on Maya. She can’t remember the last time she had a conversation with Zay. Smackle is probably the most consistent friend she has at this point, and even she has her own school work to contend with.

Lucas Friar, on the other hand, she makes a concentrated effort to keep up with.

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Now that most of the farm leagues have their 2017 game schedules finalized, I’ve been building my summer baseball calendar. My stepdad got me a ten-game pass to the Railcats for Christmas, but I’m also within an hour’s train ride of the Cougars, Boomers, and Slammers (sounds like the title of a hip anthropology book about middle-aged white people). So I have a calendar set up to list which games I can get to, and which games I should especially try for. Sadly, it looks like I won’t be seeing the Wingnuts play this year.

All of the teams have “theme nights” meant to draw crowds; there’s almost always a Star Wars Night, a Christmas In July, a Bark At The Park where you can bring your dog, a “Halfway to Halloween” costume night, and interestingly a Princess Night. There are lots of firework nights and a few all-you-can-eat nights and cheap draft beer nights. 

But I think my favorite so far is that the Kane County Cougars have a Peanut Free Night. I’m not so allergic to peanuts that I can’t even be around them, but some people are, and peanuts are all the fuck over the place at ball games, particularly non-MLB games. So despite not ever having seen the Cougars play, they have already endeared themselves to me for that. (I can’t actually go to the Peanut Free Night game, but I’ll be cheering for them in spirit.)

If I do it right I can attend every Bark in the Park, two Star Wars, Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, two all-you-can-eats (one is crawfish, which seems…unwise) and something called Strike Out Stroke Night which I think could have been better named. 

And maybe I’ll take out a small loan and go to a Cubs game at some point.