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Trapped in the circle that was called fate, destiny, life. It was the way things went, the way of the world, the course of time. It was inevitable although she wished it was not. How things were, how things should be, how things would always be – for them.

i was so lucky to be paired with @cate-deriana ❤ ❤ for the @ichirukibigbang collab! just reading the summary of her story really excited me and now it’s done! i hope i did your fic justice cate, it really touched me   ❤ (and i’m so sorry i took so long sometimes)
everyone else, i hope you enjoy our work! nwn!!!


So I might have become quickly obsessed with a certain ink demon

With some zoom ins if you click! 
(I only used the highest quality pens I have, for Bendy. And per usual ink standards, I couldn’t fix any mistakes once they were made, so if you see any, I probably already know)

Wow drawing a 1930 style isn’t easy and I’m sure I’m not doing it right in 500 places, but I enjoy the simplistic face bendy has as it’s more fun to, well, bend.


The reign of the two queens was said to be one of the greatest reigns seen within Westeros. They brought, peace and justice and even to this day are renowned as the greatest rulers seen within history.

Thank you to @greengableslover @baelerion and @beyondmythought-s for helping me with this! 

we had a no uniform day 

i spent the whole day keeping tally of people wearing tracksuits 

my total is 96 people

at least 96 people wore a full tracksuit set at school today

mind you i was out of class for only an hour in total (lunch break + inbetween classes) 

i spotted 96 people wearing tracksuits in a little over 1 hour

(what’s a wrat? dis a wrat.)

Akrona quietly walked through the halls of the ship with a smile and light spring in her step. She made her way to the galley and found Vette rummaging through the compartments.

Taking a few more steps toward Vette, Akrona tapped her on the shoulder. “What—”

“GAH!” Vette nearly jumped out of her skin, her lekku curled, and the bags she retrieved from the cabinets flew out of her hand. Spinning around as the bags fells around and behind her, Vette’s lekku unfurled themselves as she tried to collect her breathing. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry,” Akrona giggled, “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“You Sith and your quiet, sneaky ways…” Vette muttered under her breath, recollecting the bags, setting them aside, and went over to the conservator.

Akrona made her way to the water heater, starting it up before looking for the tins of loose tea leaves and two cups. “What are you doing so late anyway?”

“Huh?” Vette looked over the conservator door she had opened. “Oh!” She closed the door and bounced up to Akrona’s side. “Slumber party!”

“Slumber party?”

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hmmmm. i’m in hell. i can’t think of any way to meet people actually close to me that i can stand. i’ve yet to have one (1) good experience with dating sites, all the bars around here are like Salty Toms Grog Bucket By The Docks and i hate bars anyway. i don’t meet anyone through work. re enrolling in school to meet people would be absurd. and of course the local dnd meetup is all like. dudes with smug anime girl avatars saying the kind of shit dudes with smug anime girl avatars tend to say
so like what the fuck. i’m 23 and a working professional. i was never really extroverted but i never got to like. have fun. 23 and i’ve wasted my life

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine Naegi and Kirigiri making toast in the morning and Naegi drops his? But while clumsily trying to swipe it out of mid-air, he flings it across the kitchen… where it lands perfectly on his plate. She asks if that's his luck at play again or if his accuracy from shooting down statements is just that good, and he thinks the universe is just paying him back for all the times he was late for school and got made fun of for running with a piece of toast in his mouth like manga heroine.

haha yes

i’m tired of everything. i’m tired of *~society~* and i don’t care if. that makes me sound like a. fake deep person who can’t face their own. problems and inspires ppl to vagueblog about *~ppl who blame everything on capitalism. im tired of how isolated everyone is, im tired of hyper-individualism, im tired of feeling no connection to other humans and how prioritizing interpersonal connections over personal achievement is seen as weird and unhealthy. im sad that i never got to do anything Fun as a Teen because everyone’s entire life was studying for APs and getting into college and wanting to do normal teenage things and have adventures was looked at as lazy evil dumb slut behavior. i’m tired of the fact that whenever i DO attempt to make an emotional human connection with anyone who happens to be a dude im reminded of the fact that men all think any woman talking to them is Girl #3. im tired of everything being unbelievably boring. i want to connect with people and have adventures and for everything to not be unbelievably fucking lame and boring anymore. i don’t get why i have to pathologize the fact that i just want my life to be fucking decent and not “lmao netflix n pizza”. i want to get drunk and make out with a frat boy and not the internalized judgement of all the fucking nerds i know i want to stop trying to guess the “relatable” thing to say when im talking to ppl bc i don’t want to alienate them, i want to build something. i want to do a heist. i want to die. 

I wrote a few sentences today. Which is better than the whole lot of NOTHING I’ve been writing lately. But I have to get serious and get to work. 

On the writing docket:

  • Finish/polish Remix fic (DUE SUNDAY)
  • Update Nos
  • Update Honey Whiskey 
  • Outline Grimmons Vampire AU for Camp Nanowrimo in April (I really have to think of a good vampire pun for the title. It could be as easy as “You Suck.” Still spitballing.)
  • Recovery One vs. Mpreg is another option for Camp Nano. It’s got fun plot and angst and needs outlining too… But I’m really feeling vampires right now.

Wait for me to come home. - 24/1/16