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Dominator-Hater interaction pleaaaaaaase!!!

They were playing mario kart and hater finally won one match and and so dom made sure to go extra hard on him after than and then.

oh a random slice of life from visiting my sister in Maryland. It was me, my older sister the Lt. Col. (who just moved to MD from GA), and Middle-Little sister, and we were painting Lt. Col. Sister’s middle son’s room in the new house. It had wood-panel walls and glossy black trim, it had to go before the child could really live there, he’s a seven-year-old ball of sunshine and can’t be subjected to wood paneling. So we painted it all in shades of blue and it took forgoddamnever.

At one point someone brought up the thing about the Gay Cousin– you know, how there’s always one– and how our group of cousins is so white-bread that I’m the closest thing we have. And yeah, I mean, I’m a whole person, so I count, but I’m so invisibly queer, I’ve had the same dude for 15 years now and nobody realizes. 

As if to prove the point, Lt. Col. Husband was standing in the doorway with a beer, having just put the kids to bed, and said, “Wait, in what way are you the gay cousin???” 

I’ve known the guy a decade. “I’m bi,” I said. “I was pretty serious with a woman before Dude. I’m clearly not super into getting around, but I’m definitely not a straight person either.”

He was like, “does that count??” and to their credit, both of my sisters were like, “yes that counts what is wrong with you”, and he sort of went off and stood in the corner with his feathers all ruffled for a moment. 

Buddy, I’m the sister that likes you, don’t screw this up. And also, yet more testament to the fact that if you don’t know any gay people, it’s because you’re not paying attention.

This narrative of how you Come Out one time and then you’re Gay Forever is like, the least true thing ever to become a narrative trope… 

Also he tried to argue about the upcoming cakes for gays Supreme Court case on the basis of homophobia being a 2,000-year-old religious practice and i was like are you seriously reducing all of Christianity to homophobia maybe crack a Bible sometime and read the bit where Jesus actually talked, it might open your eyes. Also if it’s cool to refuse cakes for gays, why can’t lunch counters be whites only too? I mean what kind of America are you arguing to live in, here? 

I got the feeling he was doing the white dude arguing for the sake of arguing thing that’s so fucking obnoxious, but I was Not Having It so we didn’t get far into that. I told him to let me paint his child’s bedroom in peace. 

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Imagine a 5Ds world championship. All the countries send their own teams to Japan, and chaos insures. The new Domino police are on security, so Trudge is constantly having to stop people from fighting in languages he doesn't understand, stereotypes run rampant, and besides Jack, only three or four other characters speak English, but not the ones you'd think. Also, one of the characters ends up a duel against their previous nights one-night-stand.

isn’t this just the wrgp but without the convention of linguistic homogeneity? i don’t know about the dub– which i assume from ‘trudge’ you’re watching– but in the sub it’s clear that this is an international (hence ‘world’) competition, and the characterization of each team relies on national stereotypes (just to be clear: i don’t subscribe to these stereotypes, but they’re there):

team unicorn: spain and france; arrogant, sexually aggressive, and sometimes underhanded, but highly competent. the spaniards (andre, breo) are pretty chill, but the frenchman (jean) is a slimeball who has ideological issues with offense

sherry: also france; also sexually aggressive and highly competent, but because she’s female she’s into girls as well (that wink at aki), has noble motives for which she is willing to die, and is surprisingly pure and childish. ponies. basically jeanne d’arc

team catastrophe: germany; rely on violence to succeed, into the occult and weird dungeon porn (their uniforms have hobbles for fuck’s sake)

team taiyo: SO japan; these adorable fuckers deserve their own 12-episode anime in the art style of hiromu arakawa (mooo)

team ragnarok: scandinavia (wikia assigns them specifically to sweden, but without evidence as far as i know); snow, unattainable hair, think their mythology makes them better than everyone else

three other teams are characterized by stereotypes, but their origins are less clear

fortune ark: vaguely middle eastern

black baron: maybe also french, given the cravats and gigantic glass of wine? maybe british, given the top-hatted ‘pip pip cheerio’ dickensianness?

the arms: their overall vibe is ARMY– and it’s a combination of the dumb muscle with dogtags and aviators type and the ‘c’mon pals let’s go bomb the nazis’ type, so…….american? 

anyway, i like your idea that jack speaks english– i see jack as linguistically gifted (maybe that’s just because jack and languages are two of my truest loves, but whatever, jack totally writes emo poetry and abuses the thesaurus)

Oh my god y'all… so at the Meet & Greet Peppermint held my hand the entire time, and we were all sitting on a couch, and when I walked over Trinity was staring at my gold top and someone (Alexis?) said “C'mon, Selena!”, and then Sasha looked over at me and smiled and I got to see her perfect teeth and glitter red lips… and then when I got up to leave Peppermint was still holding my hand and then Eureka said “I love your gold top” ❤️

“★*゚‘゚・ Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Sentence Meme (part three) ・*゚‘゚ ★

“When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories…the best place by the fire was kept for…The Storyteller.”

Change pronouns/phrasing/tense/etc as needed!

The Soldier and Death

  • “You’re a good man who deserves a better whistle.”
  • “An ugly thing, but remarkable.”
  • “Now the devils have it for their card games.”
  • “But that’s folly!”
  • “I collect teeth!”
  • “But howsoever life smiles on us, the last laugh is reserved for death.”
  • “A man in black comes to measure a coffin.”
  • “Now where the devil’s that devil of mine?”
  • “Ooh, quite nice black flowers!”
  • “I’ve come too late.”
  • “Death needs a new friend.”
  • “Good, eh? Death, a prisoner.”
  • “A sinful soul comes to surrender his life.”
  • “Follow the church music.”
  • “Remember, I delivered you from the furnace.”
  • “But you see, there is no memory in heaven. Souls forget.”


  • ”What a noodle you are!”
  • “What shall we do til morn, eh?”
  • “The dark comes and I don’t like the forest, it’s all shadows.”
  • “That doesn’t sound very nice.”
  • “I can tell by the gleam in your eye, you have a sweetheart!”
  • “I see, said the blind man!”
  • “You must sleep after a good fright.”
  • “They have but two tasks; to drown men and to drown women.”
  • “Do you know who I am?”
  • “You are blessed with great courage, I am cursed with a little cunning.”
  • “Take a sword. Take two!”
  • “These are definitely not my legs! Too short by half.”
  • “You were my first and only friend.”
  • “Dead again, are you?”
  • “Shut up and come here and hug me!”
  • “I’ve been so far, so long and all I needed was the thought of losing you to teach me what fear was!”

A Story Short

  • “What will I do when there are no more stories in me?”
  • “What use is a storyteller without stories?”
  • “A fool eats his last potato, a wise man plants it.”
  • “Everyone knows, beggars are never what they seem.”
  • “I am a teller of stories, a weaver of dreams.”
  • “I can fight dirty but not fair.”
  • “I am not domestic, I am a luxury and in that sense…necessary.”
  • “What more could an artist want? Food to eat, money to spend and his audience awake.”
  • “I should have said no but the gold glittered.”
  • “I loathe entertainers.”
  • “I am a beggar, sir. It is my business to smell.”
  • “Here you are, you ratbag.”
  • “I’ve been dreaming, none of this happened.”
  • “I have no story to tell.”
  • “He’d given me a story.”
  • “So that’s how a story was lost and then found.”
  • “You know how it is in stories.”

hey nerds. bet you thought you’d seen the last of me! but i have returned, this time as a new and improved kay with a Real Diploma who is also moving overseas very soon! life has been crazy to say the least, and these past couple of months have been an emotional rollercoaster. i needed to take some time to process all that, but i’m settled for now and ready to cry about sci-fi. bring on the angst and meta. i’m ready.

llap ❤️ kay


Canoe life 🚣🚣🚣


You are the future of humans and monsters!

Next part is here! In which Chara settles in with the Dreemurr family and things might actually be okay…at least at first. 

The next and final part will be here in a week!

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