it goes to wine tasting!!!!

Skam: 5 Years Forward

The Characters

  • Eva: She takes a year off to decide what she should study. A year later, she makes up her mind and starts to study Media and Communication. She works part-time as assistant event planner. She does charity works. When there are any charity events, she attends those with Noora.
  • Noora: She studies Sociology. After graduating from university, she considers applying for a master’s degree. She can not decide whether she should apply for Gender Studies in Oslo or in London. In her leisure time, she writes blog posts related to feminism and human’s rights to bring awareness. In the meantime, she also volunteers with refugees and migrants.
  • Sana: She studies Medicine. She is determined to become a brain surgeon so she studies hard. She is the founder member of Musisters. She shares her experiences with Muslim girls and she encourages them. She also joins forums and shares her former struggles online.
  • Vilde: She studies Fashion and Costume Design. She finally feels self-confident because thinking about clothes and designing them makes her feel good. She works part-time at a cosmetics store. She takes wine classes and goes to wine tasting events. She likes to spend her time on Pinterest. She also runs an instagram account about spreading positive vibes.
  • Chris: She studies Travel and Tourism Management. She works part-time at a museum. She takes brewing courses. She travels to Germany to attend Oktoberfest every year. Her German language skills improved thanks to her German boyfriend whom she met at Oktoberfest.
  • Isak: He studies Psychology. He considers applying for a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology after graduating. He especially likes to read books and watch movies about Abnormal Psychology. He is a member of LGBT Student Society at university. Every year, he attends the Pride Parade with Even and Eskild.
  • Even: He studies Visual Communication. He is a freelance artist and has his own website for web and graphic design. He draws sketches and paints portraits to earn an extra revenue. He has a Youtube Channel where he posts his short films, videos of him talking about bipolar disorder and sexual preferences.
  • Jonas: He studies Economics. On the weekends, he plays guitar with his own band at a local club. He is lovers with his band’s soloist. They write love songs and make music together.
  • Magnus: He studies Business Administration. In the future, he wants to open his own bar. He keeps telling Jonas that he will hire Jonas’ band after opening his bar.
  • Mahdi: He studies Philosophy. He wants to write books and he wants to become a research assistant at university. He works part-time at a waffle shop.
  • William: He works with his father in London. He used to be angry at Nico for years, then he decided that it would be the best if he at least tried to help him. So, now he makes sure Nico stays in rehab and receives treatment and therapy he needs.
  • Christoffer: He also lives in London after William called him and asked him to work in his father’s company.
  • Yousef: He has his own kindergarten school. In his spare time, he gardens and grow vegetables in his garden. He enjoys cooking and making desserts. He is especially an expert when it comes to making carrot cake.
  • Elias: After taking a year off, he ends up studying Sports, since he wants to be a physical education teacher. He works part-time at a gym.
  • Mikael: He studies Screenwriting. He writes scripts for Even’s short films.
  • Adam: He studies Directing. He directs Even’s short films.
  • Mutasim: He decides to study International Relations. Then, he suspends his studies for a while because he feels overwhelmed and he feels like taking a break. Then, he starts to work full-time at a supermarket.
  • Eskild: He decides to become a guru for everyone. Therefore, he comes up his own brand, Eskild the Guru, on social media. He creates a Youtube channel, instagram account, facebook page and twitter account dedicated to his Guru brand. Meanwhile, he becomes a part of LGBT Youth Community.
  • Linn: After Even invites Linn and Eskild to an art exhibition featuring his paintings, Linn meets a Swedish artist there and finally finds love after years. The artist asks Linn out and they become a couple. Linn moves to Sweden and lives with her boyfriend.
  • Ingrid: She studies Literature and wants to be a literature teacher.
  • Sara: She studies Law. She intends to become a lawyer and thinks she will become a successful one because of her good persuasion and influencing skills.

The Un/Official Couples

  • Noorhelm: They resolve their problems and make a promise to each other that they will make their long distance relationship work. Noora decides that it would be the best for her if she completes her bachelor degree in Oslo. William respects her decision. Sometimes, William comes to Oslo and sometimes, Noora goes to London depending on their schedules. William tries to convince her to move to London for her master’s degree in the future.
  • Yousana: They become a couple. Sana feels overstressed because of her studies which leads to a couple fights between them. Yousef tells Sana that it would be best for them to take a break until she feels relieved.
  • Vilnus: After they start to study at different universities, Magnus has major trust problems whenever Vilde parties with her new friends. He breaks up with her. Vilde becomes a train wreck. After seeing how Magnus is doing fine thanks to her friends and via social media, Vilde decides that it is time for her to take care of herself and she enrolls in a gym class. At the gym, she sees Elias there and they start to talk. Vilde and Elias end up becoming a couple.
  • Mohnstad: Christoffer invites Eva to London. Eva feels excited about seeing London and she goes there with Noora, when Noora goes to London to see William. They become on and off. However, Eva gets tired of this endless cycle, she decides to give a chance to a guy who genuinely likes her. When Christoffer finds it out, he feels jealous that it is going to be a serious thing and he tells Eva his real feelings for her. Finally, after years, they become an official couple. Christoffer considers coming back to Norway for Eva.
  • Evak: Isak and Even study in different cities. Their long distance relationship becomes an issue for Isak who feels insecure when Even finds new friends. After Isak finds out, Even is busy working on his short film projects with Mikael and Adam, Isak’s jealousy gets triggered. He starts to fear that Even will cheat on him with Mikael and he breaks up with Even in order to avoid being cheated by him. Mikael and Adam realize how heartbroken Even feels because of Isak’s decision. So, they come up with a special idea that they persuade Even to make a short film about Evak. After seeing the film, Isak realizes he made a mistake and he apologizes to Even. They become a couple again after being apart for 9 months.

Type: One Shot; Continuation; Fools
Genre: Angst
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 2,655
A/N: …and it goes on~ *throws confetti*

Your eyes flutter as you look around. Everything was glowing like multiple strings of Christmas lights. Your heart races against your chest like the wings of a hummingbird. You sigh, finding a small bit of peace in this warmth. A large hand suddenly lays on top of yours, causing you to turn forward to the man before you. He chuckles at your cluelessness and soft pink cheeks. He was sort of cute, but extremely touchy for your comfort. You softly chuckle as you pull your hand away.

“Stay right here, I’ll be back.” He smiles before you hummed in response. He stood up from his seat and disappears and you don’t bother to watch where he’s gone.

The expression on your face immediately melts, the smile on your lips turn into a dull frown and the glimmer in your eyes lose its shine. You plant an elbow on the table top, your chin resting on your palm. A slow breath slips from your lips as your fingertip leisurely rim your wine glass, occasionally smearing the lipstick stains you’ve left behind.

Usually, you never drank this much alcohol nor did you ever find yourself clinging onto the company of a man. One to two glasses of wine were your usual limit and you found the comfort in the company of your friends, but tonight was different. You were trying to escape. You didn’t want any reminders of your past, but you’ve been triggered already.

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can you write something about how the scene from the stills goes

Red wine doesn’t taste as bad as the cocktails Magnus usually drinks, and it’s a bit better than the beer he had on their date.

“This is okay,” Alec says, taking a sip and leaning back against the couch. 

Magnus settles back against him, taking a drink from his own wine glass. “That wine is over 100 years old,” he says, with a smile on his face. “I would hope it’s ‘okay’.”

Alec tucks his chin over Magnus’ shoulder, tilting his nose to nudge at the side of Magnus’ neck. Magnus exhales slowly, moves his head a little so Alec can have better access if he so chooses.

He chooses, mouth opening a little to mouth over the skin available to him. Magnus turns to him then, eyes drifting down to his mouth before Alec closes the distance between them and kisses him.

Kissing Magnus is something he’ll never tire of, Alec thinks, shifting his body towards Magnus as Magnus sits up so he’s not twisting his neck. Magnus licks into his mouth and Alec nearly drops his glass.

“Suppose I should take care of these before we spill the wine,” Magnus says, pulling back for a second to snap his fingers, glasses disappearing from their hands and reappearing on the table in front of them. “There, much better.”

Magnus’ places his hand on Alec’s thigh, and his brain short circuits at the touch. Alec kisses him again, turning his body so that he can get a hand on Magnus’ face and pull him closer. Magnus obliges, gets a hand under Alec’s leg and pulls, catching Alec off guard when he finds himself in Magnus’ lap.

“Okay?” Magnus asks, eyes dancing across Alec’s face, searching for any sign of uncomfortableness.

Alec smiles, slides a hand to the back of Magnus’ neck and kisses him. “So okay,” he breathes, before going in for more.

Hugo Headcanon #2

Hugo goes to wine tasting events. He knows what he likes and searches high and low for it. When he does find the right one he drills the server hundreds of questions about the bottle. If he is satisfied he buys a bottle or two. One for himself and one to share with Dadsona later.

+10 Dad points if Dadsona buys Hugo a very expensive bottle of wine for Hugo birthday.
Ephesians 4:31-32  [1/3]
A fanfic for Dream Daddy: a Daddy Dating Simulator
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Ephesians 4:31-32
Fandom: Dream Daddy: a Daddy Dating Simulator
Pairing: Mary Christiansen/Robert Small/Joseph Christiansen
Rating: Teen (fic rating will change in next chapters)
Tags: Past Infidelity, Angst and Feels, Relationship Discussions, rating and tags will change for later chapters

 “I’m sorry,” he says.

 Forgiveness, much like respect, is earned, not given.

 Joseph knows far too well that he has much to say, much to do, and much to prove, to earn both of those things back from both Mary and Robert.

 He’s hurt them. He’s hurt them both in ways for which he knows he has no right to ask for forgiveness.

 But still, he tries.

Also on AO3 here: Ephesians 4:31-32

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the wine episode is loaded with standrew moments and i'm just in the corner screaming because from andrew teasing steven about not knowing how to taste wine, from them commenting on how romantic the setting is in the second wine tasting, and then how andrew goes for the cheers like fifty thousand times in this episode vs how he was always so reluctant to cheers in the beginning. and then when steven says "up yours" he loses it. i love my sons

*takes drag of cigarette* the wine episode ……

that’s the ep that got me officially shipping them like,,, damn boys,, can you get more platonic

jasico headcanons for my bae @zaynmahik

  • the nagging / bickering wars oh my goodness, can you imagine? jason’s persistence and nico’s italian hand waving, it would literally never end
  • they would so be that couple that goes to wine tasting events
  • picture this: nico and jason at the wine tasting festival in epcot in walt disney world, going from country to country, and being all red in the face by the end of the night
  • nico would have the hiccups as they walked back to their hotel
  • jason is always the bigger spoon ngl rip
  • i’m so ready for older!nico though with the curly hair and the scruff and the fancy shoes, and the long jacket and the dress pants, taking after his father clothing-wise, and growing taller like almost if not taller than jason
  • older!nico jumping into bed and just automatically being the bigger spoon but after awhile jason goes “nico…i’m uncomfortable” in a whiny voice and nico rolls his eyes but let’s jason be the bigger spoon anyway
  • they’re that couple that know each other so well that in battle they know exactly where one another is and when they’re back to back they’re nearly impossible to beat
  • no matter how old they get if nico is cold jason will immediately take of his jacket and lay it over nico’s shoulders
  • after a make out session jasico where they’re both in their boxers and nico is making dinner, like cooking sauce and boiling pasta and he’s singing under his breath and jason comes up behind him and hugs him close and kisses him once on his shoulder before resting his head on it
  • omg whenever nico catches jason lifting weights at camp he just starts SWEATING bc come on the sight of jason flexing his muscles?? how can u not get a lil heated
  • sometimes when jason is watching nico spar with whoever he takes a step back a realizes how powerful nico actually is and he just stands there with wide eyes, and like a shocked lil look on his face and when nico gives him a questioning gaze that’s usually when he shakes himself back to reality
  • when they both finally get to college they go out for coffee twice a week and jason always encourages nico to try something new, nico shoos him away but orders a different pastry every time nonetheless (whether they’re at the same college or not it’s ok, nico’s got tons better at shadow traveling)
  • jasico!football/highschool au will always be my fav i just had to put that in here 
  • jason and nico at 2 am in the morning just belting out the lyrics to bye bye bye by nsync or london bridge by fergie omg
  • in the beginning of their relationship, when nico was still a little closed off, jason supplied most of the conversation a lot of the time, but as time went on nico would call him sometimes or mention things during coffee dates or text him little things, and they’d be about his day or about mythomagic or hazel or school or anything really, but no matter what jason always answered back with such enthusiasm and happiness because he was so stoked that nico was telling him things
  • and nico never said anything, but jason’s reactions meant the absolute world to him
  • during boring head cabin counselor meetings at chb, nico would doodle silly tattoos on jason’s arms while jason was sitting patiently and paying attention bc he’s such a goober
  • and nico didn’t think jason every really paid any attention to the things he drew, but one day jason walked up to him and nico saw what was very obviously a small-ish mythomagic card on jason’s inner wrist with the initials “N.D.” on it and nico literally cried and jason got really scared bc he didn’t know what was wrong
  • jason breaking into the hades cabin at night like at least three times a week bc he wants to cuddle with nico
  • nico taking them both on weekend trips through different parts of italy ahhhhHHHHHHH
  • jason getting really emotional but not showing it when nico finally takes him to venice and shows him where he lived, where he went to school (or at least where it used to be) etc.
  • nico summoning jason’s mother so he could actually get a proper goodbye / explanation and jason defending nico when the gods (u kno who specifically) appear bc “it’s against the rules how many times do we have to tell u”
  • jason almost pulls a percy and fights them
  • nico and jason going to the botanical gardens in ny and at one point nico jumps into jason’s arms bc “the hydrangeas! jason, they looked at me i swear! oh gods, she’s going to turn me into a rose bush this time…”

they’re not the usual headcanons, but i hope you like them babe!!! i’ve still got more where these came from

ily ♥♥♥

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What do the 2ps do in there spare time ( love your blog keep up the good work 👍)

((Thank you, my love ; w ; ))

What the modern 2Ps do in their spare time–

2P!America: plays baseball, makes vegan meals, hangs out with friends, goes to parties, occasionally chases after girls, sometimes just stays home and watches horror movies or prank-calls Alfred

2P!China: anything to do with opium/ drugs, sometimes goes to bug Kuro, has tea with Oliver, hangs out in American Chinatowns, teases girls, goes to celebrations, runs a red light district

2P!England: lots of hobbies. Baking, gardening, sewing, listens to cheerful classical music (much to Roland’s dismay), invites friends over to his house, calls Allen to make sure he’s doing okay, sometimes tries to get Zao to stop doing drugs

2P!France: antisocial. Stays home, sits in the dark, smokes cigarettes, looks through boxes of old memories (such as photo albums), thinks about calling Matt but never does, invites prostitutes over

2P!Russia: builds model airplanes/ tanks, hikes, rock climbs, does puzzles, gets invited to friends’ houses but only goes to keep them from fighting, listens to speeches about anti-war and usually agrees with them, practices religion

2P!Italy: plays darts, polishes knife collection, bosses Lutz around, goes over to Kuro’s house, avoids Flavio, goes to wine tasting in country clubs, attends masquerades, visits art museums just to judge and critique

2P!Germany: invites friends to go to bars with him, sometimes goes to night clubs, drinks beer, flirts with girls, occasionally smokes with Francois, plays billiards, follows Luciano around

2P!Japan: lays in the dark, watches hentai, plays guro games, practices swordsmanship, listens to yandere Drama CDs, goes outside (usually only with Luciano or Lutz) to go out and judge people, rents indie samurai films and forces a friend to watch them with him just so he can point out the inaccuracies and laugh

2P!Canada: goes camping. Fishing. Hunts down poachers. Stays in the mountains for days or even weeks. Lives off nature. Tames bears. Gets forced to come out of the woods by Allen and keeps him company for a while. Occasionally does parkour with him, or stays inside and read books.

2P!Romano: design and make clothes, haves models try them on, sometimes works as a model himself, writes articles for fashion magazines, gets his hair/ nails done, gossips with friends, goes shopping, keeps his house tidy, calls Luciano to see how he’s doing, goes to Italian restaurants just to see if he needs to ‘give tips to the chef’

2P!Austria: listens to any kind of rock music, buys band merchandise online, watches wizard and medieval era documentaries, practices witchcraft, attempts to communicate with the dead/ and or bring them back to the world of the living, makes voodoo dolls, checks astrology, visits graveyards

2P!Prussia: introvert. Stays in his room, listening to the CDs that Roland gave him, sometimes checks out other music, usually gets interrupted by Lutz who tells him to come out more, gets dragged out by him or some friend to the movies or something, usually has a good time and wishes he could be more talkative and carefree like his brother.

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Sam Drake x reader!☆ ✿■♡♥☮ ൠ

☆ - happy headcanon

When Sam is super excited about something, he brings his hands up to his mouth and his eyes get wide as plates and every vowel becomes a mile long. “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat foooooor meeeeeee?!!”

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

His mancave mainly just consists of pirate stuff. Took a year to even get a tv in it.  You may have caught him pretending to sword fight someone a few times.

♡ - romantic headcanon

LOVES to surprise you.  comes up behind you and covers your eyes to give you little gifts. makes you ride to the restaurant on date nights with your eyes closed so you cant see where he’s taking you. NEVER tries to scare you with surprises, only happy surprises.

♥ - family headcanon

AH-MAZ-ING uncle to Cassie. The piggie back rides were only the beginning. Loves to play make believe with her, would often find Sam during holidays in Cassie’s room having “tea” with her or letting her “fix” his hair.

☮ - friendship headcanon

Loves boys nights.  Has the boys over for poker, goes to wine tastings, strip clubs, the movies, etc. Always invites you to join, but you always decline.  You have girls night too afterall.

ൠ - random headcanon

Boob man. Nate is an ass man, Sam is a total boob man. 

e/r au where grantaire goes to a wine tasting event with eponine to make fun of all the snooty rich Wine Connoisseurs™; except as the two of them are giggling and sipping )and genuinely enjoying themselves), grantaire catches eyes with a certain golden haired beauty whose lips are gently touching the edge of a glass filled with a dark red wine. grantaire nearly spits his out all over eponine’s blouse. “what the fuck, r” “sorry i just, well, uh” “oh my god just go talk to him”; and after a lot of shoving and persuading, grantaire gets up and reluctantly walks over to where enj is sitting (with joly, jehan and courf) and stutters his way through an introduction and some kind of smooth talk while enj just sits and stares, his mouth hanging open in the slightest and the rest of the crew gazing lovingly at r. finally courf nudges for enj to introduce himself and he goes “i’m enjolras but you can, um, yeah call me enj, or not, whatever’s fine. wouldyouandyourfriendliketojoinus?” and EVERYONE is like oh my god the second most eloquent fool at the table AND HERE HE IS SPEECHLESS AND NERVOUS IN THE PRESENCE OF GRANTAIRE. so they all sit in silence for a second before grantaire is like “sure” and drags eponine over and they all sip wine and join in the group’s hilarious tipsy commentary of the other event-goers.

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140704 Naver Starcast TAEYANG X SEUNGRI

TOP Phone call translation

From 20:00 to 25:36

SR: It wasn’t on the plan, but let me try calling him

SR: Don’t get the number on the camera

SR: I’m not sure if he’ll pick up

SR: Actually, TOP hyung doesn’t really like it when we call him like this

CAPS: Calling: T.O.P

YB: Yeah

TOP: Hello

SR: Hello

TOP: Hello

SR: Hello~

TOP: Hello?

SR: Am I speaking to TOP from Big Bang?

TOP: Yes, this is TOP

SR: Ah… I’m… I’m…

YB: Can’t you tell from the voice?

TOP: Seung… Seungr… Seungri?

SR: Do you always answer calls with that tone of a voice?

SR: *imitates TOP* Hello~

TOP: Ah, I just woke up right now

SR: Do you know what time it is? What did you do last night?

YB: Hyung, I know what you did last night

YB: What you did before you went to sleep

TOP: Yeah

SR: I think his voice is… he really sounds like he just woke up

YB: Are you okay with talking to us right now?

TOP: Yeah, it’s fine

SR: Where are you right now?

TOP: I’m at home

SR: Taeyang hyung and I are doing this live thing for Naver Starcast right now

SR: We called you because we thought our fans really missed you

TOP: I miss them too

SR: Please say something to your fans that you dearly miss

TOP: I miss you~

TOP: I miss you~

SR: I think this hyung is still drunk

SR: Sorry. (He’s still drunk) at this time.

YB: Please tell us about how you’ve been lately. I heard that your movie filming finished successfully.

TOP: Yeah, I’m done with shooting the movie <Tazza – Hand of God>

TOP: My movie will be released a month later. 

SR: What are you doing now?

YB: How are you doing these days?

TOP: I’m just resting these days. I also recently traveled abroad and rested. 

SR: Your movie will be released on Korean Thanksgiving! As the main character, how do you feel about the movie? Do you think it’ll be a great hit? 

TOP: *stutters a lot* Not really that but the original author… his original work… the story… the original work… the manias who enjoyed the original… uh…

YB: What?

TOP: To the fans of the original series…

YB: Ah, you think it’ll appeal well to the fans of the original cartoon series?

SR: TOP-ssi, I think you should drink some water if you have any next to you.

SR: Actually, today’s person on the spotlight is Taeyang hyung…

How is his new song Eyes, Nose, Lips?

TOP: Ah~ I love it! it’s so good. Why are you asking me such a stupid(obvious) question like that?

SR: I think our fans will be curious how TOP hyung’s Eyes Nose Lips will sound! Can you sing it a little for us?

TOP: *sings*

SR&YB: A little bit longer! 

TOP: *sings in alien language(?) lol*

YB: Have you even heard of my song before… 

YB: I don’t think that sounds like my song…

TOP: *sings again*

SR: Seriously, who did you drink with last night?

YB: Anyways, TOP hyung! We’re doing an award on Starcast right now.

YB: And about 50,000 fans voted for you as the best visual award. That means you are the most handsome member. What do you think about that?

TOP: Well…. I don’t know. I have nothing to say *laughs*

SR: Do you still think that you are good looking whenever you look at the mirror?

TOP: Not at all, not these days. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. It’s very dangerous(?) right now.

SR: Thank you for answering our call even though you’re resting. 

SR: Please say something to our fans, and it’s Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary! 

SR: Please say one last word to us!

TOP: Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary reminds me, we had our 8th year anniversary too. (T/N: The anniversary is coming up; I think TOP meant to say that too but was too tired lolol)

SR: Right, right.

TOP: Congratulations.

YB: Are you congratulating Bigbang or Starcast? You’re congratulating both, right?

TOP: Why would I congratulate starcast?

SR: Ah~ You’re so bad~

YB: But you’re very honest! 

SR: Say something to our fans!

TOP: Thank you for loving us for 8 years. We will prepare an awesome big bang album and appear in front of you guys. 

SR: Hyung, let’s meet up and eat together soon~

TOP: Okay~

SR: Thank you! Get more sleep~

TOP: Okay!

Translated by bigbanggisvip (tumblr)

Please credit when you take it out! 

That AU where Stiles is at college and he meets Derek Hale– the goofiest, sweetest, most charming TA to ever grace a UC campus– and falls head over heels for him.  

Derek takes Stiles to his family’s beach house that spring break to meet his mother and his sisters.  Stiles is nervous, but he tags along and he’s so happy that he does because Talia is wonderful, reminds him impossibly of his mother, and both Cora and Laura welcome him with open arms and smart mouths. 

Then, two days into vacation, Uncle Peter shows up.  Uncle Peter, who definitely favors Cora the most, and has sharp eyes and sharper wit.  Uncle Peter who Stiles meets after climbing out of the surf with Derek, wet and sandy and a bit pink from the sun.  Uncle Peter who makes Stiles feel… something every time their eyes meet.  

He tries not to think about it.  He’s there with Derek.  He loves Derek.  He and Derek have been together for six months, and Derek loves him.  Derek treats him so gentle.  Derek is a rock; he’s the only steady thing in Stiles’ crazy life.  

…but Peter.  Peter is wild.  And something calls to Stiles, something wicked and wonderful, and nothing that ever amounted to anything good.  But Stiles wants and it’s terrifying. 

And then one day, when Derek goes into town with Laura and Cora, and Talia is at a wine tasting with a friend, Stiles stays at the beach house to catch up on some school reading before it overwhelms him.  It’s a warm day– a hot day– and he’s lingering in the kitchen, holding a glass of ice water to his head, reading to himself, by himself, until that just isn’t the case anymore. 

Want something stronger? Peter would ask and Stiles would blink and say yes

And it might just be the beginning of the end. 


YB & RI on Starcast calling T.O.P (cr to the owner of the video)

Translation (cr to @BIGBANGGisVIP, @HuiSuYoon, and @ShrimpLJY):

Seungri: I recently drank some wine with T.O.P hyung, and he gets more and more handsome every time I look at him.

Taeyang: His handsomeness increases as time goes on! T.O.P hyung loves wine and just like how a wine tastes better as it gets older, his eyes get deeper and he becomes more manly and handsome.

Seungri: Recently, after his movie shooting, T.O.P hyung had troubles on his skin. He put some trouble patches on and he still looked really handsome.

Taeyang: Whatever that hyung does, he is handsome. It’s kind of bad how he knows that fact himself. *jokes*

T.O.P: My movie will be released a month later.

Seungri: What are you doing now?

Taeyang: How are you doing these days?

T.O.P: I’m just resting these days. I also recently traveled abroad and rested.

Seungri: Your movie will be released on Korean Thanksgiving! As the main character, how do you feel about the movie? Do you think it’ll be a great hit?

T.O.P: *stutters a lot* Not really that but the original author… his original work… the story… the original work… the manias who enjoyed the original… uh…

Taeyang: What?

T.O.P: To the fans of the original series…

Taeyang: Ah, you think it’ll appeal well to the fans of the original cartoon series?

Seungri: T.O.P-ssi, I think you should drink some water if you have any next to you.

Seungri: Actually, today’s person on the spotlight is Taeyang hyung… How is his new song Eyes, Nose, Lips?

T.O.P: Ah~ I love it! it’s so good. Why are you asking me such a stupid (obvious) question like that?

Seungri: I think our fans will be curious how T.O.P hyung’s Eyes Nose Lips will sound! Can you sing it a little for us?

T.O.P: *sings*

SR&Taeyang: A little bit longer!

T.O.P: *sings*

Taeyang: Have you even heard of my song before…

Taeyang: I don’t think that sounds like my song…

T.O.P: *sings again*

Seungri: Seriously, who did you drink with last night?

Taeyang: Anyways, T.O.P hyung! We’re doing an award on Starcast right now.

Taeyang: And about 50,000 fans voted for you as the best visual award. That means you are the most handsome member. What do you think about that?

T.O.P: Well…. I don’t know. I have nothing to say *laughs*

Seungri: Do you still think that you are good looking whenever you look at the mirror?

T.O.P: Not at all, not these days. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. It’s very dangerous(?) right now.

Seungri: Thank you for answering our call even though you’re resting.

Seungri: Please say something to our fans, and it’s Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary!

Seungri: Please say one last word to us!

T.O.P: Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary reminds me, we had our 8th year anniversary too. (T/N: The anniversary is coming up; I think T.O.P meant to say that too but was too tired)

Seungri: Right, right.

T.O.P: Congratulations.

Taeyang: Are you congratulating Bigbang or Starcast? You’re congratulating both, right?

T.O.P: Why would I congratulate Starcast?

Seungri: Ah~ You’re so bad~

Taeyang: But you’re very honest!

Seungri: Say something to our fans!

T.O.P: Thank you for loving us for 8 years. We will prepare an awesome big bang album and appear in front of you guys.

Seungri: Hyung, let’s meet up and eat together soon~

T.O.P: Okay~

Seungri: Thank you! Get more sleep~

T.O.P: Okay!


This Starcast made me realize how much I miss OT5’s interaction.. BaeRi are always cute together cause they’re so different.. And Tabi singing is just…. lol.. xD

Comeback soon please my babies… :*