it goes to wine tasting!!!!

e/r au where grantaire goes to a wine tasting event with eponine to make fun of all the snooty rich Wine Connoisseurs™; except as the two of them are giggling and sipping )and genuinely enjoying themselves), grantaire catches eyes with a certain golden haired beauty whose lips are gently touching the edge of a glass filled with a dark red wine. grantaire nearly spits his out all over eponine’s blouse. “what the fuck, r” “sorry i just, well, uh” “oh my god just go talk to him”; and after a lot of shoving and persuading, grantaire gets up and reluctantly walks over to where enj is sitting (with joly, jehan and courf) and stutters his way through an introduction and some kind of smooth talk while enj just sits and stares, his mouth hanging open in the slightest and the rest of the crew gazing lovingly at r. finally courf nudges for enj to introduce himself and he goes “i’m enjolras but you can, um, yeah call me enj, or not, whatever’s fine. wouldyouandyourfriendliketojoinus?” and EVERYONE is like oh my god the second most eloquent fool at the table AND HERE HE IS SPEECHLESS AND NERVOUS IN THE PRESENCE OF GRANTAIRE. so they all sit in silence for a second before grantaire is like “sure” and drags eponine over and they all sip wine and join in the group’s hilarious tipsy commentary of the other event-goers.

jasico headcanons for my bae @zaynmahik

  • the nagging / bickering wars oh my goodness, can you imagine? jason’s persistence and nico’s italian hand waving, it would literally never end
  • they would so be that couple that goes to wine tasting events
  • picture this: nico and jason at the wine tasting festival in epcot in walt disney world, going from country to country, and being all red in the face by the end of the night
  • nico would have the hiccups as they walked back to their hotel
  • jason is always the bigger spoon ngl rip
  • i’m so ready for older!nico though with the curly hair and the scruff and the fancy shoes, and the long jacket and the dress pants, taking after his father clothing-wise, and growing taller like almost if not taller than jason
  • older!nico jumping into bed and just automatically being the bigger spoon but after awhile jason goes “nico…i’m uncomfortable” in a whiny voice and nico rolls his eyes but let’s jason be the bigger spoon anyway
  • they’re that couple that know each other so well that in battle they know exactly where one another is and when they’re back to back they’re nearly impossible to beat
  • no matter how old they get if nico is cold jason will immediately take of his jacket and lay it over nico’s shoulders
  • after a make out session jasico where they’re both in their boxers and nico is making dinner, like cooking sauce and boiling pasta and he’s singing under his breath and jason comes up behind him and hugs him close and kisses him once on his shoulder before resting his head on it
  • omg whenever nico catches jason lifting weights at camp he just starts SWEATING bc come on the sight of jason flexing his muscles?? how can u not get a lil heated
  • sometimes when jason is watching nico spar with whoever he takes a step back a realizes how powerful nico actually is and he just stands there with wide eyes, and like a shocked lil look on his face and when nico gives him a questioning gaze that’s usually when he shakes himself back to reality
  • when they both finally get to college they go out for coffee twice a week and jason always encourages nico to try something new, nico shoos him away but orders a different pastry every time nonetheless (whether they’re at the same college or not it’s ok, nico’s got tons better at shadow traveling)
  • jasico!football/highschool au will always be my fav i just had to put that in here 
  • jason and nico at 2 am in the morning just belting out the lyrics to bye bye bye by nsync or london bridge by fergie omg
  • in the beginning of their relationship, when nico was still a little closed off, jason supplied most of the conversation a lot of the time, but as time went on nico would call him sometimes or mention things during coffee dates or text him little things, and they’d be about his day or about mythomagic or hazel or school or anything really, but no matter what jason always answered back with such enthusiasm and happiness because he was so stoked that nico was telling him things
  • and nico never said anything, but jason’s reactions meant the absolute world to him
  • during boring head cabin counselor meetings at chb, nico would doodle silly tattoos on jason’s arms while jason was sitting patiently and paying attention bc he’s such a goober
  • and nico didn’t think jason every really paid any attention to the things he drew, but one day jason walked up to him and nico saw what was very obviously a small-ish mythomagic card on jason’s inner wrist with the initials “N.D.” on it and nico literally cried and jason got really scared bc he didn’t know what was wrong
  • jason breaking into the hades cabin at night like at least three times a week bc he wants to cuddle with nico
  • nico taking them both on weekend trips through different parts of italy ahhhhHHHHHHH
  • jason getting really emotional but not showing it when nico finally takes him to venice and shows him where he lived, where he went to school (or at least where it used to be) etc.
  • nico summoning jason’s mother so he could actually get a proper goodbye / explanation and jason defending nico when the gods (u kno who specifically) appear bc “it’s against the rules how many times do we have to tell u”
  • jason almost pulls a percy and fights them
  • nico and jason going to the botanical gardens in ny and at one point nico jumps into jason’s arms bc “the hydrangeas! jason, they looked at me i swear! oh gods, she’s going to turn me into a rose bush this time…”

they’re not the usual headcanons, but i hope you like them babe!!! i’ve still got more where these came from

ily ♥♥♥