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real talk though in a Fae AU who would be the fairy and who would be the human?

Cause honestly i can see Credence having a strange fascination with humans and Graves is kind of a skeptic, one of those ‘i don’t believe in fairies’ types

He goes to some country village for a vacation and all the locals are superstitious af and they warn him to watch for fairy rings when he walks through the woods. Graves is kinda like ‘yeah, sure, I’ll do that’

Graves does eventually wind up in the woods and he ends up walking right into a fairy ring naturally.

Credence comes out looking like he does and Graves definitely believes someone that pretty isn’t human. Then he realizes that means the locals were right after all and his ‘oh, shit’ moment must show on his face cause Credence just kinda smiles and promises that he’s not here to hurt him.

So they get to talking a little bit, Graves telling Credence that the villagers all warned him about how dangerous fairies are.

Credence looks a little upset at that and when Graves presses he finds out that Credence is actually pretty lonely. Because of all the superstitions about his kind, humans try and avoid Credence even though he really doesn’t mean them any harm.

“So does that mean… I’m not really trapped in this thing?” Graves asks, glancing around at the toadstools.

Credence spreads his arms. “No. You’re free to go.”

Graves tries stepping over the toadstools and, sure enough, he isn’t stopped by anything.

Credence starts to fade back into the forest, but Graves stops him before he can leave completely.

“What do you want with humans, anyways?”

Credence glances back at him, shrugging. “Nothing, really. I’m just curious.”

Graves hesitates a bit, rubbing at the back of his neck. “I… guess I could stay for a bit. If you have any questions.”

Credence’s face lights up and he practically floats over to Graves, eyes shining. “I have so many.”

So they strike up this sort of unusual friendship with Graves heading into the woods every couple of days to see Credence while all the villagers sort of scratch their heads and wonder why he’s so eager to die. 

and then you could probs throw something in there about Credence being a fairy prince or something, and his mother Mary Lou disapproves of humans and finds out about him sneaking off all the time to see Graves, like there are ways you could go with that


I can also see fairy King Graves, stern and determined to keep his people from harm by keeping them away from humans.

He knows what they’re like, they’ll probably want to cut them open, see what makes them tick, or at the very least try and steal fairy magic for their own.

So he sets up fairy rings and slowly they gain a reputation amongst humans for being dangerous things. ‘Go near the fairy rings and wind up dead.’

Credence doesn’t mean to stumble into one, but it’s dark in the woods and he’s not watching where he’s going, just desperate to get away from the oppressive church and the mother who’s not his mother.

Once he realizes what he’s done he’s scared, of course, but there’s also a small spark of relief. No more Mary Lou, no more scars, no more overwhelming guilt for being what he is…

Graves appears to find Credence sitting in the middle of the ring, arms wrapped around his legs, chin propped on his knees, looking amazingly calm for someone who’s supposedly about to die.

“Do you know what happens to people who step inside my rings?” Graves mutters darkly, thinking it’s possible that the young man is just incredibly ignorant.

But all Credence says is a quiet, “Yes.”

Graves has to admit, he’s a bit taken aback by the subdued response. “Then why aren’t you screaming? Or trying to escape?”

Credence just shrugs.

Slightly intrigued, Graves holds off on killing him. Instead, he decides to let Credence (who really does look quite pathetic) go with a warning to never mention the incident to anyone unless he wants Graves to come back and finish the job.

Credence agrees and sets back off to the village.

Graves watches him the next few days, determined to make sure that the boy isn’t going to tell anyone. But Credence is true to his word and keeps his mouth shut about fairies and their rings.

Unbeknownst to Credence, of course, Graves also sees who and what he lives with. Graves never has understood how humans could treat one of their own that way.

And one night he just kind of decides he’s had enough of sitting back and watching this happen, so he appears to Credence, tells him he knows what Mary Lou has been doing, and all Credence has to do is get Mary Lou out to a fairy ring, Graves will take care of the rest.

A few nights later Credence runs off again, making sure not to pull too far ahead this time so Mary Lou continues to follow him. He knows his way around better than she does, and so he skirts right around the fairy ring but she steps directly into it.

As soon as she realizes what Credence has done she starts screaming at him, warning him what she’ll do to him as soon as she gets out of this. But she never gets the chance to follow through on any of her threats.

Graves materializes out of nowhere, staring at Mary Lou with blank hatred in his eyes. “Go back to the village, Credence,” he says flatly.

Credence obeys. He never sees Mary Lou again.


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What is the danger in astral traveling??

So you may never come across any danger astral traveling, but you also may. You are on the astral realms where actual beings live and spend their lives. Some of them are going to be completely benevolent. Others not so much. Its like plopping yourself down in a country you have never been before. The whole “I am the biggest and baddest” mentality that witches seem to have sometimes does not bode well on the astral if you get yourself in trouble, as you are not the biggest and baddest when dealing with other entities. You can get hurt in your astral body, and it can cause your physical body to be hurt as well too, things can follow you back… the list goes on. Astral traveling is fantastic, I love it, but it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Which is why I always stress the proper use of protections on yourself and your home.


♥ p3r5on4′s Endless List of Favourite Characters (2/?) ♥

Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Estheim

“The world’s full of lies. There’s no way of knowing what’s right. All we can do is believe in ourselves. From here on out, I use my eyes. Think. And act. I might not make all the right choices. But as long as I’m the one who decided what to do, there’s nothing to regret.”

Dominic Sherwood - Shadowhunters season 2

What we know from Shadowhunters season two from #DomTakeover livestream

x Biggest physical change came from Alberto

x Episode 1-3 are tough for Jace

x Jace has two new weapons

x His fave episode so far is episode 3 cause it’s really beautiful and a lot goes on between Alec and Jace.

x Considers Jace being a Morgernstern at the moment in season 2

x The set is bigger and better and more fantastical and technological

x You can expect a lot of darkness and Jace goes through a hell of a journey

x The seraph Blades are cooler

x His favourite scene is the first time Jace meets Maia in Hunters Moon which they have filmed in the show.

x There’s a scene in episode 3 that is pretty heart-breaking

x They are on episode 5 right now

x There are 20 episodes in season 2

x The new season is darker and more adult and almost shot like a movie

x Special parabatai scenes in episode 3

x Simon chills with more downworlders and they’ve introduced a few more downworlders

x They’re exploring more of their characters abilities

x They don’t know if they’re going to Idris this season

Dark Secrets

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Nightmares, torture, swearing, humiliation, and scars 

Notes: Ok ok so first of all this is not my nor any of my co workers writing it was submitted to my by @waterproofswimmer so all credit goes to that person once again this in not my work but enjoy reading this its fantastic.

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if feel if there was an televised awards ceremony in the marvel ‘verse, it should just be standing ovations for all the female characters and people of colour because they constantly have to deal with these white men fucking everything up 

“this award goes to the wasp, she wasn’t invited to join the avengers, but saved half of new york when the avengers just fought aliens off in the middle of manhattan”

“this award goes to the black panther for his achievement in particle physics that closed the rift in space caused by the fantastic four”

“this award goes to storm who saved the whole continent from a tsunami while magneto and professor x risked lives over a chess game”

 “this award goes to silk who saved the bowery from the kingpin while spider-man got real into emo jazz tap again”

He’s a player (Cristiano) who scores 50 goals a season, so it’s not surprising that it causes some anxiety when he goes a few games without a goal. He showed a fantastic, sacrificial spirit because he was experiencing some pain but gave everything in the game. The goals will come. Sometimes anxiety plays its part in stopping goals being scored, but he’s just saving himself up for the right time.
—  Fernando Santos