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Draco feels a tremor tear through him. His fists are clenched, his jaw muscles tense, his chest tight, his knees wobbly. He’s breathing heavily as his stomach twists viciously, the hot feeling inside it beginning to spread, infecting the rest of his body. Like venom. He stares down the empty corridor, lit by torches. His vision blurs, little spots appearing in front of him. He feels dizzy. He wants to scream. He wants this feeling inside of him to take physical form, so he can punch it, destroy it.

He wants the rage to leave his body.

Well, what Draco really wants is the cause of his rage to go away. How many letters from his father is he supposed to receive calmly, while Lucius keeps going on and on about how disappointed he is in his son, not sure if he can be even called his son any longer.

Draco feels sick. His stomach gives another twist, but Draco refuses to show weakness. He will not be sick. No. He hears, rather than feels, his jaw cracking as he tenses his muscles further. His arms are shaking now. Unthinkingly, he turns to the wall and punches it. Hard. He feels no pain, but there’s another cracking sound.

Draco feels his eyes sting, which only makes him angrier. This will not make him cry. He will not spill a single tear over this. And yet, he can’t seem to stop the hot tears from running down his cheeks.

He startles when he hears footsteps echoing off the walls. He hastily wipes the tears away with his sleeve and looks up. Of course. Of course it has to be Potter!

“Malfoy.” He sounds puzzled. “What are you doing here?”

Draco doesn’t answer and averts his eyes, in fear of Potter noticing he just had a moment of weakness.

“Malfoy,” Potter repeats. Draco feels a new surge of anger course through him. He wants to hit Potter. Hexing him wouldn’t be gratifying enough. He wants to physically injure him with his hands, his whole body.

Before Potter knows what’s happening, Draco lunges at him. His fist connects with his jaw and Potter stumbles backward. He blinks a few times, obviously flabbergasted and blinks at Draco stupidly. After a moment, he frowns.

“What the hell, Malfoy?”

Draco lunges at him again, trying to land a punch. His vision blurs once more, making it difficult to see where to hit Potter. But it doesn’t matter. Draco doesn’t care which part of Potter he will injure, as long as it hurts. He wants Potter to hurt as much as he does.

But Potter is fighting back. He hits Draco in the stomach, making him flinch. He welcomes the sharp pain. It numbs the other sensations in his body. It doesn’t last long, though. Once again, he feels detached from his body.

Draco’s not sure, but he thinks he got Potter on his shoulder and punched his chest, knocking the breath out of him. When Draco starts whirling around again, striking out in an uncontrolled manner, he suddenly feels arms encircling him, clutching him.

“Damn it, Malfoy, stop,” Potter shouts. He tightens his grip, trying to get Draco to stop moving. Draco fights against the restraint, tries to break free, but Potter is apparently stronger than him.

“Bloody hell, I heard you’ve been starting fights lately for no apparent reason,” Potter squeezes out while Draco still tries to get him off him. “What is the matter with you?”

Draco just grunts and tries to shove his elbow into Potter’s side. He fails. When all his attempts fail, he finally slumps down. Potter, surprised by the sudden extra weight, tumbles and they both go down.

Draco needs a moment to realise he’s half sitting in Potter’s lap, his body still somewhat encircled by Potter’s arms. It’s too much. Draco can’t take this. The hot tears he spilled earlier are nothing compared to what’s happening right now. He’s choking on his own sobs, every inhale torture to his lungs.

He can’t even win a fight against Potter, Draco thinks bitterly. Is his father right? Is Draco really a disappointment? Draco is faintly aware that he’s heaving and puffing, his chest aching.

“Malfoy,” Potter says quietly, uncertainty clear in his voice. He hasn’t moved his arms and Draco wants to slap them away, because the warmth that’s seeping through his robes is too bittersweet for him to bear. It’s not Potter’s intention to comfort him with this proximity.

“Your hand,” Potter suddenly mutters. Draco looks down at it. His hand his bruised and swollen, the skin on his knuckles cracked. He still doesn’t feel any pain. He’s just numb, like most days lately, not in control of his own body.

He hates that he can’t get up and just leave. He’s still sitting in Potter’s lap, sobbing like a child. Draco feels a tentative finger under his chin and tries to jerk his head away, but Potter’s grip is firm. He forces Draco to look at him and Draco can do nothing against it. He stares at Potter as several emotions pass over his face. His eyes are wide and his mouth opens to release a warm puff of breath. Draco feels it on his face and it’s like Potter has struck him.

The aching in his chest worsens and Draco breaks down completely. He lets his head fall down, not caring where it lands. The fingers under his chin disappear, as Draco’s head hits something solid. Potter’s shoulder, he realises, when something soft tickles his ear. Potter’s hair.

Draco knows this is wrong. He knows Potter is getting a glimpse of something, Draco has been trying to hide from everyone. He can’t show weakness. He just can’t.

He isn’t sure, at first, if he’s imagining something pressing into his back and the warmth on his cheek, until he tries to turn his head and finds that he can’t. Because Potter’s cheek is pressing into his, his arms are around Draco once more. He’s drawing circles on Draco’s back with his palms rather awkwardly.

Draco really does know this is wrong and he has no idea what possessed Potter to actually try and comfort him, but when Draco feels a warm hand move over his head and begins stroking his hair, Draco closes his eyes and decides that, just for tonight, he will forget about everything that is wrong.

“Thanks, Maggie. Love you,” Dex says, and Nursey’s heart stops beating for a moment. His lungs refuse to inhale or exhale. The muscles in his legs forget that they are holding up an actual person.

Then Dex’s eyes catch his, going wide at the interruption, and Nursey somehow finds it in himself to pretend that everything is exactly the same now as it was thirty seconds ago.

He looks away and heads for the fridge, his limbs remembering themselves once more.

“Hey, uh, sorry, I gotta go. Can I call you back?” Dex says into his cell phone on the other side of the Haus kitchen.

Nursey rummages through several pounds of butter in search of something edible. He silently repeats to himself his old mantra from Andover, from when he could barely see straight for the tears welling up in his eyes at every backhanded remark or micro-aggression. The mantra he used to train his emotions not to show themselves at every turn, the way they had done with abandon throughout his childhood.

“Write it down instead,” his sister suggested, when he confided to her his inability to keep things bottled up. And, after a time, that strategy seemed to work.

Write it down instead, he still tells himself now, at the end of his Sophomore year at Samwell, whenever the world becomes too much, whenever he feels suddenly as though his façade of always okay always fine always chill isn’t strong enough to handle the current situation.

Nursey begins to silently run through the words again in his head now, trying very hard not to analyze why he needs to.

“Um, so. How much of that did you hear?” Dex asks him, and luckily Nursey’s got his head buried so far into the freezer that he doesn’t have to cover his pained grimace.

“Not much, man, don’t worry about it. Hey, you think Bitty would murder us if we used his new oven for store-brand taquitos?”

He barely hears Dex’s reply, though, too busy faking normalcy. Too busy wondering who it was on the other end of Dex’s phone call that got to hear the words “I love you” from the guy, and so casually offered up that Dex must say it to her daily.

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((Also the only other thing I got out of this episode was fucking Magnus’s surprise training regiment and how everyone probably reacted))

Lup: NOT happy (initially), like, 100% had her wand up and ready to blow Magnus away. Probably not super on edge on the island but seeing as evocation is her jam, she’s probably ready to fireball his ass any day of the week. Also probably laughed a bunch about it later

Merle: The one time he isn’t sick from that damned seashell - the ONE time, for like, a week - he’s finally getting out in the sun and drinking with Cap’n-port and Magnus jumps out from behind them and he trips and falls onto another toxic seashell

Davenport: Sitting in the ship, he’s probably kind of like, talking to it and stroking the console, especially since he’s the one who stays with the Starblaster the MOST often, when things could go bad, he’s the one piloting her out so he spends a lot of time with her and has a maybe (disturbingly) close relationship and he hears a weird rattling from his panel and after about an hour of finding a screwdriver and opening this vent he just sees a pair of eyes and he goes “MAGNUSSSS”

Taako: Probably while he’s surfing, like, you see Taako just kinda floating out and then Magnus’s head pops up from underwater behind him and he flips the surfboard screaming “MAGNUS”

Barry: He’s watching Taako surf and kinda cursing himself a bit for how much he looks like his sister, who he has the BIGGEST crush on, and he stands up to cheer Taako and realizes that Magnus has slid under his chair and is watching him from below (he’s probably been waiting for Barry to stand up for like, 5-6 minutes?) and just goes “MAGNUS”. Barry either faints or jumps so high he catches the seaweed slippers

Lucretia: She’s sitting in the little shack designated to her and writing in (both of) her notebooks with both hands and Magnus creeps in and doesn’t even jump out, he just puts his face right next to her ear and deadpans: “Magnus.” She fucking FLIPS out, scribbling all over the pages she’s writing on and is super pissed off about it, but present day Lucretia sometimes looks back on the scribbles and remembers how it was on that beautiful beach with her friends, just enjoying life

Magnus: There’s no goddamn way he goes this whole time without them getting back at him. He’s actually really hard to pin down since he’s been stealthing it up the whole time, but eventually Taako, Barry, and Lup corner him in the forest and set up a trap, with Taako as bait, just sitting on a log and whistling or something. Magnus sneaks up from behind, Taako hears the trap go off and turns around, yelling “HA” only to see Barry and Lup all tangled up in the net and hears, much to his horror, a quiet whisper in his ear: “Magnussssssssssssssssssssssss”

“how are all these rookie groups skipping their what-were-their-stylists-even-thinking phases” buddy u know what it is. it’s them nct boys, absorbing every possible embarrassing look with every comeback and unit debut they have like sponges of suffering. all the grease-dreads and tin foil monkey suits the other rookies should’ve had to experience? nct really took that bullet for your faves. nct, kings of taking one for the team,, kings of making everyone else look good

fluffy Leopika for @kurapicha , happy birthday sweetie! ❤️

Fake Dating Series; Woozi/Jihoon

- “CUT!”
- you and jihoon sigh after hearing that word for the tenth time that day
- you turn to jihoon and say “geez, can’t you act properly? you’re delaying everything” and jihoon answers back “says the one who can’t even remember their lines”
- you take a step forward and glare “why you—”
- you and jihoon are both really popular k-drama actors
- but the thing is
- you both hate each other
- you’re known as the rivals of the acting industry
- jihoon is known for nailing the lead part—he has that natural, cold stare that makes his acting seem so effortless; he’s the number one pick if any producer needs the typical calm and collected ceo
- meanwhile you’re known for nailing the lead as well—in contrast to jihoon, you’re naturally warm and charming; you’re the number one pick for the goofy and dorky childhood-friend type
- opposite roles, but the same frustration towards each other
- you’re both constantly fighting to beat each other in any k-drama nomination
- best performance, drama of the year, best first/second lead, fan favorite
- you’re always tied no matter what and it frustrates you to no end
- the director throws the script on the floor out of anger when you and jihoon start arguing again, and he says “THAT’S IT, I’VE HAD ENOUGH”
- you and jihoon silently look up at the director who continues “if we can’t even get through the first episode, i don’t even want to think about the next fifteen. i think i’m going to have to change the cast”
- you and jihoon scream “WHAT?!” at the same time
- the director says “what choice do i have? i know you’re both two of the best actors out there, but you guys can’t even pretend to like each other”
- he walks back to his chair and motions you both to walk over to him
- when you do, he rewinds the scene on the camera and says “watch this”
- it’s one of the scenes you both managed to complete earlier, and he’s right…. the acting looks so fake and forced…..
- everything is fake of course, but…. the point of a light-hearted romance drama is for the leads to at least look like they like each other to give viewers hope for love….
- when the video ends, the director says “how stupid of me to hire two actors who hate each other…. i’ll have to think hard about this decision. let’s just take a quick lunch break”
- when he and the rest of the staff start making their way towards the cafeteria, jihoon grabs your wrist and says “come with me”
- you try to escape from his grasp, but he’s surprisingly strong
- jihoon takes you to the roof of the studio and says “okay, i’ll get straight to the point. i don’t like you, and you don’t like me.”
- you say “clearly.”
- he continues “but i know for a fact that you don’t want to lose this role, and neither do i.” you bite your lip as you say “what are you thinking?”
- he says “i’m thinking….. we pretend to date.”
- silence
- you scream “WHAT?!”
- jihoon asks “do you want to keep this job or not?” and you say “of course i do but date YOU? even if it’s just pretend, i—”
- he cuts you off and says “you do realize that if we do actually get cut off, word will spread and our reputations would go down, right? who’d want to hire two actors who got replaced because they couldn’t perform their job properly?”
- you gulp as you think of all the consequences, and you lower your head in defeat and say “…..fine. fake dating?”
- jihoon nods “only until we’ve convinced the director enough to keep us. we’ll just tell everyone here that we were pretending to hate each other this whole time because we wanted to keep our relationship a secret”
- you say “alright. but once this drama’s over, we’re over.” and jihoon says “we’ll be separated before you even know it.”
- he also adds “alright, when we go downstairs and tell everyone that we’re “dating”, you better put on your BEST acting to make this work, got it?”
- you furrows your brows and say “um, you have to put on your best acting too, you know? i’m pretty sure the director wasn’t only talking to me.”
- jihoon says “fine, we have to put on our best acting. we have one chance to pull this off. one mistake and our careers are over.”
- you say “just knowing that we never have to speak again after this is enough motivation for me.”
- jihoon asks “so do we have a deal?” and you say “deal.”
- you and jihoon shake hands to make it official and then head back downstairs to deliver the news
- when the staff returns after their quick lunch break, you and jihoon approach the director warily, and you clear your throat to get his attention
- the director turns to you both and asks “is there anything you need before we try filming one last time?” and jihoon says “actually, there’s something we need to tell you”
- he then grabs your hand and you almost reflexively slap his hand away, but you somehow manage to stop yourself and put on a smile
- jihoon holds your hands up and says “we’re dating.”
- the whole studio goes dead silent….. and you’re internally panicking because NO WAY is this going to work???
- first, you’re going to get fired from your roles, then you’re going to get called a liar, then—
- the director cries “YOU’RE DATING?!” while the rest of the production team gasps or start talking among themselves
- jihoon nods his head and smoothly lies “we have been for a while now.”
- the director asks “then…. why couldn’t you two even get through a whole scene without arguing?”
- you quickly blurt out “it’s to keep this whole rivalry thing up! we’re already known for hating each other, there would be suspicions if we suddenly got along in front of you all. but now you know. please give us another chance to prove that we can nail these roles.”
- the director says “oh! yes, please go ahead, i’m really looking forward to seeing genuine love for this episode!”
- you and jihoon nod and walk over to the scene and you take a deep breath, telling yourself over and over that you can do this
- when someone claps the slate, you push away (most of) your hatred for him and recite your lines with the BEST of your ability, and jihoon does as well because your careers are on the line and no way are you going to let it slip right through your fingers
- your smile however remains as fake as it can get…. hopefully, they all fall for it
- when the scene ends, the staff gets up on their feet and claps as the director exclaims “well done!! it seems we picked the right cast after all!! let’s keep it up, shall we?”
- you and jihoon look at each other and smile weakly
- this is going to be a long day
- when the director yells the final “CUT!” of the day, you and jihoon let out a sigh of relief because it was so hard NOT to start an argument with each other, so hard NOT to make any nasty comments about one another
- the staff thanks you for your hard work and you and jihoon walk away side by side, but when you both walk out of the building, you both look at each other and simultaneously say “i hate you” before walking off in different directions
- it can take many days to finish filming for just ONE episode, so you’re stuck with jihoon for so many hours a day, especially when you both have to wait until nighttime to film a night scene
- and it’s the same thing every time, nasty jabs at each other when you’re alone, but lovebirds when you’re in front of the film crew
- saying “i hate you” to each other before leaving for the day becomes a habit
- you both just want to make it clear that you will ALWAYS hate each other no matter what
- but you do…. notice a slight change in jihoon ever since you’ve started this whole fake dating thing
- you don’t miss the smirks he makes whenever he sends an insult your way, or the little smile that spreads across his face after rolling his eyes at something you said
- they’re little things you definitely noticed….. but you’re almost one-hundred percent sure they don’t mean anything
- almost
- one day, after getting your styling done, you walk into the studio to begin the filming of the third episode and your face contorts in confusion when you see a really tall guy talking to the director
- and when he turns around….. your heart does a flip because it’s famous actor KIM MINGYU
- the director spots you behind mingyu and waves you over, and you nearly faint when mingyu looks down and smiles at you
- you shyly look away from mingyu as your director says “you must know kim mingyu, right? he’s going to be playing the second lead, or your second love interest”
- your heart swells with joy when mingyu holds out a hand and says “i’m really looking forward to working with you!! your acting is one of the best” and you shake his hand while thanking him
- when jihoon walks into the studio and sees you interacting with kim mingyu, he quickly notices the light dusting of pink on your cheeks
- and he suddenly gets this weird feeling in his chest
- he’s not sure what it is
- the director spots jihoon and tells him to come over, and mingyu, friendly as he is, says “lee jihoon!! i’m REALLY excited to work alongside you!!”
- jihoon flatly says “right. let’s work hard.” and mingyu grins “wow, you really ARE fit for the role of the cold first lead!!”
- the director says that they’re going to start filming you and mingyu’s scenes, and the first one is of mingyu joking around with you to try to get you to smile again after you’ve had a misunderstanding with the first lead
- when the staff claps the slate….. you and mingyu get right to it
- and it’s absolutely perfect
- the whole staff is in awe at how NATURAL the whole scene looks…. it’s like they’re capturing a real-life moment, and not two actors working together
- jihoon bitterly watches from the side as you and mingyu run around the scene, teasing each other and making each other laugh
- but the thing that annoys him the most…. is your smile
- it’s so genuine
- you’ve never smiled at him like that
- but somehow, you can at kim mingyu, someone who you’ve only started working with MINUTES ago
- he tells himself that you guys are rivals, of course you wouldn’t smile at him like that…… but he just can’t seem to shrug it off
- when it gets to you and jihoon’s scenes, you’re still really smiley after having filmed such a fun and light-hearted scene with mingyu
- and you unknowingly cast a few glances past jihoon, and he knows…. you’re looking at mingyu
- after a long day of filming, mingyu runs over to you and laughs “you okay? you look like you’re about to fall over any second now”
- you cry “i’m STARVING” and he says “oh i know this REALLY good restaurant nearby that serves huge potions at a cheap price!! do you want to go try it out with me?”
- your eyes light up and you’re just about to say yes, when someone suddenly grabs your wrist and says “sorry. they already have dinner plans with me.”
- you turn to the sound of the voice, your eyes widening when you see that it’s jihoon who said that
- he continues “if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be going now.”
- he drags you away while you look back at mingyu, who’s watching you both go with confusion written all over his face
- jihoon doesn’t let go of your wrist and he keeps walking, while you shout “hey!! that hurts!! and where are you taking me??”
- without turning to you, he says “didn’t you hear? i’m taking you out to dinner.”
- your face softens at his words as you say “wh-what? you were serious?” and all he says is “i know this great place.”
- you and jihoon walk out of the building, and he takes you to a little restaurant, now empty considering the late time
- jihoon seems to know the kind old man behind the counter, and he chose a good spot since you’d both be able to eat in peace without anyone attacking you both for autographs
- you both sit on one of the tables and you ask “and why do i have to be here?” and jihoon replies “we’re dating, if you’ve forgotten”
- you say “yeah, but not for real?? i would’ve loved to try that new restaurant with mingyu…..”
- and there it is again; that slight pang in jihoon’s chest
- he picks up the menu and holds it up to hide his jealous face as he says “you seem to be getting along great with mingyu.”
- your face lights up as you exclaim “you know those scenes we filmed together?? i really WAS laughing!! he’s so funny!!”
- jihoon says “i see.”
- you grin “i really can’t wait to film with him again tomorrow!!”
- and there it is again, that genuine smile on your face, that smile that only appeared when you started talking about mingyu
- jihoon stays silent for a while before saying “don’t… smile at him like that.”
- he lays down the menu and looks you in the eyes, his expression blank, but his eyes…. desperate?
- before you could react or say anything, the waiter slides over to your table and asks “what can i get you two?”
- jihoon orders first, and you clumsily order afterwards because his words really caught you by surprise
- when the waiter leaved, you want to bring it up again, but you fear it might make things awkward, so the rest of the dinner…. is spent in silence
- after paying for your meals, jihoon walks you to the bus stop and silently waits with you until your bus comes…. he may “hate” you, but it’s late at night and no way was he going to leave you all alone
- unable to contain your curiosity any longer, you ask “jihoon, what did you say earlier? about smiling at mingyu?”
- despite the darkness, you can see a hint of pink on his cheeks and he quietly says “do you think you can… smile like that for me instead?”
- your eyes widen at his answer, but the bus suddenly stops in front of you to let you in, and you have no time to think of a response
- the doors close and you choose a spot next to the window, watching jihoon turn around to start heading for his building
- you look down at your lap and clench your fists over them, asking yourself “smile for him…?”
- you walk into the studio the next day, and you jump in surprise when you turn the corner and see jihoon stand right there
- you exclaim “hey, you jerk! you scared me—!”
- jihoon cuts you off “forget about what i said yesterday.”
- you say “what?” and he says “i wasn’t thinking, just forget about it” and he walks away before you could say anything else to him
- mingyu watches the scene from a distance and he smirks at the interaction because he knows there’s something there….. something neither of you can see yet
- after filming all day, mingyu decides to try again
- he runs up to you and asks “(name)!! since we couldn’t eat there yesterday, do you want to go today?”
- you’re just about to say yes, but when you catch jihoon looking your way, you smile at mingyu and say “sorry, mingyu. i have plans again with jihoon tonight.”
- jihoon’s eyes widen at your words, and you walk over to him, waving goodbye to mingyu, who waves back with a grin
- jihoon asks “plans?” and you say “yup. where are you going to take me today?”
- dates aren’t very frequent actually, but when you do go on one together, jihoon always manages to find the best places to eat
- dinner dates, lunch dates, coffee dates—neither of you officially call it a date when you go out, but you do consider it one
- you’re on your sixth date with jihoon (not that you’re counting), and you’re both playing twenty questions while sitting on the bench of the bus stop, waiting for your bus to come along
- “favorite meal?”
- jihoon makes a thinking pose, and then says “spicy ramyeon and jajangmyeon mixed together. favorite group?”
- you quickly answer “seventeen. favorite drink?”
- he says “coffee, hands down. what’s yours?”
- after telling him your favorite, your bus comes into view, and slows down to stop right in front of you
- like always, you get inside the bus, and jihoon calls your name before the doors close
- when you turn to him, he looks right at you, smirks, and says “i hate you.”
- you respond by huffing and saying “yeah? i hate you more, jerk.”
- date after date, you learn more and more things about jihoon, and even with all the insults and teasing, you can’t help but replay the entire date before bed
- you’re about thirteen episodes into the drama when you notice something wrong
- you’re on the bus after eating dinner with jihoon, and while looking out the window, thinking about the whole day, you realize…..
- the “i hate you”s you and jihoon used to tell each other
- they stopped
- you’re unable to focus on acting the next day, and you get scolded several times by the director for either being too distracted, or for forgetting your lines
- out of frustration, the director says “OKAY, let’s take a quick break so some of you can wake up. this is a really important episode, and we can’t have anyone screwing it up” and you drop you head in shame because you know he’s talking about you
- you walk back to your changing room and glare at yourself in the mirror because WHY CAN’T YOU ACT WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU
- you walk out after calming yourself down, but when you turn the corner, you accidentally bump into jihoon
- you groan “ugh, don’t tell me you’re here to insult me. alright, i did horribly, i know already—”
- in the middle of your sentence, jihoon holds up a bottle of your favorite drink, making you stop what you were saying
- you carefully take it in your hands and after some silence, you say “…it’s poisoned, isn’t it?”
- he rolls his eyes and says “definitely. not like i ran two blocks down just to get it for you.”
- your face softens and you ask “did you…. really?” and he nods his head and looks away, saying “i don’t know if something’s on your mind, or if you’re just really tired, but….. i hope this helps you feel better somehow.”
- you look down at the drink in your hands, and you clutch it tightly before looking up at your rival
- “jihoon.”
- “what?”
- “…thank you.”
- jihoon slowly turns to face you, and you…. give him one of your best smiles
- you softly say “thank you… really. it’s something so small, but it means a lot.”
- and jihoon can feel his face grow warm, but he just turns away and says “quit making a big deal out of it. it’s just a drink.”
- you say “but you remembered.”
- and he walks away without another word, leaving you smiling to yourself
- you go back to filming, and everything goes well for the rest of the evening, and even when mingyu smiles at you, it can’t compare to the smile you gave jihoon earlier
- you and jihoon don’t have a date planned for tonight, so as usual, you both walk out of the building together
- just as you’re about to go your separate ways, you both tell each other your goodbyes, and since it bugged you so much after realizing it…. you decide to try saying it again
- jihoon turns around and starts heading for his building, when you call out to him “lee jihoon!”
- he turns around and says “what?”
- you say “i hate you.”
- you’re expecting him to say “i hate you” back. you’re expecting at least a roll of the eyes, or maybe a scoff, or even a string of insults
- but you get none of those
- instead, jihoon looks you right in the eyes, and softly says
- “i know.”
- it’s the day before the final filming of the last episode, and you’re hanging out with jihoon one last time, on the same roof the deal was first made
- you say “i guess it ends right where it started, huh?”
- jihoon doesn’t say anything, so you take this as him being tired from all the filming and going on dates with you behind scenes
- your heart aches as you think “yeah… it must be hard pretending you love someone you hate.”
- because these past few weeks with jihoon have surprisingly been so fun
- the dates after work, the insults behind scenes but heart eyes on scene, the talks at the bus stop, just everything….. it’s all over now
- get up and say “i’m going to leave first, okay? we have a busy day tomorrow. good night, jihoon.”
- but as you’re walking towards the door, you suddenly feel a hand grab your wrist desperately
- you turn to jihoon with wide eyes, and with a firm gaze, he says
- “i… don’t want it to end yet.”
- you say “what are you saying?”
- he lets go of your wrist and walks closer to you, and just before his lips could touch yours, he whispers “i hate you.”
- and he closes the gap between you two
- the kiss is clumsy and slow, but…. it’s everything you could ever want, and it’s so hard to believe that just weeks ago, you were enemies
- when you both pull away, you intertwine your fingers together and say “i hate you too, jihoon.”
- the next day, you and jihoon both walk into the studio with love-struck smiles on your faces, ready to film the last few scenes of the final episode
- you go straight to filming the confession scene, and when jihoon says the line “i love you.”
- you look into his eyes and softly say “i love you too.”
- the director says “CUT! (name), that’s not your line.”
- you laugh, eyes kept locked with jihoon’s as you answer “my bad. let me try that again.”

EXO as Hogwarts professors


~ flying instructor (first years)
~ he gets along AMAZING with lil kids, and gets excited every year to see new faces that he’ll be teaching
~ is very patient w/ the first years, never yells and acts sort of like a father to them
~ every Friday he lets the kids come up with their own games and play around the quidditch field where he watches them in amusement
~ is really quiet so you won’t see him hanging around many other professors, he prefers the fresh air where he eats his meals quietly near the field


~ charms professor
~ oh gosh he has the cutest lil grin when his students perfect a simple spell, and applauds them so loudly that the whole school can hear
~ goes out of his way to demonstrate the flicking of his wand (lmaooo) “see you bring it UP like this, then flick it to the right :)))”
~ gets really sassy when students interrupt him, and he does that sulky face until they quiet down
~ won’t stand to see any bullying, and will call you out if you were cheating or blatantly flirting with someone and totally embarrasses you


~ astronomy / Divination on the side
~ though his profession at hogwarts is astronomy, he still goes and does entertaining “fortune teller” presentations for Divination class
~ is always so dreamy and looks dazed 24/7, esp when he’s talking about his favorite stars
~ every other student is in love w/ him bc he’ll give extra credit for any assignment and always hands out good grades and weird tasting candy
~ people have spotted him sleepwalking/strolling ??? Through the woods hella late at night and no one knows what that’s all about but it’s professor Zhang so


~ transfiguration professor
~ will make his kids turn anything and everything into furry cute little animals
~ if you hear screaming and excited laughter coming from a classroom, it’s probably Mr. Byun acting a fool as always
~ is really clumsy and disorganized, one time he even turned a student into a corn dog without anyone realizing for 2 whole days
~ takes his whole class to unnecessary weekly trips to the forest only bc he wants to watch and observe the magical creatures aka observing Mr. Park


~ arithmancy professor
~ if anyone can make numbers fun and entertaining, it’s him
~ has really fun debates with his students, discussing the class work yet also gossiping lmao and everyone has whiplash bc he changes the subject so quick
~ uses really cool methods to teach the class his difficult subject, and cries like a baby when some actually get it
~ has a special spot for those who always try to outdo each other when it comes to answering questions, bc it feels like they’re fighting to get his attention lmao


~ care for magical creatures professor
~ yes, he’s been bitten and scratched at and almost died a hundred times and yes, he still works there willingly
~ wants his students to really connect with the creatures instead of feeling afraid, which probably resulted in lots of accidents yikes
~ puts on really old music when he’s feeding his giant birds and snakes, and wiggles his butt along to the beat
~ has definitely referred to one of the animals as his child, and you could almost hear baekhyun awwww'ing from across the castle


~ herbology professor
~ everyone would’ve gotten the wrong impression of him on the first day bc he was so obsessed with those strange plants
~ but he’s so nice and a really shy teacher, so he appreciates it when students don’t ask him to speak too loudly
~ if anyone interrupts him or sasses him tho, they’d wish they never been born tbfh it’s scary
~ spends a lot of time hanging out in the green house and extracting medicine from certain plants bc that’s his hobby


~ defense against the dark arts professor
~ has petitioned many times to the headmaster to start dance lessons in hogwarts bc it’s like torture that he can’t be a dance instructor as well
~ gets really worried if any of his students get injured from a spell, so he mostly sticks to learning from books
~ moonwalks across the classroom for no reason, he just likes to remind everyone he’s hip
~ acts like a personal therapist to the students who go to him for help, and many have cried on his shoulder aww


~ potions professor
~ definitely not as gleeful as Slughorn, but totally not as depressing and sulky as Snape
~ stares everyone down on the first day, just to establish dominance bc he knows if they see the real him then they wouldn’t take his goofster self seriously lmao
~ talks really slowly and sometimes forgets what he’s saying when other students give him flirty looks
~ will never admit that he hates working in the dungeon bc he’s always needing to bring like 8 sweaters and his blood is made of hot tea at this point

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sebastian stan is appreciated yet underappreciated at the same time. he’s pretty but he’s also this really good, interesting person. 

this panel has so many good moments [x] such as:

  • had to stop speaking because he couldn’t stop staring at this dog.
  • remembers taking a picture with someone 
  • “when you’re given a platform you have to do something about have to expand beyond your own personal goals.”
  • “i never really thought in a million years that this character or these stories or something, you know, to have someone, who, just reached out to me and said you know, ‘thank you for recognizing something or i’m related to this’ is probably the most gratifying experience out of this whole process.”
  • “the task for me would be to be more involved and see where I can help…even if it’s just, I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face, or answering some questions or you know, making someone feel better.”
  • “i’m awkward, I get nervous nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, you know, whatever, depression.”
  • “my job is always to remain as honest as I can and to just, i don’t know, help in some way.”
  • goes on this whole thing about trying to focus on what he can control v what he can’t control, how that helps him to be a happier, better person.
  • “one of my goals in life is to really embrace struggle.”
  • “it’s important to kinda take in and be really grateful about sort of what’s happening, which i always remind myself, no matter what, and i really, really am.”

this video is in romanian w/ english subtitles, so all info is from there [x]

  • “i was very lucky, i tend to forget this. when i was 22 or 23 years old i wasn’t thinking about what it meant to her after the revolution came, to decide to go elsewhere for a better life.” on his mother, the sacrifices she made, and better understanding now that he’s older.
  • “after my grandma died, to be honest, it was difficult for me to go back there cause i had to go to the cemetery, to live that moment again, and face what happened with her. it was a very delicate situation for me.”
  • “when i saw that car driving fast with that flag with the hole in the middle, I felt like… i always remember something major, important was happening.” on the revolution when he was a kid.
  • “when i was watching it (a video of Ceausescu) i felt something so…i mean, i remember like the memories were there in my muscles. i felt like a knife went through me when i heard that voice it felt to me like it was yesterday.” 
  • “the thing that i feel changed most was a deeper sense of responsibility.” on being asked if fame changed him.
  • his parents are what keep his interest in romania alive, and are the reasons he can still speak the language.

here’s another panel [x]

  • remembers more fans. 
  • “the rough patches that you may going through are sort of, also, these great gifts that you can kind of rise from.”
  • paraphrasing but: we’re all capable of rising from difficult moments in our lives to get somewhere. 
  • “it’s the company you keep. people you surround yourself are extensions of you, that’s how i always feel..and i was lucky to have good influences.”
  • gives a fan a hug.
  • space nerd who exposes his knowledge and would live on the moon.

Bonus things: 

  • i think it’s important to remind the people we love why we love them or how they’ve touched us. i mean, i guess if it wasn’t for my mom i could probably be, not even in america right now. [x]
  • "embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. eventually they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.” [x]

Cast your minds back, if you will, to PoA, when Remus forgets to take his Wolfsbane and Moony and Padfoot (here referring to their werewolf and animagus forms respectively) fight outside the Whomping Willow.

Now they went, what, three years of tromping about the grounds in animagus forms without Moony ever attacking them—werewolves don’t attack animals, that’s the whole point of them becoming animagi to begin with. So why did Moony attack then?

Ok, so some of it might have been because there was human prey there, but I think it’s more than that.

I reckon Moony recognised Padfoot as being the dog that used to play with him—the one who used to let him run outside, and would scrap with him under the moon and to be honest, I don’t go heavy in for many of the werewolf tropes, but one thing I do believe wholeheartedly is that the werewolf saw Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail as pack. He saw Padfoot and recognised him as that—as family, as someone who used to make the transformations easier, who used to stop him tearing himself apart in frustration.

And he wonders where the bloody fuck he’s been.

Twelve years Remus has been dealing with it all alone, eleven years with no Wolfsbane and no pack and ripping himself to shreds in fury every time.

Where was puppy then? Where was the doggy for all those years, when he missed him, when he needed him?

I think part of that whole scene and the reason Moony goes at Padfoot quite the way he does is because he feels betrayed by him. He doesn’t know where the doggy has been, but he wasn’t with him, where he should have been. Where he belongs.

Here’s bullet point no.2 on season 1 Destiel and how Cas comes at it from two completely different but vital angles and basically was fated utterly to be a character to change Dean forever and to be so firmly embedded in his life and character that losing him is like cutting off a limb within a couple of years of knowing each other…

Covered the religious angle kicking off here, shortly before Faith ever goes into it and starts probing Dean’s character arc…

This time it’s 1x11, Scarecrow, and Sam and Dean’s big blow up fight:

DEAN: Dad doesn’t want our help.
SAM: I don’t care.
DEAN: He’s given us an order.
SAM: (firmly) I don’t care. We don’t always have to do what he says.
DEAN: Sam, Dad is asking us to work jobs, to save lives, it’s important.


DEAN: Dad said it wasn’t safe. For any of us. I mean, he obviously knows something that we don’t, so if he says to stay away, we stay away.
SAM: I don’t understand the blind faith you have in the man. I mean, it’s like you don’t even question him.
DEAN: Yeah, it’s called being a good son!

And later in the episode, when they’re sort of making a peace with the way things are, and that these are way too firmly embedded character traits to pry them out of Dean in one argument and lesson learned about not trusting people who won’t let Dean have any of their magic apple pie…

DEAN: Sam. You were right. You gotta do your own thing. You gotta live your own life.
SAM: Are you serious?
DEAN: You’ve always known what you want. And you go after it. You stand up to Dad. And you always have. Hell, I wish I—

Anyway, John goes and dies not even without giving Dean any real closure (the bastard) but despite Dean standing up a little to his treatment in 1x21, he ends up just getting another massive burden put on him, which spirals him out all the way to season 3 and -

My father was an obsessed bastard!
All that crap he dumped on me, about protecting Sam! That was his crap. He’s the one who couldn’t protect his family. He-
He’s the one who let Mom die.
– who wasn’t there for Sam. I always was! He wasn’t fair! I didn’t deserve what he put on me.
And I don’t deserve to go to Hell!

But it’s too late, he can’t confront John properly. Now on one front this episode also has the first time Bobby is addressed as being a literal father figure to them and Dean especially (Sam getting separated out while Dean has a more intense bonding moment with Bobby when they go into his head, never mind the parallels between them this episode.) Having a positive father figure eases the pain a great deal, I think, and Bobby works as the fatherly counterpoint to Cas.

So in season 4, Cas shows up and for a couple of episodes he seems like an absolute authority figures, giving orders and in this way seems like he might be a potential John mirror, speaking for Heaven, where God is paralleled even more directly to John. But as soon as Cas starts getting a chance to be a fleshed out character, he swaps instead to being a direct Dean mirror, and it’s on exactly the same order questioning thing that Dean got a free pass out of confronting because John died before he could make any real progress. Instead of confronting an authority figure and rejecting John in a mirror character, Dean ends up with a character going through his exact footsteps where, like Sam feels in 1x10 that Dean is acting like his boss, it turns out he’s only following orders too, and this all comes about in one episode, with this last line serving as a great way to link it all as well -

Of course you have a choice. I mean, come on, what? You’ve never questioned a crap order, huh? What are you both, just a couple of hammers?
Look, even if you can’t understand it, have faith. The plan is just.
How can you even say that?
Because it comes from heaven, that makes it just.
Oh, it must be nice, to be so sure of yourselves.
Tell me something, Dean, when your father gave you an order, didn’t you obey?

Quietly revealing that Cas has this reliance on Heaven being just, but then at the end of the episode, and I really don’t think Cas was allowed to do this but he did it anyway…

Our orders –
Yeah, you know, I’ve had about enough of these orders of yours –
Our orders were not to stop the summoning of Samhain, they were to do whatever you told us to do.

And like that Cas is close to an equal when it comes to just being the guy who follows orders and if he can’t think for himself, at least would like to and has opinions and feelings about it (all his arguing with Uriel specifically to contrast a harsher angel who doesn’t care)…

And that leaves Cas to question, and Dean to nurse him that final step of the way to rebelling in 4x22 - that conversation where Dean urges Cas to rebel acting as his way of working through some of the left over unaddressed issues.

I love that by season 5 he can joke about absent fathers with Cas and know that they’ve been through, by then, the exact same process and at that point have sort of reached a point where their feelings on it overlap perfectly. And I think Dean got something out of it as much as Cas got a hell of a lot out of Dean over season 4.

The point being, once again some lines in season 1 which seem perfectly innocuous on their own in shippy ways but when you hold them up to the whole story, Sam’s side of this arc goes off one way, and Dean’s a different, which ends up having Cas’s thread braided all around it almost immediately.

Like, again, when Cas says he and Dean have a more profound bond in season 6, it’s not just because they casually spent more time together - they emotionally mind meld over their first 2 years of knowing each other, and it’s this exact thing Dean dealt with and had left over as an open wound for 3 years until Cas.

(And thinking of open wounds - in 1x09, Missouri describing how evil could cause wounds which festered and attracted poltergeist - I think it’s a good metaphor for things like this too - open character arcs which don’t get resolution, build up and fester. It’s not like Dean *totally* gets over John because it takes years and years and again, to go back to 12x22 as I seriously can’t stop doing, I think Dean really sees HIM for the first time with clear eyes while telling Mary about it, and getting to deal with his parents (or at least one of them) face to face for *real*, no mirrors or any emotional catharsis trickery involved. But then it’s not like Cas actually feels any better about God, he just reached a place of being bitter and accepting than chasing after his approval - and I think 5x16 is Cas’s point similar to 3x10 where he can angrily reject seeking that approval.)

(This series of “Destiel began 7 episodes into the show and you can’t do anything about it” posts is dedicated to an awful hate blog that asks what show we’re watching when we say things like this. My answer is, “this show” *gestures my box set and carries on watching* :P)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Okay, so, I’m probably going to be talking about this a lot since it’s like, super amazing. A lot of fans have been pondering and contemplating things, and these are my personal opinions on it all. I’m just doing this before this spectacular plot unfolds and reviewing it so far. I guess this is gonna be kind of long?? I’m not sure, anyway here’s a something some of the fans have been talking about it.

1. How long is it going to last? 

Since Naruto was out for a very good fifteen years, a lot of people expect the same from Boruto, but a lot of people (judging from the opening scene) believe that it’s going to be a pretty short series, some don’t even expect it to last a year. It’s not because the fans necessarily hate the show, actually from what I’ve seen we’ve been pretty supportive, it’s just that the opening scene for the series is this:

So this scene is basically between some guy (who kind of looks like Iwabe? I’m not sure if it’s him, I kind of have mixed feelings on that theory) and an adult Boruto. This is what has made some fans believe that Boruto is going to be some quick, abrupt, series that’s probably going to end in a short amount of time. Others believe that it’s going to be long because, well, look at Naruto:

(Damn, I shouldn’t have picked such an emotional picture) Personally, I don’t what the Next Gen series to be short, but I’m not exactly expecting 15 years. Although Shippuden admittedly did have a lot of filler/insignificant episodes, it still takes decent writing skills to be capable of writing that long. Rather it’s a book, anime or some movie with sequels, it still takes a lot of thinking and effort. 

I love the Next Gen series with all my heart and more, but that wasn’t exactly the best scene to start on. It kind of already disappoints fans because they think that it’s going to be rushed. Or at least it’s going to feel rushed.

 But no matter how long it ends up being, I’m still going to probably love it, as long as it has a decent ending and doesn’t feel rushed are anything, I’ll be fine Besides, if it ends up getting popular among the Western side of the community, then it may end up being very long, either way I’m supportive.

2. The characters

Can we just talk about how well written out the characters are? Like, it wasn’t even much of a bumpy start in my opinion, I think everything went pretty smoothly from the start and so on, obviously, that can change, we don’t know yet, but so far it’s been doing pretty good, at least to be 

Boruto Uzumaki 

Okay, there are lots of things to say about his character but lets just start with this:


But honestly, fans thought that they were going to see that mischievous, ignorant, (yet loveable) male protagonist that always ends up rising above what everyone initially thought he was going to remain. Naruto was the original guy, besides Goku, despite their stories being quite different. But then other anime writers decided to do it, thus, turning it into a cliche.Yet, we somehow end up loving these idiots, I guess it’s because despite them having similar personalities, it’s different stories that they have to tell and different messages they have to bring out. As nerve wrecking as this cliche may be, I couldn’t imagine any other protagonists for some of these anime’s.

Back to the core subject though, Boruto’s generation or Boruto himself may not or never Naruto Uzumaki, but he was the perfect guy to take on the the legacy. However, in the movie he appears to be some spoiled, cringy, selfish, good-for-nothing brat:

And even though he did redeem himself later on during the course of the movie, it still couldn’t help but leave a very bitter taste it our mouth’s, including my own. Even though I have to admit, it did manage to make me cry. But then again, that isn’t a hard thing to do. 

Then Kishimoto decided to release Gaiden, probably a pretty good move being how mad half of the Japanese and most of the Western fans were at him. But after the movie a lot of people nearly completely separated themselves form the fandom. Then came this blessing of a series:

When I first heard of this, I screamed. That was my first reaction. But then I remembered the bratty Boruto and my excitement immediately disappeared. But one day, I decided, why not try watching it? I was pretty scared that I was going to be disappointed again, and I didn’t really want that, but when I saw the series I immediately became attached to it.

Boruto is so different, yet similar to how Naruto is. I didn’t want a completely different character that made the show’s feel go away, but at the same time, I didn’t want a complete duplicate of Naruto, that would’ve been quite disappointing to think one of the writers of your favorite shows wasn’t very versatile, but Boruto has a great balance of both Hinata’s and Naruto’s personality. He’s not the shy, prim and timid person Hinata was:

But he’s not the idiot Naruto was (still may or may not be at times but that’ why we loved and still love him):

Not only that, I love the message Boruto is giving to not only his friends in the series, but his fans, that he’s not his dad, and he’s choosing to take a different path. This isn’t Naruto’s story anymore, it’s Boruto Uzumaki’s story and he’s going to live it however he wants. We saw so many sides we probably wouldn’t have found out existed in the movie or even the manga, and now that theirs a series even more. 

Not to mention the fact that he’s freaking adorable:

Originally posted by hinaxnaru

Originally posted by hinaxnaru

You can’t convince me that he isn’t. His personality although not a classic, is still really loveable. A lot of people have mixed feelings about his character, but I’m already pretty attached to him, and I can’t wait to see what his story has to bring.

2. Sarada Uchiha 

As far as how fans view her, all I see is love. Only a few people actually hate/dislike her character. Which I don’t know exactly why, because unlike Boruto, she didn’t necessarily do anything idiotic or bad to get any hate just yet, eventually, she is, and I think that’s when fans should start actually developing actual dislike for her character. Some fans only continued to watch the series because of her and I don’t blame them, she does seem kind of badass.

But I never knew fans could like Sakura’s offspring so much, let’s admit. Sakura got a lot more than enough hate from Shippuden viewers:

This was basically a joke that got way out of hand, because a lot of people actually began ranting about how useless she was, to put it short, Sakura became the most hated character in the entire series, personally, I loved Sakura, but a lot of people didn’t. Coincidentally, majority of those who hated her also shipped NaruSaku, which I will never understand since most fans don’t exactly ship a character that they hate with the main character.

Back to the core subject-(once again smh at myself) Sarada has a very interesting story, not only that, it could have a completely different outcome from the manga version, due this being rather very different from the manga. Although I just believe that it’s going to be written out a bit differently and nothing more. It doesn’t make Sarada’s story boring though. Because honestly, it’s just something that draws fans to her. 

Like Boruto, she seems to be a perfect mixture of both of her parents, she doesn’t push any emotion away as Sasuke does, but she also doesn’t have too much emotion like Sakura tends to have. It seems like she only pushed away major emotions.

Sarada didn’t exactly have the decent or okay childhood that Boruto had, even though Naruto can be somewhat neglectful of his family (with fair reasoning) Boruto still had Naruto their during his younger years. Sarada on the other hand, was basically only raised with a mother and has little to no memory of her father. Her childhood was most definitely different from Boruto’s.

Her story also seems to be different, but it’s way different from how Sasuke’s was, that’s probably why most fans find her story to be the more compelling out of the two. She isn’t short tempered and over emotional like Sakura was:

But she doesn’t tend to accidentally come of as cruel or try to be void of emotion like Sasuke:

Honestly, if Sarada had taken more traits from one parent than the other then I’m pretty sure she would have been hated, too.

She’s a perfect mix. When you really think about it, especially from a writer’s/creator’s point of view, it’s kind of a amazing their have been more than plenty of shows where the main character’s children always end up too much like their parents. But this is absolutely perfect. Honestly, I may not have given this show a chance if it wasn’t for this character. She was pretty interesting in the movie even though she wasn’t a major part of it.


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3. Sai 

Initially, I was just going to leave it at Sarada and Boruto, but the fact that they even put Sai in the series is pretty cool. I’m not going to say that he was one of my favorite characters, but a lot of the Japanese viewers adored him. He’s not really what I’d consider a main character, but I just like the fact that Kishimoto listens to his fans. Sai could’ve been completely gone from the series and that Kishimoto kept him just goes to show that the way this whole entire series has been written is far from being messy, unlike a lot of other animes.


There is definitely a shipping war beginning to brew among most fans, a lot fans are already shipping characters. Personally, I think the fans are justified. Sakura was in love with Sasuke when she was around their age, so fans shouldn’t be blamed for shipping anyone. Although their are a lot of ships like MitsuSara, MitsuCho and more, I’m just going to talk about the two main ones involving Boruto:

Borusara and BoruSumi:

Originally posted by stella-scarlet

Can we please just take a moment of silence to admire this beautiful, wonderful, ship (I’m obviously talking about BoruSara

Okay, I’m going too far, I’m sorry. But seriously, I find this ship so cute. I’m not saying that it can’t be a simple rivalry/friendship like Naruto and Sasuke’s just because Sarada is female I strongly believe that is could being a female myself, but I do ship them pretty hard.

I love the fact that when they’re in public they constantly argue but when they’re alone they tell each other really important things. Personally, I was pro NaruHina all the way, but since Sarada and Boruto’s characters are a pretty good mixture of their parents’ this could be another chance for those who shipped SasuSaku or NaruSasu.

Obviously, I could go on all day as to why I ship these two precious cinnamon rolls, but then I’d be wasting your time. 

As for BoruSumi, honestly, initially I found Sumire to be so annoying at first, once I heard her story she grew on me though, I like her as a character in the series but I don’t ship her with Boruto. I’m just not a fan of the whole NaruHina dynamic happening all over, Hinata is the only character who can really pull it off. Admittedly, I’m probably just another butthurt BoruSara shipper. 

But whatever happens in the series as far as that, I’ll still be completely supportive, Boruto isn’t exactly a love story, afterall.


Boruto is an awesome show, and even though I had my doubts, I couldn’t imagine being without it and we haven’t even reached the climax of it yet. I can’t believe I ever wasn’t interested in this show. I’m pretty glad that I decided to be open-minded instead of being completely dedicated to Naruto like a few of other fans have chosen to.

(If you disagree with anything in this post, please be respectful about it if you don’t believe you can be then personally message me, even end up commenting anything negative that’s disrespectuful I’ll delete your comment, reblog, or whatever)

agentbartonwassenttokillme  asked:

Okay- but since the students are coexisting with fae I can see someone accidentally saving a fae's life completely by chance and then bieng too scared to ask for anything because of all the rumors of favors going wrong, i.e. Be careful what you wish for. So it just hangs as a awkward unspoken thing for a long time- then one day, right before graduation for some reason everything goes WAY too well for the whole day- and everyone but him/her/them FREAKS out because usually that's not a great sign.

HAHAHA Yeah because at that point the creature owing a life-debt is facing an eternity of owing, and nothing rankles like a debt that can’t be paid.

I’m not the biggest fan of OwlTurd, but I would just like to bring your attention to this (I won’t say who it is, but :

For the context behind this, here it is. OwlTurd was simply saying that the whole “punch a Nazi” rhetoric goes both ways, and can be used to justify punching any group, and he used Radical Feminism as an example. If you go around punching people, don’t be surprised when someone punches you back in response one day. Naturally, Social Justice Warriors and others misread what he said, he was branded a “Nazi sympathizer”, and was forced to apologize. It’s the epitome of “it’s okay when I do it”.

Also, just to let you know, the whole “brand everyone I don’t like as a Fascist/Nazi” thing has led to this shit happening in Spain. I see what you mean when you say that violence is often detrimental to causes, because I just knew that the “punch anything which may be a Nazi!!” rhetoric would backfire, and would lead to people who aren’t actually Nazis/White Supremacists getting hurt, due to people being blinded by emotion.

- @danguy96

You know what worries me? Is that, from the first link, the tag used for the post being pleased that OwlTurd backed down is:

“Okay I’m glad that things have worked out here now on to other targets.”

That is terrifying. “Other targets,” the “targets” being “people that point out the flaws in our way of thinking.” It’s a horrifying reminder of thought police and enforcing silence for one group to get their way over others.

I’m ashamed, to be frank, that he was cowed into submission. The tweets are now deleted. I’m sure that he’ll still think those things, but thanks to dogpiling and refusing to accept his valid criticism through typical intimidation, he won’t voice his thoughts anymore. And now, thanks to him just being honest in what he thought at the time, that’ll forever be an excuse to attack him.

It’s vile, and you’re absolutely right.

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On the quest to live longer, Voldemort becomes a health obsessed vegetarian who lives on a diet of gluten-free green shakes. He drinks a kale and pea shake every morning before his yoga routine.

Soon he goes the whole way and becomes vegan. He changes his name to Veganmort. He wears activewear under his cloak. He tells every person before he kills them that he is vegan.

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《Thank you so much for requesting this, okay. It gets gradually happier as the list goes on, by the way, so the whole thing isn’t a terrible sob fest… ALSO DISCLAIMER TRIGGER WARNING FOR ANYONE WHO IS UNCOMFORTABLE TOWARDS THE TOPICS OF AN ED OF ANY SORT OR SELF HARM》

- Tsukishima would only ever admit his struggles of he was very, very close to you, even then he would have trouble. It’s something he’s very self conscious about, something that still haunts him and lingers in the shadows of his mind. It all started when he was 12, or 13 maybe. Still numb from the tragic betrayal of his brother, he only got more and more distant by the day. Those dark feelings mixed with his arising teenage hormones we’re not a good mix for his overall mental health. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder began eating at him far before an ED even came into play. They conjured up thoughts of failure, thoughts of perfection, and soon enough, everything in Tsukishima’s life had to be perfect, perfect, perfect. He had to get exactly a 100% on his Algebra test, he had to clean his room for exactly 30 minutes, he had to do everything exact. Everyone he was close to had began to think it was just a temporary inferiority complex. People would say, “of course he doesn’t care about that, he’s a teenager” and “teenagers tend to ignore a lot of things” but even if Tsukishima didn’t completely understand the situation he was in, he knew it wasn’t just a ‘teenager thing’. His mother brought him to a psychiatrist once or twice, and despite the fact that he was, in fact, diagnosed, his mother was in denial, and so was everybody else he knew. Of course, his mother meant well, but needless to say, she thought it was just a phase. In real life, not that many people could see past his pretentious persona, but the people who squinted through those translucent walls of his could sense that something was up. Yamaguchi, especially.
Eventually, those thoughts of perfection had moved onto something bigger than grades and friendships, his body. He began counting every calorie he ate, every pound he lost. He had an image in his mind that screamed, “perfection” and he would do anything to achieve that. Numbers were slowly becoming the center of his life, and from the time he woke up, to the time he went to bed, all he could think about was numbers. His OCD and inferiority complex are things that are still prominent in his life, even to this day, but his ED was always something that fluctuated. For a long time, he didn’t even realize he was starving himself, and what he was doing was classified as a very tragic mental problem. It only came to his realization in his last year of middle school in health class, while the teacher was discussing disorders teens had. “Anorexia Nervosa”, a slide up on the board that was colored a putrid green, had gotten his attention, fast. He noticed the faces of some girls, how they looked nervously down at their feet as the teacher continued his rambles. He wanted to reach out to them, ask them if they were ok, but brushed it off. If you had asked him what he thought of that disorder in that moment, he would have said it’s “A stupid feminine issue, and they can rot, for all I care.”
But he really did care.
This word, “Anorexia”, had put the past two years of his life in perspective. It explained everything.
And it hurt.
He still continued his tendencies, growing more and more attached to it now that he knew it was a real, his problem was real and therefore it had meaning. He slowly grew bulimic, as well. When he ate 635 calories instead of his perfect 500, he learned to well, just puke it up. Slowly slowly, Tsukishima started to decay. At 6’0 he was only 125 pounds, and people he knew started growing concerned, but he didn’t care. He only got worse by the day, his forms of self harm growing more and more destructive.
Since then, Tsukishima has healed, but those thoughts of perfection and deterioration still linger on his skin and in his mind. Yamaguchi, although he knows very well of the way Tsukishima thinks, still doesn’t know what went down in middle school, and Tsukishima never intends on letting him know. The only two people who know, besides his family, is Kuroo, Akaashi and Daichi.
Daichi found out when they were changing one day. He noticed the scars on his arm and thighs and couldn’t help but ask, because if there was anything going on with one of his most valuable teammates, he sure as hell was going to fix it. He more or less milked the answer out of him, but now that he knows, he’s a lot more understanding of him than the other teammates. Kuroo found out while they were in gym three. Bokuto had brought some snack into the gym, and while Tsukishima really did heal, scars crack open. The thoughts come scampering back sometimes, and on this day in particular, they flooded his mind. Kuroo, being Kuroo, was oblivious to the situation at hand, teasing him about the fact that he was ‘so skinny’ and ‘really needed that food’. Akaashi, however, was not so simple minded. He had taken note of the way Tsukishima reacted towards things during the time he had spent at the camp. Akaashi’s good at analyzing people, and he analyzed Tsukishima in the same way he does Bokuto. In that moment, Tsukishima wasn’t as pissed as he was upset, and whist Kuroo chased after him in attempts to apologize, Tsukishima spilled.
These thoughts only ever haunt him once or twice every couple months, and they’re never strong enough to consume him. Although, raging thoughts of perfection still dwell in that crowded mind of his. After the Shiratorizawa match, where he said there’s no reason anyone should be proud, for he had only blocked one spike, that was the inferiority. His mind is a hurricane of wanting more, more, more, and not wanting anything at all. He wants to try, he has goals and morals and standards, but insecurity drags those down and makes him think that nothing matters. He’s working on it, he is, but Tsukishima has come to terms with who he is, and changing who he is is something he’s done with doing.

- He’s always cared about volleyball, from the day he met Hinata for the first time to the moment he blocked Ushijima’s spike. Although, despite the many times has he said that “this is just a club” and “what’s the point in trying if somebody’s always going to be better?” he still tries. Although he may not be giving it all like Hinata or Kageyama, he’s still trying. If he really didn’t care, thought of it as just some stupid club, do you think he’d really still be involved? After Akiteru’s betrayal, he could’ve just abandoned it completely. He could’ve easily played basketball, with that height of his, or joined any other club if he wanted to, but he stuck with volleyball. I believe if Yamaguchi were to confront him earlier, ask him “if you didn’t care at all, why are you still here?” he wouldn’t be able to give a proper answer. He says there’s no point in trying if somebody’s always going to be better, but he just doesn’t want to get too attached to it, like his brother was.

- Truth is, he doesn’t like getting close to anything, these days, and that’s why ever since the accident he’s been colder towards Yamaguchi. He doesn’t want to let people or things into his life, because anything that can’t benefit him in any way could hurt him. It happened with his brother, it happened with volleyball. He keeps people out in any way he can. Tsukishima is not an asshole. He wants other people to believe he’s an asshole, though, so they don’t stick around him. When he’s being genuine, he’s shy. When he asks people questions, he has his head down, hands interlaced. He doesn’t like opening up to people, and when he does, he’s vulnerable. He’s been betrayed, and like hell he’s ever going to let anything betray him again.

- Growing up, Kei never had a father. After his mother got pregnant with him, his father disappeared, leaving her to take care of her two boys on her own. Akiteru, being five at the time, was absolutely heartbroken by this. Even if he was five, he understood what was going on, and what was going to happen. Every time his father would leave for work, he’d refer to him as “the man of the house”, and that’s exactly what he was now. His little brother, Kei, was never going to experience having a father, so Akiteru, at five years old, decided that he was going to be the father figure for him, and that’s exactly what he grew up to be. Akiteru was pretty much a mentor for him, a role model, and that’s why he’d lie to his brother, so he’d keep setting “good examples” and trying to be a person who his brother could be proud of. In the end, it was devastating for both of them. Akiteru had lost the most important person in his life, and Kei was facing the betrayal of his superhero.

- It’s very rare that somebody comes along that Tsukishima takes a liking to. Before the whole accident, Tsukishima was already closed off. His brother even scolded him for not getting along with the other kids. Yamaguchi practically dug his way into Tsukishima’s life, and if it weren’t for him confronting the bullies, they would’ve never been friends to begin with. They probably wouldn’t have gone to the same schools, and even if they did, Yamaguchi would most likely get closer to Hinata, than anyone. Besides Yamaguchi, Tsukishima doesn’t really consider himself to have friends. Hinata and Kageyama are just teammates, and like hell he’d associate with them anywhere outside. He talks a great deal to Akaashi, but really it’s only ever about how their teams are doing, more than anything. Bokuto and Kuroo are more like mentors, and he can’t see him getting buddy-buddy with Bokuto, even if he was the one who practically helped him overcome his fear of getting too attached to volleyball. Tsukishima believes himself the next person he gets close to will definitely be his future significant other, because he just can’t see himself making new friends anytime soon.

- He has a ton of marks on his body, self inflicted, and not. He happened to grow a lot during the span of middle school, especially around the time when he had an ED. He had his greatest growth spurts during that time, and with all the chaos of gaining and losing and purging, he got stretch marks. His body was always fluctuating, and because he grew so fast, he was cursed with them on his sides, stomach, and thighs. He doesn’t like them all that much, especially since nobody else on his team has them, but what he really hates, is his scars. He regrets it more than anything, cutting himself, because when he did, he’d cut a lot, and deep. So deep he remembers seeing the white of his flesh in between the wound. Unfortunately, they didn’t heal well at all, the scar tissue a bruising purple and rougher than his skin. They’re mostly on his thighs, but he has a few littered on his hips and forearms, as well. Those ones happened to heal better, practically disappearing at this point, much to his pleasure. During the summer, he’s always a bit self conscious to go anywhere, always fearing that somebody’s going to confront him about them.

- Sometimes, especially late at night, he’ll find himself crying. Every so often he’ll throw himself into a state of existentialism, and question his existence, and everyone else’s existence, for that matter, until he gives himself a headache. He has the tendency to over think things, especially things about himself, and once he starts thinking about something inconvenient, he’ll think about it so much that he freaks himself out, until he needs reassurance that everything will be okay, or else he’ll lose it. Often times, he can assure himself, but he doesn’t believe himself. He knows it’s an annoying habit, but he’ll constantly ask his mother if she hates him, or if he’s doing okay, just because he needs to hear it out loud before believing it himself.

- When he finds himself over thinking, he’ll get out of bed and distract himself. Those dinosaur figurines are pretty much there so he doesn’t kill himself in the middle of the night. More often than not, he’ll get up, rearrange them by period, then order, family genus and species, then alphabetically until he forgets whatever was bothering him in the first place. A lot of times, his overthinking isn’t all that self destructive. When it is destructive, the dinosaurs have no chance at helping him, but when it comes to him just remembering something stupid he said in 6th grade, or a really embarrassing move he made somewhere, the dinosaurs are there to cure what ails him.

- Although he doesn’t really think of himself to be all that great, he likes writing. He has a binder, a big white one that has so many indents on the cover you couldn’t even count, and it’s filled with poems and thoughts and short stories he’s created over the past few years. He keeps his older ones mainly for the fact that he loves embarrassing himself sometimes, but a lot of them are terrifying and show a side of him that no longer exists. A lot of what he writes is just tangents, small narratives that start out neatly written and based on a theme, but end up in violent scribbles and on a topic completely different than the one he started with. It’s a way to get his feelings out without actually having to share them. Although, he might show somebody he loves the binder one day, just so they can get a glimpse at who he was in the past.

- He has hope for himself. He knows he’s still insane and sick in the mind but he’s come to terms with himself, and there’s nothing he wants more than a good future. He wants the rest of his life to be on track; graduate high school, go to a good college, get married, have kids, maybe. He knows eternal happiness is too much to ask for, but he’s just striving to be content. He wants to forever live in the feeling of having that slight weight on his shoulders, but still be able to lean back and say, “I’m free.”