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I'm sorry but I feel like you're extremely uncomfortable with smut or just plain don't know what it is after all you always skip over it. Please try to get over this as you do like, the drumroll up to it and some of us really wanna know how you imagine Newt in bed.

Hello! this is my blog and I am technically allowed to write whatever I please, if you don’t like it, you really don’t have to be on my blog. I know how smut goes, however I choose not to write it, and yes because I feel uncomfortable with it. Even if I got “over it” I wouldn’t write smut. I enjoy writing what I call cinnamon spice, but nothing to turn off some of my readers, because believe it or not there are people who don’t like to read smut, amazing how that works!! I’ve been told by people the reason why they love my blog so much is they can get the spice without the smut.

So if you have a problem with how I choose to write, go read people who do write it and not mine.

every time one of you goes through my blog and i see my phone lighting up i’m like, sorry……….sorry…….sorry….every time they like a post

the year is 2018

mid still hasn’t been released

the nancy drew tag is filled with nothing but roleplayers

roleplayers are still only using that chick from teen wolf as nancy

there’s no new big island mike memes

my nancy drew side blog goes silent

hey everyone, so I just lost my job and we’re behind on rent. We owe 1500$ this month because we couldn’t pay the full 1400$ last month and we’re more than likely going to be unable to afford another 1400$ in the coming month. I want to search for a job right now but I can’t as my phones been cut off so I won’t be able to provide a number on my resume. I owe close to 700$ on my phone (which I was able to live without until today when I lost my job) and ideally I’d like to be able to pay off at least that (or enough to get my phone restored which I believe is 498$) to make the job hunting process significantly easier. I have a donations button on my blog that goes to my roommates PayPal and, I really don’t want to have to ask, but anything is appreciated.


OMGGGGG this is the best Sanvers video I’ve seen so far… SO GOODDDDD (x)


Ships page is finally up!

Go to my blog and click Ships (shown in the first picture), then you choose one of the characters in your ship (second picture) and then there’s a list of ships. Click on the ship you’re looking for and it goes to that tag on my blog. I’m working on better icons but photoshop isnt my best skill.

I also have a page up for heroes

if you’re just trying to find any and all posts when one specific character.


it occurred to me tonight that…none of you know what I look like. which weirds me out a bit? I rant a lot on this blog and talk to quite a few of you and none of you have seen my face (except becca and jayne cause they’re stuck on this island with me) soooo here are two pictures of me awkwardly smiling after my cousins wedding. goodnight friends 🐢
(please do not re/bl0g)