it goes on even further than this too

Man, they really wanted to hammer home the idea Mr. Schnee does not belong.






Notice how one of these things is not like the other? He’s the only one whose name doesn’t start with W. It’s also the only name that doesn’t come from a Germanic language. (Jacques is French and ultimately goes back to Hebrew. Weiss is German, Winter goes back to Old English and German, and possibly even further than that, Whitley seems to be English, and Willow comes from Old German or Dutch)

He’s also the only one who isn’t naturally white haired.

He went white over time.

Guess that means he married in.

I have to wonder if this is why Winter and Weiss both rather be huntresses. Since at the moment, Willow doesn’t seem to be too involved with the actual operation of the company, despite possibly being the daughter of its founder. Maybe they weren’t ever going to be in charge at all…

Especially since Whitley seems to be daddy’s favorite. (He’s the one on the desk)

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How did you and Lest even become friends? I mean according to history during WWI, Germany handed Russia's ass to them because they were too weak and in the middle of their own rebellion? So what's with the change?

“Time goes back way further than just the world wars. Lest and me are both over two millennia old, and at that time we weren’t bound to the countries in the same way we are now.
Humans have always waged war against each other, and we vampires used to stay out of it, before they decided to bring the whole world down with them.”

“Besides I think you’ll realise that your human ‘friendship’ is nowhere near the same as vampires. The reason Lest sticks with me, is most likely because I’m stronger than him, and will prove a great ally, should the time come for him to need help. We’re selfish beings, thinking nothing of our kindred.”
At least that’s the illusion they’re trying to keep up.

Olicity: Daddy Fix Blankie

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PROMPT ❤️❤️ Ava gets mad at Oliver for the first time and wants Felicity. (Oliver doesn’t know how to react because he’s usually the favorite)

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“Daddy, no!”

A tiny hand pushes at his chest, pushes him away, and Oliver’s heart breaks. It actually hurts. He knows it shows on his face because Felicity gives him a sympathetic look even though their daughter is clinging to her in a bid to get further away from him.

He doesn’t know how to react to that, other than to admit that ouch, that hurts.

Daddy was in trouble.

Daddy had done a bad thing.

Daddy tried to get rid of Blankie.

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Zendaya is 18

My ass was not woke at 18. I’m 21 now and only been really woke for like a yr and a half. This girl is growing up - and unfortunately, publicly. She apologized - pretty quick, too. Focus the attention on why Kylie thinks it’s okay to wear blackface - even after being called out. Her reach is further than Zendaya’s and how the system of oppression goes - those of the majority’s oppressive actions are inherently more detrimental to the narrative society perpetuates than those who are oppressed.