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things I’m tired of: the K tags being full of art/gifs/edits/other content that have been reposted without credit or permission. 

Remember the cute angel Ambriel and what she told Cas?

God told Dean that earth will be fine because,

Cas wasn’t included, probably for the following reasons:

  • season 4 Cas knew Lilith was the last seal and knowingly helped start the Apocalypse by releasing Sam from the panic room
  • season 5 left Sam’s soul in Lucifer’s Cage for a year and lied about it for two years
  • season 6 Cas discouraged Dean from attempting to rescue Sam from Hell by saying he could go crazy and die……because that’s worse than ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL?  Sam has God’s special pass to go to heaven whenever he died topside so worse case scenario, Sam goes crazy and dies and goes to heaven which is, I dunno, BETTER THAN ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL!  Then he callously broke Sam’s mind and destroyed the only protection from the hell memories that would drive him crazy, which is in Cas’s own words, worse than ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL.
  • season 6 teamed up with Crowley the king of hell to break open purgatory
  • season 7 mass murdered humans and angels before releasing Levithians into the world that killed Bobby Singer.
  • season 8 broke apart heaven and caused angels to fall to earth and ruined thousands of human lives and the lives of their families, and also led to Kevin’s death. 
  • season 11 released Lucifer into the world who could potentially restart the Apocalypse. 

It was blatantly noticeable in the finale that God ignored Cas, who never even tried to talk to his dying Father.  Could it be for reasons above?  Perhaps Cas was ashamed and tried to make up for it by being with Sam after Dean’s “death” and offering companionship? 

Top 6 personal favorite quotes from 2016:

1. “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” –William Shakespeare

2. “Traditions are imploding and exploding everywhere…everything is coming together, for better or worse, and we can no longer pretend we’re all living in different worlds because we’re on different continents.” –Philip Glass

3. “Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all goes dark.” –taken from the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown

4. “Slavery is not peace. Freedom is peace. And until we have that, it is our duty to make war…We rise not for hate, not for vengeance, but for justice. For your children. For their future.” –taken from the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown

5. “The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” –Coco Chanel

6. “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” 


Well, 4 miles in the pouring rain is not my ideal run, but it was as if everything that has gone on the past 2 weeks was washed away, including the offensive smell when I am done. Unfortunately, I break a sweat blinking, and usually when I’m done running there isn’t a dry spot on me. So the rain helps wash everything away. Mom has been stable for the last few days, no better or worse, so life has been a little normal, or as normal as it can be. I swear I am going to hear her yelling my name until the day I die. From the time I get home from work until she goes to sleep, it seems like she is calling me constantly. And when she wakes in the middle of the night, it is usually 6 or 7 times she calls me to her room before she goes to sleep. This morning it was 3:30 and she kept calling me. No sense going back to sleep so off to the shower I went, and was at work at 5. I’m hoping it will be a quiet evening and night, we shall see. I hope everyone reading has a good night, and thanks for letting me vent. Dan

nothing goes over worse at parties than a bunch of people laughing about weird shit… nothing goes over better at parties than someone getting on peoples’ case about laughing at weird shit. That’s just how people work, duh. We hate humor drawn from the bizarre, and we love assholes, ESPECIALLY in social settings. 

So Amy told us all night that she broke up with Matt which I think is a very positive thing. He treats her like dirt and some of the things he’s said to her in the past are truly awful. So although yes it’s shit I think it will be a good thing for her in the long run. I then woke up to a text at 5 this morning from Colette (who goes out with Tony Joe’s older brother) saying that they’re in the process of breaking up 🙁 I didn’t see it coming at all but again she’s been through much worse so she’ll come out fighting. It must be something about January. At least this time I’m in a better head space and not constantly sad/crying about my dead parents on a train,like I was this time last year.

A Hard Bargain - Ch. 5

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Summary: With all the goodbyes said, and tears shed, Kylo’s very public demise goes forward. Though reluctant and absolutely destroyed from within by what she sees, (Y/N) agrees to go with Leia and watch. The evening return to the Resistance is both emotional and exhausting but leads to an unexpected turn.

A/N: Oookay, so I apologize in advance haha the angst is gonna get worse. BUT, I promise I will make it better. You have to read it all the way through to figure out how, no spoilers, but reader will get some peace I promise! 

Also if you’re someone who enjoys pain deep in your heart as you read haha song recs are “Shadow of the Day” Linkin Park and “Let it Go” James Bay. 


Not bothering to open your eyes, you laid motionless, still worn from the events over the past few days. You were physically drained and wanted nothing more than to finally drift off to sleep, which you had been deprived since sitting at Kylo’s bedside. Your nerves were too high and your mind couldn’t process anything aside from the growing anxiety you had with every stitch sewn into him.


“…Why do you stay?”

Arching a brow as you nuzzled your head further into your pillow, you gave Kylo a little shrug.

“Are you really bringing this up right now?”

Turning to look at you Kylo’s lips parted, his eyes slowly growing glossy.

“I killed my own father (Y/N)…and you’re still here. I need to know. …Are you staying out of fear…or something else?”

Finally fluttering your eyes open you saw Kylo come into your momentarily hazey vision. Taking him in you saw the welling tears in his eyes, the way his lips were just barely quivering, the obvious dark circles under his eyes, obvious even under the bandages from his fresh scar. Furrowing your brows at him you shook your head.

“…I understand why you did it Kylo. I don’t have to whole heartedly agree with it…but it’s not my journey. Whether you regret or believe it with every fiber of your being I’ll support you.”

His bottom began to quiver more now as he looked over your face.

“…Even something as monstrous as that…as unforgiveable…and you…you’re willing to stay?”

You nodded as you felt your eyelids attempt to fight off the undeniable craving of rest.  

“I love you…and you do some crazy stuff for love…so I guess that’s my thing.”

As your eyes shut, sighing to yourself, you could hear the stifled whimpers from next to you, the bed lightly shaking with each sound. Slowly opening your eyes once again Kylo was covering the lower half of his face now, hunched forward as the ripples of his pain hit you. Sitting up slowly to join him you carefully brought a gentle hand to his back. 

“I-I killed him (Y/N)…his own son…I don’t know if I can keep doing this.”

“Ssshh…it’s ok…no matter which path you choose, I’ll be there.”

Sniffling he quickly wrapped you into his bare chest with his uninjured arm, holding onto you as if you were his life support. Tears slowly fell atop your head as you just nestled your head against him.

“…Thank you…thank you.”

Placing a soft kiss to his chest with a smile, you let your eyes fall shut once again as Kylo rocked you both.


Looking up from where you sat in the Falcon, you saw Leia, her eyes solemn as she looked over to you. From the energy her presence alone gave off, as well as her bloodshot eyes, you knew she had taken a good long while to relieve herself of her tears before coming to see you. 

“They’ll be…they’ll be starting in 30 minutes.”

Nodding with a small gulp you attempted a smile towards Leia. 


Turning back to looking at the controls laying all in front of you in the captains seat of the Falcon, you carefully ran your fingertips over them. Despite the technology being rather outdated compared to what you were used to, you couldn’t help but admire it.

“Ben used to love sitting up here.”

Watching her take the seat next to you, your brow arched.

“My son…he loved to be up here.”

Smiling to yourself, imagining what Kylo looked like as a small toddler, you turned back to the control panel. In your mind, Kylo likely looked almost exactly like (Y/S/N), the fluffy head of hair, big curious brown eyes and chubby cheeks. To think a man such as Kylo was such a small innocent being like (Y/S/N), was at the least ironic, and heartbreaking. 

“I’m sure he did.”

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Will's shoulders sagged. "We'll just have to take it one step at a time. I'm just afraid he'll let himself get pulled into another depression. He's already been having a hard time with being in the hospital. I don't want him to get worse once he goes home because he feels guilty about something he can't control." But Nico was like that. Most times he was fine, but thanks to the trauma he'd gone through during his childhood and teen years, it didn't take much to trigger a change for the worse.

“Carter’s been doing a pretty good job at keeping Nico from spiraling downwards, but I’m worried that him getting sick is going to lose that last final push Nico needs. He’s doing a lot better, but we’re no where near out of the woods yet. Therapy is going to be a bitch.” Will rubbed the back of his neck with one hand, and ran his thumb over Nico’s knuckles with the other. Will knew that it was going to be a struggle to get Nico to make it through therapy, both mentally and physically, but it was one Will absolutely had to shove Nico through. “All I can worry about right now is his transfer in the morning. I think he’s stable enough for me to take on my own, so unless he takes a turn for the worse it won’t be quite as stressful as we originally thought when we thought we’d have to take him over by ambulance.” Will glanced at the clock on the wall. They only had a few hours until Nico would be transferred. “Not to rewind,” Reyna interrupted Will’s thoughts, “but have you ever considered sending Nico to a mental therapist?”

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Yep so many people have done bad stuff I just can't stand it if Aaron goes to prison and it does not make sense to me from any story pov for him to go there, there's drama and then there's cruelty. It serves no purpose what does serve a purpose is the result being Aaron getting help and hopefully Robert realising he needs to be careful with the stuff he does. Growth is better than more trauma.

I’m certain it won’t come to that, I mean come on like you said what would sending him to prison do? Nothing at all, make him far worse. I honestly think whatever happens it will be hyped up and made to sound far worse than what it is. Get the boy some help, that’s what needs to be done.

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Hello Sam, in a couple of months my partner & I will be moving to another country for two years (to the opposite side of the world from where we are now!). Although I'm very excited about it, I'm also a little scared. I have anxiety which comes and goes with severity and change can sometimes be difficult for me. I worry about not having security and feeling unsettled but I don't want anxiety to hold me back from living life! Do you have any advice for preparing for this/mastering these feelings?

Yes. Give up your expectations as to how things are going to be. They may be better than you expect or they may be worse but what is certain is that they will be different than your expectation.

So, go and flow. Stay loose and supple. Adapt to the changes. Flow.

In Sickness and In Health

Anon prompted: It’s the boys ten year wedding anniversary and Rachel offers to take Elizabeth for the night so they can do whatever they want. Kurt was on his way home from work when he picks her up from school and drops her with Racheal before heading home to get ready for the romantic night he’s planned. But when he gets home he finds Blaine in bed sick with the worst stomach virus he’s ever had. Rachel agrees to keep Elizabeth untill he’s better so she doesn’t catch it. Blaine goes to hospital for fluids

What started out as the perfect anniversary takes a turn for the worse when Blaine ends up extremely sick.  Luckily, they’re able to celebrate later.

4757 words.  Rated: PG

Kurt blinked his eyes open one November morning when the alarm went off at 7 o’clock.  He hadn’t had to follow this new schedule for very long since Elizabeth was only in her third month of kindergarten, but it had become second nature to him already.  He had a few minutes between waking up and having to go wake up his daughter, so Kurt rolled over towards Blaine and snuggled up next to his husband, and that’s when he realized exactly what day it is.

“Happy anniversary,” Kurt said, voice thick from sleep as he nuzzled his husband.

Blaine smiled as he woke up and heard Kurt.  He leaned into Kurt and wrapped an arm around Kurt’s waist.  “Happy anniversary.”

“Can you believe we’ve been married for ten years?”

“Nope.”  Blaine looked over at the clock and saw what time it was.  “Neither can I believe we have a five-year-old who needs to get up and get ready for school.”  

Kurt glanced at the clock that was on Blaine’s nightstand and sighed.  “I guess we need to get up then,” he said as he rolled back over to his own side of the bed and swung his legs over the side of the bed to stand.

Kurt shuffled down the hall past the room with unfinished furniture and bags of new infant clothes for their new baby to his daughter’s bedroom.  He quietly opened her door and entered her room, leaving her alone as he walked to her closet to pick out some clothes for her.  He knew that since she was going to go over to Rachel’s that evening while he and Blaine celebrated their anniversary that she was going to end up having a girls’ night.  Girls’ night always requires dressing up so they can go out and pretend to be movie stars, so he picked out his daughter’s favorite pink and blue striped dress and her navy blue ballet flats.  He laid the outfit down on the corner of his daughter’s bed before walking over next to her sleeping form and gently shaking her awake.  She stirred and rolled to face her dad and smiled.  

“Hey sweetie,” he said softly as Elizabeth’s eyes blinked open and she focused on him.  “Time to get up.”

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You know, I personally think Nega is worst then Julian. At least Julian did his purpose well as a villain from an undated in-name only Sonic cartoon. Nega is just bad in many inexcusable ways. He doesn't fallow the concept that Blaze's dimension goes established. His design is bad and unoriginal, he doesn't have anything to offert outside of being the forced recolor that is "better then everyone else" and he get ruined even worst in Rival withi his messy backstory. In short, he is a mess.

I don’t really think too hard about which one of the two I consider worse, because ultimately, they’re both shallow iterations who wish they could be the man with the master plan.

For Better or Worse // Ashton Irwin

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Requested; Yes

Summary; You and Ashton are married and you two get into a fight right before he goes on tour. You’re pregnant but you didn’t get the chance to tell him and while he’s away something goes wrong with the pregnancy.

Warnings; Pregnancy complications, angst

“You’re making a big deal over nothing (Y/N) it’s ridiculous really.”

You? Of course being kept up all night wondering where the hell your husband was and not getting a response from him because he lost his phone at the club was no big deal. Yes, you were overreacting and it was wrong for you to worry.

“Me?” You stormed behind him as he walked into your shared bedroom, “Ashton I was worried sick, you weren’t answering your phone and I even called the boys to ask where you were and none of them knew!”

“And that’s your fault,” Ashton scoffed, searching for his suitcase, “You should have a little more faith in me (Y/N) I’m my own person.”

“I never said I didn’t have faith in you,” You couldn’t believe your ears, the rage inside of you was bubbling inside as you watched him roll his eyes at you, “you just had me worried sick! Is that so wrong?”

“Yes get off my back already.” He snapped, taking his suitcases and heading towards the door where there was a black suburban waiting for him, along with the rest of the guys.

“Last time I checked I was your wife,” Furrowing your eyebrows, you crossed your arms against your chest, so this was how he was going to say goodbye. You didn’t like the feeling of this, you two didn’t fight often but when you did you’d always work it out but that wasn’t the case this time and you hated it, you didn’t want this, “Ash-”

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hey, I discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I've really been enjoying it and your stories, you're an amazing writer! I wanted to message you and say that I'm glad you closed down the requests, it's hard to deal with stress from many things in our life, sometimes from things we can't control, and I'm glad you took control of this and put it to a stop before it got worse. I really hope everything goes well, and your situation gets better! 💕

Hello, new friend! 

Thank you so much for this message. I really thought everyone was going to yell at me for closing them down but, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone in this fandom always shocks me by how kind they are. And you are just another person added to this list. 

Thank you so much and welcome to my blog! I hope your stay happy! 💜💚

{Alrighty everybody, GM GLONY is about to come out and we’re about to get some cute Riarkle stuff! Also the tags are A MESS and that needs to be fixed! So @allthingsriarkle suggested the lovely idea of making another Riarkle Appreciation Week. What’s better than that? So without further a do here’s how it goes:}

•Day 1: Moment you shipped them

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You know what else I love about Thor?

Every single one of the Avengers is unnerved and deeply discomfited by the visions that Wanda puts in their heads, they all handle things differently, some better than others, some worse than others.

But Thor, even having been shown his darkest fears (the deaths of his people, that he led them there, to Hel, rather than to Valhalla), does what not even any of the others do:

HE GOES BACK TO FACE THOSE NIGHTMARES AGAIN, he puts himself through all that dark shit again (in a process that is painful and difficult) because there’s something more he can learn from it.

Thor doesn’t sit idly by or try to forget what he saw or dismiss it as nothing but a nightmare.  He fucking faces it right the fuck face on:

Like a fucking god.

Advice in regards to nonsupportive family

For those of you that have came out to unsupportive family members, or if they simply do not understand what transgender truly means, I may have some useful advice for your situation.  First off, try to be kind and patient with them. This can be a complicated subject, to say the least; anger and rudeness from our end will only make things worse.  I know that people can be very stubborn and sometimes aggressive, so being calm and kind is likely no easy task.  After all, our goal here is peace within ourselves and with others.  If you begin to feel angry or lost for words, don’t feel like this is a one time only discussion that must be completed within one day.  Continue the discussion when you feel the timing is right, and try not to force or rush it.  As time goes on, we may think of key things to say to better explain ourselves.  Writing things down may even help you to say what is on your mind, or perhaps even in the form of a letter entirely.

Secondly, I suggest showing them the articles on Leelah Alcorn.  Her story helped me to understand when I was almost completely clueless to what being transgender really meant and an idea of what it was like.  Not only did it help me to understand Leelah’s perspective, but it also helped me to understand how much of the world reacts in a panic toward transgender individuals and differences in general.  The quote that really opened up my eyes was, “They loved their son so much, that they killed their daughter.”  

I feel that this line puts in perspective that gender is only a part of who we are, and rejecting us for that is missing the bigger picture of being their entire one-of-a-kind child. I’ve shared this story with my parents, and it’s helped to open their eyes as well. If you still can’t seem to get through to your family, continue to be patient and reach out to other family and friends for the time being.  They may still come around, and this is something that could likely take some time, along with multiple or continuing discussions.  Even for those that refuse to accept us, the best that we can do is “kill them with kindness” and learn to love them unconditionally. This will hopefully set a good example and this also represents who we truly are.

Lastly, I feel that this issue comes down to a matter of trust vs. fear and misunderstanding.  Being transgender is not something you can see physical proof of, simply by looking at someone.  When telling someone how you feel, either they believe that you are telling an accurate truth or telling false information.  People make the mistake of trying to see proof of something, before they can budge from their own predetermined belief.  Try to ask your family to believe that what you are saying to them is true, in how you feel.  Ask them kindly to at least consider your feelings as truth and to give it some thought.  

I hope I’ve done my best here in writing this.  I hope this genuinely helps to open up someone’s heart or helps to ease someone’s mind.

My heart goes out to Rumbelle.

What the writers are doing to Belle and Rumple is truly heartbreaking. It’s so out of character from season 3b and it only gets worse- I don’t know what the deal with them is. Rumple has loved his family above everything else no matter his darkness, and Belle didn’t use to try to “change” him. Their love was rooted in Belle being able to see through his layers and knowing not everything was just black and white, and Rumple strived to become a better man for her and Bae, but not because Belle asked him to but because it was a desire born from inside him for his family. All he’s always wanted is to protect them and their future. *sigh* Stay strong, Rumbelle. You know what their TRUE story looks like and it isn’t this way. *hugs* 

You know what I need from SnK so badly? An OVA or a little comic series about Grisha and Carla pre-wall breach. Just them raising Eren and getting along with their lives.

I want to see Grisha coming to terms with the fact that his two humans are breakable and, even as a doctor, he can’t fix them. Worse yet, they can’t heal like he can. I want Grisha slowly letting go of his fear as he watches Carla deal with her own scrapes and bruises with ease and how a kiss goes a long way to calm Eren. I want to see him realize that, sometimes, the best thing to do is to let Eren run a little too fast because he’ll learn and get better.

I want to see Carla’s group of neighborhood mom friends and friends from before she got married. I want to see her popping in to her friend and all of them solving the little problems, like the fact that Susan is sick and all of them will need to run her shop or Katarine has just had twins and needs a few more hands around the house. I want to see her calling Grisha by silly pet names and the two of them being so completely in love. I want her witnessing little moments between her husband and Eren with a smile and a kiss for both of them.

I want to see Eren learning to crawl, figuring out the word no and meeting his best friend Armin for the first time. I want to see Carla and Grisha’s special boy getting into all the trouble he can possibly manage (because Eren would have been that kid) and dragging Armin along for the ride. I want Eren learning about his world and, despite the fact that it’s a cage, it’s one that he’s willing to be in because of the things he has inside of it.

I just want a lot of silly little family moments with minimal angst and a whole lot of love between the Jaegers.

Love is so scary, simply because that person that makes you so happy, can be taken away from you just because they feel as if they’ve found someone better than you. It don’t even always have to be about looks it could be simply because that next person hugged them 5 seconds longer, fixed them a extra piece of bacon for breakfast, lasted 10 seconds longer in bed, etc. What even hurts worse is bc you know you’ll give that person any & everything they’ve ever craved for. You’ll give them 110%, but all that shit goes out the window when they’ve found that person that’ll give them that extra 1%. Now your happiness is snatched away from you, your heart is broken & the only person that can fix that broken heart is gone & happy with someone else… Yeah love sucks.