it goes fast


may you be MEME7, LOUD7, PRECIOUS7, you will always and forever be the GOT7 we, IGOT7, love and treasure. We are proud and happy that fate has gathered all of us together, may it be physically or through our long distance relationship :). You never fail to make us feel loved and happy, and we hope we do the same to you. You deserve so much more recognition but you say that our presence and support are enough. There’s so much to say because of how precious and genuine you guys are! But I just end up being speechless and tears just come around my eyes. My heart goes beating fast and if it could fly, it’s because of you. You say it’s okay to come and go by the nest, it’s okay as long as we’re together, it’s okay because you understand and I feel so grateful for that. As long as we’re together, everything is fine, right? Thank you. Thank you for the music. Thank you for the fun and happiness. Thank you for trusting us IGOT7 who turned into ahgases that follow you and phoenix that support you. Thank you for being GOT7.Thank you. Thank you so much. Let’s stay healthy together. Let’s stay happy with each other. Let’s build a stronger and bigger nest as time goes by. Yes, let’s be together for a long time. I love you, GOT7. Happy 4th Anniversary!

anonymous asked:

Is it bad that when everyone goes to bed I fast pace around the whole house. I probably look crazy but at the moment I’ve been addicted to doing it. Literally I’ll be in bed and randomly start walking at 3am

i mean, it’s not healthy – but i get it. i spend a lot of time just walking on the spot while watching tv to burn more calories.

I’m at the top of world and I feel it
But it’s not enough for me

Types of Girls: summer fruits 🍒✨

Strawberry girls: never feels good enough, puts friends before themselves, deep thinker & articulate speaker, beautiful outlook on life, is doing their best

Peach girls: overthinks about their crush, easy to talk to, pretty room, loves old music & soft lighting, gets over things fast, hardworking, goes with the flow

Blueberry girls: always embarrassed, the best friend anyone could hope for, heart of gold, comforting presence, appreciates beauty, sad but stays positive

Plum girls: remembers little things, questions their feelings, wishes they were taller, gets excited easily, too obsessed about what others think, smells nice

Cherry girls: prefers the truth, daydreams a lot, gets depressed when contemplating too much, doesn’t believe compliments, outwardly confident and happy

Lychee girls: pretty handwriting, scared of disappointing others, all/nothing mindset, can’t put thoughts into words, knows when someone is lying


militarytabi // Day 121
you are never alone because we are always with you 💛