it gives your lips this tingly feeling

Requested by: anonymous. 

Prompt: Imagine reuniting with your Father, Carlisle, after decades and meeting Jasper, your mate, for the first time. 

Fandom: Twilight

You take many unnecessary deep breaths as you enter the small town of Forks. The unfamiliarity of the rain only adds to the tension you know is only a figment of your imagination what with the fact that your nerves have been frozen for a very long time. You know it’s silly that you’re nervous. He’s your Father, and it’s not like he doesn’t write to you often asking you to come and visit so turning up uninvited won’t upset him too much, if at all. You glance at the map sprawled across the passenger seat out of habit and make your way through, up and out of town, taking you towards the highway. You can hear as well as smell the household of vampires, including your Father, as you turn in and take a one way road. You hear a chorus of:

           ‘Who’s that?’

           ‘Should we be worried?’

           ‘What now?’

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Shower Secrets (M)

Originally posted by defsouljb

A shower with your male best friend - in what world would that ever be a good idea? You know how it’ll end, yet you can’t seem to bring yourself to stop Jaebum from joining you.

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3,161

Warnings: very rough

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Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 436

Warnings: swearing, very mild dirty talk, implied smut.

**A little love for the Crowley peeps out there. Enjoy. <3

Demons aren’t supposed to bring you roses. They’re supposed to give you the deal of a lifetime, then reap your soul 10 years later.

But there he was, the King of Hell, or so he claimed. He stood at the foot of your bed, armed with three roses in his hand. At least it wasn’t a hellhound.

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A Rough Ride

Summary: I have a slight obsession with Dean’s thighs. This is pure porn to let me fantasize about that.

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: smut, thigh riding

A/N: This is gratuitous and shameless, and I’m not even sorry. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Tagging some people who commented that they’d like to see this at the end :) XOXO

It was his thighs.

The rest of him was perfect. Both the Norse and the Greek gods would be jealous. Dean Winchester was tall and strong, broad shoulders, biceps that stretched the sleeves of his t-shirts, and a face so beautifully, ruggedly gorgeous you often wondered if he’d sold his soul for it.

But it was his thighs that got you.

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Dead Joker x Reader - “The Last Goodbye”

It was The Joker’s idea for you two to come here for a few days. This is probably the most secluded hideout you have- deep in the mountains, right in the middle of the woods. Frost dropped you off and left, he’ll be back in 5 days. And then this happened…

“Would you please open your eyes?…Please?…” you beg, crying so hard it’s starting to make you dizzy. “Baby, please, say something, even if it’s something mean, I promise I won’t get mad,” you keep on caressing his face, hovering over his body. You really don’t know what to do at this point, you never felt this desperate before.

“J…J…,” you grab his hand and touch your face with it. “Why are you so cold?…” you let him go for a few moments so you can add more wood to the fireplace. You wipe your tears, whimpering and run to the window just to see the snow storm intensifying. You don’t even have Frost with you.

It was The Joker’s idea for you two to come here for a few days. This is probably the most secluded hideout you have- deep in the mountains, right in the middle of the woods. You left your cell phones at the penthouse since you don’t get signal here anyway. Frost dropped you off and left, he’ll be back in 5 days. And then this happened…My God, what are you going to do? Your heart is aching from the pain.

You stumble to the couch to get a blanket and cover J with it. He collapsed in front of the fireplace and you didn’t move him. You kneel by his side again, checking for a pulse you don’t feel and it makes you break down even more.

“Baby, say you hate me, hmm? That’s your favorite thing to say to me, please…say you hate me…”It’s hard to talk to him when your voice can’t find the strength to express the excruciating agony you feel right now. You find it harder to breathe and you wonder if this is a panic attack. You didn’t have one since you were a teenager. You slowly drop your head on J’s chest, cuddling to his body, trying to listen for a heartbeat. You’re hyperventilating and can’t concentrate on anything.

“Don’t leave me alone, you jerk… What am I supposed to do without you?” you whisper, closing your eyes while taking deep breaths, struggling not to pass out. You tilt your head so you can see his face and notice the little blood stream in the corner of his mouth.

You wipe it with your shaky fingers, anxiety and grief getting the best out of you. You start bawling again.

“Please wake up and say you hate me…just once…,” you plead, but he can’t hear you.


After your first night together

You are in a deep sleep when the ticklish movement around your neck makes you open your eyes. The Joker seems very preoccupied with your pendant.

“What are you doing, J?” you ask, still sleepy; he barely left you rest all night.

“Why are you always wearing this, Kitten? You know I can get you anything you want,” he frowns, switching the pendant on all sides.

“Here!” you take it back for a few seconds and open it, showing him the small pill inside.

“What’s this, Y/N?” he asks, curious. You really like how blue his eyes are when he’s not mad or upset.

“Poison antidote.”

He snickers:

“Who would poison you?”

“You’d be surprised how fast loyalty changes in our world.”
The Joker interrupts:

”Yeah, I know that, duh,” then he sees you getting sad so he continues: ”Wait, did it happen to you before?”

“Y-yes, once…a while ago. I was lucky I had the antidote with me. I will always replace if I use it. Want me to get you one? This small thing works wonders. They are hard to find and expensive on the black market, but it’s not an issue. I know where to get them.”

“Ha! Who would dare poisoning me?! I don’t trust anybody and only a few people can get close to me. No thank you, don’t want one, I like leaving on the edge.”

“I could poison you,” you giggle, “I’m really close to you right now.”

He smirks, pulling your gold chain towards him so he can kiss you.

“I dare you, Princess.” You laugh and wrap your arms around his neck when you notice the bite marks and hickeys all over you.

“Jesus, J, what the hell !” you look down your body and see there’s more.

“Get used to it, Doll, I don’t play nice,” he snarls, yanking you back in his embrace. “Plus, you played hard to get for so long I had to punish you.”

You sigh:

“What did I get myself into?… You’re lucky I love you.”

“I hate you too,” he bitterly replies, biting your lower lip.

“Auch, Jeez, stop it! You’re so bad ,” you furrow your eyebrows, pouting.

“I am,” he grumbles the words, annoyed, moving you on top of him.

“Say, didn’t you want me to kill somebody for you today?”  you inquire, pretending to think hard.

“I’m the boss and I say you can take the day off,” he slaps your ass, licking his lips.

“Is it paid or unpaid day?”
“Ohhhh, Daddy will pay you,” J grins, charging at your neck as you scream, trying to get off him and run.


You keep on walking around the living room, uneasy. It’s been a rough day. You try to calm down and you glance at the Joker. He’s sitting on the couch, writing on his papers.

“God, who do I have to screw to get a drink around here?” you mutter to yourself, cracking your shoulders and he is fast in lifting his hand up, still writing with the other:

“Don’t look too far, Kitten,” he chuckles, finally giving up on his project and getting up.

“How did you hear that?!” you are actually surprised.

“I can hear things when I want to, Princess.”


The Joker goes behind the minibar, messing around with all the bottles. You get impatient.

“What’s taking so long, babe?”

“Almost there, I’m mixing up your favorites.”

You go on the balcony and wait for him.

“Here you go!” he finally comes, handing you a glass of whiskey and sipping some from his own.

“Gosh, I need this!” you inhale, savoring the drink. After a few moments, you feel your lips tingly.  You don’t think too much of it until your throat feels like it’s tightening up and you start coughing.

‘”What’s wrong, Y/N?” J asks, trying to clear his voice. “I think it went the wrong way,” and he starts coughing too, harder and harder until he can’t hold his glass anymore and he lets it drop on the concrete.

Your ears are ringing and your lips are getting numb. “Poison,” you think, panicking and without hesitating, you take your little tablet from your pendant and give it to J:

“Take this, take it!” you want to put it in his mouth and he backs away. “Dammit, take it!” you continue to cough, trying to give it to him. He suddenly starts laughing, straightening his posture. You don’t understand what’s going on but you sure don’t feel good.

“Take a sit, Doll, you’re fine, there’s no poison, “ he pushes you on the chair and you feel you’re going to faint soon. He runs inside and comes back with your Epipen, goes down on his knees and injects the medication in your thigh. “You’re just going in anaphylactic shock, you’ll be fine in no time.” He continues to laugh.

You’re wheezing, looking at him in disbelief since you can’t speak right now.

“I pretended just to see what you’ll do and I added a bit of peanut butter in your drink since I know you’re highly allergic to it. You really thought it’s poison, didn’t you? I can’t believe you gave me the pill. For a henchwoman, you have no survival instincts,” he snorts, amused. “You’re so stup…” he shakes his head but can’t continue when he lifts up his gaze to look at your face.

You’re not crying, but tears are streaming down on face from the frustration and indignation you feel right now. He never saw you cry so he stops his speech. You push him with all the force you have left in you, fighting to get your breath back after your severe allergic reaction.

“What the fuck is wrong with you??!!” you scream as loud as you can and he just bounces back on his knees, having that smug smirk on his face you can’t stand.

“Relax, you’re fine. You really thought you were dying?”

“No, I thought you were!” you push him away again, rising from the chair, starting to cry for reals. You head back inside, tripping on your still shaky steps and head towards the master bedroom.

The Joker just froze in that position, shocked; he didn’t expect to hear that answer from you. He was just being…funny… and for the first time since he can remember he thinks that maybe his stupid dumbass went too far.

Once you get to the bedroom you get one suitcase out and begin to look for your guns and a few clothes to put in there, determined to leave. This is just too much. You still struggle to pull yourself together since the medication is working, when you hear the door opening and you just shout “NO!” without looking.

“It’s me, Y/N,” you heat Frost’s voice and you pass by him, collecting your things. He doesn’t really know what to say.

“Did he send you? Of course he did,” you answer for him, cramming your pistols in and zipping another compartment.  “I’m out of here! I had enough!!! Did he tell you what he did?!”

Frost knows better than upsetting you even more so he just sits there, listening while you continue to pack. “Wow,” he thinks, “this is a new level of big time fuck up even for Mister J. Too bad, I kind of like her.” Of course he does, you were always nice to him. Frankly, Jonny is surprised you lasted this long with someone like his boss. Three years is a long time, definitely a new record for The Joker.

The door is being kicked open and it startles you. The Joker drags his steps in, not smiling anymore, quite the opposite.

“Out, Frosty, you’re useless!” he barks at his henchman, irritated. Jonny quietly leaves the room, and J slams the door behind him, placing himself in front of it.

“Don’t leave…” he mumbles, biting on his cheek.

“Move, I want to get out of here,” you stop in front of him, distressed.

“Don’t leave…”

You try to walk around him and he pushes his back against the door so you can’t get out.

“Don’t leave…”

You just stare at each other for a while and he just keeps on repeating the same words over and over.

“Don’t leave… You know I hate you… Who else am I supposed to hate if you go away, hmm?”

You gulp, not being used to him acting this way.

“Don’t leave…yes?”

Probably 10 more minutes pass and you’re still there, reconsidering your decision. You must be out of your mind too.

“You’re such a jerk,” you finally speak, sniffling.

“I know,” he admits, sulking. “Don’t go…”

*** You choose to stay and ignore him for the rest of the day even if he follows you around like a puppy. When the night comes, you are going to sleep in the guest bedroom, alone, keeping your eyes shut and thinking about how completely idiotic you are for not leaving him.  
The Joker sneaks in, thinking you are asleep and slowly gets in the bed by you, carefully taking your hand and kissing it a few times so he won’t wake you. You pretend not to feel anything and after a while he crawls towards the side of the bed so he can get up and go. You reach your hand and yank him back, snuggling to his chest and you can hear his heart beating really fast.

“You’re so lucky I love you,” you whisper and he crushes you with his hug but you don’t complain about how uncomfortable it is.

“I hate you too,” he nuzzles in your hair, inhaling your scent. “I have to go soon, we are breaking into Gotham Bank tonight, I’ll be busy,” he starts purring, content you’re still his.

“Don’t forget to say goodbye when you leave, you never say it and it’s annoying,” you scold him, dozing off.

“Why do I have to? I always see you in a few hours anyway,” he protests but doesn’t argue too much.

“Because you never know…” you yawn, kissing his chest.

“Fine, I’ll say it now before you fall asleep: goodbye, Pumpkin,” he rolls his eyes but humors you since he just walked on such thin ice today.

“Fair enough…goodbye,” you yawn again, so sleepy you slur your words.


When you broke your ankle, you didn’t really know what to do. A henchwoman being out of commission for a while is kind of pathetic and 100% boring as hell.

“J, can you please bring me a bottle of water?” you request and he is fast to be the nicest, as always:
“Go get it yourself, woman, stop pestering me!” he growls, typing on his laptop.

“Ahhh, total sunshine, what would I do without you?”

He doesn’t reply so you take your crutches and hop towards the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. The Joker runs by you, opens the fridge and takes a few water bottles out then runs back to the living room, making sure to tease you:

“You’re soooo slow, do I need to hire someone else for my black list?”

He is already in the living room, placing the bottles on the coffee table by your recliner. Of course he didn’t want to bring you a bottle, but sure did it after you struggled to get it yourself. J has such a weird way of being…nice.

“Yeah, thanks a lot, baby, you shouldn’t have. God, you have absolutely no clue how incredibly lucky you are I love you,” you pout and drop back on the recliner. He leans over and kisses you:

“I hate you too, Princess,” he grins, delighted he was able to get on your nerves again. That’s like… his main job.” I have to go for a meeting, Doll; I’ll be back in a couple of hours; behave and if you think naughty things, don’t start anything without me, ok?” he purrs in your ear and it gives you goosebumps.

You giggle and kiss him again:

”Fine, I won’t.”

He gets ready to leave and you yell after him:

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”
“Goodbye, Pumpkin!” he shouts back, slamming the door.


After your ankle healed, the Joker decided to take a short vacation with you at your secluded cabin in the mountains. You brought supplies for a few days and Frost helped you carry all the stuff inside and then left. It’s so pretty with all the snow around but they say a storm will start soon so might as well build the fire and enjoy some down time.

“Hey, Y/N, do you want a drink?”

“Yes, I would love one, bourbon on the rocks, please,” you ask, building the fire. “You can leave it on the table, I’ll be done soon.”

The Joker prepares the drinks and puts yours on the table like you asked but starts drinking his. He comes by you, watching you struggle with the wood, but you almost got it.

“Thank for helping me, baby,” you complain, annoyed.

“I got us drinks, ok? My mission here is done. E-hem,” he coughs, a disgusted grimace crawling on his face. J drinks some more just to make sure and then puts the glass down on the floor.

“Yuck, this is gross. It’s strong and it tastes weird, don’t drink it.” He coughs some more, not being able to stop.

“That bad, huh?” you make fun of him, turning around to see his reaction. “Jeez, are you ok?” you lift yourself up when you see he won’t quit.

J drops on his knees, choking.

“Yeah, not funny, baby. I won’t fall for it again,” you try to lift him up when you notice the blood from his mouth dripping on the white carpet. “Oh my God!” you scream, fastly reaching for your pendant to take the pill out. He collapses to the ground, convulsing and you turn him over, placing his head on your knees, forcing the antidote down his throat.

“Take it! Don’t spit it out!” you shout, keeping his mouth closed, hoping he can swallow. You wipe the blood from his lips, trembling, stunned at what is happening. The Joker is attempting to say something but his eyes go in the back of his head and he stops moving.

It’s no way for you to know, but he was trying to say goodbye. He knew you would be upset if he leaves you without saying it. The words just didn’t come out, it was too late.


You are starting to feel the cold. The fire is dim and you have to use all you’ve got to crawl to the fireplace and add more wood to it.

You start crying again once you are back by his body, getting under the blanket with him. You gently brush his pale cheek with your fingers, not wanting to move anymore. You are probably hallucinating from your sorrow because you thought you heard something. You rub your eyes and lift yourself on your elbow, carefully watching J. You suddenly freeze: you can swear you saw his eyelids move a bit.

You cup his face, nervously panting  :

“J, J, can you hear me? J !!!” you shake him, hoping something will happen. A couple of minutes pass by and it feels like an eternity. You try again:

“Baby, are you still here? Hey, can you hear me?”

A low growl. Jesus, you weren’t hallucinating the first time!

“J, open your eyes!” you keep on stroking his cheek frantically when he suddenly blinks, not being able to focus at first. After a few moments his blue eyes find yours and he cracks a vague smile while you bawl your eyes out, clenching your fists to his shirt.

“Hey… Pumpkin…” you distinguish the muffled words.

“How could you do this to me, you jerk?” you laugh and cry in the same time, so incredibly happy to see he’s alive. “I hate you!” you bury your face in his neck, whimpering.

“Ahhh, finally on the same page…” the Joker struggles to speak. “I hate you too.”

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Jealousy (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Request: don’t know if it’s been asked but I’d like to request an imagine in which the reader is trying to ask out Sebastian because she really likes him but she’s nervous so she seeks out Chris’s help so they’re always talking on set and seen together but it’s because he’s trying to help her out but Seb doesn’t know and gets kinda jealous :3 please and thank you in advance if you decide to go with this <3


“Honestly, the worst thing you can do is stare,” Chris murmured into your ear as he snuck up behind you.

“Chris! Shit!” You exclaimed, jumping slightly in shock as you felt his warm breath fan over your ear.

“I’m not staring,” you huffed as you crossed your arms in front of your chest and adverted your gaze from Sebastian to Chris who was now standing in front of you.

“Yeah and I’m not playing Captain America,” Chris chuckled.

“I wasn’t staring,” you mumbled as you glanced quickly back at Sebastian for second.

“Oh okay, gazing,” Chris responded with a smirk. He was the only one who knew about your not so small crush on Sebastian as this wasn’t the first time he caught you staring at him.

“Just talk to him,” Chris suggested, once again pulling you out of your thoughts.

“And say what exactly? ‘Oh yeah hi Sebastian. We never really talk because I have a massive crush on you and I don’t want you to think I’m weird and yet here we are. By the way, how are you today?’” You said sarcastically. Chris let out a bellowing laugh which caused Sebastian to look in your direction, almost sporting a scowl on his face as he watched you giggle in response to Chris’ laugh. Sebastian wanted to be reason for your giggle and your laugh, so it killed him inside when he saw Chris making you smile.

“C’mon just practice on me. Practice what you want to tell him on me, pretend I’m Sebastian,” Chris said after calming down.

“Are you serious? I can’t! He’s literally standing over there! What if he hears us?” You questioned.

“Fine, come with me,” Chris said as he unfolded his arms and placed one around your shoulders. Sebastian watched as Chris guided you off set and towards his trailer and was surprised no one could hear his heart breaking as it shattered into a thousand pieces.

It was a nice day outside so instead of actually going in Chris’ trailer, you both decided to hang around in the back as it gave off a more secluded and private feeling which allowed you to feel comfortable confessing your feelings out loud.

“Okay. Just picture me as Sebastian,” Chris said as he stood in front of you while your back was to his trailer.

“Okay,” you breathed out in a sigh. There were so many words you wanted say and so many thoughts you needed to express but they were all currently jumbled up in your head. Even though you were only practicing, you still felt nervous and if you felt that way now, God, you didn’t want to think about how you would be feeling if you ever got the courage to speak to Sebastian.

“Sebastian,” you started off, glancing up at Chris who was smiling and chuckled a bit.

“Sebastian. The thing is, you know, the thing is…is that I like you,” you said before cringing at your words.

“Maybe you should try again,” Chris suggested which caused you to glare at him.

“You were right. You aren’t playing Captain America, you’re playing Captain Obvious,” you spat at him. Chris let out another famous loud laugh even grabbing his left boob while he was at it.

“Dork,” you muttered to yourself as you watched him, smiling.

“Anyways,” Chris breathed out as he was trying to catch his breath, “continue.”

“Okay. Sebastian, we haven’t talked a lot and I know it may seem like I’ve been avoiding you and all but I just want to say that it’s not you, it’s me. And yes I know that sounds cliche but it’s the truth. That also sounds cliche. Anyways, the point is, I really like you. Like really like you and I want spend more time together and I was wondering if  you would want to go out with-.”

“Stop,” Chris said interrupting your speech.

“Chris, no. I have to say this,” you responded, slightly frustrated and confused.

“No, seriously stop,” he said again, not giving any explanation as to why he wanted you to stop so abruptly.

“Chris! I gotta say how I feel! Please, let me finish,” you pleaded as you looked at him. As you were looking at him, you noticed that he no longer was looking down at you but instead over your shoulder and behind you. You leaned off the trailer and turned around to find Sebastian standing to the side of the trailer with a hurt expression.

“Sebastian,” you whispered as you took a step forward.

“I should leave you two alone,” Sebastian mumbled while moving away from you.

“Sebastian!” You yelled after him. You looked back at Chris who only nodded at you and you took at as a signal to run after Seb.

“Sebastian wait!” You called out. You placed your hand rather roughly on his shoulder as you tried to stop him and yourself.

“What?!” Sebastian asked in an annoyed tone as you made him face you.

“Listen, back there with Chris. It’s not what it looks like,” you huffed out.

“It sure looked like you confessing your love for him and wanting to ask him out,” Seb muttered under his breath.

“No, I wasn’t confessing my love for him. I was uh, I was practicing for what I really wanted to say for someone else,” you spoke in a rush.

“Oh,” was all that Sebastian could say. He didn’t know if it hurt because it wasn’t Chris you were attracted to or because it was someone else or that you didn’t think about him and asked him for advice.

“No it’s not like that. Shit,” you muttered as you realized that it was time for the speech you practiced and kept messing up on.

“Okay listen. Look, I’m just gonna say it because nothing else has worked. I like you Sebastian. I like you a lot. And being around you makes me nervous and I wanted to ask you out for coffee or something and Chris was the only who knew about me liking you so he offered to help and told me to practice on him and that’s what I was doing. You gotta believe me,” you rambled. Your heart was racing and your palms began to feel clammy, especially since the silence was deafening. This was such a dumb idea Evans. I’m gonna kill you! You yelled to yourself as you waited for Sebastian to say something. Did he say something? Was I just too busy talking to myself to not hear him?

Before you could rush off and yell at Chris and maybe cry a little, Sebastian grabbed your face in his hands and pulled you in for a deep and passionate kiss. You instantly melted into it, wrapping your arms around his neck and moaning into his mouth as your tongues fought for dominance. You felt his stubble tickle your face as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. His arms wrapped themselves around your waist and lifted you off the ground a little which made your heart flutter.

“You got jealous didn’t you?” You muttered as you pulled away, nudging your nose against his slightly, lips still hovering above his.

“Only because I wanted to make you smile,” Sebastian responded, giving you a small peck on the nose.

“Well now you did,” you whispered as a smile formed on your face.

“Seeing that smile on your face and knowing I had something to do with it makes me feel tingly inside,” Sebastian said, giggling.

“You’re such a dork and you have no reason to be jealous because I like you Sebastian Stan,” you said as you admired his face.

“I like you too Y/N,” Sebastian replied with the biggest smile plastered onto his face as he spun you around. 

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Regret: Josh Washington x Reader

Request: Hey sorry to bother ik request are close but i was wondering could do one where emily has a crush on josh but josh like the reader and the reader likes josh and emily and josh do some things and the reader is heart broken but josh makes it up

Word count: 1,413

You sighed in relieve as you entered the lodge. You kicked the front door shut with your foot, and made your way into the living room. You smiled as you noticed all your friends, already gathered around.
“Hey guys!” You exclaimed happily, and everybody turned to you. There were squeals and cheers as you plopped down onto the couch, and you chuckled at their reaction. Sam was sitting on your right, and you smiled at her. She returned the gesture, then grabbed your hand.
“Y/n, I’m so glad you could make it! We totally need to catch up…” You nodded, agreeing with her statement.
“I know right, we haven’t talked in forever…” You were interrupted by someone entering the living room. He spoke up, and you blushed at the familiar sound. His voice was raspy and deep, making shivers crawl up your spine. You looked up and met Josh’ eyes, which were already staring down at you.
“Look who finally arrived… I’m glad you’re here…” He smirked and sat down on your left. You chuckled shyly, and nodded while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanna ask what kind of flavoured lip gloss that they would like their gf to wear or what would their reaction be when they kissed and found out that shes wearing it?? BTW LUV UR IMAGINES LUV YOU BYE~~

ahhh such a cute request thank you!!!

S.Coups: Pina Colada; He’d have this smirk on his face once he tastes the lip gloss on you and he’d say something along the lines of “Someone’s been paying attention to what I like,” before leaning in again for another kiss.

Jeonghan: Vanilla; He’d lick his lips really slowly once the two of you pull away and he’d contemplate whether it was really vanilla or not so he’d ask, “Jagiya, is that vanilla?” and when you’d nod he’d sort of give this cute lil giggle.

Joshua: Chocolate; He’d sort of realize a little late that you were wearing his favorite flavor of lip gloss but once it hit him, he’d blush a little, and he’d laugh softly to himself thinking, ‘Oh wow, she never fails to surprise me.’

Jun: Mint; Sort of similar to Coups’ but like he wouldn’t say anything once he notices the lip gloss you’re wearing, he’d just keep on kissing you and he’d whisper things like “Ah, you taste so good~” against your lips. oh my god junhui

Hoshi: Peach; He’d lick his lips while a smile was forming on his lips and he’d be like “Come here, jagi, I wanna taste you again,” and he’d give you another quick peck and he’d be like really happy that you remembered his favorite flavor.

Wonwoo: Pink Lemonade; He’d give you this look that just makes you feel all tingly inside like he’d be staring at you so intensely so you’re like “um, wonwoo….?” and he’d pause for just a moment before leaning in and kissing you again.

Woozi: Blueberry; He’d sort of blink a few times while staring at you and he’d get so flustered and he’d shake his head and be like, “Aaahhh, why are you like this? Are you trying to kill me or something?” and he’d be such a cute, embarrassed puddle of mush.

DK: Kiwi; He’d just flash you his infamous megawatt smile and you’d be like, “What?” and he’d reply with, “Nothing, nothing. I just really like your lip gloss.” And he’d just keep on stealing kisses from then on. what a cutie omg

Mingyu: Strawberry; He’d be so cute about it like he’d ask you, “How’d you know that was my favorite flavor???” and he wouldn’t be able to stop staring at your lips after that and you’re like, “Oh my god Mingyu, if you want to kiss me, go ahead.”

The8: Bubblegum; He’d tilt his head to the side and just look at you really lovingly and he’d scrunch up his nose before giving you an eskimo kiss and he’d be like, “You taste really sweet, baobei.”

Seungkwan: Coconut; He’d be like “woah ok is that coconut” and he’d sort of act like he’s still in disbelief and he’d kiss you over and over again and you’d be like “seungkwan sTOp omg” but he’d just laugh before giving you a longer and lingering kiss.

Vernon: Raspberry; He’d like chuckle and rub the back of his neck and he wouldn’t be able to look at you and he’d try to explain like, “You see, um, I really like your lip gloss…” and you’d eventually get what he’s trying to say and you’d lean in to give him another kiss to put this poor boy out of his misery.

Dino: Watermelon; He’d be really excited and he’d smile really wide and ask, “Is that really watermelon?” and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself, he’d just grab the sides of your face and lean in again to confirm his thoughts.

A Surprise

Originally posted by mountean

Group: Seventeen 
Member: Lee Jihoon x Reader 
Genre: Smutty smut smut 
Warnings: light BDSM, over stimulation, thigh riding, dirty talk, swearing
Words: 2,648
A/N: This was Admin Hunnie’s writing for the Admin application! We wanted to share it so you could kind of see how she writes, even though she doesn’t write with anymore.

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As A Boyfriend; MinYoongi/ Suga

First meeting;

• Awkward silence at first
• He admires you all the time
• Looks bored but actually isn’t
• Complements
• Shy af
• Hands in pockets
• Constantly tugging at his beanie
• Light blush
• Small smiles
• Bright eyes

First date;

• Tells you all about him
• Expects the same of you
• Wants to get to know you
• Wants to know your back ground and what every small bump and bruise came from
• His dress sense would be desirable
• Make sure to put you first before himself
• Simplistic things like moving your hair out of your face for you
• Staring at you longingly
• Hand holding, like your one hand in his two hands
• Gives you his jacket even though he is only in a thin t-shirt
• Walks you all the way home
• Kisses your cheek to be respectful to you
• Leaves you with a cheesy comment that seems reasonably not like yoongi at all


• Wears all black since he look gorgeous in all black.
• Confident
• Extremely invested to you
• Smirking
• Slight pearly white smiling
• All the attention is on you
• Cheekily makes sly and subtle innuendos towards you
• Skin ship straight away
• Arms around you
• Happily gives you his jacket and walk ahead of you so you can see his physique

First Kiss;

• Caressing
• Sensations of a new beginning
• Smiling with eyes, radiating warmth
• Excitement
• Nervous butterflies
• The awkward 2 seconds beforehand when you don’t know who is going to lean in
• Staring into each other eyes, communicating with each other
• Relief
• Vulnerability
• comfortability


• Low moans
• Pleasing caressing of his hands on your waist
• Adrenaline rush
• Intention, giving off the vibe that he will kiss you
• He gives you the ‘look’
• His eyes on your lips as he bites his
• Slowly gets closer to you
• empowering
First week;
• replying to texts straight away, no waiting for a reply
• lots of emoji using when both are tired as words become less
• not embarrassed to introduce each other to their friends
• Comfortability around each other, weird mannerisms come out and humour progresses
• Finding the comfortable stages of interests and more
• Feeling all warm and tingly
• Everything is natural, nothing forced
• No feelings of awkwardness


• Smirking
• Sexiness
• Excited but nervous butterflies whenever he touches you
• Showing signs of deepening affection by the way he slowly eases into the relationship
• Teasing you with his eyes
• Gives you the ‘ I know you want it’ look

First Month;

• Feeling spontaneous because being together is not chore, it’s completely based off of affection.
• Completely full of respect for you, your friends and your family and vice versa.
• Communications is easy to do, everything is honest
• Encouragement is always given
• Always filled with surprises
• Major fans of having nights in rather than going out
• Similar visions of the futures
• Always feeling welcome by their family and bts family


• Completely comfortable being naked around each other in daylight
• More smirking
• Showering together
• Lazy bathing together
• Constantly on his lap as he doesn’t want you near anyone else or the boys
• Slight possessive since he just wants you all the time
• Behave like newly weds

First time;

• Passionate
• Enticing
• Possibly started by you simply just moving and your shirt rides up a little
• Exciting
• Adrenaline
• Hot af
• Intense
• Staring into eyes
• Constant asking if you’re ok with what he is doing
• If there is anything you would rather do
• Confident
• Smirking
• Moaning messes

First year;

• No secrets, complete honesty
• Proud of what you both had accomplished together
• Basically, you’re both night owls
• Becoming the second eomma of bts
• Feeding yoongi
• Falling asleep together while in the bath because everything is too exhausting to get up and go into the next room
• Yoongi placing things on a high shelf where you can’t reach and then regretting it because neither can he
• More lazy days and night in’s than nights out
• Sarcastic banter between the both of you
• Playing with each other’s hair as a comforting thing
• Sex
• More sex
• Newly wed sex

ficlet: Dean/Cas #8

Originally posted by blondeshorthair

It had been three years since he’d last seen that smile. Castiel thought he’d never see it again. After the accident, Dean had been diagnosed with amnesia, and his father took him and Sam to a different city, wanting to keep him away from Castiel. Back then, Castiel was only seventeen, and didn’t even have a car of his own, so there wasn’t much he could’ve done.

His own parents not approving of their relationship hadn’t helped either.

But he was twenty now, restarting a life as a barista in this new city he’d barely had time to grow used to; New York. He’d thought that there, no one would recognise him. No one would look at him with pity, no one would talk about how broken he was after Dean left.

But now here he was, Dean Winchester, plastering one of the signature smiles he’d fallen in love with years ago. For the way he smiled, though, he was sure Dean didn’t remember yet. At least, he didn’t remember him. He was cocky, but not cocky enough to stand unaltered in front of him like that.

“So, what about that latte?” He raised an eyebrow, unaware of Cas’ internal trail of thought.

“Coming right up.” He said quickly, turning to write the order down in the old computer. “So, what was your name again?” He cleared his throat, daring to look back at him.

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Imagine # 8: You Left Me a Voicemail?

Request:  Can you do on Where y/n is made at robbie. And Robbie is really horny and wants her but she is so made at him so she tease him for a whole week.He trys to please himself but y/n caught and said two more weeks. Smut ;)

Warnings: some smut, cursing

“Robbie are you kidding me right now?!” You yelled out. You were currently getting his voicemail from lunch that day, one you didn’t have a chance to listen to. Your boyfriend was cringing on the couch while you stood in the kitchen. You listened to the end of the message, which was him calling you earlier at work to tell you that he had to cancel your plans for Friday.

You groaned in aggravation and tossed your phone onto the counter. Storming into the living room you glared at the boy, “We live together, and you left me a fucking voicemail?”

He sheepishly shrugged, “I thought you would have listened to it at your lunch break, been upset, and then been cooled off by the time you got home.”

You only rolled your eyes, “And when I didn’t say anything about it? You didn’t think to tell me about it?”

His face took a guilty look, “I didn’t want to tell you in person because of how upset you got last time.”

You felt like screaming. You ran your hands through your hair and breathed through your nose. “I honestly don’t even know what to say to you right now. This is the fourth time you’ve gone and canceled on me. My cousin’s birthday party, date night, going out with my friends, now you’re missing dinner with my parents! Robbie this is getting ridiculous!”

“I know Y/N!” He yelled back, “But I can’t help it! You know how my job can get!”

You let out a sigh, you knew that it was his job, but at the same time you felt like the boy didn’t even try to change things around. “Fine.” You turned and started to walk to your bedroom. You heard Robbie call out to you. You didn’t say anything to him, just walked into the bedroom, grabbed a pillow and blanket you kept in the closet and tossed it at him before shutting the door and locking it. You heard him yell out in protest, but you simply turned on the tv and stayed in the room for the night.

For the next week you didn’t say much to him, only what was needed. That didn’t mean you didn’t take revenge.

You would do little things that you knew got him riled up. Walking around the apartment in the pair of shorts that were too short for public, stretching in the living room in only shorts and a sports bra, even teasing kisses or lingering touches that would only last a few seconds. He knew what you were doing and it was frustrating him to the point where he finally cracked.

You had just gotten a shower and you were currently standing in your room looking for a change of clothes. As you rifled through your dresser you heard a person clear their throat. Glancing up you saw Robbie leaning against the doorway. You cocked an eyebrow, “Can I help you?”

He didn’t say anything but instead walked to you, he propped his hands on your dresser and caged you in. His green eyes smoldering down at you as he said, “I’ve notice that you’ve been quite a tease all week.” You didn’t say anything, and he stepped forward causing you to hit the back of the dresser and him to be pressed up against you. “It wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with last week now would it?”

You let out a slight chuckle and rolled your eyes, “Do you really think I’m that petty?”

Robbie smiled down at you, placing his hands on your hips he leaned down and whispered in your ear, “Sweetheart, we’ve been together for three years now, I know you’re that petty.”

He started to kiss up and down your neck, leaving a tingly feeling where his lips once were. You instinctively tilted you head back, giving him better access. He got a slight smirk at your reaction, bringing his head up he captured your lips with his. You instantly melted into the brown haired boy, years of being together caused that.

Your lips moved together frantically, it was evident that Robbie was frustrated. A plan was made in your mind and you started to back him up. The two of you ended up at your shared bed, you pushed him down and he looked at you, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes were twinkling.

You smirked at him as you slowly slipped your towel off. It hit the floor and his green eyes flickered down to you. Placing your hand on his shoulder you climbed onto him, effectively straddling him. You captured his lips with yours and ran your fingers through his hair. Tugging at the end of his shirt you pulled it over his head, you lips reconnected and the two of you were moving frantically. You started grind your hips to his, and he let out a moan at the movement. You ran your hands down his chest and kissed down his neck, sucking here and there. His hands gripped your hips and helped you grind against him. You made a move for his belt, and started to undo it.

In that moment you froze and pulled your head back. Robbie opened his eyes and looked at you, confusion painted over his face, “Everything alright love?”

You said nothing as you pulled yourself off of him, picking up your towel you grabbed your clothes and started to leave your room. “Y/N!”

You stopped at the doorway and looked at him over the shoulder, sheer panic was over his face as he stared at you, “Oh sorry, guess you didn’t get my voicemail. I have to cancel, I have other things I have to do.” You gave him a smile and left, satisfaction filling you as you heard groan and yell at you for being a tease.

You had gone out for the day, taking care of errands and visiting your parents before returning back to your apartment at seven. When you walked in you saw the place was empty and completely silent. You weren’t sure where Robbie was at the moment, but you made your way to the kitchen to grab a drink while checking your phone to see if he had texted you.

As you were grabbing a glass you heard a moan come from your bedroom. Your face scrunched up in confusion as you placed the counter on the glass, “Robbie?” you called out. No response came. You made your way to the door and swung it open. You stood in shock at the sight in front of you. Your face was completely stunned at the sight of Robbie sitting on your bed pleasuring himself.

“Y/N! You’re home!” He shouted, he tried to get off the bed or cover himself, you weren’t sure since it was a lot of flustering on his part. You laughed as his face became bright red. You gave him a smile and said, “That just added two more weeks.” Before turning around and leaving the room.

Note: So haaaaaaa, I’m sorry if this was bad. Smut isn’t my thing, even though that was probably nothing, but hey I tried. Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoyed it at least!

The Happy Hungry Bunch Smooch Headcanons

Follow up from the hug headcanons—now that you know how they feel when they wrap their arms around you, why not move on to smooches? Don’t get too excited, my lovelies, as these headcanons are not for the weak of heart.


Yona:  Yona’s lips are petite and super soft that you momentarily think you’re kissing the petals of an orchid until you feel them trembling against yours. She isn’t quite experienced so she most likely doesn’t know what she’s quite doing—they’re mostly stiff closed-mouth kisses and the poor girl looks as if she’s going to faint from the amount of blood rushing to her head. When you take the lead, she will visibly relax and ease into the kiss with a little more confidence.

Hak:  Hak’s kisses are rough, crushing, and frighteningly overwhelming when he allows his restraints to come undone. They are powerful kisses that are capable of reverberating through your body in tingly surges of thunder and lightning. However, they are edged with a sweetness that passionate lovers could feel amidst clashing lips and mingling breaths. And although they are frantic and deep, Hak’s kisses are never meant to hurt or bruise you.

Yoon: Yoon is reluctant to give kisses but if the moment is right, his lips carry all the skills and knowledge to drive you absolutely insane. He isn’t afraid of trying out new varieties of kisses to mix things up which may or may not include tongue and teeth, depending on his preference. He is very precise in his control so you know for sure that his tight grip and touches of varying pressures aren’t for naught and would contribute to a very satisfying lip-locking experience.

Kija: Kija’s kisses may be coy and hesitant at first, but they can explode into something exciting with a little more encouragement. Kija isn’t a tough lover—but rather, it’s his fear of hurting you that hinders him from unleashing his true potential. When passion finally takes over, the movement of his lips can become quite urgent and demanding to the extent that you two have to pause for breath, hands (both human and dragon) wildly running across your skin to claim for their own.  

Shin-Ah: When it comes to Shin-Ah, no one would have expected this quiet lover to display something as beautiful as his mesmerizing dragon eyes. His gentle hands are careful when caressing your face, lips slow, steady, and delightfully sweet against yours. Shin-Ah thoroughly absorbs the moment by using the pads of his fingertips to trail over your skin in silky touches while his brilliant eyes take notice of every movement and reaction to gauge how much you’re enjoying from his contact.

Jae-Ha: Everyone knows that Jae-Ha is a passionate kisser. What they don’t know is the impressive control he has when lip-locking; he has a subtle way of moving you as he grips onto your wrists while gently throwing his weight over you.  His lips glide against yours in a smooth mish-mash before allowing them to divert away to give the rest of your face some attention. He will leave no skin behind from his thorough but feathery-light touches of affection.

Zeno: Zeno’s kisses are tinged with the innocence of child lovers. He would never delve deeper to the extent that he feels he needs to pull away from shame—instead, he would leave warm trails of affection on places you least expect such as corners of mouths, eyelids, and the crevice connecting the base of the neck to the head. He enjoys giving Eskimo kisses and pressing small butterfly kisses against flushed cheeks since they’re simple and incredibly endearing.

Not on my baby

Title: Not on my baby

Request: hi there! can you write a sam x reader where a witch causes dean to fall in love with the reader, and sam is upset but tries not to show it? and eventually he admits he’s jealous because he thinks the reader likes dean, but turns out she actually likes him! fluff ensues. thanks!! xx

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 1424

Warnings: jealousy, cursing, the reader gets hurt (not a big deal)

A/N: here it is anon, sorry it took so long but we have a few requests we are still finishing up and we’ve been busy with school so that’s that. Hope you like it!

Request here.

“Damn witch.” Sam said under his breath while massaging the small bump on his head.

You groaned once you felt your side burn from the gash that witch made by throwing a blade at you. It had barley scraped you, but it still hurt.

Dean on the other hand was unconscious in the back of the impala. The witch had zapped him and he was asleep in an instant. You and Sam did what you could but that bitch vanished before you could shoot her.

“How you holding up Y/N?” Sam asked taking his eyes off the road to look at you worriedly.

You moved a little causing the burning sensation to be there once again. “Nothing a little alcohol and bandages can’t fix, don’t worry Sammy.”

He nodded, his eyes going back to the road. You let out a little sigh before putting both your feet on the headboard. Dean would be pissed if he saw you doing so, but you could care less at the moment.

“You know,” Sam said pointing at your feet. “Dean would be pissed.” He smirked.

You let out a little laugh before responding. “This will be our little secret.” You put your finger on your mouth signaling him to be quiet.

Sam laughed causing a smile to spread on your face. This is why you loved Sam, even though things didn’t go as planned and you got a little bruised up, he made the best out of the situation.

Yet he didn’t know how much you loved him and he would never know either because you were too damn stubborn to admit it to yourself, let alone him. He would never look at you that way.

But what you didn’t know was that he probably loved you even more than you loved him. You never noticed the way he looked at you; with so much intensity, so much passion, so much.. love.

You never noticed the little things. Like how he would always be up early to make your cup of coffee just how you liked it, even though he hated getting up early. You never noticed that after every hunt he would ask you if you where okay, not just physically, but mentally. You just never seemed to notice.

A groan was heard from Dean signaling he was awake. He moved a little until he was sitting up right. “What the hell happened?” He asked.

“That witch knocked you out with a spell,” Sam said looking at him through the rearview mirror. “You okay? How’re you feeling?”

Dean inspected himself to see if there was anything wrong and after a few seconds he looked up nodding his head. “I feel fine.”

Sam sighed. “Okay, good. Then I just have to worry about Y/N.”

After those words Dean’s head snapped up, his eyes locking with yours through the rearview mirror for the first time since he woke up. “Oh God, are you okay? How bad is it? Sam drive to a hospital, now.” Dean said looking at Sam. He was beyond worried.

You were thrown back by Dean’s sudden outburst. Yes, he would worry about you but he just felt weird. Like he was another person. “Dean, I’m fine. I don’t need a hospital.” You said calming him down.

“You sure?” He looked at you. “I don’t want to lose you, sweetheart.”

Confused, you looked at Sam for an answer that he would most likely not have. But once you saw Sam’s face you notice a burning anger in his eyes and his jaw was clenched. Even more confused you turned to Dean. “I’m sure.”

The impala came to a stop in front of the bunker. Sam and Dean got out at the same time, both coming to your door to carry you into the house. Once Sam tried to grab you, Dean objected. “Sam, move. I’ll take her.”

Sam rolled his eyes, his touch leaving yours. “Dean, it’s fine. I got her.” He was about to grab you once again before Dean pushed him a little and went to grab you.

“I’m not fighting you about this.” Dean said carrying you out and closing the impala door with his hip.

Sam let out a loud sigh before he followed Dean into the bunker. Dean carried you into his room and sat you on his bed. “Where’d she get you?” Dean asked and you lifted your shirt revealing a small gash the witch had made. It didn’t need stitched but it was bad.

You looked behind Dean and found Sam leaning against the door looking irritated. “I’ll go get the alcohol and bandages.” Sam said and Dean nodded.

After a few seconds Sam was back with the stuff and when he was about to open the bottle of alcohol Dean took it. “I got it.”

Sam rolled his eyes feeling annoyed. “No,” he took the bottle back. “I got it.”

“Would you guys just stop it and fix me up already?” You said getting annoyed. Dean gave Sam a dirty look but Sam just ignored it and went right to your wound.

A few cotton balls soaked in alcohol and groans from you later, you were bandaged up and sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped around you. Dean sat next to you and grabbed your hand in his making you look at him weirdly. “You okay?” You asked.

Dean smiled resting his head on your shoulder. “Never been better.”

Sam sat on the small couch in front of you two with a scowl on his face. He coughed awkwardly grasping both you and Dean’s attention. “What?” Dean asked, annoyed with his brothers presence.

“You sure you’re feeling fine Dean? The witch did knock you out with a spell, ya know? Maybe she did something other than just put you to sleep.” Sam said looking at your hands like he was implying something.

“If I said I was fine, then I am fine.” Dean said.

Sam sighed. “Fine,” he passed a hand through his face. “Are you two like a thing now?”

You smirked, now understanding Sam’s annoyance. Dean just ignored him and Sam stood up, heading to his room, fuming.


Three days later you three found a lore on the witch that had cast a love spell on Dean. You had found out two days ago once you felt Dean’s behavior was extremely weird.

You had done some research on spells of all sorts until the love spell seemed to be the most accurate one of them all.

Once you told Sam he was soon determined to find the bitch and kill her once and for all. After a full night of research, you and Sam found a location and now you were here; in a junkyard fighting a powerful witch.

The witch had used her spells to hold Dean against a car and him losing complete control over his body.

“Quick Sam! Shoot!” You yelled as the witch headed your way holding her hand up to raise you into the air by your throat.

Sam shot the witch with the witch killing bullets making her release you and Dean from her grip. She stayed standing for a split second before she fell to the ground.. Finally dead.

A sigh a relief left you before Dean got dizzy and almost fell over if Sam wasn’t there to hold him. “Fuck.” Dean cursed massaging his head.

“Are you finally back to normal Dean?” You asked and Dean nodded looking embarrassed.

“Yeah, sorry.” He blushed a little before heading to the impala, leaving you and Sam alone.

“So..” You trailed off.

“So..” Sam said playfully.

“Is there a reason why you have been grumpy these past few days?” You said and Sam tried to hide the embarrassment from his face.

“No.” He said walking to the impala.

“You sure?” You pushed a little more, following him.

He stopped and sighed. “I kind of–Sort of–Might have been.. Just a little jealous.” He said, without turning around. 

You smiled walking around him to stand in front of him before grabbing his face and planting a small peck on his lips.

He beamed before pushing you against the impala door and giving you a passionate kiss. He put both his hands on you hips before deepening the kiss. After a few seconds, Dean rolled down his window. “Kids, I get you’re horny and shit but not on my baby.”

You smiled once you detached yourself from Sam giving him one last peck on his lips. “I love you.” Sam said and you nodded.

Finally being able to push your stubbornness aside you smiled and looked at Sam. “I love you too.”

And with that you both opened your doors to the impala and got in. With the tingly feeling of the kiss and the amazing bliss from that I love you still there.

Something that I want to write as a story, but only got this so far.

A/N: Feedback would be great on this guys.

Imagine laying under General Hux late at night, the only luminescence in the room coming from the dim lamp across the cold room. Goosebumps are occasionally rising on your skin, but only when he moves, leaving bits of your once heated skin to bare to the frigid air of the Finalizer. Hux is trying to regulate his breathing, and you have no doubt that he’s trying to relax himself after bringing himself to a whitewall of pleasure, known as an orgasm.

He’s looking down at you, the light bouncing off his blue eyes as he stares and traces your face, trying to memorize your features, and remember your expressions. He doesn’t feel obligated to do this. He’s doing it because he wants to remember what you look like when you’re not with him. He wants to sit in his office, or stand in front of Supreme Leader Snoke, and remember how kind and gentle your smile is, and how soft and feathery your voice is when you speak to him.

There are many emotions that you can see in his eyes, and he doesn’t let himself look away, as if it would cause him pain to do so.

He’s beautiful, his cheeks sunken in, giving him sharp and remember-able features. His hair looks like it’s on fire, by the way that the lamp is shining on him. His skin is pale, but not disgustingly so, he almost looks like he’s glowing. He breaks eye contact for the first time, craning his head down to peck your lips, leaving the tingly feeling of his mouth linger desperately on yours. It’s a fast, and yet painstakingly slow gesture of affection. His kisses are addicting. You want more and more, the less he gives you.  His breathing has slowed down, and you’re tracing your hands from his shoulder blades, to his actual shoulders, where you begin tracing the freckles that kiss his shoulders. 

The freckles that he hates, but knows fully well that you adore. 
He found himself with the knowledge that you had fallen in love with him, despite, making the profound deal that your relationship was meant to only be physical, to meet the sexual demands that General Hux had. He knew you loved him, he could see it in your eyes, and the pure emotion ran shiver down his body, resting uneasily in his chest.

He once had ripped himself from the emotion known as love, right from the seams of where it all started. There was no room for love, adoration, admiration, especially in a man like General Hux. He needed ruthlessness, roughness and willingness. Aspects that would build him up from the ashes of the Empire, so he can takes his rightful, god-given place as Emperor.

He wanted that once. 

And suddenly– 

He’s smiling. From cheek to cheek, and you find yourself torn back because you’ve never seen him actually smile before. With furrowed eyebrows, you trace his cheeks with your fingertip lightly, and briefly, the redhead above you tilted his head into your touch.

“You’re beautiful,” You finally admit, swallowing as you did for you expected a punishment for falling so deep into a hole that you can’t dig yourself out of.

His smile faltered for only a moment, and it’s apparent that he wasn’t used to such compliments. raising his body against yours by the use of his forearms. Hux is gazing at you again, only this time, with something unfamiliar and estranged swirling in his blue eyes. He opens his mouth. He’s about to say something. Something rash, something stupid and something completely true.

“I seem to have fallen in love with you, (Name)…”

And, that’s where everything began going downhill.

Break-Up Baby Part 14 - Requested (Luke)

mariahsharon said: YEEES ! I WANT ANOTHER PART . PLEASE ♥ 

Hope you like it!!! Read the other parts first if you haven’t:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13

“Morning boo”, you whisper. Acer looks at you with his big blue eyes, the same ones that Luke has. He pulls himself up on the bars of his bed and smiles to you. You saw he was up in the monitor you have in your room and you know that Luke went out last night so you thought you would grant Luke the extra sleep. “Come here Acy”, you lift him out of his little bed. “Daddy is still sleeping, so we’re going to play in mommy’s room”, you put him down. “Go pick out some toys”, you whisper while you’re taking his stuff so you can get him ready for the day.

“Aggr”, Luke turns over, his eyes gently open.

“Morning”, you smiles to him. You sit down on the bed, you run your fingers through his hair. “I’m taking Acer so you can lay in, okay?”

“Okay, thanks”, he takes his hand from under the covers and brushes his fingers over your arm. You bow over and kiss his forehead as he closes his eyes again.

“Come on Acer”, you reach his your hand and he takes it.

“But daddy?”

“He’s going to sleep for a little bit. Say goodbye”, he walks to the bed and tries to climb on it. You help him on and he crawls to Luke, who opens his eyes again.

“Bye buddy, I’ll see you later”, Acer takes Luke’s face in his little hands and gives him a kiss.

“Bye daddy”, Acer has the most adorable smile on his face. “Mommy kiss daddy”, you want to say no, but you can’t cause you know you have to explain to Acer why you can’t and you don’t know how to do that. So instead you give Luke a kiss on his cheek.

“Okay and now we’re going so daddy can sleep”, you pick up Acer and finally go back to your room.


“Are you hungry Acer?” he jumps up and you take that as a yes. You’ve spent your day off in your room with Acer. You thought Luke would join you after his lay in, but you haven’t seen him since you picked up Acer this morning. “Let’s first check if daddy is hungry too”, you pick up Acer and carry him out of your room to Luke’s. After only one knock the door flies open and you’re standing eye in eye with Calum.

“Oh hey”, he says. “Thought you were Mikey”, he smiles at you, high fiving Acer. You walk into the room, following Calum. Ashton and Luke are sitting on the couch, there is a weird vibe hanging in the room.

“We were hungry and we’re here to ask if you want to join us for diner”, you say as upbeat as possible, ignoring the strange atmosphere.

“Great idea, I’m starving”, Calum takes Acer out of your arms into his.

“We will find Mike and wait downstairs”, Ashton softly strokes your arm when he passes you. You don’t know what is going to happen but it doesn’t feel good. Luke stays still until they have left the room.

“We need to talk”, Luke speaks and you sigh. There are the four words you were dreading, have come out of his mouth.

“Okay”, you want to sit down next to him, but the one seat seems a safer option.

“I think I’ve been more than patient here. I asked you a really serious question and I understand that you need time to think about it and I respect that”, you bite your lip and nod. “But what is fucking getting to me that you’re hanging out with that fucking asshole”

“If you’re referring to Martin”

“Yes I’m referring to that Latin lover boy”, he cuts you off.

“I don’t know what you are so stressed about”, you know exactly why he’s so stressed about it. Him being worried and bothered kinda feels good, it proofs that he cares. And you know it’s wrong that you like it, seeing him jealous, you only going to make him sweat for a little longer.

“You don’t know?”, you can hear the anger in his voice but he doesn’t raises his voice. You’re surprised that you’re not yelling at each other yet. “I asked you to marry me, you didn’t answer, you just leave me hanging for what is it, two weeks already? And I gave you space, I would even accepted a no. But what you did, is just wrong, going off dating that dude”

“I’m not dating him”

“No? What do you call going to diner and saying you will do it again”

“I said maybe”, you don’t know who blabbed to Luke but whoever it was, they will pay for it you think. “And I don’t consider it a date, we just went for diner. Nothing more, nothing less”

“What did you wear?”

“Jeans and a shirt”

“Heels?” you nod yes. “See!” he almost yells. “I know you, you only wear heels for promo, photoshoots and”, he pauses,  “dates.” You don’t know what to say or do. Do you feel happy because he knows you so well or feel caught. “Does it get to me that you’re out with another guy? Of course. But what really gets to me is that you decide to go out with that guy, he’s a player (Y/N), he doesn’t care for you. He doesn’t care about you, you’re just another girl to him”

“Luke, chill out. We just went out together”

“Until you go out again and he nails you in his bed”

“Luke!” you can’t believe that he just said that.

“Or your bed, I don’t judge. You know I could’ve brought a girl back last night, but I didn’t”

“You couldn’t cause Acer was sleeping in your room”

“If I wanted it, I could’ve. But I didn’t cause I consider you”

“Luke”, you get up and sit beside him. “I know what I did wasn’t cool. I didn’t mean to hurt you or anybody else, but to be honest I didn’t do anything wrong”, you know he wants to yell and scream, but he doesn’t. You take his hand into yours. “It was just diner, nothing happened. And it’s not like we’re married”, you say with a faint smile, trying to be funny.

“Who’s fault is that?” his eyes are like ice, boring into yours.

“To soon to joke about”, you decide.

“Now jokes aside, blunt truth, just between us”, you nod agreeing. “I love you (Y/N), but do you love me?” it hurts you that he doubts your love.

“Of course I love you”, you intertwine your fingers with his. “Please don’t ever think I don’t. Yes there are times that I hate you and yes you’ve hurt me so much in the past and yes we went through difficult times, but I never stopped loving you, never”

“Then why don’t you want to be with me?” he turns his eyes away from you.

“It’s not that I don’t want to”

“It’s because you’re afraid”, your eyes lock again and his hand softly strokes your leg.

“I know it sounds like an excuse, but I really am. I don’t think I can live through us breaking up again, my heart can’t cope with that”

“Why do we have to break up again? Why can’t we have a happy ever after?”

“Because this is the real world and not a fairytale”

“We can have our own fairytale. We have this amazing carrier, a beautiful son, all that is missing is us being together”

“I feel the same why Luke, but how much I want our family being together, Acer is the reason I’m not sure”

“You’re fucking annoying me right now. Why can’t it be as easy as I love you and you love me. Stop hiding behind your fear and just give it a change”

“Okay”, he blinks his eyes, not believing what he just heard.

“Really?” the sound of surprised in his voice makes you laugh.

“Yes really, let’s give it a shot”

“You can’t believe how happy you just made me”, his eyes are sparkling and the smile on his face can’t get any bigger.

“But I’m not marrying you, just to make that clear, not yet”

“I don’t care, just be able to call you mine again is all I need”, he places his free hand on the side of your face and pulls your lips to his. A tingly feeling fills your body, the feeling you’ve missed for so long, too long maybe.


Part 15




Summary: Your place and part as Bucky’s girlfriend is threatened when a new SHIELD agent tries to play a dangerous game of tug-of-war with you for Bucky. 

(A/N: There might possibly be a part 2… I’m not sure yet! I’ll leave it up to you if you’d like a second part or if this ending is decent enough ^-^’)

“You have no idea who you’re messing with,” Jess smirked as she leaned against the elevator, eyeing you carefully up and down like she was mocking you. You frowned and tried not to wring the idiocy out of her head like the sweat-drenched towel you had wrapped around your shoulder. It was still pretty early in the morning and you had decided to get up before almost everyone else to go on a jog to relieve stress.

You were wearing black joggers with a sports bra under your zip-up jacket. Your hair was in a ponytail and there were ear buds slung around your neck casually. Biting down your bottom lip, you just shook her head and turned your attention forward, ignoring the annoying most recent member in SHIELD – she wasn’t technically ‘new’ since she’d been working there for about three months. That was exactly when trouble went down between you, her and your Winter Soldier boyfriend.

Jess knew about your hot relationship with Bucky, but that still didn’t keep her hands off of your man. She was testing you – it was too bad that she didn’t see that it’d only end in a bloody battle with you as the victor. You didn’t know why she was so pissy with you and you certainly didn’t remember what you’d ever done to her – it wasn’t like you had met her before either.

You and Bucky had been dating for roughly about a year and a half now and it’s been going strong. He always seemed to find different ways to surprise and amaze you to the point where you had no clue what he’d do next. Bucky was always a mystery you never seemed to figure out – even if you’ve almost memorized every scar or mark on his body.

“No guy is able to resist me,” Jess continued talking, making you roll your eyes as you glared at the screen flashing the crimson, bold floor numbers at you. If only you had some sort of power to help make the ride go along much faster – or a way to shut her up without physically laying your hands on her.

“You don’t know Bucky then, sweet cheeks,” you shrugged, glancing at her before staring at the steel doors.

“That just makes me want him more. He’s the first guy to ever resist me… Now that is something I just can’t give up.” She started fixing her makeup that she carried around in her designer’s bag and pursed her bold colored lips into the mirror of the powder compact.

“You can’t always get what you want, princess.”

“You don’t know me then, sweet cheeks,” Jess smirked and when the elevator got to her floor she mocked-waved you before walking out. Once the doors closed, you groaned out loud and punched the side of the elevator causing it to swing a little. The lights flickered but because SHIELD upgraded their elevators to almost Avenger-proof, it was unlikely you’d break it.

“Of course there’s always that one girl who tries to ruin every relationship.”

You left the SHIELD building to head back to the Stark Tower – why did Fury not just have personal, one-on-one meetings through Skype or something? It required you too much work to get there and go home.

After you took a nice refreshing shower, you walked out of the restroom in only your underwear and one of Bucky’s t-shirts. Your hair was still wet so you were towel-drying it while walking over to the bed. Bucky was still sound asleep with one arm under your pillow, the other under his pillow and his face facing you. A soft giggle left your lips as you stared at the muscles on his biceps and traps.

Biting down the bottom of your lips, you leaned forward and left soft butterfly kisses on his arm, shoulder and neck. He groaned softly under his breath and turned to where his arms were wrapped around your waist. You grinned when Bucky pulled you closer to him – half your upper body was now on top of his chest. His eyes still didn’t open.

You really didn’t want to wake him up, but you couldn’t help but shower him with many kisses. Trailing the pad of your index finger along his nose and brow area, you gently brushed the hair out of his face before leaning forward and kissing his jaw, his cheek and his forehead. You noticed his nose moving a bit and you laughed softly before scratching his nose for him – Bucky always did that whenever his nose was itchy or if something was tickling it.

Next your lips found themselves on his adam’s apple. You gently ran your teeth long his flesh and pecked the side of his neck. Bucky moaned a little at this action and you pulled back to see a crease in between his brows. You poked at it softly and kissed it away. This time a smile grew on his face. There was something magical about his smile – they always seemed to put some sort of spell on you, making you feel like you were falling in love again.

Your index finger traced a small heart over his actual heart and that was when his hand came up and gave yours a soft squeeze. Bucky’s eyes opened slightly and you smiled as you brought his hand up to your lips as you kissed his rough knuckles. A low laugh emanated from his throat, sending weird tingly sensations all over your body. You loved how his voice was so groggy in the morning.

“Are you having fun, doll?” his husky voice melted all your boldness and courage away as you suddenly got shy and flustered. You just nodded and he laughed a little before leaning forward to give you a proper kiss – it was passionate, warm and all types of lovely feelings you’d imagine a kiss from your lover to be. You felt one of his hands slide under the shirt you wore and started slowly, but lightly trailing his finger tips against your back.  

A shiver was all it took for the sweet kiss to turn into one of many seductive ones. But of course, Bucky, being the caring and worrying boyfriend he was, broke off the pleasuring kisses just to tell you to go dry your hair.

“Your hair is still wet, doll. You’ll get sick,” Bucky chuckled when you sat up and pouted at him in disappointment. You were really enjoying the morning session you two had.

“If I dry my hair, will we continue this?” you grinned and he leaned forward to leave a long kiss on your lips.

“Trust me…You’re not the only one wanting to continue this.”

Well that made you leap out of bed faster than the avengers getting up when they smell Vision’s homemade pancakes.

“Someone please go tell Bucky to get this situated. I don’t want no hot girl standing at my door only here for someone else that isn’t me,” Tony groaned as he stirred in some sugar for his coffee. “-plus she’s a rank ten bitc-“

“Language,” Natasha smirked and Steve sighed as he turned around from the coffee maker to glare at the red-haired spy.

“Someone go tell me what?” You and Bucky entered the kitchen area with one of his arms wrapped around your shoulders.

“That annoying new girl that wants to get in your pants is at the front door begging to see you,” Clint picked at some of his scrambled eggs before bringing it to his mouth.

“Oh, great…” Bucky groaned a little as he walked over to Steve while you joined Wanda and Natasha at the table.

“None of us play the piano, right?” Wanda glanced at the brand-new looking instrument that had been untouched for who knows how long near the viewing windows. “We can just say it was an accident.”

“Okay, we’re not killers, Wanda,” you chuckled softly, even though you really would like to take that suggestion into consideration. “-I mean, I tried talking to her. Didn’t really work… Apparently Bucky resisting her makes her want him even more.”

“Are you serious?” Bucky muttered with a frowned. “I really don’t want to deal with this…”

“I could you know…” Clint glanced at his bow and arrows and you were tempted to hand it over to the archer. “Nobody will ever know… We were all just enjoying an Avenger family breakfast together. We know nothing about how that annoying brat had an arrow through her skull.”

“You guys…” Steve gave everyone a look that said ‘don’t even think about it’. “I can go talk to her if you want.”

“No, Steve,” the Winter Soldier immediately refused.

“He’s right, Rogers. The second you take a step out of there she’ll be pouncing on you like how woman are with me,” Tony shrugged, taking a sip from his coffee mug. “-they just can’t enough once they get that di-“

“You just reminded me why you’re an idiot, thanks,” Natasha rolled her eyes at the billionaire. “-anyways, (Y/N), you should go teach her a lesson.”

“I can’t lay a finger on her thick head,” you muttered as Vision slid you a plate filled with two stacks of pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and ham. “-thanks, Vision.”

“No problem, Miss. (L/N). Would you care to hear my suggestion?”

“Sure, go right ahead.”

“Well, I think Mr. Barnes should handle the situation since he is who she wants to meet,” Vision said and everyone stared at him. “-if she does not leave willingly or back down, then we’re allowed to use physical means to subdue her.”

“Better than any of our ideas,” Clint agreed.

“Great…” Bucky sighed a little and shook his head before walking towards the elevator. “If I don’t come back, you guys know where to find me… hopefully.”

“I’m coming with you, Bucky,” you hopped out of your seat and hurried over to him.

“Thanks, doll,” he smiled softly before holding your hand in his.

“We’ll monitor and observe from up here… just call us if you need us,” Steve nodded to you two as the door closed shut. You looked up at Bucky who just kissed your forehead.

“Whatever happens, try not to send her to the hospital.”

“I can’t guarantee I’d be the one to send her to the hospital,” you murmured softly. “I mean we have Wanda who wants to push a piano on top of her… Clint wants to shot an arrow through her head…and god knows what Natasha wants to do to her…”

“You’re not too worried about this, are you?” Bucky asked you and to be honest, a part of it did unease you.

“Who wouldn’t be worried of some pretty girl trying to take her boyfriend?” you shrugged as he pulled you close to him. “The fact that no guy has resisted her is…”

“There’s probably been at least one…I mean there’s no way she ended up like this with no rejections.”

“That’s true… Someone must’ve broken her heart that bad to where she has to make it seem like she’s irresistible,” you started to feel slightly bad for her, but you felt more threatened than sympathy.

“You know that I’d never leave you, right doll?” Bucky suddenly frowned a little.

“Of course not, Bucky. What kind of question is that?” you laughed and he smiled before kissing your lips softly.

“I wouldn’t be able to leave you if I tried… You’re irresistible…and very addicting.” Your cheeks immediately burned in embarrassment at his comment.

“Speak for yourself!”

“Ah, so that explains why you were acting like that this morning, huh?” the Winter Soldier smirked when he remembered the eventful morning you both had. “You’re bad for me, (Y/N)…”

 “Let’s just get this over with!” You couldn’t handle the teasing any more as the elevator doors opened.

anonymous asked:

1, 6, 13- Harry

I’ve chosen 13 for this, my love. x

13. “Kiss me.”

His head was resting on your hip, heavy and sullen as he sniffled and wiped at his nose with the back of his sleeve-covered hand. His hair was pulled back into a bun, his hair knotted and greasy with strands falling from the band he’d taken from your make-up bag that you’d left in the bathroom after you’d applied your make-up for your morning breakfast with Gemma. Harry’s face had paled more throughout the day, his voice scratchy and raw as he spoke every so often. His nose had a pink colouration to it, the tip more red than the rest, with it running every so often into a tissue he’d hold there to prevent any embarrassment. 

His eyes were shut as you continued watching the rerun of Eastenders playing on TV, the 10 o’clock programmes lacking in entertainment and you needed something to lull him to sleep. A nap, if so. Because he needed to relax. With his head throbbing and sneezing erupting from his body, he’d been running on at least 3 hours of sleep that day and whenever he tried to get comfortable, something just didn’t settle right - no matter how he was laying. 

He’d found comfort in slouching down on the sofa, his feet bare and resting flat against the carpet with his head titled into the place where you belly dipped into your hip. His arms folded across his chest, occasionally uncrossing to wipe at his nose, as he snored lightly into the quiet room. The TV turned down to let him sleep distraction free.

He’d fallen with a cold, something he’d picked up from Lux’s birthday party a few days ago, and he was struggling with his weakened immune system. Usually he was up and about, driving into London or flitting around the house to save you having to clean anything when you came home from your job. Harry had found that it was never enjoyable watching a tired you walking around the house, hunching over and grumbling to yourself about how you couldn’t afford to look after the house as well as a job when he was home through the day to do look after the condition of the house.

But he couldn’t do that when he’d felt weak and helpless and almost like he couldn’t bear to stand due to himself feeling dizzy and unsteady on his feet. 

As the evening had passed, he had moments of feeling better but only shortly after would he feel worse than he’d been feeling the rest of the day. So he’d taken the space under your arm and he’d convinced you to become his maid - something you couldn’t pass up on with his wide green eyes and his pouted pink lips, his hands clasped around your own as you’d leave to gather what he’d wanted. 

When he’d fallen asleep, you’d felt a weight had been lifted from your shoulders. You needed him to sleep and with a snuggle into your side and an agreement to use you as a pillow, he’d done just that and had fallen asleep almost instantly. A cup of tea sitting cold on the coffee table, a plate of biscuits untouched as the evening passed, a sigh leaving your lips as you realised the time and the mess that needed to be cleaned up before you got yourself and your sickened boyfriend to bed. 

As you carefully yet surely shuffled over from underneath him, switching your body with a large sofa pillow that you’d placed on the floor to sit comfortably on the sofa. You heard a soft and cracked groan leave Harry’s lips, his eyes opening slowly as he looked around for you; his source of warmth.

“Hmm, where y’goin’? M’still sleeping and I need m’pillow,” he murmured softly, sitting himself up and knuckling at his eyes to rid of the sleep. The light emitting from the lamp in the corner of the room and the TV on the wall had his eyes squinting. “Don’t do any work now. I need you,” he whispered, grabbing your hand before you could lift anything with it. 

“Harry, I just need to get rid of your tea. You left it cold,” you giggled, bringing his hand to your lips and pressing a kiss to his knuckles. “How are you feeling? Are you hungry, love? You haven’t eaten properly and I’m under strict rules of making sure you eat properly,” you added, grabbing the plate of biscuits with your free hand. 

“M’fine. Just tired and I want t’go to bed but I don’t wan’to without you,” he murmured, letting out a soft yawn and dropping your hand to your side. “Hurry back, m’cold and you don’t like it when I’m cold,” he grinned, sending you a wink. 

You gave him a roll of your eyes, lifting up his cup of tea and shuffling around his legs that were protruding from the sofa. Even as sick as he was, he still found a way to make yourself tingly in the belly and weak at the knees. 

“Wait,” he murmured, causing you to turn around on the spot and look to him. “Kiss me. I miss your lips and mine feel lonely,” he grinned, his voice cracking and slightly becoming quiet as you rolled your eyes. Your feet carrying you to where he was sat as he puckered his lips.

“I’m not kissing your lips, love. I’ll settle for a kiss on the cheek and be done with it,” you reasoned, smiling as he frowned. “Maybe later, I’ll give you a kiss. But I’m not doing any funny business, alright? I don’t like sex with an ill Harry. You fell asleep on me last time” you smirked, pressing your lips this forehead and instantly feeling the heat from his cheeks flush your skin.

It was a few days after his birthday, and the boys had thrown him into the pool in the backyard as a drunken joke. The four of them finding it hilarious at the time, but soon regretting it when he’d fallen ill and moaned at the three of them as he couldn’t focus properly on his songwriting - with the 5th album only just in the talks. When he thought he was better, he’d suggested late birthday sex due to his drunken state on the night of his birthday being incapable of carrying out any human task in a clear and proper state, however, it backfired when he’d taken the role of being bottom and having you ride him to an orgasm. As soon as his head had hit the pillow, his eyes felt heavy and he’d found it hard to stay awake - as much as he wanted too. 

“I won’t fall asleep,” he promised, pouting his pink lips.

“As soon as you feel better, we will do it. But, not when you’re ill,” you reasoned.

Please? I miss you.”

“No, Harold. If you need to get yourself off, go to the bathroom,” you smirked to yourself, disappearing into the kitchen.