it gives your lips this tingly feeling

#134: Kissing
Ashton is very touchy when it comes to kissing and there’s no way for the two of you to stop when you start. He loves to start from your shoulder and trace them gracefully on your collarbone and to your neck, always chuckling when you get too impatient for his soft lips to be on yours.

Calum pouts when he wants to be kissed, always shy and whiny when you ignore his request. He’ll nuzzle his nose into your good smelling hair and gently cup your cheek in his, looking into your eyes and begging for you to ‘just give him one’.

Luke’s cute eyes and innocent face don’t mean a thing when it comes to him being possessive and aggressive in kissing. He loves kissing your face and lips in public, you always give him that tingly home feeling in his stomach. But when in private, his kisses become a little more rough and sexy, tugging at your bottom lip and working French as if he speaks it, finding it so hard to not want to have something more than just the two of your lips connecting.

Michael kitten Clifford loves it when your fingers wind themselves into his hair, especially when your kissing. Your make out spot had always been that couch in your living room where you two played games on the Xbox and he loved to get feely with you too, wrapping your leg around his waist and feeling at your soft skin underneath your pants.