it gives your lips this tingly feeling

Too Cheesy? (Sebastian x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! So I actually kinda had fun writing this, and there was one part where it was just a little weird and I blame my mind😅 Anyways, I’m glad y’all liked my first Sebastian one, I hope y’all would like this too!! Enjoy!!

Request: Hey ❤️ Would you do another Sebastian Stan imagine where you’re dating and one day he comes back home still in his Bucky-outfit and he looks all hot with his messy hair and stubble so it happens you’re immediately all over him and you end up in bed but it’s all fluffy ? 😊😊 thank you

You sat on the couch, your legs stretched out in front of you as you lounged back on the arm of the couch, a book in hand. It was a rather slow day so far and you were bored, as it was a Saturday, you didn’t have work today so you ended up cleaning the house.

You perked up as you heard keys jingling at the front door. Setting the book aside, you moved to sit properly, knowing who it was.

“Honey, I’m home!”

Grinning, you stood up as you saw your boyfriend coming into view. Sebastian dropped his bag at the side and opened his arms to you as you ran forward and threw yourself into his arms, feeling him wrapped his arms around you tightly.

You pulled away and looked him up and down, seeing that he was in his Bucky attire, a black leather jacket that had no sleeve on his left arm as that’s where the metal arm was supposed to be. Sebastian’s long hair was ruffled and he hadn’t shaved, leaving him with a stubble, making him look especially handsome.

“I probably look a bit stupid with this jacket since I don’t actually have a metal arm to excuse the missing sleeve on this side, huh,” Sebastian said.

You waved it off as you gave him another hug, kissing him on the lips. Pulling away slightly to speak. “I think you look amazing.”

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Requested by: anonymous. 

Prompt: Imagine reuniting with your Father, Carlisle, after decades and meeting Jasper, your mate, for the first time. 

Fandom: Twilight

You take many unnecessary deep breaths as you enter the small town of Forks. The unfamiliarity of the rain only adds to the tension you know is only a figment of your imagination what with the fact that your nerves have been frozen for a very long time. You know it’s silly that you’re nervous. He’s your Father, and it’s not like he doesn’t write to you often asking you to come and visit so turning up uninvited won’t upset him too much, if at all. You glance at the map sprawled across the passenger seat out of habit and make your way through, up and out of town, taking you towards the highway. You can hear as well as smell the household of vampires, including your Father, as you turn in and take a one way road. You hear a chorus of:

           ‘Who’s that?’

           ‘Should we be worried?’

           ‘What now?’

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A Rough Ride

Summary: I have a slight obsession with Dean’s thighs. This is pure porn to let me fantasize about that.

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: smut, thigh riding

A/N: This is gratuitous and shameless, and I’m not even sorry. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Tagging some people who commented that they’d like to see this at the end :) XOXO

It was his thighs.

The rest of him was perfect. Both the Norse and the Greek gods would be jealous. Dean Winchester was tall and strong, broad shoulders, biceps that stretched the sleeves of his t-shirts, and a face so beautifully, ruggedly gorgeous you often wondered if he’d sold his soul for it.

But it was his thighs that got you.

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I got you anon! Just assume everything is the same, but without them kissing each other for even once during their routes. This will be including semi-AU scenarios, so I hope you don’t mind about it :) Its literally the longest I’ve ever written omg ~Admin Kei


-It was a few weeks after the official announcement of their relationship, when Zen and MC are watching a romantic movie in his house

-While they’re watching midway through the movie, the romantic scenes were getting cheesier, which somewhat left them in an awkward mood

- Being the sensitive type, he couldn’t help but stole a few glances towards his side. There she was, holding her cheeks on her palms, slightly blushing. It seems that she was really concentrated on the movie, since her soft gaze never left the television screen.

-A few minutes had passed and none of them dared to say a word. He was feeling even more conscious now, he thought, as he tried to find somewhere else to distract himself from the movie; he never thought that watching a movie that contains particular…kiss scenes with a female he confessed his love on could be such intense.

-“Get a grip, Zen. You know you’re better than this.” He mentally slapped his cheeks, putting his thoughts towards their recent relationship. They did occasionally share some physical intimacy, but it seems like its missing something…oh. His gaze landed back on the screen; the kiss is still ongoing.

-“I never even kissed MC…I’m so stupid.” Deciding that he should repay back her feelings on how she supported him throughout the time she’s joined RFA, he simply turned off the TV with the remote, which immediately gained back MC’s attention towards him.

-“W-What?” she blinked in confusion, as her thoughts soon returned to the atmosphere around the house. Before she could further ask what’s going on, he held onto her chin with his fingers, slowly pulling her towards him.

-The first kiss they shared on the lips was mild and sweet; her lips were pretty soft too, he thought. Although she knew that he did not dare to delve in further, she could still feel his hidden feelings that were waiting so desperately to be shown to her, and it was crazy. It truly shows how both of them love each other, considering time was not a factor at that moment.


-There’s still a few months left before their official wedding, when they arrived at a particular high-class restaurant for dinner.

-“I love the quiet atmosphere here, Jumin, thanks for inviting me.” She said, as he pulled the seat for her to sit in. “As long as its for you, I wouldn’t mind at all.” He he softly replied with a smile, as he eventually sat in front of her.

-After he ordered food from the menu, both of them began to share a conversation relating to the wedding and perhaps even their honeymoon in the future. Even when he’s a bit tired from all the working in his company, talking to his fiancée really restores his energy right away.

-“Sorry, I’ll be right back.” She stood up from the chair, slowly heading towards the bathroom. He did not reply, but instead kept his gaze on her back; the way her dress sways whenever she took a step, her hair bouncing up and down and the smile that seems to be lingering on the back of her head, all of them intrigues him. He just loves every part of her well-being, whether its her appearance or not.

-When he took a glance towards his surroundings, he realized that another couple was sitting at the farthest table, well…kissing. He did not particularly mind them showing affection in a public place, but it certainly reminded him that not even once did they ever kissed on the lips before, even after he proposed during the RFA party.

-After MC came back from the bathroom, they continued to eat while sharing a pleasant talk, as if nothing had happened before.

-Eventually, as they were sitting on his car with his driver on the front seat, he stares at her with a strange expression, leaving MC in a blank state. “Jumin?”

-He did not reply again, but instead placing his right hand on her cheek tenderly, initiating a kiss right before she could react from it. The kiss was somewhat rough, but she does not mind; not only she could feel the warmth crept up from his body, but also the long suppressed love he have been wanting to show her all this time. It was particularly enjoyable and memorable to both of them.


-It was another random day of them scrolling through the chatroom together in his home, when he came through a particular topic discussed by Zen and Seven.

Seven: I’ll give you a virtual kiss if you want some company Zen <3 <3

Seven: *inserts heart emoji here*

Zen: *inserts awkward emoji here*

Zen: I would rather get kissed by a fan than you Seven.

-“Yoosung, what’s wrong?” Oops. He hasn’t even realized that he zoned out a bit, while looking at the screen in front of him. “U-Um, its fine, MC! Nothing’s wrong!” He waved his hand to reassure her.

-When he returned his gaze towards the conversation that both Seven and Zen shared, he realized that their relationship hasn’t even advanced further, ever since he confessed his love towards her. He appreciates how she stayed by his side even when he tried to compare her with Rika, which he knows he shouldn’t do that in the first place, but he really wished that he could know more about her in-depth.

-”Why did I even decide to scroll through the chatrooms anyway…” He sighed mentally, knowing that they haven’t shared a kiss, for even once. Maybe he could do something about it?

-Unfortunately, his self-consciousness told him that it’ll probably be too early to do so, so he wasted a few hours playing multiplayer games with her, talking, cooking, the usual routine.

-“Maybe I shouldn’t be too subtle about it and instead ask her directly? Yup, this is definitely the best idea, even though I didn’t have my first kiss yet! Go Yoosung!” He kept making pep talks to himself during the meantime and its almost driving him into a non-stop blushing madness; its still a surprise that she haven’t noticed this yet.

-As soon as its almost time for her to leave, he simply grabbed onto her wrists, implying her to stay for a bit longer. “C-Can I kiss you before you leave?”

-When he saw that she froze on the spot, he took the chance and grabbed onto her shoulders, giving her a simple kiss. He did not dare to move, but it feels kind of tingly and nice, he thought. He could even smell the faint scent from her minted lip balm, which reminds him to buy more of those when he got time.


-It was just like any normal day in the café, but with MC helping her with the washing instead.

-“I really appreciate your help, MC, but it’ll be very tiring if you stayed with me for the whole day.” She said, with sadness added in her tone. She wouldn’t want her to be stressed out with the large amount of work, considering how she truly understands the meaning of being stressed when she’s still Jumin’s assistant.

-“I’m totally fine, Jaehee! Looking at the customer’s smiles always give me a boost of energy, plus its not that I have a lot to do anyway.” MC replied joyfully, as she continues washing the plates piled onto the sink.

-“Wow, she’s just so innocent…but that’s what I like about MC though.” She thought with a slight smile, complimenting the RFA coordinator in her mind. Ever since MC joined the RFA and befriended her, her sole existence already gave her a lot of confidence on being direct towards her own feelings. If its not MC who joined the RFA by accident, she might’ve been stuck being Jumin’s assistant, or worse, going to the hospital frequently because of over-stressing herself and a lack of sleep for almost every weekday.

-Before her thoughts could drift along any further, all the lights in her café suddenly went into an outage; the sun already setting didn’t help much too. Several customers began opening the flashlight from their phones, but the café is still very much pitch black, considering how its not really crowded.

-Its even worse when there’s already inches of snow being piled up against the door. Yup you’ve guessed it; it happened during December.

-“Jaehee?” She turned her head towards the source of sound, “I-I’m quite scared of the dark.”

-As soon as she saw MC’s crouching figure, she immediately put her arms around her, stroking her back softly. When the lights seemed that it wouldn’t turn back on for a while, she knew the only way to give MC full comfort. It is not the best choice, but if its MC, she’s willing to do anything to keep her safe.

-As their lips were connected for a while, it successfully calmed down MC in a surprising state. It wasn’t really the first kiss they had imagined to be, but it was more of a reassuring kind instead. For both of them, its simply worth more than a thousand words.


-It was a quiet night in his apartment, when MC’s the only one falling asleep peacefully.

-“Why do I have to work overnight again…” He let out a soft sigh, showing his frustration on a certain someone. Getting tired from staring at the computer screen while drinking Dr. Pepper, he stretched himself to get more comfort from sitting on a computer chair.

-While he was busy with closing all the useless tabs, his gaze landed on a folder with MC’s name on it. He clicked on it out of curiosity and sure enough, its mostly about the background information he researched when she first joined RFA by accident.

-His thoughts simply drifted off the 11 days before the start of an unexpected RFA party; all these years having to act for an optimistic personality online, with MC  suddenly popping up and knowing how to respond most of his weird phrases, was clearly something that he did not expect at all.

-Not to mention meeting his twin brother in such an unfortunate incident, which led him into despair and for once, breaking out from the façade and showing his true, pessimistic personality. He always thought that he should repay the debt from treating her with coldness during the time he’s in Rika’s apartment, but he just doesn’t know how.

-He simply hates how he’s always so emotional during the night. As he landed his gaze on her sleeping figure, he felt a sense of calmness radiating from her. If she did not appear, all of these incidents wouldn’t even happen, especially being her boyfriend-

-“Wait…we’re in a relationship for almost a month and we still haven’t kissed? How?!” He continuously scratched his head in irritation, “Should I do that? Right now?”

-“But it might wake her up-“ “Alright, here goes.” He slowly tiptoed towards his bed, as he crouched down below her sleeping figure. Seeing MC’s beautiful face already made him into a blushing madness. He isn’t like this-

-He gently pulled her forward with his right hand, as he then tilted his head and gave her a sweet kiss. He tries to move forward, but he knows it’ll instantly wake her up. He lingered the kiss to further savor the moment, he realizes she sort of tastes like toothpaste and it was the best kiss he ever initiated.

Shower Secrets (M)

Originally posted by defsouljb

A shower with your male best friend - in what world would that ever be a good idea? You know how it’ll end, yet you can’t seem to bring yourself to stop Jaebum from joining you.

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3,161

Warnings: very rough

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Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 436

Warnings: swearing, very mild dirty talk, implied smut.

**A little love for the Crowley peeps out there. Enjoy. <3

Demons aren’t supposed to bring you roses. They’re supposed to give you the deal of a lifetime, then reap your soul 10 years later.

But there he was, the King of Hell, or so he claimed. He stood at the foot of your bed, armed with three roses in his hand. At least it wasn’t a hellhound.

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Turn Ons for Winner

Can I request Turn Ons/Turn Offs for Winner i.e. exposed shoulders, high heels, red lips etc etc please & thank you ✌😘


  • loves when you give him praise
  • exposed shoulders and tight dresses
  • he loves being teased a bit here and there
  • lingering kisses really make him want you more
  • he loves everything you do


  • strip teases are the quickest way to turn him on
  • he just can’t help himself
  • totally a chest guy
  • loves your breast- whether their small, medium or large
  • when you send him selfies he always gets a tingly feeling 


  • rubbing yourself against him accidentally
  • neck kisses drive him crazy
  • he loves dirty talk
  • when he sees you in high heels- it’s an instant turn on
  • seeing you dancing- whether you’re great or not so great


  • when you fiddle with your hair
  • massages are one of his biggest turn ons
  • sometimes he gets lucky enough to see you in skirts
  • and gets a subtle tease by rubbing your thighs against him
  • ass guy

anonymous asked:

I know requests are closed so I'm totally prepared to let this sit for a while until you want to pick it up (only if you want) but could you do a one shot where Harrys girl has to use the safe word when it gets too intense during sex? like maybe he spanks her too hard or something and she has to assure him that she's okay but needed him to stop. and he gets furious at himself and she needs to reassure she still wants him?


I’ve liked the concept of this one for a very long time, and I finally got down to it. It’s short, but it should do the trick. 

Note: this isn’t an issue in this, but I just wanted to say… safe, sane, and consensual. Never feel guilty if you have to tell someone to stop in as many words or in a safe word, and the person you’re with should never try to make you feel bad for taking care of and looking out for yourself. That’s why safe words exist. Be safe. x

057. Safe Word


You’re leaning against the doorway, wrapped up in his shirt – the one embroidered with his surname – and Harry is on the couch in his boxer briefs and oversized jumper. He looks over at you quickly, green eyes slightly larger than usual, and he nods.

“Hey,” he rasps his greeting 

“You okay?” you ask him.

A shadow crosses his eyes and he shakes his head. “Told yeh to stop askin’ that,” he mutters.

You sigh, shoulders deflating some. “I just want you to be okay,” you insist quietly.

It’s Harry’s turn to sigh and he leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees and rubbing his face with his hands. “M’fine.”

“You’re not,” you press. “Harry, I promise, it wasn’t even bad.”

“Don’t,” he shakes his head, turning his gaze back to you. “It was bad enough for you to use it.”


 The safe word.

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Jealousy (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Request: don’t know if it’s been asked but I’d like to request an imagine in which the reader is trying to ask out Sebastian because she really likes him but she’s nervous so she seeks out Chris’s help so they’re always talking on set and seen together but it’s because he’s trying to help her out but Seb doesn’t know and gets kinda jealous :3 please and thank you in advance if you decide to go with this <3


“Honestly, the worst thing you can do is stare,” Chris murmured into your ear as he snuck up behind you.

“Chris! Shit!” You exclaimed, jumping slightly in shock as you felt his warm breath fan over your ear.

“I’m not staring,” you huffed as you crossed your arms in front of your chest and adverted your gaze from Sebastian to Chris who was now standing in front of you.

“Yeah and I’m not playing Captain America,” Chris chuckled.

“I wasn’t staring,” you mumbled as you glanced quickly back at Sebastian for second.

“Oh okay, gazing,” Chris responded with a smirk. He was the only one who knew about your not so small crush on Sebastian as this wasn’t the first time he caught you staring at him.

“Just talk to him,” Chris suggested, once again pulling you out of your thoughts.

“And say what exactly? ‘Oh yeah hi Sebastian. We never really talk because I have a massive crush on you and I don’t want you to think I’m weird and yet here we are. By the way, how are you today?’” You said sarcastically. Chris let out a bellowing laugh which caused Sebastian to look in your direction, almost sporting a scowl on his face as he watched you giggle in response to Chris’ laugh. Sebastian wanted to be reason for your giggle and your laugh, so it killed him inside when he saw Chris making you smile.

“C’mon just practice on me. Practice what you want to tell him on me, pretend I’m Sebastian,” Chris said after calming down.

“Are you serious? I can’t! He’s literally standing over there! What if he hears us?” You questioned.

“Fine, come with me,” Chris said as he unfolded his arms and placed one around your shoulders. Sebastian watched as Chris guided you off set and towards his trailer and was surprised no one could hear his heart breaking as it shattered into a thousand pieces.

It was a nice day outside so instead of actually going in Chris’ trailer, you both decided to hang around in the back as it gave off a more secluded and private feeling which allowed you to feel comfortable confessing your feelings out loud.

“Okay. Just picture me as Sebastian,” Chris said as he stood in front of you while your back was to his trailer.

“Okay,” you breathed out in a sigh. There were so many words you wanted say and so many thoughts you needed to express but they were all currently jumbled up in your head. Even though you were only practicing, you still felt nervous and if you felt that way now, God, you didn’t want to think about how you would be feeling if you ever got the courage to speak to Sebastian.

“Sebastian,” you started off, glancing up at Chris who was smiling and chuckled a bit.

“Sebastian. The thing is, you know, the thing is…is that I like you,” you said before cringing at your words.

“Maybe you should try again,” Chris suggested which caused you to glare at him.

“You were right. You aren’t playing Captain America, you’re playing Captain Obvious,” you spat at him. Chris let out another famous loud laugh even grabbing his left boob while he was at it.

“Dork,” you muttered to yourself as you watched him, smiling.

“Anyways,” Chris breathed out as he was trying to catch his breath, “continue.”

“Okay. Sebastian, we haven’t talked a lot and I know it may seem like I’ve been avoiding you and all but I just want to say that it’s not you, it’s me. And yes I know that sounds cliche but it’s the truth. That also sounds cliche. Anyways, the point is, I really like you. Like really like you and I want spend more time together and I was wondering if  you would want to go out with-.”

“Stop,” Chris said interrupting your speech.

“Chris, no. I have to say this,” you responded, slightly frustrated and confused.

“No, seriously stop,” he said again, not giving any explanation as to why he wanted you to stop so abruptly.

“Chris! I gotta say how I feel! Please, let me finish,” you pleaded as you looked at him. As you were looking at him, you noticed that he no longer was looking down at you but instead over your shoulder and behind you. You leaned off the trailer and turned around to find Sebastian standing to the side of the trailer with a hurt expression.

“Sebastian,” you whispered as you took a step forward.

“I should leave you two alone,” Sebastian mumbled while moving away from you.

“Sebastian!” You yelled after him. You looked back at Chris who only nodded at you and you took at as a signal to run after Seb.

“Sebastian wait!” You called out. You placed your hand rather roughly on his shoulder as you tried to stop him and yourself.

“What?!” Sebastian asked in an annoyed tone as you made him face you.

“Listen, back there with Chris. It’s not what it looks like,” you huffed out.

“It sure looked like you confessing your love for him and wanting to ask him out,” Seb muttered under his breath.

“No, I wasn’t confessing my love for him. I was uh, I was practicing for what I really wanted to say for someone else,” you spoke in a rush.

“Oh,” was all that Sebastian could say. He didn’t know if it hurt because it wasn’t Chris you were attracted to or because it was someone else or that you didn’t think about him and asked him for advice.

“No it’s not like that. Shit,” you muttered as you realized that it was time for the speech you practiced and kept messing up on.

“Okay listen. Look, I’m just gonna say it because nothing else has worked. I like you Sebastian. I like you a lot. And being around you makes me nervous and I wanted to ask you out for coffee or something and Chris was the only who knew about me liking you so he offered to help and told me to practice on him and that’s what I was doing. You gotta believe me,” you rambled. Your heart was racing and your palms began to feel clammy, especially since the silence was deafening. This was such a dumb idea Evans. I’m gonna kill you! You yelled to yourself as you waited for Sebastian to say something. Did he say something? Was I just too busy talking to myself to not hear him?

Before you could rush off and yell at Chris and maybe cry a little, Sebastian grabbed your face in his hands and pulled you in for a deep and passionate kiss. You instantly melted into it, wrapping your arms around his neck and moaning into his mouth as your tongues fought for dominance. You felt his stubble tickle your face as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. His arms wrapped themselves around your waist and lifted you off the ground a little which made your heart flutter.

“You got jealous didn’t you?” You muttered as you pulled away, nudging your nose against his slightly, lips still hovering above his.

“Only because I wanted to make you smile,” Sebastian responded, giving you a small peck on the nose.

“Well now you did,” you whispered as a smile formed on your face.

“Seeing that smile on your face and knowing I had something to do with it makes me feel tingly inside,” Sebastian said, giggling.

“You’re such a dork and you have no reason to be jealous because I like you Sebastian Stan,” you said as you admired his face.

“I like you too Y/N,” Sebastian replied with the biggest smile plastered onto his face as he spun you around. 

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Regret: Josh Washington x Reader

Request: Hey sorry to bother ik request are close but i was wondering could do one where emily has a crush on josh but josh like the reader and the reader likes josh and emily and josh do some things and the reader is heart broken but josh makes it up

Word count: 1,413

You sighed in relieve as you entered the lodge. You kicked the front door shut with your foot, and made your way into the living room. You smiled as you noticed all your friends, already gathered around.
“Hey guys!” You exclaimed happily, and everybody turned to you. There were squeals and cheers as you plopped down onto the couch, and you chuckled at their reaction. Sam was sitting on your right, and you smiled at her. She returned the gesture, then grabbed your hand.
“Y/n, I’m so glad you could make it! We totally need to catch up…” You nodded, agreeing with her statement.
“I know right, we haven’t talked in forever…” You were interrupted by someone entering the living room. He spoke up, and you blushed at the familiar sound. His voice was raspy and deep, making shivers crawl up your spine. You looked up and met Josh’ eyes, which were already staring down at you.
“Look who finally arrived… I’m glad you’re here…” He smirked and sat down on your left. You chuckled shyly, and nodded while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

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Dead Joker x Reader - “The Last Goodbye”

It was The Joker’s idea for you two to come here for a few days. This is probably the most secluded hideout you have- deep in the mountains, right in the middle of the woods. Frost dropped you off and left, he’ll be back in 5 days. And then this happened…

“Would you please open your eyes?…Please?…” you beg, crying so hard it’s starting to make you dizzy. “Baby, please, say something, even if it’s something mean, I promise I won’t get mad,” you keep on caressing his face, hovering over his body. You really don’t know what to do at this point, you never felt this desperate before.

“J…J…,” you grab his hand and touch your face with it. “Why are you so cold?…” you let him go for a few moments so you can add more wood to the fireplace. You wipe your tears, whimpering and run to the window just to see the snow storm intensifying. You don’t even have Frost with you.

It was The Joker’s idea for you two to come here for a few days. This is probably the most secluded hideout you have- deep in the mountains, right in the middle of the woods. You left your cell phones at the penthouse since you don’t get signal here anyway. Frost dropped you off and left, he’ll be back in 5 days. And then this happened…My God, what are you going to do? Your heart is aching from the pain.

You stumble to the couch to get a blanket and cover J with it. He collapsed in front of the fireplace and you didn’t move him. You kneel by his side again, checking for a pulse you don’t feel and it makes you break down even more.

“Baby, say you hate me, hmm? That’s your favorite thing to say to me, please…say you hate me…”It’s hard to talk to him when your voice can’t find the strength to express the excruciating agony you feel right now. You find it harder to breathe and you wonder if this is a panic attack. You didn’t have one since you were a teenager. You slowly drop your head on J’s chest, cuddling to his body, trying to listen for a heartbeat. You’re hyperventilating and can’t concentrate on anything.

“Don’t leave me alone, you jerk… What am I supposed to do without you?” you whisper, closing your eyes while taking deep breaths, struggling not to pass out. You tilt your head so you can see his face and notice the little blood stream in the corner of his mouth.

You wipe it with your shaky fingers, anxiety and grief getting the best out of you. You start bawling again.

“Please wake up and say you hate me…just once…,” you plead, but he can’t hear you.


After your first night together

You are in a deep sleep when the ticklish movement around your neck makes you open your eyes. The Joker seems very preoccupied with your pendant.

“What are you doing, J?” you ask, still sleepy; he barely left you rest all night.

“Why are you always wearing this, Kitten? You know I can get you anything you want,” he frowns, switching the pendant on all sides.

“Here!” you take it back for a few seconds and open it, showing him the small pill inside.

“What’s this, Y/N?” he asks, curious. You really like how blue his eyes are when he’s not mad or upset.

“Poison antidote.”

He snickers:

“Who would poison you?”

“You’d be surprised how fast loyalty changes in our world.”
The Joker interrupts:

”Yeah, I know that, duh,” then he sees you getting sad so he continues: ”Wait, did it happen to you before?”

“Y-yes, once…a while ago. I was lucky I had the antidote with me. I will always replace if I use it. Want me to get you one? This small thing works wonders. They are hard to find and expensive on the black market, but it’s not an issue. I know where to get them.”

“Ha! Who would dare poisoning me?! I don’t trust anybody and only a few people can get close to me. No thank you, don’t want one, I like leaving on the edge.”

“I could poison you,” you giggle, “I’m really close to you right now.”

He smirks, pulling your gold chain towards him so he can kiss you.

“I dare you, Princess.” You laugh and wrap your arms around his neck when you notice the bite marks and hickeys all over you.

“Jesus, J, what the hell !” you look down your body and see there’s more.

“Get used to it, Doll, I don’t play nice,” he snarls, yanking you back in his embrace. “Plus, you played hard to get for so long I had to punish you.”

You sigh:

“What did I get myself into?… You’re lucky I love you.”

“I hate you too,” he bitterly replies, biting your lower lip.

“Auch, Jeez, stop it! You’re so bad ,” you furrow your eyebrows, pouting.

“I am,” he grumbles the words, annoyed, moving you on top of him.

“Say, didn’t you want me to kill somebody for you today?”  you inquire, pretending to think hard.

“I’m the boss and I say you can take the day off,” he slaps your ass, licking his lips.

“Is it paid or unpaid day?”
“Ohhhh, Daddy will pay you,” J grins, charging at your neck as you scream, trying to get off him and run.


You keep on walking around the living room, uneasy. It’s been a rough day. You try to calm down and you glance at the Joker. He’s sitting on the couch, writing on his papers.

“God, who do I have to screw to get a drink around here?” you mutter to yourself, cracking your shoulders and he is fast in lifting his hand up, still writing with the other:

“Don’t look too far, Kitten,” he chuckles, finally giving up on his project and getting up.

“How did you hear that?!” you are actually surprised.

“I can hear things when I want to, Princess.”


The Joker goes behind the minibar, messing around with all the bottles. You get impatient.

“What’s taking so long, babe?”

“Almost there, I’m mixing up your favorites.”

You go on the balcony and wait for him.

“Here you go!” he finally comes, handing you a glass of whiskey and sipping some from his own.

“Gosh, I need this!” you inhale, savoring the drink. After a few moments, you feel your lips tingly.  You don’t think too much of it until your throat feels like it’s tightening up and you start coughing.

‘”What’s wrong, Y/N?” J asks, trying to clear his voice. “I think it went the wrong way,” and he starts coughing too, harder and harder until he can’t hold his glass anymore and he lets it drop on the concrete.

Your ears are ringing and your lips are getting numb. “Poison,” you think, panicking and without hesitating, you take your little tablet from your pendant and give it to J:

“Take this, take it!” you want to put it in his mouth and he backs away. “Dammit, take it!” you continue to cough, trying to give it to him. He suddenly starts laughing, straightening his posture. You don’t understand what’s going on but you sure don’t feel good.

“Take a sit, Doll, you’re fine, there’s no poison, “ he pushes you on the chair and you feel you’re going to faint soon. He runs inside and comes back with your Epipen, goes down on his knees and injects the medication in your thigh. “You’re just going in anaphylactic shock, you’ll be fine in no time.” He continues to laugh.

You’re wheezing, looking at him in disbelief since you can’t speak right now.

“I pretended just to see what you’ll do and I added a bit of peanut butter in your drink since I know you’re highly allergic to it. You really thought it’s poison, didn’t you? I can’t believe you gave me the pill. For a henchwoman, you have no survival instincts,” he snorts, amused. “You’re so stup…” he shakes his head but can’t continue when he lifts up his gaze to look at your face.

You’re not crying, but tears are streaming down on face from the frustration and indignation you feel right now. He never saw you cry so he stops his speech. You push him with all the force you have left in you, fighting to get your breath back after your severe allergic reaction.

“What the fuck is wrong with you??!!” you scream as loud as you can and he just bounces back on his knees, having that smug smirk on his face you can’t stand.

“Relax, you’re fine. You really thought you were dying?”

“No, I thought you were!” you push him away again, rising from the chair, starting to cry for reals. You head back inside, tripping on your still shaky steps and head towards the master bedroom.

The Joker just froze in that position, shocked; he didn’t expect to hear that answer from you. He was just being…funny… and for the first time since he can remember he thinks that maybe his stupid dumbass went too far.

Once you get to the bedroom you get one suitcase out and begin to look for your guns and a few clothes to put in there, determined to leave. This is just too much. You still struggle to pull yourself together since the medication is working, when you hear the door opening and you just shout “NO!” without looking.

“It’s me, Y/N,” you heat Frost’s voice and you pass by him, collecting your things. He doesn’t really know what to say.

“Did he send you? Of course he did,” you answer for him, cramming your pistols in and zipping another compartment.  “I’m out of here! I had enough!!! Did he tell you what he did?!”

Frost knows better than upsetting you even more so he just sits there, listening while you continue to pack. “Wow,” he thinks, “this is a new level of big time fuck up even for Mister J. Too bad, I kind of like her.” Of course he does, you were always nice to him. Frankly, Jonny is surprised you lasted this long with someone like his boss. Three years is a long time, definitely a new record for The Joker.

The door is being kicked open and it startles you. The Joker drags his steps in, not smiling anymore, quite the opposite.

“Out, Frosty, you’re useless!” he barks at his henchman, irritated. Jonny quietly leaves the room, and J slams the door behind him, placing himself in front of it.

“Don’t leave…” he mumbles, biting on his cheek.

“Move, I want to get out of here,” you stop in front of him, distressed.

“Don’t leave…”

You try to walk around him and he pushes his back against the door so you can’t get out.

“Don’t leave…”

You just stare at each other for a while and he just keeps on repeating the same words over and over.

“Don’t leave… You know I hate you… Who else am I supposed to hate if you go away, hmm?”

You gulp, not being used to him acting this way.

“Don’t leave…yes?”

Probably 10 more minutes pass and you’re still there, reconsidering your decision. You must be out of your mind too.

“You’re such a jerk,” you finally speak, sniffling.

“I know,” he admits, sulking. “Don’t go…”

*** You choose to stay and ignore him for the rest of the day even if he follows you around like a puppy. When the night comes, you are going to sleep in the guest bedroom, alone, keeping your eyes shut and thinking about how completely idiotic you are for not leaving him.  
The Joker sneaks in, thinking you are asleep and slowly gets in the bed by you, carefully taking your hand and kissing it a few times so he won’t wake you. You pretend not to feel anything and after a while he crawls towards the side of the bed so he can get up and go. You reach your hand and yank him back, snuggling to his chest and you can hear his heart beating really fast.

“You’re so lucky I love you,” you whisper and he crushes you with his hug but you don’t complain about how uncomfortable it is.

“I hate you too,” he nuzzles in your hair, inhaling your scent. “I have to go soon, we are breaking into Gotham Bank tonight, I’ll be busy,” he starts purring, content you’re still his.

“Don’t forget to say goodbye when you leave, you never say it and it’s annoying,” you scold him, dozing off.

“Why do I have to? I always see you in a few hours anyway,” he protests but doesn’t argue too much.

“Because you never know…” you yawn, kissing his chest.

“Fine, I’ll say it now before you fall asleep: goodbye, Pumpkin,” he rolls his eyes but humors you since he just walked on such thin ice today.

“Fair enough…goodbye,” you yawn again, so sleepy you slur your words.


When you broke your ankle, you didn’t really know what to do. A henchwoman being out of commission for a while is kind of pathetic and 100% boring as hell.

“J, can you please bring me a bottle of water?” you request and he is fast to be the nicest, as always:
“Go get it yourself, woman, stop pestering me!” he growls, typing on his laptop.

“Ahhh, total sunshine, what would I do without you?”

He doesn’t reply so you take your crutches and hop towards the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. The Joker runs by you, opens the fridge and takes a few water bottles out then runs back to the living room, making sure to tease you:

“You’re soooo slow, do I need to hire someone else for my black list?”

He is already in the living room, placing the bottles on the coffee table by your recliner. Of course he didn’t want to bring you a bottle, but sure did it after you struggled to get it yourself. J has such a weird way of being…nice.

“Yeah, thanks a lot, baby, you shouldn’t have. God, you have absolutely no clue how incredibly lucky you are I love you,” you pout and drop back on the recliner. He leans over and kisses you:

“I hate you too, Princess,” he grins, delighted he was able to get on your nerves again. That’s like… his main job.” I have to go for a meeting, Doll; I’ll be back in a couple of hours; behave and if you think naughty things, don’t start anything without me, ok?” he purrs in your ear and it gives you goosebumps.

You giggle and kiss him again:

”Fine, I won’t.”

He gets ready to leave and you yell after him:

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”
“Goodbye, Pumpkin!” he shouts back, slamming the door.


After your ankle healed, the Joker decided to take a short vacation with you at your secluded cabin in the mountains. You brought supplies for a few days and Frost helped you carry all the stuff inside and then left. It’s so pretty with all the snow around but they say a storm will start soon so might as well build the fire and enjoy some down time.

“Hey, Y/N, do you want a drink?”

“Yes, I would love one, bourbon on the rocks, please,” you ask, building the fire. “You can leave it on the table, I’ll be done soon.”

The Joker prepares the drinks and puts yours on the table like you asked but starts drinking his. He comes by you, watching you struggle with the wood, but you almost got it.

“Thank for helping me, baby,” you complain, annoyed.

“I got us drinks, ok? My mission here is done. E-hem,” he coughs, a disgusted grimace crawling on his face. J drinks some more just to make sure and then puts the glass down on the floor.

“Yuck, this is gross. It’s strong and it tastes weird, don’t drink it.” He coughs some more, not being able to stop.

“That bad, huh?” you make fun of him, turning around to see his reaction. “Jeez, are you ok?” you lift yourself up when you see he won’t quit.

J drops on his knees, choking.

“Yeah, not funny, baby. I won’t fall for it again,” you try to lift him up when you notice the blood from his mouth dripping on the white carpet. “Oh my God!” you scream, fastly reaching for your pendant to take the pill out. He collapses to the ground, convulsing and you turn him over, placing his head on your knees, forcing the antidote down his throat.

“Take it! Don’t spit it out!” you shout, keeping his mouth closed, hoping he can swallow. You wipe the blood from his lips, trembling, stunned at what is happening. The Joker is attempting to say something but his eyes go in the back of his head and he stops moving.

It’s no way for you to know, but he was trying to say goodbye. He knew you would be upset if he leaves you without saying it. The words just didn’t come out, it was too late.


You are starting to feel the cold. The fire is dim and you have to use all you’ve got to crawl to the fireplace and add more wood to it.

You start crying again once you are back by his body, getting under the blanket with him. You gently brush his pale cheek with your fingers, not wanting to move anymore. You are probably hallucinating from your sorrow because you thought you heard something. You rub your eyes and lift yourself on your elbow, carefully watching J. You suddenly freeze: you can swear you saw his eyelids move a bit.

You cup his face, nervously panting  :

“J, J, can you hear me? J !!!” you shake him, hoping something will happen. A couple of minutes pass by and it feels like an eternity. You try again:

“Baby, are you still here? Hey, can you hear me?”

A low growl. Jesus, you weren’t hallucinating the first time!

“J, open your eyes!” you keep on stroking his cheek frantically when he suddenly blinks, not being able to focus at first. After a few moments his blue eyes find yours and he cracks a vague smile while you bawl your eyes out, clenching your fists to his shirt.

“Hey… Pumpkin…” you distinguish the muffled words.

“How could you do this to me, you jerk?” you laugh and cry in the same time, so incredibly happy to see he’s alive. “I hate you!” you bury your face in his neck, whimpering.

“Ahhh, finally on the same page…” the Joker struggles to speak. “I hate you too.”

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A Surprise

Originally posted by mountean

Group: Seventeen 
Member: Lee Jihoon x Reader 
Genre: Smutty smut smut 
Warnings: light BDSM, over stimulation, thigh riding, dirty talk, swearing
Words: 2,648
A/N: This was Admin Hunnie’s writing for the Admin application! We wanted to share it so you could kind of see how she writes, even though she doesn’t write with anymore.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanna ask what kind of flavoured lip gloss that they would like their gf to wear or what would their reaction be when they kissed and found out that shes wearing it?? BTW LUV UR IMAGINES LUV YOU BYE~~

ahhh such a cute request thank you!!!

S.Coups: Pina Colada; He’d have this smirk on his face once he tastes the lip gloss on you and he’d say something along the lines of “Someone’s been paying attention to what I like,” before leaning in again for another kiss.

Jeonghan: Vanilla; He’d lick his lips really slowly once the two of you pull away and he’d contemplate whether it was really vanilla or not so he’d ask, “Jagiya, is that vanilla?” and when you’d nod he’d sort of give this cute lil giggle.

Joshua: Chocolate; He’d sort of realize a little late that you were wearing his favorite flavor of lip gloss but once it hit him, he’d blush a little, and he’d laugh softly to himself thinking, ‘Oh wow, she never fails to surprise me.’

Jun: Mint; Sort of similar to Coups’ but like he wouldn’t say anything once he notices the lip gloss you’re wearing, he’d just keep on kissing you and he’d whisper things like “Ah, you taste so good~” against your lips. oh my god junhui

Hoshi: Peach; He’d lick his lips while a smile was forming on his lips and he’d be like “Come here, jagi, I wanna taste you again,” and he’d give you another quick peck and he’d be like really happy that you remembered his favorite flavor.

Wonwoo: Pink Lemonade; He’d give you this look that just makes you feel all tingly inside like he’d be staring at you so intensely so you’re like “um, wonwoo….?” and he’d pause for just a moment before leaning in and kissing you again.

Woozi: Blueberry; He’d sort of blink a few times while staring at you and he’d get so flustered and he’d shake his head and be like, “Aaahhh, why are you like this? Are you trying to kill me or something?” and he’d be such a cute, embarrassed puddle of mush.

DK: Kiwi; He’d just flash you his infamous megawatt smile and you’d be like, “What?” and he’d reply with, “Nothing, nothing. I just really like your lip gloss.” And he’d just keep on stealing kisses from then on. what a cutie omg

Mingyu: Strawberry; He’d be so cute about it like he’d ask you, “How’d you know that was my favorite flavor???” and he wouldn’t be able to stop staring at your lips after that and you’re like, “Oh my god Mingyu, if you want to kiss me, go ahead.”

The8: Bubblegum; He’d tilt his head to the side and just look at you really lovingly and he’d scrunch up his nose before giving you an eskimo kiss and he’d be like, “You taste really sweet, baobei.”

Seungkwan: Coconut; He’d be like “woah ok is that coconut” and he’d sort of act like he’s still in disbelief and he’d kiss you over and over again and you’d be like “seungkwan sTOp omg” but he’d just laugh before giving you a longer and lingering kiss.

Vernon: Raspberry; He’d like chuckle and rub the back of his neck and he wouldn’t be able to look at you and he’d try to explain like, “You see, um, I really like your lip gloss…” and you’d eventually get what he’s trying to say and you’d lean in to give him another kiss to put this poor boy out of his misery.

Dino: Watermelon; He’d be really excited and he’d smile really wide and ask, “Is that really watermelon?” and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself, he’d just grab the sides of your face and lean in again to confirm his thoughts.


Minghao unlocked the door and immediately pushed your laughing frame up against the door.

“Finally out of that death hole.” He pushed his lips up against yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck, standing on your toes to mush the kiss deeper.

You felt his hand slide down your thigh and hike up the dress’s skirt even more to reveal your bare flesh.

“What miracle led me to you?” Minghao breathed out

“I’d ask the same thing to you”

“No you wouldn’t” He moved his lips to your neck and pesumably leave hickies all over it, but before he could, you gently pushed him off of you.

“What does that mean?” You asked, looking dead into his chocolate eyes.

“I’m pretty sure it’s self explainatory.” The8 leaned down to suck on your neck, you ignored the tingly feeling between your legs and yet again pushed him off.

“Well can you explain it in detail?” You asked, Minghao shook his head and before you could say anything else, he slammed his lips onto yours an lifted your thighs before moving you to sit on top of the table.

“Alright then, I'l forget about it for now.” You craned your neck to give The8 more access, your juices glistening up your folds from anticipation when you felt his slender fingers pull off your panties.

You heard fumbling from his belt and decided to help pull his pants off much faster. Leaving him only in his dress shirt and boxers, holding his constricted member inside the way-too-tight material.

“Take off your shirt.” You ordered, Minghao -obviously- followed, you also doing the same before unclipping your bra.

The8 threw his shirt somewhere in the dining room before his eyes dwelled on your chest.

“You wanna touch?”

“Of course I do.” The8 kissed you again before moving onto your breasts, sucking on the erect nipple and flicked it up with his tongue, causing you a moan to leave your lips.

He really loved that sound.

You couldn’t sit straight be yourself anymore and laid your hands on his shoulders.

Were they always this bony? You felt them up some more and concluded that they were never this scrawny before.

You reluctantly pushed Minghao off of your chest, that decision was the most difficult decision you’ve ever made in your life!

The8 looked up at you in confusion, that makes sense.

“What’s wrong? I thought you liked it.” He towered over you again and placed his hands on your thighs.

“I did. It’s just, what happened to your shoulders? They used to be a lot more muscle-y and stuff. Is everything okay?”

“The word ‘Okay’ is very subjective.”

“Minghao? Anything you need to tell me? Because I know that you can gain weight when you want to.”

He didn’t say anything.


“Do you really want to do this NOW?” Minghao whined as he placed his arms on either side of you and tilted closer down to you, this time not doing anything but crossing your arms over your chest.

“Yes.” You said firmly.

“Really? But we’re kinda in the middle of something right now.”

“No, we’re not. Unless you don’t want to be in the middle of anything for a few weeks, I’d recommend that you tell me.”

He surrendered to you, slightly even more turned on from your demanding tone but obliged anyway.

“Well, I’ve sorta been not eating as much as I used to.”

“Can you tell me why?” You pulled him close, playing with the ends of his hair.

“I don’t know why. I just thought that would make things better.”

“Does this have anything to do with the thing you said earlier?”

He sighed and pulled up a chair from the table and sat down before laying his head in your lap.
Like an instinct, you combed your soft fingers through his equally soft hair.

“Not exactly.”

“Explain that more for me?”

He rolled his face into your bare legs, his vocie came out a bit muffled but still understandable, “I don’t think the carats like me all that much.”

You moved your hand down to Minghao’s neck and rubbed circles into the warm skin, just like he does when you cuddle.

“That’s a complete and utter lie. What made you think that?” You laughed, yet fully serious at the same time.

“They don’t seem to be as enthusiastic when they see me, they don’t even say anything! I don’t think I’m hideous, and I can’t seem to think of any other reason.”

You cupped up his face, resulting him to push himself off of your lap and look into your eyes.

“Minghao, you’re the dumbest person I know. And I know a lot of people.”

He looked at you with a dumbstruck expression.

“Do you remember when I came to your fanmeet for the first time, back when you didn’t know I existed?”

He nodded, “Yeah, but what does that have to do with-”

“Shut up.” You interrupted, “Do you remember that when it came to you, I didn’t talk? Or, in that case, have any emotion at all?”

“Yeah. But that’s different.” Minghao mumbled

“How is it different? You were my bias. Big time. And I didn’t talk because I couldn’t! And I was literally thinking I died inside and gone to heaven. And I’m pretty sure that the same thing happens when your fans see you.”

He didn’t say anything.

“Did you get that through your-”

Suddenly, Minghao draped his arms around your frame and held you close into his chest.

“Thank you.” He said, laying his lips into our hair, keeping it there for as long as the silence went.

“Your welcome.” You chuckled.

“Why’re you laughing?” He soon joined your laughter.

You pushed away from Minghao, “Because I could feel your hard-on poking my hip!”

Minghao’s face blushed like a pomodoro and looked down to cup his member, attempting to cover it up.

“Don’t be embarrassed!” You playfully slapped his thin arm.

“Then don’t be abusive.” Minghao stood back up and stared you down before letting his hands go from his cock and up to your jaw, to force you into a kiss.

Hi! So as you all may know, Minghao is literally my biggest bias of all time!! So when I heard about the loosing weight and feeling like he’s the most unwanted of the group really hit me at heart. Please remind this adorable ball of aegyo and sexy stares that he isn’t! Please request and send advice on how I could improve my writing. As usual, hope you’ve enjoyed reading, I enjoyed writing!- keep listening to Kpop!~ Jackie

As A Boyfriend; MinYoongi/ Suga

First meeting;

• Awkward silence at first
• He admires you all the time
• Looks bored but actually isn’t
• Complements
• Shy af
• Hands in pockets
• Constantly tugging at his beanie
• Light blush
• Small smiles
• Bright eyes

First date;

• Tells you all about him
• Expects the same of you
• Wants to get to know you
• Wants to know your back ground and what every small bump and bruise came from
• His dress sense would be desirable
• Make sure to put you first before himself
• Simplistic things like moving your hair out of your face for you
• Staring at you longingly
• Hand holding, like your one hand in his two hands
• Gives you his jacket even though he is only in a thin t-shirt
• Walks you all the way home
• Kisses your cheek to be respectful to you
• Leaves you with a cheesy comment that seems reasonably not like yoongi at all


• Wears all black since he look gorgeous in all black.
• Confident
• Extremely invested to you
• Smirking
• Slight pearly white smiling
• All the attention is on you
• Cheekily makes sly and subtle innuendos towards you
• Skin ship straight away
• Arms around you
• Happily gives you his jacket and walk ahead of you so you can see his physique

First Kiss;

• Caressing
• Sensations of a new beginning
• Smiling with eyes, radiating warmth
• Excitement
• Nervous butterflies
• The awkward 2 seconds beforehand when you don’t know who is going to lean in
• Staring into each other eyes, communicating with each other
• Relief
• Vulnerability
• comfortability


• Low moans
• Pleasing caressing of his hands on your waist
• Adrenaline rush
• Intention, giving off the vibe that he will kiss you
• He gives you the ‘look’
• His eyes on your lips as he bites his
• Slowly gets closer to you
• empowering
First week;
• replying to texts straight away, no waiting for a reply
• lots of emoji using when both are tired as words become less
• not embarrassed to introduce each other to their friends
• Comfortability around each other, weird mannerisms come out and humour progresses
• Finding the comfortable stages of interests and more
• Feeling all warm and tingly
• Everything is natural, nothing forced
• No feelings of awkwardness


• Smirking
• Sexiness
• Excited but nervous butterflies whenever he touches you
• Showing signs of deepening affection by the way he slowly eases into the relationship
• Teasing you with his eyes
• Gives you the ‘ I know you want it’ look

First Month;

• Feeling spontaneous because being together is not chore, it’s completely based off of affection.
• Completely full of respect for you, your friends and your family and vice versa.
• Communications is easy to do, everything is honest
• Encouragement is always given
• Always filled with surprises
• Major fans of having nights in rather than going out
• Similar visions of the futures
• Always feeling welcome by their family and bts family


• Completely comfortable being naked around each other in daylight
• More smirking
• Showering together
• Lazy bathing together
• Constantly on his lap as he doesn’t want you near anyone else or the boys
• Slight possessive since he just wants you all the time
• Behave like newly weds

First time;

• Passionate
• Enticing
• Possibly started by you simply just moving and your shirt rides up a little
• Exciting
• Adrenaline
• Hot af
• Intense
• Staring into eyes
• Constant asking if you’re ok with what he is doing
• If there is anything you would rather do
• Confident
• Smirking
• Moaning messes

First year;

• No secrets, complete honesty
• Proud of what you both had accomplished together
• Basically, you’re both night owls
• Becoming the second eomma of bts
• Feeding yoongi
• Falling asleep together while in the bath because everything is too exhausting to get up and go into the next room
• Yoongi placing things on a high shelf where you can’t reach and then regretting it because neither can he
• More lazy days and night in’s than nights out
• Sarcastic banter between the both of you
• Playing with each other’s hair as a comforting thing
• Sex
• More sex
• Newly wed sex

The Happy Hungry Bunch Smooch Headcanons

Follow up from the hug headcanons—now that you know how they feel when they wrap their arms around you, why not move on to smooches? Don’t get too excited, my lovelies, as these headcanons are not for the weak of heart.


Yona:  Yona’s lips are petite and super soft that you momentarily think you’re kissing the petals of an orchid until you feel them trembling against yours. She isn’t quite experienced so she most likely doesn’t know what she’s quite doing—they’re mostly stiff closed-mouth kisses and the poor girl looks as if she’s going to faint from the amount of blood rushing to her head. When you take the lead, she will visibly relax and ease into the kiss with a little more confidence.

Hak:  Hak’s kisses are rough, crushing, and frighteningly overwhelming when he allows his restraints to come undone. They are powerful kisses that are capable of reverberating through your body in tingly surges of thunder and lightning. However, they are edged with a sweetness that passionate lovers could feel amidst clashing lips and mingling breaths. And although they are frantic and deep, Hak’s kisses are never meant to hurt or bruise you.

Yoon: Yoon is reluctant to give kisses but if the moment is right, his lips carry all the skills and knowledge to drive you absolutely insane. He isn’t afraid of trying out new varieties of kisses to mix things up which may or may not include tongue and teeth, depending on his preference. He is very precise in his control so you know for sure that his tight grip and touches of varying pressures aren’t for naught and would contribute to a very satisfying lip-locking experience.

Kija: Kija’s kisses may be coy and hesitant at first, but they can explode into something exciting with a little more encouragement. Kija isn’t a tough lover—but rather, it’s his fear of hurting you that hinders him from unleashing his true potential. When passion finally takes over, the movement of his lips can become quite urgent and demanding to the extent that you two have to pause for breath, hands (both human and dragon) wildly running across your skin to claim for their own.  

Shin-Ah: When it comes to Shin-Ah, no one would have expected this quiet lover to display something as beautiful as his mesmerizing dragon eyes. His gentle hands are careful when caressing your face, lips slow, steady, and delightfully sweet against yours. Shin-Ah thoroughly absorbs the moment by using the pads of his fingertips to trail over your skin in silky touches while his brilliant eyes take notice of every movement and reaction to gauge how much you’re enjoying from his contact.

Jae-Ha: Everyone knows that Jae-Ha is a passionate kisser. What they don’t know is the impressive control he has when lip-locking; he has a subtle way of moving you as he grips onto your wrists while gently throwing his weight over you.  His lips glide against yours in a smooth mish-mash before allowing them to divert away to give the rest of your face some attention. He will leave no skin behind from his thorough but feathery-light touches of affection.

Zeno: Zeno’s kisses are tinged with the innocence of child lovers. He would never delve deeper to the extent that he feels he needs to pull away from shame—instead, he would leave warm trails of affection on places you least expect such as corners of mouths, eyelids, and the crevice connecting the base of the neck to the head. He enjoys giving Eskimo kisses and pressing small butterfly kisses against flushed cheeks since they’re simple and incredibly endearing.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a blurb where Harry and his girlfriend are watching a movie and then things get hot but Harry and his girl hadn't had sex yet and they start grinding on each other with underwear on, and he makes her cum like that, kissing her and sucking on her boobs and things like that?

It was supposed to be a calm, quiet night in with Harry, cook at home together, watch a couple movies, cuddle. It would be one of the rare occasions that both of you were free and not dead exhausted on the same night, so you jumped at the chance to have some alone time.

But so far the mood of the evening had been less than the cute and fluffy date night scene that you had envisioned when you’d made the plans with him early this morning; it was only a few months into your relationship and although you’d found yourself lost in his kisses several times you hadn’t taken that final step yet. Harry was a jokester, and very cheeky at times but he was also very much a gentleman, and never overstepped his boundaries or pushed for things to progress more quickly, something you were unused to but incredibly grateful for. And yet there was something between you two tonight that you hadn’t been expecting, an electricity that crackled every time his hand brushed against you. More than a few times so far you’ve looked up and caught him gazing at you with something in his eyes you can’t place, licking or playing with his bottom lip, and when you finally asked what he was looking at, he’d brushed it off and changed the subject, but it was obvious to you then. He felt it too.

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Jungkook - Make Out Session


Having a guy ask you out for a date was still a mystery for you. How? What? Why?!

You had been fidgety since so here you are in front of your bestfriend’s house, needing someone to calm you down. You rang the door bell and you were soon met with a pair of piercing eyes. 


The boy in front of you rolled his eyes. “oh now you know me?” he muttered

You frowned, unsure of what he was on about. “Wha…why do you look so pissed?” you asked tilting your head on your side. 

His eyes widened. “Wow.” he chuckled mockingly but you just kept looking at him for an answer. “You don’t know?” He groaned before continuing; “I don’t know him” he said, mimicking you from earlier. 

Immediately something lit up and you ran a hand through your face. “Oh God, I’m sorry… I wasn’t myself… I …” 

"I know, I know” he sighed and allowed you to come in. “So what’s up?” he asked casually as he sat down next to you, grabbing the remote from your hand, his eyes automatically glued on the screen


He waited for you to finish your sentence but turned to look when a long paused became abundant in the room

”___ what?” 

“You see… I have a question”

He rolled his eyes before placing the remote down on the coffee table and sat back on the couch. “What is it?” 

“You know how I’m going on a date with Junhong tonight…”

He scoffed at the mention of name. “Yeah that punk from the year above” 

You glared at him for a moment before continuing “…anyway, I want to ask about…” you stopped midway as you bit your lip, embarrassed at what you were about to ask your bestfriend

“Yah ___ speak properly I don’t have all day” he scolded earning another glare from you. 


Jungkook’s eyes widened as he tilted his head to the side. “Are you messing with me right now? What did you say?”

You rolled your eyes before sighing heavily. “What’s it like to… kiss?”

He paused for a second before he burst in laughter. “Hahahahaaha are you seriously asking me that?!” he asked in fits. 

You continued to send him daggers as you hit his arm playfully. 

“Okay… okay… Okay!” he said trying to gasp for air while he put his hand up surrendering. “What is it do you want to know?" 

"You know.. when you had your first kiss… how did it feel like?" 

"Like a kiss?” he answered unsure. 

“Didn’t you feel anything special? Like didn’t something pop?”

His eyes grew like saucers. “Dude! It was a kiss its not sex. Nothing popped!” he replied defensively, his pale cheeks fading into a hint of pink. 

You giggled at his reaction “Guuuuurl, you need to wash that mind. It’s so dirty!” you laughed “I meant like, didn’t your foot popped up. Like those in the movies.”

He gave you a judging look before he groaned. “Are you being serious?”

“Yah just help me!” you whined

He gave you another look as he raise his fist in front of his lips. “First of all. Never perk your lips like this” he said as he pouted, demonstrating. “You need to be subtle, like just go for it, like this;” 

Jungkook’s gaze averted to the side of his fist as if it was someone he loves then he leaned in closer and softly kiss his hand like he would to the girl he loves. “Now your turn” he urged once he pulled away

You hesitated for a moment before you copied his actions. 

He groaned. “Yah! Your boyfriend’s lips are not ice cream. Why are you even using tongue? That’s for advance stuff. You’re just a beginner.” 

You rolled your eyes. “In case you’re forgetting Mr. Jeon, Junhong is from upperclassmen. Meaning, he have experience! I don’t need those beginners stuff! I need advance bro!”

“What are we even doing” he sighed. “Kissing our fist.” he muttered as he shook his head. 

“Okay, if you don’t want to teach me those stuff, just tell me what’s it like making out with someone?”

He narrowed his eyes at you as he looked at you weirdly. “You’re so weird. Why are you asking me these questions? You should be asking your girlfriends about this” he said getting uncomfortable by your questions 

“Yah what’s wrong with that? Aren’t you supposed to be my best friend?" 

He rolled his eyes at you for pulling the bestfriend card out. “Ugh fine. What was your question again?”

"What’s it like making out with someone?" 

"You’re so gross you know that?”


“Ugh… just… when you’re making out with someone, its like your dancing with your mouth…”

“Oh… but what’s it like afterwards? Have you ever felt dizzy after a make out session?" 

Jungkook’s brows furrowed. “Y-yah! Tha—that’s none of your business!” yet again his cheeks being painted with a hint of pink. 

You giggled. “Fine, just answer my first question then”

He paused for a second before answering with a smile on his face. “Your lips would be tingling… Like… you know you’ve just eaten something spicy, your lips would become tingly. That’s what it feels like— swollen and tingly” he described 

You stared at him, engrossed at his ways of describing things. 

"You’re an interesting kid, Kookie” you mumbled

He smirked. “Want to practice first?” he asked playfully as he perked his lips at you making your eyes widen as you shuffled back a little. 

(” O___O)  ”Yah Jeon Jungkook!” 



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