it gives me too many feelings


It was never easy watching her go, no matter how many times it happened. I have done so for almost four times already. I know its toxic…I know I am taken for granted. Sometimes I wonder thing that I shouldn’t. I tried to pursue another relationship…I couldn’t…because I loved both with all my heart. Yet, it wasn’t fair for any of us at all.

There I saw her, afraid and ending things with me once again, shattering pieces of my heart for the millionth time. Her eyes were chocolates I was addicted to, hair dark as midnight that leaves me awake. Skin kissed by the sun, all though she bleaches it as much as she can.

Oh, I love her more than anything. But this love is taking its toll on me…we said goodbye too many times before. I almost want her to say something when I give up…she doesn’t.

I feel chained…

Locked up

I only live because they want me to, because it makes them happy and relieved. I wanted too much. And now I see her try to stay by my side, me numbly staring into nothing. The one I once worshipped now is starting to be the one at my feet.

It scares me.

Then, I made a vow within my gown that love will come someday…Till I took my life at midnight.

With poison we come, with poison we leave…that is the rule of wonderland, the world were I will achieve all I desire.

Don’t Mess with Miss Anderson

‘I am, frankly, cantankerous; always was. Shows on my face. Most of the members of my gender aren’t permitted to be the least bit cantankerous until they’re old, divorced or widowed. I never waited for anyone to give me permission to reveal what I felt. If I felt moody or angry, I damn well showed it!’
- Dame Judith Anderson interviewed in 1990

There are two reasons why I love this quote and hope you will too. Firstly, Judith’s candour is refreshing: she not only freely admits to having always been ‘cantankerous’ but makes clear that she’s proud of it. Why should she pretend to be some passive little thing when that’s not her true nature?

Secondly, she articulates an important point about the way women often feel obliged to behave. Many of us wait for someone to ‘give [us] permission’ to express our feelings, especially when we’re young, so that we don’t risk being labelled hormonal or hysterical (or cantankerous). Not Judith; she ‘damn well showed’ her emotions, no matter how powerful or disruptive. The way she felt was written all over her face.

So, ladies, in the spirit of one of the twentieth century’s most talented, gutsy actresses, let’s all resolve to be more cantankerous! It’s what Judith would’ve wanted.

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Well, I know that at least for me I'm super willing to take on however many fics as needed, so don't feel too bad if you have to give some of the artists some extra assignments- we're all just here to have fun, and if some people bailed then they're just missing out :)

Thank you so much anon! Sign ups close at midnight tonight (EST) so artists will have until then to put their participation in. Everyone will get a pairing, they just may not be a part of it. Their loss, I guess.

Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.

damien is amazing and i needed to draw him with some dogs goodnight

(also MC dad probably gave him that shirt. and took this photo who knows)

‘Why did you fall for him?’
I’ve never been able to answer this question and I wonder if I ever will be. The only thing I know is that I spent years not knowing him and one day he just was there.
I still remember him, just sitting there on a wooden picnic table, I still remember him looking up at me, I still remember the look in his eyes, I still remember the feeling I had. Both were pure, clean because nothing had happened yet.
There we were on that chilly spring morning, not yet knowing how we would change each other’s lives.

'Why do you still love him?’
How will I ever be able to answer? I just do. He’s such a big part of my life, I can’t imagine it without him. No, there hasn’t been an easy moment ever since I met him and yes, at times it hurts, a lot.
But I guess I just live for him, for the signature grins I get from him, for the way he calls my name, for the sparkle in his eyes when I make him laugh. For the way he can still make me stutter after 5 years and for the princess-like feeling he can give me.

I know everyone tells me to let him go. And I get why. Perhaps I could let him go if I only met him a few months ago, but he has marked too many memories, predominated too many years. He’s the only thing in my life that never changes.

—  Confessions

how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU, Visual Headcanon Web Charts #01

So I always wanted to make one of these. Turns out my headcanons for the most part are WAY too wordy for these things and uh, they’re a bit of a mess >.>;; BUT I hope nonetheless that they’re somewhat fun to read even if barely legible, it was fun to make ^ ^;

1. Super basic relationship chart of the core members of the lovely poly family in this AU.

2. “Adults Think,” the color of each adult indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

3. “Kids Think,” the color of each OC kid indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than what could be crammed in the lil text boxes, but a gist and pretty much the first things that immediately popped into my mind regarding their interactions. 2 and 3 also mostly show their thoughts while the kids are younger, which will change a bit as they grow up, to be covered in a future post.

*Recommended you right click view image to see full size bc the text is tiny oops

Because the text is so illegible, text only versions of charts 2 and 3 beneath cut, all elaborated quite a bit because I’m so rambly oops:


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s Yuuri-centric polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri’s married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.




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Why "Night In the Woods" is really important

So with the recent rise in popularity (and @therealjacksepticeye ’s playthrough) , Night in the Woods has a lot of really important topics, I don’t see many people talking about these topics, so I’m here to bring them up myself

-Bipolar Disorder
-Dissassociation problems
-Anger Issues
-Loosing a family member and having to grow up a bit too quickly.
-school even
-loosing a friend
-not to mention GAY

I don’t see anyone talking about how calmly it brings up these subjects, when you talk to Gregg by the lake, they don’t address bipolar disorder in a scary or negative way, and brings it up very simply as down days and up days. It’s an important part of greggs character and Mae accepts it and gives him comfort when needed.

Mae canonly disassociates (and even disassociates in game a few times), she talks about things becoming “just shapes” and reality not being well…reality. They bring it up in a really good way to explain it to people who don’t understand what it is or how it affects moods (and how it’s connected to depression). Mae leaves college because she was really depressed there, everything didn’t seem real, and she needed to get out. It’s important to note that Gregg (or bea) acknowledge what’s she’s experiencing and also offer comfort and support. It’s so important.

Bea’s mother passed away senior year of high school, she now has to work a lot to take care of her family, many many many teens can relate to this, wether a family member has to be at work to make ends meet all the time, and they have to take care of their siblings, or they themselves have to get a job and give up dreams to support their family. It’s shown and I’m glad it is.

Not to mention canonly LGBT characters, it’s confirmed that Gregg and Angus are Gay. Very gay. It’s also confirmed that Mae is at least bi (and develops feelings for a female character). LGBT representation is so so so important.

Forgot to mention: it’s Canon that Angus comes from an abusive household, and still has to deal with family issues ( Thank you to @themightypotatoqueen for reminding me)

This game is amazing and beautiful, full of good humor and dialogue, and so many beautiful moments too. If you had doubts about it, support it. It’s really great. 👌 thanks to Jacksepticeye for really promoting the game! Without your help it wouldn’t be as mainstream as it is now.

ok but lena has literally never had anyone in her corner before like you know she spent the whole night smiling and hugging her pillow ok she doesn’t know what to do or how to handle this she just knows she really really likes Kara and Kara believes in her??? God Kara is gonna have food being delivered to her 24/7 Lena’s gonna hire a personal driver to pick Kara up because she knows Kara doesn’t have a car and Kara is too awkward and polite to decline so she has to skillfully ditch her driver when supergirl is needed ok Kara is gonna call Lena and be like, “Hey Lena could you-” and Lena’s already gonna be halfway out the door shouting “I’M ON MY WAY”

You guys!

Henrik took it upon himself to make Tarjei feel comfortable. He knew that Tarjei was four years younger than him and took responsibility for his comfort. He knew that he needed to be someone Tarjei could trust and feel safe with. He knew that Tarjei should be in control. He was just like, “I am here for YOU, bud.”

And Even make sure Isak was comfortable. He was so, so patient, always checking to make sure Isak was okay with what was happening. And he never took it personally when Isak was hesitant. He made Isak feel safe and loved. He was just like, “I respect you and you’re in charge.”

Henrik’s complete lack of ego about the entire thing is incredible. He gives all the credit to Julie and has no idea how incredible he is. Of course Tarjei felt safe with him. He exudes warmth and gentleness and accommodation. He is a human angel. 

I can’t. I have too many feelings. This show and these boys and these characters are too much. 

(Shout out to @xionin for helping me process said feelings and @screamteam for screaming with me about them.)

But Glover understands people. He has an almost preternatural emotional intelligence; when we meet for the second time I give him a hug, and he calls me out on it: “What’s up with that hug? That didn’t have any feeling! Where’s my hug?” I try again. Glover is happily missing much of the stifling bravado that weighed down far too many male African American performers in, say, the 1990s. He’s in touch with all his feelings, and he seems to think everyone else should be too.