it gives me tears of joy

Don’t ever tell me that marching band isn’t important.

I have had so many problems with public schools putting all the emphasis on athletics. When a school’s budget is cut, they don’t choose to take a little from each program. No. They choose to completely eradicate the arts programs, usually starting with the marching band. If you don’t play sports, you’re not a valuable asset, you’re not qualified for scholarships, and you mean nothing. Marching band? Why would we be impressed that you’re in marching band?

Anyone can do that.

Okay, fine. Anyone can do marching band. Anyone can spend hours on the field doing the same forty-second section over and over and over and over. Anyone can hit over 75 precise dots on the field with the correct step sizes, the correct amount of steps, the correct timing, without being so much as an inch to either side, in order and without looking at the yard line markers or the field. Anyone can memorize all of those extremely specific points on the grass and varying counts for steps and then execute them with a shako visor pulled down over your eyes and looking up at the press box the whole time. If you look down at the yard line markers to see where you are, congratulations, you just lost points for the group.

Anyone can memorize eight pages of notes, rhythms, dynamics, phrasing, and tempos. (But of course, before you do that you have to learn an instrument with hundreds of different fingerings and learn how to make slight changes in your lips to change notes and stay in tune.) Memorize all seven and a half minutes of music and then marry it to the seventy-five pages of drill you memorized. Do them both perfectly and at the same time. But you can’t just do what you memorized. You have to do it in perfect sync with everyone around you and know how to make the slightest adjustments to fit perfectly within the group. If you’re an inch to the right or barely a thousandth of a step sharp, it’ll throw everything off.

But anyone can do that.

Then add in the fact that you don’t get any individual credit for doing this. The closest you’ll come to recognition is your identity lumped into “The Such-and-Such Marching Band” as you all march onto the field looking exactly the same. You don’t have a number on your back. You have a uniform intended to erase you and turn you into dot T14 and nothing more.

But, for some reason you can’t explain, you love it. You love throwing everything you have into this ridiculously precise pursuit and then not getting any credit for it. You start thanking people when they call you a band geek. You start taping pictures of marching bands into your locker. You start wearing your band shirt everywhere you go. Because you look at the person in an identical uniform next to you and you know that you’ve done this for them and they’ve done this for you. This is more than just a team, this is a family; and if one person is missing from the form, the show can’t ever be the same. 

It costs so much money, so much time. You’re out there on the field in the blazing sun for fourteen hours a day during summer band camp, out in the street getting frostbite on your fingertips during the holiday parade. If anyone knew what you went through for this, they would wonder what made it all worth it.

And the truth is, what makes it all worth it cannot be described. It’s the camaraderie between you and the center snare, the colorguard newbie, the tenor sax player in the set in front of you. It’s the sunset behind you lighting up the back of your plume. It’s the hazy nostalgia that racks your chest with emotion. There’s something about the family you’ve chosen and the experience you’ve internalized that gives you the passion to throw everything down onto that field like nothing else matters in the world… because in that moment, it’s true. 

Your nerves are damaged from the cold. Your skin is damaged from the sun. Your joints are damaged from marching and marching and marching. You’re physically and mentally drained, your body is irreversibly compromised, you’re broke as hell, and all you have to show for it is a polyester jacket and a couple of blurry photographs.

But sports are what require hard work and dedication, not marching band.

Even though you complained basically the entire time you marched and even though you’re done with it, you pull out those photographs and you remember. You remember your first day of high school band camp when you had absolutely no idea what you were getting yourself into. You remember your first final retreat when they announced your band’s name as state champions, and you wanted to cry with happiness but you weren’t allowed to move, so you just clenched your fists so tight that your fingernails dug white crescents into your palms. You remember coming back the next year and thinking you knew everything as a sophomore, only to realize there was still so much to learn. You remember the band trips you spent months fundraising for, all the lame tourist attractions you visited between performances, and how you wouldn’t trade those memories for all the money in the world. You remember being a junior and getting nervous because people looked up to you now: as an upperclassman, as a section leader, as a friend. And then you were a senior and you cried on the final day of band camp. You remember how your life became a series of lasts. You had to decide which of the freshmen would inherit your band cubby, your lucky bottle of valve oil, your bus seat. You went to graduation but it didn’t mean anything because you still had one last band trip coming up. You didn’t shed a tear when you tossed your cap but you cried like a child after your last parade. You remember on the plane ride home, you expected to feel devastated and heartbroken, but you just felt… empty.

You remember printing out what seemed like the most difficult solo in the world. You remember driving up to your college and entering a room with a chair and a stand and a couple of people giving you skeptical looks. You remember getting an email from the college marching band with your audition results and reading it with tears of joy in your eyes because you realized it was starting all over again.

But marching band doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t matter.

Tell me that it doesn’t matter. Tell me as many times as you want. You could scream it in my face and I still wouldn’t hear because the music we’re making is too damn loud to let anything else in. 

Tell me that it doesn’t matter when I’m standing on the field for the last time, knowing that everything behind me will last forever and that nothing will ever mean more to me than this… and all you’ve got is some money and a jersey with a number on the back.

Do not ever tell me that marching band isn’t important. It is everything to me, and it is everything to millions of other band geeks across the world.

When you refuse to support kids because they participate in the arts rather than athletics, you’re no better than the football player who takes lunch money from nerds.

To all of my fellow band geeks… keep marching, even if the world tells you it’s not worth it. It is. God, it is worth it, in ways no one else but you will ever understand. Continue your band career in college. Audition for a drum corps. Stay active in your high school band as an alumnus supporter. You are all my family. 

Viktor’s Facial Expressions in Episode 9 and 10

It’s been a while and I was re watching the series and though I noticed it, I don’t think I’d really examined the whole proposal sequence enough. 

This is Viktor just as he spots Yuuri. It doesn’t take a genius to see how tired he looks. Honestly, this man was absolutely wrecked without seeing Yuuri. What you’d expect, though, is for his face to be similar to Makkachin, brimming with excitement? But he’s not. He looks like he’s experiencing disbelief here, like he thinks Yuuri is a mirage or something. His eyes look tired, almost like he’s just been staring at the glass for hours on end. 

Again, here, he looks tired and dishevelled. He doesn’t look like he’s seeing the man he loves again for the first time in days. He looks like he doesn’t think Yuuri is real. 

And here we come to ‘be my coach until I retire’. 

We see Viktor smile here, but it’s not a proper smile. Just look at how heavy his eyes are. It’s an expression of disbelief, like he knows in his mind there’s no way Yuuri actually meant it like an actual proposal, but he wants to believe it anyway. 

…which explains why Viktor looks like this when Yuuri is buying the rings. He’s absolutely dumbfounded. But at the same time, I almost see a bit of reluctance in this expression rather than pure shock, again like he’s not sure if this is really happening or not. 

Until he looks down at Yuuri’s hand (not into Yuuri’s eyes, he’s definitely staring at the ring here). Again we see this wide-eyed expression. 

To me at least, his expression here is very similar to the one given during episode 9. It’s a look of disbelief. 

And this, this exact moment, is when he realises that Yuuri, in his own way, is being serious about this. It may not be as expressive as, say, the starry eyed look Viktor gives him during episode 12, but it’s still one of pure joy. 

Here we even see a happy tear in the corner of his eye, made more obvious in the animation by a wobble effect. 

And then there’s this, where the extent of his love for Yuuri finally dawns on him. In my personal opinion this is actually when Viktor realises he loves Yuuri in the first place but this meta is already long enough so I won’t go into it here. 

I just stand in awe at how well all of these emotions are represented in this anime.  

just my two cents, nothing that hasn’t been said already in far better words but i wanted to write down my initial thoughts so i can look back on them later.

there are so many interesting things going on in the trailer and in the header and i don’t know where to start! 

so i’ll start from the beginning which also happens to be the end! i’m a big fan of the cyclic meta in s3 so just thinking about the possibilities this trailer offers is making me cry tears of joy. there is a chain reaction that starts with Sana and ends with Even and we’re shown it in reverse, just like i feel that Sana giving Isak back his ten percent was a reversed passing of the baton. having Sana and Even be the ones at the ends of this chain can’t be completely random considering that Even did read the quran and he did have pictures related to islam in his room. 

i think it’s also interesting to note the chain reaction Sana causes ends with Even getting hit in the face with a selfie stick? the selfie stick is such an iconic product of this era, the era of the selfie. you create a new image of yourself with your selfie, you create a personal brand. we know Sana’s brand: dark lipstick, big sunglasses, lots of black and lots of attitude. but we don’t know much about the person behind it, and i’m so excited to learn more! there are very strong images of american consumerism paired with islamic imagery in the header, and it will be interesting to see that juxtaposition explored through Sana’s eyes. in addition to the brand created by herself, as a muslim Sana is also forced to carry stigma created by racism and prejudice, so seeing how she navigates all that in year 2017 is going to be great.

using don’t let me be misunderstood by cat stevens in reverse is honestly so brilliant. people who don’t know better might think it’s arabic song, maybe even a call to prayer, because most people really do not know shit about islam even though everyone seems to have an opinion on it. quite like the london pride flag in the header that the media treated as an isis flag when in reality it was just a bunch of dildos.

i can’t believe i’m saying this but can’t we just skip the weekend and go straight to monday!

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I love your JayTim art so much. It's beautiful and every time you post something new I get so excited and my heart is so happy with the caring glances that they always give each other and the desire that's always present in whatever scenario you choose to work with. I love your art style and recently learned that I can't look at your drawings when I have alcohol in my system because they make me literally cry happy tears. Please never stop creating because I love your work so much. <333333333333

THANK YOU SO MUCH sweetheart you have no idea how much this message means to me!! I’ve been always love jaytim because just by drawing them i feel so relieved and joy, and now knowing someone love my works like this just makes everything even better!! You deserve all the love bless you<3<3

*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD

Something There

Overview: Four years have passed since the war and you and Draco are now soon to be married. But as his insecurities catch up to him, he begins to wonder why someone like you would ever want to be with a former Death Eater like him. For who could ever learn to love a beast?

Word Count: About 1,400.

Warning(s): Some fluffy fluff.

Note: Draco x Reader Beauty and the Beast retelling loosely based off of “Something There” (see below).

Draco watched as you twirled around the kitchen of the Malfoy Manor, a sterling silver spoon in hand. In a cozy robe and pajamas, he thought you were quite a sight. His favorite sight in the world, nevertheless.

“One more week,” you sang. “That’s seven more days until we’re married.” After placing your dishes in the sink, you sat down at the dining table next to Draco. “Can you imagine?”

“Seeing as we already live together,” said he, gesturing to the vast interior of the manor, “I quite easily can.”

You nudged him with your elbow. “It’s still not the same. Soon, we’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy.” You paused. “Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

Although he replied with a nod, Draco couldn’t help but frown at the sound of his last name. What was once a word he flaunted about and held to the highest esteem had turned into a scarlet letter after the Second Wizarding War.

He furrowed his eyebrows, dragging his spoon along the rim of his bowl. Soon, you would bear the name Malfoy. Malfoy. A name tarnished and sent to Azkaban and back as nothing more than a patch on his parents’ clothing.

And the more he thought about it, the more Draco realized that wasn’t a burden he wanted to share with you.

A day passed and Draco still had an unsettling feeling in his stomach. It wasn’t uncommon for him to wear long-sleeved shirts, but now he could hardly bare glancing at his Dark Mark.

Is this what being a Malfoy meant?

“Draco,” you said, climbing into the bed as you stared at his back, “what’s the matter?”

He tucked his hand under a pillow. “Nothing, love. Just tired, is all.”

“I don’t believe you.” He felt the mattress shift ever so slightly as you drew nearer to him. “Before all else, Draco, I am your friend. Before being your fiancée, your girlfriend, your anything– I’m still just your best friend.” You peered over at him, his eyes focused on the wall. “So why on earth would you expect me to believe that lie?”

Sighing, Draco turned on his other side to face you, propping himself up on his arm. He noticed the way you scrunched your nose in concern, a wrinkle appearing between your eyebrows.

“Please, tell me what’s wrong, babe,” you pleaded. Your face softened as you examined his tired eyes, bringing your hand to brush against the cold skin of his face. “Is it the wedding? Are we going into this too soon?”

“No, of course not. It’s not–” He took a deep breath, unsure of what he wanted to say. Draco captured your hand in his, pulling it near his chest. He stroked the calloused pad of his thumb against your knuckles absentmindedly. “If I had to describe you in one word, it would be perfection.”

You quirked an eyebrow, unsure of how to react. “I’m no where near perfect, but– Don’t try to change the subject.”

He let out an indignant chuckle. “I wasn’t finished. I only meant…Just look at yourself and then look at me.”

“I see a witch and a wizard.”

“Funny,” said Draco with a straight face. “But really look. Because when I look at you, I see a compassionate, intelligent woman who fights for what’s right.” His eyes darted to his clothed forearm, the black mark almost visible through his white night shirt. “When I look at myself, I see is a monster. A beast. A coward, at best.”

You stayed silent, Draco’s hand still in yours. “I think your perception is tainted,” you said, withdrawing your hand from his to gently push back at his sleeve. He caught sight of a sliver of his Dark Mark, causing him to wince. Draco saw you reaching for a black marker next to your journal on the nightstand.

You uncapped it, taking hold of his hand.

“What are you–”

You silenced him with a brief kiss on the lips. You sat up and moved his arm onto your lap. “When I see you, Draco, I see someone who shouldn’t be defined by their mistakes.”

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Google made me proud today.

A little while ago, I was on a mission to show a friend of mine the best doggo in the world, Chica. I began to type ‘mark fischbach chica’ and as Google tried to read my mind, as it always does, I froze and tears welled in my eyes.

‘mark fischbach changing the world’ now at this moment I was mid sentence on Skype so my friend started to panic slightly because of my sudden pause. When I finally found my voice again I explained what had caught me off guard. To which my friend replied, “Why did that hit you so hard? The guy does charity work right?”

Years of watching Mark, all the skits, all the let’s plays, all the goofy stuff that falls in the mix as well, even if I didn’t necessarily like the video or find it particularly funny I always watched from beginning to end to show my support for his channel. Not because I was staring at his face [though he his a looker], not because of being his biggest fan [though I’m probably up there], not even just to have background noise [I like to actually watch the videos]. I would watch them in their entirety because maybe the money made from that time watching that particular video would enable him to do his next big event that would save people’s live by giving them the hope they had lost, fund another charity so its research could go on and maybe even find a cure, all of that and more.

Today I watched his PAX East panel, not in person sadly but live on twitch. At the end when it appeared he was going to break down and cry [all while I’m pointing and screaming at my TV for him not to cry over and over again because though I know he’s crying because his heart is full of joy and pride, it makes me tear up too, dang you Mark] His ending remarks both filled me with happiness and sadness.

Mind you now in the Skype call, showing pictures of Chica has fallen to the back burner [sorry Chica-bica] and I had began rambling about all the different charities Mark has helped raise awareness and money for, how his channel has become this massive community full of love and kindness and were only able to what it is today because no matter what video you click on of Marks, be it his oldest videos or one he posted a few hours ago, behind those dick jokes, infectious laugh, screams, two-finger defense strategies, and everything else; he’s still just a man who wants to change the world.

My exact words before the Skype call was ended with my friend saying I’m gonna go check out this guys videos [got you a new subscriber Mark! Woo!] were, “I froze when I saw that come up on the auto-complete search results because it’s amazing. I froze and damn near started crying my ****in eyes out because this man who one a daily basis calls himself a goof and acts exactly like a goof, is changing the world. Whether it’s meeting a sick child who is a fan of his videos, doing a live stream, going out and meeting his fans and doing skits that include them, answering questions at conventions, or just making people like me be able to smile from the comfort of my home and give me the strength to fight impulses that would be damaging. He preaches over and over again that to him we’re the heroes, hell he put it on the sleeves on his charity shirts, he’s too humble to admit that he is the hero or that he’s made his friends: Bob, Wade, Jack, Ethan, Tyler, etc. heroes as well for pushing for the goals with him and all coming up together with new and amazing ways to both entertain and improve the day to day life of everyone who will watch and listen.” 

I sat here for a few minutes minutes, got my screen cap cut down to size, made sure it wasn’t too illegible. As I began to type my post, my Skype rang, it was my same fiend from before. I imagine the time lapse between end of call to now beginning of new call was maybe a total of two hours give or take.

I answer and all I hear are tears. I am instantly in [who do I need to kill] mode. After they calm down they explain they just searched for emotional play through’s. My mind immediately goes to ‘Presentable Liberty’, ‘That Dragon Cancer’, ‘Anxiety Attack’, among many others I could think of that could be labeled emotional. 

After an awkward silence they asked, “What possessed this man, who has known such great tragedy and loss in his life to do everything he does for others.” I smiled, we were on video chat so they saw and then looked at me with confusion. “The answer to that one is easy, I think he’d agree. He’s seen difficulty, just like all of us, and THAT is why he continues to do it. He strives to make the burdens of this world less heavy on our shoulders, he raises money so that the sick can be mended and go home and play with their friends, he makes personal vlogs looking into each and every one of his fan’s eyes, tears brimming with whatever emotion he’s conveying so we all know he is there for us, he is proud of us, and he will never stop working to change the world.”

My friend nodded at me then told me they were gonna go rest on it, maybe watch a few more videos before laying down. I just made a terrible joke about FNAF [I will spare you the joke, trust me, it was bad] then the Skype call ended once more. 

Now I’m left here with these thoughts in my head. Earlier I mentioned the PAX East stream, one of the things Mark said before leaving the stage was, “When we’re gone, you’re next.” Now this turned into jokes being made and all that because that’s what Mark and his friends do, they cut up and have a good time. It was the way he said it that stuck with me. Like he’s prepping all of us to take this bright, burning torch when he decides to step away from youtube as a career and that brings him almost to a blubbering mess because of all we’ve shown him we can do so far, I think he believes that whenever that time is. Whether it be a year from now, two years from now, or more; he knows that the community that he never dreamed he would have and be part of will continue to do what we do best, because we learned it from the one and only Markiplier.

Change the world.

anonymous asked:

Can I request a cute tickle war scenario with RFA+Saeran? Like maybe they're goofing off or they're asking questions to get to know MC and they notice her reaction even though she claims that she's not. And who would win the war between the members and MC? I love all the cuteness that goes on in MM 🙊🙈

Me too! ^^

So here it is, hope you like it! 

RFA + Saeran on a tickle war with MC


  • He has you under him on the couch, his hands on your sides and his hair moving on your neck.
  • You’ve started this when you two woke up, you placed your hands on his sides and he yelped with the tickles.
  • Figuring out he’s very ticklish was fascinating to you, so you kept doing even when he whined you to stop.
  • But you didn’t stop, which made him declare tickle war against you.
  • “I would usually let a lady win, but you can’t get away with this, babe.” He smirked shaking his head so his hair could brush on your neck, you’re a whining mess and some tears can be seen on the corner of your eyes.
  • But your whining sounds a lot like whimpers, which is making him very… aroused.
  • “Z-Zenny, ahh, stop it! Uhhh…” he widens his eyes and shifts to a sitting position, not daring to look at your eyes.
  • “Excuse, MC. I remembered I need to take a shower, a very cold shower…” and he surrenders.
  • Maybe you can’t beat him, but the beast can.


  • He figured out this was a bad idea halfway through the tickle war.
  • What was he thinking? He’s even more ticklish than you, and now you’re on his lap, your fingers dancing on his neck.
  • He was trying to make you get up of bed, but you refused. Well, if sweetness won’t do the trick, a few tickles will, right?
  • WRONG! You know all his weak spots, while he is still a little shy to touch you so directly, so he went to a war without knowing the enemy very well…
  • “You can’t ever wake me up like this! You got me?” you ask, he’s unable to form proper sentences with all the squirming and whining laughs.
  • Oh, he really won’t apologize? Okay, time for drastic measures. You move your hands to under his shirt, reaching his sides.
  • “Oh no, MC! Please, no! Your nails… your nails are too long!” oh shit! Did you scratch him? He looks at you, you can see tears on his glossy eyes… maybe you went too far?
  • You immediately let him go. “Sorry, I… I didn’t mean to hurt you…”
  • “You should have finished this when you had the chance” he states attacking your sides, making you laugh hard.
  • You’re laughing, but you can’t believe you fell for his puppy eyes again


  • She normally wouldn’t do this knowing how ticklish you are
  • But you asked her for it when you hid one of Zen’s DVDs just to mess with her, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
  • So now she’s using her black belt abilities to keep you under her while her fingers fidget on your feet
  • You squirm and move your legs desperately, but you don’t want to kick her or something
  • “Tell me where it is, MC, and I’ll let you go!” “NEVER!!!”
  • She moves her hands to your sides, you still don’t give in. Goddamit!
  • “MC, just tell me, I can see the tears…” “They’re… tears of joy!” she scoffs, you’re such a terrible liar!
  • This keeps going on for a while, yet you’re unbreakable, hum… “Oh, MC, I’m starting to think you’re liking this.”
  • And then you look at her like… BUSTED. She is confused… why would you enjoy this?
  • Truth be told, you love to see her so loosen up, so you may had exaggerated a little on your reactions just so she could continue with this.
  • “The heart wants what it wants…” “Well, my heart wants my DVD back” she tries to treat you coldly, but she’s failing miserably as you kiss her…yeah, she can’t really beat you like this


  • He doesn’t even flinch under your touch, you know trying to tickle him would be such a waste of time and effort… maybe he is a robot after all.
  • But it’s not the same with you, as he knows all the ticklish spots on your body. Now you’re under him while he teases your hip bones
  • He generally doesn’t like teasing you like this, he has more sophisticated methods, but he needed an answer!
  • “Tell me, MC! What was the name of your kitty when you were a teenager?” you just told him it was a very ridiculous name, and he’s been dying to know, but you refused to tell him.
  • “N-No! You’ll laugh at me!” “Well, I’m laughing right now, what’s the difference?” he was laughing, indeed, this was odd.
  • “You’re very cute trying to resist me, but it’s useless, I can do this all day.” You know he’s not lying, shit! You can’t handle this all day!
  • In a desperate attempt to get rid of him, you fidget your legs and your feet ends up in his calve, he stiffens immediately, hum…
  • You do this again, and again there’s a reaction, you’re staring at him as you notice he got caught.
  •  Your eyes get darker, “MC, don’t do anything you’ll regret later.” he’s trying to sound serious, but you’re not even fazed. Even with his pants on, that part of his leg is apparently very sensitive…
  • He calls it a draw, but both of you know you won, as William Shakespaw’s name is still a secret to him.


  •  You knew you would be doomed soon, it was just a matter of time for him to find your ticklish spots
  • Of course he’s constantly teasing you and getting whatever he wants with simple touches on your sides or armpits
  • This time wasn’t different, you were brushing your teeth and he was trying to drag you to bed so you could cuddle.
  • You thought he would just kiss your cheek from behind, but his hands travelled to your sides, you smacked him with your toothbrush, and now he’s looking at you with mischievous eyes… shit, you shouldn’t have done that!
  • He pins you in the wall and his hands are moving all around your sides, armpits, neck, hipbones, everywhere! How many hands does he have?
  • “I was just trying to get some cuddling, why do you have to make everything so difficult, MC?” you’re squirming and tearing, you even swallowed the toothpaste on your mouth and your throat feels minty.
  • You don’t dare to look at him, you’re a blushing mess whenever you see his teasing smile, but this time you looked and… oh, he has toothpaste on his cheek from when you smacked him with your toothbrush.
  • You stare at him curiously, he’s staring back. “MC?” “You… have… something… here, let me get this for you…” you lean closer and lick his cheek, ERROR! 707.EXE STOPPED RESPONDING
  • He’s as red as his hair and he tightens a little the grip on your hips before letting you go.
  • “Okay, MC, I admit defeat, but just know you fought dirty.” “Would you call it a low blow?” “STOP IT!”
  • He runs away from the bathroom when you start chasing him.


  • You two were watching TV side by side in the couch. He rarely cuddles, he just does when he’s feeling reaaally needy or jealous.
  • You aren’t paying much attention and keep messing on your phone. He, on the other hand, is really interested on this scientific channel he found out.
  • Right now, a show about human body is on, explaining reactions like sneezing, hiccupping and tickling.
  • He’s fascinated about the fact that people can’t tickle themselves, he never thought about that! You see him testing that hypothesis when he moves his hands to his own sides. You want to squeal, because it’s so cute!
  • “Are you ticklish?” he suddenly asks. “Why do you want to know?” you should know by now that answering him with another question is not usually a good idea.
  • “You’re afraid I’ll try to tickle you?” “N-No?” “Great, so tell me or I’ll find out by myself.”
  • Time to run! He never seen you move so fast, which doesn’t mean he won’t chase you faster.
  •  You are on the floor squirming. “Maybe… here?” he tickles your neck. “Hum… here?” he moves to your armpits, and he keeps finding the ticklish spots one by one, you didn’t even know some of them, like the back of your knees. He’s very fascinated too.
  • Here, your turn.” He guides your hands to his sides, and as soon as you move your fingers a little, he tenses his body as tells you to go on, and he bursts out a laugh, hiding his face on the nape of your neck. What’s happening? He never laughs like this!
  • “So… is this what they call a ‘tickle war’?” he asks. “Yeah… sorta. So, who won and who lost?” “We’re on the bathroom floor on a Friday night, I guess it’s safe to say we’re both losers, MC.”
  • That’s right, but neither of you care, anyways.
Dreams do come true

Enjoy :)

Sleepy Harry was your favourite Harry without any doubt. The angelic sight of his peaceful countenance invaded by wild locks of hair scattered here and there, the gap his heart-shaped lips created when they parted and the faint snores that came out of them were some of the reasons you left the rest of sleep and woke up earlier.

You would always watch as his facial expressions made a perfect description of whatever went through his mind while dreaming. This time, doing again so, you admired as his serene look changed to a dimpled grin and unintelligible mumbles spilled out of his mouth. He fumbled for your figure to capture it between his strong arms, and now, having him that close, you were able to decode a sentence in the sea of mutters he let out, a sentence that went straight to your heart “My beautiful little family.”

The sunrays filtering in the room through the curtains made their way through his eyelids, as he fluttered them open. It was just a matter of time, and the feeling of your fingertips stroking gently at his hair, for him to fully wake “Morning love.” You didn’t answer back verbally, instead, you placed a kiss on his chin. “I had the best dream ever” “Really? What was it about?” He let go of his grip to meet your eyes and you saw a special enthusiasm in them as he began his speech. “It was father’s day and we were in bed commenting on, you know, how the day went and stuff like that; when you suddenly left the room just to return a few minutes later with a little wrapped box. I said to you it wasn’t my birthday nor any special day, at least for me, and you told me to open it anyways. The thing is there was this little note which said ‘Happy father’s day Daddy! The delivery service delayed so your present will arrive in nine months. See you then!’  I immediately realised what that meant and began to cry, even more than the baby would after being born!” You chuckled at his joke. He intertwined hands with you and uttered his next sentence in a whisper “It felt so real, so magical”

Harry had perfectly clear he wanted you to be the mother of his future kids. He loved you with every bit of his being and couldn’t wait any longer to create a baby from your mutual love. The idea had been wandering around his mind for a few months, but lately that days the want didn’t do anything but to increase, to the point that it would even show up in his dreams.

You didn’t plan on telling him that morning.

“Baby, what if I told you your dream not only felt real but was real?” You watched as a frown made its home in his face when confusion invaded him, and couldn’t help but giggle due to the look he had “What?” “Okay, I was wrong. In your dream you were faster to grasp the insinuation” He sat up and tilted his head “What do you-” He didn’t get to finish the sentence, as realisation finally hit him “Oh my… no” Eyes wide opened and mouth “o” shaped he shook your arm in impatience, wanting you to confirm the news to let out a reaction “Is it for real!?” Your eyes were already watery when you nodded frantically “Yes Hazz, I’m pregnant… we’re having a baby!” “W- we a-are having a baby?! O- oh my… WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” He jumped off of bed in excitement and leaned to grab your hands, spreading kisses all over them “Love, you’ve made me the happiest man in the world. The love of my life is giving me a baby! thank you so much” Tears of joy slided down his face, he cupped your cheeks kissing you gently and whispering repeatedly ‘thank you.’

He slided down to your tummy and lifted your shirt “Hello sweetie, I’m Daddy. Mommy just told me you are inside that cute belly of hers. Can’t wait to have you in my arms. You both are my greatest gifts” You didn’t know if it were the hormones that were already acting or it was you but the tears didn’t ceased from streaming down your face when he talked to the blessing creating inside you.

Harry rested beside your belly, snuggling it. You brushed his hair as you admired the sight of the love of your life whispering sweet nothings to your other love

“I still can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad”

“Well you’d better believe it, because baby Styles is on its way!”

surprising your boyfriend like

Bitty doesn’t like lying to his boyfriend. It’s not his style. If anything, he’s honest to a fault. It’s not his speed to perpetrate deceptions, much less relish him.

Oh, but this… this is really kind of fun.

When he first tells Jack he’ll be heading home for Christmas, Jack is visibly disappointed. His face falls, and he heaves a sigh before mustering up his stoic face and telling Bitty “I hope you have fun.”

Bitty feigns concern. “Oh, now, what will you do? I know you’re playing on Christmas Eve day, so I suppose you can’t go home to your parents’.”

Jack shakes his head. “I’ll make do. I’m sure someone on the team will have me over.” But the sad glisten in his eyes is almost enough to make Bitty break down and confess right there.


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the thing that really gets me about pearl, on top of EVERYTHING ELSE, is that she’s not allowed by the narrative to be happy. she’s stuck and can’t move on.

her sexuality never makes her do GOOD things. it makes her mistreat steven and resent him. it makes her manipulate garnet and others. it makes her emotionally abuse connie. it makes her cruel to greg. it makes her bitter, and sad, and angry, and manipulative.

i’d say there’s one instance - ONE - of pearl having a positive reaction to her feelings for rose and that’s when she says that “rose made me feel like i was everything”… but at no other point are her feelings positive in the narrative. they are always twisted up with bitterness and anger and sadness. even in we need to talk! even in story for steven! even when rose was ALIVE!

and the episode that’s meant to be her “moving on”? yeah, she goes for someone who looks exactly like rose.

pearl wouldn’t be half as obnoxious if a) her love and sexuality made her do MUCH more good than they do bad, and if b) she was allowed to develop as a character beyond “sad salty lesbian”. the narrative just… doesn’t let her move on, or be happy about her love for rose, or anything!

like… give me a flashback episode of them falling in love and being HAPPY. give me a sworn to the sword where pearl doesn’t take her feelings of only being good for her love interest out on connie. give me a week of sardonyx where pearl doesn’t manipulate garnet into being affectionate with her. give me a pearl who speaks about rose with true joy, not just in bitter tears. give me a pearl who chooses to work to love steven even if it’s hard because he mattered to rose - and then who comes to love him as his own being, separate from his mother.

give me ONE INSTANCE of pearl being a HAPPY GAY. maybe do that for the other characters as well, amethyst i’m looking at you, but PLEASE. GOD. let pearl be happy about her sexuality!!!

Jealousy (Jungkook)

Originally posted by sugutie

Genre: Angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,179

Request: hi hi hi can you write another fic like Alone Jungkook?

Jungkookie x Reader where they’re in an argument and out of anger kookie hits y/n and she walks out, when she comes home, kookie is fragile and cute AF! ANGSTY AF PLS HUHUHUHU T_T

Summary: “You’re being a real pain in my ass”

A/n: I put these two requests together, sorry if you didn’t want it to be mashed together I just thought it would be good.~Joy 

Warnings: Anxiety, mentions of abuse, fighting, attempt suicide, and a lot of swearing.

You always had insecurities and had to fight it since you were little, dating an idol like Jungkook would always make you feel a little more insecure. Every time you went out with Jungkook, you didn’t see the love he had for you, just pity. You knew no matter how much Jungkook showed his love for you, you would always feel like he didn’t want you and he was just waiting for a girl prettier than you to pass up. You hated watching him on idol shows, no matter how much you wanted to support your boyfriend you hated seeing the way the girls looked at him or how he would be very shy when close to another female idol. 

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Six-Sentence Prompt Masterpost

A couple of people were asking me to put all of the six-sentence fics I did over the past couple of days into one post so that they can have them all in one place and be able to read them. 

Sorry if I didn’t get around to completing the sentences you gave me, but I had to cap it at 30 requests before I collapsed ^^; I’ll try to do these writing ask prompts more often :)

  1. “I thought I lost you…” (DJWifi)
  2. “He took a deep breath, tightening his hold on her hand, then jumped.” (Ladynoir)
  3. “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk, but if you give a boy a condom, then he’ll….?” she asked. (Gen/OT4)
  4. “You know I love you, but this is getting ridiculous.” (Chlonette)
  5. “I would ask if cat got your tongue, but Chat Noir is not around” (Post-reveal Adrienette)
  6. Marinette sighed, “I’ll do it- but on one condition, Chloe.” (Chlonette)
  7. “You know, you’ve really got a penchant for saying the right thing in the worst way possible.” (Gen/Ladrien)
  8. “Wait, how was I not aware that i’m dating all three of my best friends at the same time?” (OT4)
  9. “So tell me, Chat, I can’t be the only one who notices your sickly macho performance in front of Madame Dupain-Cheng.” (Post-reveal Ladynoir)
  10. “Since when were you so pretty?” (Adrinino)
  11. “Why didn’t you tell me?” (Platonic Adrichlo/Chlodrien)
  12. “If you don’t make me cookies I’ll be sad, and you don’t want me to be sad, do you?” (Alyanette)
  13. “Uh… surprise?” (Chlolya)
  14. “How did you figure it out?” (Adrienette Reveal)
  15. “Come on, Nath, it will be fun,” begged Chloe. (Chlonath)
  16. “Stop staring at my boobs.” (Chlolya)
  17. “Take off your glasses, now.” (DJWifi/OT4)
  18. “You need to take that off right now.” (Post-reveal Adrienette)
  19. "So you were my hero all along,” Chloe breathes, her eyes wide in shock as she takes in the beaten and battered Marinette lying before her. (Chlonette Reveal)
  20. “You know, most couples just give each other flowers on their anniversary.” (Adrienette)
  21. Staring at the love note that had fallen from her locker, Alya couldn’t believe the name that was signed at the bottom. (Alyanette)
  22. “She’s so hot, I love her.” (Chlonette)
  23. Chloe grinned at Sabine with unbridled joy, turning to her girlfriend with tears pooling in the corners of her eyes. “She really likes me?” (Chlonette)
  24. Alya smiled to herself as she watched Nino once again get ambushed by her younger sister, a large, excitable laugh exiting his mouth. (DjWifi)
  25. “I swear, I’ve only heard the word ‘Pussy’ used for cats!” (Ladynoir)
  26. “I think you both would be good together!” Adrien said as he looked into the horrified eyes of Chloe and Marinette. (Chlonette)
  27. “Too new!” she shouted. (Gen)
  28. “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for…” (Gen)
  29. “In all fairness, you said I couldn’t do it, not that I shouldn’t, therefore I was simply disproving your hypothesis.” (Adrienette)
  30. She knew it couldn’t be possible, but what IF Chat Noir really was….Chloe Bourgeois? (Adrienette)
I’ll Never Leave You

Requested by anon: oneshot where you walk in on your boyfriend cheating on you and you go to Buckys for comfort and you both cuddle for the rest of the night<3 please and thank you!!!  

 Pairing: Bucky (The Winter Soldier) Barnes X Reader

 Word count: 868

 You had nothing to do, so you decided to convince your boyfriend to do something. Anything. Searching in your bag for his apartments keys, you hear it. A woman’s name and soft moans. With anger and curiosity building up in your stomach, you quickly unlock the door. Your heart stops when you open the door to see a half naked woman laying above your completely naked boyfriend. You shut the door with all your strength, finally making them stop and rush to finds their clothes.

 “(Y/N), I can explain…” Michael tries to hide the girl behind his back, awkwardly putting his pants on.

 “Don’t even try.” Your voice is furious, like fire burning your throat. “I don’t know why I’ve been trying to love you! You don’t deserve it.” He was acting weird, distant, but you thought that maybe he needed some space. But this? This is unacceptable.

 “(Y/N), don’t say these things. You’re breaking my heart.” He helps the girl to get dressed.

 You can’t believe it. The only reason you’re dating Michael is because you’ve been friends for years. And because the man you love doesn’t think he deserves to be loved. Now, that’s what you get. Michael always uses to say he loves you more than his own life, just like he was begging you to never leave his side. Lies.

 “You know what, Michael? Why don’t you finish what you’ve started with this girl? I never loved you anyway, and it feels good to finally tell you that. I just thought we could get along since we were friends. But no.” Smiling, you open the door again, holding back your tears. “I don’t want to see you again. Never.”

 Before he can answer, you close the door and run to the elevator and then to your car. With tears in your eyes, you drive too fast, not giving a damn about the signs.

 When you stop the car you take your cell phone. Maybe he isn’t here. Maybe his too far to help you.

 “(Y/N), how are you?” Bucky’s voice is familiar, kind, it takes your breath away.

 “Bucky… are you in your apartment?”

 “What happened?” He’s suddenly worried, the weight on his voice hurting you.

 “Nothing. Just…”

 After a few moments of silence, you see him opening the building’s front door. You take your bag and get out the car, running to his arms.

 Bucky’s arms are always warm, the best place on earth. He doesn’t say anything, his hand caressing your hair. A loud thunder makes you jump, looking at the dark sky.

 Without a word, he guides you through the stairs until his small cold apartment. You throw your bag on the couch, heading to his bedroom.

 “I’ll get some sleep.” It’s all you manage to say, your voice still fainting. You don’t want him to know how miserable you feel.

 “No, (Y/N). Tell me what happened.” Bucky sits by your side, holding both your hands in his. “You’ve been here for me. Now I want to be able to help you.”

 “Michael, he… God, I don’t even love him!” It comes out abruptly, your tears coming back. “I’m an idiot! He was fucking that whore! I don’t give a fuck, but he was with me. It’s humiliating. I know I’m not hot or tall or whatever the fuck but at least I deserve some respect.”

 Breathing heavily, you look at your own hands. Bucky’s fingers are caressing yours, and only God knows how much you want him to know how you feel.

 “You’re beautiful, (Y/N). You need to know that…”

 “Don’t do this, Bucky, please. The last thing I want is you to say things just to make me feel better.”

 “Would you stop and listen?” He moves closer, forcing you to look into his eyes. “I never lie to you. You are a beautiful girl and any man would be lucky to have you by his side. I wish I could…” His voice fades, and without thinking too much, you crush your lips on his.

 The feelings take the best of you when you feel his hand moving to cup your cheek. Bucky’s lips are soft, warm, inviting you in. But your phone starts ringing and you pull away abruptly. You pick it from your pocket and throw it at the wall, making the stupid music stops suddenly. Bucky smiles at you, pointing at the bed.

 “You can stay for the night. I’ll take the couch.”

 “No. I mean… Can you please stay with me?” You move, giving him space to lay beside you. And that’s what he does.

 “Come here.” He whispers, so you lay down, your head on his chest.

 “Promise me you’ll never…”

 “I’ll never leave you. I’ll never cheat on you.” That makes you raise your head to look into his eyes.

 “How do you know…?”

 “We have been in love with each other for too long. It’s time to stop torturing myself.”

 Tears roll down your cheeks again, but they are tears of joy. You don’t say anything, you just stay there, enjoying how good it feels to have him so close. Slowly, you drift off to sleep, hearing his heartbeat singing to you.

anonymous asked:

If you're still doing reactions, could you maybe do another Jaal/f!Ryder baby reaction where the crew meet the baby (or babies) for the first time, maybe include Jaal's reaction to meeting his new child(ren) for the first time too? :)c

Oh hell yes baby!!!
This is Part 1 of 2 :) part one is Jaal’s reaction. Part two will be the companions reaction.

Jaal had been pacing outside the door of the room Ryder had been wheeled into. His mother’s and a few of his sisters had come to be present for the birth.
Lexi came out through the door, hospital scrubs on, slowly pulling off her plastic gloves and stuffing them in her back pocket.
Jaal and the rest of his family, including Drack, Cora, Vetra, Scott and Liam, immediately crowded her.
“How is she? Is my sister ok?”
“When can we see her?”
“Are the children alright?”
“What’s taking so long?”
The plethora of questions hit her like a shotgun.
“Where is Sara?” Jaal asked.
Lexi could see the nervous fear in his eyes and her heart went out to him.
“She’s fine. It’s taking a little longer because we want to be careful. These are hybrid human-angara infants we are trying to bring into the world. We don’t want anything going wrong.” Lexi explained.
“That’s alright then, and what about - wait did you say infants?! As in… More than one?!” Jaal exclaimed.
Lexi smiled. Nodding in affirmation.
A smile broke out on Jaal’s face and he turned to Sahuna, who wore the same expression.
“Two children. Twins. It does tend to be genetic.” Scott explained.
“Yes. It was surprising we didn’t catch it on earlier scans. But they are both healthy. You will have to wait another bit but it’s almost time. Jaal, if you’d like to be there, you can come with me.” Lexi explained.
Jaal nodded. Hugging his mother he turned to Scott.
“Give her my love ok?” Scott smiled, patting Jaal’s shoulder.
“Of course brother!”
“Yeah, still not happening with the brother thing.” Scott laughed.

Jaal entered the room where Sara was laying on a white hospital bed. He rushed to her side. Clasping their hands together and kissing every finger, placing a final kiss on the inside of her wrist.
“Jaal.” She smiled, already seeming tired.
“Darling. How are you feeling? Can I get anything? Do anything?”
“I’m fine Jaal. Just a little nervous. Excited but still nervous.”
“Nervous about what?”
She was silent for a moment?“
“Do you think I’ll be a good mom? My parents were… A little distant. Weren’t big on emotions or expressing affection… I want to love these babies with everything I am, but what if I end up being…”
“Do you love me?”
“Of course I love you Jaal!”
“Are you excited to meet them?”
“More than anything.”
“Then you are off to a great start.” Jaal reasured, smiling and placing another kiss on her hand.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She smiled.
“You will never find out.”

10 hours of labour, and Jaal stayed with her through every second.
When the first cry was heard Jaal’s heart soared. He could barely catch a glimpse of the child as it was rushed off to be cleaned and wrapped in cloth. He didn’t have much time to ponder it as another cry was heard. This time from Sara.
Her face contorted in pain.
“My darling one..” He cooed and squeezed her hand rubbing circles into her back, kissing the side of her face.
“I see the head.”
“Keep going Sara.” Lexi said, holding her other hand.
Another voice entered the room. Crying it’s tiny lungs out. Sara slumped back into the bed, exhausted.

The two babies were brought back into the room to the two awaiting parents.
“A girl and a boy.” Lexi said, handing each a child.
Sara held their boy while Jaal help their little girl.
The children had angaran physiology, but with human skin pigment and green eyes like their mother.
“Your eyes.” Jaal smiled, looking over at Sara. The mother of his children. The light of his life.
He pulled her close tucking his head underneath his chin, humming in satisfaction.
“I love you.” Sara sighed, which only made Jaal’s heart swell more. So much he felt he was bursting from how perfect this felt.
“Have you thought of names yet?” Lexi asked.
Jaal pulled away and looked down at Sara. She seemed to be thinking.
“I was going to ask Sahuna her opinion.” Sara smiled.
Jaal’s heart had officially burst. She knew how much Jaal loved Sahuna and knew having her say on it would make him happy, but she also valued her alien mothers opinion and insight.
“Then why don’t you ask her?” Sahuna smiled, strolling in, Scott in tow.
“Mother! Brother!” Jaal exclaimed.
“The brother thing is still so not happening.” Scott sighed, making a bee line for Sara, kissing her forehead and taking a look at the two babies.
“Luke and Leia. That’s my vote.” Scott snickered to which Sara simply smacked him, leaving Jaal and Sahuna to stare quizzically.
“Don’t mind him. He was dropped on his head as a baby.” Sara dead-panned, turning their attention to the bundle in her arms, cooing and tickling the baby.
Sahuna took the girl from Jaal, cradling her and staring down lovingly at her newest grandchild.
“Uthreya. A family name. She will wear it well.” Sahuna smiled.
“It sounds beautiful.” Sara said, grinning over at Sahuna and Jaal.
“I agree.” Jaal affirmed.
Sara turned her attention to the little boy in her arms again. It was reaching up, grasping at her cheeks and ears, gurgling and grunting in its cute baby way.
Sahuna say next to her, placing Uthreya back in Jaal’s arms and the placing a hand on the baby boy’s head. Looking up at Sara she smiled.
“Feeling like an ‘Alec’ to me.” Sahuna announced, smiling at the dumbfounded Sara.
“But… It’s a human name.” Sara said.
“He is half human. His mother is a human. So was his grandfather. And without his grandfather, you never would have made it here, and made my son so happy, made me so happy or gifted our family with these beautiful children. I am grateful. To him. It is a wonderful name that I hope he will appreciate one day too.” Sahuna finished.
Sara nodded, fighting back tears of joy and cuddling her baby boy to her.
Jaal joined her, wrapping an arm around her once again.
Sahuna ushered Scott out of the room so they could give the two more privacy.
“Uthreya and Alec. An unusual pairing.” Jaal chuckled.
“Kind of like us in a way.” Sara giggled.
Jaal nuzzled his face into her neck.
“Very much like us. I love it.” He sighed.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Word Count: 653

Description: After a romantic evening with Kai, you curiously begin to ask about his childhood, only to be informed with unfortunate tales of his early life.

Warnings: Really sad childhood memories and slight nudity

Request: Can you please do a kai/reader fic where after making love they’re cuddling and the reader asks Kai about his childhood and he tells her stuff like when he used to draw a pretty picture for his parents he would find it in the trash can the next day and then the reader gets emotional and starts comforting him and tells him that she’ll always be there for him no matter what and give him the love that he’s never gotten and he’s awestruck by her? it would be really nice if u could write this thank u

A/N: fam….this is super sappy and fluffy 

requests are open :)

Originally posted by chriswoodisgod

A soft light was spread across the bedsheets, mimicking the lined pattern of the window shades. The blanket that was covering you exposed your bare shoulders and Kai’s naked chest. A light layer of sweat was drawn across each of your foreheads, from the previous events that had occurred. Now, you laid leaning into Kai’s chest, his arm wrapped around your exposed body. You can hear the subtle thump of his heart in the silence of the room.

You began to think of all the choices you made to get to this moment right now, simultaneously wondering what Kai has been through, especially to motivate his own choices. 

Looking up at Kai, you observed all of his delicate features that were being illuminated by the sun. 

“Why do I always catch you staring at me?”

He mumbled, now looking down at you to meet your gaze.

“Because I like what I see.”

You replied, both of you laughing at the flirtatious comment.

“What’s on your mind beautiful?”

He questioned, laying a kiss gently on your head. You snuggled up closer to him, your bare legs intertwining with his.

“What was your life like? Before the prison world.”

You wondered out loud, however you noticed Kai tense up at the mention of his isolation. Understanding his pain, you leaned up, putting pressure on your arm to hold up your body, and began running your hand through his hair.

“You don’t have to tell me.”

Kai shook his head and started to run the edge of his finger tips up and down your arm.

“I’ve never told anyone this before, mainly because I never had anyone to tell.”

He cleared his throat and sat up to become eye level with you, moving his hand to hold yours and as and act of comfort you ran your thumb across his knuckles.

“It started when I was really young, when my powers didn’t develop as strongly as Jo’s. My parents began to think that there was something wrong with me, they first expressed concern but when they figured out that I was a syphon they only expressed disgust. For a long time I thought I had done something wrong, I used to draw them pictures of the family or the house to try and make up for whatever they were mad at me for, but I would find the pictures I made in the trash the next day. It was different for Jo though, she would draw something like a horse and they would put it on the fridge. What I did to my family wasn’t right, however when you treat a kid like they treated me, what do you expect them to turn out like?”

Both you and Kai had tears brimming your eyes caused by the sad story that spilled from his lips. You immediately pulled him into a hug, pushing your bare chest against his.

“Kai Parker, no one ever deserves to be treated a certain way just because of what they can and cannot do. There is nothing wrong with you and there never was. Whenever you need me I’m here, I love you more than anything in this entire world.”

You pulled away from his arms and placed your hands on each of his cheeks.

“I promise to give you the love you’ve never been given and no matter what happens I won’t give up that promise.”

Overcome with emotions, Kai began to silently cry tears of joy, the feelings of happiness and love filling his chest with warmth becoming overwhelming. You wiped away his tears, a few of your own falling down your face, as you kissed his forehead calming his nerves.

“I’m so happy I have you.”

He whispered, pulling your body close to his and wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“Does that mean you won’t question my stares anymore?”

“You can stare at me anytime you want.”

Today @darklordofcutlets make me very happy.

I cried aloud, tears of joy was dripping from my eyes when the person I adore give my first son.


“I want to send you something sweet.”

@darklordofcutlets, you slick aft! LOOK AT DAT SWEET, SWEET BOY! LOOK AT HIM!

Although, candies there were too XD

My first and only TF toy!

And look! My son have tiny son of his own!

He wants hugs! 

Hug him or he will destroy you!  

Dear Master Dylan,

It’s been over a year since you saved my life by finding and claiming me. I had been lost and confused before, unaware I was always yours, oblivious to my reason to exist. You gave me meaning and purpose: through serving you.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. Your friendship, love, guidance, orders, and ownership have had such a profound impact on my life that I don’t recognize myself. You’re shaping me into your perfect pup and I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t feel I deserve how patient, generous, and loving you’ve been to your pup. But I promise I will always give you more, Master.  I will never stop growing for you, always push harder for you, support you, and stand by you. Loyal to a fault.

On March 21, 2017 your pup earned an incredible gift from you: public recognition. I’m so happy, honored, and grateful to represent you as your pup angus.

I look forward to our future, Master.
Master and his pup'erty.

Everyday, my love for you inexplicably grows. Over the past year, it has become so intense and overwhelming that receiving your attention brings me to tears of joy. What will next year bring? Three years? More?

I will do my best to earn the privilege of serving you, so that you might ask me to serve you forever.

Thank you, Master Dylan.
I love you, Master Dylan.

Forever Yours,
pup angus

SF9 Reacting To You Crying Over An Ex

~I’m loving doing reactions so much.~

Inseong - I feel like Inseong would sit down across from you and wipe your tears. “Anyone who could hurt someone as sweet and beautiful as you doesn’t deserve your tears.” He would smile at you and poke your sides until you smiled up at him. “Don’t worry so much about someone like that. You have us to protect you and when I see him next he’ll never see it coming.” You would pout but Inseong would just smile as he patted your head. 

Originally posted by ohjuho

Youngbin - I feel like he would be the most angry. He seems like the most protective of the group. “I don’t ever want to see him. If I do, I won’t be able to stop myself.” He would look at you with such overwhelming concern and hurt. And underlying anger. He wouldn’t say it but he was so in love with you and to see you crying for another man who broke your heart. It would tear him apart inside. 

Jaeyoon - He would try to hide his hurt, but deep down he felt like the world was sitting on his shoulders. Your heart was aching for someone else and he couldn’t stop the tears or pain. All he could do was hold you close and let you cry on his shoulder. Even when all he wanted to do was make you smile. And of course make you his. But you were hurt, so all he could do was wait. 

Dawon - This little sweetheart, ball of joy and fluff, -yes I’m Dawon biased, let me live- would try his best to make you smile through the tears. He would do his best impressions, and his best jokes. But to no avail as you sat there before him broken hearted. He could only sit before you and pout. In the end he would chuckle and lean his forehead against yours. “You can’t cry forever. You’ll flood the city. Also it makes me sad so smile for me..” He would try and lighten the mood and after a while you would give him a small smile and he would burst with joy. Cue more spontaneous bouncing around and smiles.

Rowoon - He would see you crying and walk to you quickly. You could’t speak at first so he just pulled you into his chest and let you cry. After a few minutes he realized what the problem must have been. He sighed then and wrapped his arms tighter around you. “You know… I don’t know why he meant so much to you. If someone would willingly let you hurt like this he mustn’t mean that much.” You just buried yourself deeper into his chest and tried to forget. He would catch the hint and stay silent just letting you cry. 

Zuho - I feel like Zuho would lose his temper the fastest. He would immediately walk up to you and demand to know why you were crying. When you gave in and told him, he just nodded and walked away. He would lowkey ask Hwiyoung to watch over you while he was out. About two hours later Zuho would be back. His knuckles bruised and aching but he was fine. He took his place next to you and pulled you close. A soft kiss to your head and a sigh later he would speak up. “No one will hurt you and get away with it, Y/N.” 

Taeyang - When he heard you were crying it was before a show. He didn’t know what to do with himself as he listened to Rowoon try and soothe you over the phone. He wouldn’t be able to stay still. He would ditch practice and look for you. Even if he could only stay for a little while he needed to at least stop your tears from flowing. Even if it was the only thing he could do. 

Hwiyoung - I feel like he would stumble upon the scene where you had started to cry. Your ex was walking away from you without a care in the world as tears streamed endlessly down your cheeks. Hwiyoung would walk up to you and ask what was wrong before calling out to the guy who had made your tears fall. He would get into a loud fight and cause a bit of a scene. He was never like that. But you made him feel the need to be that. He would act like a thug in the streets to protect your reputation. To show you how a real man was supposed to act toward the woman he loved. 

Chani - Being the youngest he wouldn’t entirely know how to handle the situation before him. He only knew that as he watched the tears stream down your face his heart broke. He walked up to you hesitantly, knowing you probably wouldn’t want attention drawn to you, or him asking you questions. So he just cleared his throat gently and spoke up “Wanna go get junk food and watch movies at my place?” He would hold out his hand and wait for you to take it. Once you did he would reach his free hand up and wipe a stray tear away. 

A/N: Aish the more I write about these boys the more I fall in love. Keep requesting things with them in it please. My hearteu. Xxoo <3<3<3<3